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Update written by Joseph

As Maggie officiates Xander and Sarah’s wedding, she asks if anyone objects. Xander’s mother, Fiona Cook, then arrives and declares that she’s sorry she’s late, surprising everyone in attendance. Fiona approaches Xander and comments on him being so handsome and grown up. Xander comments on her missing a decade of his life. Theresa looks worried while Leo watches on with excitement. Fiona declares to Xander that at long last they are all together now. Bonnie looks on with a big smile. Andrew comments to Paul that Xander’s mother sure knows how to make an entrance while Paul texts Brady to ask if he’s OK.

Brady sits at the Brady Pub with a drink at his table but texts Paul that he just got to a meeting.

Xander questions Fiona why she didn’t tell them she was coming. She explains that she was traveling when she got the invitation and sent an RSVP but when she realized it wouldn’t make it in time, she just hopped on a plane and is thrilled to be here. Xander then introduces his mom to Dr. Sarah Horton. Sarah tells Fiona that he’s so happy to meet her and she’s very glad she’s there. Fiona responds that she wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Sarah repeats that they are so happy she’s there to celebrate their special day and that it means a lot to them. Xander then introduces Fiona to her granddaughter, Victoria. Fiona guesses she’s named after Victor which Xander confirms. Fiona supposes that’s appropriate and calls her a lovely child. Theresa watches on uncomfortably. Maggie then greets Fiona as her other grandmother. Sarah introduces Fiona to Maggie, who mentions that she is also Victor’s widow. Fiona says she’s sorry for her loss as she and Victor were close many years ago. Maggie brings up Fiona being married to Victor’s brother. Theresa then interrupts and asks if they can catch up later so they can get on with the wedding.

Ava goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Brady. Ava says she’s grateful that Kristen gave her a job but after an entire day of spreadsheets, she could really use a drink. Ava then stops and tells Brady that she thought he didn’t drink. Brady responds that he doesn’t.

Theresa introduces herself to Fiona as Theresa Donovan. Leo quickly points out that she should mean Theresa Kiriakis and informs Fiona that Theresa just married Victor’s son which Fiona questions and asks if he is Philip. Alex introduces himself as Victor’s other son. Fiona is confused as she thought Bo was Victor’s only other son, but says she’s been out of the loop for years. Alex tells Fiona not to worry about as he just found out he was Victor’s son after he died and thought he was his nephew for all his life. Fiona asks about how this revelation came to light. Theresa interrupts again and asks why it matters. Alex questions her hurry. Theresa claims she just wants to get on with the double wedding so they can get to the celebration. Fiona apologizes for bringing everything to a crashing halt. Sarah tells her it’s okay. Fiona states that after been gone for so many years, she has so many questions about the Kiriakis family. Alex explains that after the reading of Victor’s will, they found a letter from his mother naming him as Victor’s son which Fiona questions as Theresa looks annoyed. Fiona questions Alex learning he was Victor’s son from a letter which Alex confirms. Fiona asks if he still has the letter. Alex asks why she asks. Theresa asks Maggie to just get on with the ceremony but Fiona says this can’t wait. Xander questions what this is all about. Fiona responds that she’s sorry to tell him this on such a joyous occasion, but his cousin Alex is a fraud, shocking those in attendance.

Ava asks Brady if he wants her to call someone like his sponsor. Brady says that would be Maggie and she’s busy officiating her daughter’s wedding. Ava asks if Brady didn’t want to go. Brady says he went but he left at the half since it was a double wedding with Xander and Sarah, then his ex-wife Theresa and his newly discovered uncle, Alex Kiriakis. Brady says he watched Theresa and Alex get hitched and then got out of there. Brady decides they deserve a toast as he continues drinking. Ava is thinking Brady is very much not happy and asks if he wants to talk about it.

Theresa tells Fiona that her husband is not a fraud. Xander asks what this is about and what Fiona is trying to do. Fiona responds that she’s trying to stop a travesty of justice as they have all been fooled by this man. Alex says he has no idea what she’s talking about, but Fiona thinks he does. Fiona explains that Alex has been posing as Victor’s son but it’s all a lie. Justin argues that they all saw the letter. Sonny adds that Victor wanted Alex to know the truth. Fiona demands Alex show her the letter. Xander worries that she’s making a scene. Fiona says if he’s not hiding anything, he will let her see it. Justin then reveals that he has the letter and hands it to Fiona, explaining that Anjelica wrote it to Victor not long after Alex was born. Fiona reads the letter and says Anjelica may well be Alex’s mother, but she assures that she did not write this letter. Justin questions how she knows that. Fiona then reveals that she is the one who wrote the letter. Justin questions Fiona saying she wrote the letter which she confirms. Fiona says she wrote it and sent it to Victor. Alex argues that it has nothing to do with her as it’s about he and his parents. Xander questions what Fiona is doing. Fiona calls it something she should’ve done many years ago but she was ashamed. Maggie tells her to just say what she’s trying to say. Fiona is sorry it has to come out like this but reveals that many years ago, while married to Titus, she slept with Victor and got pregnant. Leo exclaims that now it’s a Salem wedding. Xander questions Fiona getting pregnant with Victor which she confirms. Fiona explains that she didn’t want Titus to know that she betrayed him, so she wrote Victor a letter in private, informing him of his son, Alexander. Alex says that is him while Justin adds that is the name he was given at birth. Fiona says that’s true but it’s also the name she gave Xander. Bonnie interrupts to say they’ve all seen the letter signed by Anjelica. Fiona says when she wrote the letter, she signed it herself so someone else must have changed the signature later. Alex argues that this can’t be right. Fiona questions how they obtained this letter. Justin explains that it was in a briefcase with Victor’s personal belongings which was returned to them by the ISA. Fiona asks if someone else could’ve had access to the briefcase. Paul looks to Andrew while Alex turns to look at Theresa.

Ava doesn’t think Brady should be drinking but says she’s not his sponsor or his mother and the last person who should lecture anyone on the choices they make. Brady tells her that she can’t stop him and gives her a drink on him. Ava guesses that since Brady is here instead of at the wedding reception, he still has feelings for his ex. Brady responds that he didn’t think he did and he thought he was over her, but she lured him in to bed when she was on the outs with Alex and reminded him of how good they used to be. Brady states that he slept with Theresa and it was the first time in a long time, but then the morning came and everything changed as Alex came crawling back in so Theresa kicked his ass to the curb. Ava tells Brady that she’s sorry as that sucks. Brady blames himself for falling prey to Theresa’s BS. Ava isn’t sure it will make him feel any better but says she has her own doomed love story. Brady tells her to tell him a Harris story. Ava explains that she thought they were going somewhere but he was going right out of town. Brady declares that love makes fools of them all which they toast to.

Alex accuses Theresa as she had access to the letter in Greece because her father left Victor’s briefcase in the room with her and she was alone while he and Brady were out looking for answers about Victor’s death. Alex demands the truth from Theresa. Theresa calls it crazy. Alex shouts that she’s crazy and asks if Brady was right that Theresa opened the briefcase and didn’t find a letter that said he was Victor’s heir. Xander points out that the letter said Alexander. Alex says she made it look like that Alexander was him. Theresa denies it. Alex yells at her to tell the truth for once in her life and asks if she changed the letter. Theresa then breaks down and admits that she changed the letter. Alex states that she made him and everyone else believe that he was Victor’s son and questions how she could do that. Xander calls it obvious. Alex tells Theresa to explain herself. Theresa then explains that when Shane left, she was alone with the briefcase and got curious so she opened it and found Fiona’s letter. Theresa says she realized the circumstances of the letter fit Alex just as much as Xander, so all it took was changing a signature. Xander calls her sick while Sarah asks if she really hated Xander that much. Theresa responds that she was afraid of Xander being that rich and powerful and the damage he could cause. Xander shouts at her wanting to talk about damage. Alex questions this being more about punishing Xander than it was about him. Theresa says it wasn’t like that so Alex asks how it was. Alex says they all want to know how she did it and questions her being some expert in forgery or if somebody helped her. Theresa admits she had help. Justin questions her finding a forger in Greece on short notice. Alex points out that they weren’t gone that long, so he asks how she found somebody. Theresa then reveals that she didn’t have to because Konstantin found her.

Ava explains to Brady that Harris got a lead on Megan Hathaway from Hope, so he took a leave from the force and was gone. Brady questions him just ending their relationship like that. Ava says that Harris couldn’t get past trust issues. Ava admits that she did lie to him repeatedly. Ava remarks that unlike Brady, she brought it all upon herself. Brady states that doesn’t make it hurt any less which Ava agrees with. Brady is glad that Harris is God knows where so Ava doesn’t have to see his face as a constant reminder of what she lost. Ava guesses he means like how he had to see Theresa and Alex. Brady complains that they are in the town square having a hell of a good time on their wedding night…

Alex questions Theresa about Konstantin being there which Theresa confirms. Maggie asks why he was at the hotel. Theresa explains that Konstantin heard about Victor’s briefcase and thought he was in the will, so when he found out that he wasn’t, she mentioned her idea to him and he offered to forge Anjelica’s signature. Maggie asks if she’s saying she was working with Konstantin this whole time. Theresa says she didn’t intend to be and she didn’t know he would show up in Salem. Sarah argues that Theresa knew the whole time that Konstantin was just after Maggie’s money. Theresa cries that she didn’t know Konstantin was dangerous and planning to kill her. Alex calls this whole thing a lie and says that Theresa never loved him, she loved the money. Theresa cries that it’s not true and asks if they can go somewhere to talk. Alex tells her that there’s nothing to talk about. Alex brings up that Brady accused her of knowing before she slept with him and she acted so insulted and insisted she was falling in love with him. Alex declares that everything was a lie. Theresa says to let her explain. Xander argues that she already explained that she’s been deceiving everyone this whole time and took something that was rightfully his to give to Alex for her own greedy and vile reasons. Alex tells Xander not to feel bad because he feels Xander got the better deal because Theresa may have screwed him over, but at least he didn’t marry her. Theresa then runs away in tears. Sarah hugs Xander while Justin stands with Alex. After the town square begins to clear out, Alex remains with Justin, Sonny, and Bonnie. Sonny asks if Alex is okay. Alex responds that he just feels so stupid as Bonnie says she’s so sorry for everything that happened. Alex brings up that Brady tried to warn him but he was so caught up in being Victor’s son that he didn’t realize everything was a lie, including this marriage. Bonnie points out the one good thing is that Justin is actually his father. Alex agrees as he and Justin embrace and say they love each other. Sonny adds that he’s still his kid brother after all as he hugs Justin and Alex. Alex declares that he’s so grateful for both of them and he can’t stop thinking about how Theresa lied to him about who he was for all these months. Justin says he will get the marriage annulled, call the police to report fraud, and make sure that Theresa can never hurt him again. Justin adds that if Alex wants to make a statement, they can do that. Alex says he’s sorry but right now, he just needs to get out of here and storms off.

Brady and Ava continue drinking at the Pub. Ava decides she’s had enough and is going upstairs to go to bed early. Brady asks if she wants some company. Ava asks if he’s offering. Brady says they both want to feel good and suggests maybe they could feel good together. Ava admits they probably would tonight, but then tomorrow probably not so much. Ava brings up Kristen being her new boss. Brady jokes that Kristen doesn’t need to know but Ava says they both know that secrets do not stay buried in this town. Ava admits she is tempted but she’s made impulsive decisions before, especially while drinking, and they’ve always turned out to be a mistake. Brady says you can’t blame him for trying. Ava understands why Brady wants to drown himself in booze but encourages himself to try not to think about Theresa for too long since she’s a married woman now, so he has to move on. Ava calls it Theresa’s loss because Brady is a great guy. Brady says he appreciates that and thanks her. Ava asks how he’s getting home. Brady promises to order a ride. Ava tells Brady to take care of himself as she heads upstairs.

Justin and Bonnie talk about it being tough for Alex and how they will be there when he’s ready. Bonnie tells Justin that she couldn’t be happier that Alex is his son as they embrace along with Sonny. Fiona comments to Xander, Sarah, and Maggie about Theresa being a despicable woman and questions them wanting to share their wedding with her. Xander questions Fiona for lying to him his whole life, knowing that Victor was his father. Fiona explains that they didn’t want to hurt Titus and knew he would be devastated if he found out about their affair that Xander wasn’t his son. Xander asks what about after Titus died. Fiona says she was in no shape to deal with it as she fell apart after he died while she and Xander were barely speaking. Sarah asks about Xander having no idea. Xander says when Titus died, he fell apart too but his mom was nowhere to be found as she was off somewhere, drinking herself into oblivion. Fiona apologizes for not being there for him. Xander responds that he doesn’t want her here now and tells her to get out of his sight. Fiona argues that she came to his wedding and wants to get to know her grandchild, but Maggie points out that he asked her to leave, so Fiona exits. Sarah asks if Xander is okay. Xander says he’s fine and tells Sarah that he still wants to get married. Maggie says they could move the ceremony to another time. Xander argues that they’ve been waiting so long for this day. Sarah feels they can wait a little bit longer and suggests just going home to sort everything out. Xander agrees to see them at home then and walks away. Leo approaches Paul and asks where his boyfriend is and questions if Andrew was conspiring with his sister.

Andrew follows Theresa to her room where she is gathering her things and asks if she is going somewhere.

Paul tells Sonny that just once, he wouldn’t mind a simple and boring wedding where everyone goes home happy. Sonny says he’s been to a few and they were pretty nice. Leo comes over and says he likes a little drama with his romance. Leo offers them some of Theresa and Alex’s wedding cake, saying they won’t be using it. Paul questions Leo cutting the cake himself. Leo argues that just because the wedding was a disaster is no reason to let a perfectly good cake go to waste. Roman calls Kimberly and questions if Theresa didn’t call her about the wedding. Roman tells her that she might want to sit down.

Theresa tells Andrew that she doesn’t need to hear what he has to say right now. Andrew doesn’t care and questions her lying to him too, bringing up her kidnapping adventure with Konstantin. Theresa wants to explain but Andrew doesn’t want to hear any more lies. Andrew states that she convinced him not to turn her in when he saw her on the security footage and swore that she only agreed to work with Konstantin in some matchmaking scheme, but she was working with him the whole time to get their hands on Victor’s money and she convinced Maggie that Konstantin was some hero, just so he could help her sink her claws in to Alex. Theresa swears that she really cares about Alex but Andrew tells her to stop lying. Theresa asks if he’s going to turn her in now and tell everyone that she was Konstantin’s accomplice in Victoria’s kidnapping. Andrew says he won’t but if she had a shred of dignity left, she would do it herself. Andrew then exits.

Stephanie catches up to Alex in the park and says she just wanted to see if he’s okay. Alex responds that he’s not, so Stephanie hugs him.

Bonnie tells Justin that she knows a lot of crazy things happened today, but he got the best news about two people he loved very much as Victor didn’t lie to him for all those years and Alex is his son, now and forever. Sarah and Maggie watch over Victoria as Sarah promises she and Xander will get married soon. Maggie calls it hardly the wedding she was expecting. Sarah jokes that she’s had worse. Maggie asks if she’s alright. Sarah says she’s okay but she doesn’t know what happens next. Sarah declares that whatever it is, she will be there to help Xander through it.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and has a drink. Xander pours another and then looks up at the portrait of Victor. Xander toasts to his father and then smashes the glass by throwing it at the portrait.

Fiona goes to the Brady Pub and asks Brady if someone is sitting there. Brady responds that she left so no one has touched the drink and it’s all hers, so Fiona takes the seat.

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Days Short Recap Friday, July 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander ran into Jack at the town square. Jack told him that he was in town because Abby might be alive. He reminded him that he stole The Spectator from him. Xander offered his half back to him. He regretted what he did because he lost the only friend he ever had. Xander told him that he would have Justin draw up the paperwork. Jack planned to look out for it. He wished Sarah his best. Jack wondered what she saw in him. Maggie went to Sarah’s apartment as Sarah and Bonnie wondered what happened to Xander’s mother’s invitation. Theresa panicked and looked away. Sarah and Bonnie eliminated the suspects until they got to her. Theresa admitted that she was afraid that Xander’s mother would ruin the wedding. Bonnie admitted that she mailed the invitation. Sarah realized she didn’t RSVP. Maggie and Bonnie help Sarah get dressed. Theresa hoped that she wouldn’t show up. Alex let Justin know that he wasn’t his father anymore, and he needed to accept that. He backtracked on what he said and realized he didn’t mean to say it like that. Alex felt like it was time for Justin to let go of his anger at Victor. Justin couldn’t get over the fact that the man he thought of as a second father pitted them against each other from the grave. Alex let Justin know that if he has a problem with Victor, he didn’t have to officiate the wedding anymore. Justin angrily agreed when Sonny arrived. Alex wanted to leave so Justin could catch up with his real son.

Sonny asked Jusitn if he was okay. Justin teared up and said he wasn’t okay. He missed Victor, but he would never forgive him for what he did. Sonny wouldn’t forgive him either. Justin pulled out the letter Anjelica wrote to Victor. He carries it around and rereads it to look for one thing that would tell him that it wasn’t a mistake. Sonny assured him that he would always be his son. He hugged Justin. Alex came back and apologized for what he said earlier. He wanted him to officiate his wedding again. Justin was honored to do it. Roman talked to Kimberly about not being able to make the wedding. Andrew showed up at the pub as the representative for the family. He touched base with Roman. Andrew thought about confronting Theresa about helping Konstantin kidnap Victoria. He told him that Theresa didn’t know he was there. Brady was about to pour himself a cup of vodka when Paul showed up. He didn’t realize that Paul was going to be there. Paul reminded him that his boyfriend’s sister was getting married. He wondered if Brady fell off the wagon. Brady admitted that he was thinking about it. After they talked about Theresa, Brady slid the drink away. He said it was a weak moment. Paul grabbed the bottle to pour it out, but Brady stopped him by hugging him. Theresa got ready for her wedding when Andrew showed up. She was happy to see him. He motioned to Victoria and referred to her as the girl she kidnapped. Sarah wasn’t too far away, so she wanted him to keep his voice down. He said he didn’t tell anyone about it. Andrew told her that Sarah called him wanting information about Konstantin’s accomplice. He said he told Sarah the trail went cold. She asked Andrew to walk her down the aisle. Everyone got ready for the double wedding. Justin officiated the ceremony. He wondered if anyone had any reason why Xander and Sarah couldn’t get married. A woman appeared and apologized for being late. Everyone at the ceremony looked at her. Xander was shocked to see his mother. Theresa panicked when she found out who she was.

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Days Update Friday, July 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

The town square is set up for the double wedding. Xander arrives and then Jack comes up behind him, remarking that it’s a nice night for a wedding.

Maggie goes to Sarah’s with the bouquets and asks if everything is alright. Sarah explains that they are trying to solve a mystery of how Xander’s mother’s wedding invitation ended up in the trash can. Bonnie says she just assumed that Sarah changed her mind about sending it but Sarah assures that she didn’t. Bonnie questions who did then.

Alex tells Justin that he gets why he’s hurt, but he doesn’t think it’s right for him to drag his name through the mud when he’s not here to defend himself. Justin doesn’t understand how Alex can defend Victor. Alex says it’s because he was his father. Justin shouts that he was too. Alex tells him that he’s not anymore and it’s time for him to accept that.

At the Brady Pub, Roman is on the phone with his sister Kimberly, saying it’s too bad that she and Shane couldn’t make it back for Theresa’s wedding. Roman says they will be missed but he will be there as they have to have at least one Brady to represent. Kimberly and Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan then arrives and tells Roman they’ll make it two.

Brady goes home and tells himself not to think about it, repeating that he and Theresa were never good together. Brady thinks back to when he and Theresa had sex. Brady asks how he’s going to get through this wedding. Brady then searches through a drawer and finds a bottle of vodka and a glass. Brady pours the drink but his half brother Paul arrives home and questions what he’s up to there. Brady gets up and greets Paul with a hug, saying he had no idea he would be in town. Paul explains that his boyfriend’s sister is getting married and that John always said you have to be there for family when you can. Paul says that’s why he has to ask about this and if Brady is off the wagon. Brady says no and admits he was thinking about it. Paul asks if it’s because of Theresa marrying someone else.

Justin asks how many times that Alex told him they would always be father and son and guesses that was all talk. Alex says he didn’t mean to lash out like that. Justin questions what the hell he meant then. Alex thinks it’s time for Justin to get over his anger at Victor, pointing out that they don’t know why he lied about Justin being his father. Alex says he’s sure Victor had his reasons. Justin demands one reason that makes sense then. Alex admits he can’t do that and asks why that matters. Justin argues that it matters to him because a man that he considered a second father has pitted them against each other and he’s doing it from the grave. Alex questions if Justin sees him as an enemy then and declares that maybe he shouldn’t be officiating his wedding then. Justin agrees and then his son Sonny arrives.

Roman tells Kimberly that she knows how to keep a secret since Andrew just walked in. Roman hangs up and hugs Andrew, calling him a sight for sore eyes. Andrew explains that since his parents couldn’t make it, he’s the designated family rep. Roman tells him that Theresa will be thrilled that he came. Andrew says he hopes so. Roman questions why she wouldn’t be. Andrew flashes back to revealing to Theresa that he found out she was the one who kidnapped Victoria.

Maggie doesn’t understand why Bonnie would think that Sarah would throw Xander’s mother’s invitation in the trash. Bonnie informs her that she found it in the trash when she accidentally knocked the can over. Theresa flashes back to stealing the invitation. Bonnie explains that she assumed that Theresa got in to Sarah’s head since she kept going on and on about what a bad idea it was to invite Xander’s mother. Sarah admits to remembering that. Maggie questions who did it then. Bonnie points out that it wasn’t her or Sarah, so Theresa then admit that it was her which shocks Sarah.

Xander is surprised to see Jack is back in town. Jack informs him that his daughter’s body was being exhumed except it wasn’t there which Xander questions. Jack reveals that it seems Abigail may still be alive. Xander questions how that’s even possible. Jack calls it complicated and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Xander says he understands but he hopes it’s true. Jack comments on Abigail dying too young and never getting to realize her true potential, raise her children, or run the newspaper that Xander stole from them. Jack tells Xander that he doesn’t have to say anything since he has more important things on his mind. Jack hopes this double wedding goes better for him than his last one. Jack points out that Xander and Gwen landed on their feet by blackmailing the Spectator out from he and Jennifer. Jack wishes Xander the best on his wedding day and looks forward to reading all about it in the Spectator tomorrow. Jack remarks that he still reads the Spectator out of habit. Xander stops Jack and tells him to take the paper back.

Andrew tells Roman that he didn’t tell Theresa that he was coming and maybe he should’ve since she doesn’t like to be caught off guard. Roman asks who doesn’t like surprises. Stephanie then enters the Pub and excitedly hugs Andrew, saying she didn’t know he was coming. Andrew says he didn’t know if he could get away from his assignment. Stephanie states that Theresa will be so happy to see her big brother. Andrew tells Stephanie that he’s so happy to see her and he can’t wait to catch up with Kayla and Steve. Stephanie reveals that they won’t be coming tonight as Steve is out of town and Kayla is stuck at the hospital. Roman mentions that Kate won’t be making it either as she’s in LA, trying to secure the rights to a soap opera which he calls a long story. Roman asks how Andrew has been. Andrew says he’s been great and tells them that Paul is in town too as he stopped to see Brady. Roman can’t wait to see him and heads to the kitchen to square things away. Stephanie remarks that she hopes Brady is okay and starts to bring up he and Theresa, but then decides that Theresa is marrying Alex so she’s sure there’s nothing between them anymore. Andrew assures that Brady is fine. Andrew asks about Stephanie since she was dating Alex not long ago and asks how she’s doing with all of this.

Sonny hugs Alex and Justin, then asks if he came at a bad time. Alex says not at all but he didn’t think Sonny would be able to make it so this is great. Sonny tells Alex that he’s his cousin but he’ll always see him as his brother no matter what. Alex says he feels the same way and thanks him. Alex decides he will go get ready and tells Justin that he’ll let him catch up with his real son. After Alex exits, Sonny tells Justin that he’s not sure what he just walked in on. Justin tells him not to worry about it. Sonny asks if he’s okay. Justin admits that he’s not.

