GH Short Recap Monday, June 26, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Anna’s house, Laura, Robert, and Felicia tried to reassure Anna and convince her to join them at the Savoy, but Anna felt like a traitor and believed her work was incomplete. Felicia and Laura shared their experiences of reinventing themselves, and Laura suggested that Anna would find a new path. Anna agreed to accompany them to Russia.

At Laura and Kevin’s house, Trina visited Spencer, who was with Esme. Trina and Spencer shared their frustrations about the situation and their desire to get rid of Esme. They discussed evidence they had found that could incriminate Esme. Later, Trina and Spencer kissed in front of Esme, and Trina expressed hope that the situation wouldn’t last long.

At the hospital, Tracy, Olivia, and Brook Lynn searched for Ned, who had checked himself out against medical advice. They received a call from Nina, who informed them that Ned was at the Savoy. Ned, believing he was Eddie Maine, took the stage and caused concern for his family. Sonny and Michael approached Ned, and Sonny had a private conversation with Robert, expressing his concern about Sonny using Diane to get information. Ned’s family tried to convince him to go home, but he insisted on being alone. Sonny promised Olivia he would bring Ned home, and he returned to Nina, recognizing her big heart. Robert and Diane argued about their relationship, with Diane accusing Robert of not being good enough for her.

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