GH Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn is hurt by what Tracy made her do to Lucy and Maxie. Brook Lynn tells Tracy that she always thought she was misunderstood but she has realized that she doesn’t care about her family. Brook Lynn explains to Chase what Tracy made her do and why she can’t live with her anymore. Chase asks Brook Lynn to move in with him so she won’t have to live with Tracy.

Robert tells Diane that he thinks the WSB paid the judge to put Drew in Pentonville. Diane is determined to find proof that the judge took money from the WSB.

Spencer tells Alexis he doesn’t want his father to be found because he and Ace are doing fine without him.

Lucy tells Martin she is going to fight Tracy in court even if Deception goes bankrupt and she has to go back to selling real estate.

Ava calls Lucy and tells her she wants to sell Wyndemere and Spoon Island. Ava demands that Mason keep his end of the deal they made and give her back Nikolas body. Mason tells Ava that the body will be returned to her after a situation is resolved tonight.

The audience sees Austin go into a dark room. Austin turns on the light and asks someone how they are doing. The audience then sees Nikolas sitting on a couch drinking a beer. Nikolas says ” Just fine Doc how are you?”

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Summer tells Nikki that she and Kyle are getting a divorce and that Kyle has moved on with Audra Charles. Nikki decides that Audra needs to learn humility, so she decides to put Audra in her place. Nikki tells Audra to leave Kyle alone so Kyle and Summer can have a chance to reconcile. Nikki tells Audra if she doesn’t let Kyle go she can forget about a future at Newman Media.

Summer tells Kyle that Heather has agreed to represent her in their divorce.

Jack and Ashley have a long talk, and Ashley agrees to give Diane the benefit of the doubt unless Diane reverts back to her old self.

Jack agrees to be civil to Tucker.

Ashley tells Jack she needs time to think if she is going to stay at Jabot or start her own company.

Jack tells Billy about the truce between him and Ashley. Billy doesn’t believe Ashley wants a truce. Jack also wants to make up with Billy, but Billy doesn’t feel like talking about their earlier argument.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and Gabi struggled to find out who Dimitri’s girlfriend was and why he married Gwen instead of her. Gabi wanted to search his room and Stefan agreed to do it. Gwen wanted to know why Kristen thought she would hit Dimitri over the head. Gwen told her that Dimitri talked to her about his meeting with her. She wanted to know who Kristen thought they should partner with. Kristen wanted her to ask Dimitri, but she wanted answer from her. Kristen lied and said Chad. Gwen reminded her that Chad hates her and wouldn’t want to work with them. Kristen thought they should try to get Chad to work with them. Gwen wanted to go to her room and saw Stefan there. Stefan tried to keep her out of the room by getting her to talk about her honeymoon. She told him to ask Leo since he showed up in Iceland. She went into her room. She saw Gabi throwing roses on the bed. Gwen thought she was snooping in her room. She wanted them to leave. Gabi told Stefan that she found a receipt and saw that Dimitri paid for two room during his honeymoon. They were on different floors. She thought Dimitri brought his girlfriend on his honeymoon. Stefan told her that Dimitri brought Leo to Iceland. Dimitri didn’t think Leo could pose as Gwen. Leo talked him into it. They went to Elliot’s office so he could question them. Leo pretended to be Gwen and gave Elliot an emotional speech. Elliot believed they loved each other, but he knew he wasn’t Gwen. Elliot knew about Dimitri but gave him the check anyway. If he wanted the rest of his checks, he had to keep up the act of being married to Gwen.

Belle met with Brady at the pub. He thought she wanted to talk to him about his custody suit. She wanted to talk about Philip. She told him that Philip is one of her clients and he wanted to know how he talked her into that. She said no one had to talk her into it. She wanted to help Philip. Brady told her about the note he left for Shawn. He let her know that Shawn didn’t get back to him. He wanted to know if Shawn was on Philip’s side since she’s defending him. Belle told him that he’s not the police commissioner anymore. She told him about Paulina demoting him and Marlena putting him on a 24-hour hold. She told him that she was scared. Brady felt bad and apologized for talking so much. He wondered if there was anything he could do. She asked him not to press charges against Philip. He didn’t think that was fair, but she told him that Victor would want them to help him. Brady eventually agreed not to press charges against him. He wanted to clear his name and get his daughter back.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi showed up to Elliot’s room. She told him she wanted to enroll her daughter in his school. He said he wasn’t the one to handle those things. She said she wanted the name and number of the person she is supposed to call. She kept pressing him until she caught him in a lie. He admitted to who he really was and why he was there. Kristen was there when Gwen and Dimitri came home. Gwen told her she knew everything. Dimitri came up with a story to cover up what Gwen was saying. He said he and Kristen needed to have a strategy session regarding their DiMera stock. Gwen left to unpack so they could talk. Kristen told him why Elliot was there. Dimitri was worried about how he was going to convince Elliot that his marriage was real without Gwen wondering what was going on. Kristen left him so he could figure it out. Gwen came back and noticed that he was upset. He said he was upset because of business. He said he was going for a walk to clear his head.

Stefan played 20 Questions with Rachel. She told him Dimitri had a sleepover with someone. Kristen showed up before Rachel could tell him anything else. Kristen got Rachel away from Stefan. When Gabi came home, Stefan told her he almost had the information they needed. She told him not to worry because she found out everything from Elliot. Dimitri went to Leo’s room. He said he was concerned about Elliot and the codicil. Dimitri told him what was going on. They tried to come up with a plan. Dimitri said he could hire someone to pretend to be Gwen. He said he needed someone he could trust. Leo said he would do it. Chad and Stephanie were having breakfast when Alex showed up. He wanted to talk to Stephanie about handling a business deal. Chad asked if he was going to shut himself off and be alone. Alex said he planned on doing that. He told them he felt guilty about the way he left things with Victor and Maggie before Victor died. Chad told him the best way to make it up with Victor was to fix things with Maggie. Alex agreed to fix things.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, August 31, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: Did victor give you any idea why he wanted us here today?

Nick: Nope, but I’m sure the subject of newman media will come up, but beyond that, I have no idea.

Sharon: Well, I’ve given a lot of thought to that since we talked about it.

Adam: Would you care to share, sharon? Oh, that’s right.

Sharon: Very funny, adam.

Adam: Well, are you implying that I can’t be trusted with sensitive information?

Nick: You seem to be in a pretty good mood for somebody who just got busted for trying to screw over his partners.

Adam: Okay, I never attempted to screw over anybody.

Nick: Yeah, what would you call it?

Adam: Business. I made a play, it didn’t work, so on to the next.

Sharon: If there is a next.

Nick: If we’re still a part of any of this.

Adam: Well, I’m guessing some of us will be. Probably the ones who know how to run a media company. I think that’ll narrow the field a little bit.

Sharon: Wow, you never give up, do you?

Adam: Not when I am right.

Nick: And in your mind, that’s always.

Adam: In this case, it is. Okay, dad may be pissed off at me, but in the end, he will realize that I am the only one that’ll turn newman media into the powerhouse it should be.

Nick: Is that why you think dad called this little meeting, to anoint you king?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: That would be epic, but no. I don’t think that’s dad’s plan. I think today will be all about marking his territory and trying to slap some goodwill into us, and hey, let’s all get along. All for one, one for all. Go team.

Nick: If I were you, I wouldn’t try and figure out what dad is gonna do, because usually, he does what you least expect.

Victor: Well. Good afternoon. Thank you all for coming.

Victor: Let’s all have a seat. I’ll get right to the point. You know, I gave the three of you an opportunity to work together. Productively. Professionally, for this new venture. You have made a mess of it so far, prompting me to step in and fix things. But I promise you, this time, I’ll make some drastic changes.

Nick: Well, it’s not surprising, considering adam resorted to lies and blackmail and a blatant power grab to take over newman media.

Adam: There you go, nick. True to form. When in doubt, it’s all adam’s fault.

Nick: Are you saying you didn’t do any or all of those things?

Adam: All I did was stake a claim to something that I thought was rightfully mine.

Sharon: And to hell with everybody else?

Victor: Guys, this is what I’m talking about. You’re bickering. You don’t solve any business problems. What’s the matter with you? All of you! Let me have your vision of what you think this company should look like, all right? Hold nothing back.

Nick: Will that have any impact, at all, on what you end up doing?

Victor: Probably not. Shall we begin? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggland’s best.

Victor: I asked the three of you for your vision of the company. You don’t have to think about it, now, do you? I would like to announce now, with great pride, that I’m appointing adam as the new ceo of newman media. And the new media will include the recently acquired assets of mccall unlimited, and kirsten incorporated. And as for adam, sally spectra will be his coo.

Nick: What is going on?

Victor: I have made a decision.

Nick: I refuse to believe you made this decision on your own. Did adam force you into this?

Victor: No one, son, forces me into a damn thing, you know that.

Nick: I don’t believe you. What have you done?

Adam: Hey, I am just as surprised as you are. But I’m grateful, nonetheless.

Nick: This is outrageous.

Victor: Accept it.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Does this shakeup also include newman enterprises?

Victor: Yes, indeed it does. Uh, nate hastings will no longer be involved with newman enterprises. And your mother will become the new director of research and development for newman media. And victoria will become my coo.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Your coo?

Victor: Yes. Taking back the reigns of my company. I own the damn thing. My name on it.

Nick: Adam has done nothing but bring pain to all of our lives. He thrives on deception and blackmail. Help me understand this.

Victor: He’s my son. He has earned it.

Nick: What does that make me?

Victor: You’re just not as capable, son. That’s all. Proud of you, my boy. Very proud of you.

Adam: Thanks, pops.

Victor: Yup.

Sharon: And what does that mean for nick and me?

Adam: I assume they will report to me.

Victor: Oh, yes. You’ll be their boss.

Nick: Have you forgotten that we are a part of newman media, too?

Adam: I don’t think either one of you will be happy there.

Sharon: So we’re out.

Adam: I wish that I could say yes, for your own sake. Contractually, I don’t think I could do that. Can I?

Victor: Well, we can obviously always talk to a lawyer, you know?

Adam: Hmm. In the meantime, sharon, you have a lot of options. You could open your own therapy practice, for kids and adults. I’d be happy to set you up with that. Or you could go back to crimson lights. You really are brilliant at working with people. You know, that’s your arena, not this– this mess.

Sharon: I really wish I could say that I’m surprised at this, but you’re showing your true colors.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, either you’re with me or you’re against me, and it really breaks my heart that you’re not with me, sharon. If you could have just simply accepted the fact that I was most suited to take over.

Sharon: And those true colors are as self-serving as ever?

Adam: Well, I’m sorry that you feel that way. You know, he’s the one that you should be upset at. Things would be a lot different right now if you believed in me.

Sharon: If I believed in you? I’m the one who brought you in, adam. I’m the one who gave you the chance in the first place and then you turned around on us like this! You’re disappointed in me?

Adam: It’s nothing personal.

Sharon: Everything is personal with you, adam! Everything! You think the world owes you something!

Adam: Okay, well then, maybe it is a little personal ’cause you always see nick as the hero, and me as someone to fix. Well, I’m actually just fine.

Nick: Well, I am sure as hell not working for you.

Adam: And nobody expected you to, nick. God knows you would never accept that dad actually chose me over you. Let’s face it, you’re a plodder. ‘Kay? A dime a dozen. Without the newman name, you would be struggling to pay the rent. Fortunately, dad saw through your limitations and that is why I am where I am, and you? You’re wherever you choose to go.

Nick: If you expect me to live with this humiliation, you are crueler than I thought.

Adam: Well, I don’t expect you to do anything, you had your chance. You couldn’t let me just be me and now you gotta take sharon down with you.

Nick: You are one smug, arrogant son of a bitch.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Yes. I am. You finally get me, nick. I am smug and I am arrogant and I certainly can be a son of a bitch. That’s how you get what you want in life, is you go out and you take it. Nice guys finish last, right, dad? When are you gonna learn that, nick? Hmm?

Nick: How’s this for a nice guy?

Adam: Oh–

Victor: Adam? Am I boring you?

Adam: Uh, no. No, I just was thinking, um, about my answer to your question.

Victor: Good to know. Sharon, I asked you for your vision of the new company, going forward. Last time I heard you speak, you sounded somewhat reticent. Am I wrong about that? Rsv is in for a surprise.

Sharon: No, you are not wrong, victor. I do have some very serious concerns about moving forward with you and newman media.

Victor: Uh-huh. May I ask you why?

Sharon: Well, isn’t it obvious? Um, you’ve said it yourself in the past and you said it again just now. The three of us do not work well together. Between conflicts and the power grabs and the mistrust, it’s all just become too much. It’s overwhelmed everything. Every time I think that we’re making some progress forward, something happens and blows it all up.

Adam: Yeah, I assume I am the something that you are referring to?

Victor: Son, please let her speak.

Sharon: Yes, adam. You are the something that I am referring to. I was the one that suggested that we work together and bring these two companies together, and you’ve done nothing but make me regret that ever since.

Adam: I only did what I felt was necessary. Sharon, this was just business.

Sharon: No, it is not just business, adam. We are people, too! We’re people who happen to have some history together, so it was always going to be a bit of a challenge, putting that baggage behind us and moving forward together in this way. You made that a lot more difficult than it had to be. No, you made that impossible! Victor, may I ask a question?

Victor: Certainly may.

Sharon: What are we really doing here? Do you honestly care what I think?

Victor: I do care what you think. I just need some more points to understand and some new perspectives, okay?

Nick: Which means you’re asking us what we want, so then you can turn around and not let us have it?

Victor: Son, it means that I’m asking you for your opinions about where we should go in the future.

Adam: Can I say something?

Victor: Course. Go ahead.

Adam: It– nick and sharon are right. They’ve been right the entire time. I have made a complete mess of everything and I– I am so sorry.

Nick: Are we supposed to believe that? After everything you’ve done, the way you have have hurt this family, all of a sudden you’re sorry?

Adam: No. Um… I don’t have the right to expect that you will believe or accept my apology. I’ve done nothing to earn your trust or forgiveness.

Nick: Well, at least you’re smart enough to know that.

Adam: Mm-hmm. All I’m trying to do is take accountability now. And sharon? You are right. You did bring this idea to me. And all I’ve tried to do is sabotage you. Since I first came to genoa city, you were one of the few people that saw the best in me, that thought that I could be better. I could be something more. And every time you let me in, I betrayed you. I punished you for your kindness and your generosity. And this time was no different. I once again let anger cloud my judgment and I made decisions out of fear and desperation. You deserve better. You all deserve better.

Sharon: Wow. Thank you for saying that, for acknowledging the truth.

Adam: Hasn’t been easy, but here I am. Nick? You were brought in to keep an eye on me, make sure I behaved. Guess that says a lot about me and all the mistakes that I’ve made, that you all thought that that’s what I needed. A minder.

Nick: Yeah. It sure does.

Adam: And no matter how many times you tried to make it work, I just wouldn’t allow it. I had to spit on your goodwill and your optimism, and try to grab power as if it were my right. But it wasn’T. It isn’T. I finally see that now.

Nick: Yeah. Well, is this nice speech supposed to make everything disappear, adam?

Adam: No, of course not, but I have to start somewhere. Dad? Pops? You kept trying and I let you down. You never gave up on me when most people would. You never saw me as a lost soul, no matter how many horrible, twisted things I did. Instead, you tried to teach me. And I fought you on it. You tried to love me and I pushed you away. And for that, for all of that, I am sorry. I know that this rings hollow to you, coming from me. You probably think this is some kind of scam, it’s adam trying to play an angle, but I swear to you this is sincere. I’m truly sorry. Can we make this right? Can we start over? I want to do this with you, me, sharon. We can make something remarkable. What do you say? Are you in? Can we still try?

Nick: Let’s do it. Sharon?

Sharon: Huh? Sorry, I was just, uh, thinking.

Victor: Now, your hesitancy doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

Sharon: Well, it shouldn’T.

Nick: You okay? What are you thinking?

Sharon: I want out.

[ Adam sighing ] My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Victor: So am i to understand, you’re gonna renege on your contract?

Sharon: I don’t trust adam, and right now, I’m not really so sure that I should trust you either. I would like to take kirsten and turn it around on my own. I have the opportunity to create something positive and lasting, after all of the evil and pain that cameron brought into this world, and now I am convinced that I need to do that on my own. You never really wanted kirsten in the first place, not all of it, anyway. Your plan was to strip it down to its bare essentials and use it as a support platform for newman media. Streamlining, I believe, is the word that we use today, but we all know what that means. Cutbacks, layoffs and the bottom line.

Victor: We’re talking about business, not about some charity. No talking about being kind and friendly. This is business. This is the real world.

Sharon: The newman world, you’re talking about.

Victor: You bet.

Sharon: Well, then, you’ve made my point for me. Sna would become a cog in the newman family machine, which we all know is about success and wealth at all costs. That is not what I signed up for, that’s not what I’m interested in doing. You may call me naive, but I believe that there is a way of being compassionate and still turning a profit at the same time and that’s all been lost here. Please let me take kirsten and go away with it on my own. I will turn it around on my own. Newman media and mccall will be just fine without it and just fine without me.

Victor: Kirsten will stay under the purview of my company.

Nick: Why? Why not let it go?

Victor: Because kirsten has certain assets that I can utilize. If you want me to buy you out, I’ll buy you out.

Sharon: That is not at all what I want.

Nick: This is an exercise in futility. Dad, you basically got kirsten for free, but now sharon wants it back, but you won’t give it to her because you hate to lose.

Adam: I think buying sharon out is a good move. Dad’s right. Kirsten does have some key elements that newman media can use and I know which ones he’s referring to.

Nick: So, this is how you’re gonna play it?

Adam: Excuse me?

Nick: Sucking up to dad. Hoping he makes you ceo.

[ Adam chuckling ]

Adam: Or maybe I’m giving sharon some practical advice that she could use. Nick, you know dad is never just gonna give her her company back. But sure, if you wanna think it’s a scam, be my guest.

Victor: He’s giving you good advice. I would heed it, if I were you.

Sharon: I don’t want to be bought out.

Nick: And she shouldn’t have to, despite what you think.

Adam: I think you just want to counter all my ideas because you don’t have any faith in my judgment.

Nick: Are you kidding me? Everything you touch turns into a disaster.

Adam: Oh, you want to compare notes?

Nick: At least I’m man enough to admit it when I make mistakes.

Adam: Nick, why don’t you just admit what we all know? You don’t care about this new company. The only reason that you’re here is to protect sharon.

Nick: Sharon doesn’t need my protection.

Sharon: No, I don’T. You see, there’s no way for the three of us to work together, which is why I need to get out with my company intact.

Victor: We have a contract.

Sharon: One which I will not agree to. I am not just going to roll over and let you decide what this company should be.

Victor: I have made my decision.

Sharon: The only good thing that came out of this entire cameron nightmare was the possibility of using his business for something good, and now it’s become another newman turf war. I want nothing to do with that. This is too important to me. So, I will get an attorney and I will fight for what is mine.

Victor: You do you, as they say.

Sharon: Count on it.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: What is the matter with you? She protected your granddaughter with her own life. It’s the only way she got this company in the first place, and now you turn around and do this?

Victor: This is business.

Nick: It’s always business with you. This isn’t about what’s best for the company, this is about what you want.

Victor: If what I wanted had happened, the three of you would have gotten along beautifully. Worked together harmoniously, productively. But you’re not. This is pure business. So what about you?

Nick: What about me?

Victor: Where do you see the company go from here?

Nick: Oh, you expect me to speak up now, after all this?

Adam: I mean, come on, nick. Don’t be shy. Tell us, how do you see things playing out?

Nick: Adam, shut up.

Victor: Sharon is gone. Leaves the two of you. Where do you see the future of the company? When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Nick: What would I like to see happen?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Tell us what you want, nick. But I’m sure I can guess your answer. Get rid of me.

Nick: Right. ‘Cause you’re the center of the universe.

Adam: But isn’t that your usual position when things get tense or combative? To blame me? Push me out?

Nick: Not this time. The only thing I care about is making sure sharon gets what she deserves.

Adam: Okay, so I was right. You are trying to protect her.

Nick: Why should I have to? I mean, what kind of people are we that others continually feel like they need protection from us? That’s what we should be looking at, not how much more money and power we can accumulate.

Victor: Sharon’s naivete has rubbed off on you.

Nick: Maybe I just think it’s a waste of time.

Victor: Hmm.

Nick: Why give you my vision of what newman media should be? You’ve already made up your mind. So why go through the trouble of playing this game or this experiment or whatever the hell it is you wanna call it, when really, it’s just a chance for us to blow off steam? Because ultimately, you’re gonna drop the hammer and you’re gonna do whatever you want anyway. So, I don’t feel like I need to participate.

Victor: How about you, son?

Nick: Sharon’s right. Sna will be just another cog in the newman machine, which is focused on wealth and success and that’s it. It’s no wonder sharon wants out. I’m beginning to think I do, too.

Victor: Do you realize that you always have one foot out of the door?

Nick: And you keep clinging to this idea that he and I can work together.

Victor: Yes.

Nick: We can’t do it. It’s never gonna happen. This is never gonna be one big, happy family business because of the way things are.

Adam: It’s starting to sound like you’re doubting actual business, nick. I mean, maybe you are better off in your non-profit world, where you get a trophy for just showing up.

Nick: I will not apologize for what I accomplished at new hope. I’m very proud of it. And it sounds like sharon has the same ideas for kirsten. A very positive media and tech company that gives back, which is a far cry from what adam has for his vision with newman media. They don’t mesh, dad. They’re completely different.

Victor: So you are saying that I should give the company back to sharon.

Nick: You’re damn right I am.

Victor: Ain’t gonna happen.

Adam: Yeah, we’re not even speaking the same language.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, that seems very on brand for us, so… you know what? Let’s just get to it. It’s time. What do you want? Tell us, what’s the plan? Sleep more deeply.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Look, nick’s right.

Nick: That’s a first.

Adam: Why don’t you end this show and tell and just tell us what you’re going to do? Everyone’s been heard from, everyone has made their point.

Victor: Not quite yet. The one person whose opinion I value the most. There you are, my sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: I just told nicholas and adam that I wanted to hear from them what they thought about the future of the company.

Nikki: I see.

Victor: And I would like to hear from you what you think about the two brothers working together.

Nikki: Well, um, I doubt that anybody in this room will appreciate what I have to say. If I just–

Nick: Nah, mom. Go for it.

Nikki: If you insist. Adam, nicholas. Where do I even begin? [ Sighs ] You have both caused your father so much pain and distress, in spite of being given every opportunity. And you, adam, are one of the most ungrateful people I have ever known. Your sense of entitlement is staggering. And nothing is ever good enough for you! You wear that chip on your shoulder like a badge. “Oh, woe is me. Nobody understands me.” Grow the hell up, adam. I understand you’ve had heartbreak, you’ve had hardships, but so has everybody else in this room and we don’t go moping around looking for somebody else to blame our mistakes on. But you seem to think it’s your right. Well, I’m here to tell you, it isn’T. My precious nicholas. Your father’s right. You always do seem to have one foot out of the door when it comes to this family. If you don’t like the way something is going, stop complaining and do something about it. Try to make it work, and then if you can’t, walk away. But don’t leave us all hanging, waiting for you to make a decision. Make it! Own it! Be committed to something, son. And my darling. I can’t fault you for wanting to create the family that you have always wished for, but this is what you got and I think it’s time for you to recognize that. Now, I don’t know what your plans are for newman media, but I swear on my life, if you put adam in charge, I will be angrier with you than you have ever seen me. Because you have given him every opportunity and every time, he disappoints you and that has to stop, now. Well, you asked me.

Victor: Yes, my darling and I heard you loud and clear.

Nikki: So, what are you thinking?

Victor: I do not intend to place adam in a position of power.

Nikki: Oh, thank god.

Adam: I guess the golden boy wins again.

Nick: Oh, would you give martyrdom a rest?

Victor: Enough, boys. This is a sad moment. I gave both of you an opportunity to work together, something I’ve hoped for for a long time. I was wrong, it didn’t work. So this is what will happen. Once we have successfully folded sna into newman media, you, my darling, will run the damn company.

Nikki: What?

Victor: You will be ceo of newman media.

Nikki: Oh. Victor, I cannot–

Nick: I love it, mom. You will crush it.

Victor: Audra charles will be your coo. You, nicholas, will go back to newman enterprises, and assume the co-ceo position that your mother once had.

Adam: Okay. Once again, I’m left standing when the music stops.

Victor: Hm. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Adam: I should’ve known that you’d pull something like this.

Victor: You brought this on yourself, you know that. I gave you a chance to show that you can work together with your brother, that you respect our family. What do you do? You make sure everyone knows how much is owed to you.

Adam: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that the merging of two media companies, two powerhouse media companies, which I am by far the most qualified to run, offended your sense of family loyalty. I’m so sorry, dad!

Victor: Stop acting like a child!

Adam: And– and to do it this way, with an audience?

[ Adam chuckles ] Bravo. Brav-O. That is a masterstroke of humiliation. You know what? You could have texted me, you could have emailed me, but instead, I had to come in here and perform for you when the outcome wasn’t gonna change. That’s world-class cruelty, even for you, dad.

Victor: You damn well know that was not my intention.

Adam: Oh, no. Of course not. But yet, you succeeded.

Nick: Dad asked you to grow up.

Adam: Back off, nick.

Victor: All I ever asked of you is to show me just an ounce of humility. You’re incapable of it.

Adam: And so what? You– you just leave me with nothing?

Victor: You leave me no choice.

Adam: You’re gonna regret this, dad.

Victor: Son, don’t ever make idle threats with me.

Adam: Oh, no. They’re real, pops. I promise you that.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Victor: All right, it’s done.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Nikki: You could have run it by me first. I mean, not the part about adam, I am totally on board with that.

Victor: What are you talking about? Naming you ceo of newman media? I thought you’d be happy about that.

Nikki: I can’t say that I’m not flattered, I just wasn’t expecting it.

Victor: Sweetheart, the company needs you there.

Nick: It’s the right thing to do, mom.

Nikki: What about victoria? What will she say about this?

Victor: Her position is secure. For now.

Nikki: Whoa, I don’t like the sound of “for now.” I don’t want to end one family war and start another one.

Victor: Are you turning me down or what?

Nikki: I need to think about it.

Victor: [ Sighs ] All right. What about you, son?

Nick: I need to have a serious conversation with vic first. I’m not gonna commit either way until I speak with her. I think that’s reasonable.

Victor: You can’t just close your eyes and take a leap?

Nick: I’ve taken the blind leap before. Doesn’t always serve me well. But mom, I think this is a great call. It’s an awesome opportunity and I really hope you take it. Dad’s made some questionable decisions about adam, until today, but I think this is a great one and I’m proud of you.

Victor: Are you upset with me now?

Nikki: I’m more conflicted than upset.

Victor: Why’s that?

Nikki: Darling, I need to think about it. I– I’m not trying to be coy. I just don’t have an answer for you yet.

Victor: Uh–

Nikki: It’s times like this one, I wish katherine were still here. To talk to. To consult with.

Victor: I know the kind of advice she would give you.

Nikki: Now, don’t be so sure.

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: Hi, michael. It’s me, sharon. Um, I don’t know if you’re back from singapore yet, and if you’re not, I’m not sure when you’re returning, but I need some help. [ Sighs ] I am in a very serious conflict with victor newman and I need some legal advice on how to move forward. I’ll also probably need a good attorney to represent me, so, um, when you get this message, please return my call. Thank you. Bye.

Nick: You really gonna take this to court?

[ Sharon sighing ]

Sharon: I will if I have to. I’m not gonna back down, nick. Victor can put all of his attorneys and money and power behind this, but I’m not gonna go away. Deep down, I think victor knows that he shouldn’t be fighting me on this. But if he does, I’ll be ready.

[ Nick clicks tongue ]

Nick: I made the same case to him again.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: Dad’s wrong to do this to you, contract or no. He’s trying to make a point. I don’t know what it is yet, but he is not budging.

Sharon: So, what did I miss when I left the ranch?

Nick: Dad finally did what he should have done years ago. He kicked adam to the curb. He is out at newman media.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: You want a war? I’ll give you a war.

Victor: Hmm. I’m alone now. I’m all alone now. No one. No one defeats me. No one.

[ Victor grunting ] No one!

[ Victor grunting ] Oh

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GH Transcript Thursday, August 31, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Dr. Jen hi!

[ Both chuckle ] Mm. I have been looking forward to the concert all day. It’s pretty soon, so I just need a couple more minutes. I need to go clean some coffee pots in the back. Joss. Joss. I’m really sorry. Oh, no. What? I just found out that I have to work tonight. Right, but you told me that sonny gave you the night off and that he didn’t need you. You know how it is with sonny. Things change. Ah! Counselor. Caught in the act of fleeing a crime. You caught me, copper. Indeed, I have. So who squealed? Who ratted me out? Oh, it was one of my spies — said that there’s this suspicious-looking redhead in the building, and here I am to investigate.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Brook lynn! Brook lynn: Hey, buddy. You look sad. Do you need a hug? I’d love one. What’s wrong? Just having a really bad day. Well, it must have been a doozy. Aww. Ohh. Nikolas: When avery is gone… I guarantee you will feel an emptiness in your soul like I will, for the rest of your life. That’s a promise. And I’ll start now. Nikolas, I can’t let you take her. Don’t worry. I’ll tell avery you said goodbye.

[ Both grunt ]

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Knock on door ] Hi. What a nice surprise. Summoned by you. You look great. Knock it off, austin. All I want from you are answers. -Aunt alexis. Hey. -Oh. Hey. -How are you doing? -I’m good. Well, it’s lovely to see you. To what do I owe the invite? I just wanted to check in on my favorite nephew to see how you’re feeling, how you’re doing. Since your grandmother and your father aren’t here, I’m the closest thing you’ve got to a parent. Lucky you.

[ Gasps ] Careful.

[ Chuckles ] Careful. You’re about two inches away from ending up in the water. If I were you, I’d, uh, watch your step. Well, who cares if I fall in? You know, really, I’ll just ruin my hair and my makeup maybe and maybe this beautiful dress, which I happen to like quite a bit. Doesn’t really matter, though. I’ve got a lot bigger problems. You know… I’m about to lose my company, and I feel utterly betrayed.

Lucy, now, listen. As fetching as the thought of you soaking wet in that dress may be… I’m a jealous man, and I don’t think I want to share that with the rest of the patrons here, so… fine. I will sit down. That’s my girl. Here you go. First things first. Now… uh, what are you drinking tonight? I do not feel like anything. Thank you. Uh, my young friend, do me a favor. Get this lovely lady a sea breeze, and I’ll have a whiskey and ginger, please.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. My dear, dear lucy. Is there anything I can do for you? No. Nothing. Don’t — don’t you get it? I am really, really, really upset. No, I — really upset. I understand. I’m sorry that the preliminary hearing didn’t go your way. But surely there must be some way to salvage what’s left. Yeah, well, that depends on you. I have to admit, it did not start out well, but it turns out that esme — and I can’t believe that I’m gonna say this — is actually good at her job. I’m shocked. No, I’m shocked. I mean, I knew she was smart. I knew she was motivated. I didn’t know that she was competent. And I think having ace there in the daycare is an added bonus because she can focus on her work and not… yeah, she mentioned what a big benefit it was to have him just right down the hallway. Yeah, it’s a benefit for me, too. I go in there all the time to get a boost because when I see that little rug rat, it makes me smile. Ace amazes me every day, and it’s difficult for me to remember that there was a time when I was very, very hurt, very, very angry with my father for getting esme pregnant. Babies make things better. I cannot imagine life without him. And I am very, very grateful that he is my little brother. I’m grateful every day that betty quit and hasn’t been heard from since. I hope that she’s at the bottom of the harbor somewhere. Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? No. From what I hear, she’s on vacation. Mexico. Well, a girl can dream. As long as she stays far away from avery and I never have to lay eyes on her again. Yeah, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high about that. What is that supposed to mean? You know, mason wouldn’t have let her go anywhere unless she got the goods on sonny. So she must have given him the proof that he wanted about sonny’s business with this pikeman. Eh, ordinarily, that seems reasonable, I suppose, yeah. No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t give me that doublespeak! You know, the deal was, once “the boss” gets the information about sonny and pikeman, I was gonna get nikolas’ body back! So where is it? Really, robert? Hm? You’re not even gonna pretend that you were on your way somewhere else, like the records room or case management? That you’re really here to see little old me? Well, since you neglected to take me to the car show, I thought I would bring the car show to you. “Neglected.” That’s how you’re framing it? Okay. No. No neglect. You showed no interest, so I chose to take someone else. Well, and I-I chose to take your advice. I, uh, went out and bought a new car. Oh! So would you like to come for a drive in my new wheels?

[Laughing] Only if you promise to do this. It’s a deal! As much as I’d love to — and I would — I can’t right now. I’m here on behalf of drew cain. How’s he liking pentonville?

[Laughing] Oh, come on. He’s not liking pentonville. And let’s face it, robert — that judge handed down an overly harsh sentence on a pre-agreed-upon plea deal. Well, I’m not gonna argue with you on that one, but, um… what do you think you can do about it now? Brook lynn: Thanks, buddy. I’ll be okay. Leo, what are you doing with that? Oh, come on, mom. No. You remember what you asked me to make you for dinner? -Yeah. -Your favorite — manicotti. You don’t want to spoil your appetite, do you? -No. -Okay, then. March back to the kitchen and put that back. Oh, okay. Okay. Thanks, hon. Brook lynn, what’s wrong? What, did you and chase have a fight? No. No, no, no. Chase and I are fine. But I can’t say the same about my friends. I let them down in the worst possible way. I totally betrayed them. What do you mean? I’ll explain.

