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Update written by Joseph

Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law. Talia claims to not know what she’s talking about. Marlena reminds Talia that when they agreed to start therapy, they agreed that she would be open and honest. Marlena asks Talia again if she slept with her son-in-law. Talia then tearfully admits that she did.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway and reveals that she just did.

Rafe calls Jada from London and leaves a message, saying he’s just checking in and guesses she’s in the middle of something. Rafe notes that Ava and Harris still have not returned to their hotel room and he’s got local authorities out looking for them. Rafe says to give him a call when she gets the chance and hangs up. Rafe then pulls his gun when he’s startled by Tripp arriving. Rafe questions what the hell he is doing here. Tripp says he’s worried about his mom.

Ava and Harris wake up in the bedroom they were left in by Edmund Crumb. Harris checks on Ava, who asks what happened. Harris reminds her that Edmund poisoned their tea. Ava recalls Edmund saying that he had Susan locked up somewhere. Ava and Harris then discover they are chained to the wall by their ankles. Susan Banks then walks in, also chained, and declares that they found her.

Shawn asks what Belle is doing there. Belle says she was going to surprise her husband and take him to lunch, but she just lost her appetite. Belle adds that she was just telling Marlena that they turned a corner in their marriage and the worst was behind them. Jada apologizes that she found out this way. Belle responds that she’s glad that she found out because Shawn was never going to tell her. Belle then asks if she’s the last person to learn that Shawn is cheating on her with Talia Hunter.

Talia asks Marlena how she found out. Marlena responds that Belle was just there and she had been worried because her husband didn’t come back after attending his grandfather’s funeral and he said he had too much to drink, so he slept in Talia and Jada’s room. Marlena adds that Talia had also said she had too much to drink and slept with a married man, so it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. Talia cries that she’s so sorry. Marlena responds that she is too.

Rafe guesses Tripp was trying to tip Ava off that he was on her trail. Tripp argues that she’s his mom so he wants to help her. Rafe asks if Tripp knew she was staying here all along. Tripp says no and explains that Wendy tracked down the fake names used on the passports. Rafe questions how he got a key to the room. Tripp says he just told the front desk that he was Ava’s son. Rafe figures so much for security. Rafe asks why he didn’t just knock. Tripp didn’t think Ava would be happy that he followed her here. Tripp asks where Ava is. Rafe responds that Ava and Harris left their passports and haven’t been back since. Tripp wonders if they found out they were there and are staying away. Rafe thinks they went looking for Susan Banks and hopes they didn’t get in to any trouble..

Ava realizes she wasn’t hallucinating and that Susan is alive. Susan says no thanks to her. Ava acknowledges not being in her right mind when she drove off the cliff and says she’s so relieved to see her and to know that she’s alive. Susan questions who Harris is and what he’s staring at. Harris brings up Susan’s resemblance to her brother Thomas. Susan asks how he knows Thomas. Harris says she probably doesn’t want to know. Susan guesses Ava finally got her signals and now they are all chained up. Susan mocks this being a rescue mission. Ava argues that it could be worse and points out that Harris is an ex-Navy SEAL. Susan remarks that it took them long enough to find her. Ava questions why Susan sent her the signals of all people. Susan argues that anyone else would have thought she was just reaching out from the great beyond and wouldn’t rescue her. Susan also thought Ava would be highly motivated to find her because she’s not responsible for her murder since she’s not dead. Harris explains EJ putting a hit on Ava because he thinks she’s responsible. Ava confirms that EJ sent someone to Bayview to murder her. Susan first expresses excitement that EJ would do that for her but then expresses disappointment in him. Harris asks Susan to tell them everything she knows about Edmund Crumb. Edmund then enters the room and comments on them finally being awake. Harris brings up being poisoned. Edmund declares that he now has them both where he wants them.

Tripp question Rafe planning to track down Ava and Harris by just sitting and waiting in their hotel room until they come back. Tripp worries that they could be in trouble or if EJ has already gotten to them. Rafe assures that he’s working with local authorities and has an APB out on them now. Rafe brings up Tripp not being more forthcoming. Tripp asks if he’s making this his fault. Rafe asks why he had to trick him in to telling him that Ava thought Susan was alive, pointing out that it could’ve exonerated Ava. Tripp says that’s if it’s true. Rafe adds that if it is true, EJ will probably call off his hit on Ava. Tripp argues that Rafe doesn’t care about helping Ava and just wants to bring her back to Salem to throw the book at her. Rafe shouts that he wants to bring her back to Bayview so she can get the help she needs. Rafe then gets a call and writes down a name that he is given. Rafe says he’s on his way and hangs up. Tripp asks if that was about Ava. Rafe says maybe. Tripp argues that he has to tell him. Rafe tells Tripp to go home and that he’ll call him when he finds something. Tripp refuses to leave, so Rafe warns Tripp to either leave willingly or he will handcuff him to the wall for obstructing a police investigation.

Harris asks Edmund why he is keeping them here. Edmund thought Susan would have told them by now. Susan argues that she doesn’t understand. Edmund talks about Susan walking out of his life with no warning. Susan complains about the terrible arguments they had every day. Edmund goes on about Susan not calling or writing letters until he saw on the news that Susan was dead. Edmund recalls getting a phone call that Susan was alive, then two men brought her here half dead, so he spent months nursing her back to health. Harris stops him and question who these men were and who else knows that Susan is alive.

Rafe threatens to handcuff Tripp right now. Tripp points out Rafe not having handcuffs on him. Tripp argues that they don’t like each other but they both want to find Ava, Harris, and Susan. Tripp insists that he knows Ava better than Rafe does, he knows her habits and what she’s told him so he can help him. Rafe feels they are wasting time. Tripp agrees, so Rafe reluctantly gives in and exits with Tripp.

Talia tells Marlena that she feels horrible about all of this. Marlena brings up this being about her family. Talia cries that she feels very ashamed right now since Marlena has been so good to her and Belle is the reason that she’s not in prison. Talia hopes Marlena will agree that Belle doesn’t need to know about this since it was just one time and she promises it will never happen again. Talia asks if Marlena is going to tell Belle. Marlena admits she would like to but she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena adds that in her experience, secrets have a way of getting out…

Jada assures Belle that no one else knows about this and Talia didn’t want anyone to know because she knew how much it would hurt Belle. Jada repeats that she’s so sorry for all of this as she then exits the room. Shawn tells Belle that he’s sorry and he will do anything to fix it, but Belle slaps him.

Talia knows she and Marlena still have to work together and it will be uncomfortable. Marlena agrees but say she can behave professionally. Marlena asks if Talia can do that. Talia guesses Marlena can now agree that she needs a new therapist which she confirms. Talia tells Marlena that she really helped her and she’s so sorry that she let her down as she then exits the office.

Shawn acknowledges that he deserved the slap. Belle says that’s the least of what he deserves. Shawn knows she’s feeling hurt and humiliated. Belle argues that he has no idea how she feels. Belle brings up how Shawn was throwing her past in her face while he was sleeping with Talia the whole time. Shawn argues that it happened one time. Belle argues that they weren’t married when she was with Philip and they were separated when she was with EJ. Belle points out that they were only separated because of Shawn moving Jan Spears in to their home. Shawn argues that they weren’t separated when Belle slept with her professor in Maine. Belle asks if they are keeping score now. Shawn argues that she’s the one doing that while Belle yells at him to just stop. Belle knows Shawn has been going through hell with everything happening with Bo and Victor. Belle cries that she tried everything in her power to be there for him through everything. Belle talks about giving him grace when he wouldn’t stop drinking and almost lost his job twice, but she stayed by his side and even went to an AA meeting with him yesterday. Belle brings up that they said at the meeting to be honest with yourself but he still lied to her. Shawn says he knew the truth would hurt her more. Belle cries that she thought this was the one thing he would never do to them and now she knows she’s living a lie.

Rafe and Tripp go to the café where Ava and Harris were. Rafe confirms that the waiter identified them as being there yesterday and that Harris used his phone to look something up. Rafe reveals that he checked the history and found out that they looked up Susan’s first husband, Edmund P. Crumb. Tripp says he will call Wendy to look up an address for the guy but Rafe reveals that he’s already got it.

Edmund says he had no idea who the men were or who their boss was, but they just told him that no one could know Susan was alive because of some deranged woman driving her off a cliff. Harris questions his idea of keeping Susan safe being to chain her up like a dog. Susan says there’s a bit more to it than that and recalls when she finally woke up and saying she needed her husband Roger which upset Edmund. Susan says that’s how she ended up chained up. Susan asks if Edmund is giong to keep Ava and Harris here too. Edmund questions Ava being the one who tried to kill Susan. Edmund declares that he wasn’t going to hurt innocent people but now he knows Ava is not innocent, so he will have to do something to take care of her as he then exits the room.

Jada goes to the hospital and finds Talia, who questions what she is doing here. Jada says she came to check on Dimitri and also to warn Talia that Belle knows about her and Shawn.

Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and nothing’s going to change that. Shawn says what happened with Talia was a mistake and he didn’t want her but he was drunk after they got in a terrible fight. Shawn states that Talia was just there. Belle questions him jumping in bed with someone he barely knew who had just been through hell too. Shawn admits he didn’t feel better and takes full responsibility for what happened. Shawn asks Belle not to blame Talia for this. Belle confirms that she only blames Shawn and guesses this is Shawn’s way of getting back at her for being with other people. Belle feels Shawn is using the past to justify cheating on her. Shawn assures that he knows nothing justifies this. Shawn then guesses that Belle’s past did in some way justify what happened because if he forgave Belle for everything she did, he would think she would understand and forgive him. Belle responds that she doesn’t understand or forgive him. Shawn swears that he will do anything to fix this. Belle states that there is nothing he can do.

Ava asks Susan what she thinks Edmund is going to do. Harris asks if Edmund has a history of violence. Ava remarks that he obviously has a screw loose somewhere. Ava argues that if Edmund was going to kill them, he would have by now. Susan points out that Edmund didn’t know who Ava was until now. Harris notes that she still didn’t answer. Susan doesn’t think Edmund would kill someone out of the blue for no reason, but admits he has killed before.

Edmund loads a gun and puts it in his pocket when Rafe and Tripp arrive at his door. Edmund answers and asks if he can help them.

Harris questions Susan saying that Edmund committed murder. Susan explains that Edmund thought he was killing Kristen to protect her. Ava questions what she is talking about. Susan continues that Edmund mistook her late sister Penelope for Kristen and they got in to a struggle where Penelope fell in to the pool and Edmund drowned her. Susan guesses that since Edmund’s done it before, she thinks he is capable of killing again.

Rafe introduces himself to Edmund and says that Tripp is his associate. Edmund states that his late wife Susan used to live in Salem and claims it’s a coincidence. Rafe explains that they are looking for two Salem locals that have gone missing in London. Rafe shows photos of Ava and Harris and asks if he’s seen them. Edmund identifies Ava as the woman who killed Susan and claims that he thought she was in a mental institution. Rafe responds that she was but she escaped. Edmund argues that she shouldn’t be free and calls her a menace to society who shouldn’t even be alive.

Jada explains to Talia that they were in the interrogation room and didn’t think anyone would walk in. Talia questions why she would talk to Shawn about it. Jada says she felt she had to confront Shawn for taking advantage of Talia while she was vulnerable. Talia argues that Shawn was vulnerable too and didn’t force her, so she is just as responsible. Talia says that Jada can’t let what happened affect her work relationship. Talia calls Shawn a good guy who made a huge mistake. Jada hates that it’s all coming out like this. Talia feels it was going to eventually. Talia hopes that Jada doesn’t look at her differently because of this. Jada assures that she loves her and is not judging her. Talia thanks her for never giving up on her and for always being there as they hug.

Shawn asks Belle to go home but Belle says she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Shawn asks where do they go from here. Belle has no idea but she wants him to leave her alone as she storms out of the room.

Talia thinks back to the day after she slept with Shawn. Belle then shows up at the hospital to confront Talia. Talia tells her that she’s so sorry. Belle tells Talia to go to Hell and walks away.

Belle goes to Marlena’s office and informs Marlena that Shawn cheated on her. Marlena hugs Belle as she breaks down crying.

Shawn holds a photo of he and Belle at the police station and thinks back to when they got back together after being separated. Jada returns to the station and tells him that she’s really sorry. Shawn responds that Belle was going to find out one way or another. Jada asks if he wants to talk about it but Shawn says he’s good. Jada mentions speaking to Kayla and that Dimitri is in recovery. Jada adds that she just heard from Rafe that he got a good lead on Ava and Harris.

Ava worries that Edmund thinks she’s a danger, so he’s going to kill her. Susan argues that they don’t know that. Ava feels they need to find a way out. Harris says he’s been in worse situations than this and promises that Edmund will have to kill him before he touches her.

Rafe informs Edmund that Ava and Harris were under the impression that Susan was still alive. Edmund calls that impossible since she was blown up in a car crash. Rafe says they believe they came to Edmund’s apartment. Edmund claims he hasn’t seen them. Tripp reveals that they looked up his address before going missing. Edmund says he’ll let them know if they show up. Rafe asks if he minds if they take a look around. Edmund then pulls his gun out and declares that he does mind.

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Days Update Monday, October 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Marlena is in her office on the phone with Kate, who is at the Brady Pub. Marlena wants details on what happened with Vivian. Kate wishes she had more but confirms that everything she said was going to happen is now official, so Vivian is out. Kate hopes that Vivian will never darken their doorways again. Kate adds that Victor made it clear that Maggie is his widow so Vivian is entitled to nothing. Marlena says that makes her day and she’s grateful for the update. Marlena then hangs up as Talia arrives. Marlena thanks her for coming on time but Talia reveals that she came to tell her that she thinks it’s time she starts seeing a different therapist.

Shawn is at the police station, on the phone with Belle. Shawn talks about things being quiet since Rafe and Jada left for London. Belle says he doesn’t have to explain and apologizes if he felt like she was checking up on him. Shawn understands after everything he put her through. Jada arrives at the station and hears Shawn declare that he’s more determined than ever to put his life back together to be the husband that Belle deserves.

Leo questions what Gwen is talking about, claiming he would never sleep with her husband. Gwen reveals that she saw them together in Iceland. Leo asks what she means. Gwen explains that she had her suspicions and a gut feeling ever since his preposterous story about a Madonna concert but she wasn’t sure until she left to get Leo a frozen treat but doubled back to confirm her suspicions. Gwen declares that she walked in and saw her best friend and her husband going at it. Leo then admits that she’s right that he has been sleeping with Dimitri. Gwen responds by punching Leo.

Dimitri pulls a gun on Stefan and Gabi at the DiMera Mansion. Gabi pleads with him and says he can keep his shares as they have plenty. Dimitri remarks that they will make beautiful corpses. Stefan turns to cover Gabi while Dimitri is suddenly shot from behind by Vivian! Vivian states that in situations like this, she prefers to act first and ask questions later. Stefan thanks her as Vivian declares that she always had perfect timing.

Marlena asks Talia if she’s been unhappy with their sessions. Talia says no and that she’s done so much for her. Marlena thanks her and asks if she’s uncomfortable because they are colleagues now. Talia claims that’s it and that she’s just worried about things getting awkward. Marlena notes that she has several patients from the hospital and they are able to keep their professional boundaries. Marlena adds that Talia only has a couple sessions left of her court ordered therapy and she’s not sure what would happen if she switches therapists. Talia decides maybe she should continue with Marlena then. Marlena says it’s entirely up to her and asks if she wants to have a session now. Talia confirms that she just got off work and agrees to sit down. Marlena asks Talia to tell her what has happened since their last session.

Shawn tells Belle that after work, they should go out dinner and have a little makeout session like they were in high school. Belle jokes that they are too old for that but says it’s a maybe. Shawn says he’s looking forward to it and will see her at home. Shawn then hangs up and is surprised to see Jada, noting that he thought she was in London with Rafe. Jada explains that she got back a few hours ago as Rafe thought one of them should come back to keep an eye on things. Shawn asks how it went with Ava and Harris. Jada informs him that they tracked them to a hotel room but they never returned to their room. Jada then tells Shawn that they need to clear the air about the fact that he slept with her sister.

Leo complains about Gwen’s punch but admits he deserved it as Gwen yells at him for what he did. Leo apologizes and says he’ll beg for forgiveness which Gwen laughs at. Gwen asks if he really thinks she’s going to forgive him after this. Gwen states that Leo knew she was falling in love with Dimitri, yet he still went after him. Leo argues that it was not like that and talks about how he didn’t trust Dimitri when he and Gwen first got together. Gwen recalls Dimitri somehow convincing Leo that he didn’t have an ulterior motive. Leo explains that he found out that Dimitri had to be married by the age of 40 to inherit his fortune. Gwen reveals that she knew that Dimitri was using her the whole time, hence the whole whirlwind romance. Leo explains that when he first found out, he was mad and ready to go off on him but then Dimitri kissed him. Leo adds that at first he thought it was just another straight guy using him to get what he wants but it turned out Dimitri isn’t straight and was genuinely attracted to him. Gwen remarks that it worked because Dimitri screwed Leo and then he screwed her.

Stefan checks on Dimitri and says he’s bleeding pretty badly so they need to call an ambulance. Gabi questions why they would do that when he just tried to murder them and says he deserves to die. Vivian can’t believe she’s saying this but she agrees with Gabi.

Gwen states that all it took was one night of sex for Leo to stab his best friend in the back. Leo insists that he felt awful for betraying her. Leo says he’s not making excuses but Dimitri was in a bind as he couldn’t marry a man and he was running out of time to find someone to marry. Gwen guesses no other woman would be as stupid as her to fall for his act. Gwen says she was such a fool, going on to Leo about how deliriously happy she was to find a man who loved her and only her. Gwen remarks that Leo and Dimitri must have been snickering behind her back the whole time. Leo assures there wasn’t and that he has been racked with guilt. Gwen shouts that Leo doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, otherwise he never would have let her walk down the aisle with Dimitri. Leo says he tried to stop it. Gwen points out that he didn’t stop it and he threw away their friendship for Dimitri and his magic penis. Leo argues that it wasn’t just about the sex and declares that he loves Dimitri. Leo says this is him being real with her. Gwen mockingly congratulates Leo for being real. Gwen hopes his love is real love because when it comes to money, they won’t see one cent of Dimitri’s inheritance. Leo asks what she is talking about. Gwen calls it revenge and asks if he honestly thought she’d just suck it up and let them make a fool of her. Gwen tells Leo that she and Kristen are cooking something up. Leo thought Kristen was Dimitri’s ally. Gwen responds that she was until Dimitri swindled her out of her half of the prize money. Gwen adds that Kristen didn’t like that and told her that Leo and Dimitri already got the first part of the installment when they tried to pass Leo off as Gwen with a wig. Leo says that didn’t work as expected, but now that she knows about everything, he’s certain that Dimitri would be happy to share the money with her. Gwen responds that won’t be necessary because she went to the bank today to pull out a very sizable withdrawal. Gwen then presents Leo with the check and says she’s never seen so many zeroes. Gwen adds that Dimitri is lucky that his money is all she took because Kristen originally wanted to kill him.

Stefan argues that they can’t just let Dimitri die. Gabi tells him to speak for himself as she’s not lifting a finger to help him. Stefan reminds her about the DiMera shares and that Dimitri needs to be alive to sign over the stock certificates which Vivian questions. Stefan explains that Dimitri has full control of he and Megan’s shares of DiMera and that he and Gabi were in the process of blackmailing him for them. Vivian asks why he didn’t say so as Dimitri begins to regain consciousness, so she demands the stock certificates. Gabi warns Dimitri to sign over the shares right now or they are going to let him bleed out. Dimitri laughs her off and says “screw you”. Stefan tells Dimitri that he’s been vouching for him but if he stops cooperating, that ends now. Dimitri gives in and gives Gabi the combination to his briefcase which she opens to retrieve the certificates. Gabi brings them to Dimitri to sign them which he does. Vivian remarks that now they can let him croak but Stefan says he’s a man of his word so he will hold up his end of the bargain.

Shawn takes Jada in to the interrogation room and assumes that Talia confided in her. Jada says not exactly and explains that she ran in to Eric, who said that Shawn claimed she let him stay the night in her room which was not true. Jada notes that she didn’t tell Eric it wasn’t true, but when she spoke to Talia, she figured it out and then they talked. Jada asks when Shawn is going to get it together. Shawn says he’s trying. Jada tells him to try harder because he’s not just hurting himself but everyone around him, mostly his wife but also her and Rafe and now Talia.

Talia tells Marlena that her job is going really well and everyone has been super welcoming. Marlena then asks about her personal life with Chanel. Talia informs Marlena that Chanel broke up with her and admits she was completely blindsided, but guesses she should’ve expected. Talia adds that she was a mess and went straight to the Brady Pub to get wasted. Marlena understands her reaction but warns that getting wasted can become a very self destructive behavior and she doesn’t want that. Talia responds that it’s too late which Marlena questions. Talia states that she did something really stupid and self destructive after getting wasted. Marlena asks what she did. Talia reveals that she slept with a married man. Talia cries that Marlena must be thinking she’s a terrible person. Marlena reminds her that she’s here to listen, not judge. Talia appreciates that but feels she’s a terrible person. Talia says they didn’t plan to sleep together but it just sort of happened which Marlena questions. Talia explains that it was a chance meeting at the Pub as she and the guy were both going through so much, they started talking and the drinks were flowing. Talia says they went up to her room to have more drinks and one thing led to another, then they were in bed. Belle comes in to see Marlena but apologizes, noting she didn’t know she was in a session. Talia tells her it’s okay as she just got a text that the hospital wants her back on duty due to being short staffed. Talia thanks Marlena for listening and tells Belle that it’s nice to see her as she exits the office. Belle apologizes to Marlena for interrupting. Marlena says she was about to reach out to Belle to ask how it’s going with Shawn. Belle says that’s actually why she is here.

Jada tells Shawn that she knows Talia is not blameless but wishes Shawn would’ve thought about how this would affect her as now Talia has to keep secrets from Belle and Marlena. Shawn says he knows and apologizes for screwing up bad. Jada assumes Shawn is going to tell Belle. Shawn says he doesn’t know because he loves her so much and he can’t lose her as he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. Jada gets a text and tells Shawn that she has to go because there’s been a shooting at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn wants to go with her but Jada says she’d prefer if he didn’t. Shawn knows she’s upset with him but says that doesn’t change the fact that they are partners and she might need him. Jada gives in and they leave together.

Stefan informs Gabi and Vivian that the ambulance just took Dimitri away. Vivian questions what they are going to tell the police. Gabi suggests the truth but Vivian says that’s the last thing they should do.

Leo questions Gwen saying that Kristen wanting to kill Dimitri, saying he knew she was a bitch but no that she was bloodthirsty. Gwen explains that when Kristen found out Vivian was claiming to inherit everything from Victor because he didn’t have a will, she deduced that Dimitri didn’t have a will so if he died, everything would go to Gwen as his wife. Leo calls that pure evil. Gwen says lucky for Dimitri, she convinced Kristen to settle for a one time payout. Gwen adds that she will be divorcing him immediately which will result in Dimitri losing his inheritance. Leo then gets a call from a paramedic, informing him that Dimitri has been shot. Leo says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Leo then tells Gwen and says he knows she’s behind this. Gwen denies that and repeats that she talked Kristen down. Leo questions if she did and shouts that if Kristen did this then Gwen is just as responsible as he storms out of the room.