Paul thought Brady and Theresa were over a long time ago. Brady says they were and now they are focusing on co-parenting now that Tate and Theresa are back in town. Paul asks how Tate is. Brady says he’s at lacrosse camp and Theresa was upset that Tate couldn’t be at the wedding. Brady doesn’t understand the rush to the wedding. Brady admits that it crossed his mind that Theresa was doing it for the money, but she did agree to sign a prenup. Paul brings up what if Theresa still happened to have feelings for someone else. Brady assures it’s not him and that he and Theresa have been over for a long time. Paul got the impression that maybe Brady wishes he and Theresa weren’t over or that Brady still has feelings for her. Paul asks if he’s wrong.

Sarah and Bonnie question Theresa throwing out Xander’s mother’s invitation. Theresa repeats her worries about Xander’s mom being an alcoholic and causing a scene. Sarah suggests she could be sober now and she can’t believe Theresa did that, calling it awful and appalling. Theresa admits that’s true and says she’s really sorry. Bonnie says there’s no harm, no foul as she reveals that she mailed the invitation herself.

Xander tells Jack that he wants him to take back his half of the Spectator. Xander says he was angry and desperate back then, leaning in to his worst impulses and he regrets it now. Xander adds that Jack got the better end of the deal since Jack lost the paper, but he lost his best friend and maybe the only one he ever had. Xander declares that the Spectator belongs to Jack’s family, not his. Jack questions what he’ll do for money. Xander says he’ll figure something out and points out that Sarah is a doctor. Xander insists that he doesn’t want the Spectator anymore and that he’ll hire Justin to draw up the papers. Jack agrees to keep an eye on the mail. Jack sends his love to Sarah and questions what exactly she saw in him. Xander calls that the burning question. Jack tells Xander that he got a good one and tells him to earn it as he walks away.

Paul tells Brady that he just wants to help and understand him having a drink in his hand earlier. Brady never thought he would feel like Theresa was the one that got away. Paul tells him that he doesn’t have to go to the wedding but Brady says he’s not going to back down now. Paul asks if he will be okay. Brady assures he won’t take a drink and that he doesn’t need it as he just had a weak moment. Paul decides he’ll pour it out. Brady says he’s really glad to see him and hugs him.

Justin tells Sonny that he’s so grateful that he’s here because he’s having a hard time. Sonny says he is too and calls it surreal that Victor would do this to all of them. Justin says he mourned Victor and he misses him, but he will never forgive him for this. Sonny says he won’t either. Justin says that Alex has and he’s perfectly content with how things turned out. Justin complains that the more Alex accepts Victor, the more it feels like a slap in the face. Justin talks about having a hard time believing it’s true and says he’s carried around the letter from Anjelica, trying to find one thing that would show it’s not true and that Alex really is his son. Justin asks if he’s crazy. Sonny calls him a kind, caring, great person and says he’ll always be his son no matter what. Sonny tells Justin that he loves him as they hug. Alex then returns to the room. Justin says he will let them catch up but Alex tells him not to go. Alex says he thought about what he said and tells Justin that he’s truly sorry. Alex says he would be grateful to have Justin marry he and Theresa today. Justin says it would be his honor.

Stephanie tells Andrew that she’s very happy that Alex and Theresa are getting married and assures that she gave Theresa her blessing as she and Alex had been over for a long time. Andrew asks if she’s seeing anyone new. Stephanie says that she was, but not anymore, as it wasn’t meant to be. Stephanie calls it kind of funny that she’s been going through a revolving door of men lately while wild child Theresa is the one settling down. Andrew points out that Theresa is settled down a few times, so he hopes this one sticks. Stephanie talks about the trouble they got in to growing up and repeats that Theresa is a wild child, noting that Andrew must be happy that Theresa is turning over a new leaf. Andrew states that is the dream.

Theresa is shocked to learn that Bonnie mailed Fiona’s invitation herself. Bonnie knows it wasn’t her place to do so but she thought Sarah would thank her which she does. Sarah just wishes Fiona would’ve RSVP’d. Maggie suggests maybe the invitation never got to her. Theresa thinks maybe she dodged a bullet. Sarah doesn’t see it that way and tells Theresa that she should be sorry. Victoria wakes up crying so Maggie goes to get her. Bonnie tells Sarah that she better go get ready and takes her to her room. Theresa then remarks to herself that Fiona better not show up or else she is screwed. Andrew then shows up at the door. Theresa can’t believe it and excitedly hugs him. Theresa tells Andrew that she’s watching Victoria while Sarah gets ready. Andrew jokes about the irony of her watching the kid she kidnapped. Theresa tells him to keep quiet. Andrew assures that he hasn’t told anyone including Paul and he assumes that Theresa has been staying on the straight and narrow like she promised. Theresa says that she totally has. Andrew talks about Theresa misjudging Konstantin and how he could’ve killed her. Theresa calls it one of the scariest moments of her whole life. Andrew says she doesn’t have to worry about Konstantin anymore while he doesn’t have to worry about her. Theresa is so grateful for Andrew covering for her. Andrew mentions how Sarah called the ISA asking if there were any leads on Konstantin’s accomplice and he hated not being able to tell her. Sarah then comes out from her room and asks what he wasn’t able to tell her.

Xander goes to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn, so he can use his room to change in. Leo refers to Xander as his boss but Xander reveals that he’s not anymore as he just gave his half of the Spectator back to Jack. Leo is shocked and asks if he’s going to get fired now. Xander assures that he won’t and that everyone loves Lady Whistleblower. Xander says he should get changed so he tells Leo that he will see him downstairs. As Xander starts to undress, Leo sits down. Xander repeats for him to go downstairs. Leo jokes about having hidden cameras in the room and then agrees to go downstairs, declaring that he will be covering the wedding of his now ex-boss.

Andrew greets Maggie and Sarah, then says he was just saying that he hated not being able to tell Sarah that they had a lead in Victoria’s kidnapping. Andrew adds that with Konstantin dead, the trail has gone cold. Andrew claims they still assume that Konstantin hired a local thug to help him and that he’d have no more interest with Konstantin dead. Sarah agrees that there’s probably no more danger but calls it disconcerting that they are still out there. Theresa realizes that with Shane unable to attend the wedding, she doesn’t have anyone to walk her down the aisle, so she asks Andrew. Andrew says he’d love to. Theresa points out that it’s getting late and suggests they go have a wedding. Sarah mentions that Bonnie is still doing her makeup. Maggie is glad that Sarah and Theresa are going to be sharing the stage tonight and says they make her so proud. Maggie says she loves them and is beyond thrilled for them both.

Sonny arrives in the town square for the wedding and runs in to Leo. Leo asks where Will is. Sonny responds that he couldn’t make it. Leo talks about finding his angle for the article on the wedding. Leo brings up Will being related to both brides and asks if him not being there means there’s trouble in paradise. Sonny threatens to punch Leo, who tells him to relax and says he does have journalistic integrity. Paul walks up, so Leo points out that it’s another one of Sonny’s exes and jokes that they made a better couple than Sonny and Will. Leo suggests that if Sonny ever wises up and dumps Will, he should go for Paul. Andrew walks over and asks if that’s a fact as he kisses Paul. Leo tells Sonny that he’s sorry and that he tried as he walks away. Stephanie greets Alex and congratulates him. Alex asks how she is. Stephanie calls him a lucky groom and Theresa a lucky bride, saying she’s so happy for them both. Alex hugs her and thanks her. Maggie walks through with Victoria in her stroller and talks with Brady. Brady says he’s good and tells Maggie not to worry about him. Bonnie and Justin walk through as she encourages Justin about officiating. Justin informs her that he got fired from the job but guesses he and Alex are just destined to be a work in progress. Bonnie hopes one day Alex realizes how lucky he is to have Justin in his life. Maggie calls for everyone to take their seats as they are about to get started. Xander and Alex meet at the altar. Xander comments on sharing the spotlight with Victor’s billionaire bastard. The wedding then begins as Andrew walks Theresa down the aisle. Maggie then walks Sarah down the aisle. Bonnie then stands up and announces that they forgot one of the most important details of which one is getting married first. The couples step aside to discuss it. Theresa thinks Xander and Sarah should go first since it was their wedding to begin with. Bonnie suggests maybe they should go second then so it’s like Alex and Theresa are their opening act. Bonnie then suggests they flip a coin. Alex calls heads while Xander calls tails. Bonnie flips the coin and it lands on heads but they didn’t decide if that’s first or last. Bonnie then decides that Alex and Theresa are up first. Justin then begins officiating the ceremony. Justin asks if anyone objects. Theresa looks over at Brady, who remains quiet. Justin then calls for Theresa and Alex to say their vows. Alex states that for a long time, he was nothing but a player but after coming to Salem, all of that changed. Alex says the biggest change was realizing that he was Victor Kiriakis’ son which turned his world upside down. Alex tells Theresa that he would’ve never made it through that without her as she helped him embrace who he really is and he will be eternally grateful for that. Theresa gets emotional and says she will keep it brief as she just has one thing to say to him. Theresa tells Alex that she just wants to make him happy and she will because he deserves that. Alex and Theresa exchange vows and their rings. Justin then pronounces Alex and Theresa as husband and wife, so they kiss. Brady looks annoyed as everyone else applauds. Justin introduces them for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kiriakis. Everyone stands and applauds. Brady reluctantly joins in but then turns to walk away. Paul goes after him but Brady insists that he’s fine and he’s going to a meeting. Brady tells Paul to stay as he exits the town square. Andrew tells Leo not to write that. Leo questions how he knows what he wrote. Andrew reminds him that he’s a spy and that he saw him watch Brady walk out. Leo remarks that it’s not his fault it was the best view. Bonnie calls for everyone to take their seats because they have to do this again. Maggie asks if Xander and Sarah are ready as they head to the altar. Maggie then begins to officiate their ceremony. Maggie says she knows that Victor would be very happy that his family has come together in this way tonight. Maggie asks if anyone objects. Xander’s mother, Fiona Cook, then arrives and declares that she’s sorry she’s late, surprising everyone in attendance.

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Days Update Thursday, July 18, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo sits in his room at the Salem Inn, trying to come up with something for his column. Leo tells himself to think of his fans and how they must be waiting for the gossip. Leo mentions the woman outside of Everett’s room who was certainly odd. Bonnie then shows up and tells Leo that she thought he would be interesting in the story of the century.

Sarah comes home as Xander is working out. Xander jokes that he’s getting pumped up for the big event today. Sarah jokes like he’s getting ready for a wrestling event as El Erotico. Xander tells her that he’s getting married to the most beautiful woman in the world and calls her absolutely perfect as they kiss.

Alex talks on the phone in his room, saying he’s elated that they were able to lock in this deal and how the 3rd and 4th quarters are looking very profitable. Alex says he’s now going to get ready for his wedding and hangs up. Justin enters his room and says he just came by to see if he was ready for his big day. Alex says he just needs to shower and change. Justin says he won’t keep him but there is something he needs to say.

Brady thinks it’s a little late in the game to have Tate come to the wedding. Theresa points out that a flight would only be a couple hours away. Brady feels direct flights will be sold out by now. Theresa argues that Alex could send the Titan jet. Brady questions that not being too extravagant. Theresa says not for the future heir to the Kiriakis fortune. Theresa decides she will call the lacrosse camp now to tell them to get ready because she’s sending a charter jet to pick up one of their campers.

At the Horton Cabin, Tate and Holly kiss until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. They wonder who that is and if they’ll just go away. Sophia calls out from the door that she knows they are in there and that they are so busted. Holly then answers the door and questions what she’s doing there. Sophia hoped they enjoyed their staycation because it’s all about to come to an end.

Alex tells Justin that he won’t talk him out of marrying Theresa. Justin says she signed the prenup so it’s all good. They agree they don’t want to fight. Alex asks what Justin came to say then if not to warn him against marrying Theresa. Justin declares that if it’s alright with him, he’d like to perform his wedding ceremony.

Brady stops Theresa and tells her to let Tate get settled in at camp and make friends. Theresa argues that Tate wants to be at his mother’s wedding. Brady thinks she’s overestimating a teenager’s interest in weddings. Brady tells her that he’s sorry but she will run out of time and it won’t work. Theresa guesses he’s right but complains that she really wanted Tate to be there. Brady says he’ll send him tons of pictures and videos. Theresa can’t help but think this is all Holly’s fault since if she just kept her distance, they wouldn’t have had to send Tate off for the summer. Theresa remarks that at least they know Tate is not in Holly’s clutches..

Sophia jokes that she thought the cabin would be harder to find but used her GPS. Tate questions how she even knew they were there. Sophia reveals she saw them in the park on the 4th of July and plotting how they tricked their parents. Sophia admits that sending Aaron in Tate’s place to camp was a pretty slick move. Tate says he can explain. Sophia wonders what Tate’s parents would say if they knew he wasn’t there. Sophia thinks they would freak out and asks if they should call them. Holly says she can’t tell their parents. Sophia mentions running in to Theresa earlier in the town square and they were chatting and she almost told her, but she changed her mind. Holly thanks her for not saying anything. Holly gets that she’s angry with her but asks if they are still best friends. Sophia thinks their best friendship set sail when Holly became a backstabbing bitch. Sophia then reveals that she didn’t say anything to Theresa because she’s getting married tonight.

Brady tells Theresa that they can’t put all the blame on Holly since she’s a kid and Tate did go out of their way to lie to their faces and go behind their back. Theresa argues that she’s known girls like Holly all her life and they like to manipulate the nicest looking guy to doing whatever they want. Brady remarks that sounds like someone he knows. Theresa tells him to be nice on her wedding day. Theresa knows it’s not her first wedding obviously, but it is her first proper ceremony. Brady jokes that she might have a proper ceremony but it won’t be as cool as they one they had in the Vegas chapel. Theresa admits it was cool. Brady says he doesn’t remember every moment since he was high as a kite. Theresa admits she may have taken advantage of the situation a little. Brady compares that to what she said about Holly. Theresa says she got the point and that it was more of a scheme than a wedding. Theresa feels the actual wedding was the unofficial one upstairs in his bedroom. Brady says he remembers that very well. Theresa says for one shining moment, the stars were all aligned and they were actually happy. Brady calls it a shame that it didn’t last.

Alex questions Justin wanting to officiate his wedding. Justin explains that he was talking to Maggie and that she’s officiating Sarah and Xander’s wedding, so he offered to take one wedding off her hands. Alex questions why Justin would want to marry them when he thinks he’s making a big mistake, unless this is some kind of trick.

Sarah tells Xander that she’s barely checked off any of her list and they have so much to do before the wedding. Xander suggests letting Alex and Theresa do it since they are horning in on their wedding. Sarah asks if he’s having second thoughts about the double wedding. Xander says they’ve been through a lot to get here, so he’d prefer the day be all about them. They agree that it’s too late to back out now but it would be nice if they brought his family together. Xander jokes that Alex should cover the whole bill since he inherited all that money. Sarah jokes about him being jealous. Xander insists that having tons of money is no longer his goal in life as he wants to make a good, honest living and make his wife and daughter happy. Xander declares that marrying the woman of his dreams again is all that matters. Sarah tells him the same and jokes with him. Xander says he will dig up his lucha libre mask to bring back El Erotico to remind her how macho and suave he can be as they kiss.

Leo questions Bonnie saying a double wedding is the story of the century. Bonnie says it doesn’t happen every day. Leo calls it the idea of betraying his readers with a double snoozefest. Bonnie asks about Leo having a double wedding. Leo says he suppressed that memory. Bonnie talks about how it was Xander and Gwen plus Leo and Craig and how the drag queen crashed it and revealed that Leo was just marrying Craig for his money. Leo sarcastically thanks her for bringing up that memory and tells her that he’s in therapy now, working on becoming a more honorable person instead of the shallow and manipulative dirtbag he was. Bonnie says she doesn’t judge since she has been that herself. Bonnie assures that this double wedding won’t have the drama that his did, at least not the drag queen part. Leo then asks which part will it have and asks if it’s the marrying for the money part. Bonnie feels she’s said too much already but Leo guesses it’s Theresa and asks if Bonnie is saying that Theresa is only marrying Alex because he’s the heir to the Kiriakis fortune. Bonnie claims not to know much of anything. Leo argues that he knew he was right about Theresa and demands Bonnie tell him everything. Bonnie admits there have been some concerns about Theresa’s motives for marrying Alex but begs Leo not to put it in his column. Leo complains that he could really use the content. Bonnie says he has to understand that Alex is family and Theresa will soon be. Leo gives in and admits he kind of likes Theresa anyways since she reminds him of his old BFF Gwen, who he betrayed and now hates him with a vengeance. Leo tells Bonnie that he hasn’t spoken to Marlena but he’s read that when feeling terrible guilt about ruining a friendship, he should exhale the guilt and inhale the serenity but says it’s not working. Leo says he doesn’t blame Theresa for wanting what Alex has and jokes that he’d marry Alex for nothing. Leo comments that between Alex and Xander, it’s like a dry run for another Magic Mike movie.

Xander and Sarah lay on the couch after having sex. Sarah jokes that they might have done this out of order. Xander thought it was perfect but hopes it’s not bad luck for them to see each other before walking down the aisle. Sarah thinks they’ve had their share of bad luck, so no more worrying. Xander recalls when Kristen stuffed her in to a trunk before their other wedding. Sarah recalls when Xander got imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit but that’s all in the past.

Justin questions Alex thinking he’s trying to trick him. Alex points out that he just did that with Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding. Alex says he wouldn’t be surprised if halfway through the ceremony, Justin bursts out of his seat to accuse Theresa of embezzling funds. Justin asks if Alex is serious when he knows damn well why it went down like that with Konstantin. Justin questions Alex not trusting him over that. Alex apologizes for making that analogy but asks if he can really blame him after he gave him a lot of pushback about Theresa. Justin assures that he has no ulterior motives and just thought it would be nice. Justin says he may not be the father of the groom, but he just wants to be a part of his special day, but not if it doesn’t work for him. Alex responds that it actually does work for him and he’s sorry for accusing him of ulterior motives. Justin accepts his apology. Alex notes that he will have to ask Theresa first but he doesn’t think she will have a problem with it. Justin agrees to go prepare his script for the ceremony. Alex thanks Justin as he exits the room.

Theresa tells Brady that it’s been their problem that they would be good for awhile but can’t seem to make it last. Brady wonders why that is. Theresa guesses it’s probably her fault because she screws up a lot. Brady says she can’t take all the blame since he was so stubborn most of the time and pretty unforgiving. Theresa hopes things are different with Alex. Brady says he’s rooting for them because despite everything, he just wants her to be truly happy. Theresa says she wants that for him too. Brady says that at least one of them found true love. Brady tells Theresa that she deserves it. Theresa then states that she has to confess something to him.

Tate questions Sophia announcing that Theresa is getting married tonight. Sophia explains that she was outside the Bakery going on about her wedding cake. Tate says he knew Theresa was engaged to Alex but he didn’t realize the wedding was tonight. Sophia says she didn’t want to spoil Theresa’s big night by telling her that her son was a liar, so she’ll just tell her tomorrow instead. Holly pleads with her and asks if she really wants to hurt them this badly. Sophia reveals that’s why she ratted them out the first time and asks how they think Theresa caught on to their plans to sneak off on prom night. Holly questions how she could do something so spiteful. Sophia says it’s the feeling of betrayal after Holly let her make a fool of herself by asking Tate to the prom when they were secretly seeing each other the whole time. Sophia asks if she has any idea how humiliating that was. Tate says he had no intention of hurting her and thought maybe she would get with Aaron and they would all be happy. Sophia argues that she never expressed interest in Aaron. Holly admits they screwed up and she’s been a terrible friend. Tate apologizes for lying to her and says they were so caught up in keeping them a secret that they didn’t think about how it would hurt other people. Sophia mocks them and says they are only apologizing so she won’t snitch on them since the stakes are high. Holly insists that she’s really sorry. Holly worries that if she tells their parents, Tate will get sent off to military school and they’ll never see each other again. Sophia calls that her problem. Holly pleads with Sophia to keep their secret and says she will do anything.

Brady asks what Theresa wants to confess but Alex walks in and interrupts, questioning Theresa not getting ready for the wedding. Theresa says she was just telling Brady that she’s really happy he is coming to the wedding, even if Tate can’t be there. Brady says he’ll see them at the ceremony and exits. Theresa tells Alex that she should get to Sarah’s now. Alex says he wanted to run something by her first. Alex then informs her that Justin offered to officiate their wedding so he wanted to see if she had any objections. Theresa says of course not and that it’s fine. Alex says he just wanted to talk to her first since he didn’t about the prenup. Alex tells Theresa that he wants to be the best husband for her because he loves her and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Theresa responds that she feels exactly the same way as they kiss. Alex hugs Theresa while she looks over at a photo of Brady on the mantle.

Xander comments to Sarah that Victoria is still asleep. Sarah says she’ll be well rested for the ceremony and looks over the final guest list. Xander points out that his mom never got back to them. Sarah assumes she moved. Xander says maybe she just doesn’t give a damn. Sarah apologizes for pressuring Xander to reach out to her because she didn’t mean to reopen old wounds. Xander understands it was worth a shot for Victoria. Xander says it’s probably just as well that she’s not coming as they hug.

Bonnie tells Leo that she’s sorry for wasting his time as she didn’t realize a double wedding was a snoozefest as he said. Leo stops her and says as vanilla as it is, maybe they can find an intriguing angle which Bonnie questions. Leo asks if anything scandalous happened at a bachelor party but Bonnie says they skipped all of that. Leo asks for any inside details on the ceremony. Bonnie then informs Leo that there might be a surprise guest in Xander’s mother. Leo is shocked as he didn’t know Xander even had a mother. Bonnie emphasizes that she might be coming to the wedding. Leo questions it being a surprise. Bonnie explains that she and Xander have been estranged for years since she had a drinking problem. Bonnie adds that Sarah worked hard to track her down and got an address for her in Paris to send her an invite but then she found the invite in the trash. Leo questions why she would throw it away. Bonnie thinks Theresa got in Sarah’s head since she was discouraging her and repeating what a bad idea it was. Leo asks how Xander’s mom got the invite then. Bonnie admits she sent it and she thinks Xander and Sarah would thank her later. Leo questions her not telling them. Bonnie jokes that a surprise is not a surprise if no one is surprised.

Xander jokes to Sarah that the positive of his mom not coming is that the bar won’t get ransacked. Theresa then arrives with her dress. Xander questions Theresa not thanking them for letting them join in on their wedding. Theresa then thanks them and says they are eternally grateful. Xander goes to get ready. Sarah tells Theresa that she’s sorry about Xander. Theresa says it’s okay and thanks her for letting them crash their wedding. Sarah says it’s no problem and points out that they are all going to be family.

Justin joins Alex in the living room. Alex tells him that he and Theresa would both love to have him perform their ceremony. Justin says that’s great and he’s very happy. Alex says he knows it’s what Victor would want. Justin responds that he doesn’t mean to speak ill of the dead but he doesn’t give a damn what Victor would’ve wanted.

Sophia tells Holly and Tate that she will consider keeping their secret but she wants something in return. Sophia declares that since Aaron took Tate’s place at lacrosse camp, it’s only fair that Holly takes her job as a waitress at the Bistro. Sophia tells Holly that she’s sure Stefan won’t mind if she gives up her spot to her, but the stipulation that she gets every cent of her paycheck. Holly argues that if she works her job at the Bistro, she’ll never get to see Tate. Sophia says she will as soon as she gets off work and asks what Holly says to that. Holly agrees, so Sophia exits. Holly tells Tate that she can’t believe she’s spending her summer working at the Bistro without seeing a single cent from it. Tate doesn’t want her to make such a sacrifice and says he’ll just go to lacrosse camp for a couple of months but Holly says no. Holly would rather do what they are doing than not see him at all. Holly decides they will just have to make the most of the time they do have together as they kiss.

Leo begins writing his column about the double wedding, saying it promises to be the social event of the season and remarks that hopefully it will have a happier ending than the last Kiriakis wedding which ended in Konstantin being killed.

Justin tells Alex that Victor was a narcissist and a manipulative control freak. Alex didn’t think Justin was still so angry with him. Justin asks how he couldn’t be when he robbed him of a son. Alex argues that he was never Justin’s son in the first place. Justin complains that he shouldn’t have kept it a secret or revealed the plot twist in his will. Alex doesn’t think Justin should be dragging Victor’s name through the mud in his house. Justin doesn’t understand how Alex can defend Victor. Alex says it’s because he was his father. Justin shouts that he was too.