Betty’s gone. Never gonna be around avery ever again. Isn’t that enough for you? Hm, actually, no. I’d like to see her get what’s coming to her. Yeah, okay, I think maybe now’s the time for us to just kind of keep a low profile, you know? Not — not make any big waves. What, you think that I should just wait around for mason to want something else from me, knowing that he has the power to have me charged with murder?! I’m just…asking you to trust me right now, that’s all. Trust you? Yeah. I kept my part of the bargain. I paved the way for that psychopath betty to have access to sonny’s penthouse so she could spy on him. Now I want nikolas’ body back! Okay, well, w-what would you do with nikolas’s body if you did get it? I would do what I was originally gonna do, and I’d put him in the pine barrens! Really? God rest his soul. Okay. Fine. You know what? I-I will reach out to mason. I’ll send him a text and see if there’s a way that I can help. Good. But — tell him I want that corpse! Yeah, I gotta tell you, I think you can figure out a better place than the pine barrens. No, it’s perfect. It’s better than putting him somewhere around here. I mean, I-I thought about it, and I don’t think I could — I could live here knowing that his body was someplace on the island. Wait. What? And then it occurred to me I don’t really want to live in this house, period. Now, while I am very, very grateful to have ace in my life, I can never forget who esme was and what she did to me and what she did to my friends. That’s always going to be part of her past. I would never ask you to forget what she did. I certainly won’T. Though I would be remiss to say… look. She’s been a very good mom. She’s been a very good mom to ace. She appears to be, from what I’ve seen watching her with him in daycare. And… I’m just so, so glad that I get the opportunity to be in my brother’s life and that I get the chance to help raise him, even if it means living with esme. You are such a good guy. I’m so proud of you. I think if I can coexist with esme, I can do just about anything. Especially if it means giving ace the happy childhood that he deserves. You know who you sound like? I’m afraid that I know who you’re gonna say. You sound like your father when he was your age. Now, lucy, we talked about this, didn’t we? We decided that it was best if I was not involved in the lawsuit against — no. No, no, no, no. You decided.

You decided that. And you completely abandoned me. Oh, come on. Now, that is not fair. I-I-I explained that. Oh, good explanation. Valentin, huh? Valentin again? He needed you. Well, i needed you, too. And you know what? You’ve never completely explained why you can’t be involved in my lawsuit. You never had told me, but now I think I know. You do? Yeah. Remember we were having all that pillow talk and we were talking about my idea about getting the idea about the deceptor? You had an awful lot to say. Look at me! You tell me. Did you steal the idea of the deceptor from that scheming tracy quartermaine? Brook lynn asked me for a favor, and I did it for her. I needed your help, and you used that against me. And then I asked her for a favor in return. She obliged and didn’t like the outcome. Oh, my god! That is not what happened! You blackmailed me, your own granddaughter! Tracy, is this true? I’m actually here at carly’s behest to try and get drew’s case reopened. She seems to think that the judge had some sort of bias against drew, and I’m trying to prove it. Well, what can I do to help? Thank you for the offer, but I’m not even sure what I can do at this point. I’ve explained to carly that it’s within the judge’s purview to ignore the plea deal and hand down a harsher sentence. Hm. I doubt that carly went for that.

[ Chuckles ] We’re talking about carly. Of course she didn’T. Hence the bias angle. But let’s face it. Judge kim practically announced that he was sending a message to white-collar crime — “no more special treatment.” Well, bias is subjective — you know that — and unprovable. Yes, but it’s — it’s carly’s love for drew that’s fueling this. And I’m a friend, and as a friend, I told her I’d look into it.

[ Scoffs ] Look. I don’t know what you can do here, but, uh, good luck. I just wish there was some way to get concrete proof of judge kim’s bias against drew.

I have been tryingto explain to brook lynn, this is just business. Just business? Yes! That’s what I’ve been trying to teach you. Since when do you care about business again? You don’t even want to say the letters “elq.” -That’s all tracy cares about. -Stay out of this! Despite your reptilian exterior, I actually believed you cared about this family. I’m the glue that keeps this family together. Uh, except you were gone for over a year. Stay out of this! It’s my house! No, it is not your house! It’s monica’s house, alan’s biggest mistake! Are you done? No, I’m not. You need to learn how a quartermaine succeeds in business. You’re unbelievable. You put on this act like you care. You sang with us. You ate thanksgiving pizza with us. You mourned with us, celebrated births with us. And I always saw you as a strong, independent woman. Also calculating, conniving, and ruthless. Oh, my god! Don’t you have a lasagna to make?! Are you done? No! Out of everyone in this family, I believed in you. I always took your side. I thought you were misunderstood. Well, clearly, I was mistaken. I, uh… I think it’s gonna be an uphill battle for you to prove prejudice towards drew. Which is insane, considering the content of drew’s character. He saved liesl obrecht from victor cassadine just in time to save willow’s life, for heaven’s sakes. It’s not like he’s some sort of career criminal sitting around exploiting, you know, security codes. Hm. Drew is known for his integrity. That’s why I find it kind of weird that a judge would throw the book at him. So do I. And let’s face it — that book was kafka.

[ Both chuckle ] Hey. There is something you can do for me. If it’s within my reach, definitely. Considering drew’s heroics, could you ask the wsb to put in a good word for him? And that’s not within my reach. Why not? Let’s just say the bureau’s not gonna do anything to lift a finger to help anyone at my request. I get that you think this was your choice, but it wasn’T. So now I don’t have a mind of my own? No, that’s not what I’m saying. I-I’m saying that he’s changed our plans. Actually, he’s canceled them. Joss, I — look. I get that things change last minute, but we haven’t had any alone time together in like a week. I have to go. So go. Joss. Okay? It’ll happen. Okay? Things are just really intense right now. When are things not gonna be intense when it comes to sonny? Joss. I just wish that my mom hadn’t destroyed the flash drive. That was her decision to make, and there’s nothing we can do about it now. Right, but that was our one chance to turn sonny in to the feds, and we blew it. What?!

[ Scoffs ] I did not under any circumstances steal the idea for the deceptor from tracy quartermaine. Really? Okay. So how come every time I tried to give you credit for being my inspiration, you got all cagey on me? You know, even when we were talking around maxie and sasha, I would say that, and you would shut me down each and every time. Because I could not in good conscience take credit for something I didn’t do. The — the deceptor is genius. Tracy quartermaine. Please. That idea was 100% yours. Well, apparently now tracy is claiming it as her own, and she’s convinced the judge that — well, he decided we’d have a trial six months from now. Right. That gives your attorney half a year to prove that the case has no legal merit. No! Six months from now, deception will be kaput. Completely gone. We’ll be bankrupt. When you were a baby, your father gushed about you. So excited to have a son. And he wanted you to have the best of everything. I think maybe he went a little overboard because you were precocious and maybe a little bit… spoiled. Go ahead. No, no, no. That’s fine. You can say that. I was just gonna say maybe willful and indulged. Oh. Oh! You’re good at this. I bet you argued a good case in the courtroom. And there was just this sweetness about you. Just like your dad. The only reason I wanted dracula’s castle was to spite nikolas. To be honest with you, the place gives me the creeps. Oh, I-I’m so glad to hear you say that. I — yeah. Y-you never struck me as somebody that would like this goth decor. No, I don’T. It’s terrible. And now that nikolas is gone, why should I be stranded out here? I mean, this place is full of nothing but bad memories. And right over there, that’s where nikolas and I, we had our last fight, and — and he died. Why should I stay here?

[ Knock on door ] Good evening, ava. So, to what do I owe the invitation? Oh, it wasn’t an invitation. It’s a demand — for payment in full. I want what you promised me. Tein with 30 grams of protein. Keep it quilted means you keep it the usiness, o you? But how could you do this to brook lynn, of all people? I don’t want to hear a word out of you. Well, you’re going to. I mean, it’s one thing to be mean to the rest of us, tracy, but how could you do this to brook lynn, of all people? She is your granddaughter. I know who she is. Don’t you know how much she looks up to you? If you, of all people, do not have sway with the wsb, then who does? Well, I’m not at liberty to talk about bureau business, but I can tell you that they’re going through a house-cleaning process and…

[ Chuckles ] …I’m on the outs. Well, then, who’s on the ins? That remains to be seen. They’re not gonna lift a finger to help drew. They’re not gonna lend any assistance to help a hero?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Drew, laura, and curtis did the one thing in greenland that the bureau couldn’t do… and it embarrassed them.

[ Scoffs ] And on that note, well, they’d prefer to have drew where he is rather than help him find freedom. Lucy, come on. You make things sound so dire. Surely things can’t possibly be that bad.

[ Chuckles ] Actually, they kind of are. But you know what the worst part of this whole thing is? The lawsuit. Well, obviously the lawsuit. I feel — I just feel gutted. You know? I feel like I’ve been totally betrayed. By who? Brook lynn quartermaine. You know, we gave her a job, and she’s been masquerading this whole time as a team player, but really she’s been spying for tracy. She gave tracy documentation she needed for this horrible lawsuit. She’s willing to use her own granddaughter. I mean, that’s low, even for tracy quartermaine. Not really. Worst part, though, is now, to save deception, I have to give tracy 75% of the company. I was actually talking about this with trina the other day. How is trina? Trina’s wonderful. She is. She’s lovely. Yeah. Yeah. She’s been very concerned about her dad lately. I’m really sorry to hear about what happened to curtis. Yeah, uh, trina has been worried sick trying to get everything together so that he feels comfortable when he comes home. He just got out of rehab. I think that maybe it’s that focus on family that has allowed trina to be so supportive of me being with ace while esme is around. Especially because my father didn’t bother to stick around for him. You never miss an opportunity to go negative when it comes to your dad. Because that’s all he’s ever shown me. Have you ever thought that maybe one of the reasons is that, deep down, you still love your dad? I can see why you’re antsy. If it was me and it was my husband — or, sorry, ex-husband — whose corpse was on ice somewhere with a fatal head wound and my hair and dna all over him, I probably, too, would be…

[ Breathes sharply ] …Losing sleep. I kept my word, mason. I got betty the run of sonny’s penthouse, and she got the information that you wanted. I did my part. Now it’s time for you to do yours. If it was up to me, I would drop his body off tonight. But it’s not. Then call whoever you have to call and make it happen. Yeah. -I don’t think it’s that easy. -What? W-why not?! Because the powers that be decided. And they decided that you don’t get nikolas until after the situation is resolved. What? What situation?! Hey, maybe now’sa good time… just tell whoever you answer to… …to take a deep, calm, relaxed breath. …That I’ve done everything that they asked! What the hell do these people want?! Look. Just listen to austin. Relax. It’s all going down tonight.

Robert, are you suggesting that the wsb would actually manipulate circumstances to ensure that drew received the harshest sentence possible? Anything’s possible where the bureau’s concerned. Well, then, there could be a connection between the wsb and the judge in drew’s case.

[ Chuckles ] If such a relationship did exist, it’d be almost impossible to prove. I mean, as you know, the bureau does most of its work in the shadows. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I, for one, am not at all opposed to looking at every single one of judge albert kim’s cases for the past four, maybe five years, seeing if there were other instances of overly harsh sentencing that could prove a precedent. Well, um… what specific instances are you looking for here? I’m just suggesting — suggesting, mind you — that said judge may or may not be receiving kickbacks for getting inconvenient individuals out of the way of, shall we say, powerful agencies. And if the wsb wanted drew cain out of the equation, pursuing an unrelated case could prove a perfect solution to their problem. You’re looking for instances where the judge handed down an overly harsh sentence? Bingo. Hey. I just got your text. What happened? Tracy happened. I had to get out of there. I cannot live with her for another minute. -Mom! -Hey. -Is brook lynn okay? -Uh… I saw her leave in her car. Yeah, she just needs a little time to herself. She’ll be fine. But she said she was having a really bad day. Should we do something? How about if we check in on her in a little while? Okay? -[ Sighs ] Promise? -I promise. I cross my heart. Well, tracy? What now, olivia? Don’t you feel the slightest bit sorry for what you did? For teaching her a valuable lesson? What? That you’ll do anything to get what you want? A lesson that she will remember and benefit from for the rest of her life. What exactly is it that you think you taught brook lynn? That nothing is free. If I hadn’t made her pay for the favor I did her, it wouldn’t have mattered as much. We’re done here. The launch is ready to take you back to the mainland. You and your cousin need to go — now. Don’t put me in the same category as this guy.

[ Scoffs ] You’re right. You can’T. I’m far more handsome and easygoing. Wouldn’t you agree, ava?

[ Laughs ] Definitely not. Oh. I’m wounded. Whatever is happening tonight, when it’s over, I want that body back. Do you understand me? Loud and clear. Look. I’ll pass your message along. I just can’t promise the boss will be receptive. Eh. Still feisty as ever. Whatever you have going on tonight, nothing to do with me. I’m out. Boss said. I don’t know about that. Still one more thing you have to do. Well, I’ll give you this much — tracy’s offer is appalling. 75%. That’s just highway robbery. Uh, yeah, it’s appalling. Tracy’s appalling. In fact, I would like to strangle her. Just wrench her tiny, little, scrawny neck! Yeah, but if, on the other hand, giving her what she wants keeps deception open for business, isn’t it practical to at least consider it? No! No, no, no. Do not even say that. I am not going to give one dime of my hard-earned money or one single share of the company that I worked so hard to build with my own two hands to that snobby, arrogant, entitled, selfish, spoiled heiress tracy quartermaine. I am not gonna — I’m not gonna do it. And she can just forget about it! You got yourself some strong feelings about tracy quartermaine. Yeah, well, you don’t know the half of it. You know, she actually at one time pretended to like me. Pretended to be my friend so I would use my 1% share of elq so she could be ceo above her nephew A.J. Alan always warned me about her. He said she’s a bad apple. Ha! She’s a lot worse than that. Mother quartermaine. I miss her, you know? She did not have one bad bone in her body, but she always knew how nasty and mean-spirited and dark tracy could be. You know what? I’m not doing it. I am not gonna let tracy win. I am going to fight her till the bitter end. But what happens if it costs you deception? If the — if the company goes bankrupt, what then? Well… I guess it’s a good thing I kept my realtor license. I don’t want to love my father. Oh, spencer, please don’t say that. No, it’s true. I don’t want to love him. And I don’t want to miss him. Because every time I think about him, it opens those floodgates, and all of those memories of bitter disappointment just start flooding back. Okay. So how about think — think of some of the good moments? Because there were good moments. Can’t you hold onto those? No, because it always comes back to how he prioritized ava and everybody else. And our entire relationship — none of it was real. It was an illusion that I had made up in my mind. It was not an illusion. It was very real. Your father has demons that he was not able to — to — to battle. And that happens. That happened to me. People have regrets. And — and all you can do is you learn from them and you move on. You are nothing like my father, alexis. He lost his way, spencer. Have you ever thought that maybe that’s the reason he ran away? Well, this isn’t exactly the first time that he’s done this, so please don’t e-expect me to forgive him. I’m not asking you to forgive him. I’m just asking you to try to understand him. I understand that me and my brother are doing perfectly fine without him. That’s what I understand. So what are you saying — you don’t want your father found? You don’t want your father back?

Dex, I’m so sorry for the way we left things. Um, just please be careful tonight. And whatever time you’re off, please come see me. I just miss you. I love you. This whole thing is my fault. Not entirely. I betrayed my friends, chase. And now deception is getting sued, and they might go bankrupt. You don’t know that. In six months, the case could fall apart and the judge might dismiss it. And if he doesn’t, then maxie, sasha, and lucy could lose everything they’ve worked so hard for. And that would all be on me, chase. No, it’s not. I’m the one who set this whole plan in motion. Everything is a mess because of me. And why? Because my hell of a grandmother really forced me to do it. I will never forgive her for this. Honestly, I don’t blame you. What tracy made you do is unforgivable. Can’t even look at her, let alone live under the same roof as her. I-I don’t know what I’m gonna do. You don’t have to go back there. What do you suggest? I rent a room on top of kelly’s? Actually, that’s not such a terrible idea. No. Move in with me. I know you, tracy quartermaine. There is something else that is driving you right now. I have seen it in your eyes ever since you got back. Oh, please spare me. You don’t know me as well as you think you do. But you know who does know you? Ned. And if he were here right now, he could get through to you. Well, he’s not, and we’re stuck with eddie maine, the busker. Diane. Look. You could be spinning your wheels for months trying to find a connection between this judge and the wsb. Yeah. But if there is a connection, I will find it. And the payoff could be substantial for drew. Well, if you do and you find a link, make sure it’s a solid one. To that, good sir, I say, “easy-peasy.”

[ Chuckles ] I just can’t imagine anyone challenging you in court. Well, you’ve done it, so you know that many have tried, many have failed, and everyone lives to regret it. I’ll keep that in mind.

[ Laughs ] Boy, I sure would like to know when and how, you know, tracy started snooping around deception. When did she get her claws in the deceptor? I don’t know how you’d find out something like that. Are you sure you didn’t come across any similar products that were in development when I started getting my idea about the deceptor?

[ Cellphone ringing ] You want to get that? Yeah. Hm. Ava jerome. Yeah, well, maybe you should take it. Hey, um, ava. This is certainly a surprise. Hi, lucy. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time. No. Actually, I’m just sitting here. I’m out with martin, and we’ve been having a very, very important discussion. So, what can I do for you? Well, I just — I just wanted to know — do you still sell real estate?

[ Breathes sharply ] Um.

[ Chuckling ] Well, now, that depends on the listing. I want to sell wyndemere. Spoon island. It doesn’t matter if I want him back or not. Of course it matters, spencer. No. He abandoned ace just like he abandoned me. He ran away. And he won’t be back. Hey.

[ Keys jingling ] I’m back. Man: Hey. So… how are you feeling tonight? I’m feeling great. Thank you, doc. It’s kind of you to ask.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, August 31, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne


Ridge: You two really have this roommate thing down, don’t you?

Steffy: Hmm?

Eric: Hmm?

Ridge: Nothing. Where are my grandkids?

Steffy: Oh, they’re, uh– they’re at the pool with Donna painting rocks.

Eric: I have to say Donna and I love the buzz those kids create when they’re here.

Steffy: Thank you for letting us stay here.

Eric: Of course. I love you guys. I love you. I love Kelly. I love, um…

Steffy: Hayes.

Eric: Hayes. I love you all. And this is your home. It’s a family home, and you can stay here as long as you want any time, don’t you forget that.

Steffy: I– I won’t, and it has been an incredible time, but we can’t stay here forever.

Ridge: What are you saying?

Liam: Well, we’re trending in the right direction. Yeah, we are. Subs are up and– and we got a little uh, bump in print readership, ’cause of that ad-buy, no doubt. Just don’t… uh, don’t run this by my dad just yet, I want you to, uh, make sure Wyatt sees it first. Okay, all right, thanks Erin, bye-bye. I’m a little busy, John.

Finn: Right, well, I don’t care. I’m just here to make sure that you’re staying away from my wife.

Liam: I don’t blame you for being upset, but don’t– don’t do this, don’t come to my office and start barking orders at me, you know exactly why Steffy walked out on you. It’s got nothing to do with me. It’s because you refuse to cut ties with Sheila.

Deacon: Ah. Ow. Ow, Sheila, damn it, isn’t a massage supposed to be relaxing?

Sheila: Oh, my gosh. Should stop being such a baby. It’s just that you are so tight, you’ve got so many knots. It’s like you’re carrying all of this stress, the weight of the world on these incredibly broad, strong… handsome shoulders.

Deacon: I wonder why I’m stressed. Sheila, if Brooke or Hope finds out that you’re staying here, they’re not gonna have anything to do with me. I could wind up losing the restaurant. How’s that for the weight of the world? Ow! [ Grunts ] Did you get those things sharpened?

[ Sheila laughing ]

Deacon: [ Grunts ] I’m gonna need a real masseuse after– I’m– I’m gonna need a chiropractor after this. [ Grunts ]

Sheila: Oh…Did one side, I don’t want you to be off balance.

Deacon: Oh, I’m sorry. Who’s off balance? Ow!

Sheila: Stop being such a baby.

Deacon: Don’t call me a baby.

Sheila: Everything is gonna be just fine, all right? And I already promised I am not going to upend your life.

Deacon: Too late. [ Grunts ] Damn it, Sheila.

Finn: Look, Liam, so you know, I have told Steffy that Sheila will never have a role in our lives.

Liam: Yeah, no, that’s– that’s great, that’s a great… sentence. But now, it’s on you to actually prove that you’re not still vulnerable to Sheila, especially, for Kelly’s sake and Hayes’ sake. And by the way, I’m not the only one who sees it this way, Steffy obviously does, too.

Finn: You know what I see? I see you playing this compassionate ex-husband who claims that he just wants what’s best for his ex-wife. When in reality, you’re just trying to use Sheila to drive a wedge between Steffy and me. You’re trying to make a play for my wife.

Steffy: Okay, both of you. Please stop staring at me like that, it’s no secret that I miss my husband. This was never meant to be permanent, I can’t stay here forever.

Eric: Why not?

Ridge: Wait, we both get that part, but, um… I don’t want to interfere in your marriage, but Sheila’s on the loose, she’s still out there, and Finn is connected to her.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh. Would you just whine a little more, I– I won’t use as much pressure. Stop being a baby.

Deacon: Hey, if I was a baby, somebody would be calling Child Services right now. ‘Cause I am gonna have bruises for a week.

Sheila: Well, you know what, that never seemed to matter to you in the past.

Deacon: It’s the funniest thing. The intensity of the massage just seemed to pick up when I mentioned that there was another woman in Finn’s life. Someone else connected to his happiness.

Sheila: Stop.

Deacon: Steffy, his wife.

Sheila: Why do you feel that you always have to rub that in my face? I– it was an unfortunate… mistake that– that just got out of hand.

Deacon: Yeah. Tell that to Finn.

Sheila: I do. And I’m gonna continue to tell him over and over again until he believes me, until he knows how much I love him. Till he knows that I– I could be good in his life.

Liam: I am not out to sabotage your marriage, Finn. You’re doing that perfectly well on your own.

Finn: You know, you– you talk about this history, this amazing history you have with Steffy, history that I can’t compete with. Well, I know plenty about your past. How you jerked her around, broke her heart more than once. And you’re right, I can’t compete with that, I won’t. ‘Cause I’m better than that. Liam, Steffy’s it for me.

Liam: Well, no, Steffy and your mom are it for you, apparently. Remember your mom, the lunatic who tried to kill your wife?

Finn: Yeah, my wife, do I need to keep reminding you that?

Liam: You don’t need to keep reminding me of that because it’s the fact that Steffy’s your wife that makes your connection to Sheila so unacceptable. It’s your job to get Sheila out of LA, to get her out of our lives. You say you love Steffy, Finn? Great. Prove it. Get rid of Sheila.

Eric: What happened to Finn that you feel safer now? What–

Steffy: He hasn’t given up. He’s taken responsibility for his poor judgment with Sheila. He promised it won’t happen again, and he vowed to protect me and the kids.

Ridge: We’ve heard all this before.

Steffy: But I want to believe him this time, Dad. Granddad, I am so grateful for this time. It has been wonderful, but the kids need to go home. They need their schedules and their routines and they miss home. Not to mention Finn.

Ridge: Okay, I get it. I get all of that, but Sheila is still out there.

Deacon: Yeah, how important you can be in Finn’s life?

Sheila: Yes. Have you already forgotten that I saved Kelly’s life at the beach? And can you imagine what would have happened if I weren’t there? I mean, what, what would have happened to Finn and his precious relationship with his wife then? He got so emotional, Deacon. And he thanked me over and over again, and he called me “Mom.” He doesn’t see me as– as an evil monster. He sees me as his mother. I gave birth to him. And deep down he– he knows that, and what’s most important, is I can see that he feels– that he feels that connection, and Steffy and everyone else, they can– they can try to do what they want to get into Finn’s head to poison him against me… but I really believe, I believe in that unconditional love and that bond between a mother and her son.

Finn: Nothing matters more to me than Steffy and the kids. Of course, I’m gonna keep them safe.

Liam: “Of course”? No, you don’t get to use the phrase “of course” with me when you almost let my daughter drown, and Sheila had to save her.

Finn: Okay, that’s all that matters, okay, and thank God, that Kelly is okay.

Liam: Yeah, thank God she’s okay, but you’re missing the point, Sheila was stalking you. She’s never gonna go away on her own. You have to take action, and I don’t– I don’t care, man. I don’t care if you have to put like, a tracker on her or whatever, but that’s what you should be laser focused on, not coming here, and putting me on notice. No, getting Sheila out of town ’cause your assurances, your words mean nothing to me. Do something.

[ Phone chimes ]

Finn: You’re right. I do need to do something. But so do you. Stop sniffing around. I understand that your marriage is rocky, but that does not give you the right to make a pass at my wife.

Steffy: Look, I am not naive. I realize the threat of Sheila is still very real. I, of all people, should know that. I still get flashes of that night in the alley. I see Finn on the ground. I see Sheila pointing a gun at me. Sound of it firing. Sometimes, I– I look at Finn, and I hate to say it, but I… I see Sheila. Her features, you know, I look in his eyes, and I can see her. She’s there.

Eric: How can you even consider going back to that house?

Steffy: Because I refuse to give up on my husband, my family, I am not losing them. Definitely not because of Sheila.

Ridge: What are you doing? You’re okay with this?

Eric: Am I okay with what?

Ridge: With what– are you okay with Steffy moving into that house? Isolated on the– on that hill in– in Malibu?

Eric: No, no, no. No, I’m not okay with it. I think it’s bad. I think it’s dangerous. But good luck trying to talk her out of anything that she’s decided to do. I mean, Steffy’s hard-headed. Gee, I wonder where she gets that.

Ridge: What does that mean?

Eric: What does that mean?

Ridge: Oh, I’m so– from me?

Eric: Yeah, from you.

Ridge: Oh, okay. You know where I got it, right?

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: My mother.

Eric: Your mother, yes. [ Eric sighs ]

Ridge: I miss her. Mom should be here, and she’d know what to do.

Eric: If your mother was here, Sheila would not be. Your mother would eat her up and spit her out. She would.

Ridge: I want Steffy to have everything she wants. Her family, her husband, her kids in her house. But Sheila’s still out there. She’s still a problem.

Eric: For everyone.

Sheila: Ah.

Deacon: Look, I don’t say these things to hurt your feelings. I just– I don’t want you to have these lofty expectations and then get disappointed. And then get hurt. I care about you.

Sheila: I know you do. You just wanna keep me from… being upended and heartbroken and I adore you for that. Actually, I love you for that. But I– I’m not giving up on my future. I’m gonna have a life with my son, I am going to have a true relationship with Finn. [ Laughing ] Boy, it’s gonna start today.

Finn: Okay. Okay.

[ Car engine whirring ]

Finn: Oh. Got it.

[ Car door clicks closed ]

[ Door clicks open ]

[ Door clicks closed ]

Finn: Hey. Hey, I, um– I got your text asking me to meet me here, came as fast as I could.

Steffy: Yeah, thanks.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: Looks nice in here.

Finn: Well, I, um… I imagined you coming through that door a thousand times, and I didn’t do it any justice. You just– you look beautiful and I’ve– I’ve missed you so much.

Steffy: I’ve missed you too.

Finn: Yeah, this– this place feels way too big, and it’s painfully quiet without you guys.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s what happens when you don’t hear all the screaming and laughing.

Finn: Yeah, well, I’ve missed all of it, I’ve– I’ve missed the sounds of you and Kelly and Hayes, and just the… you know, the sounds of our family, more than you can imagine. So, um, I was hoping that you wanted to meet me here because are you thinking that maybe, you’re um… ready? Because, honey, we have– we have been apart for way too long, I mean… you know, I’ve– I’ve tried, um, passing the time, I’ve tried taking extra shifts, and doing some night swims, and I downloaded that, uh, that app, you know, that one you made me download, of the– the constellations. It still doesn’t look like any of them, but… you know, I’d start a movie, but it just– it’s not the same without you here. I need you, I need you in my arms, cuddled up to me. You’re my puzzle piece. I need you to fall asleep at night. And I need you to be the first thing that I see in the morning. I need my wife, honey. Please, tell me that you’re ready to come home.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Gosh. I miss my puzzle piece too. Yeah, I love you so much, and the kids miss you, and you’re right. You’re right, I don’t want to be away from you. I wanna get the kids, and I wanna come back here.

Finn: You wanna come back, like… really, yeah?

Steffy: Yeah, I wanna be– I wanna be here with you. I wanna be in bed with you. I wanna be– I wanna be in your arms, I wanna come home. I wanna–

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Days Transcript Thursday, August 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 It’s just such a relief knowing that Sean is safe and that he’s agreed to this 24 hour hold. I know, I know that he’s not going to get past this in just the few hours he’s been at the hospital, but I’m just really glad that he’s willing to get help, you know? Uh, you know what? I’m gonna call you back, Mom.

I love you. Bye. Hi. Hi. Thank you for agreeing to meet me. Sure, it sounded urgent. Is this about reopening the custody suit? Uh, no. Um, it’s about Philip. Then you know. You know that he’s alive and well. I know a lot more than that. I know what he’s asking for. Don’t tell me you took him on as a client. You did, didn’t you, Bel Bel?

Who conned you into doing that? Oh my


Hello, Chloe. No, no, no. This can’t be real. It can’t. It’s real. Touch me.

I’m alive. I don’t understand. You’re, you’re alive? That I am. But where have you been this whole time? I mean, Are you hurt? What about your leg?

Good as new. Physically. But you were being held hostage. How did, how did you get away? Did they hurt you? Chloe, I wasn’t held hostage. That was a lie. One out of a whole lot of lies. Come on, what are you saying? Are you gonna have to

think about it.

Thank you. Well, he’s still in shock. In time he’ll realize you’re not responsible for what you did when you were sick.

Even if he does… Which I doubt. Now that I’m back, the truth is going to come out. And I’m going to need a lawyer. Well, I’ll call Bell.

Bell is Brady’s lawyer. And his sister. Yeah, but she’s also your friend.

Hello? Miss Lane? Yeah, hi. You’re a million miles away. Uh, I, I was just thinking about all I’ve got to do at work. Oh, speaking of, we should probably be there by now. Uh, yeah, you know what, uh, would you go ahead without me? I have a bunch of stuff I’ve got to get done before. Well, uh, let me help you. No, it’s okay.

Go ahead. I’ll be fine, I promise. It’s not a big deal. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get rid of me.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we’re not alone.

Alright, we’re all alone. No one’s there. Good. So, now we know. Not only did Dimitri marry Gwen to get his hands on the family fortune, the son of a bitch also has a side piece, name unknown. Side piece? He was sneaking in this house for sleepovers. Pretty risky behavior, don’t you think? Incredibly stupid behavior, because let me tell you, if that lawyer the family sent catches wind that his marriage to Gwen isn’t legit, there goes his inheritance.

Yeah, but something just doesn’t add up. I mean, if he was romancing Gwen 24 7, when did he have time to meet somebody and take up with her? I don’t know, I got, I got a better one for you. If you’re Dimitri, why have an affair in the first place, right? Why not just kick Gwen to the curb, and marry the woman you’re so hot for instead?

Right, exactly. So, the burdening question is, why did Dimitri marry Gwen instead of a side piece?

You’re joking, right? Leo, you can’t seriously intend to dress up like Gwen and come with me to meet the lawyer. I do intend to do that. And all I ask for in return is that check you promised me. And for you to do that thing you did to me in the shower in Reykjavik one more time. Look, you said this lawyer has to see the two of you all lovey dovey together or he won’t cut the check, right?

Right. So then this little act has to be letter perfect. And who knows our Gwenny better than I do?

Why would you assume that Dimitri told me everything? What do you mean? Nothing. Nothing at all. I saw the broken glass and I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I just forget I said anything. I would like to, but I can’t. Because you are you. Dimitri and I just got back from our honeymoon. We are madly in love.

So why would you assume that I’d be so angry that I’d want to hit him over the head?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Look, as I said, I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Uh, a negative one, as it were. Yes. Very negative indeed. Although not as random as you’d like me to believe. Wait, I know you know what you said that you and Dimitri were discussing strategy for the Demer boardroom. Yes. Well, he told me that he had suggested that you shore up your position by partnering with another member of the family.

Right. Right, but he didn’t divulge to me which family member you had in mind. So you thought that I would be so pissed off that I would just start chucking things about? Is that right? Well, jet lag has endowed your power of perception.

So? Who is it? You’ll have to ask, Dimitri. Oh, come on, Kristen. I can see by the look on your face you’re just dying to let the cat out of the bag. Okay. Okay! I’m gonna tell you, but you… You have to tell hubby that you forced me to give you the name. Done. Who is it? Chad. Chad? I told him you’d be furious. Not furious, more like confused.

Chad. I mean, everybody knows that he hates me for coming between he and Abigail, and he’s not exactly fond of you. So why would he want to partner up with my husband and you?

This lawyer is no fool. Otherwise my family would never hire him. He will spy you in a second. Obviously you’ve never done drag, and have you forgotten that for a brief time I was married to the queen of the stage? Oh no, I remember Darius Rose. Or should I call her Jackie Cox? You can call him the person who taught me everything I need to know about making this a work.

You have any idea how much money would be riding on your costume and makeup skills? Says the man ISA agent in his lame attempt to take over the world. Touche. So? Is that a yes?

So why didn’t Dimitri marry Mystery Woman instead of Gwen? Maybe she’s married or engaged. Makes sense. But, if Demetri married to Kashyn, why Gwen? I mean, she’s got a worse reputation than mine. I don’t know, maybe time was short and she was, well, there. I think there’s another reason he married Gwen. And it’s big.

Dammit, we need to figure this out today.