Leo arrives at the hospital and asks Talia for help as he’s looking for information on Dimitri. Talia asks if he’s family. Leo responds that he’s his boyfriend. Talia says she’s sorry. Leo pleads with her, arguing that Dimitri is his entire world so there must be something she can tell him. Talia informs him that Dimitri was just taken in to surgery to extract the bullet. Leo asks if he’s going to be okay. Talia says it’s too soon to say as he lost a lot of blood. Leo starts to panic. Talia tells him that she will let him know as soon as she knows anything. Leo thanks her. Gwen arrives. Leo questions what the hell she’s doing there and if she came to finish the job.

Gabi asks Vivian what is wrong with telling the truth since she shot Dimitri to stop him from shooting them, so she won’t go to jail for that. Vivian reminds her that she just got out of prison and for her probation, her second amendment rights were taken away from her. Gabi questions why she has a gun then. Vivian says it’s for protection. Stefan questions what they are supposed to tell the police then. Vivian suggests saying Gabi did it which Gabi turns down. Vivian argues that she just saved Gabi’s life so she owes her one. Stefan doesn’t think they should change the story in case Dimitri contradicts it. Vivian argues that it’s their word against his. Gabi tells Stefan not to listen to Vivian as they should tell the truth. Vivian reminds Stefan that she protected him and asks him to return the favor. Jada and Shawn then arrive. Jada announces they are here about the shooting and asks what happened.

Marlena asks Belle about her and Shawn’s recent fight. Belle says they are better now but Shawn went off the deep end, disappeared and got drunk, then she didn’t hear from him until the next morning. Marlena notes that she must have been so worried. Belle says she was playing every worst case scenario in her head, but it turned out that Shawn ended up crashing at the Pub in Jada’s room since she and Talia were at work. Marlena comes to a realization and thinks back to Talia telling her about sleeping with a married man. Belle asks Marlena what’s wrong. Marlena claims it’s nothing and that she just realized how bad the situation had gotten between her and Shawn. Belle says it’s getting better and that Shawn was very apologetic. Belle talks about Shawn committing to turning his life around, sounding authentic, and going to an AA meeting. Marlena advises Belle to remain cautious. Belle says she will but she is hopeful and is glad that Shawn is continuing his sessions with Marlena. Marlena states that she will do all she can to help. Belle states that for a long time, she really feared their marriage was in deep trouble but she really thinks that she and Shawn have turned a corner and that the worst is behind them…

Jada asks who wants to go first. Stefan says he will tell them and claims that he and Gabi were upstairs where they heard a gunshot, so they came downstairs and found Dimitri bleeding badly on the floor so they called an ambulance. Jada asks if Dimitri said who shot him. Stefan claims that he was out of it and he couldn’t make out what he was saying. Shawn questions if he didn’t see or hear anyone leaving. Stefan says no but whoever did it must have taken the gun. Jada bags Dimitri’s gun which they claim to not recognize. Shawn asks if Vivian has any insight. Stefan claims that Vivian arrived afterwards and didn’t see anything. Jada asks if any of them have any idea who might want to harm Dimitri. Stefan claims to have no idea.

Gwen swears to Leo on everything she holds dear that she did not shoot Dimitri. Leo guesses Kristen did then which makes Gwen an accomplice. Gwen says it wasn’t so Leo questions why she’s even there. Gwen argues that Dimitri does not get to die before she cuts him off first. Leo warns her that he’s not letting her anywhere near Dimitri. Gwen reminds him that she is his wife. Leo responds that he’s the man he loves. Gwen realizes that Leo and Dimitri really are in love. Leo apologizes and admits they should’ve come clean to her from the beginning. Gwen cries that he was supposed to be her best friend and the one person in the world that she thought had her back. Gwen adds that they have done underhanded things to each other in the past but this is beyond. Leo admits he messed up and asks what he can do to fix it. Gwen tells him that he can’t do anything and declares that their friendship is over. Leo pleads with her. Talia then comes over and tells Leo that Dimitri is out of surgery if he’d like to see him now. Gwen tells Leo to go as they have nothing left to say to each other. Talia then takes Leo to Dimitri’s hospital room.

Leo sits at Dimitri’s side in his hospital room. Leo doesn’t know if he can hear him but tells Dimitri that he loves him more than he’s ever loved anything and he’s not leaving his side ever. Leo declares that now that Gwen knows the truth, Dimitri is all he has left in the world.

Gwen calls Kristen and leaves a message, asking where she is since Dimitri has been shot and she prays that Kristen was not the one who pulled the trigger.

Vivian thanks Stefan for covering for her. Stefan asks what Gabi expected him to do and argues that he had to protect his mother. Gabi remarks that at least this time Stefan didn’t have to take a bullet for her. Vivian says she knew she could count on Stefan and that’s why she is here. Gabi questions Vivian not being at the Kiriakis Mansion. Vivian reveals that Victor did have a will, so she has nothing except a son that takes care of his adoring mother.

Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs Week Of 9/25/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Kate Roberts


Philip didn’t ask Rex if he talked to Roman about the baby. He was only worried about Kate as if Roman isn’t his father too.

Sarah’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Why would Rex tell Philip about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s in public? He should have done that in private.

You can hear Kate talking while Justin was shown.


Chloe cried without any tears.

Roman said “grammar” instead of “grandma.”

Justin cried without any tears.

Who had Victoria once Xander interrupted Rex and Sarah? Sarah and Xander were together and didn’t have the baby. Rex, Kate and Roman were inside the pub, but the baby wasn’t on the table. Philip went to see Chloe and didn’t have the baby with him.


It was daytime on Tuesday when Xander and Sarah were talking outside of the pub, but it was nighttime in this episode.

Chloe said she knew Xander had feelings for Sarah. If she felt that way, why did she agree to marry him?

Chloe told Philip her feelings for him came back when she saw him again. If she was still in love with Philip, she shouldn’t care that Xander had feelings for Sarah.


Nicole looks like she’s ready to go into labor. She wasn’t that far along the last time she was shown.

Eric conveniently had a picture of him and Nicole together.

Marlena happened to know Sloan’s address. Is her address public knowledge to everyone?


Sonny was talking while Vivian was shown.

Who told Kate about Victor having a second will? There weren’t too many people who knew the truth so why would any of them tell Kate about it?

Gwen was obvious that she knew the truth about Dimitri and Sonny. She wasn’t acting so knowingly before the audience found out that she knew the truth.


Justin Kiriakis

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Days Opinions For The Week Of 9/25/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Xander Cook

This was quite a week. We had two paternity reveals in one week. We will get into that soon. We also saw a couple of people put others ahead of themselves. We were shocked to see that happen because they have shown how selfish they could be. Someone was put in her place, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Without any further delay, we will talk about this week’s episodes of Days Of Our Lives.

We are disappointed in the writers for what they are doing to Victor’s memory. We understand that John Aniston passed away so they wrote out Victor. We don’t have a problem with that. We do have a problem with the fact that his character is being destroyed to boost up the storyline. We found out that Justin isn’t Alex’s father. Victor is his father. We read the spoilers so we knew that “plot twist” was coming, but we weren’t happy about when we read it. We don’t approve of the fact that Victor betrayed Justin the way he did. We weren’t watching Days when Anjelica was on the show, but we are familiar with the fact that she was with Justin. We don’t believe that Victor would have hurt Justin by being with her. Maggie and Justin found out the ugly truth while they were reading Victor’s second will. It was a classic soap moment, but the writers have decided to rewrite the soap’s history with this plot point. We don’t approve of this twist. We are big fans of twists. Twists give us a chance to be shocked and we’re normally here for them. We just didn’t like what they decided to do with this plot twist.

We can’t stress enough that Victor wouldn’t have done that to him. There was no hint at all that Victor hurt Justin that way. We are watching a show take place in Salem. How did a secret like that stay hidden all these years? We all know that people talk about their secrets in the open all the time. It’s hard to believe that Victor didn’t have one conversation about something that big. The characters talk about the smallest secrets out loud all the time, but he managed to keep this one hidden. He also could have told Maggie this secret. The writers didn’t have to butcher Victor’s character again just because he’s no longer with us. Victor was never a saint on the show, but he wouldn’t have done that to his favorite nephew. It’s obvious that the writers wanted to build up Alex’s character so he had to become Victor’s son. We get that the writers love the actor so much they will come up with any way to give him screentime, but this didn’t make any sense at all. It’s a blatant attempt to build up a useless character by giving him a storyline like this one. Speaking of Alex, we will get to him next.

Alex was hit with a huge shock when he found out that Justin isn’t his biological father. He had a right to be upset and shocked. His reaction to that was understandable, but he didn’t think about the shock that Justin had. He found out that a man he raised wasn’t his son. Justin was heartbroken by the news, but he didn’t want things to change between them. Alex had to be in his feelings about it and wanted to be alone. Justin tried to assure him that nothing had to change between them, but that didn’t matter to Alex. Sonny also showed up to let him know that things didn’t have to change and that they were brothers. Alex said that Justin wasn’t his father and that he wasn’t his brother. We wanted to throw something at the screen while we listened to that garbage. We couldn’t believe the way Alex was acting. He was talking to a man who was adopted that Justin wasn’t his father anymore. They are still family regardless of which man is his father. We were waiting for Alex to tell Sonny about being adopted. The writers missed a beat by not having Sonny mention that he wasn’t biologically related, but still considered Justin his father. Unfortunately, the writers dropped the ball when they missed that beat. We aren’t fans of Alex’s character as it is, and this upcoming storyline isn’t going to make us root for him. We are hoping that the letter was a forgery, and that Alex isn’t really Victor’s son.

It’s time to get to the other paternity reveal. This reveal was more exciting to us than the previous one. We were waiting for this one to be revealed. It was a contrived reveal, but it got the story out so we won’t complain. Chloe heard Rex tell Philip about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s. Rex was an idiot for talking about something like that outside so anyone could hear it. This man spilled his guts out and told Philip everything about Sarah’s baby and how she still loves Xander. It would make sense to look around before you start talking about something important like that. Anyway, Chloe heard them and could have kept the secret. Chloe went to Xander and told him the truth about Sarah’s baby. We weren’t sure if she was going to say anything about it. She knew the risk and told him the truth anyway. We were surprised that she actually did that. She didn’t beat around the bush. She told him the truth. Chloe deserves a round of applause for what she did. She knew Xander could have gone running to Sarah as soon as he heard the truth. He wanted to stay with her, but she wouldn’t let him do it. She wanted him to find Sarah and be with her. She might have been saving face, but we will give her the applause she deserves for doing the right thing.

Philip also deserves a round of applause this week. He knew the truth about Sarah’s baby and could have used the opportunity to destroy Xander and Chloe’s relationship with it. He could have made a move on her, but he didn’t do that. He wanted to make her feel better about it. He put her feelings ahead of his own. He wanted to be a friend to her. We have been Phloe fans so it was nice to see him being a comforting friend instead of scheming to get her back with the information. We do wish that Jay Kenneth Johnston were playing the role when this story unfolded, but we’ll take what we can get at this point. We do have a complaint about these two.

Chloe claimed that she wasn’t over Philip. We weren’t sure what was going on with that. She didn’t give Philip a thought since he was gone and now she suddenly had feelings for him. Give us a break. We love Philip and Chloe together, but we’re not buying that she suddenly had feelings for him out of the blue. The writers will have to do better than that. She was just in love with Brady when she fell for Xander so we don’t believe that she never got over Philip. She has been with several men while he was gone so we don’t believe that she suddenly fell for him again. We want them back together, but we don’t want it to be a rebound thing or something rushed. We know we’re not going to get either one so it’s hard to be happy about them possibly getting back together. We would have loved to watch a Phloe reunion, but we know it won’t happen the way we want it to happen.

Let’s shift gears a little and talk about the showdown we were waiting to see. Xander confronted Sarah about keeping the truth about Victoria from him. He rightfully yelled at her for keeping the truth about her from him. She had the gall to try and justify her actions. She kept putting him down as if that excused her behavior. We loved that he didn’t back down to her. He called her out for her actions. She was playing judge and jury with their baby. We were cheering him on when he told her that he had the right to know the truth about the baby. He had every right to tell her about herself. She didn’t have the right to keep the truth from him. She had a lot of nerve doing that because she’s not a saint. She threw up his past mistakes in his face. It’s too bad that he didn’t remind her what she did when she kidnapped Rachel. She proved that Xander wasn’t the only one who could make mistakes. We don’t know why she thought she would win the argument by throwing his mistakes up at him. She’s not perfect so she shouldn’t have judged him. We don’t normally root for Xander, but we had to do it with this story. She was walking around like Miss High and Mighty as if she is without sin. She should have listened to Maggie when she kept driving it home that she tell Xander about Victoria being his daughter. She thought she was right to do it and she paid for it when he went off about it.

It’s time to talk about Gwen. She was acting very different this week. As we all know, Gwen seemed like she was in the dark when it concerned Dimitri and Leo being together. She appeared to believe everything they told her. For some reason, her attitude changed. Now she’s parading around as if she knew the truth all along. She is being smug towards Leo and bragging about what’s going on with Dimitri. She also kept doting over Dimitri when she caught them. It’s funny how easily she caught them together this week when Dimitri had his pants down and she didn’t think anything of it. She could blow Dimitri and Leo out of the water by getting away from him. She doesn’t gain anything by staying with him. He is making her look like a fool so she could stop him from getting his inheritance and that would be the perfect revenge for her. She works at the newspaper so she would be fine if he lost his inheritance. She could also fire Leo from the paper to pay him back for what he did to her. It’s just too obvious that she knows the truth now. Dimitri and Leo should know that she knows the truth because she’s acting different from how she was before.

Chloe Lane

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Vivian. Vivian said Maggie was trespassing. Maggie said she wasn’t. She showed Vivian Victor’s new will. Vivian didn’t believe it. Maggie let her see the will. Vivian ripped it up. Maggie said it was a copy. She said the original was filed in probate. Vivian said she wasn’t leaving. Maggie said she thought she would do that. She had a deputy escort Vivian out of the mansion. Sonny went to Alex’s apartment. Sonny said their father told him what happened. Alex corrected him and said Justin was not his father. Sonny told him not to think like that anymore. Alex said he didn’t have a choice. He said Justin not being his father explained why he was bad. Sonny said that wasn’t true. Sonny tried to convince him that nothing changed with them. He told Alex that Justin was still his father. Alex wasn’t convinced. Sonny told him Justin was hurting the same way he was. He advised Alex to talk to Justin. Alex didn’t think it was a good idea. He was upset with Victor for not telling him the truth. Sonny told him to think about Justin too. Alex said he needed time to think. When Sonny left, Vivian showed up. She tried to get Alex to work with her to go against Maggie. He threw her out of his apartment.

Kristen and Gwen saw each other in the DiMera mansion. They plotted against Dimitri and Leo for their betrayal. Leo had a dream that Dimitri killed Stefan and Gabi. Dimitri went into the room with Gwen and Kristen. Gwen told him she and Kristen were planning a surprise. Gabi was upset that Dimitri was ignoring her and Stefan’s texts. He wanted to put more pressure on Dimitri. He said even with Dimitri and Megan’s shares, they will only be tied for majority. Dimitri went to answer the door. Kristen told Gwen they had to kill Dimitri. Dimitri answered the door to Leo. Leo wanted him to tell him he didn’t kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri said he didn’t kill them. Gabi and Stefan talked about the stockholders. She said she might be able to convince LI to side with them which would give them control. Stefan asked how she was going to do that. She said she would seduce him. Gwen told Kristen she didn’t want to kill Dimitri. They got into an argument over it. Gwen said she could get Dimitri’s money out of the bank and split it with her. Kristen agreed to it. When Gwen left, Kristen got a gun out of the safe. Leo tried to talk Dimitri out of killing Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri agreed not to kill them. They hugged outside. Gwen saw them hugging. She came out and pretended not to see what they did. She let them know she was going to be running some errands. When she left, Dimitri told Leo that everything was going to work out. Dimitri went back inside the mansion. Kristen pointed a gun at him, He said she was bluffing. She cocked the gun and asked if he was sure she was bluffing. When Leo went back to the hotel, Gwen showed up with a pie. She put the pie in his face. Dimitri managed to get the gun from Kristen. She said this wasn’t over. When Gabi and Stefan came into the room, Dimitri pointed the gun at them. Leo asked why she put the pie in his face. She said he was sleeping with her husband. Gabi and Stefan tried to talk Dimitri out of shooting them. A gun went off. Gabi and Stefan realized they weren’t hit. Dimitri fell to the floor. Vivian was behind him holding a gun.

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Days Transcript Friday, September 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Yes, your job is to eradicate every vestige of Maggie Horton’s hideous bourgeois taste. Oh, yeah, come after lunch, and we’ll start from scratch. And, oh. And bring a dumpster. Everything goes. Everything.

Also loud.

I’m coming. I’m coming.

Good you’re here. I gave it the office. Dad told me the score. Your dad told you the score. It’s my ex dad. Bad no more.

Okay. The sun is out, the leaves are turning wondrous colors, and the birds are singing. Meaning… Meaning it’s time to turn this day into the bleakest… Darkest and most hopeless day that my husband and best friend have ever experienced. Oh, great minds. Those swine have betrayed me in the most unimaginable way.

Now we just have to find a punishment. Something that will fit their crimes.

Gabby! Stefan! Open the door, you are in mortal danger! Please, listen to me, I’m the only thing standing between you and certain death!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No one’s hurt, right? You two are gonna be just fine. It’s just a little flesh wound. Do you know how to do CPR? Leo, it’s no use. You’re beating a dead horse. You actually went through with it? You killed them? It would appear so. Oh my god, what the matter with you? Oh, but darling. Everything I did, I did it for us.

For us.

Oh, thank God. A dream. Just a horrible, ghastly dream.

Well, why the closed door, Kristen? There are no secrets in this house, are there? Oh, no. It was my idea, my darling. To close the doors, that is. Because I, I didn’t want you to hear what I was asking, Kristen. Relationship advice.

No, no, um, no, uh. Not that. I was, um, asking her on what to surprise you with. Surprise me? What kind of a surprise? A very fun surprise, of course. Because I think you so deserve it. Doesn’t he deserve it? I think he deserves it. Because…

Because you’re… The man.

That I almost immediately overnight. Well, uh, let’s not forget who fell in love with you nearly as quickly. Oh, trust me. Gwen never lets herself forget that for one single day. Um,

Alex, come on, you can’t think like that. I can’t think like what? I can’t tell it like it is? That the guy that I thought was my dad apparently had nothing to do with my being brought into the world? And that actually explains a lot, and why he’s such a low respected, you know, dignified guy, and I’m not. Oh, come on, that’s not And why you?

The guy who I thought was my brother is loved by one and all. And I’m not. Okay, first of all, that is so not true. Can you leave now, please? No! What? No! I’m not gonna leave until I figure out why you’re feeling so damn sorry for yourself, alright? Nothing has changed. I am still your brother. Dad is still your dad.

Right. It’s just that my mother had an affair with Victor and obviously they were too stupid to use a birth control, so they had a baby, a. k. a. me. And even though Uncle Victor… Didn’t think that I deserved to know that my father wasn’t my father. You say that doesn’t change anything, right? That doesn’t matter?

I’m not, I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is my relationship with you, Dad’s relationship with you, the connection we have with each other, the love. We have for each other. Why does any of that have to change? Why does it have to change? I’ll tell you why it has to change. Sonny, a little thing called reality.

Some stone cold facts, and here they are. You ready? Listen. I’m listening. My dad is not my dad. And you and I are not brothers. End of story.

Did you get my message last night? I told you I needed to see you and it was very important. I got your message. I ignored it. And you are trespassing. Not when I have this. It seems that Victor did have a will after all. And this is

it. So what is it like? I mean, is it nicely decorated? Is there a view? I’m so curious. Hmm. Well, Sloan’s apartment is, it’s lovely. I mean, it’s bright, it’s spacious. The important thing is that Eric seems to be happy. Seems to be? Well, he did say that he and Sloan are very compatible. Wow. You know, I wish them both the very best.

Speaking of moves, have you heard the latest about Vivian? Well, I heard that she had resurfaced. That she had ensconced herself in a mansion and, uh, She was, uh, parading as the victor’s widow. Mm hmm. Well, that is the gist of it. But I heard from Bonnie that all of that is about to end. Really? Mm hmm. Really.

I’m very pleased to report that Vivian Alamein is going to be kicked out on her ass. Huh? You can wave paper in front of my face all you want, Maggie, but the… Fact is, Victor told his lawyer… To destroy the will. Yes. Victor ordered the will that was on file with his estate lawyer to be destroyed and then he wrote this one, Dian.

You really should put that phone down ’cause you need to focus.

This is preposterously. Convenient in point. Unbelievable. Well, in your case, it’s decidedly inconvenient.

My new lawyer discovered that due to a clerical error, my divorce from Vivian Allemagne was never properly executed. This means my beloved Maggie is not legally my wife. It is a mistake I intend to rectify the moment I return to Salem. And then, trust me, heads are gonna roll. He loves saying that. It’s my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible.

And in the meantime, I want to ensure that she is provided for in the event of my death. To that end, I hereby leave. 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Well, I won’t go on because the rest doesn’t involve you. Oh, the hell it doesn’t. Huh, there’s still 50 percent left to go after. Oh, yes.

How about that other 50? Hmm. You know, I really wish you wouldn’t do this, Alex. Do what? Face reality? The reality is you’re wallowing in this self pity when you should be counting your blessings. Alright, our dad, and yes, I’m gonna keep calling him our dad, our dad is a great guy. With a huge heart, and he loves all of his kids, and that includes, and will always include you.

And for you to stand here, and act like your whole world has been turned upside down, and to act like you’re having this self identity crisis, you know what? It’s honestly a little self indulgent and pathetic. Oh, well I’m ready for you to leave now. I am leaving, actually. I’m leaving Salem. I have a plane to catch in about an hour.

And I, I wish I didn’t have to leave Dad like this. But I have to get back. Look at me. And I wish I didn’t have to leave you.

Look, in spite of everything I just said, I know, I know, man, you’re dealing with a lot right now. Okay, and that, that, you’re just venting, and that I’m the person you feel comfortable venting with. I really don’t need to hear all the psychobabble right now. Psychobabble? Okay, how about this then? Stop wallowing.

Wallowing? I’m wallowing? I can’t wallow? Yes, you’re wallowing. You’re drinking yourself into a stupor. You’re isolating yourself from the world. I mean, what else would you call it? I would call it needing some time to think, Sonny. Some time to think alone. To think about the fact that everything I thought about myself up until this point was a lie.

Like the fact that I thought I knew who my father was. Like I thought I knew who my brother was. Listen to me. You’re not listening to me. Listen. Dad’s genetics. His DNA. That’s not what made us brothers. It is the time that we spent together. Is my mom any less of a mom to you? Because she’s not your biological mother?

Our past. None of that has changed, man. You know what, you, you remember you got a D minus in biology and now you’re using genetics to say I’m not your brother? You know what, man? Screw you!

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is Dimitri ignoring our message from last night? I think this calls for a threatening text. How out of character for you. I don’t know what’s worse. Reminding him that he’s going to be losing all his Fun Moisture money when we reveal that his marriage to Gwen is a sham. Or wondering aloud what Gwen might do to his manhood when she finds out he’s been sleeping with Leo.