Brady goes home and tells himself not to think about it, repeating that he and Theresa were never good together. Brady thinks back to when he and Theresa had sex. Brady asks how he’s going to get through this wedding. Brady then searches through a drawer and finds a bottle of vodka and a glass.

Bonnie joins Sarah and Theresa and says she has everything they will need, but she forgot the bouquets so Sarah says they will just grab them on the way. Bonnie stops Sarah and says there’s something she needs to tell her about Xander’s mom. Bonnie reveals that she knows Sarah threw Xander’s mom’s invitation in the trash. Sarah stops her and questions what she’s talkiing about because she didn’t throw any invitation in the trash, while Theresa looks worried.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to the Spectator to confront Leo. She yelled at him for knowing the truth about Jude. He said he’s trying to be a better person with his therapy with Marlena. Nicole said she wondered if Marlena knew about his part in letting everyone Jude was a DiMera and not her grandson. Leo said he didn’t know Jude was Eric’s son. It occurred to him why EJ paid him to keep quiet. Nicole was shocked to hear that. Leo apologized for what he did. She said he could make it up to her by testifying in court. Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion. EJ thought she was there to see Jude and told her he wasn’t there. Marlena said she came to do this. She slapped him. He said she had a right to be angry because there was no excuse to do what he did. Connie told Bobby that she stabbed Rafe in the back with a knife. Bobby said he didn’t want Rafe murdered. Connie said he wanted Rafe gone. She asked what else was she supposed to do. Connie said she held up her end of the bargain so he could be with Jada. Kayla told Jada and Gabi that Rafe was in surgery. She said the knife penetrated his lung. Kayla said they wouldn’t know the extent of the damage until they got in there. When Kayla left, Gabi told Jada that someone stabbed Rafe the same way Li was killed. Jada said she would investigate every lead. Gabi said the knife could help her prove who did it.

Bobby told Connie that there was going to be a murder investigation. Connie said she didn’t know if Rafe was dead or not, but it didn’t look good. Bobby was upset, but Connie said Jada would be devastated if Rafe died and needed someone there to pick up the pieces. She said that was what he wanted. Connie said she held up her end of the bargain and asked if he would do the same. Bobby said he wouldn’t tell anyone he saw her the night Li died. He said no one could ever see them together now that Jada thought the identity of Li’s killer was in Everett’s head. Jada went in Rafe’s room. There was blood on the sheets. After she put on latex gloves, she put the knife in a bag. When she saw Rafe’s shirt, she put it to her face. Leo was hesitant about testifying against the Salem D.A. Nicole said she wanted to divorce EJ and make sure he went to prison. She said Leo testifying against EJ would make sure it happened. Leo didn’t want to help her. Nicole said she would talk to Rafe and get him immunity. Leo said that wasn’t why he wouldn’t testify. He said EJ suffered enough by losing his wife and kid and now had to deal with his worst nightmare of her and Eric being together. EJ told Marlena that he thought he could make Nicole love him if he had enough time. Marlena said he was like Stefano who also didn’t like to lose. EJ talked about losing Sami which made him desperate to keep Nicole. He said it didn’t matter because Nicole and Eric were together and he had nothing. Marlena said she didn’t feel sorry for him. EJ said he got his comeuppance so all should be right with her world. Marlena said she hoped his suffering just begun. While they were talking, he got his divorce papers. EJ said his comeuppance happened sooner than she thought. Kayla told Jada and Gabi that there was a complication. She said the surgeons removed a clot from Rafe’s lung, but he slipped into a coma.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, July 18, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin approached Alex at the mansion. Alex didn’t want to fight with him. Justin offered to officiate the wedding. Alex wondered if it was a trick. Brady tried to talk Theresa out of bringing Tate home for the wedding. She blamed Holly for why Tate had to leave in the first place. Theresa was glad that he was away from Holly. Brady thought she and Holly were similar. Theresa wanted him to be nice to her on her wedding day. She realized it wasn’t her first wedding, but it’s her first proper ceremony. Brady thought their Vegas wedding was cooler. Theresa admitted taking advantage of the situation. She realized they were happy briefly. Brady thought it was a shame it didn’t last. Sophia interrupted Holly and Tate kissing at the Horton cabin. She threatened to call their parents. Sophia admitted that she almost told Theresa what they did, but she didn’t want to ruin her wedding day. She planned to tell her after the wedding. Alex thought Justin was planning a repeat of Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding. Justin got offended and said he didn’t have an ulterior motive. He wanted to be part of his special day unless he didn’t want him to be. Alex softened and apologized for accusing him. He wanted to ask Theresa first. Alex sincerely thanked Justin as he prepared to leave.

Theresa blamed herself for why she and Brady didn’t work. She hoped things would be different with Alex. Brady was rooting for them to work. He wanted her to be happy and she wanted the same for him. Brady was happy one of them found love. Theresa wanted to tell him something when Alex walked in the room. Brady walked out of the room. Alex asked Theresa about Justin officiating the wedding. She said it was fine. He couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. She felt the same way, but she looked at Brady’s picture while they hugged. Holly begged Sophia not to tell her and Tate’s parents about them being together. Sophia was happy to tell them what she knew after they betrayed her during the prom. Holly agreed to do anything. Sophia agreed to keep quiet if she took the job her parents made her get and give her all the money. After Sophia left, Tate offered to go to lacrosse camp, so she didn’t have to work. Holly would rather him be there so they could spend time together. Alex told Justin that he could officiate the wedding. He looked at Victor’s portrait and said it’s what his father would have wanted. Justin didn’t care what Victor wanted. Alex didn’t realize that Justin was still upset about it. Justin wondered how he couldn’t be upset. He said Victor robbed him of his son. Alex told him that he was never his son to begin with. He defended Victor to Justin. Justin wanted to know why, and Alex said because he was his father. Justin reminded him that he was his father too. Brady returns to the townhouse and wonders how he would get through the wedding. He went to the liquor cabinet and pulled out a bottle of vodka.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny found his father drinking at the DiMera mansion. EJ told him that Nicole wanted to divorce him. Johnny wasn’t surprised after what he did. EJ thought Johnny was mad at him too. Johnny felt bad for Nicole and Eric. He was excited about having a new brother but that wasn’t going to happen now. Nicole went to Eric’s room at the pub and let him know that she and EJ were done. Brady went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Maggie but ran into Alex. He let Brady know that she was running last-minute errands. Brady thought he meant for Xander and Sarah’s wedding, but Alex told him that he and Theresa were getting married too. He was surprised by Alex’s news. Alex told him that Maggie thought it would bring the family together. He would understand if Brady didn’t want to go to the ceremony. Brady thought it was a good idea since he assumed Theresa was only after his money. He knew that wasn’t the truth, so Brady wondered if there was another reason why Alex didn’t want him at the ceremony. Brady flashed back to his night with Theresa and said he would go to the wedding. Alex was okay with it, but Brady seemed troubled.

Sophia ran into Theresa at the town square to talk about Tate and Holly. Theresa apologized to her after the way Tate talked to her. Sophia blamed Holly because she was her best friend. Theresa assured her that Tate and Holly would be far away from each other since he would be at lacrosse camp in New York. Sophia thought about overhearing Tate and Holly’s conversation about deceiving their parents. She told Theresa there was something she needed to know. Chanel interrupted them to talk about the wedding cake. After hearing about the wedding, Sophia decided not to tell her about Tate and Holly. Johnny let EJ know there was no justification for what he did to Nicole and Eric. He was disappointed, but he still had his back. EJ apologized for not being as supportive as he and Chanel needed him to be. He knew they wanted to move out, but he hoped they would stay at the mansion. Johnny agreed to stay longer. He assured EJ that he would never lose him. Johnny wanted to take Chanel to lunch, and EJ thought he was a good husband. He knew Johnny didn’t get that from him. Johnny thought he didn’t meet the right woman yet. He didn’t think EJ and Nicole were meant to be. Johnny thought he should sign the divorce papers and move on with his life. Nicole said she and Eric could figure out a custody arrangement unless he planned to move to Paris. Eric wanted to leave because it was too painful to be around Jude but there was no reason he couldn’t stay and make a fresh start with Jude. He looked at Nicole and said he could make a fresh start with her too. Nicole said EJ knew she wasn’t over Eric which is why he did what he did to them. Eric wanted to know if she knew, and she admitted that she did. Theresa arrived at the Kiriakis mansion. She was surprised when she found out that Brady considered not going to her wedding. Theresa let him know she wanted him there. Alex hoped they could all be a family after the wedding. Theresa did too. When Alex walked away to take a phone call, Brady wanted to know why Theresa didn’t say she was getting married so soon. She admitted that she should have told him about it. Brady assured her that he’s happy for them. Theresa apologized for things not working out with them. He would always be special to her because he’s Tate’s father. She realized that she couldn’t get married without her son. Theresa wanted Tate at the wedding. Nicole admitted to Eric that she would have left EJ if she knew Jude was theirs and that he still loved her. Eric would have done the same thing with Sloan. They were about to kiss when there was a knock at the door. Eric opened the door, and EJ was there. He knew he would find Nicole there. She snatched the divorce papers and saw that he didn’t sign them. EJ said he didn’t plan to sign them. He assured her that he refused to let them take Jude and run off into the sunset together.

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Days Short Recap Monday, July 15, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Stephanie about Abby possibly being alive. Stephanie talked to her about Everett. Marlena called Stephanie and told her Everett was back. Stephanie wanted to go see him, but Kayla told her to give him time. Stephanie wanted to know if he was really back. Being without him made her realize how much she missed him. Kayla told her to be with him. Jada and Gabi ran into each other at the pub. Gabi thanked her for helping get her out of prison. Jada said Rafe and Stefan deserved all the credit. While they were talking, they talked about Bobby saying he knew who really killed Li. Jada thought she wouldn’t be able to get answers now that Everett was back. She said she needed to find Rafe and let him know what was going on. Gabi said he was at Abby’s grave. While Rafe was on the phone with Paulina, Connie stabbed him in the back. Connie apologized, but said she had to do it so Bobby wouldn’t say anything about her killing Li. She said she had to bury him in the empty grave so no one would know. When Connie heard Jada call out to Rafe, she ran off. Jada went to Rafe and called for help.

Stephanie went to see Everett. Bobby was disappointed that Stephanie wasn’t Jada. He pretended to be Everett. Stephanie was happy to see him until he told her they couldn’t see each other anymore. He said he had a long way to go to be fully integrated and needed to focus on his mental health. Stephanie was disappointed but said she understood. She said she would be there for him as a friend. He said she was the best and would never forget how hard she fought for him. Gabi left Ava a message about starting up Gabi Chic at DiMera. She said she was putting a team together. Connie showed up and was excited. She asked where she could sign up because she’s very loyal. At the hospital, Jada watched Kayla working on Rafe. Kayla told her to wait in the hall. Jada told Rafe she loved him. Connie went to Bobby’s hotel room. Bobby told her he faked being Everett so he could get out of Bayview to avoid talking about LI’s murder. He asked what she did to hold up her end of the bargain. She said Rafe wouldn’t be a problem for him or anyone else. While Jada was on the phone, she ordered someone to find the person who stabbed Rafe. Gabi showed up and wondered who hurt her brother. In Rafe’s room, Kayla said he was going into shock. She said they were losing him.

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Days Update Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Chanel officially reopens the Sweet Bits Bakery and posts a help wanted sign in the window. Chanel gets a call from Johnny, who asks how she is doing. Chanel talks about how busy she is. Johnny asks if she’s sure she’s not pushing herself too hard and offers to come help since he’s unemployed. Chanel assures that she is okay and that there’s nothing he could do. Chanel finishes the call as Theresa approaches and says she thinks Chanel can help her and it’s kind of an emergency.

Holly joins Tate at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. Tate says he missed her and kisses her as they hug.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Alex if Maggie is there. Alex says she went out to run errands for the wedding but he’ll let her know that he stopped by. Brady talks about knowing Maggie is busy with Sarah and Xander’s wedding but he wanted to make sure after everything with Konstantin, that a wedding isn’t triggering for her. Alex says he hopes they can make some better memories tonight which Brady questions. Alex then informs him that it’s a double wedding as he and Theresa are getting married tonight too which surprises Brady.

Johnny enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and sees EJ having a drink, commenting that it’s a little early. EJ responds that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and reveals to Johnny that he’s looking over Nicole’s petition for divorce.

Nicole joins Eric in his room with Jude. Eric thanks her for letting Jude stay with him. Nicole says of course since he is his son. Nicole tells Jude that she still missed him like crazy even for one night. Eric asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole responds that she stayed at the Salem Inn last night after leaving EJ and now she has to find a place big enough for her, Holly, and Jude. Eric asks how Holly is taking him being Jude’s dad. Nicole tells him that Holly adores him and is really happy for him, but she’s been grounded a lot lately so she’s miserable. Eric mentions that Holly told him when he ran in to her and she needed to vent a little. Nicole thanks him for letting Holly vent and guesses it was mostly about her. Eric says it wasn’t and that Holly loves her very much. Nicole says she loves Holly with all her heart and that she let Holly stay with a friend last night because she needed time to think things through. Eric asks what she is going to do. Nicole reveals that she called her lawyer to serve EJ divorce papers because they are done.

Johnny tells EJ that he can’t be that surprised that Nicole wants a divorce since it seemed kind of inevitable after she moved out. EJ admits that it did and assumes Johnny is quite upset with him. Johnny says he feels horrible for Nicole and Eric. Johnny adds that he thought he had a little brother and told everyone how happy he was that EJ got his son back and they were going to raise their babies together. EJ is sorry for letting him believe that. Johnny declares that now none of that is going to happen.

Theresa tells Chanel that she knows she just reopened and it’s last minute, but she desperately needs a wedding cake today. Theresa explains that she and Alex got engaged and planned to get married in a couple months but then decided on a double wedding today with Sarah and Xander. Chanel suggests just using the cake she made for Sarah and Xander since it’s definitely big enough. Theresa says that it is, but it’s a spice cake and she hates spice. Chanel says she gets it and isn’t a fan of it either. Theresa hoped they could have their own cake so Chanel asks what kind she wants. Theresa says as long as it’s not spice cake, she’s good with anything. Chanel agrees to see what she can do.

Tate talks to Holly about never seeing the inside of the mythical Horton Cabin. Tate calls it the perfect summer hideout. Holly asks if he’s heard from Aaron. Tate says he ran six miles today at lacrosse camp. Tate thanks Holly for saving him from what would’ve been the worst summer of his life. Holly hopes their parents never find out they are here. Tate asks how they would and declares that as long as they are careful, they’ll never know.

Brady questions Alex getting married tonight. Alex says they just decided and asks if Brady is shocked. Brady says it’s just fast. Alex says that he said the same thing when they got engaged. Brady says that’s because that was only a few days ago. Alex explains that Bonnie suggested the idea of the double wedding and that he and Theresa agreed it was a great idea. Alex says Sarah and Xander did all the work and their guest lists overlapped. Brady thought Alex hated Xander’s guts. Alex admits they’ve had their differences but Maggie hopes this can eliminate some of the baggage. Alex adds that he knows he and Brady have gone through it the last few months, so if he’s uncomfortable being there to support he and Theresa, he’s sure that Sarah and Xander will understand if he rescinds his RSVP. Brady agrees that he doesn’t want to ruin his big day, so he asks him to send Sarah and Xander his deepest regrets. Alex says he’s not hinting that he doesn’t want Brady to come to the wedding and is just giving him the option in case he’s uncomfortable. Brady admits he is a little uncomfortable, partially because he should’ve never had the idea that Theresa would marry him for his money and he never should’ve said anything. Alex says he’s over that and admits the thought had crossed his mind. Brady says the prenup pretty much proves him wrong and tells Alex that there’s a lot of reasons that Theresa would want to marry him. Alex asks why Brady wouldn’t want to be there if he accepts that Theresa’s not marrying him for the money, unless there’s another reason.

Chanel tells Theresa that she will go check to make sure she has everything to make her cake at the Bakery. Sophia then approaches Theresa and asks if she can talk to her about Holly and Tate.

Holly tells Tate that she’s sorry she couldn’t make it last night since she missed the last ferry. Tate still can’t believe that EJ pretended Eric’s kid was his own. Holly says she feels so bad for them. Tate asks how Holly is doing with all of this. Holly acknowledges that she and Nicole haven’t been getting along but assures that she is completely on her side because this was so wrong. Tate points out that it kind of blew up her whole family. Holly says it’s not really about that for her since she only felt like she had a real family when Eric was her stepdad. Tate asks if she thinks there’s a chance that Eric and Nicole might get back together. Holly says who knows and she’s just glad to get away from all the drama for a little while. Holly jokes that the timing works out for them because she can’t be grounded if she doesn’t have a home. Holly decides that’s enough talk about that and asks what they should do now they are finally alone.

EJ tells Johnny that he’s sorry that he was hurt. Johnny asks if he means he’s sorry that he hurt him. EJ then apologizes for hurting him and a lot of other people too. Johnny admits he’s done some crazy things to hang on to a relationship but argues that Eric is the nicest guy and asks how EJ could let Eric hand him his child. EJ says he won’t try to justify his actions. Johnny knows that he knows he can’t. Johnny recalls when he was a little kid and EJ would tell him how disappointed he was in him. Johnny remarks that now he knows how EJ felt.

Eric tells Nicole that divorce is a big step and asks if she doesn’t think she needs more time to think it through. Nicole compares it to Eric ending his marriage to Sloan, arguing that what EJ did is just as bad as what Sloan did. Nicole talks about Jude bouncing between homes and says they are going to have to figure out a custody arrangement. Nicole then asks if Eric is still planning to move to Paris. Eric admits that Roman asked him the same question and he said he didn’t know because he needed to talk to her about it.

Brady tells Alex that he just thinks it would be awkward for Theresa if he was at their wedding. Alex questions why since Brady said their relationship was good for him since he and Theresa were toxic unless he didn’t mean that. Brady admits they haven’t always brought out the best in each other and says they have both moved on. Brady then thinks back to being with Theresa. Brady then tells Alex that he’s going to do a total 180 and decides they are family, so if Alex doesn’t have a problem with him being there, then he’d love to be at his wedding. Alex tells him it’s settled then as they hug.

Theresa tells Sophia that she wants to apologize first for how her son treated her because she knows that must have been so hard for her, but she’s so glad that Sophia told her about Tate seeing Holly being their back. Sophia clarifies that she’s cool with Tate but blames Holly because she was supposed to be her BFF and knew she was in to Tate but didn’t tell her they were seeing each other. Theresa complains that she can’t stand Holly and then tells Sophia that Tate and Holly will be far away from each other this summer because they just sent Tate to lacrosse camp in New York. Sophia then thinks back to hiding in the bushes when Tate and Holly discussed their plan to be together all summer on the Fourth of July. Sophia then tells Theresa that there’s something she should know.

Tate tells Holly that there’s a lot to do and that he found old board games, picking out the game of Life which Holly recalls playing with Maggie all the time so they decide to play.

Johnny tells EJ that he doesn’t mean to kick him while he’s down and he understands it sucks that he lost Nicole, Jude, and his CEO job to Kristen. EJ adds that he might lose his district attorney job if he’s charged as an accessory after the fact. Johnny hopes that doesn’t happen. EJ thanks him for saying that. Johnny admits he is mad at him but that doesn’t mean he won’t always have his back. EJ calls him his loyal son and apologizes for not being as supportive of Chanel’s pregnancy as he needed to be. Johnny acknowledges that he came around eventually. EJ asks if he and Chanel are still thinking of getting their own place. Johnny says they haven’t really talked about it. EJ says he’d understand if he would want to put distance between them, but assures they are welcome to stay as long as they wish. EJ then admits it would mean a great deal to him if they did stay.

Nicole tells Eric that it would obviously be a lot easier to share custody of Jude if Eric was in Salem but after everything he’s been through, she doesn’t want him to give up anything because of her. Eric explains that he was leaving because it was too painful to be around Jude but now he knows he is his. Nicole points out that Eric could stay. Nicole adds that she’s sure Chad and Xander would love to have him back at the Spectator like she would even though it’s not Paris. Eric says he just wanted a fresh start but there’s no reason he can’t have that with Jude and with Nicole.

Theresa asks Sophia what about Tate and Holly. Sophia starts to explain but Chanel comes back and tells Theresa about the cake she can make. Theresa thanks her. Chanel promises the cake will be made with love. Theresa calls her an angel as Chanel heads back to the Bakery. Sophia asks Theresa about getting married which Theresa confirms is today. Sophia congratulates her. Theresa asks Sophia what she wanted to tell her. Sophia says it’s her big day so she can wait. Theresa insists but Sophia claims it’s really nothing and tells Theresa to enjoy her wedding as she walks away.

Tate and Holly play the board game Life which Holly wins. Tate asks if she wants to play something else. Holly suggests movie trivia which she wins again. Johnny questions how she even knows all of this about old movies. Holly admits she watched a ton when she had a thing for a guy who was a big movie buff which Tate remembers as being Johnny DiMera.

Johnny tells EJ that he and Chanel are not going to live there forever, but they will stay awhile longer. Johnny says he knows EJ has lost a lot but promises he will never lose him. EJ says that means the world to him. Johnny says he’s going to take Chanel to lunch. EJ calls him a good husband which is something he definitely didn’t learn from him. Johnny suggests maybe EJ just hasn’t found the right person yet and that he and Nicole just weren’t meant to be. Johnny thinks EJ should sign the divorce papers and move on. EJ agrees to take that under advisement. Johnny encourages that he will be okay as he then exits the mansion.

Nicole asks if Eric is really staying in Salem. Eric feels Jude has been moved around too much already so he’s positive. They talk about how things would’ve been a lot different if they found out Jude was Eric’s when Nicole was first pregnant. Eric admits he wanted to put some distance between them. Nicole says whenever they are together, they can never seem to get it right. Nicole thinks EJ knew that she never really got over Eric and maybe that’s why he went to such extremes to hold onto their marriage. Eric asks if she knew that too. Nicole says that in her heart, she did.

Johnny goes to the town square and invites Chanel to a late lunch. Chanel says she’s so swamped. Johnny encourages that she still has to eat. Chanel promises that she’s been eating well and says it’s sweet of him to check on her as they kiss.

Holly tells Tate that she didn’t mean to bring up Johnny. Tate says it’s not like he didn’t know since Johnny was all she talked about when they first met. Holly calls it a dumb crush and a stupid fantasy. Holly says she’s so lucky to have Tate now as they kiss.

Alex tells Brady that it will mean a lot to Theresa to have him there tonight. Brady is not so sure about that. Theresa walks in and asks about what, so Alex informs her that Brady will be coming to their wedding. Theresa assures Brady that she would want him there. Alex says he can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress. Alex knows they have had ups and downs, but he hopes after the wedding, they can all come together as family.

Nicole tells Eric that she’s never admitted it out loud to anyone but if she had known Jude was their son back then and if Eric would’ve taken her back, she would’ve left EJ. Eric recalls finding out she was pregnant and wishing the baby was his. Eric admits he wanted the same thing that she did. They almost kiss but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Eric answers to see EJ.

Theresa says she ordered the wedding cake and now she just needs to get ready. Alex decides they both should. Alex then gets a call and says he has to take it. Alex tells Theresa that he will see her at the altar and kisses her. Alex then answers his call and exits the room. Brady tells Theresa that he didn’t know she was getting married today. Theresa responds that she didn’t know that either until the other night. Theresa knows Brady is on Sarah and Xander’s guest list, so she should’ve just told him and given him a heads up. Brady says he’s happy for them. Theresa says there’s no problem then. Brady apologizes again for bringing up the whole money thing to Alex. Theresa says he already apologized and she gets it because of her history. Brady says he also knows that she has a huge heart and calls Alex a really lucky guy. Theresa tells Brady that she’s really sorry things didn’t work out between them, but Brady will always be very special to her. Theresa brings up that Brady is Tate’s dad and then suddenly realizes that she thought Tate would be home for her and Alex’s big day until they agreed to the double wedding. Theresa declares that she can’t get married without Tate as she needs her son there at her wedding.

Tate and Holly kiss until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. They wonder who that is and if they’ll just go away. Sophia calls out from the door that she knows they are in there and that they are so busted.