So you… And Phillip and Chloe were up late last night talking legal strategy, trying to figure out how Phillip doesn’t have to pay for his crimes, Belle. Listen, Phillip knows what he did was wrong. Oh, that makes me feel so much better. And that also explains why Sean didn’t call me back last night. What?

What does this have to do with Sean? Well, after I saw Phillip… I went right to Sean’s office. I wanted to talk to him, but he wasn’t there. So I left him a note telling him to call me right away. He didn’t call me back. So is it safe to assume that, uh, the police commissioner is firmly on Phillip’s side at this point?

Sean didn’t call you back because he wasn’t there. Because he’s not the police commissioner anymore. He’s not? Since when? Since Paulina became the acting mayor and she decided Rafe should be in that job.

Okay, I’m sorry I shot my mouth off. Sean’s in a really, really bad place right now. How bad? Well, he is never gonna forgive himself for shooting Bo, and now he blames himself for Victor’s death, and um, I’m just worried that, He could hurt himself or worse. Oh, God, Belle. So, Mom got him to submit to a 24 hour cycle at the hospital, and he didn’t put up a fight.

So, he’s safe for now. Is there anything I can do? For him? I’ll let you know. What about you? Is there anything I can do for you? Only one thing. Please, don’t press charges against Philip.

Um, you said that you wanted to get to the office. And ignore the loud noise that just came out of your old bedroom. No, I think that was the neighbor’s apartment. Oh. Maybe it’s Brady. Brady? Now I know why you wanted me to go to the office without you. He came by while I was in the shower, didn’t he? You told him to hide in the room because I was still here.

You are being ridiculous. You know I’d go mad if I found him in here. It’s not Brady, okay? Then who is it?

You might as well come on out here.

What does Chad have to gain by working with you and Dimitri? He’s at Titan now. Yes, I know that. But he is still a voting member of the DiMera board. And nobody else has approached him yet. So I suggested that Dimitri and I, well, try to entice him into being a silent partner. Okay, well, entice away, entice whomever you please.

Just leave me out of it. Where are you going? The jet lag has just set in. All I want now is a nibbler nap.

Where are you going? To Dimitri’s room, of course. I mean, there has to be something in there that’s going to tell us what we want to know.

I don’t know, Leo, this is all very, very risky. But it’s not, I swear, listen to me. Okay, Gweny was supposed to send for her things, but she must be so busy at the mansion because most of her clothes are still here. Including a fabulous pair of Blahniks that are to die for. Oh, come on, come on, come on. My point is this, I am sneaking around behind my best friend’s back because I am powerless to resist you.

I flew to Iceland because the thought of being away from you for more than a few days was unbearable to me. Do you think I would risk what we have if I was not certain that I could pull this off?

Well? Wow.

I have four words that I never thought I’d ever say to you. You better get dressed.

Look, I made up a cover story, didn’t I? And she bought it. Great, great. So now I just have to explain why I entered into a deal with an uncle that I barely know who despises her. A what? Would you rather I told her the truth? I would rather you just keep your big mouth shut. You said that you didn’t have any choice but to tell her about that damn cortisol.

Is that not true anymore? I’m not so sure. Will you hurry up in there? I, um, I’ve got something in the works, but God knows if it’s going to solve my problems. I will keep you posted. You damn well better solve your problem. I’m counting on that payday.

You and me both. What is taking so bloody long? you know. I’m doomed.

I asked what I could do for you because of Sean, okay? Don’t, don’t use that to guilt me into trying to get Phillip off the hook, Belle. I am not trying to guilt you into anything. I’m just trying to make you understand that Phillip was mentally ill. Of course. And he is better now, Brady. Come on. I know you believe in second chances, and I also know that Victor would have wanted all of us to help Philip get his life back together, and you know that too, don’t you?

Please. Please. Brady, I know that you don’t have any reason to forgive Philip for what he did, but I also know you have a big heart in there, and I know that you can do this for him. I know you can.

So you faked everything. You knocked Brady out, dragged him to the riverbank, shot him full of alcohol, and then what? Left a trail of your own blood to the river? Yeah, that’s right. And people bang on and on about how bad I am. I was out of my mind. He’s in a mess, Xander. He could go to prison. He can’t show his face in public.

She decided to let this wanker just hole up in our spare room. If you hadn’t knocked over that lamp, I’d, I’d be none the wiser, Chloe. How long were you planning on keeping me in the dark?

Maybe we should wait until we’re sure they’re out of the house. No, that might give Demetri the chance to pull the wool over the lawyer’s eyes. Okay, I will stay out here and keep watch. Go see what you can find, but be fast.

I’m waiting for Mr. von Leuschner and his new wife now. I’ll leave for the airport as soon as the meeting’s over. I hate being away from you two. I love you. Ah, I think they just showed up.

Mr. Elliot Roth. Yes, Mr. von Leuschner, I presume. Right. Uh. I’m supposed to be meeting with your wife, too. Well, where’s Miss Rischek? Uh, yes, yes, uh, she’s just a little nervous. She’s checking her makeup. But I’m here now, sweetheart. And just so you know, I’m Gwen Von Leuschner now. It is such a pleasure to meet you, Mr.

Roth. Oh,

Gwen. Hey. Hi. Hi. What are you doing just lingering outside mine and Dimitri’s bedroom door? I, I wasn’t. I just, I actually just noticed how great that painting is, right? Yeah, sure, if you like that sort of thing. Well, I mean, there’s just so much, uh, subtlety in the colors. It’s beautiful.

Look, I’m, I’m really knackered, and I just really want to have a nice lie down now, so if you… Oh, I’m sorry, I must be really having a clumsy day. Get out of my way. I can’t let you go in there. Why the bloody hell not?

Is there some reason why you don’t want me to go into my own bedroom? No, I, I just, uh, You know, I just saw Harold go in there.

I’m sure that if you just give Harold a few minutes, I They’ll have you all unpacked. Really? That’s funny. Because I unpacked myself right after we got home. Well, you know Harold. He is thorough. He’s probably in there, unpacking Dimitri’s bags, fluffing the pillows. Hey, Gwen, why don’t we go downstairs? We can have a drink, you can tell me all about your trip to Iceland.

Why don’t you just go ask Leo yourself the next time you see him? Why should I do that? Because he’s such a good friend to me, he just decided it would be fun to turn up to my honeymoon. Now can you please get away from the door?

Yeah. Thank you.

Can you believe this man holds my chair, takes my arm as we cross the street, I mean really. Is there a luckier day on earth? So what exactly do you need to know about us? Well, I’m sure you’re aware your relatives have their concerns that your marriage to Miss Rizchek is one of convenience designed purely to meet the terms of the Codicil.

Oh, I am aware that my family is a bunch of cynics, and they can think whatever they want, but Gwen and I, we know the truth. You talk about a marriage of convenience, I find it very convenient to have this delicious man available to me 24 hours a day and night.

You must admit, the timing of your wedding was suspect. Oh, I’ll admit nothing of the sort. And you should know that I was ready to let that money go because the right woman hadn’t come along. And then one day, Gwen walked into my life and I knew immediately that we were destined for each other. Hmm.

What hmm? And why that scoffy look on your face when you haven’t even heard half of our story? I don’t know what you’re thinking, Mr. Roth, but don’t be too hasty. See, you are about to learn what a marriage made in heaven is all about.

You got so quiet. I’m trying to think.

Hello, Brady. Mel. Hi, what do you want? I heard about Victor. I could say I’m sorry, but… Why start out with a lie? I thought lying was your comfort zone. How’s our daughter Rachel doing? Oh, she’s thriving. And hungry. That’s why I’m here at this lousy pub. She tells me the fish sticks here are pretty fabulous.

And she’s crazy about them. Well, unfortunately, they’ve been off the menu for quite some time. But if you go to the fish market on Allenford, they make their own. And she doesn’t know the difference. Ah, well, thank you. That’s decent of you to help me out. I wasn’t helping you out for you. I just want my daughter to have something enjoyable for dinner.

It has nothing to do with you. By the way, uh, That custody that the judge awarded you, Don’t get too used to it.

I’m, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Philip, but it was for your own sake. I didn’t want to put you in a position to have to cover for him. Please, please forgive me.

You know, it’s a good thing that I have a hard time staying mad at you. It’s a good thing for you she still cares about you. Right, it is. But you’re the one she’s marrying. She told you that, did she? Congratulations, you’re a lucky guy. Yeah, I really am.

And Chloe, well, she deserves to get whatever she wants. And what she wants, apparently, is you.

Maybe it slipped your mind, Kiriakis.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m quaking in my boots.

Well, I guess that exchange told me everything I need to know. You’re pressing charges against Philip. Wrong. Talk me out of it. What? You’re gonna keep this quiet? Alright, Belle, look. Here’s the deal. The way I see it, as soon as Philip shows his face around town, I’m going to be cleared of all suspicions, alright?

If he goes to jail, it doesn’t help me get what I want. I want my daughter back. I want her away from Kristen’s clutches as soon as possible, so… I will not press charges against Philip, okay? Oh, Brady. I don’t know how to thank you. Just You’re in major trouble. I mean, you could go to prison. But you decided to come back here, risk all of that, just to go to Victor’s funeral.

I was sick to death of hiding. And when I heard about my father…

I had to be here, in hopes of… Saying a final goodbye. And being with family.

Oh, it’s Belle.

Is that supposed to be funny? Well, we heard your honeymoon got cut short, so I thought, you know, I would do something to make it up to you. Oh, come on. Give it up. You were snooping. Why would DiMera board meeting.

I have no sense in denying it anymore. Babe, she caught us. Red handed. You can just count on this room being locked from now on. Get the hell out of here, please. I should have known not to tangle with you. Yes, you should have. You DiMeras, you’re all alike. You’re a DiMera too

now. For as long as the married lasts, anyway. Whoops.

So, I’m fascinated to hear all about this so called marriage made in heaven. My wife, she gets carried away. Oh, I’m not carried away. I’m just eager to share with Mr. Roth how happy you make me and how crazy I am about you. And you’ll be surprised to know we didn’t even like each other when we first met. I realized later that my resistance to this man and how he made me feel, well, it was a defense mechanism.

Because the truth is, I was falling hard for him. But I had no reason to believe that anything would ever come of that.

Feels like destiny now, but then, there were too many obstacles. But because of the profound connection we felt for each other, we were determined to push those obstacles right out of the way.

No one understands what Dimitri and I have. Not even my best friend in the entire world. Losing a friend like that used to seem unthinkable. But damn it. Why should I have to give up on this wonderful man? When he is absolutely perfect for me. When it feels so real, so right.

What do you have to say to that? Very moving. Problem is, you’re not Gwen Reschek anymore than I am.

Chloe is so relieved and Philip will be too. Seriously, Brady, I cannot thank you enough. Belle, Belle, let me be very clear. I need the judge to know that I’m no killer. Sooner, the better. Okay, I want my daughter back. As long as that happens… Philip has no reason to fear me. You will be so grateful. Well, I’m not doing it for him, okay?

I’m doing it… I’m doing it for my grandfather. And you. And Chloe.

I can’t believe this. I can see my mother. I can go to my father’s funeral. I can… Try to get my life back.

I guess the only thing that’s left to say is… Thank you. For everything. I’m sorry for the intrusion. Philip,

I’m really happy for you. And please take care of yourself. I will.

Congratulations again. Be good to Chloe.

How dare you? I am Gwen Ryschek. Make that Van Leuschen. Oh, please. I’ve done my homework on the woman. I’ve also been to a few drag shows with my husband. Whoever you are, you’re good, but not good enough. However, that speech you gave about your feelings for Dimitri, I could tell he was speaking from the heart.

It’s obvious that you two are in love. In love?

Can you call me as soon as you can, please? I just caught Gabby searching our room. She and Stefan are on the wall path. They’re trying to get something on you. That

thing went so gullible. She thinks this is all about the mirror business. Yeah, but I wish you’d follow him for that rose petal bit. I know. Now she’s got her guard up. I don’t think that’s gonna matter anymore. Why? Well, I found this before she opened the door. They’re from Dimitri’s carry on.

He paid for two rooms? On separate floors. Which could only mean one thing, he took his girlfriend on his honeymoon. Pretty good, don’t you think? Oh, you have no idea how good. What does that mean?

Dimitri didn’t bring a woman. Dimitri brought Leo Stark. Leo? Leo. You can tell we’re in love? Oh, it’s quite obvious. It’s also obvious you can’t act on it. At least not publicly. And that’s because you’ve been forced into a corner by an archaic and homophobic legal document that your family drew up that stipulates you must marry a woman in order to be eligible for your inheritance.

So what exactly are you saying? What I’m trying to tell you here Is I’m on your side. But there’s limits to what I can do. What kind of woman’s? As far as I’m concerned, you’ve met the terms of the codicil. But there are those that won’t see it the way that I do. The money is to be paid in installments.

This is the first one. If you want the cheques to keep coming in, you’ll have to keep up appearances with Miss Rischek. She can’t be made aware of your relationship, neither can the rest of the world. Unfortunately. It is my fervent hope that someday in the future… You won’t have to hide your true feelings.

I will go back to hiding my true feelings the minute we leave here, but in the meantime…

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge walks in Eric’s house to find Eric and Steffy both drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on the couch. They mimic each other’s actions unconsciously in a hilarious way, so Ridge teases them. They all agree that it’s been great having the kids there, but Steffy tells them that they need to move back with Finn. Ridge isn’t happy to hear that. Eric doesn’t think it’s a good idea, either, but he knows she’s stubborn. They both agree that they wish Stephanie were there to deal with Sheila.

Finn drops in on Liam again to remind him that he needs to stay away from Steffy. Liam tells him that he needs to keep Sheila away from Steffy and the kids. Finn arrives at the beach house and hurriedly picks up some trash in the living room. Steffy meets Finn there to tell him that she can’t live without him. They kiss and look happy.

Sheila gives Deacon a massage, but it’s painful because his muscles are so tight, due to his stress. He’s worried that Brooke and Hope will find out that Sheila is living there, and that it could lead to his losing his restaurant. She tells him not to worry because she’s positive that she’ll be back in Finn’s life again soon. She isn’t too happy when Deacon reminds her that Steffy won’t let that happen. She assures him again that she won’t be disrupting his life and that she’ll be back with Finn soon. He looks alarmed when she says with a chuckle that it’s going to start today.

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Days Update Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad surprises Stephanie with a prepared breakfast at home. Stephanie says it looks amazing but she might need help working up an appetite as they start to kiss until the doorbell rings. Chad jokes that he will get rid of whoever that is as he then answers the door to see Alex.

Kristen talks on the phone with Elliot Roth, who says he wasn’t planning on being in Salem this long and asks if Dimitri has returned from his honeymoon as he’d like to settle the matter about his marriage so he can release the funds. Kristen informs him that Dimitri has not returned yet but she will have him get in touch as soon as he does. Kristen reminds Elliot that he could leave the funds with her but Elliot insists on meeting Dimitri and Gwen before any funds can be released. Kristen claims she’s just trying to help. Kristen reminds Elliot that it’s best they keep this between them and away from certain prying eyes in the house.

Stefan and Gabi kiss in their room until Gabi decides play time is over. Stefan says he has to agree if they are going to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the house, then they have no time to waste. Gabi suggests starting with the curious case of Elliot Roth. Gabi promises that once they get to the bottom of what Kristen is up to, they will shut their door and not come out for a month as they continue kissing.

Dimitri and Gwen return home to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Kristen greets them and asks how the honeymoon was. Gwen responds that it was mostly great. Dimitri informs her that they had some unexpected company. Gwen reveals that Leo turned up. Kristen questions if Leo had a reason for showing up in Iceland. Dimitri tells her about the secret Madonna concert that Leo talked about. Kristen is surprised they are back home ahead of schedule and asks if it was because of Leo. Gwen responds that Kristen knows exactly why they are back ahead of schedule and she does too.

Leo walks through the town square, complaining that he’s going back to the Salem Inn alone while his best friend gets to be with his boyfriend. Leo is then surprised when he bumps in to Sonny. Leo comments on Sonny being back in Salem. Sonny wishes him luck with his bag. Leo stops him and asks when he got back and why he’s here. Sonny reminds Leo that his uncle Victor died. Leo says he’s so sorry. Sonny says sure he is and turns away.

Dimitri informs Kristen that he told Gwen that they needed to talk in person before the upcoming DiMera board vote so they can strategize. Kristen apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon. Kristen says she assumed Dimitri would fill Gwen in but didn’t know if he had a chance yet. Dimitri tells Gwen to go unpack as he and Kristen have a lot to discuss and the sooner he finishes, the sooner he can devote himself to Gwen. Gwen then heads upstairs. Kristen questions Dimitri about Leo. Dimitri says Leo’s presence had to be explained once Gwen found him at the hotel. Kristen thought Dimitri was just stringing Leo along to keep him quiet about the trust fund money, then questions why Dimitri invited Leo on his honeymoon, unless there is something real between them.

Rachel goes to Stefan’s room and greets him. Stefan calls her his favorite niece and tells her that he has a problem that only Rachel can help him with. Stefan explains that Gabi told him that they were playing 20 questions which he calls his favorite game. Stefan talks about Gabi trying to guess a secret and he loves secrets almost as much as the game. Stefan suggests they pick up where she and Gabi left off. Rachel asks if Gabi would be mad. Stefan says maybe a little but thinks it would be fun if they could guess the secret before Gabi. Rachel argues that’s not fun, but mean.

Gabi shows up at Elliot Roth’s room at the Salem Inn. Elliot asks if there’s something he can do for her. Gabi tells him that this visit is about what she can do for him. Elliot thinks back to Kristen telling him that Gabi was hellbent on sleeping her way to the top of DiMera and that she couldn’t know about Dimitri’s fortune. Elliot tells Gabi that it’s an intriguing offer but he’s in the middle of breakfast. Gabi says this won’t take long and wants to put her daughter in his school. Elliot says he’s not the person to speak to on that matter. Gabi asks for the name of who to talk to and she’ll call them now.

Stefan promises Rachel that playing the game with him would not be mean to Gabi because they are always trying to one up each other. Stefan adds that Gabi will probably try to recruit her to get back at him and it will be fun for everyone. Rachel asks if all married people are as weird as him and then agrees to play the game. Stefan tells her that it’s really important that nobody else knows they are playing since it’s about a secret. Stefan states that he has 19 questions to figure the secret out since Gabi asked one. Stefan goes over the secret being about someone in the house and asks if it’s Dimitri. Rachel admits that it is. Stefan asks if Kristen knows what the secret is which Rachel confirms. Stefan says the best secrets are about money and asks if Kristen and Dimitri are stealing money. Rachel shouts of course not so Stefan apologizes for letting his imagination get the best of him.

Dimitri claims to Kristen that he didn’t invite Leo and that he just showed up at their hotel room. Dimitri adds that he’s been gently stringing Leo along so that he doesn’t go chirping to Gwen and then he can get his prize. Kristen reminds Dimitri that it’s both of them getting the prize which will only happen if Dimitri convinces Elliot that his marriage is legit. Dimitri assures that he can handle him. Kristen warns that Elliot just called and was very eager to see them. Kristen asks how Dimitri is going to keep Gwen from finding out that he is the heir to a fortune when she has to meet the man who holds the purse strings first.

Chad tells Alex that Stephanie told him that she was with him when he got the news about Victor and he’s really sorry. Alex thanks him and says it’s been rough on everyone but he didn’t come to interrupt their breakfast but to ask a small favor. Alex brings up he and Stephanie having a meeting with Yuri soon about the Basic Black project and then asks Stephanie if she can handle it by herself. Chad reminds Alex that he meant it when he said he wasn’t going to try to keep them apart anymore. Alex says he appreciates that but that’s not why he’s asking. Stephanie asks if Alex has somewhere else to be. Alex admits he doesn’t. Chad points out that Alex is running Basic Black, so he should be there. Alex explains that he’s just not up for anything these days. Stephanie asks if it’s because of Victor. Alex states that the last time he saw Victor was when he moved out of the house after he gave Maggie the job that he thought he should have and he was petty about it. Alex says he was bitter and angry, so now he’s trying to find a way to live with that because he knows it hurt Victor even if he never showed it. Stephanie is sorry that he’s struggling with that and tells him not to worry about the meeting and take time for himself. Alex thanks her. Chad asks if Alex plans to just go back to his place and wallow in his guilt, questioning if that’s his solution.

Leo stops Sonny and tells him not to leave like that. Sonny tells Leo that he’s been on a plane for hours so he doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with Leo’s act. Leo questions Sonny thinking his sympathy is an act. Sonny argues that it’s like Leo has an ongoing act where nothing he says sounds sincere. Leo calls that unfair and says he got weepy over the news. Leo talks about his therapy sessions which Sonny mocks. Leo insists that he cried because he knew how sad this would make Sonny. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t reach out to him. Leo admits he’s bad about things like that and he’s sorry. Leo then says he knows Sonny is really upset with him because he helped Xander kidnap Bonnie. Leo wants to explain but Sonny says he already did. Sonny adds that he expects that kind of behavior from Xander but Leo kept talking about wanting to be a better person. Sonny argues that Leo just ends up hurting people, especially those that care about him, and it’s always about Leo, what he wants and needs and nobody else. Leo argues that he’s not a narcissist which Sonny laughs at. Leo insists he has a heart with feelings and emotions. Leo mentions volunteering at an animal shelter. Leo then asks if he only cared about himself, how he can explain how he’s fallen head over heels in love which Sonny questions. Leo tells Sonny that it’s quite serious as the guy is rich, gorgeous, and completely obsessed with him. Sonny mocks the idea as unbelievable. Leo claims his guy’s name is Matthew Perry. Sonny tells Leo to keep dreaming. Leo questions Sonny not believing him which he confirms. Leo decides he will prove it to Sonny by showing him a picture and asks what he has to say then.

Dimitri tells Kristen that he’s sure there’s a way to satisfy the lawyer without getting Gwen involved. Kristen wishes him luck with that since Elliot called this morning and specifically mentioned Gwen. Kristen decides she will leave Dimitri to figure out how to come clean with Gwen as she then exits the room.

Elliot tells Gabi that she’ll have to go through the school application process like everyone else. Gabi asks if things would be different if she had a son. Elliot responds that the school is open to all genders but Gabi reveals that the school is an all girls school, so she tells him that he can drop the façade and tell her who he really is.

Stefan asks Rachel if the secret has something to do with Dimitri and his new wife Gwen. Rachel says that Gwen doesn’t know anything about it. Stefan asks if that means Dimitri is having a play date with someone he should not be having a play date with. Rachel asks if sleepovers count. Stefan says they definitely do and asks if Dimitri is having a sleepover. Rachel says yes so Stefan asks who it was with but Rachel points out that’s not a yes or no question. Rachel tells Stefan that he has 9 questions left as Kristen walks in and questions what he has 9 left about. Stefan explains that they were just playing a fun game of 20 questions. Kristen asks Rachel what kind of questions she was being asked. Stefan says she can’t tell her because it would ruin the surprise which Rachel agrees with. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen to have cookies. Kristen guesses Stefan will have to live with the suspense and exits the room. Stefan hopes that Gabi is having better luck than him.

Gabi questions how the real headmaster of Martin Prep would feel to find out someone is impersonating him. Elliot then breaks down and admits he’s not the headmaster and that he’s an attorney who has come to Salem to make sure the terms of the Von Leuschner codicil are met. Gabi questions what the hell that is.

Leo asks Sonny if he’s proven his point. Sonny looks at the photo that Leo showed him which is just of a body without a face. Sonny asks why he’s still standing here. Leo tries to say they are friends. Sonny brings up Justin being a wreck when Bonnie was kidnapped and how Bonnie was a wreck as well and that’s his family. Sonny declares that Leo didn’t give a damn and betrayed their friendship and betrayed him. Sonny says that comes with a cost and walks away.

Gwen rejoins Dimitri in the living room and asks if it didn’t go well with Kristen. Dimitri claims it went fine but Gwen senses something is not right and asks what is troubling him. Gwen tells him that whatever it is, they can work it out together.

Alex tells Chad that he wasn’t planning on wallowing. Stephanie asks if that was really called for when Alex is in mourning. Chad explains that he’s not trying to be insensitive but he knows what it’s like to want to isolate and shut off from the world when grieving. Chad encourages Alex to move through it and points out that Alex said he hasn’t been home so he tells Alex that now is the time to go home and work things out with Maggie. Chad says burying the hatchet with Maggie will make amends to Victor and honor his memory. Alex agrees that Chad is right and thanks him. Alex decides he will head over there right now. Chad wishes Alex luck as he exits. Stephanie then kisses Chad and calls him a good man, noting that was exactly what Alex needed; a friend. Chad doesn’t think he’d call them friends as it’s a little too soon for that.

Leo goes to his room at the Salem Inn, complaining that if only Sonny could see Dimitri. Leo remarks that Dimitri is real and way hotter than Sonny and Alex.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny then arrives and they hug. Sonny asks what Alex is doing there since Justin told him he moved out. Alex explains that he came to see Maggie but she’s taking a nap so he decided to wait around. Sonny is sure that Maggie will be thrilled to see him, but Alex is not so sure about that.

Dimitri starts to tell Gwen something but gets interrupted by a text from Leo. Dimitri tells Gwen that he’s sorry as he needs to take care of this and steps away to read the message from Leo, which states that he almost told someone about them but he didn’t because he knows how important it is to keep it hush hush and reminds Dimitri to fake it ’til you make it. Gwen asks if everything is alright. Dimitri responds that everything is fine and claims the text was from Kristen and they have to cut a deal with another shareholder. Gwen remarks that dealing with the DiMera family is like a minefield. Dimitri says he needs to go run an errand and clear his head a bit. Gwen tells Dimitri that he’s got this. Dimitri thanks her and kisses her then says he will see her soon. Gwen remarks that she can’t wait to hear how he figures this out. Dimitri then exits the mansion.

Gabi returns to Stefan in their room. Stefan explains that he and Rachel’s game got interrupted by Kristen but they were so close. Gabi tells him to forget all about that because she knows the secret.

Alex explains to Sonny that he came to try and make things right with Maggie. Sonny encourages that Maggie is going to need everyone’s help to get through this, so he’s really glad that Alex will be part of it. Alex and Sonny then find an old photo album of Victor and look through it.

Chad and Stephanie have breakfast as Stephanie says she hopes that Alex takes Chad’s advice, noting that it was caring and thoughtful. Stephanie adds that she’s really proud of Chad for extending himself to Alex like that. Chad remarks that it’s a good thing he didn’t listen to Kristen then, because she said he was making a huge mistake and that he shouldn’t trust Alex with Stephanie no matter what. Stephanie calls that cynical and no surprise coming from Kristen. Stephanie jokes that sometimes he thinks the DiMeras don’t know how to be happy unless they are stirring up drama which Chad agrees with.

Dimitri goes to Leo’s hotel room and tells him that they have a problem. Dimitri worries that if he can’t figure everything out fast, it’s all over.

Stefan asks Gabi if Elliot just came clean. Gabi explains that his incentive to keep quiet isn’t as strong as Kristen’s because he’s only here for a job. Gabi reveals that there’s a boatload of money out there for Dimitri and all he has to do is prove that his marriage to Gwen is real. Stefan feels this has Kristen all over it, so maybe Dimitri is cutting her a share or he has to. Gabi suggests Kristen is the one who knows who Dimitri is having sleepovers with. Stefan jokes that his nephew has a side piece. Gabi comments that all they have to do is find out what her name is and then they are in the driver’s seat..

Dimitri tells Leo how close he was to telling Gwen everything. Leo assures that Gwen would not take it well if she finds out that he’s been lying to her from the very beginning along with him. Dimitri states that Leo’s text earlier to fake it until you make it gave him an idea. Dimitri says his terms says he has to have a wife but it doesn’t have to be Gwen. Dimitri suggests finding someone to pose as Gwen and if he can pull this off, Elliot will leave satisfied, he’ll get the money, and Gwen will be none the wiser. Leo asks who he has in mind to impersonate Gwen, reminding him that he has to sell it to Elliot and it has to be someone he knows he can trust or else he could be blackmailed. Leo then suggest himself.

Gwen drops a glass that smashes on the floor. Kristen walks in and questions her being upset. Gwen asks why she wouldn’t be upset. Kristen then assumes that Dimitri told her everything. Gwen questions what she’s talking about.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Celina tells Sonny she had to stop the poker games at the Savoy because Curtis won’t sell her the club. Celina asks Sonny to persuade Curtis to sell her the club. Sonny tells Celina not to bother Curtis or his family. Sonny is also annoyed with Celina because he has a feeling Celina is lying to him about having a side business.

Gladys tells Nina that Dr. Montague is holding Sasha hostage because he knows she has money and wants Gladys to continue to be Sasha’s guardian so he can continue to have access to Sasha’s money. Nina tells Gladys she will give her the money but, if anything happens to Sasha, she will tell Sonny and he will be very upset with her.

Cody persuades a psychiatrist he has intentions of killing himself.

Sam signs papers to commit Cody to Fern Cliff.

Jackson Montgomery persuades a judge that Tracy’s lawsuit has merit. The judge says the trial will be in six months but they have to stop selling the Receptor until the trial is settled. Tracy tells Lucy she will drop the lawsuit in exchange for seventy five percent of Deception. Lucy says no.

Maxie and Lucy figure out Brook Lynn gave Tracy the information about the Receptor because Tracy was blackmailing Brook Lynn, but they don’t know with what information.

Dante goes to see Sasha and later tells Sonny that Nurse Nancy told him someone has been bringing drugs to Sasha. Dante tells Sonny he will try to find out what is going on so they can help Sasha.

Celina calls Gladys and tells her she must pay her what she owes her by the end of the day.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

This episode centers around the constant Newman family battle for power at Newman Enterprises and the various companies under the Newman umbrella. A large part of the episode takes place at the Newman ranch as Victor wants to hear Adam, Nick, and Sharon about their vision for the future of SNA media.

Adam, Nick, and Sharon each have a daydream about what they want to happen at the meeting. Once Sharon ends her daydream, she tells Victor that she wants to pull out of the merger because she doesn’t want her company stripped to the bare essentials. Victor tells Sharon he needs the company and he won’t let her out of her contract. Sharon tells Victor that she will take him to court and fight for her company.

Adam daydreams that Victor makes him the CEO of Newman Media and fires Nick and Sharon. Once Adam finishes his fantasy, he is shocked when Victor wants Nikki as the CEO of Newman Media with Audra as COO. Victor wants Nick back at Newman Enterprises as Victoria’s Co-CEO and Adam is left out again.

Nick is mad because Victor won’t give Sharon back her company but he tells Victor he wants to talk to Victoria before taking the job. Nikki tells Victor she wants to think about the job offer.

Sharon calls Michael for legal advice about getting back her company.

Adam gets drunk at his place and declares war on Victor. Victor angrily punches the heavy boxing bag inside his home gym and screams that no one ever leaves him and then he starts to cry.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tessa: Itsy-bitsy spider went up…

Mariah: What is it? Is the song too weird? I mean, it’s a really weird song.

Tessa: No, I mean, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like she can hear me anyway.

Mariah: She may not be able to hear it, but she can feel it.

Sharon: Hey.

Adam: Wow. That bad, huh?

Sharon: Can you blame me?

Adam: No. Honestly, I’m not surprised. I would think you and nick are pretty pissed at me, since I openly pushed to run newman media when our companies merged together.

Sharon: I wish I could say that I didn’t see this coming, but it makes sense that you would try to grab hold of power.

Adam: So, what now? Are you sitting here, plotting how best to get revenge on me? To teach me a lesson?

Sharon: Because that’s how I am.

Adam: No. No, you’re not. I– that wasn’t fair. I– but, I understand, if you’re upset with me.

Sharon: Not everything is about you, adam. After everything that’s happened, I’m thinking in much bigger terms now. I’ve made a decision. It’s one that will affect the entire operation.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Audra: Well, this is a surprise. Uh, I appreciate you coming to see me. I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.

Victor: I came here to tell you that I have indeed decided to merge kirsten and mccall and fold those two companies into newman media.

Audra: So, the merger is happening? Adam is getting what he wanted after all.

Victor: Oh, so that you and I are clear, this has been my decision all along, all right? This is the end game I had in mind. Adam just wanted it sooner.

Audra: Yeah, well adam was willing to blackmail me to achieve his goal.

Victor: Adam will no longer be a problem to you, all right?

Audra: Good to know. So, now that this consolidation is confirmed, where does that leave me? Is this when you tell me I’m done at newman media?

Nikki: Hi, darling. Thank you for coming.

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nikki: Mm.

Nick: So, has dad filled you in on the latest? Adam’s demand that he be made sole ceo if our company merges with newman media?

Nikki: Yes, and I told your father, I didn’t think he should give in to adam’s demands.

Nick: But did he listen? It’s another classic power play by adam. Both sharon and I hate the idea on principle, let alone the practical implications. It is ridiculous.

Nikki: Well, it is understandable that you and sharon would be frustrated. I mean, you set aside your concerns to work with adam because your father asked you to and because of sharon.

Nick: Sharon really did have the best intentions when she came up with this idea of the three of us working together, but then adam, in typical fashion, just blew the whole thing to pieces.

Nikki: Well, your father is worried that you and sharon are about to walk away from the deal entirely.

Nick: So, dad wanted you to come to me to see where things stand. Yes, sharon and I are, uh, considering our options. Sharon’s very concerned that kirsten incorporated will be reduced to practically nothing under this deal and that is not what she signed up for.

Nikki: Is sharon initiating the move to back out? And do you support her on that?

Nick: The last thing I want to see is sharon get screwed over. After what she and faith went through, there needs to be a silver lining and it was supposed to be this. But adam was just, you know, being himself. For so many years, he considered his world to revolve around sharon. He’s not thinking at all about what matters to her.