Why not a little bit of both? Why not? Indeed. I think we need to tighten our thumbscrews here, okay? Once we get Dimitri’s shares, we’re gonna be top dogs at DiMera. Okay, not so fast, Gabby. Because since we last talked about this, I’ve done some thinking, and I counted all the shares. And if we get Dimitri’s, we will only have enough to be in a tie for who has the most votes.

Am I loved? You don’t need to go through the trouble of surprising me. You know I’m more than happy. Status quo. Oh, I know you are, my darling. But you see, I read somewhere that surprises are the secret to a fairy. Happy marriage. Oh, really? Well, now you’ve got me on pins and needles. Good. That’s exactly where I want to start.

Okay. Well then, I, uh, I will take my leave and let you conspire. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Dimitri. Don’t, don’t go. We need to talk about the outstanding DiMera business. Remember? Nonsense. We can talk about that any time. Let me go get the door and let you and Gwen get back to planning my surprise.

Did you see that? You couldn’t wait to get away from me. Oh, that little weasel. Well, wait until he finds out what kind of a surprise you have in store for him. Just not the surprise that he’ll be expecting. Oh, don’t say that again. Oh! But let’s just be real. Let’s call it what it is. A punishment, as you so aptly did earlier.

And there is only one punishment that fits his crime. I’m listening. We have to kill him.

Tell me you didn’t kill Gabby and Stefan. Tell me you’ve been down. I don’t know if I didn’t kill them. Oh, thank God. Please, by all means, be a little bit louder next time so the whole household knows my plan.

After all, the shares? Right. And again, if we get Dimitri’s, that will only put us in a tie with EJ’s camp 7 to 7. Hear me out. We’ve got my shares and Jake’s, right? I would imagine Kristen, Steven, and Peter will vote with me. But then on EJ’s side, he’s got Tony, and Chad, and Lee, and Johnny, and also Kate’s shares, right?

I can’t imagine any of those people switching sides anytime soon. Yeah, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a stalemate. I mean, what about Lee? What about him? Gabby, there’s no way he’s gonna switch to our side. There’s, there’s too much history. Well, it’ll take some convincing, but it’s doable. Okay, and just how exactly do you plan on convincing Lee?

Well, it’s not gonna be that hard. I’ll seduce him. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Not dead. Dimitri. Yes.

You are joking, aren’t you? I am only thinking of you, love. You heard about how poor Maggie Horton is out on the street because Victor died without a will? And now Vivian has everything because she is still his legal wife. So? So? Oh, God. If Dimitri buys the farm, then you get every dime coming to him from that stupid codicil.

Not quite. You see, the marriage has to be in effect for at least a year for that codicil to kick in. Ah, but it doesn’t say anything about what happens if one of you dies before the year is up. Right, okay, that’s if I want him dead, yes? But what about you? You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself and killing him.

You’re just gonna get part of the installment that he got. Why are you so willing to go nuclear? Because I know who’s kind. And these things you have to just nip in the bud. Yeah. Well, sorry, I’m not a murder. Oh gosh. Gwen , you broke out of prison to kill your own sister. Yeah, no. Yes. No, I did not. That’s not true.

That’s not why I came here to kill my sister. I only tried to set up Sarah to make it look like she was attacking Abigail. Right, right. And that is on par with jaywalking. Okay, look, you told me that he went to go deposit a cheque in a bank account that he doesn’t think I know anything about. Yes? Why don’t I go to the bank and withdraw every bloody penny and then you and I can split that?

I mean, isn’t that enough for revenge?

You’ve become such a prude. All right, Gwen. If that’s what you can

live with. Okay. I’ll go to the bank now. You hold down the fort.

I am giving you a lot more than that.


Sorry, Gwen. Dimitri has it coming

to him. No, Dimitri, it is just plain wrong. And it’s dangerous! And most important, conjugal visits are not my thing. I am not going to prison, okay? And I am also not giving Gabby and Stefan my shares at Damerica. Gabby is texting me again. This woman is so tiresome. She really does need to die. No, Dimitri!

Please, listen to me! You wouldn’t get away with it. Just let them have the damn shares. You will still have tons of money from marrying Gwen. And how rich do you need to be? I asked a question I never thought I’d hear you ask. There has to be another way, because if something happens to the two of them and the cops question me, I know that I will fold like a cheap lawn chair and I will lose you forever.

Hey, stop. No. You’re not gonna lose me. Then… Then say you’re not gonna do it. Say you will find another way that you’re not going to kill them, please. Please.

Lord, you are persistent. Fine. Fine. They can live the two of us. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank

you. Just what I needed. Tough love. Actually, it is what you needed, Alex.

Are you at least talked to, Dad? You mean my cousin Justin? And I thought I was getting through to you. No, I mean your dad. The guy who raised you. No, I haven’t talked to the guy who raised me, not since after he told me about the letter. After that, I found… That bottle. And that, as they say, was that. Okay.

Well, since you’re obviously too self absorbed… To think about how this new development is affecting everyone else

that is hurting too, Alex, so I suggest you get cleaned up and you go talk to him. Has no point. There’s no, what do you, what do you mean? What do you mean? There’s no point? You, you have to talk to him. The two of you have to talk. I did talk, I did talk to him and it didn’t make sense last night. It doesn’t make sense this morning because at the end of the day, Victor knew that he was my dad.

And he never said a word. I know, and that’s… It’s messed up. Obviously. But there has to be a reason why he did what he did, and I’m, I’m sure he struggled like hell with it. Yeah, and what reason could he possibly have had, Sonny boy?

I don’t know. I don’t know, maybe he thought that his nephew Justin would be a better father than he ever could be. I don’t, I don’t, you would have to talk to Phillip about that. Okay, well then here’s the burning question, Sonny. Why did I have to find out that he was my father after he was dead? He leaves me half his fortune?

What, to try and make up for lying to me my whole life? For pretending to be my uncle? How am I supposed to feel about that? I don’t even know if I want the damn inheritance! Okay, can we not talk about that right now? Because the money aspect is not nearly as important as how everyone is feeling right now.

The important thing is that you try to come to terms with this, Alex. You try to deal with this anger. That you actually try to figure out why Uncle Vic did what he did.

And most importantly, you gotta think about Dad, ma’am. Because I guarantee you, he’s just as messed up as you are about this.

But make no mistake, okay? He does. And he always will. Love you like a son. Alright, and I do. And I always will love you like a brother.

Everything else is pretty meaningless in my book.

You agree with me, don’t you?

It’s not even if I do agree with you. I can’t just let go the fact that I was deceived all my life. I can’t just suddenly learn that Victor Kiriakis is my father. And not be changed in some very fundamental ways. Do you understand that, Sonny? I have to rethink everything. Everything.

Alex. No, not him. Angelica’s letter was crystal clear. So was Victor’s will. Angelica. And Victor. Oh, I was just telling Alex that he had his mother’s killer instinct. Obviously, he has a double dose. Let’s stay on topic, shall we, Vivian? The new will is crystal clear. I get half of Victor’s estate, Alex gets the other half, and there is no third half.

Halves? Halves? There are no halves. It’s all in line.

So, Victor had written a new will. Mm hmm. Yeah, he did, to the tremendous relief of Maggie and the rest of the family. I can only imagine. So that means that Vivian has no claim on the mansion, or anything else for that matter. Yep. Just as I said, she is out on her ass. Could you imagine how satisfying it’s going to be to picture her, that malevolent creature, finally getting what she deserves?

Well, that was very dramatic, but completely useless. Not unlike you. Get out of my house. Oh, Vivian. Did you really think that I was going to let you in the same room as the original Will? That I would come back here before I had it probated. Ah, you know, you have always underestimated me. I am not leaving.

Possession is nine tenths of the law. And you’re always so predictable. No, no, I’m mercurial. You’re predictable. And I’ve come prepared.

How? Prepared how? Deputy Pratt, we’re ready for you now. Deputy? What? What the? That is your eviction notice. Let’s go, Ms. Elliman. It’s Mrs. Kiriakis. Now, if she gives you any trouble, just shoot her. Kristen, I won’t be long.


Mattie. What brings you here and what are you two plotting now? Oh, uh, nothing. I, come here, I came to see you. I missed you and I was hoping we could maybe grab some breakfast before work. Oh, golly. Sorry, I wish I could. I’ve just got lots of errands to run in town. Secret errands. Soon then? Yes, absolutely.

And why are you hogging matters? All of a sudden, it seems like ages when you went to go answer the door when you left me and Kristen. Uh, well, um, well, you know, all that, that, that talk inside about surprising me, I was just discussing with Leo what I can do to you, for you, in return. Oh! Another surprise for me?

Well, fair warning, it’s really not easy to pull one over on me.

Right. Well, good luck, you two. I shan’t be long. Just in case you were wondering, no, I did not enjoy that kiss. That’s okay. I’m sure she more than made up for your lack of

enthusiasm. Relax, okay? Leo, everything is going to work out. Okay. Okay, I will relax. Just promise me that the two of them will still be alive when you’re done, not that they deserve that. Habiento mon amor. Habiento mon


Why is he suddenly speaking French? Ugh, and why do I suddenly feel like my entire life is about to go up in smoke?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! You are not going to seduce Lee! No way, no how! Why not? He obviously still has a thing for me! Exactly! So you are not going to sleep with Lee. You are not going to so much as bat a singular eyelash in his direction. Because let me tell you something. As much as I love power and the prospect of booting EJ out of our shared office, I love my wife even more.

You do know, don’t you, Bat? You’re the only man that I love. I was just saying that to get you all hot and bothered. What? Because I know you have a thing for Chelsea, don’t you? So your whole pitching you seducing Leigh was just an act? Can you tell me?

Ow! I didn’t realize you were still here. Oh! I’ll come back. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t rush off on my account. Kristen. Is that really necessary? Do you really think that I’m going to cut you out of your share of the money? You see, nephew, I go by actions, not words. And it’s, uh, pretty obvious. What your intent is.


I get it. You’re angry. But you’re also bluffing. Are

you sure about that?

So you’re leaving today? Yeah. I wish I didn’t have to. You know, especially with everything going on. But, uh, Like I told Alex, it’s already way overdue as it is. Yeah, I understand. Sonny, it meant so much to me that you came for the service. Uncle Vic, huh? I love them a lot. And vice versa.

Alex, uh, how is he? How is he? Uh, pretty much how you’d expect. I mean, this is not gonna be easy on him. It’s not gonna be easy on any of us. Yeah, yeah. But, I’m really glad you’re back where you belong, alright? When I got the call, I nearly jumped for joy. Yeah. Losing Victor has been difficult. As has this fallout.

It’s just unending. But, damn. It was so fun kicking Vivian to the curb.

I really wish I could have seen it. Of course, of course, but, you know, she’s, uh, just, uh, she’s gonna keep moving on to some new scheme. And God help whoever’s targeted next.

Hello, Alex. Look, I’m really busy right now. Oh, I’m sure you have time to talk about your brilliant future. Actually, I don’t. What? Listen, now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir. We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie.

What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts. You want me to show you some guts? Yes. Alright. What? What are you doing? Alex, I’m, I’m trying to talk to you. You’re so rude.

So glad I made you jealous. Yeah, well, I guess I felt that I had something to prove in the remote chance that you were not joking about seducing Lee. And you proved it so well. Now, listen, Lee is not our problem right now. Dimitri is our problem. So why don’t we go downstairs and see his cheating ass before Glenn finds out what he’s doing with Leo.

Or else things are going to go kablooey. Really? Gwenny,

what are you doing here? I thought you had errands. Yes, well, I finished early, see, but I did happen to pass Sweet Bits. And I saw this. It’s in the window, it’s banana cream pie, it’s your favorite. Gwenny, you truly are the greatest friend a girl could ever…


I really need to do this? I have no intention of cheating you, auntie. As you know, I’ve only received the first installment check, but as soon as I get the second one, you will be swimming in cash. I already should be Threatening to tell Gwen about you and Leo. I mean, that didn’t put a fire under your feet.

So guess what? Maybe this will. You talk a good game, Kristen. But of all the horrible things that you have done in your life, you have never actually killed anyone. Not that I know of. Not personally, anyway. And I really don’t think you’re going to start today. Are you?

For some measly money? Aren’t you?

Are you?

Can you? Yeah, Leuschner.


you are. Oh, yeah, I was just looking for you two. Oh, a lively story. Now, do you have what we want? Yes. Yes,


believe I do. So

good to be home.

You know, it’s so lonely here and empty without you.

Oh, darling. I miss you so much

Listen now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts.

What in the name of Michael B. Jordan was that about? For sleeping with my husband, you bastard!

You can’t be serious. Try me. You know, it’s funny. Just a little while ago, I was about to hand over the shares to you. But then I got to thinking. And knowing you two brifters, it wouldn’t end here. No, no, you would hold what I did to Gwen over my head for as long as you can profit from it. So really, the best thing that I can do right now is nip this in the butt.

Now, Leo did say that I shouldn’t be going to these extremes, but I’m just gonna have to figure out how to make him understand. We have plenty, don’t, please. Nice try. Listen, if it makes you feel any better, you two are going to make absolutely beautiful corpses. What?

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Days Update Friday, September 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Vivian is on the phone talking about getting rid of everything of Maggie’s until Maggie then walks in.

Alex is passed out on his couch until he is awoken by Sonny knocking at his door. Sonny walks in and informs him that dad told him the score. Alex clarifies that’s Sonny’s dad while Justin is his ex-dad but dad no more.

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Gwen tells her that it’s time to turn this in to the darkest and bleakest day that Dimitri and Leo have ever experienced. Gwen states that they betrayed her in the most unimaginable way and declares that now they just have to find a punishment worthy of their crimes.

Leo has a nightmare about Dimitri killing Stefan and Gabi. Leo then wakes up in a panic. Leo grabs his phone and calls Dimitri but he ignores the call.

Dimitri enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and questions why the door was closed since there’s no secrets here. Gwen tells Dimitri that she didn’t want him to hear what she was asking Kristen. Gwen claims she was asking Kristen what to surprise Dimitri with which he questions. Gwen thinks he deserves a very fun surprise because he’s the man she fell in love with almost immediately overnight as she kisses him. Dimitri claims that he fell in love with her as quickly. Kristen assures that Gwen never lets herself forget that.

Sonny argues that Alex can’t think like that. Alex says he’s just telling it like it is since the guy that he thought was his dad apparently had nothing to do with bringing him in to the world. Alex remarks that it explains why Justin is a dignified, well-respected guy and he’s not. Alex adds that it explains why Sonny is liked by everybody and he’s not. Sonny calls that untrue. Alex asks him to leave but Sonny refuses, insisting that nothing has changed. Sonny argues that he’s still his brother and Justin’s still his dad. Alex complains about his mother having an affair with Victor and that Victor didn’t think he deserved to know Justin wasn’t his father. Sonny states that their relationships, connection, and love doesn’t have to change. Alex calls it reality. Alex declares that his dad is not his dad and he and Sonny are not brothers.

Maggie asks if Vivian got her message last night. Vivian confirms that she ignored it and warns that she’s trespassing. Maggie then reveals that Victor did have a will after all and presents it to Vivian.

Marlena joins Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate asks about visiting Eric at Sloan’s apartment. Marlena calls it lovely, bright and spacious but the important thing is that Eric seems to be happy. Kate wishes them both the very best. Kate asks if Marlena’s heard the latest about Vivian. Marlena says she heard Vivian had resurfaced in the Kiriakis Mansion and was parading as Victor’s widow. Kate confirms that’s the gist but she heard from Bonnie that all of that is about to end. Kate is very pleased to report that Vivian is going to be kicked out on her ass.

Vivian tells Maggie that she can wave papers in her face all she wants but Victor told his lawyer to destroy his will. Maggie confirms that he did but then he wrote a new will. Vivian calls it preposterously convenient and unbelievable. Maggie reads to Vivian that Victor discovered his divorce to Vivian was never finalized and it was a mistake that he intended to rectify when he returns to Salem. Maggie reads that Victor intended to finalize his divorce and make Maggie his wife as soon as possible and he wanted to make sure that Maggie was provided for. Maggie reads that Victor left 50% of his estate to her and says the rest doesn’t involve her. Vivian brings up the other 50%.

Sonny wishes Alex wouldn’t wallow in his self pity when he should be counting his blessings. Sonny argues that Justin is a great guy with a huge heart, who loves all of his kids including him. Sonny tells Alex that he’s being self indulgent and pathetic. Alex tells Sonny to leave. Sonny informs him that he is leaving Salem because he has a plane to catch in an hour. Sonny wishes he didn’t have to leave Justin and Alex like this but he has to get back. Sonny says that in spite of everything, he knows Alex is dealing with a lot right now and that he’s just venting. Sonny tells Alex to stop wallowing, drinking himself in to a stupor, and isolating himself. Alex shouts that he needs time to think about the fact that everything he thought about himself up to this point was a lie, like thinking he knew who his father and brothers were. Sonny argues that Justin’s DNA is not what made them brothers, but the time they spent together. Sonny points out his mom not being Alex’s biological mother. Sonny insists that their past doesn’t change. Sonny says screw you to Alex for saying he’s not his brother.

Gabi and Stefan talk in their room. Gabi questions Dimitri ignoring their threatening text messages. Gabi talks about Dimitri losing his money when they reveal his wedding to Gwen and his manhood when Gwen finds out he’s been sleeping with Leo. Gabi says once they get Dimitri’s shares, they will be top dogs at DiMera. Stefan says not so fast as he’s done some thinking and he counted the shares. Stefan then reveals that if they get Dimitri’s shares, they will only have enough for a tie.

Dimitri tells Gwen that she doesn’t need to surprise him. Gwen claims that she read that surprises are the secret to a very happy marriage. Dimitri says he’ll leave them to it then but Kristen tells him not to go as they need to talk about outstanding DiMera business. The doorbell rings and Dimitri says they can talk about that anytime. Dimitri says he will get the door while they continue planning his surprise. After Dimitri exits, Kristen complains that he couldn’t wait to get away from her. Kristen says to just wait until he sees what kind of surprise Gwen has waiting for him. Gwen remarks that it won’t be the kind he’s expecting. Kristen calls it a punishment and declares there’s only one punishment that fits Dimitri’s crime. Gwen says she’s listening as Kristen declares that they have to kill him.

Dimitri answers the door at the DiMera Mansion to see Leo, who hopes that he did not kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri confirms that he did not and tells him to keep it down before the whole house knows his plan. Dimitri notes that the day is still young.

Gabi questions Stefan counting up the shares. Stefan repeats that getting Dimitri’s would only put them at a tie 7 to 7 with EJ’s camp. Stefan goes over who they have while EJ has Tony, Chad, Li, Johnny, and Kate. Stefan can’t imagine anyone switching sides at this point. Gabi brings up Li. Stefan says there’s no way he would switch sides as there’s too much history. Gabi argues that it would take some convincing but it’s possible. Stefan questions how. Gabi responds that it won’t be hard as she will seduce him which Stefan laughs at.

Gwen asks if Kristen is joking about killing Dimitri. Kristen responds that she’s only thinking of her. Kristen brings up Maggie being out on the street because Victor died without a will and now Vivian has everything because she was still Victor’s legal wife. Kristen adds that if Dimitri dies, Gwen gets every dime coming to him. Gwen reminds her that the marriage has to be in effect for at least a year before the money kicks in. Kristen points out that it doesn’t say anything about if one of them die. Gwen argues that it’s only for her wanting him dead while Kristen doesn’t care about anyone but herself and what she would get, so she questions why Kristen is so willing to go nuclear. Kristen responds that she knows Dimitri’s kind and these things you just have to nip in the bud. Gwen responds that she’s not a murderer. Kristen argues that Gwen broke out of prison to kill her own sister. Gwen denies that and says she only looked to set up Sarah to make it look like she was attacking Abigail. Gwen brings up Dimitri going to deposit a check in to a bank account that he thinks she doesn’t know about. Gwen suggests she go to the bank and withdraw all the money from the account and then she and Kristen can split that, feeling that’s enough for revenge. Kristen remarks that Gwen has become such a prude. Kristen decides if that’s what Gwen can live with. Gwen says she will go to the bank now and tells Kristen to hold down the fort as she exits. Kristen remarks that she’s going to do a lot more than that. Kristen then goes to the safe and removes a gun. Kristen loads the gun and declares that Dimitri has it coming to him.

Leo tells Dimitri that it’s wrong and dangerous. Dimitri assures that he’s not going to prison and he’s not giving Gabi and Stefan his shares of DiMera. Dimitri complains about Gabi texting him and remarks that she really does need to die. Leo argues that he won’t get away with it and tells him to just let Gabi and Stefan have the shares since he will still have tons of money from marrying Gwen. Leo feels there has to be another way and worries that if the cops question him, he will fold and then he’ll lose Dimitri forever. Dimitri assures that he won’t lose him so Leo pleads with him to find another way and not kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri reluctantly agrees. Dimitri and Leo then hug as Gwen opens the front door and sees them together.

Alex remarks that Sonny’s tough love is just what he needed. Sonny asks if Alex has at least talked to Justin. Alex calls Justin his cousin while Sonny insists that he’s his dad and the guy that raised him. Alex states that he hasn’t talked to him since he told him about the letter and then he got drunk. Sonny complains that Alex is too self-absorbed to think about how this new development is affecting everyone else. Sonny tells Alex that Justin is hurting too, so he suggests Alex get cleaned up and go talk to him. Alex feels there’s no point. Sonny questions what he means. Alex argues that none of it makes sense because at the end of the day, Victor knew that he was his dad and never said a word. Sonny knows that’s messed up but argues there has to be a reason. Alex questions what reason he could have possibly had. Sonny suggests maybe he thought Justin would be a better father but he’d have to talk to Philip about that. Alex questions why he had to find out after Victor was dead. Alex asks if leaving him half his fortune is to make up for lying to him for his whole life. Alex doesn’t even know if he wants the inheritance. Sonny argues that the money is not half as important as how everyone is feeling right now. Sonny encourages Alex to come to terms with this, deal with the anger, and figure out why Victor did what he did. Sonny adds that Alex has to think about Justin because he’s just as messed up as he is about this. Sonny assures Alex that Justin loves him like a son and always will. Sonny says the same for himself loving Alex like a brother. Sonny believes everything else is meaningless in his book and asks Alex if he agrees with him. Alex responds that even if he does, he can’t just let go of the fact that he was deceived all of his life and he can’t just suddenly learn that Victor is his father and not be changed in very fundamental ways. Alex asks if Sonny understands that he has to rethink everything.

Maggie tells Vivian about Alex and that Anjelica’s letter and Victor’s will were crystal clear. Vivian remarks that she was just telling Alex that he had Anjelica’s killer instinct but it turns out he has a double dose. Maggie repeats that she and Alex get half of the estate while there is no third. Vivian argues that it’s all hers as she grabs the will from Maggie and rips it up.

Kate informs Marlena about Victor writing a new will to the relief of the family. Marlena guesses that means Vivian has no claim on anything which Kate confirms and repeats that Vivian is out on her ass. Kate imagines how satisfying it will be to picture Vivian finally getting what she deserves.