Chanel tells Johnny that the Bakery is her dream but she wants him to follow his dreams too and they could still move to LA. Johnny says there’s no chance and he’s not even thinking about that right now. Johnny adds that EJ just asked if they are still looking for their own place here which they are going to do. Johnny says that EJ won’t mind having them at the house since he’s a little lonely. Chanel asks if there’s any chance EJ and Nicole can get past this. Johnny says no as Nicole already served him with divorce papers, so he told him to just sign them and move on, so he hopes EJ takes his advice.

EJ says he thought he would find Nicole here. Nicole asks what he’s doing here. EJ responds that he brought the divorce papers. Nicole points out that he didn’t sign them. EJ reveals that he doesn’t plan to. EJ says if they think he’s just going to roll over, let them take Jude and wander off to the sunset together, they are sadly mistaken.

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Days Update Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric is at the Brady Pub with Jude and talks about his family’s legacy. Roman arrives and questions Eric not being in Paris. Eric informs him that there’s been a change of plans. Roman asks why and if the baby is Jude which Eric confirms. Eric asks Roman if he’d like to say hello to his grandson.

Marlena is outside and gets a call from Leo. She reminds him that he has to call to make an appointment but Leo says it’s not a professional call and asks if she wants to watch more of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marlena says she’ll get back to him on that and they’ll talk soon as they hang up. Leo worries that he came off too thirsty. Nicole arrives at the Spectator office, so Leo tells her that Everett should be back in the office soon but Nicole threatens him.

Marlena enters the DIMera Mansion where EJ says he wasn’t expecting her and asks if she came to see Johnny after Chanel’s miscarriage. Marlena responds that she didn’t come to see her grandson but to see EJ and she thinks he knows why.

Bobby questions Connie being sure that she already got Rafe out of the picture. Connie says she told him that she would and when she makes a promise, she keeps it. Bobby asks how she did it. Connie responds that it was in the back with a very sharp knife.

Gabi arrives at the hospital and asks Jada where Rafe is. Jada informs her that they are working on him now. Gabi asks how he is. Jada says he’s lost a lot of blood after being stabbed from behind. Gabi questions who could have done this. Jada says she doesn’t know and when she got there, Rafe was just lying there bleeding. Gabi asks what Kayla said and how bad it is. Jada informs Gabi that she made her leave the room. Kayla then comes out so Gabi asks what’s happening and how Rafe is. Kayla informs them that Rafe is out of surgery because the knife punctured his lung and they need to repair it to assess the damage. Kayla says she’ll find them as soon as she knows more as she heads back to the ER to join the team.

Roman is shocked as Eric reveals to him that Jude is his son. Eric says he just found out yesterday and waited to tell him in person. Roman asks how this happened. Eric explains that he was at the airport when Nicole showed up to tell him that Jude was his son. Roman question why they didn’t know Jude was his son until now. Eric responds that it turns out that they have EJ to thank for that.

Leo asks Nicole if this is about the press conference. Nicole asks if he has any idea how her life has turned upside down because of all of this. Nicole talks about thinking her baby was dead and mourning that loss, then getting him back and thinking it was a miracle, only to find out that EJ isn’t the father, Eric is, and Leo knew it the whole time. Nicole tells Leo that he has caused their family so much pain for the last few months and asks if he thinks they are just going to be jovial co-workers like nothing happened. Nicole asks what Leo has to say for himself.

Jada and Gabi have coffee and sit together at the hospital as Jada says it looks like they are going to be there for awhile. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense since she was just with Rafe at the Pub. Jada says it’s good that Gabi told her that he was going to the cemetery or she wouldn’t have found him. Gabi asks if she saw anyone else. Jada says by the time she got there, Rafe was just lying there with a knife in his back. Gabi points out that it’s just like Li.

Bobby questions Connie stabbing the police commissioner in the back. Connie asks if he would’ve preferred poison or a bullet. Bobby argues that he didn’t want him murdered at all while Connie argues that he said he wanted Rafe out of the picture and questions how else she was going to do that. Connie says she doesn’t have a private island to ship people to, so the only way she can get rid of people is to put them six feet under.

Roman can’t believe EJ knew about Jude’s paternity and what he put Eric through. Eric says Marlena had the same reaction. Roman asks if Eric has already forgiven and forgotten. Eric assures that he wants EJ to pay for what he did but he has other priorities. Roman understands Eric has to focus on his son. Eric says he missed him so much. Roman says they all did and tells Jude that he’s so grateful to have him back in the family as he can’t wait to spoil him. Roman then questions what this means in regards to Eric reuniting with Nicole.

Nicole tells Leo that she doesn’t even know why she bothered, complaining that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. Leo says that’s not true and that he’s been doing a lot of work on himself to give a damn about others. Leo says he’s even starting to care about what goes on in the world. Leo tells Nicole that Marlena is helping him through his issues to become a better person. Nicole asks if Marlena knows that Leo helped give birth to her grandchild and let everyone believe he was a DiMera instead. Leo says he doesn’t know what Marlena does or doesn’t know because their relationship is strictly professional and all about him and his lack of self esteem. Leo swears that he didn’t know Jude wasn’t a DiMera. Nicole questions if he knows the meaning of honest. Leo insists that he was told that EJ was the father. Nicole questions all the money Sloan gave him. Leo says he feels really terribly guilty about all of that but swears that he did know that Eric was Jude’s father and that he was convinced EJ was Jude’s father. Leo adds that EJ doesn’t seem like much of a nurturer which is part of the reason that he thought Jude would be better off with Eric, who obviously loved him. Leo then reveals that he’s finally realizing why EJ paid him to keep his mouth shut.

EJ asks Marlena if she wants any tea but Marlena says she doesn’t want anything from him. Marlena says she came to talk about Jude. EJ says if she wants to see Jude then she wasted a trip. Marlena responds that when she wants to see Jude, she knows how to do that. Marlena then declares that she actually came to do this as she slaps EJ.

Bobby says he shouldn’t be surprised Connie stuck a knife in Rafe since it’s what she did to Li Shin. Connie calls this completely different while Bobby feels it’s exactly the same. Connie argues that she never wanted to hurt Li and blames that on Gabi and Melinda. Connie complains that Gabi and Melinda turned Li off to the idea of love and if they didn’t hurt him, his heart would’ve been open and they could’ve been together. Connie talks about how great Li was until Bobby yells at her to snap out of it. Connie says she was just thinking about what could’ve been but that’s all in the past now. Bobby reminds her to stay laser focused. Connie reminds him that he said he would keep her secret if she took Rafe out and she did, so he’s free to be with Jada. Connie asks if he’s satisfied.

Gabi can’t believe somebody hurt Rafe in the exact same way that Li was killed and wonders if there could be a connection. Jada says it’s possible but Li’s killer is dead. Gabi brings up Jada’s ex saying that it wasn’t Gil. Jada points out that could’ve been a ploy to keep her close but Gabi wonders if it wasn’t and if the person who killed Li was the same exact person who stabbed Rafe. Gabi says it feels more than just a coincidence. Jada agrees and assures they will investigate every possible lead. Gabi asks about the knife. Jada says the EMTs removed it when they brought Rafe in. Gabi asks where it is but Jada isn’t sure since she hasn’t even had time for the team to process the trauma room. Gabi says it must still be there so with any luck, they can prove who did this to Rafe.

EJ supposes he deserved Marlena’s slap. Marlena says he deserved that and more since he knew the baby that Eric and Sloan adopted was Nicole’s, so he must have known it was Eric’s but he let Eric come and give the baby to them, knowing it was breaking his heart. EJ states that Marlena has every right to be angry with him. Marlena asks if he’s not going to give her some lame excuse or try to tell her that he and Nicole could raise Jude in a wonderful environment. EJ admits there is no excuse for what he did and his only defense is that he was terrified of what would happen if the truth came out as he knew he would not only lose his son, but his wife as well.

Nicole questions Leo about EJ paying him to keep quiet about the baby and demands to know all of it. Leo explains that awhile back, he got drunk and may have spilled what he thought was the truth to EJ that the baby was his and Nicole’s. Leo thought EJ would be delighted and overjoyed but instead, he paid him to keep his mouth shut. Leo admits it was odd to him but says he needed the money, so he put his suspicions aside but now it all makes sense that he didn’t want to claim Jude as his because he knew he wasn’t and was Eric’s. Leo tells Nicole that he’s truly sorry and he doesn’t expect her to accept his apology but he knows he should’ve protected her and her son. Leo calls helping Nicole give birth to Jude the proudest moment of his life. Nicole declares that if Leo really is sorry, then she thinks there’s a way he can make it up to her. Leo says he’ll do anything, so Nicole wants him to testify to all of this in court.

Eric questions why Roman would ask him about reuniting with Nicole and if he thinks they are just going to get back together after finding out about Jude. Roman argues that all their obstacles are gone. Eric doesn’t know for a fact that Nicole and EJ’s marriage is done and says they haven’t spoken since the airport. Roman can’t imagine Nicole will ever forgive EJ for what he did, so that means Nicole will be able to clearly see there is nothing standing in her way of getting back with Eric.

Bobby warns Connie that there’s going to be a murder investigation. Connie clarifies that she never said Rafe was dead but she didn’t say he wasn’t either because she doesn’t know if he survived as she didn’t stick around long enough to find out. Bobby questions if she just left him there to bleed out. Connie says her plan was to put him in an open grave but someone showed up so she got out of there and assures that no one saw her. Bobby points out that Connie doesn’t know if Rafe is alive or dead. Connie says she would lean towards dead because he looked like a goner when she left the scene. Bobby declares this is not what he wanted. Connie doesn’t understand why he’s so upset and says it’s starting to make her mad. Connie says that Jada will be devastated and Bobby will be there to pick up the pieces, so she questions how that’s not what he wanted.

Jada returns to Rafe’s hospital room which is now empty. She puts on a glove and bags the knife that was used to stab Rafe. Jada then cries over Rafe’s bloody clothes.

Roman tells Eric that he’s going to work behind the bar. Eric offers to pitch in if he needs him. Roman says absolutely not since he has his son to look after. Eric asks if Roman doesn’t want to hang out with Jude. Roman says he does but he’ll have all the time in the world now that Jude is back in their lives. Eric then reveals that he’s not sure he’s sticking around and that they only pushed back his start date for the job in Paris. Roman questions why the hell he would even think about leaving Salem when he now has the chance to have everything he ever wanted.

Leo questions Nicole wanting him to testify against EJ in a court of law which Nicole confirms. Leo points out that EJ is the district attorney. Nicole calls EJ an amoral bastard who broke the law. Nicole declares that divorcing EJ is not enough as she wants him locked up. Nicole asks Leo to just testify to the jury that EJ paid him to keep quiet and that should be enough evidence to put him away. Leo admits that makes a lot of sense and says he wishes Nicole, Eric, and Jude the best of luck, but he doesn’t want any part of that.

EJ tells Marlena that he’d have to be a fool to think the truth wouldn’t end his marriage since everyone knows the epic love story between Eric and Nicole. Marlena tells him to spare her the self pity. EJ argues that he’s speaking from the heart. EJ adds that as soon as there was even a question of Jude’s paternity, Nicole was already planning her escape. Marlena asks what that means. EJ informs Marlena that he caught Eric and Nicole over and over again, looking at each other and witnessing their addiction to one another. Marlena asks why he didn’t let her go, arguing that he couldn’t believe a lie of that magnitude would keep her with him. EJ knows now that he deluded himself because he loves Nicole so much and he loved the life they were creating together with Holly and his children. EJ thought that if he just had time, he could make her happy and she would come to love him more than she ever loved Eric. Marlena says sometimes, she forgets who EJ is and how much he’s very much like his father.

Bobby tells Connie that he’s not sure how much consoling he can offer Jada at the moment which she questions. Bobby reminds her that he’s pretending to be Everett. Connie argues that it doesn’t change their deal since she did what he asked and cleared the way for him to get back with his ex. Connie tells Bobby that she did it for him, so she needs to know that he’s not going to tell anyone that he saw her in the park on the night of Li’s death. Bobby agrees not to tell anyone but warns Connie that no one can see them together, especially now that Jada thinks the identity of Li’s killer is locked somewhere in Everett’s brain.

Jada returns to Gabi at the hospital. Gabi says she was at the chapel praying as it feels like the only thing she can do to help Rafe. Jada says she sent the knife to the lab to be tested and hopes they can find the identity of who did this. Gabi recalls finding the knife that stabbed Li being the beginning of her problems.

Roman tells Eric that unless he’s missing something, he took the job in France because he thought it would be too painful to be around Jude but it’s not anymore. Roman adds that he doesn’t see Nicole leaving any time soon. Eric agrees since Holly is beginning her senior year at high school. Roman questions why Eric would want to move halfway around the world from his son who he just got back. Eric says he’s still figuring things out as it’s still so new. Roman says he understands and doesn’t mean to pressure him. Roman tells Eric that there are decisions to be made and he suggests starting by talking to Nicole.

Nicole tells Leo that if he’s worried about testifying against EJ because he’d have to admit to blackmailing EJ and Sloan, she will talk to Rafe. Nicole doesn’t know who will be prosecuting the case but she’s sure there’s a way to get Leo immunity in exchange for his testimony. Leo says maybe but that’s not why he doesn’t want to take the stand, so Nicole questions what the problem is. Leo guesses he just feels like EJ has suffered enough in losing his kid and his wife. Nicole blames it on his own actions. Leo say sort of and points out that EJ was going to lose them anyway. Leo assumes EJ kept quiet because he knew if the truth came out, it would push Nicole and Eric closer together, so now he has to watch his worst nightmare come true.

EJ tells Marlena that Stefano never gave up on her, no matter how many times he was reminded that John was her one true love. Marlena thinks it was more about the desire to win than it was about her. EJ admits that DiMeras prefer to be on the winning side. Marlena thinks he tried to stack the deck. EJ admits that maybe his lie about Jude’s paternity was about winning and he was terrified of losing because of the years he lost after his accident and because he lost Sami and the life they shared. EJ adds that he went over the top in his effort because of his desperation to not lose Nicole, who he truly loves. EJ says that’s all moot now since the truth is out, Nicole is divorcing him, and she and Eric now have their son back while he has nothing. Marlena doesn’t feel sorry for him. EJ says he’s just stating a fact. EJ adds that Marlena gave him his comeuppance and now all is right in the world. Marlena is so glad the truth is out and that Eric has his son, but as far as EJ’s comeuppance, because of the way he hurt her family, she hopes that EJ’s suffering has just begun. Marlena then exits the mansion.

Roman goes to see Marlena at home and tells her that he had a great visit with Rex in Chicago and an even better return home since he just ran in to Eric and their grandson Jude, which he calls the best news. Marlena says she’s so happy and asks if Eric was just beaming. Roman confirms that he was as Eric has waited for this for so long. Roman says seeing Jude back in Eric’s arms did his heart good. Marlena states that Eric deserves to be happy. Roman hopes there’s even more good news on the horizon for Eric and his future happiness. Roman asks Marlena if she thinks Eric and Nicole have a chance to get back together and work it out again. Marlena says time will tell but she thinks they have reason to be hopeful.

Eric watches over Jude in his room and comments on Roman being right about Nicole. Nicole then shows up at the door.

EJ gets the mail at home and it is Nicole’s petition for divorce, so he guesses his comeuppance is coming faster than Marlena thought.

After leaving the room, Connie runs in to Leo at the Salem Inn and recognizes him as Lady Whistleblower. Connie talks about reading his column all the time and loving it. Leo says it’s always nice to meet a fan and asks if she’s a friend of Everett’s since she was coming out of his room. Connie claims that they go way back, then says it was nice meeting him and rushes off.

Jada makes a call to put a rush on the results for Rafe. Jada hangs up and tells Gabi that forensics should have something for them soon. Gabi feels like it’s been forever. Kayla comes over and reveals that there’s been a complication. Kayla announces that Rafe has a clot to his lung, so he has slipped in to a coma. Kayla says she has to get back and tells them to pray for him. Gabi and Jada hug as they cry.

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Days Update Monday, July 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kate goes to see Chad at the Horton House and tells him that she and Abe have an exciting new project that she’s hoping he will invest in. Chad asks what the pitch is but Kate asks if he’s sure this is a good time since he seems distracted. Chad then informs Kate that there was a bit of a surprise when they went to Abigail’s grave.

At the hospital, Kayla tells Stephanie about Abigail’s grave being empty. Stephanie asks if this proves she’s alive. Kayla says not necessarily since Clyde could’ve had someone remove the body. Stephanie calls that evil and says she wishes Steve wasn’t in Greece so he could help Chad out. Kayla says Steve will be back soon. Stephanie notes that if Abigail is alive, that means she’s been apart from her family for so long and she wonders how or in what condition she’s in. Kayla calls it too much to fathom right now. Stephanie adds that even before this came up, she’s been thinking a lot about Abigail because of Everett. Kayla says she’s sorry as she knows it’s been rough. Stephanie wants so badly to help Everett but worries it’s impossible to reach him.

Bobby picks out a shirt in his room at the Salem Inn.

Gabi comes out from the Brady Pub and runs in to Jada. They hug as Jada says it’s so good to see her and such a relief that she’s finally free. Gabi still feels like she’s dreaming. Jada assures that she’s back where she belongs and that Rafe is so happy since it broke his heart when he couldn’t prove her innocence. Gabi knows Rafe and Jada did everything they could. Jada thanks her but says Rafe and Stefan deserve all the credit for giving the evidence to the judge that got her cleared. Gabi says she’s grateful and relieved to know who really killed Li. Jada then reveals maybe they don’t.

Rafe calls Paulina from the cemetery and says they finished processing the scene and to send someone down to fill in the grave. Rafe tells her that an open grave can definitely be dangerous. Connie then arrives and stabs Rafe in the back. Connie remarks that it looks like the open grave was the least of his worries.

Paulina tells Abe that she was on the phone with Rafe and then he just cut off. Paulina guesses it was bad reception and that Rafe will call back if he needs her.

Rafe struggles on the ground and reaches for his phone but loses consciousness. Connie states that it’s nothing personal but a deal is deal. Connie declares that Bobby wants to be with Jada and Rafe was in the way. Connie thinks back to making the deal with Bobby. Connie states that now Bobby has a clear path to winning back his ex and no reason to out her as Li’s killer.

Gabi questions Jada not thinking Gil was Li’s killer because Bobby said it was someone else and asks what exactly Bobby said. Jada says that Bobby just said that he saw the killer and he was about to tell her more but they got interrupted by Everett.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she talked to her aunt Kimberly about Everett and she mostly told her to be patient which is hard to do when she can’t do anything to help. Stephanie mentions asking Jada to talk to Bobby, hoping she could convince him to let Everett out. Kayla asks how that went. Stephanie doesn’t know but assumes if she made any progress, she would’ve heard by now. Stephanie then gets a call from Marlena, who tells her about “Everett” coming back. Stephanie is excited and hangs up, then tells Kayla that Everett has re-emerged and has been released from Bayview so she has to go see him. Kayla stops her and asks if she’s sure that’s a good idea. Kayla suggests giving Everett time to reacclimate. Stephanie brings up that they just talked about impatient she is and points out that she hasn’t seen Everett in a month and a half, so she needs to go talk to him and know that he’s really back. Stephanie says watching him go through all this has made her realize how much she cares about him, so Kayla tells her to go ahead and be with him. Stephanie then exits the hospital.

Bobby has a drink and remarks that when he and Jada were good, they were crazy about each other so he can’t wait to pick up where they left off, assuming Connie keeps up her end of the bargain. Bobby then imagines Jada showing up at his door to be with him. Bobby hopes all his dreams come true and finishes his drink.

Jada tells Gabi that now that “Everett” is back in control, she can’t get what she needs from Bobby snice Everett can’t access what Bobby saw that night. Gabi relates to knowing how challenging split personalites can be since Abigail had Gabby. Jada says she’s relieved that Everett is back, but she can’t help but hope there’s a way to get the information from Bobby. Gabi brings up Rafe thinking that Bobby is playing games to spend more time with her. Jada says her gut tells her that Bobby was being straight with her. Gabi questions how to explain Li’s bloody fingerprint on Gil’s black book.

Connie declares that it’s time to make Rafe disappear and jokes that no one can say she didn’t give him a proper burial.

Paulina makes a call to have the cemetery workers fill in Abigail’s grave so they don’t get a lawsuit from someone falling in. Abe says he’s just trying to process Abigail’s coffin being empty. Paulina calls it creepy as hell. Abe points out that it could mean Abigail is really alive. Paulina says it must be so hard on Chad to not know and that he must be going out of his mind.

Kate tells Chad it’s unbelievable and asks if he really thinks there’s a chance that Clyde has Abigail. Chad admits that the empty coffin seems to back up his story. Kate says they all know Clyde is capable of some crazy things. Chad says that Rafe and Kayla said the same thing. Kate questions Chad thinking he might be telling the truth. Chad informs her that there’s a video that he got from a flash drive inside of a safety deposit box. Chad says in the video, you can’t see her face but it could be her and it’s killing him that Abigail could be out there somewhere and he has no idea how to find her. Chad says he must have watched the video a thousand times and it could be Abigail or it could be another of Clyde’s games. Kate says she’s so sorry this is happening to him and asks if there’s anything she can do. Chad thanks her and says he sent the video in to be enhanced and Jack is there now, so there’s nothing to do but sit around and wait. Kate decides she will wait with him. Chad goes back to asking about her business proposition and says he could use a distraction. Kate asks if he’s sure. Chad says he is and asks what she and Abe are working on. Kate then asks Chad how he feels about soap operas.

Abe reads up on Body and Soul on his laptop. Paulina jokes with Abe about missing his favorite TV show. Abe explains that he and Kate might try to save his favorite TV show which Paulina questions. Abe reveals they’d be producing it themselves. Paulina didn’t know he had an interest in TV production. Abe admits it’s Kate’s idea as she thinks they can create a soap opera and now that Body and Soul has been cancelled, they might try to buy the rights. Paulina says it sounds perfect to her. Abe asks if she doesn’t think it’s too ambitious since it will be a lot of hard work. Paulina calls it a labor of love and they already have a built-in audience. Paulina adds that Abe already knows the show so well. Abe says he thought he did but there are decades of history with the show so you’d have no idea of all the outlandish stories that have been told over the years. Paulina tells Abe to try her. Abe then reveals there are aliens, talking dolls, and split personalities.

Bobby gets out of the shower as Stephanie shows up at his door and asks who he was expecting.

Jada admits to Gabi that she doesn’t know how the pieces of the puzzle fit together yet, but she thinks Bobby really saw something that night. Gabi says if Gil murdered Li, they know Gil is dead but if it wasn’t Gil, she doesn’t like the idea of the killer just walking around free. Jada decides that she should go find Rafe to fill him in on what happened with Bobby. Gabi informs Jada that Rafe said he was heading to the cemetery to check on Abigail’s grave.

Connie tells herself that she will cover Rafe with enough dirt and no one will ever know. She remarks that it sounds like something from a true crime podcast. Jada then comes calling for Rafe so Connie runs away. Jada then finds Rafe on the ground with the knife in his back.

Kate explains to Chad about how she and Abe plan to produce Body and Soul. Chad says he doesn’t know anything about soap operas. Kate says she and Abe are very confident that they can grow the existing audience and make a substantial profit. Chad mentions having a good time working on Johnny’s project with him so he agrees to dip his toe in the entertainment world one more time.

Paulina jokes with Abe that she would love being married to a big time TV producer. Abe says he and Kate have to secure the rights first. Paulina questions if this means they need to move to LA. Abe says definitely not since there are tax incentives to shoot locally. Paulina asks if he thinks he can convince the actors to move from Hollywood to the Midwest. Abe says he hopes so as he knows the fans hope to use the same person, but if they have to, they can always recast since they do that all the time on soap operas and fans seem to be cool with it.

Gabi calls Ava and leaves a message, saying she’s sorry for ambushing her earlier and she doesn’t blame her for rushing off but she wanted her to know she’s serious about reviving the Gabi Chic brand and she’s already putting together a team. Connie then appears behind her and says that’s so exciting as she asks where to sign up.

Jada questions who did this to Rafe and checks his pulse, confirming he is still alive. Jada urges Rafe to stay with her as she calls for help.