Nikki: What was once considered a great opportunity has been damaged. Perhaps beyond repair. Tv: Try tide power pods with 85% more tide in every pod.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggland’s best.

Nick: Dad has bent over backwards, trying to make up for what he did or didn’t do when adam was a kid. He’s gone out of his way to make sure he doesn’t feel like a black sheep, or that he’s been sidelined by the family. It’s got to drive him nuts.

Nikki: Oh, it does.

Nick: Well, how long is that gonna last?

Nikki: I don’t know what your father is thinking now.

Nick: Which means he’s gonna surrender and give adam exactly what he wants. I’m telling you, no one, and I mean no one, can fail upwards quite like my brother.

Nikki: Believe me, I am trying to get your father to see that making allowances for adam is a mistake. Please be patient with this situation. Everything will get sorted out.

Nick: No, mom. I can’t do it. I just can’t sit on the sidelines and just accept what happens. I mean, all of my concerns about working with adam are valid. Can you really blame me and sharon for trying to find some other options?

Nikki: Well, I suggested to your father that he put you and sharon in charge, and bypass adam completely. I mean, that’s something you could talk to sharon about.

Nick: But we both know dad’s gonna say no. He’s never gonna let go of adam, no matter what we tell him.

Nikki: No. Maybe you should try to remember why you decided to do this in the first place. It might give you some perspective.

Nick: The reason why I first joined the company was because sharon’s vision for what we could accomplish was so strong, and also to do dad a favor, to try and help control adam.

Nikki: And he appreciates that.

Nick: But now, it looks like sharon may lose everything, and it’s obvious no one can control adam. Not even dad. I’m just tired of all this drama. I’ve got my own life to focus on, and so does sharon.

Nikki: I know. And I– I do think that your father has decided what he’s going to do, he just hasn’t shared that with me. But I know that ultimately, he wants to keep the family together.

Nick: Dad thinks he’s all-powerful, and he’s been living under that impression his whole life. And for the most part, he’s been right. But not when it comes to adam. He cannot change him, he can’t fix him, he cannot bend him to his will. Adam is gonna keep finding ways to cause problems and be an outsider.

Nikki: You know, I actually think adam enjoys being seen that way. As the outcast who will never fit in.

Nick: And that is a concept that dad just cannot understand.

Victor: I’m not here to fire you.

Audra: But my resignation might be very welcome.

Victor: I have plans for you.

Audra: Well, uh, that’s almost a relief.

Victor: Should be.

Audra: But you still won’t tell me what they are.

Victor: The management structure of newman media is being worked out as we speak. I just came here to reassure you.

Audra: Well, that could mean almost anything, sir. Including my complete absence from newman media. Like, say, a huge demotion or an office in the basement.

Victor: Mm-hmm. That will not happen. I am very happy with what you have done so far, so you just keep up the good work, and you will hear from me, all right?

Audra: Thank you.

Victor: Yup. Thank you.

[ Nate sighing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Nate: Audra? What’s going on?

Audra: Victor was just here. Something’s up. We need to meet.

Adam: You know, I actually had a feeling that this was coming. That– that you had something in the works.

Sharon: You did?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I overheard you talking to esther earlier. You said that things were back on track for you, and they were looking better than they did before.

Sharon: Well, I think they do, now that I know what I want.

Adam: Well, that’s good. But when you were saying things were looking promising, I doubt you’re talking about the idea of me ascending to sole ceo of the company.

Sharon: You would be right about that.

Adam: So either you know something about victor’s plans that I don’T.

Sharon: Which would seem unlikely.

Adam: Or you have a new plan for yourself altogether. Am I close?

Sharon: I will share what I’m thinking with you, victor and nick, all together.

Adam: You’re not even gonna give me a hint?

Sharon: This isn’t something I wanna say over and over again, so you will just have to wait until I say it’s time. Strong enamel is your best defense

Sharon: My plans are still in flux.

Adam: Great. Which means you might change your mind.

Sharon: It means that I’m still working out the details, don’t expect me to say anything more than that.

Adam: Okay. What if I say, “please?”

Sharon: I’d like to call a meeting with the three of us and victor after I have a chance to speak to nicholas again.

Adam: So, this is something that nick gets a vote on and I don’t? Sharon, I gotta say, I don’t love being left out of these discussions.

[ Sharon laughing ] What?

Sharon: You are joking, right? You tried to seize power in a company that we’re supposed to be building together, and now you’re worried about being left out of the loop.

Adam: Okay. I’m sorry that you’re looking at my request as an attempt at a coup. To me, it– it was just logical.

Sharon: In what way?

Adam: I created newman media. It was mine. So now our company is merging with that entity. It just makes sense, sharon, that I would be in charge.

Sharon: “Created” is a stretch, adam. You turned cyaxares into newman media. Ashland locke’s company was pretty solid before you took it over.

Adam: Still. I know the ins and outs, much better than you and nick do. I mean, I’m the one that suggested this merger to begin with. And even victor sees the logic in that, even if he’s not ready to admit that I was the one that made him see the light.

Sharon: I think that you are just looking for whatever excuse you can find to try to rise up through the ranks in order to get victor’s approval. I think that you would love nothing more than for your father to embrace you and say, “I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

Adam: Or maybe I just have good business sense.

Sharon: Now, you’re framing this in the way that serves you. You just love to spin things the way that you want them to be, but you pushed me too far. And your actions have consequence.

Adam: So what? You’re– you’re punishing me with whatever this is you’re cooking up with nick?

Sharon: You are not a victim, adam. So please, stop pretending to be. I really thought that we were starting to find balance in this trio, but you continue to take steps to try to grab your own power. You shouldn’t be surprised when your two business partners decide to take another direction.

Adam: Okay. Which direction is that? I mean, come on, we’re not just talking about a slap on the wrist here. You and nick are planning a counter-coup.

Nikki: Can we please move on to another topic that doesn’t include adam? I’m sick of talking about him.

Nick: You and me both.

Nikki: So, how are you doing? I’m worried about you.

Nick: I’m fine.

Nikki: Well, you went through that terrible ordeal with cameron and sharon and faith. Then, the loss of sally’s baby. Being eased out of newman by victoria.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Eased out? You make it sound almost civilized. I was tossed out my sister, in favor of a man that nobody in this family should be trusting.

Nikki: Yes, and it was cold-hearted. I hate that she did it. Believe me, she knows how much your father and I disagreed with that decision.

Nick: And I appreciate that, more than you know, but it didn’t stop her, did it?

Nikki: No, it didn’T. And now, you find yourself in the middle of adam and sharon, vying for control.

Nick: This situation only exists because dad is eternally blind about adam at the expense of his other children. Do you think vic and I would be given these same chances, that dad would tolerate this perpetual mutiny from either of us?

Nikki: Honey, I hate to hear you talk that way because I worry that you’re gonna pull away from the family again.

Mariah: Oh.

Tessa: Aria was making these faces right before she fell asleep, where she could tell that I was upset, but didn’t know why.

Mariah: We have a smart, beautiful girl and we are gonna fight like hell to make sure she’s okay.

Tessa: And I know. I know I can’t fall apart because she needs us.

[ Tessa exhaling ]

Mariah: You lean on me, I lean on you, that’s what we do, ‘kay? And we’ll get through this together.

Tessa: Yeah, we will.

Mariah: But we are gonna need a lot of support. Um, I mean abby and devon were great earlier, but I really like to call my mom now.

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Tell her the news.

Tessa: Yeah. Sharon needs to know. But first, I need something.

Mariah: Anything. What do you need?

[ Mariah sighing ]

[ Tessa weeping ]

Nate: Hey.

Audra: Hey.

Nate: So, victor came to see you, here in your suite?

Audra: Yeah. He confirmed what we suspected. The plan is to fold nick, sharon and adam’s company into newman media.

Nate: Okay. That’s not too big of a surprise. He asked me what I thought about it, so I knew it might be coming.

Audra: You know, I asked him point blank if he was firing me. He said no, but he still won’t tell me the status of my position when this merger goes through.

Nate: Okay. I’m sure the details are still being worked out.

Audra: You know, that’s what he claims, but– but I still don’t understand why he would keep me on at the expense of his sons. You know, it seriously seems to me that nick, sharon and adam are gonna take over newman media, and I’m just gonna be pushed out.

Nate: If that were the case, victor would have been more direct about it. What exactly did he say? Did he– did he tell you anything specific about your job performance?

Audra: Well, he said he’s impressed by me. You know, that I’ve been doing good work.

Nate: Victor doesn’t go out of his way to praise someone. Look, no matter what happens, I’ve got your back. Victor said he has plans for you, right? Maybe there’s something even better on the horizon, for both of us.

Audra: You really are a glass half full kind of guy.

Nate: I see this as a positive all around. Things have been working out for you and me, and they will continue to do so.

Audra: Well, let’s hope you’re right. Thank you, nate. I really do appreciate your support and encouragement. More than you know. I told myself I was ok with my moderate

Audra: You know, I feel so much better knowing that I have you in my corner. As far as alliances go, I am used to tucker. And the man is basically only loyal to himself.

Nate: Hm.

Audra: So, thank you for talking me off the ledge.

Nate: Sure thing. That’s what friends do.

Audra: Um, is victoria back from los angeles yet?

Nate: Not yet. She got held up. The negotiations she went to handle hit a snag, so she’ll probably be another day or two.

Audra: Well, that’s too bad. Well, you know, if you get bored, we should grab dinner. I’m– I’m sure you’re tired of eating on your own.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Audra: And who knows, you know? Maybe by the evening, I’ll have heard more plans for newman media.

Nate: Sure. That sounds good.

Audra: Great! I’ll text you.

Nate: Okay. Hey, don’t stress yourself out, okay? We got this. I’ll see you later?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

[ Phone chiming ]

Nikki: You’re being too quiet.

Nick: Well, I’m not gonna lie to you, mom. I, uh, I have thought that maybe I should, uh, get some distance from all this. It wears on me. It’s one thing to have all this drama in my personal life, but in my professional life, it just reminds me of why I walked away from the company in the past.

Nikki: All right, ju– just do me a favor, okay? Don’t make any moves now. Wait and see how this plays out. The company needs you, nicholas. And god knows, you and I are the only balanced ones in this.

Nick: I know, mom, but I don’t think balance and order are appreciated the way it should be in this family. Dad always, always sides with adam, despite his manipulations. Vic kicked me out and gave me a leave of absence and gave away my job for good. What if the chaos never truly ends? What if it’s just a never-ending cycle of power plays with dad and vic and adam? I can’t live like that. I don’t want to.

Adam: Look, admit it, sharon. You and nick are planning to blow this whole thing up and leave me out in the cold.

[ Phone ringing ]

Sharon: Excuse me. Hi, mariah?

Mariah: Hey, mom. Um… we just had the appointment with the audiologist, and, uh, we were wondering if you were free and could swing by the tack house. We got some news about aria.

Sharon: Of course! Yeah, I’ll be right there.

Mariah: Okay. Thank you. Love you.

Sharon: I love you, too, sweetie. Right, I have to go. Mariah needs me.

Adam: Look, sharon. Please, just tell me. Is there a potential overthrow in the works? Is this your new plan, to pull the rug out from under me?

Sharon: We’ll discuss this later.

Adam: I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done, and I know how important this new venture was to you. Just give me an idea what you and nick talked about, that’s all I ask.

Sharon: You will find out, soon. Goodbye, adam.

Victor: Hi, son. How are you doing?

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Did I interrupt something or what?

Nick: No. Not talking about anything that you don’t already know. I’m not happy with the way things are going in the company. I am tired of watching adam try to muscle his way into the big chair. I’m absolutely sick of the fact that he never faces any consequences.

Victor: From me, you mean.

Nick: Yup.

Victor: Well, for your information, I’ll handle your brother as I see fit.

Nick: Do what you need to do. There’s just no guarantee that I’m gonna be a part of it anymore.

Victor: What’s that supposed to mean?

Nick: I gotta go.

Nikki: Bye, darling.

Nick: Love you both.

Victor: I guess he’s really upset with his brother, isn’t he?

Nikki: Enough that he might pull away from the family again. And victor, I can’t have that.

I have type 2 diabetes,

but I manage it well.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

Nikki: Nicholas is very hurt.

Victor: In what way?

Nikki: Well, in spite of his efforts, adam continues to be a problem and you seem to want to offer him one chance after another.

[ Victor exhaling ]

Victor: I try to do what’s best for my children.

Nikki: I know that, darling. But to nicholas, it seems like preferential treatment.

Victor: How so?

Nikki: Well, victoria pushed him aside quite abruptly and now adam is up to his old tricks and… the way nicholas sees it, you have allowed this to happen, so of course he is questioning his place in this family and in the company.

Victor: I’m so sick and tired of them fighting with each other, for heaven’s sake. All I’ve ever tried is to facilitate them to work together, to get together. They thwart me every step of the way.

Nikki: No, victor, they don’t! Adam does! And nicholas doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. I mean, look how long he was away from the office. We finally got him back. But this could drive him away.

Victor: All right. I’ll deal with it.

Nikki: So what are you going to do?

Victor: I’m gonna come up with a solution this afternoon. Although they may not like it. And I don’t give a damn.

[ Adam sighing ]

Nate: Adam. How’s the new venture going?

Adam: Uh, it is fine. Thanks.

Nate: I heard a rumor that the merger with newman media might be moving forward after all.

Adam: Well, you know what they say about rumors.

Nate: Sometimes they’re true.

Adam: If you’re looking for me to confirm or deny what’s going on, you’re gonna be disappointed. I’m not gonna share anything with you.

Nate: Hmm. Well, maybe nick can provide some more information.

Nick: About what?

Adam: Nate was just, uh, gossiping about newman media. He said the merger with sna might still happen. Do you care to weigh in on that?

Nick: Merger’s back on the table, but everything is suddenly on hold, so… may not happen.

Adam: So, you are in on it.

Nate: In on what?

Sharon: Where is aria now?

Tessa: Oh, she’s upstairs, sleeping.

Sharon: Okay, good. Tell me what happened. What did the specialist say?

Mariah: Uh, well, the audiologist was excellent and it turns out she was on the team that helped devon when he got his cochlear implant surgery.

Tessa: She knows her stuff.

Mariah: She found that her– her hearing loss is stemming from her inner ear.

Tessa: Unfortunately, that means that the hearing loss is not curable.

Sharon: But you don’t know for sure yet, right?

Mariah: No. We don’t know anything for sure, so… dr. George wants to do more tests, in office, but if this is what she thinks it is… there are treatment options, you know? It would start by fitting aria with hearing aids.

Tessa: And if that doesn’t work, we will have to consider what devon had.

Mariah: A cochlear implant. Which, I know, is– is amazing, it’s just– it’S… it’s a surgical procedure.

Tessa: And you know, aria’s just so young to be doing that.

Sharon: Let’s not jump to fears of the alternative when we haven’t even tried the first option, right? These hearing aids, if they’re even a possibility, that means that they have had success, right?

Tessa: Yes, that is what the doctor said.

Sharon: Okay. So first, more tests. More trips to the park, more tummy time and shouldn’t she be on cereal and mashed pears now?

Tessa: Yeah, that’s the plan.

Sharon: Okay, very good. You know, she’s had really good days with you girls and she’s gonna have more of those. Only now, you’re– you’re gonna fit some appointments into those days and some research and consultations. And eventually, maybe the hearing aids. Look, I know this is really scary and hard, but one step at a time, okay? You’ve evolved.

Tessa: You’re good at this. Pep talks.

Mariah: She is the best.

Sharon: I’m just doing my job as grandma.

[ Mariah and tessa laughing ]

Mariah: Well, that’s exactly why we called you. And you’re right. I mean, there’s no reason to think that the hearing aids won’t be successful.

Sharon: It must have been really hard to find out that something is truly wrong. You both had your experiences with your suspicions. You went from that to having solid proof.

Mariah: Yeah, it’s just tough. To think of our… beautiful little girl missing out on so much.

Sharon: How, uh, profound is the hearing loss?

Mariah: Um, we don’t know. We don’t know for sure yet. But I just keep thinking about, you know, if it happened after she was born… did the change frighten her? Was she in any pain?

Sharon: Okay, listen. I wouldn’t spend time thinking about questions that can’t be answered. All that matters right now is you are doing what you need to do for aria now.

Tessa: Hey, we were just talking about how we need to stay strong for our daughter.

Mariah: I know. Oh.

Sharon: Remember, you have so much support around you. From family, from friends.

Mariah: Devon was here earlier and he was… he was great, he was amazing and abby was too.

Sharon: You see? You and aria are surrounded by love and you are going to do whatever it takes to get her to a better place.

Nate: There seems to be some tension within the leadership team.

Nick: Well, that’s none of your concern, nate.

Nate: I’m assuming that whatever’s happened, adam is the ultimate cause for the merger being put on hold, since you are the one making all the underhanded moves.

Adam: Why don’t you check your phone? Victoria’s probably calling. Feel free to take that and walk away.

Nate: Having to resort to blackmail in order to get what you want shows your weakness, and taking advantage of audra shows how pathetic you truly are. I hope that whatever you’re up to, it involves keeping your brother as far away from newman enterprises as possible. Good luck.

Sharon: Nick, thank you for meeting me. I need to speak to you in private.

[ Adam scoffing ]

Adam: Come on. Seriously? You– you’re not– you can’t ice me out. It’s not gonna work.

Nick: Well, what are you gonna do about it? (Screams)

Tessa: That was a good idea. Asking sharon over. She’s right, you know, we’re– we’re gonna do everything we can to help aria.

Mariah: Can you– can you do me a favor?

Tessa: Yeah, sure.

Mariah: I want you to pretend like I’m aria and– and sing to me.

Tessa: Okay.

‘Cause if flowers

need the rain

so they can grow

pearls need an oyster

to glow

and we can handle

all of this and more

’cause even things lost

in the ocean meet the shore

’cause even things lost

in the ocean meet the shore

Mariah: Ah.

[ Tessa sniffling ] See. I can feel every vibration. So, aria may not be able to hear it, but she can feel it. And it’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful.

[ Tessa sobbing ]

Sharon: You were making me a little nervous there, for a minute.

Nick: He’s gettin’ real close to pushing me over the edge.

Sharon: I told him the same thing earlier.

Nick: So, tell me what you’re thinking. Have you made a decision on how you want to proceed?

Sharon: I have thought about it and I know exactly what I want.

Nick: You want to try and get back kirsten incorporated before newman media takes it over.

Sharon: I know it won’t be easy, but I have to at least try. I want out. Working with adam has become untenable. This is not what I imagined when the three of us first got together.

Nick: You had good intentions, but adam tends to stomp all over those.

Sharon: Well, it was worth a shot, right? My, uh, main concern right now is victor. Will he relent and give me my company back? This could get ugly.

Nick: I’ll back you up on that. I’ll make sure dad understands that you should have what is rightfully yours.

Sharon: Thank you. And what are your plans?

Nick: I don’t know. Mom’s pressing me to come back to newman enterprises, despite everything that’s happened.

Sharon: And are you going to stick it out, for the sake of your family? How are you feeling?

[ Phone chiming ] It’s victor.

Nick: “Come to the ranch, right now.”

Audra: Oh, great. It’s you! I guess I should say congratulations. Looks like you’re getting what you want, after all.

Adam: Am I?

Audra: You know, last time we saw each other, you told me that you’d get newman media back, one way or another. Looks like you were right. Your father told me that the merger’s going through.

Adam: Oh, he did?

Audra: Look, I have to ask. Am I about to lose my position?

Adam: You’re– you’re assuming that I’m in favor enough with my family to have true knowledge of what’s going on.

Audra: Oh. Is it possible that all of your actions may have caught up with you? You know, as far as your father is concerned?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Oh, that would be just my luck, wouldn’t it?

Audra: Are we both about to be unemployed?

[ Phone chiming ]

[ Adam chuckling ] What’s so funny?

Adam: A summons from my father. I guess we’re about to find out for sure where I stand.

Victor: It’s done.

Nikki: So what are you going to tell them?

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Come here. Do you know how much I adore you?

Nikki: What are you up to?

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GH Transcript Wednesday, August 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



Lucy: Thank you, Tracy. I’m so glad you could set aside our decades of nitpicking and bad blood to come to our aid at this horribly difficult time.

Tracy: Actually, I’m here to protect my legal claim to the Deceptor.

Lucy: [ Laughing ] Wait. Wait, wait. No. You actually think you have a legal claim to the Deceptor?

Maxie: Lucy created it, so that’s not possible.

Lucy: [ Laughs ] Wait, wait. So you’re — she’s trying to steal our product. Why? Why? Why would you do that? There’s no motivation. What, is this about some ancient feud we had? [ Gasps ] Wait a minute. [ Chuckles ] No, it can’t be. This is about my relationship with your brother? Rest in peace.

Tracy: Your “relationship”? Do not try to gloss it over. You had a cheap and tawdry affair with Alan while he was married to Monica.

Lucy: Hm. So this is sort of a morality lesson? Who are you to talk to me about that? Do you realize how many mob bosses and con artists she’s been married to? Let me see. It’s like “a” to “W.” Larry Ashton to Mitch Williams. There’s more, too, in between.

Maxie: Okay! As much fun as this stroll down memory lane has been, can we focus on the here and now? Alright? And figure out how we’re gonna get this bogus case thrown out?

Bailiff: All rise! The honorable judge Kerr is presiding.

Sam: I can’t believe I let you convince me to help you with this plan. You know it’s crazy, right?

Cody: Yeah, that’s what I’m counting on — people thinking I’m crazy.

Sam: Well, I have to admit that your loyalty to Sasha is admirable.

Cody: Thanks, Sam. I don’t hear that word used to describe me, like, ever.

Sam: But you do know that this plan could go sideways in like a million different directions. And if you truly think that they’re drugging Sasha, what if that happens to you, too?

Cody: Look, Sam, this is the only way I can get in to see Sasha and help her out.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Cody: [ Exhales sharply ] Showtime.

Dante: Hi. Uh, excuse me. I’m Detective Falconeri with the PCPD. Sasha Gilmore is one of your patients here. I’d like to ask her some questions about her involvement in the stabbing at The Metro Court pool.

Gladys: I lied.

Nina: You did?

Gladys: Yes. I do have a gambling problem. I was truthful about that. And I do have a huge debt because of gambling. But that’s not why I need the $50,000. I need it because… the doctor who’s treating Sasha at Ferncliff won’t let her out until I pay him.

Nina: What doctor? I’m — Gladys, how am I supposed to believe anything you tell me? You come in here and you tell me you need $50,000 to cover your gambling debt, and now you’re telling me, “oh, no, that money isn’t for my gambling debt. I need it to get Sasha out of Ferncliff.” And how is that even possible? What kind of doctor would prevent her from getting out?

Gladys: It’s complicated.

Nina: Of course it is! Yes! But you better find a way to simplify it because right now, Gladys, there’s no way I’m giving you any money. Who is this doctor?

Gladys: [ Scoffs ] Well… under the heading of “it’s a small world,” turns out he’s one of the people I play poker with.

Nina: Your poker buddy just happens to be your daughter-in-law’s doctor.

Gladys: Yeah. I thought he was a friend. But he’s turned on me and Sasha. He saw an opportunity to squeeze money out of us, and he’s holding Sasha hostage until he gets his money.

Selina: Your bodyguard said I could come in.

Sonny: Selina, what can I do for you?

Selina: I appreciate you seeing me when we haven’t previously scheduled a meeting.

Sonny: Well, I don’t see you as someone who just drops by for idle chit-chat. My time is important. Your time is important.

Selina: Correct.

Sonny: So, you come to my office, it must be important.

Selina: It is.

Sonny: Okay.

Selina: Unfortunately, I have an unwelcome update for you. The poker game that’s been running in the back room of The Savoy is dead… unless you step in and save it.

Judge Kerr: Mr. Montgomery, state your case.

Jackson: Thank you, your honor. We’re here today to substantiate the plaintiff’s claim of theft of intellectual property. We have verifiable proof, including blueprints and schematics of the original design of the item in question.

That is not possible!

Jackson: …Along with witness testimony that will back my client’s claim. And we have expert witnesses from the cosmetics industry who will testify as to the incredible similarity between the Deception product and my client’s original idea. Your honor, we contend that we have very strong proof to mount a prima facie case, and we are going to be suing for damages.

Judge Kerr: Thank you, Mr. Montgomery.

Jackson: Thank you.

Judge Kerr: Ms. Vance, what is your response?

[ Elise clears throat ]

Elise: The defense acknowledges the plaintiff’s allegations, but this so-called “verifiable” evidence hasn’t been seen by me or my client. Your honor, this case is the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit. I mean, clearly, the plaintiff has one goal — to coerce a financial settlement to stave off the annoyance of a prolonged and pricey court trial. I move that this case should be dismissed.

Judge Kerr: Mr. Montgomery, Ms. Vance, approach the bench. Let’s see your evidence.

Nurse Janice: Excuse me. Can I help you?

Dante: Uh, yeah. I’m a detective with the PCPD. I’m here to talk to Sasha Gilmore about the stabbing at Metro Court pool. Follow-up questions.

Nurse Janice: I see. Well, on the good-news front, Sasha hasn’t been violent here.

Dante: That’s great.

Nurse Janice: In fact, she spends most of her time sleeping. But the bad news is she found someone here at Ferncliff to smuggle in illegal drugs.

Dante: S– really?

Nurse Janice: Yes. We don’t know who’s doing it, but we’re putting a stop to it. Sasha really does have the best doctor, but because she’s been using those illegal drugs, she’s set back her overall recovery.

Dante: Okay, well, I especially would like to talk to her now, if that’s okay.

Nurse Janice: Yeah. That room right there. If she’s awake.

Dante: Thank you. Sasha? Sasha. Can you hear me?

Dr. Brooks: So, Ms. McCall, you have medical power of attorney for Mr. Bell?

Sam: I do.

Cody: Yeah, I mean, I certainly wouldn’t have made this appointment if I were calling the shots! I think this whole thing’s stupid!

Sam: See? It’s the little outbursts like that that I’m talking about. That’s why we’re here. Cody has been a very close friend of the family for a really long time, and he’s just acting out of character lately. Very erratic. It’s like he’s putting himself in dangerous situations on purpose.

Dr. Brooks: Like what? Do you have some examples?

Sam: Well, he walks in traffic whether there’s a “walk” sign or not.

Dr. Brooks: A lot of people don’t wait for the proper light to change. You ever been to New York City?

Sam: Yeah, I have. But this isn’t just about Cody being an aggressive walker. It’s almost like he’s pushing the boundaries. The other day, I was in his apartment, and it’s on the seventh floor, and I turned around for a second, and he was climbing out the window on the ledge. And it’s a very narrow ledge.

Dr. Brooks: Cody. Do you want to say something for yourself? Are you having a difficult time?

Cody: I just, uh — I really don’t want to be here right now.

Dr. Brooks: Here in my office or in the hospital in general?

Cody: No. I don’t want to be on this planet anymore. I mean, what’s the point?

Nina: What makes this man think he could extort money from you when you don’t have any?

Gladys: Through Sasha. H-h-he knows I had access to her accounts, and he wants me to use her money to pay him off.

Nina: Why don’t we just go to the head of the hospital? Or we could go to the cops.

Gladys: Oh! Mnh. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I’m afraid of the impact that would have on Sasha. I mean, the cops would just think that we were getting her out of Ferncliff so she could claim that she had a bad day when she stabbed Cody. And they would still charge her with attempted murder.

Nina: Yeah.

Gladys: [ Stammers ] But, you know, she wasn’t herself that day. Between the strain of the interview and psycho Cody Bell, it was all too much, and Sasha just…cracked.

Nina: I don’t buy it. Sasha’s been fine. Something else must have been going on.

Sonny: Since Curtis was shot, I know he can’t run The Savoy on a day-to-day basis, but he’s got a great staff, and they’re gonna be able to keep the lights on till he comes back.

Selina: Maybe. If that was what was happening. But instead, Curtis’ father, Marshall, stepped in, and he doesn’t know anything about running a successful nightclub. The first thing he did was to ban the backroom poker game. I was hoping you could have a word with him… explain the situation… let him know the poker game is good for The Savoy.

Sonny: [ Sighs ] I’m not gonna say anything to Marshall, and neither are you. He’s going through some health issues right now that I know all too well. His son was paralyzed. So if he wants to shut down the poker game at The Savoy, that’s the end of that story. And I’m gonna be very unhappy if I get reports that you’re interfering with Marshall or Curtis.

Selina: My deepest apologies, Sonny. It was not my intention to offend you.

Sonny: Maybe not, but you did. I’m very protective of Curtis and his dad.

Selina: What happened to Curtis is tragic. From what I read in The Invader, the police don’t believe he was the intended victim. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, that being said, the future of The Savoy is in doubt, with or without the backroom poker game.

Sonny: [ Sighs ] Maybe, maybe not. But that’s up to Curtis and his family to decide. I’ve never asked you about your dealings with Curtis, and I’m not asking you right now. What I’m saying is… do not pressure Curtis or his family.

Selina: Me? Pressure anyone? That’s really not my style.

Sonny: Do not play naive with me, Selina. I know you better.

Gladys: All I know is Sasha met with the doctor and he told her she was improving, but, um, then he must have started messing with her head.

Nina: Wait. Are you telling me that this doctor was playing mind games and messing with Sasha’s medication?

Gladys: I don’t know. Probably.

Nina: Why?! Well, maybe to slow down her progress and recovery so you would remain her guardian and you could pay him from Sasha’s bank account?

Gladys: I-I believe that was his plan, yeah.

Nina: What did he do to mess with her head? Gladys, what did this doctor do?

Sam” Ow. Oh. Ohh! I am…so sorry.

Dr. Brooks: I asked your friend to give us some privacy, Cody, because I want you to feel 100% comfortable with me. You can tell me anything. So I have to ask — are you having suicidal thoughts?

Cody: Suicidal thoughts? No. No. I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, more like, uh — I don’t know — suicidal impulses?

Dr. Brooks: Okay. I’m not sure I understand the difference.

Cody: Well, I think if somebody is having, like, suicidal thoughts, they’d be more proactive, you know? Like, they’d go online to research “how long can I leave my car in an enclosed garage before it kills me,” or, “how many pills do I take of whatever drug before I can kill myself with it?” [ Chuckles ] You know? Yeah.

Dr. Brooks: And you’re not having those thoughts?

Cody: No! No. No.

Dr. Brooks: So how do you define a “suicidal impulse”?

Cody: I don’t know. I guess, you know, it’s kind of like what Sam said, you know? Um, maybe like crossing the street without having a “walk” sign. It’s not like I planned it out. I was just sitting at a street corner and the sign said “don’t walk,” and then all of a sudden this thought flashed in my brain. It was like, “well, what would happen if you did walk? I mean, what are the actual chances of a car hitting you?” And, uh, so I walked in traffic, you know? But I didn’t get hit by a car. And I just kept walking, you know? It’s not like I stayed at the intersection just crossing until a car hit me. [ Laughs ]

Dr. Brooks: When you walked against the “don’t walk” signal, how did that make you feel?

Cody: Um, a little high, I guess, from it. You know? The adrenaline rush from beating the system. What’s the — what’s that old phrase? You know, the bigger the risk, bigger reward. It was like that. And with any high… you got to do something bigger to feel it again. I mean, that’s — that’s the only reason I went out my window onto my ledge, ’cause that was way riskier.

Dr. Brooks: How did that make you feel?

Cody: Like the closer to death, the higher the high. And, uh, sometimes maybe it’d be better to… just go for it.

Elise: Your honor, whatever evidence Mr. Montgomery is introducing to you, I have had little opportunity to review.

Judge Kerr: Ms. Vance, this is not a trial — just a preliminary hearing as I consider the merits of this potential case. If it is to go to trial, you will have plenty of time to examine the plaintiff’s evidence.

Gladys: I don’t know exactly what the doctor is doing. We have to get Sasha out of there.

Nina: Anyone who would use a human being to extort money needs to be stopped! Give me his number.

Gladys: I can’t.

Nina: Gladys… get this doctor on the phone right now.

Sam: I am so, so sorry. [ Chuckles ] I’m usually not this klutzy.

Dr. Montague: No, no. It’s alright, really. I was due for an upgrade on my phone anyway, so you might have actually done me a favor.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sam: Gladys. That’s an unusual name.

Dr. Brooks: Cody, as a medical professional, if I think someone is suicidal, I’m obligated to take certain actions.

Cody: I don’t care! I’m not afraid! I’ve never been afraid!

Dr. Brooks: [ Sighs ] Can you help me understand why your family friend, Ms. McCall, who has your power of attorney, was worried enough about you to schedule this appointment to have you evaluated?

Cody: I don’t know, man. Sam likes to worry.

Dr. Brooks: Perhaps. But the more important question is, in this instance, does she have a good reason to be worried?

Cody: Okay. Look. I — [ Sighs ] I used to make a living as a stuntman, right? Um… I’ve jumped off horses. I’ve jumped out of a speeding car. I’ve, uh — [ Chuckles ] I’ve jumped off of pretty much everything. But my specialty was, um… was skydiving out of planes. And, um… sometimes when I would be getting ready to jump out of a plane, I would… I’d wonder if I had — had the guts to — to jump and not pull my chute. Because then, I… wouldn’t have to struggle anymore… and I wouldn’t have to think about anything ever again. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything ever again. Everything would just be quiet. Everything would just be — just be over. [ Sniffles ]

Selina: I hear what you’re saying, Sonny. You found my answers lacking. And I want to make up for it.