Maggie tells Vivian that was really dramatic but completely useless, like her. Vivian tells Maggie to get out of her house. Maggie asks if she really thinks she’d let her in the same room as the original copy of the will. Maggie argues that Vivian has always underestimated her. Vivian refuses to leave. Maggie calls her predictable and declares that she came prepared which Vivian questions. Maggie then calls in Deputy Pratt, who serves Vivian with an eviction notice as he then escorts Vivian out of the Kiriakis Mansion.

Gwen shuts the front door before Dimitri and Leo see her and then calls out to Kristen that she won’t be long so that they hear her coming. Gwen then exits the mansion and greets Dimitri and Leo, asking what they are plotting. Leo hugs Gwen and claims he came to see her as he missed her and hoped they could grab breakfast before work. Gwen says she’s sorry but she has lots of secret errands to run in town. Leo says they’ll do it soon then. Gwen then asks Dimitri about hogging Leo since it seems like ages ago that he went to answer the door. Dimitri claims that after Kristen and Gwen’s talk about surprises, he was talking to Leo about what he could do for her. Gwen remarks that it’s not easy to pull one over on her as she kisses Dimitri in front of Leo. Gwen wishes them luck and says she won’t be long as she walks away. Dimitri assures Leo that he did not enjoy that kiss. Dimitri complains about getting another text from Gabi and says he should go deal with them. Leo questions how he plans to deal with them. Dimitri tells Leo to relax as everything is going to work out. Leo says he will relax as long as Stefan and Gabi will still be alive when he’s done. Dimitri then heads back in to the DiMera Mansion. Leo worries that his entire life is about to go up in smoke.

Stefan tells Gabi that she is not going to seduce Li. Gabi asks why not since he still has a thing for her. Stefan says as much as he loves power and booting EJ out of their shared office, he loves his wife even more and kisses her. Gabi assures that Stefan is the only man that she loves and that she was only saying that to get him all hot and bothered. Stefan realizes her pitching seducing Li was just an act as they kiss.

Dimitri returns to the living room and says he didn’t realize Kristen was still there. Kristen tells him not to rush off on her account and pulls the gun on him. Dimitri asks if that’s really necessary and if she really thinks he’s going to cut her out of her share of the money. Kristen responds that she goes by actions, not words, and it’s obvious what his intent is. Dimitri gets that she’s angry but feels she’s also bluffing. Kristen asks if he’s sure about that.

Sonny goes to see Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells her that he’s leaving today, though he wishes he didn’t have to with everything going on but it’s way overdue as it is. Maggie tells him that it meant so much to her that he came to Victor’s service. Maggie asks how Alex is. Sonny responds that he’s pretty much how she’d expect as this is not going to be easy on him. Maggie says it won’t be easy on any of them. Sonny tells Maggie that he’s really glad she is back where she belongs. Maggie talks about losing Victor being difficult as well as the fallout, but admits it was so fun to kick Vivian to the curb. Sonny wishes he could’ve seen it. Maggie says that Vivian will keep moving on to some new scheme and God help whoever she targets next.

Vivian goes to see Alex, who says he’s really busy right now. Vivian is sure he has time to talk about his future but he says he doesn’t. Vivian argues that now that the whole world knows Alex is Victor’s son and heir, they can team up against Maggie and take over the company. Alex responds that he doesn’t have any beef against Maggie which Vivian questions. Vivian argues that Maggie threw Alex out on his ass at Titan while now he can return the favor. Vivian tells Alex to show some guts but Alex instead escorts her out and slams the door.

Stefan and Gabi get dressed again after having sex as Stefan jokes about having something to prove in case she wasn’t joking about seducing Li. Gabi states that their problem right now is Dimitri and suggests they go downstairs to see him before Gwen finds out that he’s cheating with Leo.

Gwen goes to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn. Leo questions what she’s doing there as he thought she had errands. Gwen responds that she finished early and stopped by the Bakery. Gwen presents Leo with a banana cream pie and then smashes it in his face.

Dimitri asks Kristen if they really have to do this, insisting he has no intention of cheating her. Dimitri states that he’s only gotten the first installment of his trust but as soon as he gets the second, she will be swimming in cash. Kristen argues that she already should be. Kristen says threatening to tell Gwen about he and Leo didn’t put a fire under his feet but maybe this will. Dimitri remarks that Kristen talks a good game but she’s never actually killed anyone that he knows of, so he really doesn’t think she’s going to start today. Dimitri then takes the gun from Kristen and remarks that he knows how to read people. Kristen warns Dimitri that this isn’t over as she then walks out of the mansion. Gabi and Stefan come in. Dimitri claims that he was just looking for them. Gabi asks if he has what they want. Dimitri responds that he does and pulls the gun on them.

Maggie begins putting her things back in the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie picks up her and Victor’s wedding photo and says it’s so good to be home but it’s so lonely and empty without Victor. Maggie cries that she misses him so much.

Alex sits at home and thinks back to Vivian urging him to have some guts.

Leo questions Gwen smashing the pie in his face. Gwen responds that was for sleeping with her husband and calls him a bastard.

Stefan argues that Dimitri can’t be serious. Dimitri says a little while ago, he was going to hand over the shares to them but knowing them, it wouldn’t end here and they’d hold what he did to Gwen over his head for as long as they could profit from it. Dimitri says he has to nip this in the bud. Dimitri adds that Leo told him not to go to these extremes but he’s just going to have to find a way to make him understand. Gabi pleads with him and says he can keep his shares as they have plenty. Dimitri remarks that they will make beautiful corpses. Stefan turns to cover Gabi while Dimitri is suddenly shot from behind by Vivian!

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe was shocked to see Philip at her place. She thought he would be at Rex’s wedding. He said he was. She asked if Xander showed up at the pub. Philip said he did. Philip said he came over to check on her. He asked if she was okay. She said she wasn’t but she would be. She said she felt bad for telling Xander but he had a right to know the truth about the baby. She said she was sorry that he stopped the wedding. Philip said he didn’t stop the wedding. He said Rex and Sarah got married before Xander got there. She said she got off the phone with her mother and told her that she and Xander weren’t getting married. He asked her why she couldn’t still marry Xander. She said things changed. He said the baby complicated things, but they could still get married. She said it wasn’t going to happen. She told him about her conversation with Xander. He said he felt bad for her. He apologized for the pain she was feeling. She said deep down she knew he had unresolved feelings for Sarah. She said Philip understood that. He asked how much of his conversation with Rex did she hear. She said she heard him say he loved her. He said he never wanted her to know that because he didn’t want to come between her and Xander. He said he didn’t deserve to be happy after everything he did to her and Brady. She said she didn’t agree with him. She said he was mentally ill. He said he didn’t think she could ever love him again. She said her feelings for him came back when she saw him again. She said she couldn’t pretend her love for him didn’t exist. He asked if she still had feelings for him. He told her not to answer him. When she was ready to say something, he told her that wasn’t why he came there. She said she knew he changed. He said he should go. He said he would be there for her.

Xander asked Sarah how she could keep Victoria’s paternity from him. When she didn’t answer him, he said he was going to get his daughter. She stopped him from going after the baby. She told him to talk if he wanted to. She reminded him that they lied to Eric about Mackenzie. He said that was different. He said she wanted to do that so things wouldn’t be complicated but she did this out of spite. She said she didn’t. She said she did it so an innocent child wouldn’t grow up with a murderer as a father. He said he hated himself over what happened to Susan, but he wasn’t the one who killed her. He said Ava did. They talked about what happened. She said he got Susan killed. She said she couldn’t let her child grow up around that. He said she was trying to play God because she thought she was perfect. They got in an argument over him working for Ava and him teaming up with Gwen. He tried to defend himself, but she didn’t believe him or care about his reasons. He said he did what he had to do. She said she did the same thing. He asked if she thought Rex would be a better father than him. She said she did. He reminded her of the things Rex did to her. She said Rex has changed unlike him. She mentioned the other things he has done. She asked if he regretted what he has done. He said no matter what he has done, she didn’t have the right to keep his child from him. He asked if she knew that he wouldn’t hurt his daughter. Rex showed up before she could answer him. Xander told him to leave, but he wouldn’t do it. Xander said he couldn’t believe she chose Rex over him. She said it didn’t matter because they were married. Xander told them to enjoy their honeymoon while he got to know his daughter. Rex said that wasn’t going to happen. He said Xander didn’t have any claim on the baby. He said he and Sarah would fight him if he tried to get the baby. Xander said he was going to fight them. He said he was going to be a part of his child’s life. Rafe and Jada were outside of Harris and Ava’s hotel room. They talked about how helpful the clerk was. She said the clerk was impressed that they were working with Scotland Yard and the ISA. When they got the door open, it was empty. They searched the room. Jada found the fake passports. They thought Harris and Ava would come back for the passports. Rafe said they would be there when they did. He asked the clerk to call them when Harris and Ava came back. He called Tripp and told him Scotland Yard arrested Ava. Tripp asked if Rafe could do anything. Rafe said he couldn’t. Rafe said Ava and Harris running to London hurt their case. Tripp said they weren’t running. He said they were looking for Susan. He told Rafe that Ava got her memory back when Marlena hypnotized her. He said the visions led her to London. Rafe admitted that he lied about Ava getting arrested.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan was surprised that Eric had his luggage when he showed up at her place. He reminded her that they were supposed to move in together. She was surprised that a former priest would want to live together. He reminded her that they were engaged. She wanted to know when they were getting married. They talked about their wedding. Sloan didn’t want to get married in the pub. He agreed since he was already married there. She figured out that he married Nicole at the pub. Sloan wanted to get married soon because adoption agencies preferred married couples. She wanted to know if Belle agreed to represent them and Eric told he that she. He thought they should get someone else because she’s going through a lot. He was excited about looking for a new attorney so they could become parents. She wanted to be sure he wanted to adopt a child. He told her that he wanted to be a father. Melinda texted Sloan. Sloan let him know that she was excited about adopting too. Paulina let Melinda know that she was fired. Melinda tried to talk her out of firing her. She wasn’t moved until Melinda told her that she would give her a huge conviction. Paulina wanted to know who she could get. Melinda said she could prosecute Li Shinn. She wanted to know what she had on him. Melinda said he was the one who tried to kill Stefan. Melinda assured her that she could get proof that he tried to kill Stefan. Paulina wanted to know how long it will take. Paulina gave her one more shot or she was done. Later, Melinda met with Li in the town square. She was happy to see him. He let her know that they were over. Melinda was surprised and wanted to know why. She thought they were good together. He thought the same thing until he heard a recording of her talking about taking him down. She wanted to know how he got the recording. He told her that he planted a bug in her teddy bear. After her conversation with Li, Paulina arrived to find out how it went. Melinda told her what happened and she fired her.

EJ arrived home late and let Nicole know that he was looking for a new IT person. Nicole wondered what happened to Wendy. He let her know that she was trying to hack into his phone to get evidence against him. Nicole knew Wendy was dating Tripp and wondered if there was evidence against him. He assured her there wasn’t anything against him. He let her know that Wendy told him that his mother was still alive. He didn’t believe that was true. He thought she would have contacted him if she were alive. He reminded her about Susan’s psychic powers and that she wouldn’t have to call him. She would have sent him a sign. Just as he said that about his mother, the lights went out. She thought it was a sign from Susan. Harris and Ava arrived at Edmund’s place in London. He yelled at them for showing up that late. Ava told him they wanted to talk to him about Susan. He yelled at her for killing Susan. Ava told Edmund that they believed that Susan was alive. Edmund wanted to know where Susan was if she was still alive. They wondered the same thing. They wondered if he received signs from her. He said he didn’t because he had her chained in the basement. They thought he was joking, but they started feeling dizzy after drinking the tea he offered them. He put their bodies on a bed in the back room. Susan brushed her teeth with a chain around her ankle.

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Madam Mayor, DHS. What a surprise. That’s good job. You’re working late. I need to talk with you. Well, I’m actually glad you stopped in. I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you personally since your appointment as mayor. I got your email. I want you to know how happy I am to be working for you. I think you were an inspired choice to fill your husband’s position.

And I want you to know that I am your humble. Are you done? I guess so. Good. Cause you’re fired.

Hey. I

thought you were the man from Foo Walks In. I’m sorry to disappoint. I ordered some dim sum. It should be here any minute. Are you going somewhere? Yeah, here. Here? We’re still moving in together, right?

There you are. Sorry I’m late. I assume I missed dinner. Yes, you did. But, Cook is keeping a plate warm for you. Oh, lovely. But, I could use a drink first. Tough day? Tedious. I was sorting through resumes. What position? Head of IT. What about Wendy Shin? Oh, I fired her. What? Why? You were there the day that she stopped by with that report she wanted me to read.

Yeah, I remember. Well, I caught her trying to get the goods on me. Get the goods on you? What do you mean? Why would she do that? To prove that I hired a hit on Eva Vitale.

Susan was really married to a guy named Edmund Phineas Crumb, huh? Looks like it. Look, I’m, uh, I’m new to this whole, uh, supernatural thing, okay, but, but the crumbs did come off the scone into the shape of a knee, and it’s pointing right at this guy right here. Crumb. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Listen. You know that I am desperate for anything to get EJ off of my back, but come on, how’s that gonna help us?

Huh? That article is from way, way back when. I mean, even if this crumb is still alive and around. What does he have to do with Susan escaping an exploding car back in Salem? I don’t know, but it’s worth looking into. Yeah, I guess. I guess, since he definitely has a connection to her. But is he gonna be able to tell us whether she’s alive or dead?


no! Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You’re firing me? Damn right I am. See? See, I’m sure you’re aware, D. A. is not an elected position. Now, you serve at the pleasure of the Queen, and she is not a muse. But, Mayor Price, I mean, regardless of your personal feelings about me, you know how much, how hard I’ve worked for this town. I have devoted myself completely to my job.

It is my life! This is not about job performance, Miss Trask. I just don’t like you, and why the hell should I? Considering all the time that you’ve spent being Sloane Peterson’s errand girl, making life miserable for my daughter and me for weeks, arresting Chanel and me at my husband’s election day celebration.

Shirley, you can understand that at the time I felt that It’s what I needed to do. A Sloan presented me with what I believed was evidence of your guilt. Oh, well, you had the choice of how and when to make that damn arrest. Okay, look, I know you and Mr. Carver were very upset. Upset?! We were horrified and mortified, but you, you were having yourself a rip roaring time, weren’t you?

That night was fun for you! Look, I I may have acted a bit overzealous and and hasty, but I A BIT?! But that is exactly how you are reacting right now! Overzealous and hasty in your decision to let me go. And and and I’m telling you, it is a mistake, Mayor Price. It’s to to get rid of me when I have something I can offer you.

Something you can offer me? And what exactly is that? A high profile conviction. Now I’m sure you are aware of your precarious position right now as mayor. And your husband’s intervention may have put you in this office, but you are going to have to run on your own merits in a short amount of time. Now, we both know that Clint Rawlings is gunning for your job.

And I don’t have to tell you that he’s going to campaign on any of your perceived missteps. Now, I am sure that you don’t want to risk giving him that kind of ammunition, huh?

I guess closing a high profile case… Wouldn’t be the worst idea. Who’s conviction do you have in mind? I

mean, you know I want you to move in, I just… I didn’t think it’d be tonight. Didn’t really give me any notice. Sorry about that, it’s just… You know, it just hit me that I need to give my dad a few extra days to find a new tenant before the end of the month. And I got to packing and, you know, loading the car and…

No, it’s just, it’s okay. You don’t have to explain. Really, just… What? Honestly? Yeah. I just didn’t expect a former priest to be so eager to live in sin. Well, considering that I was, um, kicked out of the priesthood for performing an exorcism cohabitating as small potatoes. That’s a good point. Yeah, besides, we won’t be living in sin for very long.

We are engaged to be married. My wife to be. Oh, yes, we are. Question is, for how long? When are we tying the knot? Has been to be.

Wait, so Wendy figured out that you sent that hip woman after Ava? But how? Trip Johnson must have put the idea in your head. He and Wendy are an item now. And that young man seems to adore his gangster mother. He must have convinced Wendy to do his dirty work. By getting the goods on you. Right, so she had the temerity to try and hack into my phone, which I caught her doing.

Grounds for dismissal, don’t you think? Absolutely. But she didn’t, she didn’t get anything on you, did she? I was way ahead of her. I purposely left my phone behind so I could catch her in the act, which I did, and then I gave her the sack, told her to clear out her desk and leave immediately. Yeah, come to think of it.

Hmm, what is it? I should have had security escort her out, because God only knows what else she could have gotten into while she was walking through the building, but I was, I was distracted by something she said. Okay, what did she say? She said that my mother was still alive.

What is taking so long? How many Edmund P. Crumbs can there be in London? Uh, there’s none, so far. Not a single one? No, because this internet is so dang slow. Okay. Harris, even if Susan was married to this guy, what’s to say they have any connection now? I don’t know. Maybe she was desperate and went to him for help.

All the way here in London? Ava, this guy is our only lead. We need to track him down. Finally. What? I got a hit. Yeah? There is one Edmund Crumb in London. And his address is right here. Great. Let’s get that phone back to the waiter and then get out of here. Okay. Lee Shin.

I’d say that’s a pretty big fish, wouldn’t you? Depends what you’ve got on him. Well, uh, Mayor Price, I’m sure you’re aware, he tried to have Stefan DiMera killed, and yet, he is still walking around free. Because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. But there will be, very soon. You see, I’ve been working on him.

And once he’s lulled into a false sense of security, It’s just a matter of time before he confesses. And, uh, well, uh, how exactly are you working on him? Oh, you know, never mind. Never mind. I can get it. Please don’t look at me like that. Surely you’ve used your feminine wiles on occasion to get what you want.

Just, you know, but let’s just stay on topic, okay, Ms. Drafts? Now, just how long is it going to take before this, this unsuspecting fool is lulled to a fare thee well and confesses to his crime? Actually, I, I’m having dinner with him tonight in the square. Tonight? Tonight. And, oh, he is, is ready to crack. And when he does, I promise you, I am going to nail Lee Shin to the wall.

But if you’re, if you’re playing him, how do you know that this confession will stick? I’ve read the law. I know what I’m doing. Uh huh. Yeah, well, you better. Otherwise, you’re out.

Hey, Lee? It’s me, Melinda. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

I’m sorry, I just haven’t really given much thought to when or where. Wait, what are you thinking? Uh, well, I’m definitely not having the wedding at the pub, because I will not be married in a place that smells like chowder. My brother and his new wife didn’t have a problem. What does that mean? Rex and Sarah got married there today.

What? And your fiancé wasn’t invited? I wasn’t either. You’re kidding. Are you and your brother on the outs? No, Rex and I are good. It’s just… It’s just that Sarah and I have a history. Oh. One of your exes. Something like that. Listen, you… You don’t have to worry. I won’t insist on us getting married at the pub.

Alright? Because I don’t want to either. And why is that?

Well, because I’ve already… Had a wedding there? Let me guess, uh, Nicole? Yeah, with Nicole.

Wait, so Wendy just blurted out that your mother’s still alive? Of all the Hail Mary passes she could have thrown to keep her job, I never saw that one coming. Well, she couldn’t have just come up with that idea on the spot, so why would she say that? Where would she have gotten that from? If I were to hazard a guess, I would say she got it from Ava.

But Ava was in the car with Susan, so she knows what happened. Apparently, she now claims that she suddenly remembered that my mother stumbled clear of the car before it exploded. Ava has stated unequivocally that my mother didn’t die that night. Well, I’m… That’s amazing news, right? Mm. It would be if it were true.

You don’t believe it? Uh, for a minute. Ava obviously came up with that lie in a desperate attempt to save her own skin.

So, uh, this is it, huh? Yeah. Room 17, according to the search results. This is Edmund Crumb’s current address. Okay, well, uh, here goes nothing.

At his age, I doubt that he’s out clubbing. He’s probably asleep, so… Should we get another? Yeah. We got another job. Why are you ringing the bell in the middle of the bloody night? Um, sir, we are sorry to disturb you. Yeah, and we wouldn’t have, except this is quite urgent. Um, are you Edmund Crum? Yes, Edmund P.

Crum, that’s me. How may I help you? Well, we certainly hope you can help us. Yeah, we were hoping to talk to you about a woman named… Susan Banks.

Hey. Ooh. You read my mind. I think I’ve gotten to know you quite well. Cheers.

Uh, I, uh, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long. Oh, just long enough for me to order us both drinks. I have to admit I was, uh, kind of surprised to get your call. What’s the occasion? Does there have to be an occasion? I’ve missed you. You’ve been on my mind.

A lot. Oh,

really? Really. I keep thinking back on all the good times that we’ve had together. How no one has ever turned me on the way you do. Ever made me feel so, um, alive. And not just sexually. I, I, well, I love hanging out with you and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I guess I’m just trying to tell you how happy I am that we’re seeing each other.

And this is where you say you are too.

Actually, um, I was thinking we should call the whole thing off. What? Why? I thought everything was going so well. Yeah, I thought it was too. And then, I heard this. I am going to nail Li Xin to the wall.

Kate? Hi. Hey. Just looking at a picture of baby Victoria. Rick sent me a few photos before we knew the truth.

I’m so sorry. I know how much you and Romano were looking forward to a new grandbaby. We, we really were looking forward to it. For the extent of the deception. Anyway, did you come by for some chatter? Oh no. I was on my way home. I just thought I’d stop and check on Eric. Is he around? Oh, uh, I don’t, he must not have told you he’s, uh, well, he doesn’t live here anymore.

He moved out. Oh.

That’s right. I forgot you and Nicole had gotten married at the pub. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. No, it’s okay. You were just explaining to me why you thought you and I shouldn’t get married at the pub and now I understand. Yeah. Yeah. And aside from my aversion to the smell of clam chowder, I sure as hell am not going to get married anywhere where you have already gotten married.

So. I didn’t think so. But wherever we do decide to do our numbskulls, we probably should not wait too long because, you know, adoption agencies are going to prefer married couples. Right. Yeah. We shouldn’t wait too long. So, is Belle willing to represent us in the adoption? Actually, I don’t think that’s going to be such a good idea.

Yes, I heard the news about Dear Susan. Such a senseless tragedy. They said on the telly that some deranged woman drove off the side of a cliff. Actually, that woman, uh, she was, she was mentally ill. Huh. Regardless of her state of mind, she cost the world a beautiful and gentle soul. Actually, um, that’s the reason we’re here.

We believe that may not be true. Not true. What are you saying? We believe that Susan may have actually gotten out of the car. And, uh, she might be alive. Whatever would give you that idea? Well, um, we think that because the woman who drove Susan off the cliff is now saying that she saw Susan get away before the explosion.

I must admit, Wendy using my mother’s supposed return from the dead as a way to mollify me, it makes a certain amount of sense, but to Ava it’s a no brainer. So you think Ava just made it up to get you to back off? Well, isn’t it obvious? Ava must have found out there was a contract out on her, and suddenly remembers that my mother survived the explosion.

The timing is rather convenient. Yeah. But, don’t you think maybe there’s a chance Ava could be telling the truth? She’s not. How could you be so sure? I am sure because if my mother was still alive, she would have made sure I knew that. Unless… Unless what? Unless your mother was so afraid of Ava that she went into hiding.

Not able to get to a phone, not able to get to you. EJ, what if your mother is still in danger? Can’t you even consider the fact that Ava is telling the truth? Nicole, this is my mother we’re talking about here. She doesn’t require something so mundane as a phone. I mean, she’s on a first name basis with everyone in the spirit world.