Bobby pretends to be Everett and claims to Stephanie that he ordered room service, so he was expecting the food. He asks how she knew he was discharged. Stephanie says that Marlena told her and she can’t believe he’s back as she was so worried that she’d never seen him again. Stephanie hugs him. He says he appreciates her concern. Stephanie says she has so much to tell him that she doesn’t know where to begin. He says he has something to tell her too, so she tells him to go first. He then tells Stephanie that he’s afraid that they can’t see each other anymore.

Paulina tells Abe that she’s relieved that they can stay in Salem while he works on Body and Soul as she would hate to be so far away from Chanel. Abe jokes that if it was a few weeks ago, she would’ve been pushing for them to move to LA. Paulina says not now since Chanel and Johnny are staying. Paulina says that Chanel is doing well and is anxious to reopen the Bakery. Abe assures that he would never ask her to leave her kids or her job as Mayor. Paulina talks about everything going on at City Hall and the fallout from EJ’s press conference where Gabi exposed EJ as a liar. Abe calls that pretty shocking. Paulina jokes that if Abe and Kate ever have any trouble coming up with stories for Body and Soul, they can still that one. Paulina talks about the district attorney trying to pass another man’s baby off as his own. Abe admits this town has some pretty wild stories if they ever need inspiration.

Kate tells Chad that she will send the paper work over for him to sign but there’s no rush as she knows he has a lot on his mind. Kate asks him to keep her notified about Abigail which Chad agrees to do. Kate doesn’t want to get his hopes up, but thinks it’s worth noting that he has lost Abigail before and by some miracle, she came back to him, so it’s not a remote possibility that it could happen again. Chad admits he’s definitely thought about that too and maybe that’s why he’s never been able to move on all these years because subconsciously, he feels like she’s still out there.

Stephanie questions “Everett” not wanting to see her anymore. He says it’s not about what he wants but about what he needs and that Marlena thinks he has a long way to go before he’s fully integrated and it will take a lot of therapy. He says that means he shouldn’t be dating anyone right now because he has to focus all his energy in to becoming mentally healthy. He tells Stephanie that he’s so sorry. Stephanie says she understands his mental health comes first and she will be there for him as a friend. He thanks her and says he feels awful about this, but he knows it’s for the best and that it wouldn’t be fair to her with his mental struggles for them to be involved. Stephanie says she gets it and respects his decision, but if he needs her, she’s there for him. He calls her the best and says he’ll never forget how hard she fought for him. Stephanie says she just wants him to be happy and tells him to take care as she then exits the room. Bobby then rolls his eyes and smiles.

Connie introduces herself to Gabi and reminds her that she was at her press conference which Gabi remembers. Connie remarks that she knew Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin. Gabi says she’s glad they finally found the evidence to prove her innocence. Connie says she couldn’t help but overhear that she plans to revive Gabi Chic and says she’d love to work for her. Gabi asks if she has any experience in corporate retail. Connie says that she does and that she has all of her products. Gabi suggests she send her resume. Connie promises that she won’t regret giving her a chance and remarks that she’s extremely loyal so she wouldn’t have to worry about her stabbing her in the back…

Jada watches as Kayla and a nurse work on Rafe in a hospital room. Kayla mentions that he’s lost a lot of blood and orders an x-ray and ultrasound. Jada tries to ask how bad it is but Kayla tells her she needs to leave the room and promises they will take care of him. Jada calls out to Rafe that she loves him as she exits the room.

Kate goes to Abe and Paulina’s to announce that Chad is going to invest in the show which Abe calls wonderful. Kate believes they have the capital to make the show. Paulina wants in on it too and says she can write them a big check. Abe and Kate don’t think that’s a good idea, pointing out that they will need city permits to shoot local and she’s the Mayor. Paulina sees where they are going. Abe says that’s why he didn’t ask her to invest but they do appreciate the offer. Kate adds that the other good news is that she arranged a meeting with the studio and they are interested in selling the rights to Body and Soul. Abe exclaims that this is actually going to happen. Kate declares that they are going to bring Body and Soul back from the dead.

Stephanie goes to see Chad and tells him that Kayla told her about Abigail, so she came to see how he’s doing. Chad says he’s hanging. Stephanie hopes there is a positive outcome. Chad asks if there’s any update on Everett. Stephanie responds that he was released from Bayview today. Chad guesses that’s good news. Stephanie thinks back to “Everett” breaking things off with her. Stephanie tells Chad that it is good news and that he has a long way to go but at least Bobby is not in control of his life anymore…

Connie goes to see Bobby at the Salem Inn. Bobby questions what she’s doing there and worries about someone seeing them together. Connie tells him to relax and assures that she was careful. Bobby explains to her that he faked being Everett so he could get out of Bayview and avoid telling Jada that she killed Li as he promised. Bobby then asks what she’s doing to hold up her end of the bargain.

At the hospital, Jada makes a call saying to search every inch of the cemetery and find the son of a bitch who stabbed Rafe. Jada thinks back to when she first agreed to move in with Rafe as she holds back tears. Gabi then arrives and asks Jada where Rafe is. Jada informs her that they are working on him now. Gabi asks how he is. Jada says he’s lost a lot of blood after being stabbed from behind. Gabi questions who could have done this.

Bobby asks Connie how soon Rafe will be out of the picture. Connie responds that it’s already done which Bobby questions. Connie assures that Rafe is not going to be a problem for him or anyone else ever again.

Kayla and the nurse go over Rafe’s charts but Rafe flatlines and goes in to shock. Kayla orders the nurse to increase the oxygen flow as they are losing him.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of July 8, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl



It was obvious that Eric wasn’t talking to Holly on the phone. He didn’t give Holly a chance to respond to some of the things he said before he spoke again.

Gabi was in prison when Sloan switched Nicole’s paternity test so she shouldn’t have known she did it.

Nicole planned to leave the DiMera mansion without taking Holly with her.

Nicole didn’t have Jude’s stroller with her when she left the mansion, but she had it when she went to the airport.


If Gabi was so worried about Arianna, she should move out to wherever Will and Sonny are living with her this week.

Brady referred to Eric as his brother as if Theresa wasn’t related to him.

EJ had the fireplace going in the summertime. Salem may be a fictional town, but it’s still summertime.

Alex conveniently needed Theresa to sign the prenup when she wanted to take Tate to the airport.


Leo wasn’t at the press conference, but he knew that Gabi exposed EJ at the conference.

Xander could have ordered a glass of water instead of drinking out of Leo’s glass. Why do the joggers insist on drinking out of Leo’s glass?


Connie conveniently found Bobby’s room at Bayview.

How did Leo know where Marlena lived?

Rafe and Jada were able to find their way to the plot where Abby was buried without anyone taking them there. If anyone has been in a cemetery, you know it’s hard to find plots without any help.

Who was watching Chad’s kids? Doug and Julie were with Kayla, and Chad was with Jack at the cemetery.


If Ava didn’t want Gabi to know that she slept with Stefan, why did she mention it so freely?

Why would Li tell Connie where he lived when they only went out on one date?

Gabi didn’t hear Kristen and Ava talking about Stefan.

Connie didn’t have blood on her dress after she killed Li. When Bobby saw her there was blood on her dress.

Connie knows too much about people in Salem when she never interacts with them. She conveniently knew Gill and that he was Ava’s boss.

Connie was hidden behind a door so she shouldn’t have seen Gill with Li. It should have been an audio flashback and not a visual one.

Marlena needs to lose her license since she couldn’t tell that Bobby was pretending to be Everett.




The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of July 8, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Connie and LI

It was a week of flashbacks. For some reason, the writers drowned the episodes with flashbacks. Most of the week was filled with flashbacks of Connie and Bobby. Connie kept thinking about Li and everything that happened after the murder. Bobby flashed back to seeing Connie after she murdered Li. We know the writers wanted to show the audience what happened when Li was killed, but they didn’t have to go overboard with the flashbacks. There were only two days out of the week that didn’t feature flashbacks which means there were too many shown.

Speaking of Li’s murder, we felt completely ripped off by the outcome. We didn’t really care who killed him in the first place, but the writers made the killer someone who was on for about two episodes. Connie went out with Li one time and suddenly became obsessed with him. The woman who plays Connie won a role on the show and became part of a major story for the week. It was such a waste of time because she’s an insignificant character. Thankfully we didn’t invest much interest in the mystery, but other fans might have liked the story. It’s a letdown for the killer to be a minor character. Bobby’s involvement in the story makes even less sense. Let’s get to that now.

Bobby suddenly had the answer to who really killed Li. He conveniently saw Connie in the park the night she stabbed Li. Connie was stupid enough to admit out loud that she stabbed Li. It’s convenient how he knew to keep that information to himself until he approached Jada with it. There was no need for him to know that information when he wasn’t in town at the time it happened. The writers clearly want to make Bobby’s role bigger by tying him to Li’s murder and to Connie. His role doesn’t need to be any bigger than it is. He and Connie are now in cahoots with each other. Connie suddenly realized that he was Jada’s ex and heard them talking about the investigation. She put two and two together to figure out that he was the one who saw her in the park. Connie suddenly knows everything about everyone in Salem. She told Bobby that Jada went home to Rafe every night. Connie had no way of knowing about Jada and Rafe, but she threw them up in his face like she did. She offered to take care of Rafe if he stopped talking about the murder investigation. Bobby jumped at the opportunity. We’ll get into that in the next section.

As we said, Bobby jumped at the opportunity to take Connie’s deal. He did his part by pretending that he was Everett again to get out of Bayview. As Everett, he wouldn’t have any memories of what Bobby saw in the park. His plan worked, and Marlena made sure he was released. Marlena clearly needs to think about getting out of psychiatry if she couldn’t tell that Bobby was pretending to be Jude. On a side note, she didn’t cure John of the brainwashing that Konstantin did to him. She allowed Bobby to get out of Bayview. Connie had to get rid of Rafe. She is the town stalker, so she found him at the cemetery to stab him. The woman has lost her mind and needs to be stopped before she goes crazy. We’re surprised that she didn’t target Gabi since Li loved her.

Jack was upset about Abby’s body being exhumed. It was strange that he wouldn’t want to know if it was possible that his daughter was alive. For some reason, he had a hard time believing that Abby could be alive. Did he forget that he was presumed dead at one point? His organs were donated, and he came back to life. There are several people in Salem who have come back to life, but he had trouble believing it. Kayla had trouble believing it too. She just came back to life but thought Abby had to be dead. We think that the citizens have taken a selective amnesia pill because they forgot that people come back from the dead on a daily basis in that town.

As Days fans know, the truth about Jude’s paternity has finally been revealed. Gabi announced that Eric was the father of Nicole’s baby at EJ’s press conference. She was supposed to keep quiet about the truth, but she told it anyway. Gabi claimed that she did it because Eric had a right to know the truth. We have a hard time believing that. If that were true, she would have called Eric and told him the truth. She wouldn’t have announced it publicly. Gabi clearly forgot that Stefan asked her not to say anything. She had the gall to be smug about revealing something that would make EJ target them. Stefan showed his anger towards Gabi, and we cheered him on for doing that. Gabi had the nerve to get mad because she thought he was siding with EJ. Stefan had the right to side with EJ because she violated a trust. He shouldn’t have told her the truth in the first place because she didn’t hesitate to open her mouth. We are hoping that EJ goes after Gabi for opening her big mouth. EJ needs to go after her with everything he has left because he has nothing to lose, so he can destroy her without blinking twice.

The confrontation between Nicole and EJ happened this week. Nicole found out the truth (thanks to Gabi), and they had it out at the mansion. EJ tried his best to explain why he did what he did, but she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. She told him that he didn’t get to say that he loved her again. Nicole had a right to be upset, but she always forgets that she has done things too. She forgot that she cheated on him to conceive Jude in the first place. EJ felt like she would run to Eric if she knew the truth, and he was right. We were surprised that Nicole didn’t yell at EJ. She had a subdued performance. We’re not sure what we expected, but we thought it would be bigger than that. Nicole went running to Eric and forgot about Holly. She didn’t tell Holly the truth about Jude. EJ had to tell her the truth. Nicole proved that she was only worried about Jude and didn’t care about Holly at all. She showed up to give him the rings and to get a divorce. It must have been too much to ask that she remember to take her daughter with her.


EJ and Nicole

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Update Friday, July 12, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Jada goes to visit Bobby at Bayview. Bobby jokes with her about joining him for breakfast. Jada tells him this is not a social call as she is there on official police business since he told her if she came back, they could talk about the murder of Li Shin. Bobby thinks back to seeing Connie crying in the park about Li. Jada then warns Bobby that if he doesn’t tell her what he knows, he will never see her again. Bobby then says that he will tell her everything.

Connie cooks breakfast at the apartment for her and her imagination of Li.

Ava goes to see Kristen at the DiMera Mansion. Kristen tells Ava that she will be in charge of recruiting new assets for the company. Ava says she can do that but asks why she couldn’t sign at the office. Kristen explains that she’s having the office deep cleaned from the stench of EJ and asks if there’s a problem. Ava reminds Kristen that Gabi lives here and she’d like to minimize the chance of running in to her since she slept with her husband.

Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed with kisses but he turns away from her. Gabi questions Stefan not wanting to make love to her. Stefan responds that he has a headache caused by her. Gabi argues that they already talked about what happened at the press conference. Stefan states that what happened is that Gabi deliberately blew EJ’s life up when he begged her and she promised him that she wouldn’t say anything about Jude being Eric’s child, but she gleefully announced it to the public. Gabi argues that she never technically promised a thing and questions why they are talking about EJ or talking at all, since she thought Stefan wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her after months and months apart. Gabi decides she has a headache now too so she gets out of bed and exits.

Connie’s vision of Li talks about Connie being in a good mood considering she just found out that someone saw her after the murder. Connie says she’s not worried about Bobby since they made an agreement that he wouldn’t tell anybody about her and she would get rid of his romantic rival, Rafe. Her vision of Li asks if she’s going to murder Rafe like she did to him. Connie remarks that what happened to Li was a crime of passion and claims it wasn’t her fault. Connie flashes back to that night with Li and says that if he only said yes to her wanting to date him, things would be so different now.

Rafe goes to see Marlena and says he’s sorry to bother her at home. Marlena says it’s okay as Rafe brings up Jada talking to her about visiting Bobby. Rafe says he knows Marlena can’t tell him what they talked about but asks for her professional opinion on if she thinks Bobby is telling the truth about Li Shin’s murder. Marlena admits it could be a fabrication to get her to come see him again. Rafe agrees and asks if she thinks it’s okay for Jada to be alone with Bobby in his mental state. Marlena responds that from what she’s seen, Bobby isn’t dangerous but Rafe worries that could change. Marlena states that Bayview is a very secure place and doctors are very close by when there are visitors. Marlena adds that someone with mental illness is more likely to be the victim of a crime. Rafe still doesn’t like Jada being alone with Bobby.

Jada asks Bobby again who killed Li Shin. Bobby thinks back to Connie offering to take care of Rafe for him if he keeps her name out of this. Jada asks Bobby again what he saw on the night of Li’s murder. Bobby then begins having a headache and suddenly turns back in to Everett, asking why Jada is calling him Bobby.

Rafe tells Marlena that he knows Jada is more than capable of taking care of herself. Marlena understands Rafe is concerned about her emotionally. Rafe says he knows Jada cares about Bobby and wants to help him while Stephanie believed these visits would cause Everett to re-emerge but it seems to have the opposite effect. Marlena talks about Bobby being determined to protect Everett. Rafe asks if there’s any way of changing that. Marlena says they understand what caused Bobby emerging and now they just want to get Everett back.

Jada tells “Everett” that he’s in Bayview. Everett says last he remembers, he was with her and Stephanie in his room at the Salem Inn and they were talking. Jada tells him to hold tight while she calls someone to tell them that he had a breakthrough.

Connie tells her vision of Li that it all started going wrong when he started seeing Melinda Trask and flashes back to Li turning her down and telling her to get out of his apartment before threatening to call the police which then led to Connie stabbing Li when he turned around.

Kristen tells Ava that the only way Gabi will find out that she slept with Stefan is by overhearing her talking about it. Ava feels it’s uncomfortable to be around Gabi and Stefan together. Kristen says she understands and she’ll never invite her over again. Kristen then tells Ava to just keep her mouth shut about it. Gabi then walks in and asks what she’s keeping her mouth shut about. Kristen claims she has to take a call and exits. Ava then tells Gabi that she’s there because Kristen put her in charge of business affairs at DiMera. Gabi says she hasn’t heard. Ava says they haven’t put out the press release yet. Gabi congratulates Ava. Ava congratulates Gabi too on being let go from prison. Gabi then tells Ava that there is something she needs to talk to her about. Ava asks what it is. Gabi says it’s about her and her husband. Ava asks what about them. Gabi tells Ava that she knows after Gil died, Clyde forced Ava and Stefan to run drugs through the bistro. Ava talks about having no choice since Clyde was threatening her son. Gabi acknowledges that Stefan also felt he had no choice with Clyde threatening her. Gabi tells Ava that she’s grateful to her because she knows she had to make sacrifices to go along with this deal to keep her safe and she’s also grateful that Stefan didn’t have to go through the ordeal alone. Stefan then walks in and asks if he’s interrupting something. Gabi says she was just on her way out and exits the mansion. Stefan then asks Ava what the hell that was about.

Connie tells her vision of Li that it wasn’t her fault, blaming Gabi and Melinda for him rejecting her and that none of this would’ve happened otherwise. Connie flashes back to sending a text to Gabi so that she would find Li’s body and then hiding when Gil Carter showed up and dropped his black book upon seeing Li on the ground. Connie talks about the odds of Gil picking that moment to stop by looking for Ava.

“Everett” tells Jada that he’s just a little disoriented and asks how long he’s been here. Jada says it’s been a few weeks. Everett guesses she was right that he really did have D.I.D. Marlena arrives and tells Everett that it’s so good to see him. Everett doesn’t understand how he ended up here. Marlena explains that his doctors thought he would do better with in patient care. Everett asks if he consented to that. Marlena admits it was involuntary because they were concerned about him and Bobby had taken over. Everett then claims that Bobby’s gone and he’s back, so he’d really like to get out of here.

Stefan questions what the hell Ava is even doing in his house. Kristen returns and reveals that she asked her there because Ava is her friend and employee which Stefan questions. Ava informs him that Kristen just gave her a job. Stefan questions why the hell she would do that. Kristen responds that she can run DiMera however she pleases and she felt that Ava was wasting her talents at the Brady Pub. Stefan argues that in the future, they can keep their business meetings confined to the DiMera offices. Ava confirms that going forward, that is the plan. Stefan then questions what the hell Ava and Gabi were talking about anyway. Ava tells Stefan to relax because she doesn’t want Gabi to find out anymore than he does and they only talked about how they worked together to ensure Gabi’s safety. Ava adds that Gabi said she was grateful that she was there for him to lean on. Kristen jokes that if Gabi only knew how much leaning was going on.

Gabi meets Rafe at the Brady Pub. Rafe asks how she’s doing. Gabi says a lot better than when she was locked up. Rafe tells Gabi to tell Stefan that he needs him to come down to the police station to talk about everything he knew about Jude’s paternity switch. Gabi says that Stefan already told him everything he knows and he’s still pretty pissed at her for what happened at the press conference. Gabi calls it a sore subject so she suggests Rafe reach out to him directly which he agrees to do. Rafe tells Gabi that there is another case they can talk about. Gabi questions if there’s some other crime she’s being falsely accused of. Rafe says no but there is probably something she should know.

Connie tells her vision of Li that she wanted Gabi to get caught standing over his body and she was worried that Gil was going to ruin her whole plan. Connie flashes back to Gil checking Li’s pulse, then deciding he didn’t need this kind of trouble and leaving. Connie points out that if Gil would’ve called an ambulance, Li might still be alive. Her vision of Li asks if she’s going to blame Gil now for what she did. Connie responds that a judge did that and declares that she would’ve gotten away with it if not for Bobby Stein.

Marlena acknowledges that Everett has made a breakthrough but she thinks he should stay a few more days. “Everett” says he appreciates that and he knows he needs more therapy, but says he has a job and a relationship that he misses terribly which are important to him. Everett guesses now that Bobby is gone, he feels like he needs to be in control of his own life again. Marlena says he needs to figure out what trauma caused his D.I.D. in the first place. Everett agrees and claims he’s committed to as many sessions with Marlena as she thinks he needs because he wants to heal, but he feels strongly that he needs to be out in the real world to make that progress. Jada asks if Marlena thinks Everett is a danger to himself or others. Marlena responds that she doesn’t and admits that Everett has made a very persuasive case, so she agrees to sign his release. Everett thanks them for everything.

Stefan tells Kristen to shut up. Kristen tells him to relax as she’s just playing. Stefan is not amused and questions when their business meeting will be done because he’d like it to be before his wife gets back. Ava signs Kristen’s papers so Kristen declares they are done. Kristen then exits on another call. Stefan warns Ava that Kristen hates Gabi and would love to tell her what happened between them. Ava argues that Kristen likes her and just hired her, so it’s not going to happen. Stefan asks what about Harris. Ava states that he’s a man of few words and isn’t in to gossip. Ava adds that Harris also just left Salem. Stefan says he’s sorry to hear that as he knows how much Harris meant to her.

Gabi questions Rafe telling her that Bobby told Jada he knows who killed Li Shin and it wasn’t Gil Carter but he won’t say who it was. Gabi calls it crazy. Rafe says that Bobby is crazy too. Gabi points out that the evidence against Gil is what got her exonerated. Rafe assures that will still be the case and that she’s free. Rafe adds that he doesn’t think Bobby knows anything anyways and that he’s just blowing smoke to spend more time with Jada. Gabi questions why. Rafe says he doesn’t want Gabi to worry, he just didn’t want her to hear it from someone else. Rafe encourages Gabi that she is free now, so it’s time for her to focus on getting her life back.

Connie tells her vision of Li that she got two separate people to take the fall for his murder. Connie points out that Li said Gabi’s name before he died so he wanted her to be responsible too. Her vision of Li suggests maybe he was afraid Gabi was next and was trying to warn her. He warns Connie against trying to hurt Gabi next. Connie says she doesn’t care about Gabi and she can rot in Hell. Connie declares that it’s Bobby Stein that she needs to deal with.

Marlena agrees to talk to the doctors about getting Everett released. He thanks her. Marlena adds that she’s glad he’s receptive to continuing therapy. Everett assures that he’s grateful as she has helped him a lot. Marlena thanks him and tells him to take care as she then exits. Everett tells Jada that he’s grateful to her too for standing by him as he knows it hasn’t been easy. Jada admits she had an ulterior motive for coming today and asks if he remembers talking to her about Li Shin. Everett asks what about him. Jada then says nevermind and tells him not to worry about it and focus on getting well. After Jada exits, Bobby reveals he was faking being Everett and thinks back to his deal with Connie to keep her name out of it and she will take care of Rafe which he says sounds like a plan to him.

Gabi tells Rafe that she doesn’t even know what getting her life back means since she doesn’t have a home or a job and feels like she is starting over. Rafe says he wouldn’t say that, pointing out that she has a husband, a daughter, and her amazing brother who is always on her side. Rafe wishes he could stay longer but says he has to go to the cemetery which Gabi questions. Rafe says if he tells her, it has to stay between them so Gabi asks what’s going on. Rafe says he doesn’t know a lot yet but there’s a slight chance that Abigail DiMera is still alive.

Kristen returns to the living room and asks where Ava went. Stefan says she left and hopefully for good. Kristen asks about Gabi, who Stefan says is out. Kristen questions if there is trouble in paradise. Stefan responds that they will work through it. Kristen doubts that Nicole and EJ will since Gabi dropped a bomb on their marriage. Kristen says she should’ve connected the dots when EJ asked her to hire Melinda that it was all about Jude. Stefan states that he was prepared to take that secret to his grave. Kristen jokes that he couldn’t resist the pillow talk and laughs about how he won’t be telling his other secret. Stefan still can’t believe that Ava told her. Kristen insists that Stefan doesn’t have anything to worry about since he helped her become CEO of DiMera and she doesn’t have a reason to make his life miserable. Stefan says that’s for now. Kristen says even if he did give her a reason, she wouldn’t do that to Ava. Kristen assures that Ava feels really bad about it and wants to stay as far away from Stefan and Gabi as possible.