Sonny: I think I’ve made myself clear at this point. Uh, you need to be transparent. I w– I want to know where you’re going for business, who you’re doing business with. If there’s any outside players coming into Port Charles doing business through you, I need to know that! Do you understand what I’m saying?

Selina: No one has reached out to me. I promise you that.

Sonny: Okay.

Selina: And if anybody does, you’ll be the first person to know.

Sonny: [ Laughs ] Okay. I’m surprised to hear you say that.

Selina: Why is that?

Sonny: Well, because you’re smart. You’re a sharp businesswoman. And usually sharp businesswomen have, you know — they have — they have something to fall back on, a deal on the side.

Judge Kerr: From what I’ve seen, there’s enough evidence to justify a trial. We will allow a discovery period, and the case can proceed. I set the trial to begin six months from today.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Bailiff: All rise!

Lucy: Six — six months? What just happened?!

Elise: Well, I can’t answer that question until I’m able to examine whatever evidence Jackson submitted.

Lucy: Six months. Do you understand? We — we will be ruined. Deception will be ruined!

[ Telephone rings ]

Sonny: Yeah. Send him in.

[ Receiver clicks ]

Selina: Does that mean our conversation is over?

Sonny: Well, I don’t think you got anything else to tell me, so, yeah, it’s over.

Selina: You know where to find me.

Dante: Hey — oh. Hey. Sorry. I didn’t know I was interrupting. I can wait out in the restaurant for you.

Sonny: No, don’t worry about it ’cause Ms. Wu and i were just having a conversation. Don’t worry about it. We’re done.

Selina: Until the next time.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Selina: Detective Falconeri.

Dante: Hm.

Selina: I do hope you find out who was responsible for shooting Curtis Ashford. What happened to him is such a tragedy.

Dante: Yeah. Yeah. Safe to say everyone at the PD is anxious to crack that one.

Selina: Good luck.

Dante: Hm. Well, Gabe said you were in a meeting. I didn’t know someone was actually in the room with you and that it was Selina Wu. Don’t suppose you want to tell me what you guys were discussing?

Gladys: He’s not answering. I’ll call back in a few minutes.

Nina: I’m gonna call Sonny.

Gladys: Please don’t! What do I have to do to convince you? This is the only way. Pay the monster off, and we get our girl back. The last time I saw Sasha, she was in very bad shape. It took her a long time to even recognize me. I-I mean, for a second, I thought she was doing better until… she asked me if Brando was with me. So, please, Nina. I know how much you care about Sasha. You have to give me the money.

Nina: No, this is crazy. This is — this is crazy. This doctor needs to be stopped. I’m gonna go talk to Sonny.

Gladys: Oh, no, no! You will do no such thing!

Sam: Again, I am so, so sorry about spilling my coffee and making you miss your call.

Dr. Montague: Not a problem. Oh. Here. You know, if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you to the hospital?

Sam: Oh, a friend of mine is here for a visit, and I-I said I’d stay and wait.

Dr. Montague: Well, that’s nice of you.

Sam: Yeah, I just wish I would have brought a deck of cards or something. I get so bored just waiting around.

Dr. Montague: Cards, do you say?

Sam: Yeah.

Dr. Montague: And what is your game of choice?

Sam: Poker.

Dr. Montague: You can always play poker on your phone. Plenty of options online.

Sam: Oh, no, no. I’ve tried that. I just — I don’t like it. I like actually feeling the cards in my hands.

Dr. Montague: So do I. You know, I play in this, um –in this regular game. It’s a lot of fun. And if you’re a good player… you actually might be able to win some good money, not that you heard that from me.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Dr. Montague: Um… I know business cards are really old-fashioned, but, uh, I’m just not a guy who likes to put his entire life on his phone —

Sam: Because you never know when someone might spill coffee on it, am I right? Smart.

Dr. Montague: So here’s my card. It’s got my cellphone and my e-mail. Drop me a line, and I’ll get you into that game.

Sam: Thank you. It’s nice meeting you.

Dr. Montague: You too.

Nurse: Oh, excuse me. But you’re Cody Bell’s health proxy, right?

Sam: Yes, I-I am. Sam McCall.

Nurse: Dr. Brooks is ready to speak to you about your friend.

Sam: Okay.

Tracy: Well, that went just about as well as we could have hoped for.

Jackson: Are you happy?

Tracy: Happy? I’m practically giddy.

Jackson: Good. I’m not gonna kid you. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re off to a really great start.

Okay, well, all we have to do is wait for Elise to go through all of Tracy’s evidence. Hopefully, once she’s done that, she can convince the judge that the evidence is fake and get the lawsuit dropped. Right?

Yeah. I mean, Elise is an excellent attorney. I’m sure she’ll come up with a plan once she’s seen all the evidence.

No one is more shocked about this evidence than me. I think we all walked into court today assuming this case would have no merit because it was fraud. Now, once I get my hands on this so-called evidence, I can make a plan for our next step.

Okay. Good. So what about the Deceptor? Six months is a long time. We at least can keep selling it, right?

Elise: I’m afraid not. Since Judge Kerr believes this lawsuit has merit, you’ll have to freeze all sales on the Deceptor.

Lucy: We c– we can’t do that. If we can’t sell the Deceptor, then Deception is not gonna last. We don’t even know what the outcome of this trial is gonna be. Look, my company — that stock is tanking. And if we have to adhere to this… we can’t do it. You don’t understand. I really believe that Deception will go bankrupt.

[ Chuckles ] Ah. Okay. Could you just let me know what sort of evidence you were able to dummy up to make believable so the judge was fooled? Because, to me, this seems like malicious harassment.

Tracy: You’re wrong, Lucy. There is nothing malicious about this lawsuit, and there’s no harassment. As usual, you are the architect of your own disaster.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] And what does that mean?

Tracy: [ Inhales sharply ] It means your uncanny ability to attract scandal like a magnet. Remember CoeCoe Cosmetics? Basically a Ponzi scheme. And now the intellectual property theft of… the Deceptor. So I am happy to tell you that this can all be resolved quickly and quietly.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] Meaning?

Tracy: Well, meaning the lawsuit can all go away. No trial. No nasty publicity.

Lucy: Do you want to just spit it out? Do you just want to tell me? Just say it. What do you want from me?

Tracy: 75% of Deception.

Lucy: Ah.Of my company?! That would just leave 25% for us.

Tracy: Ohh! Good math work, Lucy! Think of it. If this goes to trial and you lose, you get zero percent. So, as good at math as you are, you must realize that 25% is, in fact, more than zero percent. Job well done, Jackson.

Jackson: Thank you, Tracy. Elise. Call me.

Brook Lynn: I really need to talk to my grandmother.

Jackson: Tracy, what are you still doing here? I thought you said you had a meeting to get to.

Tracy: I do. I just want to send this e-mail first.

Jackson: Okay. That better not be you continuing to search for some local attorney to handle this.

[ Both chuckle ]

Tracy: Not after the bang-up job you did today. No need, friend.

Jackson: Good to hear. Good to hear. You know, it’s too bad the judge set the start date for the trial out six months. I was taking a real liking to that pool at the Metro Court. Have a wonderful day.

[ Scoffs ] Yep. Knew that was coming. If the judge seemed to think there was enough evidence to go to trial, that means Ms. Quartermaine must have plenty of documents about the development of the Deceptor. How would Tracy even be able to get her hands on such proprietary material?

Sonny: Dante, what part of my business life do we usually talk about?

Dante: Well, when I was undercover working for you, you told me all sorts of stuff, but now you just talk about coffee importing.

Sonny: Well, Selina wasn’t here talking about coffee.

Dante: Okay. I guess I won’t ask you any more questions about that, then.

Sonny: You’ve always been very smart.

Dante: Yeah, I have.

Sonny: Yeah.

Dante: I’m not here to argue with you or talk about Selina Wu.

Sonny: What brings you by?

Dante: Sasha.

Sonny: What happened?

Dante: You care about her… and the news isn’t good.

Sasha: [ Gasps ] Please, Janice! Don’t let dr. Montague near me!

Nurse Janice: What? Sasha, what are you talking about? This isn’t me. Don’t you get it?! I am like this because he’s drugging me!

Sasha: [ Breathing shakily ]

Nina: Gladys… Sonny considers Sasha to be his family. We need to get him involved.

Gladys: No! No. If we tell Sonny that my gambling debts are a small reason why Sasha is in so much trouble, do you know what he’ll do to me? At best, he’ll send me packing from Port Charles. And I don’t even want to think about the worst thing is that he would do.

But, plus — Sonny is powerful, but he doesn’t have a magic wand. He can’t snap his fingers and get her out of Ferncliff. She’s there under a doctor’s orders.

Nina: Well, Sonny is a very, very persuasive man. I want you to stop evading, and I want you to tell me this doctor’s name!

Gladys: I’m not telling you that.

Nina: You’re saying to me that this man is hurting — hurting Sasha, and you won’t even tell me his name?! How do I even know what you’re saying to me is true? You could be making this entire story up so — so you can pay your gambling debts!

Nina: Is you r life beiaking this up.

Gladys: Sasha is genuinely in trouble. But if I tell you the doctor’s name, the first thing you’re gonna do is tell Sonny. And I know how Sonny operates. Sasha’s doctor will mysteriously disappear, and then she’ll be at the mercy of whoever’s been helping him. And I don’t even know who all is involved in this scheme. It could take months for us to get Sasha out of Ferncliff, but we might lose her before that. Please, Nina. You have to believe me.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nina: You answer that call.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Ringing stops ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Dr. Montague: [ Scoffs ] Gladys, you should know by now it’s never a smart decision to ignore my calls. Your account is now past due. I expect payment in full by the end of the day.

Wait call 1h everything that Tracy presented, but don’t you think it seems like, the way the judge reacted, they already had all our research, all our development? How could that happen? How?

You know what we got to do? We’ll talk to Spinelli. We’ll find out maybe in this crazy world there’s some sort of software where an outsider could actually spy on our most secret part of the Deceptor.

Maxie: What if it wasn’t an outside job?

Lucy: What do you mean?

Maxie: What if it was an inside job?

Lucy: Gladys? She doesn’t have the savvy to be able to hack —

Maxie: I’m not talking about Gladys.

Lucy: Okay. Who?

Maxie: Brook Lynn. Lucy, don’t you remember when she confessed to downloading all of the Deceptor information onto a flash drive for some social-media campaign?

Lucy: You’re right. She told us she downloaded all the Deceptor secrets onto that drive.

Brook Lynn: Maxie was swamped when she was called away from her desk, and I was just trying to be proactive, so I used her computer to download the files.

Files on a shared drive that you had absolutely no access to!

Brook Lynn: I-I didn’t put two and two together that the information was under lock and key.

Do you know the two words “trade secret”?

Trade secrets. That’s what it is. Do you know what would happen if our competitors got ahold of this information?! We could kiss our cash cow bye-bye!

Lucy: She — she acknowledged — she took that flash drive home with her.

Maxie: Look. I know it has to be Brook Lynn. But… I just — it doesn’t sound like something she would do. And I trust her with my life.

Lucy: I know. I know. You know what? It doesn’t sound like something she would do, unless her unscrupulous grandmother was holding something over her head.

Ladies, if you want your mole, look no further. I mean, it’s obvious. Brook Lynn has been working behind the scenes with Tracy.

Dante: I tell you, seeing Sasha like that, it’s tough. She’s, uh… I mean, completely out of it. A-and apparently the nurse says someone’s smuggling in illegal drugs for her. That sounds bad, right?

Sonny: Yeah. That’s not a good thing. So…

Dante: [ Sighs ] I mean, she is Brando’s widow. I consider her family. Look at everything that she’s been through. And I know from my own bipolar that if you got — if you got mental-health issues, you can crash at any time. You don’t need a reason. But I talked to — I talked to Sasha just before she had her breakdown, and she seemed good. So if somebody triggered her…

Sonny: I’m gonna call. I’m gonna call.

Dante: Wait. H-hold on.

No. Just I’m — look. I know you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do. I understand. But let me — let me do what I got to do. I’ll make some calls. I-I-I’ll look into this. And I’ll let you know what I find out.

Gladys: The quickest, cleanest way to end this is to give me the money to pay Sasha’s doctor. Once he has the money, he will let Sasha be released from Ferncliff. Isn’t that what matters most? Bringing Sasha home.

Nina: Sonny’s dealing with so much already. He shouldn’t have to worry about the disaster you created for Sasha, if any of this is even true.

Gladys: It’s true.

Nina: Alright. I’ll give you the money. But it’s for Sasha’s doctor. That’s all. Do you understand me? And if this doctor doesn’t release Sasha or if she’s harmed in any way, I promise you, Gladys, that Sonny is gonna be all over this and all over you.

Gladys: It — it’ll work out. I swear. And — [ Sighs ] I can’t thank you enough, Nina. I promise I will repay you somehow.

Nina: I won’t hold my breath.

Sam: Okay. Here’s the paperwork that you need. I really hope my friend can get the help that he needs here. Okay, Cody, I think that your stay at Ferncliff is gonna be really good for you. Just listen to what the nurses and doctors have to say, okay? And if your plan goes sideways… and hurts Sasha… I will kill you.

Dr. Montague: Janice. How is our Sasha doing this afternoon?

Nurse Janice: Not very well, I’m afraid.

Dr. Montague: Why? What’s happening now?

Nurse Janice: She’s showing signs of paranoia.

Dr. Montague: How so?

Nurse Janice: She told me you were deliberately drugging her.

Dr. Montague: Well, thank you for telling me that, Janice. Sadly, Sasha is continuing to deteriorate.

Nurse Janice: Isn’t there anything else we can do to help her?

Dr. Montague: Yes. Yes. And we will. It’s time for drastic measures.

Nurse Janice: No. No, no, no. No. Please. Please leave me alone.

Dr. Montague: I’m afraid that’s not possible, Sasha. You see, once someone becomes my patient, I’m with them till the very end.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


It was my pleasure.

Better get going

Breakfast my lady. . What is this? Said you were tired of grabbing meals, uh, on the run in between meetings, and you went to all this trouble because of some random comment. No, it wasn’t trouble. It was my pleasure. Well, it looks amazing. But, I might need a little help working up an appetite.

Oh yeah? Mm hmm. you don’t, I will. Okay, I’m

gonna… Go away! I trust you had a good night’s sleep, Mr. Roth? Indeed, I wasn’t counting on being in Salem this long. Has Mr. von Leuschner returned from his honeymoon? I’d like to settle the matter of his marriage legitimacy, so I can promptly release the funds. Dimitri has not yet returned, but of course, I will have him get in touch the moment he does.

Or, you could take me up on my offer and leave the funds with me. I thought I made it clear, Mr. Mayra. I must meet Dimitri and his new bride in person before any such funds can be released to anyone. What’s with global finance? It’s so Byzantine. Alright, Mr. Roth, I’m just trying to help. But to reiterate, uh, it’s best we continue to keep this little mission between us and away from certain prying eyes in this house.

Ah, you are something, Mrs. DiMera. And you, Mr. DiMera, under normal circumstances, I’d say close that door and see where things go, but… I think playtime is over. As bad as I want to push back against that, I have to agree with you. If we’re going to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on in this house, we have no time to waste.

Yeah, and I think a good starting place is the curious case of Elliot Roth. Is it me, or is all this hush hush investigation talk kind of… I’ve been aphrodisiac. You are hot as hell as a detective. Now I promise that once we get to the bottom of what Kristen and company are up to, I’m gonna shut that door and we’re not coming out for a month.

Oh, that works for me.

Oh my goodness! Look who’s here! The newlyweds are back from Iceland. How was the honeymoon? Well, it was great. Mostly great. We had some unexpected company. Company? The air turned up. Oh, really? Uh, did he have a reason for being in Reykjavik? Apparently there was a, uh, a secret Madonna concert. Uh, the Fjord Extravaganza or something like that.

And he, he just got a last minute ticket. Oh, of course, of course. You see a link that has a secret Madonna show on your newsfeed and then you just click on it and all of a sudden you are in a foreign country. But I am a little surprised that you are back home ahead of schedule. It wasn’t because of your friend, was it?

Oh, come on, Kristen. You know exactly why we’re back home ahead of schedule. And so do I. I cannot believe I am going back to the Salem Inn alone. While my BFF gets to go home to her big mansion and be the little spoon to my boyfriend. Dammit, I should have left you on the baggage carousel. Hey! Watch where you’re going!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Sonny, you’re back in Salem. Oh, wow, your powers of deduction are second to none, as always. Hey, good luck dragging that bag across the square. Wait, wait, wait. When did you get back? Why are you here? Guess your powers of deduction aren’t so spot on after all. You might have heard my Uncle Vic died. Of course, I did.

I’m so sorry.

Sure you are.

So, you talked to Dimitri and he told you I told Gwen that, uh, you and I needed an in person powwow before the upcoming DiMera board meeting. Because as you pointed out, our combined shares have created quite a significant power block. But, we needed to strategize before walking into that room. Oh, you suck.

I certainly did. Oh, we do, yes. Oh, you know what? I am sorry that I interrupted your honeymoon and Gwen, please forgive me for playing dumb. I thought, uh, or I assumed that Dimitri was going to fill you in, but I didn’t know if he had a chance to yet. Right, well, sweetheart, why don’t you start unpacking?

Kristen and I have plenty to discuss, and the sooner that we finish, the sooner that I can devote myself exclusively to you.


Madonna? Really? Fiction, of course. Leo’s presence had to be explained once he was found out by Gwen at the hotel, and it was between Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Oh, hold on, wait a minute. You said that you were stringing Leo along to Von Leusch Dakota sale. Mm hmm. Pray tell, nephew. Why did you invite him on your honeymoon?

Oh, unless there’s something real between the two of you. Uncle

Stephen! Ah, there she is, my favorite niece in the whole wide world. Really? Really. You know, it turns out that I actually have a bit of a problem, and you are the only person in the whole world who can help me. See, Gabby told me that the two of you were playing a game of 20 questions. Do you know that’s my favorite game?

Well, it is. And I got so jealous when Gabby told me that you were playing. Do you know why? Because she was trying to guess a secret. And it turns out that I love secrets almost as much as I love to game 20 questions. So why don’t you and I pick up where you and Gabby left off? Wouldn’t Gabby be bad?

Maybe a little bit. But, wouldn’t it be fun if you and I could guess the secret before Gabby does? That’s mean. No, uh, Rachel, wait.

Sorry, I’m not ready to have my room cleaned just yet.

Oh! Sorry, I thought that… Not housekeeping, no broom. And who are you? What? You don’t remember me from last night? I’m Gabriela DiMera, Kristen’s sister in law. And you’re the one and only Elliot Roth! I’m sorry, uh, Mrs. DiMera, you’ve caught me unawares. Is there something I can do for you? Elliot Roth is asking what you can do for me, the prestigious headmaster of Martin Prep.

Listen, not one single thing. This visit is about what I can do for you.

My brother is married to an opportunistic fortune hunter who is hell bent on sleeping her way to the corner office at DiMera. And the last thing that Dimitri and Gwen need right now is that woman knowing about this enormous fortune that he has come into. That’s an intriguing offer, Mrs. DiMera, but as you can see, I’m in the middle of my breakfast and feeling rather peckish.

Well, aren’t we lucky this isn’t going to take very long. See, I have a daughter named Ariane who’s the most gifted, charming, effervescent young girl and… I would like to do you the great honor of admitting her to Martin Prep. I understand you’d like to have your daughter enrolled at our school, but I’m not the person to speak to on this matter.

Fine. Okay, fine. You know what? Give me the name and the number I have to call, and I will call them right now.

Rachel. I promise playing the game with me would not be mean to Gabby. See, Gabby and I are always trying to one up each other, right? It’s like a competition between us. In fact, when she finds out that you’ve been helping me, she’s probably going to want to recruit you to get back at me. So it’s not mean for anyone, it’s actually fun for everyone.

Aren’t all married people as weird as you? So is that a yes? Does that mean we get to play? Sure, okay. Yes! Okay. Oh, before we start, it’s really important that nobody else know that we’re playing, right? Cause this game’s about a secret, and secrets are secret for a reason, right? Okay, so. I have 20 questions to figure out what this secret is.

Nineteen. Nineteen? Oh, right! Of course, because Gabby used one of her guesses to ask you if the secret was about somebody who lives in this house, and you said yes, right? Now it’s eighteen. Okay, okay. You’re a tough cookie, you know that? Alright, so, the secret is about somebody in the house. Who could it be?

Um, um,

I’m gonna look inside your brain for a second. Oh. Is the person in the house Dimitri? Yes. Alright. And your mom, she knows what the secret is, yes? Okay. So, Huh, well I doubt the secret’s about Dinosaurs Or robots No See, the best secrets are always about money So

Are your mom and Dimitri stealing money? No, of course not! Okay, okay, okay. I’m sorry. I let my imagination get the best of me. Fifteen. Okay, fifteen.

Now auntie, I never said anything about inviting him on my honeymoon. The man just…

And yes, I have been gently stringing him along so that he doesn’t go chirping like some gossipy little bird to Gwen, and I finally get my windfall. Eye on the prize, baby. Correction. When we get our windfall, baby. Yeah. And that is only going to happen if you convince this barrister, Mr. Roth, that your marriage is legit.

Trust me. I can handle him. Hmm, can you? Because he called just before you got here, and he was very eager to see you and Gwen. So, nephew, how are you going to keep Gwen from finding out about your being an heir to a fortune when she has to meet the man who holds the purse strings

first? Come on in. Oh, hey, Alex. Hey, smells good in here. What you guys cooking? Um, yeah, just, um, You know, whipped up a little something something. Oh. Um, Stephanie told me that she was with you when you got the news about your uncle, Victor. I’m really sorry. Thank you, man. Yeah, it’s been a rough go on everyone.

I didn’t come by to horn in on your breakfast or whatever. I actually just came by to ask a small favor. Okay. Ask away. It’s your help. I need it again, Steph. You know, we have that meeting coming up with Yuri in a little while, and I figured since we’re working again on the Basic Black Project, maybe you could handle it solo.

Hey, you know, Alex, if you’re asking that because you’re worried about me getting jealous, I meant it when I told you that I’m not gonna try to, you know, keep you guys apart anymore. I appreciate that. That’s not why I’m asking.

So why are you asking, Alex? Do you have somewhere else you need to be? Um, no. I don’t know why. I mean, you’re the one running Basic Black. Shouldn’t you be the one that’s, is there? Yeah, I am running it, but um, you know, I’ll tell you guys the truth. I’m just not up for it, period. I am not up for anything these days.

Is that because of Victor?

You know what the last time I saw the old man was? It’s when I moved out of the house. He had given the job to Maggie that I thought I should have gotten. Did I act in a dignified way? Was I gracious? No. I was petty about it. It wasn’t just petty, I was bitter and angry and now I’m just like trying to find a way to live with that.

Because I know when I gave both him and Maggie the deep freeze, it hurt him. Even if he never showed it. I’m sorry that you’re struggling with that. And hey, don’t worry about the meeting. Take time for yourself. Thank you, Steph. So, then, um, then… What is gonna be your plan, Alex? Are you just gonna go back to your place and draw the blinds?

Wallow in your guilt?

That, that’s gonna be your solution?

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Sonny, come on, come on. Don’t just leave like that. Leo, I’ve been on a plane for hours, okay? I do not have the time nor the energy to deal with your act today. Act? Act? You think my sympathy, my grief over your uncle’s death is some sort of song and dance? I don’t know. It’s like you have this ongoing performance art shtick where nothing out of your mouth sounds remotely sincere.

That is so unfair. You know, I got weepy when I heard the news, which is huge for me, because my therapist and I have been talking about how I don’t have access to my tears. Well, I’m really glad you’re making progress in therapy, Leo. Please, make sure to invite me to your next silent meditation retreat. I cried because of you, Sonny.

Because I knew how sad this all made you. Is, is that, is that why you reached out? Okay, look, I’m bad about things like that. I’m sorry. But I know why you’re really upset with me. Do you? Of course I do. It’s because I helped Xander cover up what he did to Bonnie. But if you would just let me explain. You already did, Leo.

And I, I, really, I don’t want to hear it. And to be perfectly frank, I expect that kind of behavior from Xander. Alright? He’s a grade A con man. But you, you know, you keep talking about how you want to become a better person. But you just end up hurting people. Especially the people who care about you.

Bottom line, it’s always about you. What you want. What you need. And to hell with everyone else. What are you saying? That I’m a narcissist? I’m not a narcissist. Keep telling yourself that, buddy. Sonny! Sonny, there is a beating heart in here. I have feelings, emotions, just like anybody else. For instance, I just started volunteering at an animal shelter.

Come on, the thought of you picking up dog poop? Ew, no, I would never do that. But I walk the dogs, I pet them, stuff like that. If I was only concerned about myself, as you are insinuating… Then explain to me how it’s possible that I have fallen head over heels in love.

You’ve fallen head over heels in love? Mm hmm. Okay, and tell me, does this person even know that you exist? Uh, yes, they do. In fact, it’s quite serious. He’s rich, gorgeous, completely obsessed with me. Did I mention he looks like George Clooney, circuit ER? In a couple of years, he’s going to be the silver daddy in tartan pants I never knew I needed.

Now this all sounds very believable. Next, you’re gonna tell me you’re in a throuple with Ricky Martin. No, but that sounds amazing. Funny enough, my lover’s name is Matthew Perry. Oh my god, see, I knew you were Not the actor. Like, I would ever date him after the way he dissed Keanu in his memoirs. Plus, my Matthew Perry is way hotter than the Friends version.

Okay, well, keep on dreaming, Leo. And remember, just hit that snooze button on your arm. What are you saying? That you don’t believe me? You don’t think I could score someone like that? A ten out of ten? In a word? Uh, no. No, I don’t. Okay, fine. I’ll prove it to you. Here is his picture. Now what do you have to say?

I’m sure there’s a way to satisfy that lawyer’s needs without getting Gwen involved. Well, good luck with that. Roth called this morning and mentioned Gwen, specifically. Well,

I’m going to leave you, Mr. Von Leuschner, to figure out how you’re going to come clean with Mrs. Von Leuschner.

Why don’t you put the pen and paper down and let’s pause for a moment, shall we? Applications for Martin Prep aren’t generally considered over a plate of lukewarm eggs. If you want your daughter to attend, she’ll have to go through the application process, just like everyone else. I have just one question for you, Mr.

Roth. If I had a son instead of a daughter, would things be different? Mrs. DiMera, Martin Prep is open to all genders. Your son would have the same chance as any other applicant. It’s funny you say that, because Martin Prep is an all girls school.

Why don’t we drop that facade now, so you can tell me who you really are?

Okay, looks like I’m running out of guesses here. Does the secret have something to do with Dimitri and his new wife Gwen? Like, are they doing something together? No, she doesn’t know anything about it. Anything about what? Twelfth and last. Ah, okay. So Gwen doesn’t know. About the secret. Does that mean that cousin Dimitri is having a playdate with someone he should not be having a playdate with?

Do sleepovers count? Oh, sleepovers definitely count. Is cousin Dimitri having a sleepover with somebody? Yes. And who is he having a sleepover with? That’s not a yes or no question. Nine left. Nine questions about what?

Well, Rachel and I were just playing a super fun game of 20 questions. Oh, really? And what kind of questions were you being asked, sweetheart? Well, she can’t tell you that because it would ruin the surprise, right? Right. Right. Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we? No. Sweetheart, you know, Cook has made you some chocolate chip cookies.

Why don’t you go to the kitchen and see if they’re still warm? Oh, goody! Well, I guess you’re gonna have to live with the suspense. Guess so.

Dammit, Gabby, I hope to hell you are having better luck than I am. I wonder how the real headmaster of Martin Prep will feel when he finds out someone’s pretending to be him. Should we call the school, and maybe they can call the police? Okay, fine. I’m not the headmaster of Martin Preck. The truth is I’m an attorney.

And I’ve come to Salem to certify that the requirements laid out in the Von Leuchner Codicil are duly met. The Von Leuchner Codicil? Wait, wait, what the hell is that?

So, what do you think? Have I proven my point? Um, well, he’s got the correct number of nipples. Uh, belly button, that is a mighty fine torso. You’re Dayton Leo. Congratulations. Forget his nipples, look at those abs. It’s like the statue of David came to life and started cooking me goat cheese frittatas. Okay, so he does floor crunches for six hours a day at the gym.

Also, can someone please tell me why I’m still standing here? Because we’re… friends. Friends. Leo, my dad was a wreck when his wife Bonnie went missing. Bonnie, his wife, was a wreck when she was kidnapped. Those people are my family, man, and you, you, you didn’t give a damn. You betrayed our friendship. You betrayed me.

That comes with a cost.

Dimitri? Yes, my love. Did it not go well with Kristen? Uh, it… It went fine. Better than fine.

Something’s not right. Tell me. What’s troubling you?

Whatever it is, we can work it out. Together.

No, I wasn’t planning on wallowing, Chad. And was that really called for? Alex is in mourning. I’m not, I’m not trying to be insensitive. Okay, trust me, Alex, I know all too well what it’s like to want to isolate and shut yourself off from the world when you’re grieving. Believe me. But you gotta find a way to move through it.

Okay, now you said you haven’t been home since you moved out. Okay, so now is the time to go home. Okay, you fix things with Maggie. Okay, it’s too late to do it with Victor, so you smooth things out with her. And Victor loved Maggie more than anyone else on the planet. Okay, so you bury the hatchet with her, to make amends to him.

That’s how, that’s how you honor his memory.

You’re right. You’re right about all of it, thank you. You know what, I’m gonna head over there right now, actually. Seriously, thank you. Good luck.

What was that for? You’re a good man, Chad. That was exactly what Alex needed. Yeah, what’s that? A pep talk? No. A friend.

I don’t think I would cause friends. Not too soon for

that. If only Sonny could see Dimitri’s gorgeous, almost too symmetrical punim, or that other impressive part of his anatomy. Dammit, this isn’t like that time I told my co workers I was riding motorcycles across South America with Channing Tatum. Dimitri is real. And he’s way hotter than Sonny. Not to mention his dumb, hunky, unfortunately straight brother Alex.

Alex. Sonny boy. Oh man, are you a sight for sore eyes, huh? You too. Hey, Dad told me you moved out. What are you doing here? I did. I came by to see Auntie Mag. She’s napping, so I decided to hang around until she wakes up. God, I’m, I’m sure she’s gonna be thrilled to see you. Yeah, well, I’m not so sure about that.

There’s something that I need to.

I, I, I’m so sorry. Can I just have a second? I need to, to, to, to take care of this.

Is everything all right? Yes. Yes, everything is, is fine. Uh, it was Kristen. She, uh, she and I did a head count earlier when we were talking and we came to realize that we’re going to have to cut a deal with another shareholder if we want to get what we want. Oh, goodness me. Navigating through this family is like…

Tiptoeing through a minefield. Tell me about it. Gwen, I need to, uh, I need to go run an errand. I think it might help clear my head a bit. Yes, you go. You go. You, you do you, my darling. You, you’ve got this. Okay, thank you. And, uh, and I’ll see you soon.

I can’t wait to hear how you figure this out. You and me both.

Thank God you’re here. Gabby, Rachel and I, the game we were playing was interrupted by Kristen. We were so I know the secret.

So I decided to come here and try and make things right with Maggie. Maggie’s gonna need everyone’s help to get through this. I’m really glad you’re gonna be part of it. Yeah.

What’s this?

Wow, look at these.

I hope Alex takes your advice. And why wouldn’t he? He was great. And caring. I’m really proud of you for extending yourself to him that way. Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to my sister Kristen then. What do you mean? Yesterday when I left you two, uh, together, she said that I was making a huge mistake.

That, that, um, no matter what, I shouldn’t trust, uh, I shouldn’t trust Alex with you, no matter what. That’s what she said. Well, that’s just cynical. And no surprise coming from her. You know, sometimes I think your family doesn’t know how to be happy unless they’re… Stirring up drama. Yeah, that’s true. DVO, as I live and breathe, what are you doing here?

I got your text. We have a problem. What? I told you I didn’t tell anyone about us, not a soul. No, no, Don’t tell me that lawyer figured everything out. Oh, I haven’t even met with him yet. But if I can’t figure out everything in fast, it’s all over.

So the guy just came clean? See, the incentive to keep quiet isn’t as strong for Mr. Roth as it is for Kristen. See, he’s only here because it’s a job. So he told you that there’s a boatload of money out there and all Dimitri has to do is claim it? Yeah, and all that creep needs to do is prove that his marriage to Gwen is real.

Huh. This has Kristen written all over it. So Dimitri is cutting her in for a share. Maybe he has to. Cause maybe she’s the one that knows who he’s having sleepovers with. Ha! My nephew has a side piece. And all we have to do is figure out her name. And then, we’re in the driver’s seat. I was this close to telling Gwen everything.

Dammit, Leo, it was on the tip of my tongue! No, no, no, listen to me. Believe me, I know Gwen. She would not take this well. I mean, that, that is an understatement. She would absolutely plot. If she finds out you have been lying to her from the very beginning… As have I a little bit. Okay, a lot. Yes, yes, I know she would be horrified, but listen to me, Leo.

There was something that you said in that text earlier that gave me an idea. Fake it until you make it, right? Right. Right. Well, the terms of that damn codice will say that I need a wife to get my inheritance, but never once does it say that it has to be Gwen. It doesn’t have to be Gwen. What, what are you suggesting?

Because polygamy’s been illegal in this country for quite some time now. No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is… What if we found someone to pose as Gwen? It’s not going to be easy. I’m going to have to invent all sorts of corroborating evidence to back it up. But if I can pull this part off, that pompous lawyer will walk out straightening his tie satisfied.