Look, if my mother was still alive, she would have found some way to send me a sign.

Hmm. Huh. You were saying?

Where did you get that recording? Remember last week when I showed up at your office? Yeah, and you said you couldn’t wait to get your hands on me and we had sex on my desk? Yeah, I remember. Hmm, yeah, well, I also gave you a cute little teddy bear. Told you he’d tickle you when I was away. No. Yes. There was a bug inside that thing?

Are you tickled now? Shhh. Dammit, how could I be so stupid? You know, I actually asked myself the same question. I was kind of surprised I got away with it. Why’d you do it? What tipped you off? I didn’t need any tipping off. I knew from the beginning you were out to get me. Although I thought I could sweep you off your feet with mine.

Reika’s charm and, um, sexual prowess. But on the off chance I was wrong, I took out a low insurance policy. I can’t believe you played me like this. Amanda, give it up. We played each other. You don’t care about me any more than I care about you. The only reason you’re upset is because you lost. It’s

me, isn’t it? I’m the reason she won’t represent us. She still can’t stand me. No, Song, it’s not that. It’s just… Oh, she’s going through a really hard time in her personal life. And I just think it’s best for all three of us if we… You know, just found another attorney. Okay. Yeah, well… I mean, even if family law were my specialty, you know, I obviously can’t do this by myself.

Of course not. Look, it can’t be that difficult to find an attorney that we both like. I mean, you know what, we can even start working on it tonight if you like. Tonight? Yeah, or we can just make a potential list of lawyers. I mean, yeah, we could, but you just, you haven’t even unpacked yet. Sure. It’s just that I’m excited, I mean, knowing that we both want to adopt and I just can’t wait to get started.

What? What’s up with that look? Oh, it’s just, I was thinking how this was all my idea and, Eric, are you sure this is really what you want? Definitely. I’m sorry, I thought I made this clear to you, Sloan. A child doesn’t need to share my DNA to feel like my own child. And I’m sure you feel the same way, of course you do.

I mean, this was your idea, like you said. Yeah. You know, there’s a kid out there who desperately needs a mom and a dad. And we can be those two people. I mean, like I said, I’ve just always wanted to be a father.

There we go. I’ll dine by a candlelight tonight, that’s better.

That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Well, I know you’ve already eaten, but I thought you wouldn’t mind keeping me company. Hey Jay, this isn’t about dinner. You said if your mom was alive, she would show you a sign and then bam, the lights go out. Oh, come on. What? Come on, if that’s not a sign, okay, then what could it be?

Uh, a faulty circuit breaker, a minor inconvenience. You are her son. You have seen what Susan can do. I have, and she’s not subtle. A sign from her would be a… Sky writer, spelling… Elvis, I’m alive. Or a Ouija board pointing to yes. Well, you’d actually have to get a Ouija board out in order for that to work.

Fine, fine. Then it would be the morning crossword clues being King of Rock and Heywood actress in I Want to Live. But the power going out… No, Nicole, that is not a sign from my mother. It’s… It’s just the power going out. Okay. If you say

so. So, this woman… That caused the crash. It’s saying that she saw my Susan escape before the cars burst into flames. Yes. But didn’t you say this woman was mentally ill? How do we know this is not the ramblings of some deranged person? Well, I, I know this woman and she’s had a lot of treatments. Yes, and, and she recently remembered.

I’ve seen Susan get out of the car just in time. Well, it’s my understanding that this accident happened months ago. And if Susan’s alive, if, where has she been all this time? That’s what we’re trying to find out. Yeah, that’s why we’re here to see you. You think I might have some knowledge of Susan’s whereabouts?

Whatever would give you that idea?

Well, um, recently, it’s, it’s, well, it’s kind of a long story, but we, we feel like Susan’s been trying to reach out to us. It’s what actually brought us to London in the first place. And then today we got another clue, um, that was sort of… Crumb related. Yeah, I, look, we did some research and we, uh, discovered that you’d been married to Susan.

Uh, that’s… Really why we’re here. Uh, to see if maybe you have gotten any signs from her at all. Signs? Yeah, I’m sure you remember Susan had some supernatural gifts. And, uh, we were just wondering if maybe you got a, uh, a message? Anything? Messages? No. But then again,

Why would she need to send me messages? When she’s chained up to the floor of the back bedroom.

Hey there.

How’d your dinner go? Not how I planned. Oh. I figured.

Back up to your office. You’re out.

Almost unpacked, and I left you enough hangar space. Oh, that’s great. Something wrong? Oh, Melinda just texted. She got some bad news tonight. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, me too. You

two are friends now? Because it wasn’t too long ago that you weren’t. I mean, our rivalry, we tried to leave to the courtroom, and… Plus, since I got to town, I’ve found that female friends are pretty hard to come by, so. Would you mind if I went and checked on her? No, of course not. And I promise I won’t touch the leftover dumplings.

That’s not what I was gonna say.

I’m just really excited about the baby, too. About the adoption process

and… I love you too. I’ll see you soon. Okay.

Um, if there really is a power outage, maybe you should save your battery. This can’t wait. Mirror Enterprises desperately needs an IT department head. By tomorrow? By yesterday, but I’m sure the power will come back on soon. I, I don’t understand. How, how are you being so calm about this? Why get worked up?

There’s nothing we can do until the power company repairs the damage. Oh. Still going to go with the power outage theory, huh? Oh, as opposed to your completely logical hypothesis that it was caused by my deceased mother who might be alive because Wendy Shin said so. No, I’m sure that the lights will come back on any second.

As much as I hate saying I told you so, I told you so. Oh, very mature. See?

You, you, you were just joking. Oh no, Susan’s right in there. I mean, why would you, why would you ever change?

I’m feeling, I’m feeling dizzy.

Me too, hello. What, what, what, what the hell is wrong with me? That would be the poisoned tea.

Poisoned tea? What? Oh, no, no. Oh, no, no. Oh, God.

He passed you?

That takes care of that.

Hey, Lee. You there? I just want to let you know something. You know, I finally figured out why Gabby Hernandez dumped you. It’s because as a lover, you suck! And I don’t mean that in a good way.


how you’re doing, but I got a pretty good idea. Coffee? I can’t believe we dumped him. Damn! Damn! Damn! I hate that creep! God, did he give you a reason? Yeah, a good one, actually. I found out I was only dating him because I wanted to make a case against him. Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of a good one. Yeah, and because I failed to make said case, Mayor Price just fired me.

What? Why? Because she hates me. And because it is entirely in the authority of her as mayor.

What are you thinking? Oh, it’s just that, um… This kind of works out for me. Well, as long as you’re happy. No, it works out for you too. How so? Well, I mean, you’re in need of a job, and I’m in need of an attorney. No, I’m serious. How would you like to help Eric and I adopt a baby?

Mom! Hey! Hi! Thank you. So, so this is your new home? It is. How’d you know where to find me? Well, I stopped by the pub to see you and Kate said that you had moved in here. Yeah, I did. I’m, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you myself that I was moving in. It’s just, I got so busy and… He was quite all right. I understand.

I was just, well, I was surprised, I guess. I know that you and Sloane were serious. I didn’t know that you were this serious. Yeah, we are. And we love each other, and we’re compatible. And it just seemed like the logical next step for us. Well, you know that I’m happy if you’re happy. I am. And you know as well as I know that I’ve gone through a really rough patch recently.

But I think I’ve made the turn around the corner, you know? And Slo and I, you know, committed to each other and I… I think that I’m ready. You know.

I hope it works. Yeah. Me too.

Yes. Yes, thank you very much. That, that explains it. A car ran into a utility pole and knocked out the power in the area. The uh, electric company just… Finished repairing the damage. So, I think you would agree that the only sign here is that the drivers in this neighborhood need to keep their eyes on the road.

Okay, this neighborhood is made up of this mansion and the acres of grounds around it. You think the dorkers at the power company were having me on?

The only liar in this scenario… is Ava Vitaly. And may she soon rot in hell for all eternity, so that my mother may finally rest in peace.

Hey, what do you mean? What the heck do you think you’re doing?

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Days Update Thursday, September 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina meets Melinda Trask in her office. Melinda congratulates Paulina on becoming mayor and tells her how proud she is to work for her, calling her a fine choice to replace Abe. Paulina cuts her off and tells Melinda that she’s fired.

Eric shows up at Sloan’s apartment with his bags packed and asks if they are still moving in together.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ apologizes for being late and missing dinner as he pours a drink. EJ complains about spending the day going through resumes because he fired Wendy Shin which Nicole questions. EJ explains that he caught Wendy trying to get the goods on him to prove that he hired a hit on Ava Vitali.

In London, Ava and Harris discover Susan’s marriage to Edmund P. Crumb. Ava says she’s desperate for anything to get EJ off her back but questions how it’s going to help them when the article is from way back. Ava questions what Edmund would have to do with Susan escaping an exploding car back in Salem. Harris feels it’s worth checking in to. Ava agrees since there is a connection but wonders if Edmund will be able to tell them if Susan is alive or dead.

Melinda questions Paulina firing her. Melinda argues that she knows how hard she has worked for the town and that her job is her life. Paulina responds that it’s not about her job performance and that she just doesn’t like her. Paulina talks about Melinda helping Sloan make her and Chanel’s lives miserable. Melinda argues that at the time, she felt it was what she needed to do since Sloan had evidence of her guilt. Paulina complains that Melinda had fun arresting her. Melinda admits she may have acted a bit hasty but feels that’s the same way Paulina is acting now in letting her go. Melinda insists that it’s a mistake to get rid of her when she can offer her a high profile conviction. Melinda brings up Paulina’s position as mayor and how she’ll have to run on her own in a short amount of time while Clint Rawlings is still gunning for her job. Melinda is sure she doesn’t want to risk giving Clint ammunition. Paulina guesses closing a high profile case wouldn’t be the worst idea and asks who’s conviction she has in mind.

Sloan tells Eric that she does want him to move in but she didn’t think it would be tonight as he didn’t give her a notice. Eric apologizes and says it just hit him that he needed to give Roman a few days to find someone to take his room above the Pub. Sloan jokes that she didn’t expect a former priest to be so eager to be living in sin. Eric talks about being kicked out of the priesthood. Eric adds that they won’t be living in sin for long since they are engaged to be married. Sloan says the questions is how long until they tie the knot.

Nicole asks EJ if Wendy figured out that he sent the hit woman after Ava. EJ guesses that Tripp put the idea in Wendy’s head since they are an item now and Tripp seems to adore his gangster mother, so he must have convinced Wendy to do his dirty work. EJ adds that he caught Wendy trying to hack his phone which is grounds for dismissal. Nicole asks if Wendy didn’t find anything. EJ assures that he left his phone intentionally so he could catch her in the act, which he then did and fired her immediately. EJ feels he should’ve had security escort Wendy out but he was distracted by something she said. Nicole asks what she said. EJ informs her that Wendy said Susan was still alive.

Ava questions what is taking so long as Harris tries to find an Edmund P. Crumb in London. Harris complains about the internet being slow. Ava questions if Edmund and Susan even have any connection now. Harris suggests maybe Susan turned to him for help and points out that Edmund is their only lead right now. Harris then finds the one Edmund Crumb in London with his address. Ava tells Harris to get the phone back to the waiter and then they can get out of here.

Melinda tells Paulina that it’s Li Shin. Paulina questions what she has on him. Melinda brings up Li trying to have Stefan DiMera killed but he’s still walking around free. Paulina points out that is because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. Melinda tells her that there will be very soon. Melinda explains that she’s been working on Li and once he’s lulled in to a false sense of security, it’s just a matter of time before he confesses. Paulina asks how long this will take before Li confesses to his crime. Melinda responds that she’s having dinner with him tonight in the town square. Melinda insists that Li is ready to crack and when he does, she promises to nail Li Shin to the wall. Paulina question how she knows the confession will stick. Melinda assures that she knows what she’s doing. Paulina warns that she better or else she’s out. Paulina then exits the office. Melinda quickly grabs her phone and calls Li to ask him to have dinner tonight.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s sorry but he hasn’t given much thought to when or where they get married. Sloan jokes that it won’t be at the Pub. Eric points out that Rex and Sarah didn’t have a problem with it as he reveals they got married there today. Sloan questions not being invited. Eric informs her that he wasn’t invited either which surprises Sloan as she asks if he and his brother are on the outs. Eric says he and Rex are good, but he and Sarah have a history. Sloan guesses she’s an ex. Eric says it’s something like that but assures that he won’t insist on them getting married at the Pub because he doesn’t want to either. Sloan asks why that is. Eric reveals because he already had a wedding there. Sloan guesses it was to Nicole which Eric confirms.

Nicole questions Wendy blurting out that Susan is still alive. EJ admits he never saw that coming. Nicole asks where she would’ve gotten that from. EJ guesses it came from Ava as she apparently now claims she remembers seeing that Susan escaped the car and didn’t die that night. Nicole calls it amazing news. EJ says it would be if it were true but he doesn’t believe it and feels Ava was just trying to save herself.

Harris and Ava go to the location of Edmund Crumb’s address. Ava rings the doorbell. Edmund answers the door and questions why they are ringing the bell in the middle of the night. Ava explains that they were hoping to talk to him about a woman named Susan Banks.

Li meets Melinda in the town square with glasses of wine. Li admits he was kind of surprised to get her call and asks what the occasion is. Melinda says she just missed him and that he’s been on her mind a lot. Melinda claims that she keeps thinking back on the good times they had together and how no one has ever turned her on like he does or made her feel so alive. Melinda adds that she loves hanging out with him and guesses she’s just trying to tell him how happy she is that they are seeing each other. Li reveals he was actually thinking they should call the whole thing off. Melinda questions why as she thought everything was going so well. Li says he thought so too until he heard this as he then reveals a recording of Melinda saying she was going to nail him to the wall.

Marlena joins Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate tells her that she was just looking at a photo of baby Victoria that Rex sent her before they learned the truth. Marlena says she’s sorry as she knows Kate and Roman were looking forward to a new grandbaby. Kate asks if Marlena came for chowder. Marlena explains that she was on her way home and decided to check on Eric, so she asks if he’s around. Kate reveals that Eric no longer lives there as he moved out.

Sloan forgot Eric and Nicole got married at the Pub. Eric apologizes for bringing it up. Sloan understands that’s why they shouldn’t get married at the Pub. Sloan jokes that she sure as hell won’t get married somewhere that Eric has already gotten married. Sloan suggests they shouldn’t wait too long since adoption agencies are going to prefer married couples. Eric agrees. Sloan asks if Belle is willing to represent them in the adoption. Eric doesn’t think that’s going to be such a good idea.

Edmund invites Harris and Ava in for tea and tells them that he heard the news about Susan and that he saw on TV that a deranged woman drove her off the road. Harris notes that the woman was mentally ill. Edmund says regardless, she cost the world a gentle and beautiful soul. Ava says that’s the reason they are here as they believe that may not be true. Edmund questions what they are saying. Ava explains that they believe Susan might have gotten out of the car and may be alive. Edmund questions what would give her that idea. Harris explains that the woman who drove off the cliff is now saying that she saw Susan get away before the explosion.

EJ tells Nicole that Wendy using Susan’s supposed return from the dead to try to nullify him makes sense but for Ava it’s a no brainer. Nicole questions him thinking Ava made it up. EJ guesses that Ava found out there was a contract out on her and suddenly remembered that Susan survived the explosion. EJ calls the timing rather convenient. Nicole feels maybe there’s a chance that Ava is telling the truth. EJ says she’s not because if his mother was still alive, she would make sure that he knew. Nicole says that’s unless Susan was so afraid of Ava, that she went into hiding. Nicole wonders if Susan is still in danger and wants to consider that Ava is telling the truth. EJ argues that if Susan was still alive, she would’ve found some way to send him a sign. The electricity then goes out around them as Nicole asks what he was saying.

Melinda questions where Li got the recording. Li reminds Melinda of when he visited her office last week and they had sex on her desk. Li reveals that he gave her a teddy bear with a bug inside of it. Melinda asks how she could be so stupid. Li wondered that as well as he didn’t think it would be so easy. Melinda questions why he did it and what tipped him off. Li responds that he didn’t need tipping off as he knew from the beginning that she was out to get him. Li admits he thought he could sweep her off her feet but on the chance he was wrong, he took out an insurance policy. Melinda can’t believe he played her like this. Li tells her to give it up as they played each other and they don’t care about each other. Li declares that Melinda is only upset because she lost as he then storms off.

Sloan asks Eric if she’s the reason that Belle won’t represent them because she still can’t stand them. Eric says it’s not that and that Belle is just going through a really hard time in her personal life, so he thinks it’s just best that they find another attorney. Eric feels it can’t be that difficult and suggests they could start working on it tonight if she’d like. Sloan points out that he hasn’t even unpacked yet. Eric says he’s just excited, knowing that they both want to adopt so he can’t wait to get started. Eric then questions her look. Sloan says it’s just thinking of how this was all her idea and asks if Eric is sure it’s what he wants. Eric thought he made it clear and says a child doesn’t need to share his DNA to feel like his own. Eric says there’s a kid out there who desperately needs a mom and dad and that can be them. Eric states that he’s always wanted to be a father.

EJ lights candles while Nicole questions him having nothing to say. Nicole brings up that EJ said Susan would send him a sign and then the lights went out. EJ argues that it could just be a faulty circuit breaker. Nicole brings up what Susan can do. EJ feels Susan is not a subtle so a sign from her would be more than the power going out. Nicole says if he says so.

Edmund questions the woman who caused the crash saying she saw Susan escape before the car burst in flames. Edmund asks how they know it’s not the ramblings of a mentally ill person. Harris says he knows the woman and she’s had a lot of treatments. Ava adds that the woman just recently remembered seeing Susan escape. Edmund brings up that the crash was months ago and questions if Susan is alive, where has she been all this time. Ava and Harris tell him that is what they are trying to figure out and why they came to see him. Edmund questions why they think he would have knowledge of where Susan is. Ava calls it a long story but says they feel like Susan has been trying to reach out to them, which is what brought them to London in the first place. They add that they had another crumb related clue. Harris says they did some research which led them to him and asks if he’s gotten any signs from Susan. Edmund says no but then questions why Susan would need to send him messages when she’s chained up to the floor of the back bedroom

Melinda remains in the town square and texts Sloan, saying she hopes her night is going better than her night as she just got dumped. Paulina appears and asks Melinda how her dinner went. Melinda admits it did not go how she planned. Paulina says she figured and then tells Melinda to pack up her office because she’s out.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s almost unpacked. Sloan mentions a text from Melinda, who got some bad news tonight. Eric says he’s sorry to hear that but questions them being friends now when it wasn’t long ago that they weren’t. Sloan responds that their rivalry was in the courtroom and she’s found since coming to town that female friends are hard to come by. Sloan asks if Eric would mind if she goes to check on Melinda. Eric says of course not. Sloan tells Eric that she’s really excited about the baby and the adoption process. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her. Sloan says she loves him too and then exits.

EJ continues looking through his phone for a new IT department head at DiMera Enterprises. Nicole questions EJ being so calm right now. EJ tells her there’s nothing they can do about a power outage. Nicole questions sticking to that theory while EJ mocks the idea of believing it’s a message from Susan, who might be alive just because Wendy Shin said so. EJ assures the lights will come back on any second and then they do. EJ jokes with Nicole that he told her so.

Ava guesses Edmund was just joking but Edmund says that Susan is right in there. Harris asks why he would have her chained and then starts feeling dizzy. Ava starts to feel it too. Edmund then reveals that he poisoned their tea as Ava and Harris pass out. Edmund declares that takes care of that.

Melinda goes to her office and begins packing up her things. Melinda picks up the teddy bear that Li got her with the bugging device. Melinda declares that she figured out Gabi left Li because he sucks as a lover. Melinda then takes a hammer to the teddy bear as Sloan walks in and asks if he gave her a reason. Melinda admits that Li found out that she was only seeing him to make a case against him and then since she failed to make the case, Paulina fired her which Sloan questions. Melinda complains that Paulina hates her and it’s in her authority as mayor. Sloan remarks that this kind of works out for them both because Melinda needs a job and she needs an attorney. Sloan then asks if Melinda would like to help her and Eric adopt a baby.

Eric continues unpacking and comes across an old wedding photo of he and Nicole. Marlena then shows up at the door and questions this being Eric’s new home which he confirms. Eric asks how she knew where to find him. Marlena explains that she stopped by the Pub where Kate told her that he moved in here. Eric apologizes for not telling her himself and says he just got so busy. Marlena says she understands but she was surprised since she didn’t know he and Sloan were this serious. Eric confirms that they love each other and it just seemed like the logical next step for them. Marlena states that she’s happy if he is. Eric assures that he is. Eric acknowledges going through a rough patch recently but he thinks he’s turned the corner and that he and Sloan are committed to each other, so he thinks he’s ready. Marlena responds that she hopes it works.

EJ finishes a call and informs Nicole that a car ran in to a utility pole and knocked out the power in the area, but they just finished repairing it so that’s the only sign. Nicole remains uncertain. EJ insists that the only liar in this scenario is Ava Vitali and he hopes she rots in Hell for eternity so that Susan may finally rest in peace.

Edmund places Harris and Ava’s unconscious bodies onto a bed as Susan Banks then walks in and questions what Edmund thinks he’s doing.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Man, I’ve got to be home. Hey. That was the longest shift ever.

What, no kiss? Sorry. What are you so focused on? Uh, trying to find a new job since EJ Jamera fired me. That’s right. I’m, Wendy, again, I’m, I’m so sorry about that. Why? You’re not the one who got caught hacking into his phone. And, as we discussed, you told me to stay out of it. But I wouldn’t listen. I know, I know, but you were just trying to help me.

Which I obviously didn’t succeed at. Never did find proof that EJ put a hit out on your mom. And now Ava and Harris are on the run. Yeah, thanks to me, the police are hot on their trail.

This is it. Yeah. The guy at the front desk has a good pair of eyes. He seemed pretty definite that the two people staying in this room matched the description we gave him. He was kind enough to give us this. Why don’t you explain to him that we’re working with Scotland Yard and the ISA. Alright, so we’re about to pay a surprise visit to Eva and Michael’s.

Freeze! Police!

Phillip, hi. Hey. Hey, come in. Uh, yeah, um, sure, but, uh, what are you doing here? Isn’t your brother getting married today? Uh, uh, yeah, he was, but… Let me guess. Xander crashed the wedding. He sure did.

Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Okay. You know what, I actually don’t care anymore what you have to say. You kept me from my daughter long enough, I’m just gonna go back in there and tell you No, wait, you can’t! You’ve watched me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No, no, no, Xander, wait, wait, wait. You said you wanted to talk. Let’s talk. Fine. You can start by explaining how you could pass off my child as Rex Brady’s. What kind of person are you, Sarah? Wait! Hang on, you and I did the exact same thing to Eric, and I don’t remember you having a problem with it then. No.

No, that was different. How? You told Eric that I was Mackenzie’s father because you didn’t want to complicate things between him and Nicole. You lied to me about Victoria out of sheer spite. No, that is not true. Yes, it is true. You kept my child’s paternity a secret, just to punish me. I did it to prevent an innocent child from being raised by a killer.