Ava goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Gabi, who asks if they can talk. Ava points out that they just talked a few minutes ago. Gabi explains that she was just talking to Rafe, who told her that she needs to get her life back and she thinks Ava might be able to help her with that which Ava questions. Gabi acknowledges that they’ve had issues in the past but with her new job at DiMera, she has business that might interest in her. Gabi brings up her brand Gabi Chic having a lot of interest and it would fill the void left by Basic Black. Gabi asks what Ava thinks about working together.

Jada and Marlena walk outside the Brady Pub. Jada tells Marlena that she trusts her opinion but she hopes that Everett is ready to be out on his own. Marlena feels he no longer needs involuntary hold so he’s entitled to do whatever he wants. Jada mentions that she asked a few questions about Li Shin but he didn’t seem to remember talking to her about it. Marlena questions why Everett would remember it if Bobby had that experience. Jada says she’s happy that Everett is back, but now she has no way of knowing if what Bobby told her about Gil Carter being innocent was true. Jada adds that if it were true, they may never know who really killed Li Shin.

Bobby returns to his room at the Salem Inn and declares that he held up his end of the bargain by faking letting Everett out so he didn’t have to tell Jada that Connie killed Li Shin, so he says Connie better do her part by getting Rafe out of the way.

Rafe calls Paulina from the cemetery and says they finished processing the scene and to send someone down to fill in the grave. Rafe tells her that an open grave can definitely be dangerous as he hangs up. Connie then arrives and stabs Rafe in the back.

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Days Short Recap Friday, July 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Connie had breakfast with Li. She told him about her deal with Bobby. If he kept quiet about seeing her on the night of Li’s murder, she would kill his romantic rival. Li asked if she was going to kill Rafe the way she killed him. She said it wasn’t her fault because it was an act of passion. Connie thought about showing up at their apartment months after their date. He tried to get rid of her because he was having a bad day. Despite what he told her, she pushed herself in his apartment. She talked to him about her dates. Now that things didn’t work out with Melinda, she wondered if they could pick up where they left off. Connie told Li if he said yes to getting together, things would have worked out differently. Rafe asked Marlena if she thought Bobby knew who killed Li. Marlena said Bobby could be playing Jada, but didn’t think he was dangerous. She said people with mental illness was more likely a victim a crime than a perpetrator of one. Rafe didn’t want Jada alone with him. Jada questions Bobby about Li. Bobby flashed back to Connie’s visit. Bobby winced and held his head. After a few moments, he asked why she was calling him Bobby. He said he was Everett. When he didn’t know where he was, Jada went to get help.

Connie flashed back to telling Li that she was getting therapy. He accused her of stalking him. She said it was caring for him. He told her to leave. When she refused to leave, he threatened to call the police. She picked up a knife and stabbed him. Connie decided it wasn’t her fault and blamed Gabi for it. She thought Gabi was the reason why he rejected her. Connie thought Gabi needed to see what she did and decided to text Gabi from Li’s phone. When she was about to leave, someone knocked on the door. She hid when Gil came in looking for Ava. He was shocked to see Li on the floor. The black book fell on the floor. Jada went back to see Everett. Marlena showed up. She recognized Everett. Jada and Marlena told him how Bobby took over. Marlena was happy about his breakthrough but thought he needed to stay a few more days. Everett wanted to get better but he had a relationship and job to go back to. He said he wanted to be in control. Marlena said she didn’t think he was a threat to anyone and signed his release. Connie said she wanted Gabi to get caught standing over Li. She said she was afraid Gil was going to get caught. In the flashback, Gil leaned over and checked Li’s neck. He felt a weak pulse but didn’t want any trouble. Gil picked up his book from the floor and left. When the flashback was over, Connie said if Gil called an ambulance, Li might still be alive. She thought she would have gotten away with everything if it weren’t for Bobby. Everett thanked Marlena for what she did. When Marlena left, Everett thanked Jada. She asked if he remembered talking to her about Li. He was confused. Jada told him to focus on getting well before she left. When Jada left, Everett thought about Connie’s deal. Bobby smiled after the flashback. While at the Salem Inn, Bobby said agreed to keep Connie’s secret safe so she better live up to her end of the bargain. At the cemetery, Rafe talked to Paulina on the phone. Connie came up behind him and stabbed him.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ vowed to get revenge on Stefan and Gabi. Holly came in and wondered why he was upset. EJ told her that Gabi revealed that Jude was Eric’s son. Holly told him she was sorry. He told her he already knew about it. Stefan asked Gabi why she exposed Jude’s paternity. Gabi said she couldn’t let Eric suffer the way she did in prison being away from her child. Stefan said she wanted to stick it to EJ. Nicole told Eric that he is Jude’s father. She told him what Gabi said at the press conference. Eric was excited about the baby being his. Brady asked Theresa if she knew about Alex being Victor’s heir before she slept with him. Theresa acted as if she was insulted by the accusation. She said she wasn’t that person anymore and wanted to be someone her son was proud of. Brady apologized to her and thought she couldn’t be after money since she signed the prenup.

Stefan told Gabi she could have told Eric about Jude in private. He said she chose to humiliate EJ instead because she hated him for what he did to her. Gabi said she hated him because he sent her to prison where she lived in fear every day. She said she spent weeks in solitary and was afraid she would never him or Arianna again. If EJ had his way, she would have been left in prison to rot. She said EJ got what he deserved. When she wanted to go home and forget about what happened, Stefan said they couldn’t. EJ explained to Holly why he kept the secret about Jude’s paternity. He said he was afraid Eric and Nicole were going to reunite. Holly said she was happy that Eric had his son back but didn’t like what EJ did. She said she understood his desperation. EJ thanked her for understanding. Eric told Nicole he couldn’t take the job in Paris now. Nicole said she didn’t think he would. Eric said he couldn’t imagine what EJ was going through. Nicole told him not to feel sorry for EJ. Eric was furious at what EJ did. She said EJ was afraid they would reunite. Stefan told Gabi he loved her, but he was furious with her. He said he wasn’t on EJ’s side, but he promised to keep the secret in exchange for her freedom. Stefan said he thought they could live in peace, but now they had to prepare for a war. He walked away from her. Eric pushes Jude’s stroller past Gabi. He thanked her for telling the truth. She said she did the right thing even if Stefan was furious with her. Stefan showed up at the mansion while EJ was there. He told him he intended to keep his secret, but Gabi had other ideas. EJ told him the damage was done and he lost his wife forever. Nicole showed up. When Stefan left, Nicole told EJ she was there to get her things. She told him she wanted a divorce.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, July 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to the Horton house looking for Chad because he wasn’t responding to her texts and calls. Julie told her that he went to Abby’s grave. Kayla hoped that seeing her body would put an end to the speculation that Abby was alive. Julie told her that Jack was upset about the exhumation but agreed to it after seeing Clyde’s video. Kayla declared her dead, but she saw enough miracles to think it was possible for Abby to be alive. Jack and Chad prepared to see Abby’s casket. The crew members opened it, and it was empty. Jack thought they opened the wrong coffin, but Chad insisted it was Abby’s. At the townhouse, Jada asked Marlena if she thought Bobby told the truth about Li’s murder. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to find a way to get back together with her. Marlena wasn’t sure either way. She hoped that Jada could get justice for Li. Connie visited Bobby at the hospital. He flashed back to seeing her in the park after stabbing Li. He wondered if they knew each other. She told him that she overheard Jada tell Rafe that her ex-husband had info about Li’s murder. Connie felt it was important for Li to get justice, so she wanted to know what info he had. Bobby said he couldn’t help her because the info was between him and Jada. Connie wondered if the information was about her.

Rafe went to the cemetery and was surprised to see Abby’s coffin empty. He vowed to make the person who desecrated her coffin pay for what they did. Chad and Jack told him what happened. Rafe wanted the men to take care of the crime scene. He wanted Chad and Jack to process everything, and he would keep in touch with them. Connie remembered someone being behind her at the park, but she didn’t see the person’s face. After listening to the police, she realized Bobby was behind her. Connie told him that she was innocent, but he remembered seeing the blood. He heard her talk about Li. He sarcastically said that was the only thing that tied her to the murder. Connie wanted him to stop talking to Jada about it. Bobby didn’t plan on stopping. Connie told him while he’s stuck at the hospital, Jada went home to Rafe every night. Julie told Kayla and Doug about Abby. Jack and Chad returned to the house. They told them that Abby’s coffin was empty. Everyone wondered if it was a hoax or if Abby really was alive. After everyone left, Doug and Julie got emotional. Julie talked about the little time Chad and Abby had together unlike her and Doug. She told him how much she loved him. Julie talked about their time together. Doug realized he had to change to make himself worthy of her. Julie said he brought out the best in her. He wanted her to kiss him and she gladly obliged. Jack and Chad were at the pub and looked at the grainy footage of the blonde. Chad wanted to find her. Jada and Rafe were at the cemetery and talked about Clyde digging up the coffin to move Abby’s body. They also thought Abby might not have been in there at all. Rafe wanted her to ask Bobby since he’s been helping her with cases. Jada didn’t like what he said, and he apologized to her. Jada told him that she was going to Bayview to see Bobby ID Li’s killer. She hoped Bobby wasn’t lying about what he said. Bobby told Connie that Jada would come around. Connie told him that he’s just a job to her. She made him an offer. If he stopped talking about her, she would take care of Rafe.

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Days Short Recap Monday, July 8, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bobby told Jada that Gil didn’t kill Li. He said he didn’t see the murder but saw who did it. Bobby said he took over when he and Everett moved to Salem. He said Everett didn’t remember but he did. The person’s name escaped him. He pretended to be tired when Jada kept questioning him. Bobby suggested they talked tomorrow. When Connie went in her apartment, she thought about killing Li. She said it was Gabi’s fault that she killed Li. When she wiped her tears, she heard a voice that said Gabi wasn’t the one who stabbed him. Connie was excited that Li was still alive. He said he was dead thanks to her. She thought about killing him but realized no one else knew she did it. Connie said what happened would stay between them. While she was talking, she brought up their date. She asked why he didn’t call her. He said he thought she was crazy. She told him she wasn’t crazy. Connie said she wanted to be close to him which was why she moved in his apartment. He thought it was sentimental. She vowed to get revenge on anyone who was responsible for his loss. When he death was avenged, they could live happily ever after. During the press conference, Gabi said Eric was Jude’s son. Rafe pulled Gabi aside and told her this wasn’t the place to say anything. Gabi said it was the place and was able to prove what she said. Stefan asked her not to say anything. When EJ tried to end the press conference, it didn’t do any good. Nicole wanted to know where Gabi got her information. Gabi said Stefan told her. EJ was upset.

Nicole wanted Stefan to give her answers but he couldn’t. Gabi asked if he was going to call her a liar in front of everyone. Stefan said Gabi told the truth. Gabi said Stefan saw the DNA test. Stefan apologized to EJ, but he didn’t want to hear it. Nicole apologized to EJ. Gabi said he already knew. Nicole asked EJ if it was true. The reporters continued to record Gabi’s statement. Gabi said Melinda used the truth to get an immunity deal. She said Stefan blackmailed EJ to get her released from prison. EJ called Gabi out for being ungrateful. When EJ was about to get her, Rafe stopped him. Nicole yelled at EJ before she walked away. When EJ was going after her, Rafe stopped him and told him he perpetrated a fraud and was an accessory after the fact. EJ told him to take it up with the D.A. At the mansion, EJ told Nicole he didn’t know about Jude at first. He said when Leo told him, he had another test done. After he got the results he was devastated at the idea of raising Eric’s child. He said he made a terrible choice, but he didn’t want to lose her. Nicole said he did lose her. When Nicole was packing Jude’s things, EJ tried to stop her from leaving. He said they have weathered worse storms. She said it was a nightmare of his own doing. He said he loved her. She said she never wanted to hear those words again. When he wanted to know where she was going, she told him it was none of his business. Rafe wanted Gabi and Stefan to give him answers. Stefan said they could talk later, but he needed to talk to Gabi. Gabi told Rafe they would go to the police station tomorrow. When Rafe left, Stefan asked Gabi how she could do this. While Eric was at the airport, he thought about giving Jude back to Nicole. Nicole called him but he ignored the call. She showed up at the airport and told him Jude was his son.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 10. 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie talked to Justin about her surprise that Theresa was willing to sign the prenup. She thought that Theresa could still be marrying Alex for his money. They also realized that she could be doing it for the right reasons. Bonnie left to meet with Sarah. Theresa brought up the prenup with Alex. He thought it was a great way to quiet the naysayers. She thought it was a little insulting. Alex wondered if she had second thoughts about signing the prenup. Maggie walked in the room with the prenup. Theresa told him that she was sure about signing it. Chad called Kayla and let her know that Paulina was allowing him to exhume Abby’s body. He thought there might be a snag since he didn’t hear anything else about it. Jack stormed in the room. Chad let Kayla know that he found the snag in the plan and hung up the phone. Jack heard what he was doing from a friend in the city. He demanded answers from Chad. Chad blurted out that Abby could be alive. Jack refused to believe that Abby was alive. Chad showed him the video Clyde gave him of an obscured blonde woman. Theresa noticed that the prenup stated that she would get nothing if she committed adultery. She wondered if Alex was concerned about him cheating on him. He wasn’t worried about it. She wondered what would happen if he cheated. Alex assured her that she wouldn’t have to worry about that. He thought neither of them would have to worry about that. They kissed and then she signed the papers.

Justin thought about holding Alex as a baby when Xander walked in the pub. They talked about Xander turning down Victor’s money. Xander knew Victor didn’t want him to have it or he would have given it to him. He knew that Justin was hurt the most by Victor’s will. Justin thought about the DNA test results from the past that proved he was Alex’s father, he couldn’t believe that Victor kept that secret from him all those years. Xander wondered if he thought Alex was his son. Justin thought Victor wouldn’t have left Alex half his estate if he wasn’t sure he was his son. He was disappointed that Victor lied to him for years. Justin had a lot of questions about what happened. Since Victor and Anjelica are dead, he wouldn’t be able to get his answers. Jack tried to hold back tears as he watched the video. Paulina called Chad to tell him that the crew was ready to go. It was too late for Jack to get an injunction, but Chad wouldn’t do it if he didn’t approve. He told Jack that he needed to have Abby’s body exhumed. Later, Chad and Jack went to the cemetery. Jack thought what they were doing was ghastly. One of the crew members told them that they were ready to begin.

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Days Update Thursday, July 11, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kayla goes to the Horton House and tells Julie that she’s sorry to barge in like this. Julie says it’s fine and mentions that Doug is upstairs watching Yellowstone on Peacock. Kayla explains that she came because she’s worried about Chad as she’s been trying to reach him but he’s not answering. Julie informs her that Chad is not available because he’s at Abigail’s grave.

Chad and Jack go to the cemetery where Abigail’s grave is being dug up. Chad thanks Jack, knowing it wasn’t an easy decision. Jack can’t believe they are doing this. The crew inform them that the coffin is ready to be opened. Chad asks if Jack is sure he’s ready for this.

Leo tells Kerry that this is happening. Kerry says when he’s attracted to someone, he doesn’t like to waste time as they then kiss.

Jada goes to see Marlena and says she’s sorry to bother her at home but her office said she left for the day. Marlena guesses she’s there because she saw Bobby at Bayview.

Connie goes to see Bobby at Bayview.

Marlena mentions that Stephanie asked Jada to visit Bobby. Jada explains that Stephanie thought she might have better luck having Bobby let Everett out but she didn’t. Marlena notes that she didn’t either. Jada asks if Bobby said anything else to her but Marlena says he didn’t. Marlena knows this all must be very difficult for Jada. Jada confirms seeing him was difficult but not for the reason she thinks. Jada then informs her that Bobby dangled information about one of her cases as he claims to know who murdered Li Shin.

Connie asks if Bobby is going to say hello. Bobby thinks back to seeing Connie in the park, crying and swearing that she didn’t mean to do it to Li. Bobby then asks Connie if they know each other. Connie introduces herself but Bobby says he’s never heard that name before. Connie asks if Li Shin rings any bells.

Julie tells Kayla that she’s been Chad’s sounding board and tried to stand by him through all this as they are both grappling with the uncertainty. Julie adds that Chad has been an emotional wreck, relviing Abigail’s horrific death and then being told all of this. Julie mentions that Chad said Kayla came up with the idea of opening the grave and exhuming Abigail’s body. Kayla knows it’s extreme but if Chad finds out that Abigail’s body is in the grave, it could end this whole speculation of her being alive. Julie confirms it will do that. Kayla says now that she knows where Chad is, she feels a little bit better since she knows Paulina approved her request but then he said they hit a snag, so she was concerned about him. Julie then informs Kayla that it wasn’t a snag, but a person.

Jack tells Chad that he’s not okay. Chad asks if he needs a minute. Jack says it’s not physical and complains about Clyde. Jack feels they are going to open the coffin and Clyde will just be inflicting pain by letting them relive losing Abigail all over again. Chad says Clyde could be lying but if there is any chance that Abigail is alive. Jack then agrees to do this so Chad tells the crew to go ahead. They open the casket to find that it is completely empty, shocking Jack and Chad.

Leo and Kerry continue kissing until Leo stops and decides he doesn’t know if he wants them to sleep together.

Julie explains to Kayla that when Jack found out, he was horrified and then furious so Chad had to bear the brunt of that. Kayla points out that you can’t blame Jack. Julie supposes this is the only way to find out if Clyde is telling the truth. Kayla calls it surreal and can’t believe she’s having this conversation since she’s the one who declared Abigail dead. Julie points out that Kayla doesn’t sound sure. Kayla says she would be foolish to think it’s impossible after everything that has happened. Julie states that their families have had their losses but they’ve had their miracles too. Julie notes that Jack and Chad have been at the cemetery for a long time now, so they must know something.

Jack asks if they opened the wrong coffin. Chad assures that it’s Abigail’s. The crew asks what to do. Chad says he doesn’t know and then tells them that they’ve got it from here so the crew exit.

Jada informs Marlena that Bobby claims to have seen Li Shin’s killer shortly after the murder. Marlena asks what led up to this revelation. Jada calls it a big game of keep away. Marlena notes that conversations with Bobby sometimes feel like a chess match. Jada says she’s been reading a lot and knows that Bobby is his own personality, separate from Everett, but she wonders if that means he has his own motivations outside of protecting Everett. Marlena asks what she is getting at. Jada says it’s very clear to her that Bobby wants her to keep visiting him and he’s trying to restart their relationship. Marlena asks if she thinks he’s just trying to manipulate her. Jada says she doesn’t know if alters are even capable of that which is why she wanted to come talk to her. Jada asks if Marlena thinks Bobby is telling the truth about Li Shin’s murder case or if he’s just stringing her along to give her a reason to keep coming back to Bayview.

Connie tells Bobby that Li was murdered last November. Bobby claims he may have heard something about that since he’s a journalist. Connie thinks this story might have stood out for him. Bobby claims that nothing springs to mind. Connie calls that interesting and says she has no reason not to take him at his word, but questions why he told the police that he does know something about Li’s murder.

Kerry questions what Leo doesn’t want exactly. Leo thinks they should stop then asks him not to be mad as he swears it’s not personal. Leo assures Kerry that he’s incredibly hot. Leo thought he wanted to not resist him. Kerry asks if he wants to try again to be sure but Leo says no as he doesn’t know what the point would be because he’s not feeling much of a spark. Kerry tells Leo not to worry about it as it happens. Leo thanks him for understanding. Kerry calls it a funny way to treat his first groupie. Leo worries that he’s lost a fan but Kerry says no. Leo feels awful and offers to buy him dinner but Kerry says it’s okay. Leo then kisses Kerry one more time and says he just wanted to be sure. Kerry then exits the room. Leo wonders what is wrong with him.

Doug joins Julie and Kayla in the living room and talks about catching up on Yellowstone. Julie invites Kayla to watch with them but Kayla says she promised Steve that she would wait for him. Doug asks what brought Kayla by today. Julie tells Doug that there’s something she hasn’t told him about but now Jack knows, so there is something he has to hear.

Jack asks Chad if it can really be since Abigail’s body is not there. Chad doesn’t know. Rafe arrives and says he just got a call from the city, then is shocked to see the open casket. Rafe tells Chad that he’s so sorry and promises that whoever desecrated Abigail’s grave will pay and that she is returned. Chad then reveals that they don’t know if this actually was Abigail’s final resting place.

Jada tells Marlena that there’s no way to know if Bobby truly has information on Li’s murder or if he’s just using it as a tactic to keep her in his orbit. Jada feels even if there’s a one percent chance, she has to listen. Marlena knows she’s in a tough spot and says she’s glad to talk if she can help at all. Jada says she’s helped already and feels she’s taken enough of her time as she thanks her. Marlena hopes that Jada will investigate further if Bobby is telling the truth since Li was a patient/client to her and she’d like to see him get justice. Jada thanks her again and then exits.

Connie tells Bobby not to judge as she’s not a eavesdropper but she overheard Rafe and Jada talking about how Jada’s ex husband knew who killed Li Shin and that Jada had just came from seeing her ex who lives here in Bayview. Connie says Bobby shouldn’t know this but she and Li were very close and she was devastated by his death, so it’s important to her that his killer get brought to justice which is why she was happy to here that the police zeroed in on Gil Carter. Connie says if Bobby has information pointing to someone else, she’d really appreciate him sharing it with her. Bobby says he’s sorry but he can’t help her as it’s sort of between he and Jada. Connie says she worried he wouldn’t be very forthcoming, so she will have to give him a hand. Connie then asks if he was talking about her.

Marlena answers her door and is surprised to see Leo. Marlena questions what he is doing here. Leo says he desperately needed to speak to her and her office was closed. Leo says he’s not looking for a session and he respects everything about her. Leo tells her he wanted to book a session for tomorrow as early as possible. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Leo says no as something happened tonight that has him worried that he’s morphing into another person. Marlena tells him that she has no plans tonight so they can sit down and talk about it.

Julie and Kayla inform Doug that Chad and Jack are at Abigail’s grave now, hoping they can prove whether or not Clyde is telling the truth about Abigail being alive. Julie tells Doug that she knows it’s a lot to take in. Doug acknowledges that stranger things have happened in their town but declares it would be wonderful news if Abigail is alive. Julie agrees that it would be a miracle.

Rafe says he’s sorry for all the questions but this is hard to believe. Jack says they thought so too while Chad adds that it’s starting to look a lot more believable. Jada arrives and asks about a possible grave robbery. Rafe says he will fill her in but sends her to call for a unit right away. Rafe tells Chad and Jack that they will take over from here and suggests they go home to handle their thoughts. Rafe says the first order of business will be to see if the grave was tampered with after Abigail was put in it. Jack agrees that makes sense. Rafe says that Clyde could’ve created all of this to add to his story of Abigail being alive. Chad admits he wouldn’t put it past him. Rafe says he’ll be in touch. Chad and Jack thank him as they exit. Jada returns to Rafe and asks what is going on.

Bobby asks why he would think Connie killed Li Shin. Connie says that he saw her the night that it happened where she was sitting alone on the bench, deep in thought and she saw someone walking away. Connie says she didn’t see the face but after listening to the cops, she wonders if it was him. Connie adds that she was just taking in the night air and doesn’t know what would’ve given him the impression that she was behind Li’s death. Bobby then recalls her being covered in blood and he heard her say “I’m so sorry, Li, I didn’t mean to do it”. Bobby jokes that he doesn’t know what else would give him the impression that she killed him.

Leo tells Marlena about what happened with Kerry and how he sent him away. Marlena says that like Kerry said, that happens sometimes but Leo argues it doesn’t happen to him. Marlena asks if he’s considered that his reaction was really all about Dimitri. Leo asks if she means because he was the last person he was with. Marlena acknowledges that Dimitri hurt Leo very badly, so she’s wondering if Leo’s interaction with Kerry made him threatened and maybe his instinct to fight or flight kicked in. Leo asks if that means he was protecting himself from being hurt again. Leo points out that Dimitri is long gone, so he thought he was at least kind of over him but maybe he’s not. Leo asks if this means he will never be attracted to another man and if he’s straight now. Marlena tells Leo that he’s just fine and he will meet and fall in love with another man. Marlena thinks he has to be patient and let himself heal from the breakup with Dimitri. Leo agrees to try to be patient with himself and thanks Marlena, saying this has been so helpful. Leo then realizes he’s missing RuPaul’s Drag Race and has to get home. Marlena then invites Leo to watch it here as she would hate for him to miss it. Leo is thrilled to accept the invite.