I will get that money and Gwen will be none the wiser. Okay. So, who do you have in mind to impersonate Gwen? Because not only do you have to sell this relationship to the lawyer, it has to be somebody you know for sure will keep their mouth shut. I’m just worried somebody’s gonna try and blackmail you.

Yeah, I know. I know, I know, I know, I know. I need someone that I can trust. That I can trust implicitly.

What about me? Dammit, Gwen? Okay, you

seem really upset. Well, I am upset. Why on earth wouldn’t I be upset? Oh, right. I assume that Dimitri told you everything.

Told me everything? What are you talking about?

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne


[ Knocking on door ]

Ridge: Sharpe, open up. Where’s Sheila?

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Steffy sighs ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Steffy: Charlie, I’m busy. Pam still isn’t ready–

Finn: Sorry to, uh, disappoint.

Steffy: As much as I get a kick out of Charlie, this is a much more pleasant interruption.

Eric: Okay. Forget there. Let’s get down here on the dress, all right?

RJ: Okay.

Eric: Now, if the waist is good, we said we’re not going to do whatever treatment we’re going to do until later. We don’t need to, but I want more flare in– in the skirt.

RJ: More flare?

Eric: Hug her hips and then flare later down. Come on down. Enough flare. Okay. Do it again. It’s– it’s not enough. Do it again. Do it again. No, no, no, that’s not it. Here, let me, give it to me.

RJ: Okay. Yeah.

Eric: What I want– what I want is for this– I want this– oh, damn it. I–

RJ: What’s wrong?

Eric: What’s wrong? What’s wrong is my– my hand, I can’t– I can’t grip a pencil. I can’t design and if I can’t do that, it’s pretty much game over for my career, unless you can help me.

RJ: Granddad, have you told Donna about the arthritis?

Eric: Yes. Yes, of course I have, of course I have.

RJ: Granddad, I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now.

Eric: Yeah, well, it helps to talk to her. Donna says I should try to– try to keep it in perspective. Things could be a lot worse, but frankly I don’t see how they could be. We’re talking… we’re talking about my life’s work slipping through my fingers like some of these… damn pencils.

Steffy: So, what’s in the bag?

Finn: Guess.

Steffy: I’m not in the mood.

Finn: Oh, come on. You love guessing games.

Steffy: No, that’s you.

Finn: Okay. True. But, um, you are getting better at them. I mean, since we’ve been together. I mean, for instance, before, I think you would have probably guessed that this here was a pizza, but you got a lot better. All right. How about this? How about we play a game and I will give you hints on what it’s not.

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Finn: All right. Okay. So it’s– it’s not a two-shot non-fat extra dry because you would have had your trainer this morning, which means you would have done your cold plunge, so you already had your coffee.

Steffy: That’s true.

Finn: And we’ve already established that it’s not a pizza because you’re better at these games.

[ Steffy laughs ]

Finn: And, well, it’s– it’s not tacos from that place in the Palisades that, you know, we used to go to, but stop using shredded beef, because I mean, ground beef, it doesn’t belong in a taco. No, yes, you’re not making that mistake again. How about this? How about I give you a hint? One last one. This here… this comes around once a month. Okay? If that. Melts in your mouth and if you’re lucky enough and you stalk them on social media, you might be able to figure out where they park the truck, get in line at 6 A.M. In the valley. Or maybe you might actually be able to get some before they run out–

Steffy: Is this the ramen truck?

Finn: Yeah. But you know what, you’re kind of busy. So maybe–

Steffy: No, no, no, don’t you dare. I’m definitely eating this.

Finn: Okay, good. I was, uh, hoping you’d want to take a break. But the truth is I just, um… I want to spend some time with you. I missed you.

[ Knocking on door ]

Ridge: Open up. I’m not messing around.

Deacon: All right. All right. Give me a second. I’m just getting dressed.

[ Knocking on door ]

Ridge: Sharpe, open up.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: Geez, Forrester. Carter? What the– what’s the matter? You boys couldn’t get a reservation downstairs by yourselves?

Ridge: We’re looking for Sheila.

Eric: Okay.

RJ: Okay.

Eric: Here. Open these for me.

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: Thank you.

RJ: No problem.

Eric: Yeah, where’s my, uh– where’s the, uh, um–

RJ: The what? The ball?

Eric: Yeah, the ball. Where’s the ball? Thank you.

[ RJ chuckles ]

[ Eric groans ]

RJ: Can I ask you something?

Eric: Yeah.

RJ: How, uh– how long have you been struggling with– with designing?

Eric: Well, just, uh, since this started bothering me, which hasn’t been that long, actually.

RJ: No?

Eric: Just a little bit at a time and it’d go away. You know, I’m still, uh, in spite of my youthful demeanor, I am getting older, you know.

RJ: Well, hey, I mean, you have all of us fooled, so.

Eric: [ Laughs ] Good.

RJ: [ Laughs ] Pretty good.

Eric: But then it started getting worse. Um, I mean, the pain started interfering with my ability to even conceive of an idea, let alone execute it. It just got worse and worse.

RJ: Wait, is that– is this why it didn’t go well when you tried to pitch in on Hope For The Future?

Eric: Pretty much, I guess. I mean, I thought I was just… I thought I was letting Zende down, you know, holding him back, just pulling him down. That’s what I thought. I was relieved when– when Hope hired Thomas to come back to do Hope For The Future. Uh, it took the pressure off me and it– the line just took off. It was beautiful. So, it gave me a chance to step back a little, I took a little hiatus and, uh, I felt, uh– I felt good to do that. And so, then I started to try to draw again and it’s worse than ever.

RJ: Why didn’t you tell anybody?

Eric: I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to. I still don’t. Just pride, I guess.

RJ: I mean, you said that you saw a doctor and they–

Eric: I did, there’s nothing much you can do about it. It’s arthritis and that’s the way it’s going to be, right? That’s when I went to your dad. I– I didn’t tell him about my condition at all. I– I didn’t, but I– that’s when I asked him to join with me and to– to do a wonderful new line. That we could collaborate the way we used to when, uh– when I was mentoring him all those years ago.

RJ: But he, uh, turned you down.

Eric: Yeah.

RJ: He said he was too busy.

Eric: He said he was too busy. So, there you go.

RJ: So, you turned to me.

Eric: Yeah, I did. You don’t wanna know why?

RJ: Why?

Eric: Because you’re Ridge Junior, that’s why.

Steffy: Thanks again for bringing this by. Really nice surprise.

Finn: Anything to spend some time with you. Look… I know why you felt like you had to take the kids to your grandfather’s and I respect your concerns. And look, I know I’ve been putting a lot of the blame for our separation on Liam when… I know that’s not the only reason we’re apart. Although, I’m still certain he’s trying to have another shot with you. But ultimately… I take responsibility for why you and I are apart. It’s because of Sheila.

Deacon: Why are you looking for Sheila? Why ask me?

Ridge: Well, because you helped us before and now you can help us again. Carter knows.

Deacon: You told him? You and Spencer promised.

Carter: Relax. I won’t say anything about your past with Sheila, as twisted as it was.

Ridge: So obviously, you know that she was released and something tells me that you know where to find her.

Eric: RJ, I’ve been designing my whole life. It’s all I’ve ever done. It has given me more pleasure and more accomplishment and more joy than anything else. And now that that gift has been taken away from me, I– I can no longer… no longer express myself. You know, I have all these ideas and I can’t– I can’t put them down on paper, not– not without your help.

RJ: Wait, I just realized I– obviously, yes, I– I will assist you with anything you want me to assist you with, but you can still draw and design.

Eric: No, I don’t think you understand. I can’t even–

RJ: No, no, I do– I do understand, but you can do it without a pencil and paper. You can do it with a computer. Just like you’ve taught me, I can teach you.

Finn: Look, I wish that we didn’t even have to talk about Sheila, but as long as she’s out of prison, I realize how that hangs over you. The threat that she could strike at any time.

Steffy: I’m still having nightmares about Sheila. More than anything, though, I– I worry about Kelly and Hayes.

Finn: I feel the same way. That’s why I vowed to do everything in my power to keep you and the children safe from Sheila.

Ridge: I think we can all agree that Sheila walking away from what she did was absolutely wrong.

Deacon: Yeah. That and the result of the mighty Dollar Bill Spencer not being quite as mighty as he thought. I love that.

Ridge: What are you saying? Are you happy that she’s free?

Deacon: Of course not.

Carter: So, considering that thing between you and Sheila, we figured she might come running to you.

Deacon: No, haven’t seen her. What– what, you– you think I’m stashing her here? Take a look at this place. I mean, I think we’re already at max occupancy.

Ridge: Listen, I don’t trust you. I’m not going to start now, especially when it comes to Sheila and my family. So let me ask you one more time. Do you know where she is?

Ridge: Now, there’s got to be cameras around here, right? Maybe we can subpoena some of the footage.

Carter: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can make some calls.

Deacon: I actually don’t think it’s a bad idea. I mean, uh, look, I’m not in the restaurant 24/7. It’s possible she could have come in. It’s just, um, you know, I’m– I’m not an attorney, but how are you going to get a judge to give you a court order? I mean, she is a free woman.

Ridge: It kind of sounds like you’re defending her.

Carter: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: No, I’m not defending her at all. I just– I think you’re wasting your time, and I’m going to tell you something else. I don’t appreciate you coming down here unannounced and interrogating me. And I also don’t appreciate the fact that you and Spencer broke your word to me and you told Carter about my past with Sheila. But the bottom line is this, I don’t want to see her anymore, either. Look, man, I get it. She– she did a lot of hurtful things to your family in the past and to me. And that’s exactly where I want to keep her. I want to keep her in the past. I haven’t seen her, but if I do see her or if I hear from her, I’ll tell you.

Ridge: I want to believe you. I really do. But the past tells me otherwise. Here’s my bottom line. Sheila is a threat to my family and anyone who helps her is a threat to my family also. And my family includes Brooke and Hope.

Deacon: We done?

Ridge: Thank you for your time.

Steffy: I really appreciate you coming here.

Finn: Oh, hey. A girl’s got to eat, right?

Steffy: Not just the food. For checking in. Continuing to fight for us. And looking at me the way you do.

Finn: I– I can’t help it.

Steffy: Thank you for just opening up to me, pouring your heart out. I know it’s been really hard for you, but I can hear how much you love me, Kelly and Hayes.

Finn: I do, honey, and you should never question that. Okay? Ever.

Steffy: I won’t. But if I’m being honest, it has been really hard, Finn. Like I’ve said, Sheila has terrorized my family over and over again. You know that.

Finn: I know. I know. And that’s why I vow to do everything in my power to keep you and the kids safe and I will have nothing to do with Sheila. I just– I can’t be apart from you another night, Steffy. It’s killing me.

Steffy: I know. It’s killing me, too. I hate it.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: But I love you. Oh, I love you so much.

Finn: I love you too.

Sheila: I– I heard everything, the act that you put on for Ridge and Carter. And thank you. Although, it seems like, uh… some of the things that you said are true. I have… made things difficult for you. I hope you understand how much you mean to me. I had no one else to turn to. There’s no one else who even cares if I live or die, except Finn. I’m– I’m serious, Deacon. And you’ve got to understand what I– what I’m talking about on some level as a father and the connection that I– I share with Finn. I knew it when I was… holding my… my handsome, strong, beautiful son in my arms. When he embraced me, he knew I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life behind bars. I– I– I could feel his relief, his love. So, don’t worry, okay? It is going to work out. I am not going to upend your life and I am going to be with Finn. My son is going to embrace me and I am going to be in his life forever, Deacon.

Finn: No one is going to keep us apart. Okay? I’m yours. Forever.

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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At Deacon’s place, Sheila hides, taking her stuff with her to the other room. Deacon then opens the door to Ridge and Carter. They’re looking for Sheila. Deacon is annoyed that Ridge told Carter that he had a past with Sheila because Ridge and Bill promised they wouldn’t tell anyone else about that. Deacon lies that he hasn’t seen her. Ridge and Carter clearly don’t trust Deacon (because of their past). Carter gets the idea to place cameras there, in case Sheila tries to sneak back. Deacon pretends that’s a great idea. After they leave, Sheila comes out and thanks Deacon for the act he put on to protect her. She knows she’s made things difficult for him. She tells him that she’s going to be with Finn and in his life forever. Deacon looks at her in a worried way.

Finn drops by Steffy’s office with some ramen from her favorite food truck. He plays a cute little guessing-game with her. They share the food. She thanks him for bringing it. He admits that Sheila is to blame for their breakup, not Liam. He vows to protect her and the kids. They miss each other, so they kiss passionately. It cuts to Sheila’s crazy, determined face.

RJ helps Eric with his designing, but RJ isn’t an artist, and Eric still can’t get his arthritic hands to work. RJ, concerned, realizes that he can help Eric design on the computer. Eric admits that he’s had the arthritis for a while, but he hasn’t told anyone about it, except for Donna, and he took a break after he worked with Zende on Hope For the Future.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle let Marlena know that she was trying to get in touch with Shawn. She didn’t know where he was. Shawn was at the station and muted Belle’s message. He said sorry while he was staring at his gun. He picked up the gun. Belle admitted to Marlena that her plan made things worse with Shawn. Marlena tried to comfort her. Belle wanted to know what Shawn said in therapy. She told her that she couldn’t break confidentiality. Belle reminded her that she could do it if Shawn was a danger to himself or others. Belle wanted to know if she thought he was as danger to himself. Marlena said she was concerned about him. Belle begged her to tell her what Shawn said and she agreed to do it. Paulina went to Shawn’s office and told him that she was going to give Shawn his job back. He was glad that Rawlings was gone. He let her know that he wanted him to arrest her for assault. He told him that he wouldn’t arrest her. She wanted him to stay as a detective. She thought reinstating Rafe would a good idea. Shawn agreed with her and she thanked him for understanding. She wanted to make sure he was okay. He told her that he was okay and that she would be a great mayor. Belle didn’t understand why he wanted to give up on his therapy when he was making progress. Marlena told her that he was making progress, but he didn’t see a point in it since it didn’t change Bo or Victor’s situations. Marlena told her that Shawn hit rock bottom and that he needed to in order to get better. Belle was scared of what he would do if he didn’t get better. She wanted to go to the station when Shawn showed up at Marlena’s office. He put his gun on her desk. He wanted her to take the gun from him because he wasn’t in a good place. She wanted to know if he was going to hurt himself. He wasn’t sure if he was going to hurt himself, but he knew he needed help. Marlena and Belle assured him that they would help him. Marlena wanted to put him on a 24-hour hold and he agreed to it.

Paulina ran into Rafe and Jada. She let Rafe know that he could have his job back. He wanted to know about the fraternization policy. She said that she would fix it, but it would be on a case by case basis. He wanted to wait until the policy was changed before he would consider taking the job back. Paulina promised to rush it. Jada thought Rafe should take his job back. He wanted to keep seeing her. She said they could wait until the policy was changed. He said he was falling in love with her. Abe talked to Steve about not being able to remember Paulina. He wished he could remember loving her. Steve told him about what happened with him and Kayla when he had amnesia. He said Abe should take things slow with her and ask her out on a date. Paulina showed up to tell Abe that she offered Rafe his job back. Abe was happy about that and thanked her. He asked her out on a date and she said yes. Brady was surprised to see Philip at Chloe’s place. He hugged Philip. He was happy to see that he was alive. He thought Kristen kidnapped him and faked his death to frame him for his murder. Brady wanted to use what she did in his case. Chloe told him that Kristen didn’t do it. Philip admitted that he did it. Philip told Brady everything that he did. Philip wanted to know if Brady could forgive him. He punched Philip and knocked him on the floor. He was upset and demanded to know where he was. He told Brady that he was in a mental institution trying to get help. Brady was about to call the police, but Chloe stopped him. She reminded him to have compassion because he was mentally ill. She reminded him that he lost his father.

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Days Short Recap Monday, August 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah apologized for interrupting Xander and Maggie’s conversation. She let Xander know that she had a conversation with Maggie and decided to tell him the truth. She was about to tell him the truth when she had pains. Xander wanted to know if she was in labor. Sarah’s pains were getting worse and she decided to go to the hospital. Brady met with Belle and she thanked her for agreeing to help her. He didn’t agree to help her yet. She told him about Shawn’s situation, and he showed up while they were talking. Shawn wanted to know what was going on. Belle told him that Brady was going to an AA meeting and that he had to go with him. Shawn and Belle got into an argument because he felt like he didn’t need help. Shawn said he didn’t need AA and insulted Brady before leaving. Belle wanted to go after him, but Brady stopped her. She wanted to help Shawn, but he told her that she couldn’t do it. He had to help himself. She knew he was right, but she hated it. They changed the subject and brought up Philip. Belle couldn’t believe that Philip was dead. Brady thought Philip would have showed up by now since he’s been gone for two years. She agreed, but she won’t be able to accept the fact that he’s gone. While they were talking, Brady wanted to know if she heard from Shawn. She didn’t hear from him. She hoped he went to work. Brady hoped he didn’t because he wasn’t in the right condition to work. They talked about Chloe again. Belle thought Chloe still loved him. She told him they had to be there for Chloe when things go wrong with Xander. She talked him into making up with Chloe. Chloe was surprised to see Philip at her door. She thought she was imagining things. When she realizes that he’s real she fainted in his arms. She came to and didn’t understand how he was alive. She asked him questions about what happened. He admitted to her that he faked his death to frame Brady for his murder. He told her that he was in a mental institution to get over his obsession over her. Chloe was upset that he made everyone mourn his death. He apologized and told her that his parents put him in a mental institution. She couldn’t believe that Victor and Kate let everyone think he was dead and let Brady go to jail. She wanted him to stay away from her because he’s still crazy. Philip told her that he was released a while ago. He was just staying away. He said he was there because his father died, and he wanted to make things right with her.

Philip tells her about what he’s been going through. He assured her that he wasn’t trying to win her back. He just wanted her to know that he’s changed. He is the way he used to be. Chloe was glad that he was alive, but she let him know that she’s engaged. He thought she was engaged to Brady, but she told him that she was engaged to Xander. Philip was surprised after everything Xander did to her. She told him that Xander has changed. He wanted to leave, but she stopped him so she could hug him. He wanted to know if she forgave him for what he did. She was still angry, but she was glad he was okay. He’s going to take responsibility for what he did. He opened the door to leave and saw Brady. Kate thought Rex was Philip. She let him know that she told Philip about Victor’s death. She said that Philip told her that he wouldn’t be there, but she wasn’t sure if he will stay away. They wondered what would happen if Brady saw him. Kate told Rex that she let Chloe know that he was with Sarah. He told her that his relationship with her was serious. Kayla went to Marlena’s office. Marlena told her that she and Roman were going to accept Sloan for Eric’s sake. She said that she was throwing a baby shower for Sloan. Kayla told her that Sloan lost the baby. Marlena was devasted for her. She wanted to find him, but Kayla suggested that she let him be there for Sloan for now. Shawn went to see Marlena so Kayla left them alone to talk. He told Marlena that he’s quitting therapy. She tried to talk him out of it, but he didn’t believe that he needed help. He told her that what’s going on couldn’t be fixed and stormed out. Later, Belle showed up and told Marlena about the fight she had with Shawn. Shawn went to the station and took out his gun from the lockbox. He stared at the gun for a while. Xander checked on Sarah. She said she was doing better. Kayla walked in the exam room and was surprised that she was pregnant. She congratulated them, but they told her the baby was Rex’s. Kayla asked her questions about her baby and she faked being in pain. Xander left the room and Sarah stopped faking the pain.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Brick tells Sonny that Betty is in Mexico, so it looks like the fake flash drive worked and Mason’s boss took the bait.  Sonny tells Brick he has people in Mexico watching Betty. Sonny is even more determined to find out who Mason’s boss is because this Pikeman deal is getting dangerous.

Curtis comes home and feels overwhelmed by everything he has lost. Curtis tells Marshall he wants to sell the Savvoy.  Marshall tells Curtis that, if he changes his mind, he can run the club for him until he is ready to run the club again.

Curtis tells Portia he loves her, but he worries because he can’t make love to her.

Cyrus tells Drew he will find a way to repay him for saving his life.

Lucy and Maxie are shocked when Tracy arrives in court because she is the one who is suing them claiming that Lucy stole the idea for the Deceptor.

Gladys asks Nina for the money to get Sasha out of Fern Cliff because Dr. Montague won’t let Sasha out unless he gets his money.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa continue to worry about Aria, but Sharon tells them to take things one step at a time. Sharon tells them that they have a lot of love and support, and they will get through this together.

Victor tells Audra that he is happy with her work, and she should keep up the good work.

Sharon tells Nick she wants to pull out of the merger and take back Kirsten Incorporated. Nikki worries that Nick wants to leave the company and pull away from the family again. Victor finally decides what he wants to do about the merger and asks Adam, Nick, and Sharon to the ranch to tell them his decision.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Sean, please. I need you to call me back. Listen, we don’t have to get into anything, but I need to hear your voice. I need to know you’re okay. He’s just not answering. He’s, I’ve tried texting. I’ve tried calling. I’ve tried tracking his phone and, and he either turned off his tracking or stopped sharing his location with me, but I don’t know where he is.


sorry about that. I’ve got nothing to say to you.

I’ve got nothing to say to anyone anymore.

Huh? What the,

Hey. Hey. I heard you come in. It’s just finishing up this place. You made the bed. You straightened up. Oh my God, did you dust? Actually, I did. Well, I can’t spend all my time lying around watching Body and Soul.

Oh, thank you, thank you. Okay, hit me dude. Lay some more Body and Soul on me.

Is that who I think it is? Yes, indeed. Lorna DeLorean’s son is back from the dead. Oh, man!

Does this mean you forgive me? I am furious at you for what you did. But I am glad that you’re alive. Yeah, me too. Especially now that I’m back home. In Salem. So, um, what are you going to do? Just take responsibility for what I did. Let the chips fall where they may.

Oh, good to see you Brady. Good to see you. Could you see? I can’t. You’re… You’re alive?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Damn it, this is all my fault. Such a stupid plan, right? Bringing Sean to lunch so that I could… Pull a bait and switch and try and get Brady to take him to AA. I don’t even know what I was thinking. You were concerned about him, and you’re trying to be supportive.

I need you to tell me what, what Sean told you in your sessions.

You know I can’t do that. Why not? He’s not your patient anymore. No, but I can’t break confidentiality not without his permission. Mom, if a patient poses an imminent danger to themselves, not only may you break that confidentiality, you have a legal obligation to do so. And all I’m asking you is, does Sean pose an imminent danger to himself?

I can’t say with any certainty, but after I saw him today, I am concerned. Okay. And as my mom, and someone who loves Sean, I am begging you, please tell me what he told you so I can help him. Please. Mom, please, please. I

will. I will. Okay. Uh, come in. Ah. Hello, Sean. Um, I hope I didn’t come at a bad time. Well, look, you know what, I can come back later if you, um, are a little too busy. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s fine. Um, what can I, uh, what can I do for you? Well, Sean, I’m hoping that you can understand that even though Clint Rawlings just put you in that chair, I’m here to take you out.

I’m giving Ray Fernandez his job back.

Hope you like margaritas. Mmm, who doesn’t? I can get used to this. Mmm, this is so delicious. Where’d you learn to mix a drink? Oh, I used to manage a nightclub. You? Was that surprising to you? Uh, yeah. There’s a lot of things about me that you don’t know. Well, I do love a good mystery. But you think you’ve got me all figured out, don’t you?

I know you got it pretty bad for me. Oh, really? Mm hmm. And what was your first clue there, detective? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? God, you’re alive. You’re alive. You’re fine. You’re okay, right? You’re okay. I’m fine. I had to be home. I missed all of you. Thank God. We were right the whole time, Chloe. About what? Kristen. Kristen, she was behind it.

Obviously, the whole, the whole freaking time, she went after him to get to me because I left her. Sadistic bitch. My God, where have you been? Did she have you locked in some dungeon somewhere? You know what this means? We, we can, we can, we can appeal the custody ruling, Chloe. I mean, I gotta call Bell because Brady.

No, no, the booze. The, the, the, the, the, the, everything. Everything. The knife. My God! She went after him! You understand if he testifies, then the judge will find out what a nutcase Brady! That Kristen is. It’ll be fun! Brady! Kristen didn’t do it. Yes, she did, Chloe. She, she framed me for murder. No, Brady. I did.

Philip, what are you talking about? Maybe this isn’t the best time. He just said that he, uh, he framed me for murder, so I’d like to hear this. As I just told Chloe, I was jealous. Insanely jealous of the two of you. I thought you were having an affair behind my back. And I had to make you pay, so I came up with a plan.

What plan, Philip? Okay, you have to know, I am deeply ashamed of all of it. I regret it more than I could ever say. Philip! What plan?

You were on the phone outside the pub. I came up behind you and knocked you out. Then I dragged you to the park. I took your credit card out of your wallet and charged a bunch of shots to it. They were just part of the setup. I still had to make it look like you drank them. So, I filled a syringe with alcohol and…

Injected it into your bloodstream. I think that’s enough for now. No. No. Keep going, please. Keep going. I sent those threatening texts from your phone to mine. Then I put you in the back of my car and… drove you to the spot that Chloe and I had planted the tree. Ripped it out of the ground, I dropped your watch there for her to find later.

After that, I dragged you to the riverbank. I took out a knife and cut myself. Wow. I smeared my blood all over the knife, and you. I tracked blood down to the river, I tossed my leg into the water and disappeared.

I framed you Brady, it wasn’t Kristen, it was me.

I know how wrong it was, how, how, how horrifyingly wrong it was. Okay, back then I, I, I was out of my mind, I, I was, I completely lost my grip on reality, I was consumed with anger, I felt humiliated and betrayed. The only thing that I could focus on was punishing you and Chloe for making a fool of me. I

am so profoundly sorry for all of it. I will be sorry for the rest of my life.

I know it’s probably unfair to ask you this,

but can you forgive me?

Why’d you mute that? What, you need to hear the commercial? No, but I see it. I’ve seen it before. It’s for that memory supplement.

Uh, you, uh, you thought it might be a sensitive subject for me. Am I right? Yeah, you’re right. I thought it might be, uh, I don’t know, triggering? Hmm. Well, I don’t know about triggering, but… Except I asked Kayla. And she told me that this supplement that’s on the commercial… Isn’t for amnesia.

I’m sorry, man. I know how frustrated you are. Yeah.

I just don’t know why. Nothing comes back to me. You know, I don’t remember Paulina. Or anything about our life together.

Look, I’m glad Rawlings is gone. You do know that he ordered me to, uh, arrest you for assault after that press conference? Yeah, I told him I wasn’t willing to use the department’s resources to settle his personal matters. Oh, well. I appreciate that. It reinforces what I already know. You are a valued member of the force, which is why I want you to stay on as a detective.

So I’m just gonna, uh, step down as commissioner immediately? Sean, I know, I know this must be disappointing for you, but I think it’s the right call to reinstate Rafe. Mm.

I’m sorry. In advance, that is. What for? Well, you spend all the time making up the bed all nice, and we’re about to mess it up awful. Damn. Why did I waste my time? Well, don’t waste time

now. Talk in the bed. Right. So, my handsome housekeeper, did you learn your lesson? Oh, about making the bed? Yeah. Waste of time. Total. So how about now we take a short break and get some sustenance? Get a burger and beer downstairs? Sounds good. But first… First? How about we try and make it bad just, uh… A little bit messier.

Is that possible? It’s worth a try.

Well, if they had to break into our show, at least it was to give us the good news that we have a new mayor. And a wonderful one at that. Yes, yes, yes. And if Mayor Paulina Price can… Undo the damage that jerk Clint Rawlings did. Once he’s in the rear view mirror, Well, I wouldn’t be surprised at Whatever that woman could do.

Yeah. Sounds like you have a lot of faith in your wife. Same as she has in you. Hey, She really loves you. Yeah. I can see that in everything she does. You know, it just… It kills me. That I don’t remember how much I love her. Yeah. Listen, man. I know you came here because you needed space from Paulina. But I think maybe it’s time the two of you got close again.

Paulina, I agree with you. Rafe should be running the department. Oh, show him. I truly appreciate how classy you’re being in all of this. Um, and now I’m gonna go find Rafe and tell him that you graciously agreed to step down and fully support his return. Uh, you, you sure you’re okay? Uh, yeah, no, I’m, I’m, like, I’m fine.

You seem a bit unsettled. No, I’m fine. And for the record, I, uh, I think you’re gonna make a very, very great mayor. Thank you. You take care now.

But after Sean got suspended, he came to you voluntarily, and I thought that he was making real progress. He was. But he’s decided that talking isn’t going to help anymore. It won’t help Beau, and it, and it won’t bring back Victor. Well, that just sounds like he’s giving up. Well, he’s hitting rock bottom, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s what Sean, It’s what everybody has to do before they decide to make things right. And what if he doesn’t decide to do that? What if he just keeps spiraling? Well, he’s not really in a position right now to do much. I mean, he’s, he’s drinking an awful lot. He’s full of guilt and grief. Yeah, I know. I don’t know if, if Sean told you this, but the last time that Sean and Victor talked, Victor was very hard on him.

There was no understanding, no forgiveness. And that’s why he can’t forgive himself. And that’s why he’s in so much pain. I know. And I am terrified of what he might do. To get rid of that pain.

Can I forgive you? There’s your answer, Phillip. Here, come on. Why don’t you get up? Get up so I can I could have gone to jail!

Do you understand you could have killed me by putting what alcohol you, you, injected it into my veins? He wasn’t in his right mind, he just told you that. Where have you been? Have you been on some beach, like, just laughing your ass off about how my life was almost ruined? I was in a mental institution in Europe trying my damndest to get well.

And I have! I’m better now. Ah. But I still feel horrible about what I did. And I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to make amends. I know it won’t be easy. But I want to find a way, have to find a way, to make this right. Or I can’t go on.

Oh, man. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who are you calling? The police, Chloe, because this bastard’s ass is going to jail. Brady,

you can’t call the police. Why not? Come on, he’s guilty of like, what, 12 crimes? He needs to be arrested. He was mentally ill. Then he’ll go to Bayview. I don’t give a crap. As long as he’s locked up somewhere, that’s fine with me. Oh my god, can you have some compassion in this moment? Philip just lost his father.

It’s the only reason he came back to Salem. No, you mean the only reason that he slithered out of his hole. You know what, man? You are one vindictive, psychotic dude. You’re also a coward, and your father would love to know what you did. He’d be so proud. He did know. Sorry, what? My parents were the ones who sent me to Europe.

They knew how much I needed help. Oh my god. Hold on, you’re trying to tell me that mommy and daddy fixed this for you, Philip? Wow! Kate, Kate, I can understand. You want me to believe that my grandfather was okay with me going to prison for a murder that I had nothing to do with? No! They wanted to help both of us.

That’s why they revoked the paperwork they signed having me declared legally dead. Without a body, Trask had no choice but to drop the charges against you. Mmm, yeah, that wraps it up in a nice little red bow, doesn’t it? Do you know the agony that this woman went through not knowing whether you were dead or alive?

Do you know I was drowning in guilt about the fact that Kristen probably kidnapped you? I had Steve Johnson, I hired him to investigate where the hell you were Yeah, and that’s exactly why Kate didn’t want me to go on with the investigation anymore. Because she wasn’t worried about you, was she? Because she knew you were alive.

She was just trying to protect her son. Yeah, yeah. Meanwhile, Kristen had, had, uh, Stephen Cale on some godforsaken island where they could have died. You know, you gotta go down, Philip. You gotta pay for all this. Not only for what you did to me, but for what you did to everybody. Brady, stop! Victor didn’t want his son to go to prison!

Victor won’t know now! Victor was still your grandfather. And I know you two had issues, but I also know that you loved him. And more than anything in this world, he wanted peace. For that family. You heard Philip, he wants to make things right. So, in Victor’s memory, please. Please just let him try.

There you go again. Pressuring me about Paulina. I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to do that. But… Let me ask you a question. Are you attracted to her? Well, how could I not be? I mean, she’s, she’s intelligent, she’s strong, she’s beautiful. Just because I’m attracted to her doesn’t mean that I want to share a bed with her.

No one’s saying you need to do that. In fact, I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. You ought to pump the brakes. Meaning what? Well, Instead of thinking about sleeping with your wife, maybe it’s time you started thinking about, you know, going back to the beginning. Starting over again.

This is pretty great, huh? Burger? No. This. You know what you and I have going on. I know it’s still new. Great! Good, good. I found you. Sorry to interrupt your dinner. That’s fine. So, uh, what can I do for Salem’s new mayor? You can go back to being Salem’s old police commissioner. If

only Sean would talk to me. Or you. He just keeps pushing us away because he’s beating himself up and he’s… You know what? I’m gonna, I’m gonna go to the police station and try and get some help. They all care about him there, right? Yeah, they’ll be discreet.


My God. We’ve been so worried about you. I’m sorry. I just, um, I don’t want anybody else to worry about me anymore. I, uh, I need

you to take this away from me. Because I’m not. Listen, Mom, I’m not in a good place right now. I know. It’s okay. Sean, were you thinking about hurting yourself? I, I just, I don’t know. I don’t need help

right now. And I know that I’ve said that before, but… It’s alright. There’s no shame in asking for help. No matter how many times you do it. Yeah, she’s right. Honey, we’re gonna help you. We are, I promise. I got you.

Brady, I’m begging you. Please don’t do this. The Kiriakis family is mourning. Think about what this will do to them. Just think about Maggie. I mean, come on, what do you say? Are you gonna have Phillip arrested?

I dunno. I’m gonna have to think about it.

Thank you. Well, he’s still in shock in time. He’ll realize you’re not responsible for what you did when you were sick. Well, even if he does, which I doubt now that I’m back, the truth is going to come out and I’m going to need a lawyer. Well, I’ll call be.