All clear. Well, if there was any indication on who those two people were.

William Thacker and Anna Scott. A. K. A. Harris Michaels and Ava Vitale. At least we know they’re still in the country. Yeah, but where are they now?

Well, luckily this place is open so late. Uh, yeah, uh, what are we doing here? Hmm? I mean, why are we here? What if we get recognized? By, let’s say, the cops or maybe one of EJ’s goons. He comes and tries to take me out. Try to relax. I mean, can I pour you some more tea?

Last night you said you trusted me. Yeah. I do. Okay. I just would feel better if we weren’t so exposed. I promise we’re fine. And sitting in that hotel room was not getting us any closer to finding Susan. What if Susan isn’t even in London? I mean, hell, what if she’s not even alive? We already talked about this.

The visions and the signs say she is. That could all be in my head. They could all be figments of my imagination. Right? I mean, hell, I mean, it could be Susan’s ghost tormenting me from beyond the grave. Yeah, but the visions aren’t the only thing that brought us here. Dr. Evans hypnotized you. You said you saw Susan stepping out of the car before it exploded.

You’re the one who told me that Susan has certain powers. Mmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, uh, apparently… Said Powers helped your friend Marlena

battle Satan. Well, if she can channel Powers to bring us to London. That’d be child’s play, right? Yeah, I suppose. But, if that is true,

if she waiting for? Why hasn’t she sent us another sign?

Still, I don’t understand why you’re here. Given what just went down at the pub, I figured you’d be upset. So I had to come see you. You okay? No, but I will be. Look, I know you’re the one who told Xander he’s Victoria’s father. He said you knew because you overheard me and Rex talking. Yeah, I overheard you guys.

Crossing through the square and I probably should have kept walking, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. Hey. Hey, I wasn’t Calling you out I’m a secret like that. It’s bound to eventually come out anyway This is Salem after all That is true I just hope Rex and Sarah are as understanding as you are. Though, why would they be?

I mean, obviously Sarah didn’t want anyone to know about this, but something this big, I just couldn’t keep it from Sandra. I felt like he had the right to know. I get it, Chloe. I do. But still, I feel awful that he ruined their wedding. He didn’t. They’d already tied the knot by the time he showed up. Oh, so, Rex and Sarah are married.

But you and Xander obviously didn’t make it to New York. Oh, you knew about that? Yeah, he mentioned it at the pub. Okay, well, actually right before you got here I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her that the wedding is off. She’d already bought it dressed. My final sale, she can’t return it.

Why should she have to? Chloe, there’s no reason you and Xander can’t still get married. Actually, there is.

You have no idea how much I hated myself over what happened with Susan. What happened to Susan?

You can’t even bring yourself to say it, can you? She went off of a cliff. She died in a horrible explosion because of you. No, Ava Vitale killed Susan after I let her go. No, she may have been driving the car. But Ava would have never gotten her hands on Susan in the first place if you hadn’t kidnapped her.

So we’re back to all this? You mean how you’re directly tied to a murder? You are damn right we are back to that. That’s just your interpretation of events. Those are not the facts, Sarah. Do you want the facts,

Xander? Here are the facts. That despite all of the years of pain and suffering that you have caused me, And pretty much everyone I know. I continued to buy your bull about being changed.

But after you, you signed on with Ava, you, you kidnapped Bonnie. And you teamed up with Gwen. Yet again. You got Susan killed.

Santa, I couldn’t stay married to you. I, I couldn’t be around you.

And I certainly wasn’t going to let… My child grew up around your toxic influence, so I did what I thought I needed to do to keep her safe. Right. So once again, Sarah Houghton played God. But not just with my life, but with my daughter’s. Because Sarah Houghton never makes a mistake. She never makes a wrong choice or a regrettable call of any kind.

Sarah Orton knows what’s best for everyone. God, it must be so nice to be so damn perfect.

How are you holding up? Stupid question. I knew you weren’t sick about it. Worried, guilt ridden. She was counting on me and that made everything worse. Tripp, you can’t blame yourself. Okay, Rafe had an eyewitness who saw Ava and Harris behind our building. I’m sure he threatened to charge you if you didn’t tell him where they were.

Yeah, he did threaten me. See? You had no choice.

I can’t believe Rafe tried to go after you for protecting your own mother. Did he say he was going to arrest you? Not exactly. Oh. Well then, how did he get You to tell him that Ava and Harris went to London. Doesn’t matter.

Wait, he didn’t get physical with you, did he? No, no, nothing like that. Okay, can we just drop it? If he didn’t. Okay, now please, just let it go. Tripp, come on. I risked my career for this. And yes, that was my choice. But I’m guessing it wasn’t your choice to send the cops after your mother, so I want to know how Rafe got you to talk.

Okay, fine. It was you. Okay? Me? Rafe said that if I didn’t give up my mom and Harris, he’d go after you.

You want a bite? It’s the last one. I am not hungry. Are you sure? I mean, they’re good.

Explain this to me, would ya? Um, first, Susan, she won’t leave me alone. Won’t stop hounding me about telling the truth, and um, keeps giving me these cryptic clues about London. So we come here, we come all the way over here, and suddenly she clams up. Why? Well, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in this kind of thing.

But maybe she just wants us to be patient. Why would she want that? Huh? Suddenly she’s the coy clairvoyant? Maybe. Or maybe she’s just screwing with me. She doesn’t really want to be found. Hey! Suzie Q! Are you there? We’re here, and um… Why don’t you give us another damn sign, would ya?

Yeah, there you go. Ava, look. What?


Maybe I did play God. But I had to protect my daughter. She was not in any danger! Oh, because you went legit?

How many times have I heard that? How many times did you swear to me that your life of crime was over and that you were going straight? That you wanted to be a better man for me? I didn’t want that! Then why did you say yes to Ava? Because I was desperate! We were flat broke, remember? No! No, we weren’t. I was working part time at the hospital.

We were living at the mansion so that we could save. Yeah, but Victor reminded me every five seconds what a freeloader I was. You could have swallowed your pride for, for a few months. But instead you, you moved us into a roach motel and said that you were going to get a job. A respectable, high paying, and honest job.

I was going to work at the Spectator, but Jack, he, he couldn’t hire me. Because of Gwen! And then you teamed up with her to blackmail the paper away from him and Jennifer! I

tried. did

you pound the pavement? Did you? Work the phones because that, that is what people do when they are looking for a job, Xander. They don’t just get one rejection and then take to kidnapping. That is so easy for you to say. What does that mean? Pound the pavement and go where, exactly? Work the phones and call who?

Everyone in this town hates me! I was, I was drowning in debt. I had creditors breathing down my neck. I don’t, I don’t have a rich mummy offering me handouts, Sarah. Do not do that. My mother loves you like a son to this day. She wanted to help both of us. You’re right. Maggie’s an angel, but the money she was trying to give us, it came from Uncle Vic.

Who cares? I care! He took every opportunity to belittle me, and he refused to apologize. I wasn’t going to take a dime off of him! You’re very happy to take a cut of Ava’s ransom money. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my role in Susan’s death. I made the choice that I made because… The thought of disappointing you again, Sarah, the…

The idea of failing you as a husband, as a man… It was more than I could bear. So I did what I thought I had to do.

So did I,

when I chose to make Rex the father of my baby instead of you.

I get that your new husband sharing a kid with his ex wife complicates things. But, Chloe, you and Xander can still be happy if you’re co parenting with Sarah and Rex. Tons of blended families make it work. Xander and I aren’t going to be a family or anything else. What makes you say that? Because I asked him point blank if he thought we could still get married when he found out the truth about Victoria.

And of course he tried convincing me that nothing was going to change, but we both know damn well that it, it will. It changes everything and that’s why I told him to go to the pub. I see. I’m sorry, Chloe. I know you really cared about him.

You know, people were really shocked when they found out that we fell for each other. Us included, but you know what? What we had, it was real. It was. With that being said, all the times Xander tried to assure me that he was over Sarah, I knew that he wasn’t. I knew that he had all these unresolved feelings for her.

I guess you would know something about that.

Just how much of my conversation with Rex did you overhear?

Chloe, answer me, please. Okay, I heard enough to know that you might still be in love with me.

Rafe threatened to go after me. He figured out that you were the one who doctored those passports for my mom and Harris. And he said that if I didn’t tell him what I knew, he would send in Trask. Oh my God. You made you choose between your mother and me. And you chose me? Why? Why would you do that? Isn’t it obvious?

Because I’m in love with

you. I gotta admit, Wendy Shin has skills. These look real. Yeah. Real enough to get them out of the country. Well, if they’re gonna want to go anywhere else, they’re gonna need these. Yep. Which means they’ll be back for them eventually. And we’ll be here waiting

for them. You don’t see that. See what? A plate of crumbs? Uh, no. It’s a letter E. So it’s not an S? No, it’s definitely an E. As in exactly what you wanted. You just asked Susan for a sign and here it is. Oh. You think that Susan is talking to us through a pastry? Why not? Because it’s bonkers. It’s possible.

Okay. So, um, Lady Woo Woo arranged these crumbs in the shape of a letter E. What does it mean?

Okay, so, so far Susan’s signs have been big smoke, which meant London, and now we have the letter E. So now we’re seeing messages and food? I think that’s our cue to head back to the wing. No, no, this is good. This is progress. Oh. Okay. Tell me what it means. Don’t know yet. I do. It means nothing. What, what, you’ve given up?

I thought, I thought you were, I thought you were tougher than that. Oh, I’m tough. I’m also smart enough to know that I’m not gonna waste my time on something that is obviously hopeless. Obviously hopeless? Come on, all we gotta do is figure out a way to connect the letter E to Susan Banks. It’s a piece of cake.

Or scone, in this

case. You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you? What can I say? I enjoy solving a good puzzle. Especially with a friend. Oh, we’re friends now, huh? Yeah, I’d say so. What about you?

Yeah, I’d say so.

You know, we should probably work on this bag of the hotel. Yeah, it would suck to get busted. Especially since we’re one step closer to finding Susan.

Alright. Talk to the guy at the front desk. He’s going to keep an eye out for Ava and Michaels. As soon as they get here, he’s going to call me. Okay. So what do we do? We just sit here?

Well, not much else we can do. Alright, well we tracked them to this hotel by using the surveillance footage from the taxi stand over at the airport. Can’t we just pull that surveillance footage from the taxi stand downstairs? I already did that. Nothing on it. So, they must have gone out the back or on foot.

Gone where? And why London? What are they even doing here? We should know. But you do know Ava. I mean, you were involved with her. Gosh. Why would she pick this location of all places? London’s a big city. Easy to get lost in. Yeah, but the U. K. has an extradition treaty with the U. S. And a former mob princess and a Navy SEAL wouldn’t know that.

Yeah. So, why wouldn’t they just go off the grid? Maybe it’s not about running from something, but trying to do something. So you think there’s a specific reason why they chose here? Did Tripp say anything that would suggest that? He was pretty tight lipped. I’m not that I blame him, I mean, I was trying to get him to grass up his girlfriend.

Grass up? We haven’t been here a full day and you’re already using the lingo? Oh, you know you love it. Whatever. Mr. Sherlock Homeboy. Who are you calling? Leave it to Sherlock.

You left me? I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I almost did the first night we made love, but… But what? I was afraid you wouldn’t say it back. Why? Experience.

You mean Allie.

Tripp. Just because you said I love you to her, she didn’t say it back, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with me. In fact, I can guarantee you it won’t. So you mean… I love you too, Tripp. I’m in love with you. Wow, I, I feel like we should shout from rooftops or something. I have a better idea.

Chloe, I never wanted you to know how I feel about you. Why not? As you may have overheard in the square, I didn’t want to get between you and Xander. Or mess up Rex’s relationship with Sarah. So, you were willing to sacrifice your own happiness for everyone else? You sacrificed yours by telling Xander the truth.

Besides, I don’t deserve to be happy after everything I did to you and Brady. Oh, come on, Philip. You were mentally ill and you got the help that you needed. You are not the same person anymore. Maybe not. But… I know there’s no way you could ever love me again.

I’m not so sure about that.

You really… You really think Rex would be a better father than me?

Of course I do.

He’s not a criminal, for one thing. No, he’s just a liar and a serial adulterer. Have you forgotten? He cheated on you with your own sister. You seem to have no problem giving him my child to raise.

Rex has changed. He has.

Unlike you. He learns from his mistakes and he regrets hurting people. I just told you that I regret my part in Susan’s death every day. What about the spectator? Do you regret stealing that? Because Jack was your best friend.

What about the money laundering and the diamond smuggling?

Do you regret shooting Brady? Or Marlena?

What about putting Nicole in a cage? Do you have any… pangs of regret for all the psychos that you have teamed up with over the years? Like Orpheus. And Clyde Weston.

You can list every sin I’ve ever committed. All the way down to my unpaid parking tickets, but… That doesn’t give you the right to disqualify me as a father. Sarah, come on. Whatever little you think of me now, you must know I would, I would never harm my own child. You do, you do know that, right?

Sarah? Do we need to go right out here?

Go back inside, Rex. This doesn’t concern you. No, it doesn’t. Sarah’s my wife. Oh, you say that like it means something. You know, she only married you to keep up this charade. She doesn’t love you. Shut your mouth. Got a nerve, did I? Keep talking, I’m gonna hit a whole bunch of your nerves. Of all the people Sarah could spend her life pretending to care about, I can’t believe she chose the wanker who knocked up his ex behind her back.

I don’t give a damn what you believe.

It doesn’t matter. Rex and I get acquainted with my daughter? It’s not happening.

It’s, it’s getting late. We don’t have to talk about this now. No, no, no, Phillip, wait. I, I, I want to talk about it. I need to talk about it. Okay. When I thought you were dead, I guess a part of me died right along with you. And I didn’t even realize it until you showed up a few weeks ago. Right here at my doorstep, alive.

And I felt a part of me. There’s a part of me that I used to love you with all my heart and I felt that part come back to life again. Chloe… And I was denying it, okay, because of our past and because I was with Xander, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I can’t pretend like that part of me doesn’t exist.

It has been there since I was 16 years old and it’s not going away. And in fact, the more time I… And with you, the stronger it gets.

Chloe. Are you saying you still have feelings for me?

Maybe we should take this into the bedroom?

Oh, really? It’s Rafe.

Yeah, you want? Oh, what’s with the attitude, man? You threatened my girlfriend. You expect me to be polite? Just tell me what you want. Okay, fair. I have an update on your mom. Her and Michael’s were taken into custody by Scotland Yard. Is she okay? I’m not gonna lie, man. Your mother’s in serious trouble. Can’t, can’t you do something?

Yeah, I wish I could, but that’s, uh, yeah, that’s way above my pay grade, man. I mean, them coming to another country was a big mistake. They didn’t just run for the hell of it, okay? They went to London to find Susan. What? Find Susan? What, Susan Banks? She’s dead. No, no, she isn’t. My mom remembered seeing her get out of the car before it exploded, okay?

She is sure of it. If this is some kind of a trick, man… It isn’t. I I I swear, okay? Dr. Evans hypnotized her and it all came back, okay? She believes that Susan is alive and somewhere in London. If she can prove that, that would help her case, right? Well, I’ll let you know when I find her. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You said that she was in custody? I lied.

Can you pay the check? Yeah. Also borrowed the waiter’s phone. Who are you going to call? No one. I thought we would just search the internet for clues. Search the… Wait, where are you going to search and where are you going to begin? Well, I think, uh, I think we put in Susan Banks and the letter E. And we’ll go from there.

Don’t, don’t answer that. I don’t want you to say something that you’ll regret because you’re emotional. I know I’m being emotional, Philip, but this is not some knee jerk reaction to what happened with Xander. Like I said before, I’ve… I’ve had these feelings for you for a while now. I swear, I did not come here to discuss this.

I, I know that, I know that you would not take advantage of me during a vulnerable moment and use it to get what you want. That, that’s the old Phillip. I see how much you’ve changed.

I should go.

But so you know, I’m here for you, Chloe. I always will be.

You have no claim to Victoria. She’s my flesh and blood, Rex. My name is on the birth certificate. I’m married to her mother. So in the eyes of the law, Victoria is my child, not yours. Come on. A quick DNA test will fix all that. Should be back in my arms as soon as I get the results. You want to go down that road, you’re in for a long, ugly legal battle.

And what judge in their right mind would give custody to a convicted felon over two highly respected physicians? If you think that your pathetic little threats are going to make me back down, you’re sorely mistaken. I’m going to fight harder for Victoria than I’ve ever fought for anything in my life.

And mark my words, I will win. I’m going to be part of my daughter’s life. And there’s nothing either of you two can do to stop me!

What did Rafe want? That son of a bitch just tricked me into telling him that my mom and Michaels went to London to find Susan Banks. He lied and said that they’re in police custody. Oh, damn it! How could I be so stupid? Tripp, you’re not stupid. Once again, Rafe did something really messed up to get you to talk.

Yeah, well, it worked. And now he and Jada are probably closing in on my mom and Michael as we speak. Susan Banks is alive? I thought she died when Ava drove her off the cliff. They never found her remains. Well, the car exploded. I mean, would there be any remains? We just assumed that she was incinerated.

Now Tripp says that Ava remembers seeing Susan get out of the car right before it caught on fire. And Susan supposedly came here. That’s what Tripp said. I don’t know, Rafe. He sounds like a son desperate to get his mother off the hook. Maybe. But it is Salem. Dead people turning out not to be dead. Not all that unusual.

So, for argument’s sake, let’s say Susan Banks is alive. What brought her to London? Man, there’s a ton here on Susan, but nothing that links her to the letter key.

Try crumbs. What? Add crumbs to the search. Yeah, zero comes up. Yeah, just try it. It’s possible. Okay, okay. Susan Banks and… Crumbs. Here we go.

Holy cow. What? Oh, come on, you find something? Yeah, it’s a, it’s like a newspaper article from like 25 years ago. It looks like a wedding announcement. Read it. Susan Banks of Salem, USA ties the knot in merry old England to Edmund P.Crumb.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Tripp comes home and tells Wendy that he’s glad to be home from the longest shift ever. Tripp asks about Wendy being distracted on her laptop. Wendy reminds him that she’s trying to find a new job since EJ fired her. Tripp tells her that he’s so sorry about that. Wendy asks why since he’s not the one who got caught hacking EJ’s phone and Tripp told her to stay out of it, but she wouldn’t listen. Tripp knows she was just trying to help him. Wendy says she obviously didn’t succeed since she never found proof that EJ put a hit on Ava. Tripp adds that now thanks to him, the police are hot on Harris and Ava’s trail.

Rafe and Jada arrive in London and approach the hotel room where Ava and Harris were said to be staying. They open the door with guns raised but find it empty.

Philip shows up at Chloe’s door. Chloe invites him in but asks what he’s doing here when Rex is getting married today. Philip confirms that he was. Chloe guesses that Xander crashed the wedding which Philip confirms.

Outside the Pub, Xander asks what Sarah has to say for herself. Xander decides he doesn’t care what she has to say because she kept him from his daughter long enough, so he’s just going to take her. Sarah stops him and says he can’t but Xander tells her to watch him. Sarah stops him and reminds him that he said he wanted to talk. Xander tells her to start by explaining how she could pass off his child as Rex Brady’s. Xander questions what kind of person she is. Sarah argues that they did the exact same thing to Eric and he didn’t have a problem with it then. Xander argues that it was different because Sarah didn’t want to complicate things for Eric and Nicole while she lied to him about Victoria out of sheer spite to punish him. Sarah declares that she did it to prevent an innocent child from being raised by a killer.

Rafe and Jada search the hotel room. Jada opens a drawer and finds the fake passports. They conclude that Ava and Harris are still in the country. Rafe wonders where they are now.

Harris and Ava eat together at a cafe. Ava worries about getting recognized by the cops or one of EJ’s goons. Harris encourages her to relax and reminds her that she said she trusted him. Ava says she does but she’d feel better if they weren’t so exposed. Harris promises they are fine and says staying in their hotel room wasn’t getting them any closer to finding Susan. Ava complains that they don’t even know if Susan is in London or even alive. Harris brings up the visions which Ava argues could all be in her head as just figments of her imagination. Ava says it could be Susan’s ghost tormenting her from beyond the grave. Harris brings up Marlena hypnotizing Ava. Ava questions what Susan is waiting for if this was her intention and why she hasn’t sent them another sign.

Chloe doesn’t understand why Philip is here still. Philip says after what went down at the Pub, he figured she would be upset so he had to come see her. Philip asks if she’s okay. Chloe admits that she’s not but she will be. Philip knows Chloe is the one who told Xander that he’s Victoria’s father. Chloe confirms that she overheard Philip and Rex in the town square and apologizes. Philip understands a secret like that is bound to come out in Salem. Chloe hopes that Rex and Sarah are as understanding as he is, but questions why they would be when Sarah didn’t want Xander to know. Chloe cries that she couldn’t keep something so big from Xander and she felt he deserved to know. Chloe feels bad that Xander ruined the wedding but Philip reveals that he didn’t since Rex and Sarah had already tied the knot by the time Xander showed up. Philip points out that Chloe and Xander obviously didn’t make it to New York. Chloe says she was just telling her mom on the phone that the wedding is off. Philip tells Chloe that there’s no reason she and Xander can’t still get married. Chloe responds that there actually is.

Xander tells Sarah that she has no idea how much he hated himself over what happened to Susan. Sarah asks if he can’t even bring himself to say it. Sarah states that Susan went off a cliff and died in a horrible explosion because of him. Xander argues that Ava killed Susan after he let her go. Sarah complains that Ava never would have gotten her hands on Susan if Xander didn’t kidnap her in the first place and insists that he is directly tied to a murder. Xander disagrees that those are the facts. Sarah tells Xander that despite all of the years of pain and suffering that he’s caused her and everyone she knows, she continued to buy his bull about being changed. Sarah goes over Xander signing on with Ava, kidnapping Bonnie, and teaming up with Gwen yet again. Sarah tells Xander that he got Susan killed and she knew she couldn’t stay married to him or even be around him, so she certainly wasn’t going to let her child grow up around his toxic influence, so she did what she thought she needed to do to keep her child safe. Xander remarks that once again Sarah played God, with not just his life, but his daughter’s. Xander mocks that Sarah never makes a bad choice and knows what’s best for everyone because she’s perfect.

Wendy tells Tripp that she knows he’s worried sick about Ava. Tripp feels Ava was counting on him and he made everything worse. Wendy encourages that he can’t blame himself since Rafe had an eye witness who saw Harris and Ava behind their building. Tripp notes that Rafe did threaten him, so Wendy points out that he had no choice. Wendy can’t believe Rafe went after him for protecting his own mother and asks if he threatened to arrest him. Tripp says not exactly so Wendy asks how Rafe got him to tell him that Ava and Harris were in London. Tripp tells her that it doesn’t matter and wants her to drop it but Wendy demands to know, so Tripp gives in and admits that Rafe said if he didn’t tell him where Ava and Harris were, he would go after Wendy.

Ava tells Harris that she’s not hungry and goes over how Susan wouldn’t leave her alone about telling the truth with cryptic clues and now she clams up. Harris admits he’s no expert but suggests maybe Susan wants them to be patient. Ava wonders if Susan is just screwing with her and doesn’t want to be found. Ava tries calling out to Susan to give them another sign. Harris then shows Ava that the remaining crumbs on his plate have formed an E.