Connie tells Bobby to mind his own business and stop bringing it up to Jada. Bobby says he can’t and the cat is out of the bag as Jada is on the hunt and she will keep coming around as long as she thinks there is more to learn. Bobby adds that he likes Jada coming around. Connie guesses that’s because he has the hots for her and asks how long she will be coming around. Bobby asks if Connie is going to kill him and says that would be pretty stupid and direct Jada back to her. Connie argues that no one knows she’s here. Bobby points out that there are security cameras all around the place. Connie asks how long he thinks he can string Jada along as she’s going to want definitive answers. Bobby thinks time is on his side and that Jada will realize what she’s missing out on. Connie comments on his ego and reminds him that Jada is dating Rafe, so every night she’s going home to Rafe’s warm bed while Bobby is stuck in this one.

Rafe fills Jada in on everything surrounding Abigail. Jada asks if Rafe thinks Abigail could really be alive. Rafe calls it the most extreme possibility but still a possibility. Rafe adds that there are more probable explanations like it being a hoax orchestrated by Clyde. Jada asks what would be the point other than getting Chad and Jack’s hopes up. Rafe guesses that could be the point since they are dealing with a sadistic psycho. Rafe comments on Chad’s expression when he told him they had to make sure Clyde didn’t take the body. Rafe knows Chad is holding on to hope that Abigail is alive and wants to know where he can find her.

Chad and Jack return home to inform Julie, Doug, and Kayla that Abigail’s casket was empty which shocks them and that Rafe and Jada are there now investigating. Kayla doesn’t understand how it could be since the hospital did everything by the book. Kayla wonders if it’s possible that Clyde could have stole the body. Jack mentions Rafe thinking it was a possibility. Doug asks if they are sure it’s a hoax while Julie wonders if it’s possible that Abigail is alive.

Marlena and Leo watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marlena pauses it to ask Leo how RuPaul decides who goes home. Leo informs her that now they have to lip sync and encourages her to continue watching.

Julie tells Doug that Chad has never stopped mourning Abigail and then to hear all this has put him in Hell, hoping it’s true but fearing it isn’t. Julie talks about how long it’s been since Abigail has been with her children. Doug says it’s been painful for everybody. Julie says that Chad and Abigail never had much time together while they’ve had years and years. Julie tells Doug how much she loves him. Julie says she was lost when she first laid eyes on him and everything they went through. Doug says he had to change to deserve her while Julie says he brought out the best in her and they’ve been good partners. Doug talks about raising Hope. Julie calls him a wonderful father and quite the family man as he never let anyone in the family down ever. Julie talks about seeing the whole world and their adventures and says their love outlasted time as they kiss.

Chad and Jack go to the Brady Pub. Chad feels that what happened at the cemetery is just one more piece of evidence that it’s Abigail in the video. Jack points out that they won’t know for sure until Rafe and Jada figure out what happened to Abigail’s body. Chad declares that’s why they need to find the woman in the video.

Jada tells Rafe that if Clyde is staying true to his character, he had the coffin dug up and moved Abigail’s body. Rafe says the question is where to since he’d need a secure location. Jada says unless he buried her somewhere else. Rafe adds that the other possibility is that Abigail was never in there to begin with. Jada calls it all so strange and sad. Jada says her heart goes out to Chad and Jack since they’ve suffered through a lot and losing Abigail. Rafe sarcastically suggests talking to Bobby to see if he has any insight since he’s been helping out with cases lately. Rafe then apologizes for that not being right and insensitive. Jada agrees but says since he brought it up, she was planning on returning to Bayview tomorrow because she wants to see if Bobby will identify the person he says is Li Shin’s killer. Rafe says she knows his opinion. Jada hopes that Bobby is not lying because she’d love to prove Rafe wrong.

Bobby tells Connie that he’s not worried about Rafe. Connie asks if Bobby thinks Jada will be so grateful to him solving Li’s murder that she’ll fall in to his arms. Connie assures that he’s just a job and when she’s done, she’ll go back to her boyfriend with only one personality. Bobby comments on her doing her research but says he thinks he’ll take his chances. Connie asks what if there’s an easier solution for both of them. Connie suggests Bobby keep her name out of this and she will take care of Rafe.

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Days Update Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo sits in the town square, typing an article about Gabi exposing EJ’s lies at the press conference from Hell. Xander comes jogging by shirtless and asks for the water from Leo’s table.

Justin and Bonnie eat together at the Brady Pub. They joke about Xander possibly showing up to his own wedding without a shirt or in a tuxedo. Bonnie jokes about Justin following in Xander’s fashion footsteps. Justin brings up Alex and Theresa’s wedding as well. Bonnie is shocked that Theresa agreed to sign the prenup. Justin says they’ll have to see if she follows through and says it would put his mind at ease if she actually signs it. Bonnie knows that Justin thinks Theresa is digging for gold and points out that even if she signs the prenup, she still could be marrying Alex for his money.

Alex joins Theresa in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. They kiss as Theresa informs Alex that she was scouting ideas for their honeymoon. Theresa brings up the idea of buying a super yacht, then says to forget it so they don’t give Brady and Justin more reasons to think she’s a gold digger. Alex tells her not to worry about them as what he thinks is all that matters. Theresa points out that he did make her sign a prenup. Alex feels it’s the best way to silence the doubters while Theresa calls it a little insulting. Alex asks if Theresa is having second thoughts about signing it.

Chad sits at home and gets a call from Kayla. Chad informs Kayla that he talked to Paulina about exhuming Abigail’s body and she agreed to expedite the request but he hasn’t heard anything, so they must have hit a snag. Jack then storms in and asks Chad if he has completely lost his mind. Chad tells Kayla that he thinks he found the snag, so he’ll call her back. Chad hangs up. Jack tells Chad not to play dumb because he got a call from a friend at the city, who said there was a request to exhume Abigail’s body and that the request came from Chad, which he confirms. Jack questions why Chad would want to desecrate Abigail’s grave.

Xander drinks Leo’s water and thanks him, saying it hit the spot. Leo says it hit his spot too and jokes about sucking up to his boss. Xander calls him a valued employee and asks about his column. Leo says it’s coming along which Xander is glad to hear. Xander invites Leo to join him at the Pub for a drink and says they can talk work. Leo surprises himself by declining, saying it’s probably not a good idea. Xander tells him to suit himself then and walks away.

Justin tells Bonnie that if Theresa signs the prenup, she won’t get a penny if she and Alex get a divorce. Bonnie suggests maybe she won’t want a divorce, so her plan could be to stay married and live in the lap of luxury. Justin guesses that Bonnie still thinks Theresa doesn’t actually love Alex. Bonnie says it’s hard to say since Theresa was in bed with Brady one minute and then back to Alex, so some might say she is fickle which Justin agrees with. Justin hopes that Alex doesn’t get his heart broken. Bonnie understands that Justin can’t stop worrying about him. Bonnie then gets a text that she has to go meet Sarah to help plan the wedding. Bonnie encourages Justin to try not to worry as Alex. Bonnie says maybe they are wrong about Theresa and she is desperately in love with Alex and marrying him for all the right reasons. Bonnie points out that they do know that’s possible as she then exits the Pub.

Alex asks Theresa if he missed something since he thought she was okay with signing. Maggie then arrives and informs them that the messenger just delivered the prenup. Maggie says she didn’t realize. Alex says people get the wrong idea but assures that he has no problem trusting Theresa, but Justin made a huge deal about it. Theresa insists that she’s signing it because she’s marrying Alex for love, not money, even though people are doubting that, so if signing will prove people wrong, she will. Alex asks if she’s still on board then. Theresa wishes Alex would’ve talked to her about it first but says she is totally okay with it.

Bonnie goes to meet Sarah with a stack of wedding magazines and says she hopes she’s not too late. Sarah tells her that her timing is perfect and says it will be fun. Sarah talks about being married multiple times making her feel like wearing white is a stretch. Bonnie doesn’t care and says she will be the star so she should wear whatever she wants. Bonnie says she would hate to have Sarah share her day with anyone but asks if she’s thought any more about a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Sarah says not really. Bonnie says that they are full speed ahead and she hears that Theresa is signing the prenup tonight.

Theresa goes over the prenup and says if she’s reading it correctly, she gets nothing if she commits fraud or adultery. Theresa asks if that’s something Alex is concerned about. Alex says it’s just standard prenup stuff. Theresa asks what if he commits adultery or fraud and what she gets then. Alex jokes with her and then assures that she will never have to worry about him cheating on her ever, so he expects that he would never have to worry about that either. Theresa jokes that they basically just said their vows as they kiss. Theresa then decides there’s nothing to worry about, so she then signs the prenup.

Justin remains at the Pub and thinks back to when Alex was a baby. Xander arrives and invites him to join him for a beer. Justin mentions hearing that Xander gave Maggie her check back and admits he was surprised since Maggie wanted him to have that money. Xander feels that Victor wanted it all to go to Maggie and Alex. Xander comments on Alex being a real jerk to Justin since finding out he’s not his dad. Justin says Alex’s entire life turned out to be a lie, so he can’t blame him for acting out. Xander points out that Justin was hurt too but he didn’t change. Xander states that he was hurt by being left out of Victor’s will but he thinks Justin is the one who was hurt the most.

Jack is grateful that his friend upheld the process until he could confront Chad. Chad apologizes as he didn’t want him to find out like this. Chad asks if Jennifer knows. Jack shouts that she doesn’t as he wanted answers first. Jack demands Chad explain why he wants to dig up his daughter’s body. Chad responds that it’s because according to Clyde Weston, Abigail is still alive.

Leo finishes typing his column. A man approaches so Leo immediately tells him that he is finishing his water. The man then says he came over to ask if he’s Lady Whistleblower and he just came to say he’s a huge fan. He introduces himself as Kerry and tells Leo that he’s so funny and clever. Leo introduces himself as Kerry calls him easy on the eyes and says he’d love to know his secrets. Kerry then suggests they go somewhere more private and asks if he lives nearby.

Bonnie hopes Sarah doesn’t think she’s being too forward as she knows most brides would run for the hills at the idea of a double wedding. Sarah reminds her that it’s not her first wedding so she’s not worried about sharing the spotlight. Bonnie points out that a second wedding to Xander kind of goes with the double wedding idea. Sarah calls it a hard sell because Xander has clashed with both Theresa and Alex in the past. Bonnie feels it’s all the more reason to have a double wedding to have all the Kiriakis family celebrating Xander and Alex together. Bonnie declares that it could be a new beginning for the entire family.

Theresa suggests talking about more pleasant business now that the prenup is signed and suggests setting a wedding date. Alex suggests talking with Xander and Sarah so they don’t pick the same date. Theresa mentions that Bonnie thinks they should have a double wedding which Alex says is news to him. Theresa is unsure about the idea while Maggie points out that she had a double wedding once. Theresa asks if it was awkward. Maggie says it was lovely. Theresa notes that everything would have to line up. Maggie mentions that her double wedding was on Valentine’s Day and calls it one of her fondest memories. Alex guesses the difference here is that Maggie and her daughter got along while he and Xander can barely stand each other. Maggie suggests it doesn’t have to be that way and that it could be a bonding experience to keep the family together.

Xander tells Justin that he can’t imagine what it was like to find out Alex wasn’t his son, blowing up his entire family. Justin says it wasn’t even the first time he had to deal with Alex’s paternity since Anjelica told him that Alex wasn’t his when he was first born, so he had a blood test run and Dr. Tom Horton confirmed that Alex was his. Xander guesses the old style blood tests aren’t as reliable as DNA tests. Justin guesses the test came back positive because he and Alex are still related by blood even if not father and son. Justin says it’s still so hard for him to believe that Victor conceived a child with Anjelica and kept that secret from him all these years. Xander then asks if Justin is saying he doesn’t believe it’s true and that Alex really is his son?

Jack tells Chad it’s not possible. Chad says he thought the same thing at first which is why he didn’t want to say anything to Jack and Jennifer until he knew. Jack complains that Julie knows, so Chad explains that Julie knows because she’s trying to help him find out if it’s true. Chad declares that he needs to know and he knows digging up Abigail’s body is extreme but it’s the only way to find out any answers. Jack tell Chad to forget about that because it’s not going to happen as he won’t allow it. Jack threatens to fight him on this in court as he will do anything to stop Clyde from desecrating Abigail’s memory any more than he has. Jack doesn’t care what Clyde says and calls him a liar, murderer, and drug dealer. Jack argues that Clyde is just trying to get free by tricking Chad in to believing Abigail is alive. Chad assures he doesn’t trust Clyde but it’s more than just his word as he gave him evidence to support his claim which Jack questions. Chad says he will show him and turns on the video.

Alex doesn’t think he and Xander will ever get along. Maggie feels there’s no harm in making an effort. Maggie says as Victor’s heir, Alex is head of the family now. Maggie believes that Victor would want Alex to make amends and become a united front. Maggie feels this could be his chance to do that. Alex asks what Theresa thinks. Theresa says she despises Xander, but he also despises her, so maybe they cancel each other out. Theresa states that she wants to get married as soon as possible and if that means hitching their wagon onto Xander and Sarah’s big day, then maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Theresa asks what Alex thinks.

Xander asks Justin if he’s told Alex that he thinks he’s still his son. Justin calls it just wishful thinking and says Victor wouldn’t have left half his estate to Alex if he wasn’t absolutely sure that Alex was his son. Justin calls it so damn disappointing that Victor would lie to him for all these years. Justin still doesn’t know why Victor tried to claim Alex as his son when he was first born and questions why he would do that if he wanted to keep it a secret. Justin says he has so many damn questions but since Anjelica and Victor are both dead, he guesses he will never get them answered.

Sarah thinks Bonnie could be right that it would be really nice for Xander to reconnect with the rest of his family. Bonnie can’t believe she’d go for it and asks if she’ll talk to Xander. Sarah decides it’s worth a shot. Bonnie calls that wonderful. Sarah thanks Bonnie for her and Justin’s RSVP coming so soon. Bonnie says there’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to respond. Bonnie then thinks back to finding Xander’s mom’s wedding invitation in the trash and mailing it herself. Bonnie then asks if she’s received any surprising RSVPs. Sarah says not really, just what they expected. Bonnie then tells Sarah that there’s something she should probably warn her about.

Leo brings Kerry to his room at the Salem Inn. Kerry can’t believe he lives in a hotel and compares him to Dylan on 90210. Leo compares himself to Brenda on the show. Kerry tells Leo that he’s here for all of his secrets. Leo says it will be a long night then and shows him the menu for room service. Kerry then decides he doesn’t want to slow down and removes his shirt, telling Leo that he’s ready to skip to the main course.

Sarah asks what Bonnie wants to warn her about. Bonnie says it’s about the invitations but they are interrupted by Xander coming home and asks what they are up to. Sarah says they were just looking at wedding dresses but they haven’t found anything. Xander says he hates to interrupt but Bonnie decides she should get going. Sarah feels it’s so soon and she’s sad to see her go. Sarah remembers Bonnie was about to tell her something but Bonnie claims that it’s not important and suggests she talk to Xander about what they discussed earlier. Bonnie then exits. Xander asks Sarah what Bonnie wants her to talk to him about. Sarah reveals that Bonnie thinks they should have a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Xander questions why the hell they would do that.

Maggie asks if Alex and Theresa are actually considering it. Alex would hate for Theresa to give up her dream wedding just to score a more convenient date. Theresa insists that she’s totally fine with simple and low key. Justin comes in and guesses Theresa is still peeved at his prenup idea. Alex reveals that she already signed it and shows Justin. Justin says it looks good and that with this much money on the line, it’s never bad to have protections in place. Theresa declares that she plans to spend the rest of her life as Mrs. Alex Kiriakis as they kiss.

Chad tells Jack that he’s watched the video a thousand times and sometimes he’s convinced that it’s Abigail and that she’s somewhere, alone and scared and she needs him, while other times he watches it and thinks he’s just being an idiot. Chad asks Jack if it’s Abigail in the video. Jack gets emotional and admits he doesn’t know. Jack guesses his question is why that’s the proof that Clyde gave him if he wants him to believe it. Chad says he had the same question and went to ask Clyde but he had already been sent to super max. Jack asks if there’s no other way to get answers. Chad then gets a text from Paulina, who says the crew is ready to exhume the body so it will be too late to file an injunction. Chad says if Jack is not on board, he will do it. Chad knows it’s a lot to ask but insists that he needs to do it.

Kerry begins to remove Leo’s shirt, but Leo says there’s one thing he needs to know first. Leo questions if he’s really a fan of his column. Kerry says he never misses it. Leo says that means he is his first groupie and this is happening. Kerry says when he’s attracted to someone, he doesn’t like to waste time as they then kiss.

Xander questions Bonnie being really in to the double wedding idea and notes that it sounds like Sarah is too. Sarah says that Bonnie made a few good points but she totally understands if Xander doesn’t want to do it. Xander points out that it would be his second double wedding and the first one ended in disaster. Sarah asks if he’s saying no then. Xander clarifies that it was a disaster because he was marrying the wrong person which isn’t the case this time. Xander supposes he can have Alex on one side of him as he professes his love to Sarah. Sarah asks if she should call Bonnie to tell her they are in then.

Bonnie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and announces that Sarah is going to talk to Xander about a double wedding, so she asks what they think. Alex responds that it’s fine by him. Theresa says it is with her too. Bonnie then gets a call from Sarah and asks if she talked to Xander. Sarah confirms that she did and that if Alex and Theresa are game, they are in. Bonnie declares that it looks like operation double wedding is a go.

Chad and Jack go to the cemetery where Abigail’s grave is being dug up. Chad thanks Jack, knowing it wasn’t an easy decision. Jack can’t believe they are doing this. The crew inform them that the coffin is ready to be opened.

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Days Update Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theresa goes to see Brady, who mentions dropping Eric off at the airport this morning. Theresa looks around and asks where Tate is, but Brady informs her that he’s not there.

Tate meets Aaron in the park. Aaron tells Tate that he’s ready for lacrosse camp and cleared everything with his brother. Tate gives Aaron his license in case they check for ID at the camp. Aaron points out that they look nothing alike. Tate doubts they’ll look too closely and asks Aaron to make sure no one sees him with it before he leaves. Alex comes by on a jog and startles them. Alex asks if they are up to no good.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay dearly for this. EJ takes his drink and then smashes the glass against the wall as he screams out in frustration. EJ swears they will wish they were never born. Holly then walks in and ask who will wish they were never born.

Stefan questions Gabi why she would blow EJ’s secret when she promised she wouldn’t. Gabi argues that she never promised anything. Stefan complains that she gave him no warning that she was going to blurt it out in public. Gabi tells Stefan that she’s sorry he’s upset but she couldn’t keep something like that to herself. Stefan asks why the hell not. Gabi responds that Eric has a right to know the truth.

Eric ignores Nicole’s call and goes to board the flight but Nicole arrives with Jude. Nicole says she tried calling him. Eric questions what she is doing here. Nicole informs him that she had to stop him from getting on the plane. Eric doesn’t understand. Nicole then reveals to Eric that he is Jude’s father. Eric asks what she is talking about and calls that impossible. Nicole says it’s not impossible and insists that Jude is their son which shocks Eric. Eric doesn’t understand how all those test results could’ve been wrong. Nicole says only if someone changed them, which Sloan did to make it look like EJ was the father. Eric questions how and asks if she’s sure about this or how she even knows about it. Nicole reveals that Gabi found out and decided they needed to know.

Gabi tells Stefan that ever since he told her, she couldn’t stop thinking about how EJ kept Eric from his son. Gabi felt that if the truth never came out, Eric would go his whole life without knowing his own son. Gabi relates to the time being kept away from her daughter and not knowing how she was doing, wondering if she needed her when she couldn’t be there for her. Gabi declares that she couldn’t let another parent in Eric suffer that loss, so she had no choice but to tell the truth. Stefan calls that a load of crap, arguing that she didn’t do this for Eric but to stick it to EJ.

EJ apologizes to Holly as he didn’t hear her come in. Holly says she didn’t mean to interrupt but he sounded really mad, so she hopes he wasn’t talking about her and Tate. EJ assures that he wasn’t and guesses she didn’t see his press conference today which Holly confirms, assuming she knew all the details already. EJ informs her that Gabi had a little more to say than simply thanking him for her freedom and felt the press conference was the perfect opportunity to reveal his personal business to everyone watching. Holly says that’s really messed up of her and understands that’s why he is upset. EJ supposes he should tell Holly the truth since she will hear it soon enough. EJ then reveals to Holly that Jude is not his son and he is Eric’s.

Theresa questions Brady about Tate not being home and says he better not be with Holly. Brady says Tate’s stuff is packed, so he’s sure he just went out for last minute errands. Theresa worries that he could go off with Holly again and complains that Brady was supposed to be watching him. Brady encourages her that Tate is going to be on his way to New York, a thousand miles away from Holly, so there will be nothing to worry about. Theresa agrees to calm down and then questions why Brady felt the need to fill Alex’s head with all these ideas that she’s only marrying him for his money. Brady argues that he wasn’t filling his head with ideas and that they just spoke casually about it. Brady asks why she even cares since Alex doesn’t believe that. Theresa calls it a very big deal for him to call her a gold digger. Brady admits that was unkind of him. Theresa questions why he’s out to hurt her. Brady says he’s not and that he was just speculating on what might have happened while they were in Greece. Theresa questions what he thinks happened. Brady then admits that he thinks there’s a chance she might have gone through Victor’s briefcase that Shane brought to the room, so she would’ve already known that Alex was Victor’s heir when she slept with him.

Tate introduces Alex to Aaron. Alex talks about staying fit and how he usually has his ear buds in but they had to charge, so he reveals to them that he heard their chat and knows what they are doing.

EJ explains to Holly that the DNA tests got switched up months ago which Holly calls insane. Holly talks about how EJ spent all that time thinking his son was dead and then finally gets him back but he’s not even his son. Holly tells EJ that she’s really sorry. EJ thanks her for being kind but says he’s afraid her sympathy is misplaced which she questions. EJ then admits that he already knew the truth before Gabi revealed the details at the press conference.

Nicole explains to Eric that Stefan found the original test results that Eric really is Jude’s father, so he held it over EJ’s head to exonerate Gabi and then Gabi decide to do the right thing for once in her life and told the truth to everyone at EJ’s press conference. Nicole picks Jude up and tells Eric that he really is his. Nicole comments on Jude having Eric’s smile and hands Jude to Eric.

Theresa tells Brady that’s absurd to think she would snoop through Victor’s briefcase. Brady feels it’s not that far-fetched but Theresa calls it insulting. Theresa questions Brady thinking she was just crass enough to just open the briefcase and rummage through it. Theresa claims she didn’t do it and that she was grieving Victor’s death too which Brady finds hard to believe. Theresa says she happened to love Victor but Brady doesn’t buy it. Theresa says Victor was hard on a lot of people but had a soft spot for them too. Brady says even if he believed her, it still wouldn’t prevent her from going through the briefcase. Theresa insists she didn’t and claims she’s really hurt that Brady would accuse her. Theresa says she’s not like that anymore as she has matured and aspires to be a woman of integrity so her son can be proud of her. Brady calls it only a theory and says he was obviously wrong about it so he apologizes. Brady adds that if Theresa was only after Alex’s money, she wouldn’t have agreed to sign the prenup.

Tate begs Alex not to say anything to Theresa. Alex tells them to relax as he’s not going to say anything and then reveals that he thinks Tate made Aaron a fake ID to hook him up before he leaves for the summer. Tate and Aaron go along with the thought that it’s what they were doing. Alex advises Aaron to be responsible and not drink and drive which Aaron agrees to. Alex tells Tate to have a good time at a camp as he goes to continue his run. Tate and Aaron talk about the bullet they dodged there. Tate then presents Aaron with an airplane ticket and reminds him to use his proper ID there. Tate says in a couple hours, Aaron will be in New York while he will be free to spend his summer with Holly.

EJ explains to Holly that he originally believed that Nicole was carrying his baby but by the time Eric brought Jude home to them, he knew he wasn’t the father. EJ admits it was terribly wrong of him to hide the truth and admits he wasn’t thinking of Eric at all, but of Nicole. EJ was afraid that if Nicole learned the truth that Eric was the father, it would drive her right back in to his arms and he’s quite certain that he’s right because as soon as she left here awhile ago with the baby, he thinks he knows exactly where she went.