Belle is Brady’s lawyer, and his sister. Yeah, but she’s also your friend.

Sean, I’d like to put you on a 24 hour hold so we can assess you and figure out the next step. I would feel a lot better if you’d agree to that. Oh, I mean whatever you think is best. Doesn’t have to happen right this minute, we could, we could talk for a while. Listen, look at me. We’re in this together.

We’ll get through it together.

Look, um, I’m sorry I let you down. You did not let me down, Amy. I am so proud of you, that you came here and you asked for help. Okay, we’re gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay.

But, um, Sean was just appointed commissioner. And I just came from telling him he’s out. You fired him? Well, just demoted him, but he’s going to stay on as a detective. So, uh, will you accept the job? You are aware of… Yeah, the one that prohibits superiors from dating their subordinates. Well, first of all, I don’t want to hear you or any other woman refer to herself as a subordinate.

Not on my watch. Yes, Madam Mayor. Oh, let me be clear. My. Administration will have zero tolerance for anyone who abuses the power of their position, but consenting colleagues who want to date, well, as long as their personal lives don’t interfere with their professional duties, I have no problem with it.

And the city council won’t either. I’m going to tell him that. Oh, you are? Yes, this blanket policy we have with all of this. We need to start handling relationships on a case by case basis. Well, that’s great. But I think I’m going to hold off on making a decision until the policy’s been amended. You don’t want your job back?

No, no, no. Don’t get me wrong. I love being a cop, being commissioner. Really enjoying hanging out with Jada right now.

I can see that. So, uh, I guess I better hurry up and get that policy changed. Cause we need you back in charge. Pronto.

Hey, Steve. I appreciate you trying to help, but… I don’t think you can since you have no idea what this… What this is like. Actually, I do. You had amnesia? Yeah. I did. Courtesy of the DiMeras, of course.

I’ll give you the short version.

It’s, uh, a little more than 15 years ago. My brother, Jack, brought me back to town, and Kayla thought I was dead, so she was ecstatic, until she found out I had no memory of her or our life together.

You know, my reaction was… It’s like yours. I thought, how can I be her husband when I have no idea who she is? Kayla.

She wouldn’t give up. And eventually, something in me, something in my heart, let me know that this woman was my destiny. So, I did my damnedest to get those memories back. And to feel her love again. The love I had for her. The rest is history.

You think that could happen for me? I think it’s possible. If you start spending time with Paulina again, you don’t have to move back in with her right away. Just take her out to dinner. Get to know her. Talk to her. Maybe you’ll remember. Maybe you won’t. Either way, I bet you money. You’ll fall in love with your wife all over again.

I think you should take it the last buy to buy. Sure. Hey, hey. No, no, that’s mine. What? No, you. No. I meant that you should take the police commissioner’s job. Oh. Then we have to stop seeing each other just until the policy changes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So does messing up the bed. And believe me, I enjoy that.

I do. But, you know, Paulina’s right. The city needs you in charge. And besides, you love that job. Yeah.

Well, I’m not sure I want to go back to the department. But there is one thing that I am sure of. What’s that? That I’m falling in love with you.

Well, hey, Paulina. Abraham. Um, I just wanted to let you know that, um, I asked Ray Fernandez to take his job back. And he’s considering it. That’s great. That’s great. Well, um, Thank you. Thank you for letting me know. Of course. Have a good night. Uh, Paulina, um, Yes? Wait, wait, um, I was, I was wondering if, uh, perhaps, you would like to go on a date with me.

A date? Yeah, I mean, you know, if you’re too busy with your job, I, I, I think I could make some time.

Um, I’m sorry about my behavior earlier. You don’t have to apologize. Listen, all you’ve been trying to do is to help me, and speaking to you the way that I did, and walking out the way that I did, it was, like, it was wrong. And, and quitting therapy, that was, uh, that was a big mistake. So, um, I’m ready to get started again.

As long as you are. Okay. First, I want to tell you that you’ll be my patient. I will do everything that I can to help you. And secondly, I want to remind you that you are my family. And I love you beyond words.

Okay, I love you too, Marlena.

Hi. Hi. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, well, I got your message. You said you needed a lawyer. What’s going on? Yeah, not for me. Oh. For Xander? No. Not Xander. Then who? See for yourself.


my God. You’re alive.

Oh, my God. I’m so happy to see you. I hope you still feel that way after you hear what I’ve done.

Sean? Sean, I need to talk to


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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Mariah: I didn’t know that tessa had called you, so…

Tessa: Well, we have specialists and pediatricians all lined up. What we need right now is a friend who understands.

Devon: Yeah. And you’re looking at him. ‘Cause you both know what I’ve been through. And I can certainly share resources with you if you’d like. But I mean, I mainly just came over here to talk you down ’cause I imagine that your instinct is to panic and that never helps anybody.

[ Mariah sighs ] So, what exactly happened?

Mariah: We noticed that aria wasn’t reacting to loud noises.

Tessa: Like really loud noises. Like thunder.

Mariah: Or, like, a whole boatload of silverware crashing on the floor.

Devon: Right. And then you guys took her to the doctor?

Tessa: Yes, our pediatrician ran some tests and there is definitely an issue.

Devon: Okay. And I’m sure it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly what it is ’cause she’s so young, right?

Mariah: Right. So, I mean, there are more tests to do and– and a million other things, but I– I know you’re experienced with this, so.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, I was– I was concerned, right after dominic was born ’cause I was worried I was gonna pass something down to him, you know? But when it’s your child, regardless, you worry.

Mariah: About everything.

Devon: Yeah.

Tessa: I was thinking, I– I mean, I don’t know, I– maybe you could walk us through it? Maybe explain what it’s like not to hear.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Well, I don’t– I don’t know, those are two totally different situations and I don’t want you to have to relive all that.

Devon: No, no, no, no, please, it’s, um, I don’t mind at all.

Mariah: And it– it wouldn’t be unfair of us to ask of you?

Devon: No.

Tessa: No, maybe I overstepped.

Devon: No, no, listen, you didn’t overstep. It’s not unfair. It’s fine, okay? You’re not gonna invite me to help and then kick me out once I try to, all right? We’re gonna talk about this.

Billy: That was nice, that little work session on the patio. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Jack: Gotta enjoy these last days of summer.

Billy: It’s a nice change of pace instead of rushing off to the office. I gotta say it’s quiet around here for a change.

Jack: Yeah, mrs. Martinez took harrison to the farmer’s market, I think. Everybody else is at work.

Billy: I guess I’m struck by the, uh, the lack of snarky comments and open hostility.

Jack: You’re referring, of course, to our sister and her new husband.

Billy: I wonder if this lack of communication is a good thing or if it’s, you know, pending doom. I mean, what’s the over/under that they’re really moving on from this anti-diane world domination plan?

Jack: I have no idea what the odds are, but I’m not about to bet on anything right no–

Tucker: Hey, guys. You miss me?

Billy: Oh, yes, tucker, we’ve been pining over you. It’s been torture.

Jack: What brings you by, tucker? I seem to remember asking you to return your house key.

Tucker: Oh, yeah, you’re gonna get that. I just came by for some personal items. And I believe ashley made arrangements to have the rest of our stuff moved out in the next week or so. And we’ll be outta your hair.

Jack: Now why do I have a hard time believing that?

Abby: So, you’re still living at the club?

Ashley: Yeah. We’re gonna get our own place once we find something that’s exciting to us. We’re also looking for office space, you know, for our new company, so spending a lot of time on real estate sites.

Abby: And your truce with uncle jack is still holding strong?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Mom, you don’t have to say it like you’re humoring me.

Ashley: I’m just trying to smooth over your concerns, honey. And let you know that everything is actually okay. It’s a lot easier to have peace when you don’t live with someone, you don’t work with someone, so…

Abby: I think it’s a shame. You have put so much time and energy and love into jabot. I mean, as much as anyone besides granddad. And it’s as much a part of you as you are a part of it.

Ashley: I know that. But jabot is more than a building, isn’t it? It’s the lab, it’s my father, it’s all the products that I’ve helped create and those are gonna go right with me. Wherever I go, I’ll take that with me.

Abby: Are you sure you really wanna do this? You wanna just break away and start over?

Ashley: Honey, I can’t work at jabot. Not with diane being part of the scenery, okay? I’ve tried and I’ve tried, and I can’t do it. It’s impossible. And I also tried to convince jack that he was making a huge mistake, that diane was absolutely very dangerous to jabot, but I failed, all right? And now it’s time for me to move on.

Diane: Thank god. And we’re done.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Mariah: All right. All right, you can stay. So please sit because I’m gonna need you to answer about a million questions…

Devon: It’s okay. …Because I am a pain.

Devon: No, you’re not. You’re not a pain at all. You’re an amazing friend, an amazing mother. You both are. And you’re smart to talk to someone who’s been through a similar experience instead of going online and scaring yourselves with misinformation.

Tessa: That is what I was thinking and doing. The internet is a very scary place.

Devon: Yeah, it’s not good. You don’t need that and any parent would be worried. But, you know, my experience is very different just ’cause of how old I was when I lost my hearing.

Tessa: Yeah, mariah said that you had meningitis.

Devon: Yeah, that’s what caused it, but I was already a teenager. So, you know, I could– I could talk, I could speak and communicate. I just couldn’t hear myself or anyone else.

Mariah: Aria is so little. She can’t say if she’s confused or frightened.

Devon: I know, but what she does have is two people who can care about her and advocate for her and love her. And that’s– that’s the most important thing, right? Well, listen, I’m not an expert though, even though I’ve been through what I’ve been through. Have you guys lined up more appointments?

Tessa: Yes, we have an audiologist coming to the house.

Devon: Oh, perfect. That’s– that’s great. You guys are– you’re doing all that you can, really.

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, you know, we can hope that we’re doing the best things for her. But just every minute is filled with what-ifs. I mean, just imagining things that are gonna happen this week, next month, next year.

Mariah: What if aria… is never able to hear her mother’s beautiful voice?

Ashley: Is there something we can help you with diane? Or you just gonna stand there and eavesdrop?

Diane: Well, I couldn’t help but unintentionally overhear.

Abby: Can I get you a table?

Diane: Ashley, your future affects jack’s future. So, what the two of you were talking about is very much my business. I want abbott family harmony as much as anybody.

Ashley: Of course you do.

Diane: You know what, if you don’t believe me, I really don’t care. I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that there are certain members of the family who will never accept me as an abbott.

[ Ashley sighs ] It’s disappointing and I know that it breaks jack’s heart.

Ashley: Yeah, well, you know, still, your words mean nothing to me. Sorry, they just don’T. They are as sincere today as they were a week ago or a year ago or whenever it was we first met all those decades ago. You even died but you came back. So, see, some things never change. You certainly have not.

Tucker: No, seriously, jack. Ashley and I are moving on. We’ve decided that you and diane are just not worth the stress. Frankly, neither is jabot.

Billy: Are you speaking for our sister again, tucker, or does she actually believe that?

Tucker: No, she actually believes that. I’ve convinced her that any efforts to save jabot from diane are a waste of time. And that the company that we’re starting, that we’re gonna run together, that’s our real future.

Jack: But there’s a little bit of a conundrum there, is there not? I mean, if you’re going to build the simply ashley brand, you’re going to have to go up against jabot. Compete for ad placement, for shelf space.

Tucker: Gee, that’s right. I never thought of that.

Jack: You say you’ve convinced her that the best way to fight jabot is as an outsider, as a competitor. And yet ashley’s justification for this fight all along has been her belief that she has to save jabot, and me, from diane.

Tucker: I think you’re a little confused. May I explain?

Jack: Please do.

Billy: Can’t wait to hear this.

Tucker: So I know from the beginning you thought that I had some, um… devious plan to use ashley, right? To rekindle our relationship solely for the purpose of acquiring jabot. So, that’s just not the case. She’s, uh… she’s seeking peace and prosperity, and uh, I’m just along for the ride, really, just helping her out.

Jack: ‘Cause that’s the benevolent kind of guy you are.

Tucker: No, no, just because I saw what this war with you was doing to her. She was really obsessed by it. It was unhealthy and I helped her see that too. Can I let you in on a little secret, jack? All this time that you were worried about me, what I was gonna do? Your real threat was a little closer to home.

Jack: And now thanks to you, ashley is no longer a threat?

Tucker: No, I’m not talking about ashley.

Jack: Then whom?

Tucker: Your, uh, carus frater over there. He was ready to sell you out for control of jabot.

Mariah: Dr. George.

Dr. George: Yes.

Mariah: Hi, hi, come on in, please, um… I’m mariah and this is my wife, tessa, and, uh, this is our friend, devon winters.

Devon: How you doing? I don’t know if you remember, but I’m pretty sure you were on my care team at memorial years and years ago when I got a cochlear implant.

Dr. George: Ah, yes, that’s right.

Devon: I’m right, huh?

Dr. George: My practice is focused on pediatrics now, but I remember you. You had quite an interest in music if I recall.

Devon: Yes, yes, that’s a great memory. Absolutely, that was– it was all I could think about, even though I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to hear.

Dr. George: But you got your cochlear implant and have been doing quite well from everything that I’ve read.

Devon: Yeah, fortunately, there were advancements with, you know, the technology and my, uh, my father, tucker, uh, arranged for me to get surgery in texas. So, yeah, it was a miracle.

Dr. George: Modern medicine can do wonders, but so can the human spirit.

Devon: Absolutely. Well, listen, I’m gonna take off and let you get to work. Um, ladies, you’re clearly in good hands. And uh, I know that aria’s spirit is stronger than all of ours combined. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Jack: While billy may not be diane’s biggest fan, there is no way he would choose you and ashley over me and the company our father founded.

Tucker: That’s where your insights into human nature falters jack. ‘Cause billy’s the kind of guy that is capable of anything if the price is right. Am I wrong?

Billy: You’re dead wrong, tucker. And you’re lying through your teeth. Shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Tucker: I see, so… when ashley and I came to you and asked for your help in weakening jabot from the inside, so we could take it from jack and diane and offered you the ceo position once you were successful, you turned us down? Is that it?

Billy: That’s my story, 100%. Sticking to it.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: With a straight face too. Guess it’s all that poker experience. But I’m not surprised you’d play it like that, I– I know a thing or two about deceit and ambition.

Jack: The first true statement you’ve made.

Tucker: I think my instincts in this situation are a little better than yours, jack. Because what I saw in billy’s eyes, what I heard in his voice… the hunger, the ambition… you can’t fake that.

Jack: Let’s say I believe you. Let’s say my faith in billy is forever shattered. Why do you care?

Tucker: Oh, I just wanna do my new brother-in-law a solid. No, I thought you’d like to know that billy’s dislike for diane goes a little deeper than he pretends. And while you were worried about ashley and what she was gonna do, it was your baby brother who was ready to stick a knife in your back.

Diane: Ashley, you are so hung up on the past, aren’t you? I bet you lie awake at night plotting revenge against all the mean girls in high school. Oh, wait, sorry, you were probably one of them.

Ashley: You know what they say, diane? They say that the best predictor of future actions is past behavior and well, your past behavior sucks.

Diane: You know what? Your self-righteousness is kind of tacky–

Abby: Okay, just stop! Please, please, both of you stop! Or take it somewhere else because my customers here, they didn’t pay for lunch and a show. Now, please. Devon, hey. Uh, yeah, yeah, I can meet you at the park right now. I’ll go grab dominic, and I’ll see you in a bit. Okay, bye. I have to go. Um, but will the two of you please behave yourselves? No broken dishes? No bloodshed?

Ashley: I promise, and I’m very sorry about that. I will not waste your china, and I certainly will not waste my breath.

Abby: Thank you. I love you.

Ashley: I love you too.

Diane: Bye.

Abby: Bye.

Ashley: You see, diane, I really am trying to move on from your toxicity. And you know, frankly, I couldn’t be–

[ Ashley choking ] Oh, hello! Hi!

Diane: Here. Let me help you.

[ Diane grunts ] Is that it?

[ Ashley coughing ]

[ Diane panting ] Ashley, are you okay? Just…

Ashley: Oh, my god.

Diane: …Try to– try to keep breathing. Did it all come out? Just– okay, just try to– try to get some breath, some– could she get some water or something?

[ Ashley coughs ]

Ashley: Oh, god.

[ Diane panting ] Did you just save my life?

Abby: I see somebody.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Hi!

Devon: Aww!

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Hey. I love you. Hey, buddy.

[ Abby chuckles ]

Abby: He was very excited to see daddy.

Devon: Yeah? Let’s go sit down. Let’s go sit down.

>>Abby: Wanna sit? Let’s sit. Let’s take your dinosaur for a little sit.

Devon: Oh, thank you for getting away… to come and see me. I appreciate it. After I, uh, left mariah and tessa’s I felt like I needed to see my family as soon as possible.

Abby: Well, don’t get me wrong, I love being missed but what happened at mariah and tessa’s? Is something wrong?

Devon: Yeah, um… I got some bad news about aria.

Abby: Oh my gosh. What– what is it?

Devon: The pediatrician ran some tests on her and she might not be able to hear.

[ Abby sighs ]

Abby: Devon.

Devon: I know.

[ Abby sighs ] But, like I told them, we’re not thinking extremes yet just ’cause there’s a lot of testing that still needs to be done. And even if there is a problem, there’s so many things out there. Hearing aids and cochlear implants, like the one I had.

Abby: Uh, that’s why they wanted you to go over because, well, you know, something about that?

Devon: Yeah. More than the average person. But, I mean, I mostly just went there to try and talk them down so they didn’t panic because there’s so much we don’t know yet.

Abby: Yeah, there’s so much uncertainty.

Devon: Yeah, it’s horrible. But they will be all right. I just– I’ve never been more grateful to have a family with you. ‘Cause, like mariah and tessa, I know that what we have can get us through anything.

Tessa: Ooh, I wish I was as relaxed as aria is about this. She already passed out.

Dr. George: Why don’t we have a seat, moms?

Mariah: Yeah.

Dr. George: I performed two types of tests. The first was to determine if aria’s inner ear responds to sound.

Mariah: Oh, my god, she failed?

Dr. George: The absence of what we call auto-acoustic emissions could mean hearing loss, but it might not. I did another test that checks how aria’s brain responds to sound. The results suggested hearing loss connected to the auditory nerve, deep in the ear. But again, it’s a little early to make assumptions.

Mariah: Uh, okay, um, but if… if this is what you think it is, is it treatable?

Dr. George: It is treatable, yes. But there is no cure.

Jack: The only backstabbing son of a bitch in this room is you.

Tucker: If you say so.

Jack: What is this, some new tactic to create tension between my co-ceo and me? Any efforts to destabilize jabot in the past haven’t worked. We are strong. Jabot is solid.

Tucker: I hear you. I hear you. Jack. You gotta let go of all this hostility. Ashley and I, we’re not a threat to you. And if you want to continue to trust billy, that’s your call, be my guest. Apparently, blood is thicker than betrayal.

Jack: Well, he didn’t miss a beat, did he? Good thing I trust you. He made a hell of a case.

Billy: What do you mean by that exactly, jack? If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Tucker didn’t say anything to you that you don’t already know. I played my part exactly as I was supposed to.

Jack: Yes, you did, I know that.

Billy: Okay, so then, what good case did he just make?

Jack: It was a clever move telling me that you were tempted by the opportunity to run jabot.

Billy: Because I’m that predictable, jack?

Jack: Well, let’s not get into a big argument here. That is exactly what he’s banking on.

Billy: Let me just be very clear here, okay? I am not trying to steal jabot from you. Yes, tucker and ashley offered me the brass ring, and I pretended to be interested in it because that was the right thing to do to stay on the inside.

Jack: I get it. But no one would be surprised that maybe, a kernel of this is true. That you might be tempted to run jabot.

Billy: Because my last go around at jabot didn’t quite end like everyone expected? So this is my opportunity to redeem myself? As you just said, who wouldn’t do that? Especially, if your name was billy abbott.

Jack: Billy, I don’t believe you would follow through.

Billy: No, but you don’t really 100% trust me, do you? Tucker just planted the seed. I’m just shocked how quickly it’s taken hold.

Jack: I trust you. I know I can count on you. You have proven time and again–

Billy: It’s your instinct. You fully believe that I’m just gonna fall right back where I came from.

Jack: That is not what I said.

Billy: Tucker and ashley offered me the leadership role at jabot. And I pretended that I was interested in it, but I was in control the whole entire time.

Jack: Yes, and tucker bought it, completely.

Billy: Yes, and then they retracted the offer, even though they doubled down that I was the best way to get what they wanted. So, maybe, maybe this white flag that they’re flying right now is legit.

Jack: I seriously doubt that. But why don’t you think I can’t trust you?

Billy: Because it’s your instinct, jack. Because you think for one second that I might go to their side. To go against everything that I promised to the company, to our family, to our father’s legacy. The promises that I made to you.

Jack: I’m sorry that you took what I said that way.

Billy: Give me a break, jack. There’s only one way to take that.

[ Jack sighs ]

[ Door shuts ]

Diane: Ashley, don’t be dramatic. I did what anyone would have done. I– I didn’t even think about it.

Ashley: Thank you so much.

Diane: Yeah, well, we should really go get you checked out at urgent care.

Ashley: Oh, god, listen, I’m okay, all right? I will be okay.

Diane: No, no, no, no. There can be complications after a choking incident. Or if you’re too stubborn to see a doctor, let me at least drive you back to the club.

Ashley: Diane, please, please, I choked, and you saved me, and I’m okay. Come on now.

[ Diane scoffs ]

[ Footsteps departing ]

Devon: Oh, my gosh. I really just tried to keep mariah and tessa from going off the deep end and assuming the worst without having all the facts, you know? But I mean, I completely get it, because I’d be the exact same way if we were talking about dominic.

Abby: Yeah, I mean, it’s gotta be so awful not knowing if your baby is ever gonna hear all the wonderful sounds in the world. And aria is so little. She can’t say whether or not she had her hearing and then lost it, or if she’s scared.

Devon: I know. I remember, gosh, I was terrified when I lost my hearing. And I wasn’t very good at expressing it either. But dru and neil and lily were great about it. And daniel too. They actually all learned sign language for me. And they tried their best to help me cope with it. But I remember there were a lot of times where I’d get really angry that it was happening to me at all. And I’d start feeling sorry for myself, and I’d lash out.

Young devon: I’m gonna have to find a whole new way to pick up girls. You know, I wonder how many girls are into deaf guys.

Neil: Hey, now, slow down.

[ Keyboard clattering ] Slow down, partner. Devon, you’re young, handsome, and smart. You have a good heart. Plenty of women will be attracted to you. You just have to be confident. Why don’t we go leave? Shoot some hoops?

Young devon: Now?

Neil: After dinner.

Young devon: I can’t, I…

Neil: What? What?

Young devon: Damn! I can’t– I can’t remember the sign for homework.

Neil: Devon, takes time.

Young devon: I don’t have time.

Neil: Son.

[ Keyboard clattering ] You’re learning a whole new language. It took me a year of studying spanish before I felt comfortable.

Young devon: You know what, I’m gonna practice every day, all day until I get this, ’cause I’m not gonna lose a whole year out of my life.

Devon: I’m sure it was scary for my family at the time too. I just wasn’t very good at understanding that.

Abby: You lost your hearing because of meningitis, right?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Do they know what caused aria’s hearing loss?

Devon: No. They have no idea. But I guess, I mean, at this point, it doesn’t really matter.

Abby: No, you’re right. All that matters is that we are there for mariah and tessa, and we give them all the love and support they need.

Devon: Yeah, which is absolutely what we’ll do.

Abby: Yeah. They’re really good people and parents. You know? Dom wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for mariah.

Abby: Yeah. Well, we will help them however we can.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: And I’m just really thankful that I have such a loving, caring man in my life.

Dr. George: Once we arrive at a definitive diagnosis, we’ll start with a hearing aid first.

Tessa: Really? A– a hearing aid for a baby?

Dr. George: Yes, I’ve seen great success with infants and toddlers.

Mariah: Okay, um… what if that doesn’t work?

Dr. George: There are other things we can consider.

Mariah: Like– like, a cochlear implant, like devon’s?

Dr. George: Yes, that– that could be an option.

Tessa: How did this happen? Did we do something wrong? Okay, again, this is a status bar.

Mariah: Is she right? Is there something that we should have done or shouldn’t have done?

Dr. George: No, from everything I’ve seen, you are excellent parents. It’s very likely aria’s condition is genetic. That she inherited it from one of her birth parents. I saw in her files, you adopted her. Do you have any medical background on both parents?

Tessa: Uh, we’re in touch with her bio mom. We can find out.

Mariah: Yeah, uh, right– right away, um, but… what is the next step?

Dr. George: I would like to see aria in my office where I can do further testing, and then, we’ll most likely look into the most appropriate hearing aids for her.

Tessa: Okay, um, how long will that take, for her to get hearing aids and for us to know whether they’re working or not?

Dr. George: Not long. Now, try not to worry. I know, that’s a silly thing to say to a young child’s parents, but do your best not to get too worked up. Aria needs you, and I can assure you, she will get the best medical attention and care possible.

Mariah: Well, uh, thank you. Thank you so much for the house call and– and for everything. We are very grateful.

Dr. George: Of course. I’ll see you soon.

Mariah: Yeah.

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Abby: Hello. Team taria is here. We figured you’ve been so busy worrying that you probably forgot to eat.

Tessa: Yeah, I’ve never understood when people say that.

Devon: So what did, uh, what’d dr. George say?

Tessa: That–

Mariah: Aria failed a couple of tests.

Abby: Meaning what?

Tessa: Meaning she’s experienced some hearing loss.

Devon: Okay. What happens next?

Mariah: Hearing aids.

Tessa: And maybe surgery.

Abby: Well, now, you have a road map and a plan. That’s good, and a huge safety net of love and support for both you and aria.

Devon: Absolutely. Whatever you guys need.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Look, why don’t you let me at least call abby or tucker? Jack?

Ashley: I’m okay. I really am.

Diane: Well, you don’t look fine.

Ashley: I got a little lightheaded when I went into the bathroom, but I’m okay, honestly.

Diane: You know what, forget it, you’re not driving, and you’re not going anywhere without me. Come on, let’s go. I’ll take you to the club.

Ashley: Okay.

Diane: You all right?

Ashley: Fine.

Tucker: I take it the turncoat left?

Jack: Diane and i came to your wedding. We were beyond civil. We wished you well. I gave ashley everything she asked for. Why couldn’t you just turn the corner, and get on with your new lives together?

Tucker: That’s exactly what we are doing.

Jack: You drag my brother into your plot to destroy my family’s company. And then you come here and try to sow dissent between my brother and me pretending that billy’s the one that’s pulling the coup at jabot.

Tucker: I just thought you’d like to know the truth.

Jack: You listen carefully. Whatever tension is between my sister and me is between my sister and me. It is a family matter. We will deal with it.

Tucker: I’d like to think I’m your family now too, jack.

Jack: You will never be any part of my family, mccall. And I promise you, if you hurt or cause heartache for ashley in any way at all, I swear to you, I will destroy you. That is not a threat. That is a promise you can take to the bank.

Tucker: Don’t push me, jack. I know I give off this air of not giving a damn about much. Don’t fool yourself. You do not want to cross me. See you around.

[ Door shuts ] Even when I was with the people I love,

Tucker: Thanks. What the hell’s going on here? You guys are hanging out together?

Ashley: Listen, I’m– I’m– it’s okay, I’m fine, really. You’ve done enough, I appreciate it, you can go. She can go.

Diane: All right. All right! You know what, um, she should see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Ashley: I’m fine.

Tucker: Are you sick?

Ashley: No, can we just go upstairs, please? Could we just make that happen? Thank you.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Mariah: Well, it’s certainly not the best news ever but it’s like devon said, we just have to trust the doctors, and take this one step at a time, right? One step at a time. [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: I just can’t help but think that we did something wrong. That– that I did something wrong.

Mariah: Hey, hey, you gotta stop that. And for– for all we know, this could be something on– on delphine’s side of the family or her dad’S. It doesn’t really matter either way, you know? All we can do is what’s best for our daughter. Try to plan for her future.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Aria gurgles ]

[ Tessa laughs ] Stay positive.

Tessa: But we’re gonna do whatever we can, okay, bunny? I know you can’t hear me now, but you will, because mama and I love you, and we are gonna do whatever we can to help you, okay?

Mariah: We’re gonna do whatever it takes.

Jack: Hey, it’s– it’s me, billy. Um, I– I am so sorry about our conversation earlier. Everything got out of hand, and I hated the way we left things. Can we maybe talk? Let’s– let’s get together for a drink. Give me a call, okay?

[ Door slams ]

Jack: Oh, am I happy to see you.

Diane: Hey.

Jack: Hi. Hey, what is it? What happened?

Diane: Ashley could’ve died.

Jack: What?

Diane: She could have died, and I saved her life.

[ Ashely coughing ]

Tucker: So, tell me what happened.

Ashley: I still can’t believe it.

Tucker: Believe what?

Ashley: Well, diane did something truly amazing.

Tucker: Do tell.

Ashley: Okay, well, I was having lunch at society with abby. Um, and diane walked in, and so I– you know, I told her she was toxic, of course.

Tucker: Yes, of course. No news flash there.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I popped a grape for emphasis as I was telling her.

Tucker: You popped a grape for emphasis?

Ashley: It was stupid. I mean, a really stupid move, because I choked on the damn thing.

Tucker: You choked on it?

Ashley: I did for real. I mean, like, I couldn’t breathe or anything, yeah. But diane, she didn’t miss a beat. She came up behind me. She did that, you know, you– you squeeze–

Tucker: The heimlich?

Ashley: Yes, I don’t think they call it that anymore. But, yeah, but she– she didn’t miss a second. I mean, just–

Tucker: [ Laughs ] God. But you’re okay now.

Ashely: Mm-hmm. So, why did she mention the hospital?

Ashley: She thought maybe I should get checked out, but I’m okay.

Tucker: You sure?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Well, I mean, you know, physically, I’m okay but… I don’t know what to do with this, because mentally, and emotionally, the woman that I hate more than anybody on the planet just saved my life.

[ Notification chimes ]

Billy: Not interested, jack. Delete.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, August 29, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Lucy: No, no. No, no, no. Just listen to me, okay? I need you to get over to the courthouse pronto. I don’t care what you’re doing. Just drop everything. You don’t understand. My life is at stake.

Okay, Lucy has the best representation for us, so it’s all gonna be okay. Besides, today is just a preliminary hearing to see if this case is even gonna move forward.

You seem pretty optimistic.

I am. I am. This is a good opportunity to smoke out the mastermind who’s behind this and shut them down for good.

Portia: I can’t tell you how much it means to me — finally having you home.

Curtis: Yeah, well, I know it’s not gonna be easy on any of us, but, um…I know we’ll figure it out.

And we’re all here for you.

[ Sighs ] I know. Okay. Let’s do it. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Welcome home, dad!

Carly: Here you go. Here is your breakfast. Enjoy. [ Laughs ]


Michael: You got a real flair for this.

Carly: I do. And you know what? It runs in the family. Great-Aunt Ruby. She ran this place for decades.

Michael: I love that you and Bobbie kept it in our family.

Carly: Me too. It’s so good to see you!


Carly: Thank you so much for coming by.

Michael: Yeah, of course. So, why’d you want to see me?

Carly: Well, I may have come up with a way to get Drew out of Pentonville.

Cyrus: Can I interest you in a little soul cleansing? This book will help lead you to the Lord, and all your prayers will be answered, if only you ask.

Drew: Yeah, well, thank you, but I’m looking for a book on rivers in upstate New York, so I can do a little kayaking.

Cyrus: Doesn’t that make you long for a world you can’t be part of?

Drew: Gives me something to look forward to when I get out of here.

Cyrus: In the meantime, how fortunate for you that you’re under Sonny’s protection.

Sonny: Brick. How was your flight?

Brick: Long. Too long. It’s good to see you, though.

Sonny: Want some coffee?

Brick: Sure. Anything strong.

Sonny: It’s all I got.

Brick: So I’ll take it.

Sonny: Do you have an update?

Brick: Oh, I do. That spy that was planted in your home?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Brick: It’s not gonna be a problem for you any longer.

[ Door opens ]

Janice: Sasha? How are you feeling today?

Sasha: [ Shivering ] So cold. My head is throbbing. Everything hurts. Please. Do something.

Janice: Um…oh. Here’s another blanket. You really need to stay hydrated. You think you can drink some water?

Sasha: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think so.

Janice: Okay. Here you go.

Sasha: [ Gasps ]

Janice: I’ll be back to check in on you and give you something for that headache.

Sasha: Mm-hmm.

Nina: No, I don’t want to drop the two-page Deception ad. Why? Because it’s my magazine and I say it stays! Oh. Can you hold for a second? Thanks.

[ Beep ]

Nina: Listen. I asked you to hold all my calls until I was finished. Yeah. Just send her in. Thanks.

[ Beep ]

Nina: Listen. I’m gonna have to call you right back. Okay.

[ Door opens ]

Gladys: I understand that congratulations are in order? I am so happy for you and Sonny. And, you know, this practically makes us family now. Let me — let me see that rock.

Nina: Uh, Gladys, uh, if you have something that you need to talk to me about, I am so sorry, but I’m extremely busy right now, so if you see my assistant, she’ll set something up.

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

Gladys: We have to talk now. It’s a matter of life and death.

Trina: You look great, Dad. And handsome, as always. Isn’t he, Mom?

Portia: Mm-hmm!

And you look really fit! You must be really excited to be home.

Oh. Come in. Come in. Look.

[ Doors close ]

Curtis: Moved some things around.

We opened some things up a bit for you.

Trina: Mom, we should have gotten rid of that coffee table a long time ago. I love the open space.