Sarah tells Xander that maybe she did play God but she had to protect her daughter. Xander argues that she wasn’t in any danger. Sarah asks how many times Xander swore his life in crime was over and that he wanted to be a better man for her. Xander argues that he was desperate and reminds her that they were broke. Sarah reminds him that she was working part time at the hospital and they were living at the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander complains that was Victor calling him a free loader all the time. Sarah argues that he could’ve swallowed his pride for a few months, but instead he moved them in to a roach motel and said he was going to get a respectable, honest job. Xander talks about how he was going to work at the Spectator but Jack couldn’t hire him. Sarah brings up how Xander teamed up with Gwen to blackmail the paper away from Jack and Jennifer. Xander states that he tried. Sarah questions if he did try instead of taking one rejection and turning to kidnapping. Xander complains that it’s so easy for her to say since everyone in the town hates him while he was drowning in debt. Xander remarks that he doesn’t have a rich mom offering him handouts. Sarah argues that Maggie loves Xander like a son and she wanted to help both of them. Xander argues that the money that Maggie offered them came from Victor. Sarah asks who cares. Xander shouts that Victor took every chance to belittle him, so he was not going to take a dime from him. Sarah points out that Xander was very happy to take a cut of Ava’s ransom money. Xander says every day he regrets his role in Susan’s death but he made the choice he made because he didn’t want to disappoint and fail Sarah as a husband and a man. Xander declares that he did what he thought he had to do. Sarah responds that she did too when she chose to make Rex the father of her baby instead of him.

Philip gets that Chloe’s new husband sharing a kid with his ex-wife complicates things, but feels they could still be happy while co-parenting with Sarah and Rex. Chloe cries that she and Xander are not going to be a family or anything else because she asked him point blank and he tried to say nothing would change but they both know that Xander being the father of Victoria will change everything, so that’s why she told him to go to the Pub. Philip tells Chloe that he’s sorry as he knows she really cared about Xander. Chloe brings up that people were really shocked that she and Xander fell for each other, but cries that what they had was real. Chloe talks about Xander always assuring her that he was over Sarah, but she knew he wasn’t and that he had unresolved feelings for her. Chloe guesses Philip would know something about that. Philip asks how much of his conversation with Rex she overheard. Chloe admits that she heard enough to know that Philip might still be in love with her.

Wendy questions Tripp about Rafe threatening to go after her. Tripp explains that Rafe figured out that Wendy was the one who doctored the passports and said if he didn’t tell him what he knew, he would send in Melinda Trask. Wendy realizes that Rafe made him choose between her and his mother and he chose her. Wendy questions why he would do that. Tripp tells Wendy that it’s because he’s in love with her.

Jada admits Wendy has skills since the fake passports look real, but if they’re going to want to leave the country, they will need them. Rafe states that they have to come back eventually, so they will be there waiting for them.

Harris points out the crumbs spelling out the letter E to Ava and calls it exactly what she wanted. Harris declares that this is the sign from Susan. Ava questions thinking Susan is talking to them through a pastry. Harris calls it possible. Ava asks what the E is supposed to mean then. Harris goes over how Susan’s signs have been Big Smoke which meant London and now the letter E. Ava questions seeing messages in food. Harris calls it progress. Ava asks again what it means. Harris says he doesn’t know yet. Ava says it means nothing. Harris questions her giving up. Ava calls it obviously hopeless. Harris remarks that they just have to figure out a way to connect the letter E to Susan Banks. Harris adds that he enjoys solving a good puzzle, especially with a friend. Ava asks if they are friends now. Harris says he would say so and Ava agrees. Ava suggests they should work on this back at the hotel. Harris comments that it would suck to get busted since they are one step closer to finding Susan.

Rafe tells Jada that he told the front desk to keep an eye out for Ava and Harris and to call him when he sees them. Jada asks if they are just supposed to sit here. Rafe says there isn’t much else they can do. Jada talks about tracking them from the taxi stand and asks about the security footage. Rafe says they already checked but there was nothing on it so they must have either gone on foot or out back. Jada questions why London and what they are even doing here. Jada brings up Rafe being involved with Ava and asks why she would pick London of all places. Rafe calls it a big city easy to get lost in. Jada questions why they wouldn’t just go off the grid. Rafe suggests maybe it’s not running away but running to something. Rafe then pulls out his phone.

Wendy questions Tripp saying he loves her. Tripp admits he’s been wanting to tell her for awhile now and he almost did on the first night they made love, but he was afraid she wouldn’t say it back because of his past experience with Allie. Wendy states that just because Allie didn’t say it back doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with her. Wendy guarantees it won’t as she tells Tripp that she loves him too and she’s in love with him. Tripp jokes that they should shout it from the rooftops. Wendy says she has a better idea and kisses him.

Philip tells Chloe that he never wanted her to know how he feels about her. Chloe asks why not. Philip points out that he didn’t want to get in between her and Xander or mess up with Rex’s relationship with Sarah. Chloe questions Philip being willing to sacrifice his own happiness for everyone else. Philip notes that Chloe sacrificed her happiness by telling Xander the truth. Philip feels he doesn’t deserve to be happy after everything he did to Chloe and Brady. Chloe understands he was mentally ill but got the help he needed and he’s not the same person anymore. Philip says maybe not, but he knows there’s no way she could ever love him again. Chloe is not so sure about that.

Xander questions Sarah really thinking Rex would be a better father than him. Sarah says of course she does because Rex is not a criminal. Xander argues that Rex is a liar and a serial adulterer, reminding Sarah that he cheated on her with her own sister. Sarah argues that Rex has changed, unlike Xander, as he learned from his mistakes and regrets hurting people. Xander repeats that he regrets his part in Susan’s death every day. Sarah asks if he regrets stealing the Spectator since Jack was his best friend. Sarah asks about the money laundering and the diamond smuggling. Sarah asks if he regrets shooting Brady and Marlena or putting Nicole in a cage. Sarah brings up all the psychos that Xander has teamed up with over the years like Orpheus and Clyde Weston. Xander says she can list every one of his sins but that doesn’t give her the right to disqualify him as a father. Xander declares that no matter how little she thinks of him now, she must know he would never harm his own child. Rex comes out from the Pub and asks if everything is alright. Xander tells Rex to go back inside because this doesn’t concern him. Rex responds that it does because Sarah is his wife. Xander argues that it doesn’t mean anything since Sarah only married him to keep his secret and she doesn’t love him. Rex tells him to shut up. Xander asks if he hit a nerve. Rex warns that he’ll hit a bunch of his nerves if he keeps talking. Xander complains that he can’t believe Sarah chose Rex of all people. Sarah doesn’t give a damn what Xander believes and states that she and Rex are married. Xander tells them to go off on their honeymoon then while he gets acquainted with his daughter. Rex stands in Xander’s way and tells him that’s not happening.

Philip tells Chloe that it’s getting late so they don’t have to talk about this now but Chloe says she wants to and needs to. Chloe explains that when she thought Philip was dead, a part of her died with him and she didn’t even realize it until he showed up alive a few weeks ago and she felt the part of her that used to love him with all her heart come back to life again. Chloe admits she was denying it because of their past and because she was with Xander but she doesn’t want to do that anymore as she can’t pretend that part doesn’t exist since it’s been with her since she was 16 years old. Chloe tells Philip that the more time she spends with him, the stronger it gets. Philip asks if she’s saying she still has feelings for him.

Tripp and Wendy continue kissing until Wendy suggests taking it to the bedroom but they get interrupted by Tripp getting a call from Rafe. Tripp answers and asks what Rafe wants. Rafe questions his attitude. Tripp says he threatened his girlfriend and expects him to be polite as he just asks what he wants. Rafe says that’s fair and tells Tripp that he has an update on his mom. Rafe claims to Tripp that Ava and Harris were taken in to custody. Tripp asks if Ava is okay. Rafe tells him that Ava is in serious trouble. Tripp asks if he can do something. Rafe claims he wishes he could but it’s out of his pay grade and that they shouldn’t have gone to another country. Tripp then reveals what Rafe wanted and states that they didn’t go to London to run, but to find Susan. Rafe questions if he means Susan Banks when she’s dead. Tripp explains that Ava remembered seeing Susan get out of the car before the explosion and she’s sure of it. Rafe asks if this is some sort of trick. Tripp swears that it isn’t and tells Rafe about Marlena hypnotizing Ava and that Ava believes Susan is alive and somewhere in London. Tripp asks if finding Susan will help Ava’s case. Rafe responds that he’ll let him know when he finds her. Tripp thought he said Ava was in custody. Rafe admits that he lied and hangs up.

Harris steals the waiter’s phone to use it to search the internet for clues. Ava questions where to begin. Harris suggests putting in Susan Banks and the letter E, then going from there.

Philip tells Chloe not to answer because he doesn’t want her to say something she will regret because she’s emotional. Chloe insists this is not some knee jerk reaction to what happened with Xander as she’s had feelings for Philip for awhile now. Philip swears that he did not come to discuss this. Chloe acknowledges that he did not take advantage of her while she was vulnerable to get what he wants as that’s the old Philip. Chloe sees how much he has changed. Philip feels he should go. Philip tells Chloe that he’s here for her and always will be. Philip then exits the apartment.

Rex tells Xander that he has no claim to Victoria. Xander argues that she is his flesh and blood. Rex points out that his name is on the birth certificate and he’s married to her mother, so in the eyes of the law, Victoria is his daughter, not Xander’s. Xander complains that a quick DNA test will fix that. Rex warns him about a long, ugly legal battle and asks what judge would grant custody to a convicted felon over two highly respected physicians. Xander warns that his threats won’t make him back down and he’s going to fight harder for Victoria than he’s ever fought in his life. Xander shouts that he’s going to be part of his daughter’s life and there’s nothing either of them can do to stop him. Xander then walks away.

Wendy asks Tripp what Rafe wanted. Tripp complains that Rafe just tricked him in to telling him that Ava and Harris went to London to find Susan Banks by lying that they were in police custody. Tripp questions how he could be so stupid. Wendy says Rafe did something really messed up to get him to talk. Tripp worries that it worked and now they are closing in on Ava and Harris as they speak.

Jada questions Rafe about Susan being alive. Rafe points out that Susan’s remains were never found so they just assumed they were incinerated in the explosion but now Tripp says that Ava remembers seeing Susan escape the car right before it caught on fire. Jada questions Susan coming to London. Rafe says that’s what Tripp said. Jada worries that Tripp could just be desperate to get his mother off the hook. Rafe points out that it is Salem where dead people turning out not to be dead is not all that unusual. Rafe wonders if Susan is alive, what brought her to London.

Harris can’t find anything linking Susan to the letter E. Ava jokes that he should add crumbs to the search, so Harris searches Susan Banks and crumbs. Harris then finds a newspaper article from 25 years ago that looks like a wedding announcement. Harris reads that it’s about Susan tying the knot in England to Edmund P. Crumb and shows Ava a photo of them.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



Oh, so good to see a familiar face. Hey, Bonnie. Would you care to join me? I mean, I’ve just been sitting here by myself seething. And since misery loves company, I’m assuming you’re miserable too. Why, why would I be? Why would you be? Because I know you hate Vivian Alamein with a vengeance, too, and since she is claiming to be the once and final Mrs.

Victor Kiriakis. Oh, that. Right, that. And since she and Victor were never legally divorced, she now claims to be the sole heir to his estate. And what’s worse? She threw us all out of the house. Now Justin and I, we’re slumming in in an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little room at the Salem Inn. Excuse me, but weren’t you locked in Statesville for years, Bonnie?

Which is exactly why it’s so, uh, God, what’s the word everybody’s using? Triggering! Triggering! Not to speak ill of the dead. Damn Victor for leaving us in this mess. Damn him for destroying his will. In fact, damn him for dying.

Oh my god. Why? I, I, I, I can’t believe that that’s the child that she’s talking about. The baby boy. Victor’s son. It’s… Alex. Yeah. Oh.

Geez, who died? Oh, I’m sorry. I, um, Besides Uncle Vic, I didn’t mean to say that. You know I love Uncle Vic, too. I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sorry. You know, it’s okay. It’s just that, um, We’ve been through a heroin series of, of, uh, revelations. And, and now… Um, No. What?

Why is nobody answering me? Why aren’t you looking at me? What the hell’s going on?

Okay, don’t worry about it, alright? All is forgiven now that I’ve met my sweet granddaughter. But your mother, that is a whole different story. She’s pretty ticked off of you. Yeah, I figured. Where’s mom anyway? Don’t tell me she’s trying to track me down. Uh, she’s not. She went to Titan to see Vivian. What? I don’t understand.

Why would she go see Vivian? Because Vivian offered me a job there. Which, of course, Mom was not too thrilled about. In fact, she’s on the warpath. Shot out of here like a rocket to confront her. Well, we need to get her back here. I don’t think that’d be a good idea. Get between your mother and Vivian. That fur is gonna fly before the dusk.

So, that may be true, but I’d hate to see the fur that’s going to fly when mom finds out she missed my wedding. That’s right. Sarah and I are getting married. Right now.

Xander, wait. I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t marry you. What? Why? Because of Sarah. Oh, Chloe, darling, come on. I’ve told you a million times. I’m completely over Sarah. That’s not what I meant. I meant… Sarah lied to you. Rex isn’t the father of her baby. You are.

I’m sorry, I must have missed her because it’s so much. No, no, you didn’t miss hear me. Sarah lied. Her little girl is your daughter.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Okay, uh, wait, um, you two are telling me that you want to get married right here right now. Um, yeah, if it’s okay with you. Well, yeah, I mean, it’s okay with me, but can you give me a second to take all this in? I mean, a while ago, I didn’t know this little one was born, and now you two are talking about tying the knot.

Well, actually, she’s the reason we want to tie the knot. Because ever since Victoria Margaret made her grand entrance into this world, we want everyone to know who her father is.

I love you talking about? Victoria can’t be mine. Sarah told me. The timing, it made it impossible. Sanders, she lied. How do you know? I just overheard Rex and Phillip talking about it. In the square, Rex was confiding in Philip and they were talking and said that Victoria is your daughter.

Believe me, I hate that Vivian thinks she has a legitimate claim to Victor’s estate. You think you hate it? Imagine how Maggie feels, being kicked out of her own house by that evil witch. I know, it’s, it’s all a farce and I, I just wish you had some recourse. Well, I don’t know anything about a recourse.

Except there is one last shred of hope to hold on to. What’s that? Brady and Alex brought back Victor’s briefcase from Greece. The ISA found it in the plane wreckage. Hopefully there’s something in it that can turn this whole thing around. So, this, uh, this briefcase hasn’t been opened yet? No, they thought Maggie should do the honors.

I’m just hoping whatever’s in there, it’s good news.

You opened Uncle Victor’s briefcase? Did you figure out why he went to Greece? Is that the letter, the one Constantine was talking about? Yes, it is. It is. Good, good. Well, there’s gotta be some answers in there, right? Did you figure out why Uncle Vic destroyed his will? Um, why don’t I let the two of you talk alone?

Why? It’s about Uncle Vic. Yes, but it concerns you too. I’m sorry.

What’s going on? Why is Auntie Maggie sorry? And what’s in the letter? I just… I don’t understand.

Why would Sarah tell me that Rex is the baby’s father? Why would she lie to me? Get out. I know the answer is because she hates me. She hates me for what I did to Susan. I think it’s a lot more complicated than that. No, it’s actually very simple, Chloe.

She thinks I’m a bad person. A lowlife, not worthy to be the father of our child. Oh my gosh, you would rather her daughter, our daughter, grow up believing a lie than know the truth that I’m her father. Her precious little girl is mine.

Hey sweetheart. Oh my god. Look at that little smile. You do know your grandma and grandpa are going to spoil you, right? I have a feeling her parents are going to do the same. Along with their uncle. I just wish your grandma Kate would get here so she could meet you. Actually, here she is now. Well, look who decided to show up.


Mom, this is Victoria Margaret. Oh, Victoria Margaret. I know you probably wish her name was Victoria Catherine, but look, with everything that Maggie’s been through, I hope you understand. Yes, yes, yes. No explanations needed. Victoria is such a beautiful, oh, beautiful, beautiful baby. I just wish we had been introduced maybe two days earlier.

Oh, Kate, I’m… I’m so sorry. We definitely should have called. Yeah, after the birth, things got a little crazy, but hey, at least you’re here now for the wedding. The wedding? Yeah. We are getting married right here, right now. Oh. At least you’re getting your priorities in order. Doesn’t seem very festive, though.

But we have everything we need. Who’s performing the ceremony? That would be me. Ow.

Oh, Bonnie. Hey. I was just on my way to see you. Oh, Maggie, I was gonna come see you too. I just needed a little liquid energy first. Oh, God, those beds at the Salem Inn I was tossing and turning all night. Justin, too. Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be complaining. How are you? I hope you were able to get some sleep at Doug and Julie’s.

Um, not really. Well, of course not. How could you get any, any sleep? Not only have you just lost your husband, but you’ve been kicked out of your own house by that horrible Vivian Allemagne, who’s also threatened to leave you penniless. And, oh my god, the briefcase! Oh, here I am, just blathering on and on.

I’m so sorry. Tell me, please, please tell me there was something in there that’s gonna kick that evil wench to the curb. Well, actually, there was something in the briefcase. It turns out Victor made it a new will. A new will? Yes, he was in the process of drawing it up when he discovered that he and Vivian were never legally divorced.

So, he, uh, specifically left me 50 percent of his estate. Oh, Maggie! Oh my god, I’m so relieved! That’s wonderful news! So, I guess the rest of the family, we just split the other half, right? Uh, not exactly. Well, I mean, Justin was his favorite nephew, so I mean, he must have left us something, right? I’m sorry, Bonnie, but no.

Victor left the entire other half to his son. His son? Oh my god, which one?

So Vivian gets nothing, and… Maggie gets half of everything. Yeah, that’s what, uh, the new, new will dictates. Good, good. That’s great news, Dad. I mean, Maggie’s got to be relieved, and you too. Judging by the look on your face, there’s a catch, isn’t there? Is this about the other half of Uncle Vic’s estate? Yes, it is.

Oh, God. What the hell did Uncle Vic do? He cut us out, didn’t he? He left the other half to Bo. Oh, no, please, don’t, don’t, don’t tell me, Philip. No, Alex. No, he, uh,

He left the other half of his estate to his other son.

A son that none of us knew

about. Another son that none of us knew about? Are you kidding me? I wish I were. It’s all explained in this letter. So Uncle Victor’s leaving half of his estate to some secret son, Dad? This is insane. After everything you’ve done for him? After everything you’ve done for this family? There’s gotta be some way to fight this.

I mean, come on,

we’re not gonna let some Uncle Vic did. It’s wrong, and at least Auntie Maggie’s taken care of, and Vivian’s… Alex! Stop! Okay. It’s you. What’s me? This letter. Angelica wrote it. Her mother? She wrote some letter to Uncle Vic? Yes. You can read it. I’m sorry, Alex. And I don’t know how else I, I don’t know how else I can tell you this, so I’m just gonna say it.

I’m not your father. Victor

is. Hey, what are you telling me? Alex is not Justin’s son, he’s Victor’s, according to Angelica, yes. No. I can’t believe Well, it was spelled out pretty clearly in her letter.

This is crazy. Believe me, I know. Oh, poor Justin. How is he even dealing with this? Oh God, Maggie, I can’t. I can’t, I can’t believe that Justin is not Alex’s father. I think… I’m…

Victoria’s father, this is,

I don’t know what to say, I don’t think the words exist. Oh my god, if you hadn’t overheard Phillip and Rex talking, I might never have known.

Um, you, you might not have known anyway. I’m, I’m not proud of this, but, At first, I was thinking of keeping that secret. Not only for my own sake, but I overheard Philip and Rex saying that that’s what Sarah wanted. Obviously, it’s what she wanted, and I thought I’d be respecting her wishes if I kept my mouth shut, but…

I also realized that my loyalty isn’t to Sarah, it’s, it’s to you, and… You deserve to know the truth.

The Victoria is my daughter. Yeah, and there’s more.

What? Uh, apparently Sarah isn’t really in love with Rex. She’s only with him to cement her story that he’s the baby’s father. She wanted to do whatever she could to make sure that you never knew that Victoria was yours. And that’s the only reason she’s marrying Rex. Oh my god, they’re… They’re getting married right now at the pub?

Yeah, um, So does that mean that you want to go over there?

So you’re going to perform the ceremony? Rex said he deemed it inefficient, so I went online and got ordained. Great, so we’re all set then? Hey, you never thought you’d have two brothers who are ministers. Haha, lucky me. Okay, enough with the jokes. Let’s get this show on the road. We’re here. Can’t wait.

We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in marriage. And, seeing as how this is my first go at this, I wanted to do it right. So, I’d like to begin with a recitation of one of my favorite epic poems. Low praise of the prowess of people kings. I’m just teasing you, bro. No, really, I just wanted to keep it sweet and simple today.

So here goes. Marriage is an honorable commitment and definitely a joyous one, but it can often involve making sacrifices for the one we love the most. But it is through these sacrifices that an even greater joy can be found. And with that said, Do you, Rex Brady, take Sarah Horton to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her?

In sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live. I do. Do you, Sarah Horton, take Rex Brady to be your lawfully wedded husband? To live together in matrimony? To love him, comfort him, honor and keep him? In sickness and in health? In sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live.

Do you think I should go over there and cause a scene? I think that you need to go tell Sarah that you know everything. Before she… Before she what? What, marries her ex? Chloe, we’re, we’re about to get married. We’re heading to New York to meet up with your parents and Parker, we have plane tickets. Xander.

What? Come on, you’re not thinking straight. You know this changes everything. No, no, no, nothing has changed, but we’re still the same people we were this morning. The ones who make each other laugh and play darts and have made a really happy home here. We’re the same people who are planning our life together.

Come on, Xander, stop. You know we’re… You know this changes everything. Now that we know the truth… about the baby… and Sarah… Can you honestly say this doesn’t change everything? I

do really care about you, Chloe. I know. I know you do. I love you.

But I just feel that Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t say it.

Just go.

I have to go. I have to find Justin. Bonnie, please, would you just sit with me for a bit? I mean, give Alex and Justin time to talk. He’s my husband, Maggie. He needs me. And I need to go to him now. Maggie, imagine if Victor found out that one of his children wasn’t his. What would you do? They’re at the Hortons.


He’s my, uh, he and my mother. You never knew? No. No. I can only assume that they had some kind of dalliance and kept it a secret.

If that’s true, um, why would it be there? Why would he and my mother have kept that a secret from me my whole life? Well, according to this letter, your mother thought that, um, I would be devastated to learn that, uh, she had lied to me and allowed me to think that, uh, Beautiful baby boy is mine. And that, uh, that I would feel incredibly betrayed by my uncle.

You know, flesh and blood. So, that’s why she and Victor kept it from me. And you.

Sarah, I think that’s your cue. Yeah, I, I’m so sorry, where were we? Oh, just me asking if you’d take Rex to be your lawfully wedded husband. Right, right. Yes, of course, yes. Then, if we could have the rings. Here you go. Thanks, Pop. With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

By the power vested in me, by the almighty internet, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

And that’s your cue, bro. Good work.

My God.