Eric says he can’t believe that Jude is his son. The airport calls for the final boarding alert. Eric guesses he’s not boarding the plane after all and that he can’t take the job in Paris now. Nicole says now he has a chance to get reacquainted with his son. Nicole talks about her and EJ having a hard time comforting Jude and she thinks that Jude knew he was taken away from his dad. Nicole points out how happy Jude is in Eric’s arms. Eric realizes that Sloan knew. Nicole thinks maybe Sloan felt less guilty knowing that Eric would be raising his own son. Eric points out that Sloan would’ve let Nicole and EJ think their son was dead. Eric can’t imagine what EJ must be going through but Nicole says not to feel sorry for EJ.

Gabi tells Stefan that he’s way off base and that she did not do this to stick it to EJ. Stefan argues that if this was about Eric, she would’ve told him privately but instead, she chose to expose EJ in the middle of a press conference that he was giving to credit himself for her release. Stefan complains that Gabi made the choice to embarrass EJ in the most public way because she hates him. Gabi admits that she hates EJ because he sent her to prison and talks about living in fear every day and spending weeks in solitary, worrying that she’d never see Stefan or Arianna again. Gabi says if it were up to EJ, he would’ve let her rot for the rest of her life, so as far as she’s concerned, he got off easy but for some reason, Stefan is suddenly on his side. Stefan says he’s not and insists that he hates EJ as much as Gabi does for what he did to her. Gabi says that he should. Gabi tells Stefan that EJ got what he deserved and asks if they can just go on and forget about this but Stefan tells her that they can’t.

Theresa questions Brady about Tate not being back home yet and worries he will miss his flight. Brady assures that he won’t. Theresa argues that Tate feels like he can get away with murder because Brady never pays attention. Brady calls that unfair. Theresa decides she’s done waiting for Tate and she’s going to track him down. Theresa goes to leave but Tate then comes home. Theresa questions where he was. Tate says he was just saying goodbye to Aaron. Theresa worries that he could’ve missed his flight which Tate calls crazy since the flight is 3 hours away. Brady offers to take Tate to the airport but Tate insists that he’s fine, pointing out that Brady just took Eric to the airport. Brady assures that he wants to see him off but Tate says he’s fine and that Aaron is giving him a ride. Theresa questions that since he said he was saying goodbye to Aaron. Tate claims that Aaron had an errand to run so he will be coming by this way and offered to give him a ride if needed. Theresa tells Tate that he doesn’t need a ride. Theresa adds that Tate has proven they can’t trust him, so they are taking him to the airport.

EJ can only imagine what Holly thinks of him. Holly admits she’s pretty shook right now and is confused, not knowing how to feel. EJ says he understands. Holly says Eric used to be her stepfather and he was always so great to her, so she is happy that he has Jude back. EJ feels it’s clear that Holly thinks Eric is the good guy here, which makes him the villain. Holly points out that EJ admitted to hurting Eric and Nicole, so he can’t blame her for hating what he did to them. Holly then admits that she totally gets why EJ did it which surprises him. Holly says she knows what it’s like to be so desperate to feel like lying is the only choice you have. Holly then thinks back to her and Tate’s plan to send Aaron to lacrosse camp in Tate’s place so they can be together. EJ thanks Holly for saying that. Holly tells EJ that she has to go, so she’ll see him later as she then exits.

Eric is shocked to learn that EJ knew the truth even after he brought Jude back to them and he let him believe Jude was his. Nicole thinks the only reason was not because EJ wanted to be a father again but because if they knew Jude was their son, they would get back together. The airport makes the final boarding call, so Eric tells Nicole they should get out of there.

Stefan tells Gabi that she is his wife and he loves her, but right now he is furious with her. Gabi responds that she’s furious with him too, accusing him of siding with EJ over her. Stefan repeats that he’s not on EJ’s side but Gabi says it feels that way. Stefan complains that maybe EJ got what he deserved, but now he has to deal with the fallout since he gave his word and promised EJ his silence in exchange for Gabi’s freedom. Stefan thought they could just be relieved that Gabi was out of prison and for once, the DiMera family could live in peace but now thanks to Gabi blowing up the press conference, he has to prepare for an all out war. Stefan declares that Gabi fired the shot heard around the world and now he gets to deal with the consequences. Stefan then storms off.

Holly meets Aaron in the park. Aaron tells her that Tate went home to get his luggage and jokes that he’s now officially Tate Black. Holly hopes Tate comes back soon. Aaron assures that nothing is going to mess this up for them.

Tate insists that Theresa does not have to take him but Theresa says they will see him off, no arguments. Brady jokes that it could be worse. Theresa tells Tate to get his stuff and they will wait in the car. Theresa then gets a call from Alex, who says he needs her to get to the Kiriakis Mansion because they have to get the prenup signed. Theresa asks if it can wait since she’s about to take Tate to the airport. Alex says it has to get done since he promised the lawyers to get it done by the end of the business day so Theresa agrees to be there. Theresa hangs up and says she has to get back to the house. Tate questions her meaning right now. Theresa knows this isn’t the summer Tate had in mind and says she gets it if he’s mad at her but that she’s just looking out for his best interests and hopes one day he will see that. Theresa then hugs Tate goodbye.

Eric takes Jude through the town square and runs in to Gabi. Gabi sees he’s been reunited with his son. Eric understands that he has her to thank for that. Gabi says she can do the honorable thing and says she owed him one, especially after withholding her bone marrow from Rachel to get her immunity deal. Eric tells Gabi that he’s grateful to her for doing the right thing. Gabi responds that she’s glad she did it and she’s happy for him while proud of herself too, if only her husband wasn’t furious with her.

EJ pours another drink in the living room and thinks back to Nicole leaving with Jude. Stefan then comes home and guesses EJ won’t pour a drink for him. EJ asks if he wants a drop of arsenic in it or if he should stab him in the back so they are even. EJ says he’s always been aware that trusting any member of his family would be a risky enterprise, but he still overrode his instincts to make a deal with Stefan and let Melinda walk, so Gabi could go free. EJ says he asked for Stefan’s silence in return, so he simply had to do nothing but he couldn’t even manage that. Stefan knows the damage has already been done but insists that it wasn’t some elaborate scheme as he had every intention of taking EJ’s secret to the grave, but Gabi had other ideas. EJ agrees that the damage is done and thanks to Stefan’s wife, he lost his wife forever. Nicole then enters the room.

Theresa joins Alex at the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex tells her the papers should be there any minute and apologizes for interrupting her goodbye with Tate. Theresa says it’s okay as Tate’s glad that she didn’t drive him to the airport since he hasn’t been happy with her. Alex is sure he’ll come around and mentions running in to Tate in the park earlier as he was with his friend Aaron. Theresa calls it weird that Tate didn’t tell her that he ran in to him. Alex guesses Tate had his mind on other things.

Tate, Aaron, and Holly arrive at the airport. Aaron confirms he is checked in for the flight so as far as the world is concerned, Tate Black will be at lacrosse camp so they will be free to do whatever. Tate and Holly thank Aaron. Aaron says he’ll see them in three months and goes to board the plane. Tate then asks Holly where she wants to spend the rest of the summer.

Gabi remains in the town square and thinks back to revealing the truth to Nicole.

Stefan decides he will leave EJ and Nicole alone and exits the room. EJ is thankful that Nicole came back and says now they can finally talk.

Eric returns to Brady, who questions why he’s not on a plane to Paris. Eric then introduces Brady to Jude as his nephew.

EJ knows Nicole is angry but says he can explain. Nicole doesn’t want to hear it and says she only came back to pack her things. Nicole then removes her wedding ring and tells EJ that she wants a divorce.

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Days Update Monday, July 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jada tells Bobby that he has five seconds to spit it out or she’s gone. Bobby then tells her it’s about the murder of Li Shin. Jada questions how he could have information on that when he never even met Li and they already know who killed Li, but Bobby reveals that they don’t.

Connie goes home to the apartment that used to belong to Li, Wendy, and Tripp and flashes back to being the one who stabbed Li Shin! Connie remarks to herself that it wasn’t her fault and that Gabi is to blame.

At the town square press conference, Nicole asks Gabi what role EJ played in overturning her case. Gabi asks how she could forget and admits much credit must go to EJ for approving the immunity deal for Melinda, who then handed over the evidence to exonerate her even though EJ wrongfully accused her in the first place, but in the end he was big enough to admit he was wrong and that he let his personal animosity towards her cloud his judgment. Gabi remarks that she and EJ are similar in that way as sometimes they let their emotions guide their decisions. Gabi states that in EJ’s case, he sent her to prison out of hate but he freed her out of love for Nicole. EJ argues that Nicole has nothing to do with this but Gabi says this is all about Nicole. Nicole questions what she’s talking about. Gabi then announces that the only reason EJ exonerated her is because he was desperately afraid of losing his beloved wife to Eric Brady. Nicole asks why EJ would be afraid of that. Gabi responds that it’s because Nicole is still in love with Eric and that Eric is the father of her baby, shocking Stefan and EJ.

Eric walks by the Brady Pub and calls Holly, asking if she has a moment. Eric reminds her that he was thinking about leaving town and informs her that one of the jobs he applied for came through, so he’s moving to Paris today. Eric confirms that he saw Nicole awhile ago and they said their goodbyes.

Rafe questions what Gabi is doing, telling her this is not the place but Gabi calls it the perfect place. Nicole questions why she would say that. EJ argues that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Gabi says she knows exactly what she’s talking about. Gabi declares that EJ is not Jude’s father, Eric is, and that she can prove it. Stefan asks Gabi not to do this. EJ announces that Gabi is not thinking straight and thanks everyone for coming, saying they will meet privately to clarify the issue. Rafe tells everyone to move along. Gabi tells Nicole to stop and not listen to them because she is telling her the God’s honest truth. Nicole asks how this could be and questions Gabi’s proof. Gabi tells Nicole that she can see how it all makes sense and talks about what Sloan did. Gabi declares that Eric’s child being ripped from his arms is a wrong that needs to be righted immediately.

Eric assures Holly that he will come visit her and she can come see him. Holly reminds him that she’s still grounded. Eric assures that won’t last forever because nothing ever does.

Nicole questions how Gabi could possibly know this when she just got out of prison. Gabi asks why Nicole is fighting this when it’s her dream come true. EJ argues that Gabi is just out for revenge. Gabi repeats that it’s about righting a terrible wrong and she is not lying as she did not make this up out of thin air. Nicole asks where in the world she got the idea that Jude is Eric’s son. Gabi assures that her source is solid so Nicole questions who her source is, arguing that she’s not about to turn their lives upside down. Gabi then reveals that Stefan told her.

Jada tells Bobby that they already have proof of who killed Li Shin and they have evidence linked to Gil Carter. Bobby says he reads the paper but assures the evidence doesn’t matter because Gil didn’t do it. Bobby guesses Jada thinks he’s lying. Jada says it wouldn’t be his first time. Bobby points out that she has nothing but circumstantial evidence and no eye witnesses against Gil. Jada brings up having Li’s blood on Gil’s black book and a dried fingerprint in the blood which she calls pretty solid proof. Bobby argues that it’s not definitive. Jada then asks Bobby who killed Li if not Gil.

Connie repeats to herself that it was Gabi’s fault. Connie then imagines Li appearing before her and stating that Gabi is not the one who stabbed him.

Jada questions if Bobby is trying to tell her that Gabi stabbed Li. Bobby says no and that Gabi has been rightfully exonerated. Bobby remarks that they got the wrong perp twice now, but he’s definitely got it. Jada comments that he sounds awfully sure of himself for being confined to a mental institution which Bobby mocks. Jada question why he thinks the police have been on the wrong track this whole time. Bobby responds that it’s because he saw the person who killed Li Shin.

Connie calls it a miracle to see Li, but he assures that he is dead and remarks that she should know since she killed him.

Nicole questions Stefan telling Gabi that EJ is not Jude’s father. Gabi asks if Stefan is going to call her a liar in front of all these people. Stefan says no, so Nicole asks if he’s saying it’s true which he confirms as he declares that Eric is Jude’s father.

Eric enters the Brady Pub to say goodbye to Roman. Roman guesses he won’t talk him in to changing his mind. Eric calls it a pretty good job opportunity which Roman understands. Eric knows Roman thinks he’s running away and admits maybe he is. Roman says he did the same thing and in time, he chose to come back so maybe Eric will do the same someday. Eric mentions just coming from Marlena and she was understanding. Roman asks about Nicole. Eric says she knows and they said their goodbyes. Eric admits it was tough but they kept it short and sweet and she had to take off to cover a press conference at the town square.

Nicole argues that Stefan and Gabi just hate EJ and they did this just to hurt him. Gabi responds that maybe under different circumstances, she might get revenge but she is telling nothing but the truth here. Gabi declares that Stefan saw the original DNA test results in black and white. Stefan tells EJ that he’s sorry. Nicole tells EJ that if this is true, she’s so sorry. Gabi asks why she’s apologizing to EJ when he already knew.

Jada asks how Bobby could have possibly seen the person who murdered Li Shin when Li was murdered in his apartment. Jada asks if he was there and witnessed the murder. Bobby says not exactly. Jada asks if he’s telling her that he was the murderer then. Bobby asks if she really thinks he’d go around blabbing about it if he was. Jada questions how he could have possibly seen who did it then.

Connie tells her vision of Li that she didn’t mean to kill him and it was an accident as she continues to blame Gabi. Li points out that Gabi didn’t stab her as that was all Connie. Connie tells him to stop saying that but Li says it’s true. Connie argues that nobody else knows, so what happened will stay between them forever.

Nicole questions Gabi saying that EJ knew. Gabi responds that Stefan found the DNA test results in the living room safe and that EJ was the one who put them there. Nicole asks EJ if this is true that he knew.

Roman asks Eric about Jude. Eric says he already had a painful goodbye with him and doesn’t want to put them through that again, especially after having a dream last night that Jude was he and Nicole’s son.

EJ argues that Stefan and Gabi are lying because Gabi blames him for sending her to prison and this is her way of getting back at him. Rafe points out that EJ just freed Gabi. Gabi assures that she still hates EJ but insists that this is the truth. Nicole calls it impossible because they did a DNA test. Gabi says that Sloan kept switching the results. Nicole argues that Sloan had nothing to do with this as EJ came home with the test. Gabi questions going by what EJ said and tells Nicole to think about all the other things that don’t add up. Gabi asks how Nicole thinks Stefan got EJ to overturn her conviction and why EJ gave Melinda an immunity deal after stealing her child. Gabi asks if that seems like the fatherly thing to do or the DiMera thing to do. Stefan tries to stop Gabi but she continues, declaring that EJ had no choice as his walls were closing in. Gabi adds that Melinda knew the truth and used it to get her immunity. Gabi tells Nicole that Stefan used the information too to threaten to tell her everything if she didn’t go free. Gabi declares that her standing here is all the proof she needs. EJ calls her an ungrateful, vindictive bitch. EJ tries to go after Gabi but Rafe holds him back. EJ questions her after everything he did for her. Gabi asks if he expected gratitude after he sent her to prison for something she didn’t do. EJ argues that after everything she’s done in her miserable life, she deserved ten times the sentence she got. Gabi complains that EJ refused to help her even when Stefan begged him. Nicole asks what EJ has to say to her and yells at him to say something, asking if he’ll even say sorry. Nicole calls EJ a bastard for knowing and shoves him as she then storms off. EJ tries to go after her but Rafe stops him and says he’s not going anywhere.

Eric tells Roman about when they first took the DNA test that showed EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby, it was a big letdown as he flashes back to that moment. Eric says when he went to bed last night, he knew he was leaving today so maybe that’s why he had the dream. Eric declares that if he would’ve been the father, it would’ve changed his and Nicole’s entire lives. Eric decides he should go get his bags and get going. Roman offers to get Kate to cover at the Pub so he can give him a ride to the airport. Eric says he’s sorry but Brady already offered. Roman guesses he was just trying to buy some more time with him. Eric promises he will be back. Roman tells him to take care of himself and be well as they hug and say I love you to one another.

Rafe wants a statement from EJ because everything he just heard tells him that he perpetrated a fraud or at the very least was an accessory after the fact. EJ tells Rafe that if he wants to press charges, he can take it up with his office and storms off.

Jada complains that Bobby is talking in riddles and she doesn’t have time for his games. Bobby clarifies that he didn’t see the actual murder in front of him, but he saw the killer. Bobby explains that Everett and he had moved to Salem a couple days earlier and Chad was very upset because of Everett staying in Salem. Bobby says Everett got very upset so he had to take over for awhile and right then, he stumbled across his first big story in Salem, only it never gets published because Everett can’t remember it, but he does. Everett remarks that you tend to remember the times you come face to face with a killer, so Jada asks who it is.

Connie argues that prison served Gabi right but now she gets sprung when Gil Carter didn’t even kill Li and that’s just not right. Her vision of Li points out that Gabi didn’t kill him either. Connie complains that Melinda is to blame too and it made her skin crawl to kiss up to them so that they wouldn’t suspect her. Connie wishes they could go back in time to her and Li’s first date. Connie says she’s not crazy and she doesn’t want Li to be dead because she wants to be close to him forever. Connie talks about that being why she’s in the apartment where he lived and died. Connie declares that she had to do it but she misses Li and she promises revenge on everyone who is to blame for his tragic loss. Connie states that she’s going to make them all pay and when Li is finally avenged, they can live happily ever after. Connie then exits the apartment.

Jada asks who Bobby saw. Bobby says he had just moved here so he didn’t know anyone’s name. Jada asks if he can describe them. Bobby suddenly claims he’s tired. Jada argues that it’s 10 AM and says she knew he was just stringing her along so she’d come back and see him. Bobby says he’s not stringing her along if he actually has the goods. Jada questions how she knows any of this is even true. Bobby says she is smart and has a keen sense of when justice has actually been served. Bobby tells Jada that he will see her tomorrow and they will talk more about it then. Bobby then pretends to go to sleep so that Jada leaves. Bobby then goes back to reading his book.

EJ catches up to Nicole at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole cries that EJ knew her baby was Eric’s son and he let them mourn his death and spread his ashes. EJ explains that he did not know for months. Nicole questions why she should believe him. EJ insists that he loves her but Nicole disagrees. Nicole says he has to hate someone to do something like this to them. EJ repeats that it’s love and always will be. EJ asks if he can at least explain. EJ informs her that it was Leo who finally told him that it was their baby. EJ says he couldn’t believe it, so he confronted Sloan, who then told him that Jude was Nicole’s baby but the father was actually Eric. EJ adds that he didn’t believe her at first so he had another DNA test done to be sure. Nicole points out that he still kept it quiet. EJ admits he was devastated as he had already lost the boy once, so losing him a second time was too much to bear. EJ states that once it all sank in, Nicole and another man raising a child would be a stab in the heart to a man who gave his whole heart to her. EJ adds that it wasn’t just another man, but Eric, and he knew how much Eric wanted to have a child with her and that Nicole still had feelings for him. EJ brings up seeing her kissing Eric when he brought her home that night, so he made a terrible choice. EJ asks what he could do when Nicole means everything to him and he was so afraid of losing her. Nicole then responds that now he has as she walks away in tears and heads upstairs.

Rafe tells Gabi and Stefan to tell him everything they know, starting from the beginning. Stefan responds that they will gladly come to the police station to make a statement, but right now he needs to speak to his wife alone. Gabi promises Rafe that they will come in tomorrow. Rafe tells them to do that and walks away. Stefan then questions how Gabi could do this.

Nicole comes back downstairs with Jude. EJ tries to stop her and says they need to talk but Nicole cries that she has nothing left to say. EJ argues that they’ve weathered more storms than this. Nicole questions him thinking this is a storm and calls it a nightmare of EJ’s doing. EJ insists that he loves her. Nicole calls those empty words that she doesn’t want to hear ever again. EJ asks where she will go. Nicole tells him it’s none of his business anymore as she exits the mansion in tears with Jude.

Bobby thinks back to finding Connie crying in the park, swearing she didn’t mean to do it.

Jada meets Rafe outside the Pub and asks how the press conference was. Rafe calls it more eventful than expected and says he’ll fill her in later. Rafe asks about her visit with her ex and if he filled her in on the so called murder. Jada reveals it was Li Shin’s murder. Rafe says they already know who murdered Li but Jada says that Bobby said it wasn’t Gil Carter. Rafe laughs it off considering the evidence and asks who Bobby said did it then. Jada informs him that Bobby wouldn’t say but did say that he saw the killer shortly after they committed the crime. Rafe questions Jada really thinking there’s anything to this. Jada says Bobby wants her to come back to Bayview to discuss it further. Rafe worries that it sounds like another trick but Jada says maybe he’ll be ready to name some names. Jada suggests they go inside to the Pub where he can tell her what happened at the press conference. After they head inside, Connie comes around the corner.

Eric sits at the airport and thinks back to handing Jude over to EJ and Nicole. Eric gets up to board his flight but gets a cal from Nicole.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay dearly for this. EJ takes his drink and then smashes the glass against the wall as he screams out in frustration.

Stefan tells Gabi that he promised EJ to keep his secret, she agreed, and they had an understanding. Gabi says she knows, so Stefan asks why she blew it all to Hell.

Eric ignores Nicole’s call and goes to board the flight but Nicole arrives with Jude. Nicole says she tried calling him. Eric questions what she is doing here. Nicole informs him that she had to stop him from getting on the plane. Eric doesn’t understand. Nicole then reveals to Eric that he is Jude’s father.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of July 1, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Kristen and Ava


Nicole didn’t hear Melinda tell EJ that she was going to tell the truth about Jude’s paternity. Melinda wasn’t yelling so she should have heard her talking.

Did Tate forget that he’s supposed to be working at the pub? He told Brady that he wanted to work at a club to pay him back.

Why would Ava and Kristen talk about her sleeping with Stefan in a public place? Anyone could have heard them talking about it.

Did we miss something? Will and Sonny went to New Zealand when they left the show, but they are back in Phoenix.

It was convenient that Gabi thought Stefan would be tempted by other women when we know he slept with Ava.


Chanel and Johnny were crying one minute, but their tears dried up the next time they were shown.

What made Kate think she and Abe were qualified to produce a TV show? How big would the show be since they live in Salem?


Julie talked about Clyde as if she knew him. We didn’t realize she knew anything about Clyde.

Stephanie told Paulina that the people of Salem didn’t like her firing a woman of color to rehire a rich, white man. It didn’t make sense for her to tell an African American woman about hiring a woman of color.

Chad wanted to talk about something private with Kayla, but he kept her office door open. Anyone could have heard them talking.


Tate balled up the pamphlet for lacrosse camp, but it was straightened out when Theresa looked at it.

The flashback Alex had could be heard before it was shown.

Brady managed not to hear Holly and Rachel talking about her bribing her to keep quiet about Tate.

Aaron could be heard talking while Holly was shown.


What are the odds that Connie would approach Melinda out of the blue.

Why would Melinda want to work for the woman who killed her daughter?

Nicole cried without any tears.

How did Connie get the keys to Tripp’s apartment? She used them to get inside and think about stabbing Li.



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Days Best Lines For The Week Of July 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Steve: I assume this felony has something to do with me breaking Clyde Weston out of Statesville?
Jada: Are there any other felonies that I should be aware of?
Steve: Not that I can recall

Jada: I have no choice but to formally charge and book you
Steve: It won’t be my first time posing for a mug shot.

Jada: There were two people in hazmat suits who escorted Clyde Weston to safety after that chemical spill. You’ve already admitted that you were one of them. Who was the other?
Steve: Rebecca Goldman. Who else?
Jada: Was it John Black?
Steve: John? No of course not.
Jada: You two are partners.
Steve: We’re partners at Black Patch, but we’re not partners in crime.

Stephanie: I care about Everett.
Bobby: You only care about yourself. You’re such a liar.

Bobby (to Stephanie): You have that annoying personality that thinks she’s always wanted. Don’t you? Let me say something to clear the air about it because it’s not totally getting through. I want nothing to do with you. I find you desperate and pathetic and unattractive. You do nothing for me.

Chad (talking about staring at the footage of the mystery woman): This is going to make me crazier than I already am.

Julie: We don’t need that do we?

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