Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker plants a seed of doubt in Jack by telling him he and Ashley offered Billy the CEO position at Jabot if he helped him and Ashley take over the company.

Billy is hurt that Jack’s first instinct is to assume that he would betray him and participate in a takeover of Jabot.

The audiologist does a house call for Mariah and Tessa and runs some tests on Aria. The audiologist tells Mariah and Tessa that Aria’s hearing loss might be in her inner ear and it may be inherited from one of her biological parents. The condition is treatable but can’t be cured. The audiologist wants to run more tests on Aria to confirm her condition and decide on a treatment for Aria. Devon and Abby promise to help Mariah and Tessa and be there for them when they are needed.

Ashley chokes on a grape while arguing with Diane at Society. Diane performs abdominal thrusts and the grape comes out. Diane drives Ashley back to the Athletic club where Ashley tells Tucker she can’t understand why Diane would help her. Diane arrives home and tells Jack that she saved Ashley’s life.

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