Oh, and wait till you see what we did to your room. You’re gonna love it. Go check it out.

Curtis: Okay.

Lucy: Hey, Team Deception. Are we ready and able to kick this ridiculous lawsuit out on its keister? Because if we don’t have the Deceptor to sell, then our company… is gone.

Where’s our lawyer?

Lucy: Oh. Uh… I let her go.

You did what?! Why would you do that?

Lucy: Uh, well, because, obviously, if we lose this lawsuit, we’re not gonna have the money to pay her. We can’t afford her.

Lucy, we — we need representation!

Lucy: I know. I know. Don’t worry. I got somebody new. I got the best.

Well, you just fired the best, so who did you get?

Lucy: Uh, Martin. He, uh — he agreed to do it pro bono.

Oh. Okay. Great. Great. Where is he?

Lucy: At the last minute, he flew the coop.

What does that mean?

Lucy: I don’t know what it means. He had to do something with Valentin. Look. Don’t worry, though. I-I-I-I have a plan. We just have to stay focused and have hope and… come on. Come on, team. Let’s stay positive.

This is really bad. Okay? How are we supposed to halt the case if we don’t have representation?!

Carly: So, I have Diane checking to see if she can argue that the judge in Drew’s case was biased.

Michael: B-biased in what way?

Carly: Well, that Judge Kim had a reason for going against Drew’s plea deal, or that he has a pattern of being hard on white-collar crimes.

Michael: I don’t care. I’ll take whatever Diane can find at this point.

And if she can find anything?

Carly: Well, she’s gonna have another judge review the whole case, and hopefully he can reduce the sentence or commute the whole damn thing.

Michael: [ Sighs ] Well, if anyone can do it, it’s Diane.

Carly: Yeah. I hope it works out for Drew’s sake. I hope so because she is our only chance.

Michael: Look, Mom. Hey. No matter what happens… Drew is strong. He can handle himself. He’ll be okay.

Carly: I-I know he’s strong mentally. I’m just really worried about him physically. I mean, he was already put in solitary confinement because he got in a fight. What if somebody else comes after him?

Michael: That won’t happen. Drew is under Sonny’s protection.

Carly: Yeah.

Drew: Stay out of my business, Cyrus.

Cyrus: I am deeply sorry. Have I spoken amiss?

Drew: Look. Just — skip all this, all the — all the flowery gestures, and just tell me whatever it is you obviously want me to know.

Cyrus: I really do appreciate your bluntness. Book was reminded in no uncertain terms that you are not to be touched. It was made crystal clear to him that you are under the protection and the watchful eye of Sonny Corinthos.

Drew: And?

Cyrus: Good for you.

Drew: Thanks.

Brick: Betty Rutherford is no longer in Port Charles. She flew to Mexico.

Sonny: I just assumed Betty’s job of s-spying on me a-and getting information on the Pikeman deal was finished.

Brick: I think the flash drive I falsified did the trick.

Sonny: Let’s just hope Austin and Mason, or whoever they’re working for, paid her off and said, “Hey. Just stay as far away from Port Charles as you can.”

Brick: Should I arrange to have her brought back?

Sonny: No, they’re hoping that she’s out of my reach, but little do they know she’s not, ’cause I got people in Mexico. If I need to ask her questions, I can find her.

Nina: Gladys, take a — take a deep breath. So what is this life-and-death matter?

Gladys: As you know, our poor Sasha is still being treated in Ferncliff.

Nina: Yes, I know that.

Gladys: And you two are pretty close. I-I know how much you care about Sasha, and I-I know how close Sasha and willow are. They’re best friends.

Nina: Yes, they are. Sasha and willow have been through a lot together.

Gladys: A-a-and you have been such a supportive and generous friend to Sasha.

Nina: Well, I love Sasha. However rocky our relationship started out, I’ve come to know her as a very loving and wonderful young woman.

Gladys: I’m so glad to hear you say that. That’s — that’s why I’m coming to you.

Nina: For what?

Gladys: I need $50,000 today to cover Sasha’s medical expenses.

Dr. Montague: Hello, Sasha. I’m going to give you something to help take all your pain away.

Sasha: No. No, please. Don’t. I don’t want it! I don’t want it! No! Please don’t! [ Breathing rapidly ]

Nina: 50 grand?! Gladys, that’s a very large medical bill, and it’s very unusual that it’s due so quickly.

Gladys: Oh, I know. It’s very upsetting. I mean, you’d think an institution like Ferncliff could wait until she’s better and on her feet before they demanded money.

Nina: Well, Sasha has money. You’re her guardian. So I’m sure that you can use it at your discretion to pay her medical expenses.

Gladys: Under normal circumstances, I could.

Nina: What changed?

Gladys: Well, unfortunately, with the Deception lawsuit, I can’t sell Sasha’s stock.

Nina: Right. The lawsuit. Well, that makes sense that her money would not be accessible right now. I would do anything to help Sasha, but I’m just a little curious. Why didn’t you ask Sonny first? He’s your cousin. He’d be happy to help.

Gladys: Well… [ Chuckles ] As you probably know, Sonny and I don’t have the greatest relationship. And — and money is an uncomfortable subject for us.

Nina: But this money is for Sasha. Right, Gladys? Just tell Sonny what’s going on.

Gladys: Oh, I just figured I’d start with you because, as we said, you’re close to Sasha, and willow is close to Sasha.

Nina: It’s obvious you’re not telling me everything, so, Gladys… if you can’t be honest with me, I’m sorry. I can’t help you.

Sonny: Since Betty quit, I’ve been having Mason and Austin followed just in case they go and — and visit their boss.

Brick: Any luck so far?

Sonny: Well, Austin went and vi– he — I don’t know. He was visiting Pentonville. I don’t know who he saw there, but he had a medical bag, like maybe he was doing community service.

Brick: Interesting. I’ll look into it and see what I can find.

Sonny: In the meantime, since we don’t know who they’re both working for, we need to ask ourselves why this person wants information… …on me and Pikeman.

Michael: S-so Dex visited the inmate who was fighting Drew and got him sent to solitary, and Dex reminded him that Drew was under Sonny’s protection.

Carly: Yeah, Sonny told me that he sent Dex there to send a message to back off Drew.

Michael: But when did he tell you this?

Carly: Yesterday. He came by here. He knew I was going to Pentonville to visit Drew, but he asked me if I saw Dr. Gatlin-Holt while I was there.

Michael: And what’d you say?

Carly: The truth. I did. Austin crossed through the visiting area carrying his doctor bag, but that was it. Sonny told me to let him know if I remembered anything else. That’s the other reason Dex was at Pentonville.

Michael: Because of Austin?

Carly: He was following him for Sonny.

The injustice of this is just horrible. I have a stomach ache. It’s so unfair.

It is unfair. Oh, man. I just don’t get how we have a system that you can try and nab somebody’s hard work, all the hard work we’ve done all this time.


Lucy: Boy. You know what? I’m thinking it’s a grift. That’s what it is. It’s a grift. Someone is out to…


Lucy: …Make a big, fat, quick settlement. That’s what it is. But we’re not gonna be swindled. Deception will not be swindled. It’s just a nuisance lawsuit. That’s what it is. They want cash. They’re gonna exploit us for that and try to tarnish our reputation, but they’re not.


Lucy: What?!

Do — do we have any idea who’s behind this?

Lucy: Uh, no. That’s why we’re here, kind of. Don’t you hate it? I hate it. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.

Okay, this is really bad.

Do we at least know when the lawsuit was originally filed with the court?


So we’re just completely in the dark?

Uh, yeah. Yep. Yep, we are.

Until the whole nonsense here gets revealed, and then we’re gonna have a very good idea who the culprit is and who we’re up against.

Trina: So, what do you think? There’s plenty of room for you.

Curtis: Well, I, uh — yeah, I thank you. You all went through a lot of trouble, and I appreciate it.

Trina: And your room has the best view of the water. You don’t have to deal with the stairs. And did you see that your bathroom has — it’s wheelchair-accessible?

Curtis: It — I did.

Trina: And I picked out towels in your favorite color.

Curtis: Well, you and your mom certainly did an incredible job.

Trina: Well, it was more mom than me. [ Chuckles ]

Marshall: Hey, son, can we, uh, go out to the patio for a minute? I have a few things I want to go over with you — in private.

Curtis: Yeah. Sure, pop.

Hey, babe.


Curtis: Patio with my pop. Come on. Hey, pop. What’s up?

Marshall: There’s trouble at the club.

Portia: Trina, honey, I see what you’re trying to do, a-and I appreciate it, but you may be making things worse.

Sonny: Austin and Mason could be working for one of my competitors that heard of Pikeman.

Brick: Sonny, the deeper I dive into Pikeman, the more twistier it gets.

Sonny: Well, what’d you find out?

Brick: Pikeman’s had contracts all over the globe with many different governments, including the U.S.

Sonny: The one thing we know for sure — they make a whole lot of money.

Brick: You would know. They paid you generously.

Sonny: Almost cost me my life if it wasn’t for Dex.

Brick: Maybe someone’s trying to get rid of you so they can get the money for themselves.

Sonny: Well, they’re gonna go through a whole lot of trouble to take something I don’t want.

When I saw Sonny’s guy visiting Book, I assumed he was delivering a message from Sonny. And Book received it loud and clear.

Drew: Look. I never asked for Sonny’s protection.

Cyrus: Cyrus: But you accepted it.

Drew: I consider him a friend of mine. I respect Sonny. But just because I accepted his offer of protection, it doesn’t mean that I am associated with his world.

You don’t want any part of Sonny’s criminal enterprise. I admire your strong principles, but do you really believe you had a choice in the matter? You’re protected whether you accept it or not… which is ironic.

Drew: Why?

Cyrus: Because, by extension, I now have Sonny’s protection, too.

Carly: I am happy and relieved that this arrangement is still working, that Dex continues to report back to you about Sonny’s businesses.

Michael: Yeah, whatever Sonny lets Dex in on, he reports it back to me.

Carly: Okay, well, did Dex tell you Sonny’s interest in Austin?

Michael: Well, um, okay. Austin has a cousin named Mason Gatlin.

Carly: Wow.

Michael: Yeah. And, uh, he and Austin were responsible for Betty Rutherford being hired. She’s the nanny who looked after Avery for a while, and now it seems that she was their mole.

Carly: I knew something was going on with her. [ Scoffs ]

Michael: So Sonny set her up in the hopes that she would lead him back to whoever they all work for. Dex’s assignment was to follow Austin. And he did — straight to Pentonville.

Carly: That’s where I saw him.

Michael: Yeah, well, now, apparently, Austin went to another room, so Dex couldn’t see who he was visiting with. But did you see who Austin was talking to?

Carly: No.

Michael: No?

Carly: No, no. I saw him walk through the visiting area carrying his doctor bag. I just assumed he was going to the infirmary. You know what? Maybe Drew could find out.

Trina: I was trying to stay positive for Curtis. All the literature that I read says that the attitude is what makes a difference when adapting.

Portia: I know, honey, a-and I love that you read the literature. I really do.

Trina: But I probably made Curtis feel uncomfortable.

Portia: Trina, honey, you had the best of intentions. And Curtis knows that, too. You love your dad, and you are trying to help. But it j– we just can’t push too hard. We got to let him go at his pace. We can’t just pretend like nothing’s changed.

Trina: Yeah.

Marshall: Selina circled back to me about buying the club.

Curtis: What’d she say?

Marshall: Well, basically, she said we should sell it to her before it goes out of business. Now, she didn’t come right out and threaten us that she would run us out of business, but that’s the definite implication I got.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] Maybe we should sell it.

Marshall: Son, have you lost your mind?

Lucy: Jackson Montgomery. So we meet again.

Jackson: Hm. We do.

Lucy: So tell me — whatcha doin’ here?

Jackson: I’m ready for round two with the devious yet somehow… captivating Lucy Coe.

Lucy: Hm! Well, guess what.

Jackson: What?

Lucy: This time, you are on my turf, mister.

Jackson: Mm-hmm. Oh. That’s absolutely intentional. I mean, after all, you and your “sister” came all the way to Pine Valley to break into my safe. I figured the least I could do was make a trek to Port Charles.

Lucy: Okay. Spill it. Just — really. You didn’t come here to have a nice, sweet, little visit. What are you doing here?

Jackson: I’m here for the Deception case… and to make sure my client gets justice.

Lucy: Who’s your client? Who are you representing, Jackson?

Jackson: Well, now, Lucy… that would be telling.

Curtis: Pop, the circumstances that made me open The Savoy and dedicate so much hard work to its success have radically changed.

Marshall: Son, The Savoy is your baby.

Curtis: Yeah, I know.

Marshall: Look, look. You — you just need a little more time to regroup. That’s all.

Curtis: Sometimes the best thing a successful person can do is walk away and cut their losses.

Marshall: W-we could work through this. You understand? We could make this work. I-I could run the club until you’re ready to come back. We’ll — we’ll call it a father-and-son venture.

Curtis: I’m not even sure I want to go back to it.

Marshall: Sure you do. Come on.

Curtis: No, no. I mean, I get it. It’s good to have a dream, but my dream of opening a nightclub has been realized. Maybe it’s time for me to move on.

Marshall: Okay. Okay. Ultimately, it’s your decision. I’m not gonna push you. But I hope you’ll reconsider.

Trina: I was coming on way too strong. I was over the top. I feel terrible.

Portia: Trina, honey, you did nothing wrong.

Trina: I made Curtis feel uncomfortable. That’s the exact opposite of what I was trying to do.

Portia: But Curtis felt the love, honey. And that’s all that really matters. You made him feel very welcome. [ Chuckles ] But now I just think we need to give him a little bit of room. We need to let him settle a bit. I’m trying to find the balance, too. It’s…so many adjustments that we have to make. But we all love each other. And we’re gonna get through it together. As a family.

Trina: Okay.

Portia: My sweet girl. Aww.

Lucy: You know, I need to tell you something.

Jackson: Hm?

Lucy: Your client is a big, fat liar.

Jackson: Oh, my.

Lucy: Obviously, he or she is just trying to exploit Deception’s huge success.

Jackson: Or — or perhaps claim what is rightfully theirs. Hm. What do you think about that?

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] I don’t think much of it ’cause we’re gonna win. And I’ll tell you why. Do you want to know why?

Jackson: Why is that? Oh, gosh, yes.

Lucy: Okay. We did not steal the Deceptor.

Jackson: I hope that’s the truth, Lucy. I really do. I guess time will tell. Hm.

Lucy: Speaking of time, where’s your client? [ Chuckles ] Maybe they’re a bit afraid to show their scheming face.

Jackson: Oh, my client will be here. Don’t you worry about that.

[ Door opens ]

Janice: [ Sighs ] I’m so glad she’s sleeping. She was in a lot of pain earlier. Poor thing.

Dr. Montague: She’ll get the rest she needs.

Janice: Doctor, I don’t think she’s improving. She seems to be getting worse.

Dr. Montague: Her case was pretty severe when she was admitted. These kinds of recoveries take some time.

Janice: Maybe this isn’t the right facility for her. Maybe she should be transferred to a private hospital where she can get more personalized care?

Gladys: Okay. You want honesty?

Nina: That’s always best.

Gladys: I…got roped into a little poker game that I thought would be just a bit of fun. But…what started off as a few friendly hands of poker turned into a losing streak, and I dug myself into a hole.

Nina: [ Stammers ] Wait. Just let me make sure that I-I’m understanding what you’re telling me. This $50,000 is — is not about Sasha or her medical bills. You need the money to pay off your gambling debt?!

Gladys: But I’m getting better.

Nina: At cards?

Gladys: No, I am in treatment. I am going to gamblers anonymous. I just need this one loan to get out of a tight spot. A really tight spot.

Nina: And you came to me because Deception’s stock was frozen because of the lawsuit, so if the lawsuit wasn’t pending, you intended to use Sasha’s money to pay off your gambling debt?

Sonny: Pikeman came to me originally because, you know, they wanted to use my territory to run their merchandise through Port Charles.

Brick: I remember. They went through Valentin Cassadine, right?

Sonny: Yeah, so a man I don’t trust. But the money was so good for the first shipment. A-and you told me that, you know, there were major players. Known globally. So that’s why I agreed to do it. And as promised, the money I made for the deal was incredible, but the money came at a cost… and I’m not sure the risk is worth the reward anymore.

Elise, hi.

Lucy: What are you doing here? I fired you.

Maxie: I know. I rehired her.

Good job, Maxie.

Lucy: Okay. Actually, that is really good. I do not think Scott is coming.

Okay, well, it’s gonna be fine because Elise is gonna get this case thrown out on its rear right where it belongs, right, Elise?

Elise: I’ll do my best. Jackson Montgomery.

Jackson: Elise Vance.

Elise: So…you’re representing the client suing Deception.

Jackson: I am.

Elise: Well, this should be a slam dunk.

Jackson: Oh, I think so. Uh, for me. Y-you meant for you? No, no.

Elise: Hm!

Jackson: Hey, listen. I understand you took another shot at being the D.A. here in Port Charles, huh? Yeah. It’s got to be tough, falling on your face like that twice.

Elise: Hm. I’m surprised you’re still allowed to practice after that little incident in Pine Valley. When was that?

Jackson: Uh, 20 years ago, Elise. You were a child.

Elise: Mm-hmm.

Jackson: It’s ancient history.

Elise: What kind of scheme is your client trying to pull here?

Jackson: No scheme. Lucy Coe’s guilty of theft of intellectual property.

Lucy: Oh, yoo-hoo! Guess what. I’m right here. I-I can hear you. The only thing I am guilty of is making an excellent product that all our customers just love.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Elise: Let me handle this.


Elise: Maxie, I have the updated documents you e-mailed me.

Great. I brought the originals.

Elise: Okay, well, this should be a piece of cake, as long as it’s as you say and someone’s just out for a quick and easy payday.

That’s exactly what it is. Cross my heart.

Well, who would be stupid enough to sue? I mean, it’s obvious that you have the receipts and the proof that you invented the Deceptor.

Marshall: Gotta get over to G.H. My band booked a gig playing for some patients.

Alright. I’ll see you later tonight?

Yeah. Alright.

Curtis: Let me go, Portia.

Portia: I-I don’t understand.

Curtis: Literally. Let…me go.

Portia: I think you’re talking crazy. I’m not gonna let you go.

Curtis: It’s not your decision. It’s mine.

Portia: No, no.

Curtis: Mnh-mnh.

Portia: No, no. Y-you don’t know what you’re saying right now. You —

Curtis: I know exactly what I’m saying! I don’t want to see you again!

Curtis: Hey. Babe. Can I just say that… I apologize for the way I spoke to you at the hospital. I was wrong, and you didn’t deserve that.

Portia: Thank you. I really appreciate that. I know that you were going through a lot, so…

Curtis: Well, Marshall is off to the hospital. Trina —

Portia: She went to go see Spencer. And it’s just you and me.

Curtis: And the wheelchair.

Carly: I mean, with Drew inside Pentonville, he could ask around and see who Austin was visiting.

Michael: Look, Mom, I don’t think we should get Drew involved. He’s got enough to deal with right now just trying to survive in that place.

Carly: You’re right. What was I thinking? I mean, I feel like Drew’s already a marked man because he saved Cyrus’ life.

Michael: Just, you know, asking questions, especially if Austin was making a delivery to his boss, will put Drew in even more danger.

Drew: You know, I don’t want to speak for Sonny, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume he would not lift a finger to protect you.

Cyrus: But you would. And you have. Not only did you perform CPR and keep me alive, but you stepped in to defend me from Book. You had no reason to beyond Christian charity. You’re a noble man, Drew.

Drew: I just don’t like watching an old man get beat up, no matter how much I despise you.

Cyrus: Nevertheless, I have a feeling you’d do it again, wouldn’t you? Whether you despise me or not.

Drew: I would.

Cyrus: And that speaks to the man you are. The kind of man I’m trying to be.

Gladys: I would have paid Sasha back.

Nina: I can’t help you.

Gladys: I came clean with you. I was honest with you about why I need the money.

Nina: Either you find the courage to go to Sonny and tell him exactly what’s going on and ask him for the money or you deal with your debt by yourself.

Gladys: Nina, please. I’m asking you —

Nina: Go! Get out of my office! I have work to do! Go!

[ Cellphone rings ]

Gladys: Hello?

Dr. Montague: We have a little problem.

Gladys: What did you do? Is Sasha worse?

Dr. Montague: Well, there’s talk that Sasha may need more personalized care and should be transferred to another facility — away from my attentive and gentle care here at Ferncliff. And we both know what that means if it happens.

Gladys: W-what are you gonna do?

Dr. Montague: Well, I’m gonna have to make sure that Sasha is in no condition to talk. So if you want Sasha out, I want my money — all of it — in two days.

Portia: Curtis.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] I-I know. I know it was pretty dark. But it’s true. I’m not saying I’m gonna push you away again, because I won’t. But it’s time that we come to the realization about what we can and can’t do. I’m feeling just a bit overwhelmed right now thinking about what I’m losing.

Portia: Look. I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now. But I love you, sweetheart.

Curtis: I can’t love you back.

Portia: You do. You do, honey. I know that you do.

Curtis: Baby, that’s not what I’m talking about. I… I just can’t physically love you back.

Portia: Well, I don’t know what kind of woman you think you married… but I’m here for you. And I promise you that we’re gonna get through this. Together.

Brook Lynn: Grandmother! What are you doing here?

Maxie: Tracy, it’s so nice of you to come and support Brook Lynn. And all of us, for that matter. It’s been a really challenging time at Deception. And to be honest, it’ll look good to the judge if he sees someone like you in our corner.

Lucy: I actually agree with you, Maxie. Thank you, Tracy. I mean, it’s nice of you. I’m glad you could put all those decades of our nitpicking and bad blood behind us and be here to lend aid in this horribly difficult time.

Tracy: Actually, I’m just here to protect my legal claim to the Deceptor.

Carly: Oh, God, the last thing I want to do is drag Drew into a feud between Sonny and…whoever.

Michael: Yeah, especially since Drew’s locked in Pentonville.

Carly: I know. And whoever the person is behind Austin and Mason, they must be a serious threat. I mean, Sonny was willing to allow Avery to be near Betty just to find out who it is.

Michael: Yeah. Look, Dex is on it. So am I. He’s watching and reporting everything back to me. Now, if Sonny needs help, I will make sure that he gets it. Yeah.

Sonny: I told Pikeman I’m not gonna move another shipment until they give me proof of who was responsible for the ambush at the warehouse and the shooting at the pool.

Brick: Be cool, Sonny. Be careful. Pikeman’s a heavy hitter. Obviously want to be in business with you. There’s no doubt about that. But if you choose to cut ’em off, they can choose to go in a different direction and remove you from the equation. Find somebody, dare I say, a bit easier to do business with? It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

Sonny: That’s what Valentin said.

Brick: Maybe Austin and Mason’s boss is trying to create just that kind of scenario — create discord between you and Pikeman to remove you from the situation and let the competitor step in.

Sonny: We’re never gonna know until we find out who my real enemy is.

Drew: You know, Cyrus, just because I couldn’t stand by and watch you get beaten to a pulp or watch you die, that doesn’t mean that I like you.

Cyrus: But I like you, Drew Cain. I know you to be that rarest of things — a man of honor. And you will find that I, too, am honorable. I pay my debts. I owe you my life. I will not forget it.

Gladys: I lied.

Nina: You did?

Gladys: Yes. [ Sighs ] I do have a gambling problem. I was truthful about that. And I do have huge debts because of gambling. But that’s not why I need the $50,000. I need it because… the doctor who’s treating Sasha at Ferncliff won’t let her out until I pay him.

[Music stops playing]

[Music resumes]

[Music stops]

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Brooke: I’ve been wanting this and praying for this for so long, that Hope would come out of her fog. She finally did. Went to Liam and asked for forgiveness and he said no.

Ridge: Sorry, Logan.

Brooke: No, I am, too. I mean, I’m just– I’m worried, you know, right? Because Hope’s in a very vulnerable state right now.

Thomas: I, um– I wasn’t sure that we would ever kiss again. And I never want to stop kissing you.

RJ: So you– so you’re saying that Dad just pushed you aside?

Eric: I didn’t have much of a chance to go into detail, but, uh… but yeah, yeah. He, um, he was too busy to talk to me about it.

RJ: And your hands…

Eric: My hands aren’t working. They won’t do the work to get my– my vision down on paper. Will you help me?

[ Door opening ]

Deacon: You’re still here?

Sheila: I– I told you, I wasn’t going anywhere, didn’t I?

Deacon: What is it they say about the definition of insanity?

Sheila: Okay, I know where you’re going with this.

Deacon: Was it doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

Sheila: And yet, you let me stay. And they say I’m the insane one.

Deacon: Yeah. Well, I’m just reminding you and myself what a risk it is, lettin’ you stay here.

Sheila: Mm-hmm?

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: But it’s a risk, with– definite rewards.

RJ: Granddad, listen. I really think that it’s in your best interest to tell Dad about–

Eric: No. No. No, RJ.

RJ: No?

Eric: No. Look, he’s made it very clear that he thinks it’s time for me to trade in my pencil, and– and, uh– trade it in for a pickleball racket and– and– and just retire. But I’m not up for that. I’m not ready for that yet. I need a steady, gifted hand to help me realize my vision.

RJ: And you think that’s me?

Eric: I do. I think it’s you. I’m sure of it.

Brooke: I just can’t believe that Liam wouldn’t accept Hope’s apology.

Ridge: Some guys have a problem with betrayal.

Brooke: I understand that. But I just thought that they were gonna work things out. Now, I’m worried the divorce will really go through.

Ridge: Hey.

Carter: I’m sorry for interrupting. These are for you.

Ridge: Thank you.

Carter: And I couldn’t help overhearing. For what it’s worth, Liam and Hope did sign the divorce papers, but they haven’t returned them yet for filing.

Brooke: Right. But now I’m not sure what’s going to happen, because Liam couldn’t accept Hope’s plea for forgiveness.

Steffy: I think what Carter’s saying is that there’s still a chance that Hope’s marriage could work out. Focus on that. Especially if Hope is sincere about wanting nothing to do with Thomas.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Hope, you don’t deserve this. Not to feel this way. Hurt. Rejected. Vying for Liam’s attention. You deserve to be with someone who truly loves you.

Sheila: So how was work today, sweetheart?

Deacon: Oh, it was just fine, darling. Always something, never ends, you know.

Sheila: You love it.

Deacon: I do.

Sheila: I– I– I am– I am so happy for you, that you have found your passion. I mean, look at you, responsible, happy, successful. Making good decisions.

Deacon: Yeah, not so much with the last one, but…

Sheila: Oh. It really– it means the world to me. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a place to stay. I know it’s a risk for you.

Deacon: It is a big risk. Hope and Brooke would have nothing to do with me if they ever found us together, or if they learned about our past.

RJ: Granddad… I’m flattered that you’d even asked me, but… I’m not a designer.

Eric: I thought perhaps you would, uh… say that to me. And so, in preparation for that possibility, I brought something along that I want to show you. Sit down.

RJ: Oh, what?

Eric: This. Here.

RJ: Granddad.

[ Eric chuckling ]

RJ: You can’t base your future off something I drew when I was four.

Eric: Oh, I think this is actually, you were three when you did this.

RJ: Really?

Eric: Take a look. Look at these lines. Look how you fill the page. Right? Look how you can get into that drawing. It’s beautiful. Look, I’m serious. You are a Forrester. You’re a designer. It’s in your blood. It’s in mine, too. And that’s why I want to ask you to do this with me. I want you to help me bring my vision to life so we can show Ridge that he still has a lot to learn from his old man. Will you do it?

RJ: So when do we start?

Brooke: This can’t be happening. I mean, Hope made some mistakes. She realizes that. She went down the wrong path. When she went to reconcile with Liam, he just shot her down.

Steffy: Well, if Hope is really over whatever feelings she has for Thomas, they’ll work through it. I just don’t know if it’s gonna happen overnight.

Brooke: I don’t know, either. And I’m just worried. I mean, she’s in a– she’s in a very vulnerable state.

Ridge: Well, this is a tricky situation, for sure. I’m worried about Thomas as well. And all the progress he’s made.

Thomas: What we do is pretty crazy. And the people who buy our designs, they do it for all different reasons. Some for the artistry, right? Some for the status they think it brings them, and… some as a metaphor. Projecting a sense of themselves onto it. But no matter what, the best thing we can do is be honest and be truthful when we’re creating them. Should stay true to ourselves. Sometimes it’s fun to, uh– to take those old designs, too. To revamp them. Try and make them fresh, try and make them new. It’s like that nostalgia of the past. That is what I see happening in your personal life. That’s what Liam does. What he has, in the moment, maybe it’s just not good enough for him anymore. And he looks to the past. All that nostalgia. But in the same way, the best thing you can do is stay true to yourself. And I’m not saying you should never feel guilty. Especially right now. I get it. But that– that kiss. In Rome. It stuck with me. Lit a fire. And all those moments we shared in my bed… they were incredible. And while Liam may be interested in nostalgia, looking to the past, trying to make things new again, for me… there’s only you.

Ridge: You know, when I say I’m concerned about Thomas, doesn’t take away my concern for you and what you’re dealing with, right?

Steffy: Hey, Dad, I can take care of myself. If only Sheila were behind bars where she belongs.

Ridge: Yeah. Well, we did all we could, I think. It’s…

Steffy: That’s not what I’m saying, Dad.

Ridge: I know. I know, but I– what I’m saying is, it’s gonna be all right. We’re gonna figure this out. Now, we have this meeting now, right?

Carter: Long overdue.

Ridge: We got this. It’s gonna be fine. Goes for you, too. Hope’s gonna be okay.

Brooke: Yeah. I pray you’re right.

Deacon: I just love Hope so much.

Sheila: I get it.

Deacon: You know, growing up, I didn’t have much of a family, and what I did have, well, that was… pretty much a dumpster fire. I– I just can’t lose her.

Sheila: Yeah, well don’t worry, okay? I’m– I’m not gonna blow our cover. It’s why I’m– I’m laying low, I’m– I’m barely leaving here.

Deacon: I noticed.

Sheila: I can’t thank you enough, really. Giving me a place to stay, I– I have no one else to turn to. There’s really no one else who understands me the way that you do.

Eric: You have no idea what this means to me.

RJ: Hey, I haven’t sketched anything yet, so I don’t want you to be disappointed or anything.

Eric: No chance of that. It’s not gonna happen. Look, I’m gonna be right with you the whole way. I’ll be looking right over your shoulder. I’ll help you with everything, okay?

RJ: Okay.

Eric: My hand may be a little too shaky to– to– to realize my vision, but– but– uh, with your help, we can get this thing done. You know, my– my hand isn’t working that well anymore, but my mind is sharp as a– um– um– what’s that– what’s that word, uh…

RJ: A tack?

Eric: A tack. Sharp as a tack. Now, come on. Let’s get it going.

RJ: All right.

Eric: Now, I want this line to be simple, and elegant. Very classic. But I want it to have a little surprise, just a little twist that makes it stand out from everything else, all right?

Hope: Heh. Uh… this is all… it’s all so much, and I just–

Thomas: Yeah. Hope. Look, I– I realize you have conflicted feelings. And I know Liam got in your head. Used things in the past, things that I’m not proud of, obviously, and you– you know that. You know I’m a reformed man, and so do I. I– let me love you. Let me love you the way that no one else can.

RJ: So what do you think?

Eric: I think, uh… I think we make a really good team. Good job, my boy. Good job. I really appreciate you doing this for me.

RJ: Well, Granddad, I should be the one thanking you. For trusting me, and… for believing in me. Means a lot.

Eric: Always have. Always will. Listen, um– RJ, I want you to do me another favor.

RJ: Mmm.

Eric: I don’t want you to say anything to your father about this, or about what’s been going on with my hand, all right? I want to keep it between us. Because I want to show your father, and the world, that–

RJ: To never count out Eric Forrester.

Eric: It’s exactly right. Exactly right. Good. Good.

Hope: I, um– I tried to do the right thing. For my marriage, and for my family, just to make sure that there were no regrets before we made a decision that we can’t take back. And now, I– I have clarity. My marriage is over. And I hear what you are saying, Thomas, loud and clear. And I understand. But I’m not in love with you, Thomas. And I just– I– I don’t want to take advantage of your feelings for me.

Thomas: Yeah. Look, I– i understand, we’re, uh– we’ve moved pretty fast. But I really think I can make you happy.

Hope: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Well, I’m not going to pretend like you haven’t… woken something up inside of me.

Thomas: Yeah, you’ve woken up something inside of me, too. Look, I, uh– I want to give you what you need. So… maybe we can go to dinner?

Hope: I mean, that’s not exactly what I’m craving right now.

Hope: Thomas, I just need to say one thing. Liam let me down. And I’m hurting. And I am going to need some time, but… that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Is that, um– is that something you can handle?

Thomas: Yeah, I think I can handle it. Sometimes we get a little too caught up in the past or the future. Let’s just live in the moment.

Brooke: Ridge and Carter certainly looked like they were on a mission.

Steffy: Yeah, I didn’t see a meeting on the calendar.

Brooke: Wonder what they’re up to?

Deacon: Maybe I really should get my head examined for lettin’ you stay here. Hey, do you think it’s possible that I actually took too many kicks to the head during martial arts?

Sheila: Well, if you don’t have to get right back to work, I think I could take up that nurse’s uniform and give you a full examination. ‘Cause I would love to show you how grateful I am for everything that you’ve done for me. Everything that you’ve… given me.

Deacon: Mmm.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: I’m busy!

Ridge: Open up! It’s Ridge. Lookin’ for Sheila.

[ Knocking on door ]

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