When Brady and I went to Greece to try and figure out what Uncle Vic was up to, um, I never could have imagined that it would be this. Look, look, I don’t care what this paper says. And Victor may be your biological father, but Alex, look at me. I am your dad, in every way that counts, and nothing can change that.

You don’t feel that way?

Oh, I’m feeling, uh,

I can’t really put into words, um, None of it seems real.

Everything that I thought of, Who I am, Who my father is. Who my brothers are is suddenly told to me that it was all a lie.

I was really proud to know that you were my father. You’re a good person.

You’re honorable. And you are honest, and you are kind, and I always thought that because I was part of you, that maybe deep down somewhere inside of me, that that was inside of me too, and I, uh…

I just think that it always, it always gave me some kind of hope for myself. And now, uh, Alex, you are a good person. And I have, I know I’ve been tough on you from time to time, but I have always, I’ve always believed in you, son. Because I know how smart you are, and most importantly, What a good heart you have.

I feel like any minute I’m gonna wake up from this very strange nightmare.

I hope the hell I do very soon.

I think I need to be alone right now.


I understand.

Well, if I do say so myself… It’s very well hung. Said the chorus girl to the archbishop. You know there’s a reason I like you, you’ve got a filthy mind and a terrible aim. You know, let’s hope that that board stays up there because I would hate for it to fall the moment I hit my first bullseye. If a massive earthquake were to hit Salem…

And that wall started to crumble? Our dart bullet would stop it from falling. You think? I know. That’s a bearing wall. It might save the whole building. Thanks to my expert installation. Unbelievable.

Ha ha, believe it. I’m ready for that shoulder massage. Uh huh.

Ooh. Oh yeah, that feels good. Maybe I don’t mind losing so much

after a while.

Mom, hi. It’s me. No, I’m not at the airport. I’m actually, I’m actually not. Yeah, something’s wrong. Um, Xander and I, we, uh,

well, the wedding is off.


Sorry to crash the party, Mrs. Brady. Xander, what are you doing here? I came for my baby. Your baby. This is not your baby. Are you sure about that? I want to ask them. What the hell are you talking about? Stop. Chloe was there, Philip. In the square. She overheard you and Rex talking about it. About how Sarah’s baby is actually mine.

But Chloe had the decency to tell me. Before we both got on a plane to go to New York. To get married. Chloe must have misunderstood. Say something, Sarah.

She didn’t misunderstand. She’s right. Victoria is Sanders. She’s yours.

You and I need to

talk. Alone.

Vivian, um, it’s Maggie. I need to see you as soon as possible. You and I have something very important to discuss.

Honey, I just, I just talked to Maggie. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. Come here, baby. Come here. Oh, honey.

How can this be happening?

How can you be my father?

I thought you two, uh… Could use these, you know. Say that again.

So, that beautiful little girl, isn’t our granddaughter?

No. And I’m sorry. That’s why I was so slow to… To tell you about her. Um, so I guess that means that you and Sarah weren’t in a real relationship. She wasn’t.

I was.

Well, I assume you left my daughter with her fake father, huh? How could you do this, Sarah? How could you keep her from me?

No, it’s okay, Mom. You don’t have to come here. No, I promise. No, I will be fine, okay? I, um… I’ll just, I’ll talk to you later, okay? Okay, I love you too.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip asked Rex if he told Kate what was going on. Rex said he hasn’t because he felt guilty for lying to her. He told Philip he wasn’t Victoria’s father. He said Xander is the father. Chloe overheard Rex talking to Philip. She hid behind a flower cart and continued to listen to Rex. Rex told Philip what happened with Sarah and the baby. Philip said he understood why Sarah wouldn’t want Xander to know about the baby. Rex said Maggie, Justin and Bonnie are the only ones who know the truth. He said they have all agreed to keep it a secret. Philip said he would keep it a secret. Rex said he appreciated him keeping the secret since it could be his chance to get Chloe back. Philip said he wasn’t going down that road again. He said he has accepted that she is with Xander. Rex asked him to officiate his wedding. Philip left to get ordained. Rex left to get Sarah and the baby from the hospital. Xander went to see Sarah at the hospital. He wanted to check on her and the baby. She said they were both fine. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he had something to tell her. She said she had something to tell him too. She told him to go first. He told her he and Chloe were getting married. She congratulated him. He asked her what she wanted to tell him. She said she and Rex were getting married today. He said it might be too soon after having the baby. She said she would be fine. She said they were having a simple ceremony at the pub. He told her about his plans with Chloe. He said he hoped Parker would like him. She said he would make a great father.

Kate told Roman that Sarah had the baby. He wanted to go see the baby. She said she didn’t want to go to the hospital because Rex didn’t tell them about the baby. He said she was being petty. She said something weird was going on. He said Rex has been acting weird. He asked if she did something to make Rex upset. Philip came in and told them he found out about the baby. He said he ran into Rex and he was going to come there as soon as he picked up Sarah and the baby. He told them about Vivian’s job offer. Kate left to talk to Vivian. Rex and Sarah showed up at the pub. Rex told him why they didn’t say anything about the baby. Roman said he understood but Kate was mad at him. Alex went to see Vivian at Titan. She told him she was running things and wanted him to come back and be her number two. He told her to shove it. She said she didn’t understand. He told her he didn’t like her because of what she did to his family and Maggie. She said she didn’t know he was so close to Maggie. He said he was. He said he didn’t want any part of her causing Maggie pain. She said he reminded her of his mother. He was surprised that she knew his mother. She said Anjelica was cutthroat and he was just like that. He said Victor told him the same thing. He said he wasn’t a traitor so he wasn’t going to work with her. She said working at Basic Black was the same. He left. Kate showed up and ripped into Vivian. She told Vivian Philip wasn’t going to work with her. Vivian asked if she wanted the job. Kate said she would never work for her,. Chloe went home and found Xander packing. He thanked her for accepting him. She broke down and cried. She said she couldn’t marry him because of Sarah. She told him that he is Victoria’s father. Maggie and Justin were glad they found Victor’s will. She wanted Justin to read it since he is a lawyer. The will said Victor realized he was still married to Vivian. He said he was going to rectify it soon. He wanted to make sure Maggie was provided for in case he died before fixing it. He said he was going to remarry her. He left her half of his estate. Maggie and Justin couldn’t wait to see Vivian’s face. He was curious about the other half of the will. He read that Victor left personal effects to various family members. He read that Victor left everything including controlling interest in Titan to a son he has never acknowledged. He was doing this to make up for never acknowledging his son. He planned to tell him when he got back to Salem. The name of the son was in a note. They were shocked when they saw the note. The son turned out to be Alex.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Maggie couldn’t believe that Alex wasn’t his son. Alex showed up and noticed the expressions on their faces. He wanted to know who died and immediately apologized for it. Maggie told him they found out some shocking things. Alex wanted to know why Justin wouldn’t look at him. Maggie left them alone to talk. Justin told him about the provisions Victor made for Maggie. Justin let him know that Victor left the other half of the everything to the son no one knew he had. Alex was confused by that and wanted to fight it. Justin wanted him to stop. It broke his heart to tell Alex that he is Victor’s son. Alex was shocked by the news. Justin said he never knew. Alex couldn’t believe they kept that secret from him. Justin told him they did that so he wouldn’t feel betrayed. Alex never thought they would find out something like that. Justin assured him that he was still his son. Justin wondered if he felt the same way. Alex said everything he knew was a lie. Alex was proud to have Justin as a father because he was a good and honorable man. He thought there was hope for him to be good too. Justin assured him that he was good too. He hoped it was a nightmare and wanted to be alone. Maggie ran into Bonnie at the town square. She told her about the new will. She let her know that she got half of everything and his son got the other half. Bonnie wondered which one.

Bonnie was shocked to find out that Alex was Victor’s son. Bonnie asked Maggie how Justin was handling it. She wanted to go to him. After Bonnie left, Maggie called Vivian so they could meet. Chloe told Xander that she couldn’t marry him. She told him that she couldn’t marry him because of Sarah. He assured her that he was over Sarah. Chloe told him that Sarah lied to him about the baby. She told him that the baby is his and not Rex’s. Xander was confused and she told him that she overheard Rex talking to Philip. He didn’t understand why she lied to him, but he realized that she hated him. She thought about keeping the truth from him, but her loyalty was to him. She also told him that Sarah isn’t in love with Rex. She’s only marrying him to keep the secret about the baby. Xander asked her if he should go to the pub and she thought he should do it. Rex and Sarah were ready to get married. Philip was the one officiating the wedding. Rex went through his vows quickly while Sarah hesitated. Philip pronounced them man and wife when Xander walked in the pub. He told her that he knew the truth about the baby. He said that Chloe overheard Rex and Philip talking about the baby. Rex said Chloe misunderstood them, but Sarah admitted the truth. Everyone left Xander and Sarah alone. He demanded to know why she lied to him.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kate walks through the town square and comes across Bonnie, who says it’s good to see a familiar face as she’s just been sitting there seething. Bonnie invites Kate to join her and assumes that Kate is also miserable because of Vivian. Bonnie talks about Vivian claiming to be the sole heir to Victor’s estate and says Vivian threw them all out of the mansion, so her and Justin are slumming it in a room at the Salem Inn. Kate brings up Bonnie being locked up for years in prison. Bonnie remarks that is why it’s so triggering. Bonnie blames Victor for destroying his will, causing this mess, and dying.

At the Horton house, Justin and Maggie talk about how they can’t believe the child Victor was talking about is Alex. Alex then walks in and questions who died, then apologizes since Victor did. Maggie informs him that they have just been through a harrowing series of realizations. Alex questions what the hell is going on.

At the Brady Pub, Roman tells Rex not to worry about it and that all is forgiven now that he’s met his beautiful granddaughter. Roman adds that Kate is a whole different story as she’s pretty ticked off at him. Rex says he figured and asks where she is. Philip notes that Kate went to go see Vivian at Titan. Rex and Sarah question why. Philip explains that Vivian offered him a job there and Kate wasn’t thrilled, so she’s on the warpath to confront her. Rex says they need to get Kate back here. Roman doesn’t think it’d be a good idea to get in between Kate and Vivian. Rex then reveals he wouldn’t want Kate to miss his wedding as he announces that he and Sarah are getting married right now.

Chloe starts to cry and stops Xander, saying she’s sorry but she can’t marry him. Xander asks why. Chloe says it’s because of Sarah. Xander argues that they talked about this plenty of times and he’s totally over Sarah. Chloe then reveals to Xander that Sarah lied to him as Rex isn’t the father of her baby, Xander is. Xander asks if he misheard. Chloe repeats that Sarah lied and that her little girl is Xander’s daughter.

Roman questions Rex and Sarah wanting to get married right here and right now. Sarah asks if it’s okay with him. Roman says it is but asks for a second to take all this in. Rex explains that baby Victoria is the reason as they want everyone to know who her father is..

Xander asks what Chloe is talking about and argues that Victoria can’t be his because Sarah told him the timing is impossible. Chloe repeats that Sarah lied. Xander asks how she knows. Chloe reveals that she just overheard Rex confiding in Philip in the town square that Victoria is Xander’s daughter.

Kate tells Bonnie that she hates that Vivian thinks she has a legitimate claim to Victor’s estate. Bonnie tells her to imagine how Maggie feels to be kicked out of her own house by Vivian. Kate wishes she had recourse. Bonnie notes that there is one shred of hope to hold onto as Brady and Alex brought Victor’s briefcase back from Greece, so hopefully something in it can turn things around. Bonnie hopes whatever is in it is good news.

Alex questions opening Victor’s briefcase and asks if they figured out why he went to Greece and if they found the letter that Constantine was talking about. Justin confirms it is so Alex asks if they found answers as to why Victor destroyed his will. Maggie offers to let them talk alone which Alex questions. Maggie tells Alex that it’s about Victor, but it concerns him too. Maggie apologizes and then exits the room. Alex asks Justin what is going on, why Maggie is sorry, and what’s in the letter.

Xander tells Chloe that he doesn’t understand why Sarah would tell him that Rex is the baby’s father and lie to him. Xander guesses it’s because she hates him for what he did to Susan. Chloe thinks it’s more complicated. Xander argues that Sarah thinks he’s a bad person and a low life, not worthy to be the father of their child. Xander realizes that Sarah would rather their daughter grow up believing a lie instead of knowing the truth. Xander declares that the precious little girl is his.

Roman watches over baby Victoria and wishes Kate would get there to meet her. Kate then arrives and comments on them deciding to show up. Rex introduces Victoria Margaret to Kate. Kate calls her such a beautiful baby. Kate wishes they had been introduced two days earlier. Sarah apologizes for not calling. Rex adds that things got crazy after the birth but at least Kate is here now for the wedding as he informs her they are getting married right here and right now. Kate comments on them getting their priorities in order and remarks that it doesn’t seem very festive. Rex says they have all they need. Kate asks who is performing the ceremony. Philip announces that will be him.

Maggie finds Bonnie in the town square and says she was going to come see her. Bonnie complains about the Salem Inn and asks how Maggie is as she hopes she got some sleep. Maggie says not really. Bonnie understands that Maggie just lost her husband and got kicked out of her house by Vivian. Bonnie remembers the briefcase and hopes there was something in there to kick Vivian to the curb. Maggie confirms that Victor made a new will and he was in the process of drawing it up when he discovered that he and Vivian were never legally divorced, so he left her 50% of his estate. Bonnie is thrilled and calls that wonderful news. Bonnie guesses the rest of the family split the other 50% but Maggie says not exactly. Bonnie argues that Justin was his favorite nephew so he must have left them something. Maggie responds that she’s sorry but Victor left the entire other half to his son. Bonnie questions which one.

Justin informs Alex that Vivian gets nothing and Maggie gets half of everything. Alex calls that great news and says they must be relieved. Alex guesses there’s a catch and asks if it’s about the other half of Victor’s estate. Justin confirms that it is. Alex questions what the hell Victor did and if he cut them out or left the other half to Bo or Philip. Justin reveals that Victor left the other half of his estate to his other son that none of them knew about. Alex asks if he’s kidding. Justin wishes he was but says it’s all explained in the letter. Alex questions Victor leaving half of his estate to some secret son and calls it insane after everything Justin did for him and the family. Alex argues that there must be some way to fight it, calling it wrong what Victor did. Justin shouts at him to stop and then reveals the letter was written by Anjelica and hands it to him to read. Justin cries that he doesn’t know how else to tell him this, but he’s not his father, Victor is.

Maggie reveals to Bonnie that Alex is not Justin’s son, he’s Victor’s son. Bonnie can’t believe it. Maggie says it was spelled out pretty clearly in Anjelica’s letter. Bonnie calls it crazy and asks how Justin is dealing with this. Bonnie can’t believe that Justin is not Alex’s father.

Xander tells Chloe that he can’t believe he is Victoria’s father. Xander doesn’t know what to say and brings up that if Chloe hadn’t overheard Philip and Rex, he might never have known. Chloe states that he might not have known anyway as she admits that at first, she was thinking of keeping the secret for her own sake and she thought it would be respecting Sarah’s wishes to keep her mouth shut, but she realized she’s loyal to Xander, not Sarah, and he deserved to know the truth. Chloe adds that there is more. Chloe explains that Sarah isn’t really in love with Rex and is only with him to cement the story that Rex is the father as she was willing to do whatever it took for Xander to not find out the truth so that’s the only reason they are getting married. Xander realizes they are getting married right now at the Pub. Chloe asks if Xander wants to go there.

Kate questions Philip performing the ceremony. Philip explains that he got ordained online and jokes about Rex having two brothers that are ministers. Roman suggests they get the show on the road. Rex says he can’t wait. Philip then begins the ceremony. Rex says I do while Sarah hesitates.

Xander asks if Chloe thinks he should go cause a scene. Chloe thinks he needs to go tell Sarah that he knows everything, before she marries Rex. Xander reminds Chloe that they were about to get married and were heading to New York to meet her parents and Parker. Chloe argues that he’s not thinking straight since this changes everything. Xander feels nothing has changed and they are still the same people they were this morning. Chloe stops Xander and repeats that this changes everything, now that they know the truth about the baby and Sarah. Chloe asks if he can honestly say it doesn’t change everything. Xander tells Chloe that he really cares about her. Chloe kisses him and says she knows he does. Xander says he loves her. Chloe tells him to just go, so Xander then rushes out of the apartment as Chloe cries.

Bonnie tells Maggie that she has to go find Justin. Maggie asks her to sit with her for a bit and give Justin and Alex time to talk. Bonnie argues that Justin is her husband and he needs her, so she needs to go to him now. Bonnie asks what would Maggie do if Victor found out one of his children wasn’t his. Maggie tells her that they are at the Horton house so Bonnie rushes off.

Justin and Alex sit down as Alex goes over the fact that Victor is his father. Justin assumes Victor and Anjelica kept it a secret. Alex questions why. Justin explains that according to the letter, Anjelica thought he would be devastated to learn that she lied to him, so she allowed him to think the baby was his and that he would feel incredibly betrayed by Victor, so they kept it from them.

Philip asks Sarah again if she takes Rex to be her husband. Sarah says yes, so Philip asks for the rings which Roman hands over. Rex and Sarah exchange the rings. Philip then pronounces Rex and Sarah as husband and wife. Rex and Sarah kiss as Xander walks in to the Pub.

Alex talks about when he and Brady went to Greece to figure out what Victor was up to and says he never could’ve imagined it would be this. Justin doesn’t care what the letter says and says that Victor may be his biological father, but he’s still his dad in every way that counts and nothing can change that. Justin asks if Alex doesn’t feel that way. Alex responds that he can’t put in to words how he’s feeling as none of it feels real. Alex states that everything he thought of who he is, who his father is, and who his brothers are was all a lie. Alex adds that he was really proud to know Justin is his father since he’s a good, honorable, honest, and kind person. Alex always thought that because he was part of Justin, that deep down that was inside of him too. Alex thinks that always gave him hope for himself until now. Justin encourages that he is a good person and says he’s always believed in him because he knows how smart he is and what a good heart he has. Alex feels like he’s going to wake up from a very strange nightmare. Alex decides he needs to be alone right now. Justin says he understands and exits the room.

Chloe paces at her apartment and looks at the dart board on the wall, remembering when she and Xander first got it. Chloe holds back tears and sits down with her phone. Chloe then calls her mom and cries that the wedding is off.

Xander says he’s sorry to crash the party. Sarah questions what he’s doing here. Xander responds that he came for his baby. Kate argues it’s not his baby. Xander asks if she’s sure about that and tells her to ask them. Philip questions what he’s talking about. Xander reveals that Chloe was in the town square and heard Rex and Philip talking about how the baby is actually his, but Chloe had the decency to tell him before they got a plane to New York to get married. Rex argues that Chloe must have misunderstood. Xander tells Sarah to say something. Sarah reveals that Chloe didn’t misunderstand and confirms that Victoria is Xander’s. Xander tells Sarah that they need to talk alone.

Maggie sits in the town square and calls Vivian, leaving a message that she needs to see her as soon as possible as they have something very important to discuss.

Bonnie finds Justin crying over the letter at the Horton house. Bonnie informs him that she just talked to Maggie and she’s so sorry. Bonnie hugs Justin as he breaks down crying.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and stands at Victor’s portrait, questioning how this can be happening and how Victor can be his father.

Roman brings drinks to Rex and Kate and says he thought they could use them. Kate guesses Victoria is not their granddaughter. Rex confirms that and says that’s why he was so slow to tell them about her. Kate asks if that means Rex and Sarah weren’t in a real relationship. Rex responds that Sarah wasn’t, but he was.

Xander and Sarah go outside to talk. Xander questions how Sarah could do this and keep Victoria from him.

Chloe tells Nancy that it’s okay and that she doesn’t have to come. Chloe promises that she’ll be fine and she’ll talk to her later. Chloe hangs up and then Philip shows up at her door.

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Days Transcript Monday, September 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Roman, you are not going to believe this. What is it? What’s wrong? Well, I just ran into your sister and she said… I mean, honestly, I don’t even feel like I can tell you. It’s so upsetting. I mean, I am. I am. But you… You should be warned. It’s really disturbing. What? What did Kayla say? Congratulations. On what?

Apparently, Sarah Horton gave birth to our grandchild and no one told us.

Have you shared any of your good news with our mother? No, not yet. Why not? Well, because I feel guilty lying to her. Lying? About what?

I’m not the baby’s father. What do you mean? Victoria’s not my daughter. She’s Xander’s. You’re joking, right? No, I’m not joking. Xander is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Xander? What a surprise. It’s little Victoria. She’s great. Now that she’s sleeping. How are you doing? Exhausted, but otherwise fine. So you’re recovered from that scare after the birth? Yeah, thankfully so. I’m being discharged today. Oh, great. So what brings you by? Oh, I just, um… That’s something I wanted to tell you.

Xander is Victoria’s father. He has a right to know. Um, actually there’s something I want to tell you, too.

Thank you so much for coming, Alexander. I got your text. What the hell do you want? Well, I’ll be brief. The thing is, I’m running Titan now, and I need a right hand man, and I thought of you as my first choice. You want to hire me? Yes, I have big plans for Titan. And, uh, from what I’ve heard about you, I think you’re exactly the right thing.

Well, I gotta say, Vivian, I am very grateful for this opportunity. Really? Yes, because now I can tell you to take your job and shove it. Wow.

So now we know. Victor destroyed his old will and had this… New and drawn up and, well, he was in Greece. The question is why? Well, he had just been to Visebo. Do you think that had anything to do with it? Possibly. I wonder what changes he made. Only one way to find out.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So… What’s your news? Um, you go first.

Chloe and I are getting married. Yeah, I know that already. No, I mean, we’re getting married today. Oh. Not that you care or anything, I just wanted you to hear it from me first. Um, that’s uh, that’s very, that’s very considerate of you. Uh, congratulations. Thanks. So, um, what was it you wanted to tell me?

I don’t get it. If Xander’s the father, why have you been telling everyone the baby’s yours? Sarah asked me to. Why? Alright, let’s rewind a bunch of months here. So, Sarah and Xander… They were very happily married. Until Sarah finds out about what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. The whole deranged clown thing.

Exactly. And then after all that happened, Sarah finds out she’s pregnant with Xander’s baby. And she doesn’t want a guy like Xander, who’s capable of something so horrible, to be the father of her child. So, I stepped in. Hey, I, I realize as I’m saying this, I might be bringing some stuff up for you, like about Claire.

No, this is totally different. Xander’s a criminal. He put Sarah through so much already, it makes sense that a double kidnapping was the last straw. Exactly. So she had to get away from him. So she signs the divorce papers, moves to Chicago, so nobody finds out she’s pregnant. Not even her own mother.

You’re the lawyer, you should read it. Do you need a minute? No, I’m ready. Okay. Victor Yergos Kiriakis, being of sound mind and under no undue influence or duress, hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking all previous wills and codicils. Before I enumerate my final wishes, it should be stated that in the course of drawing up this new document, some very upsetting information has come to light.

My estate attorney discovered that, due to a ghastly clerical error, My divorce from Vivian Alomain was never finalized. Therefore, my beloved Maggie and I were never legally married. I intend to rectify this deeply regrettable mistake the moment I return to Salem, and trust me, heads are going to roll. Ha ha ha ha.

Of course. It is my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible. In the meantime, I want to ensure that she’s provided for in the event of my death. And to that end, I hereby leave 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Oh, Maggie. Oh. Oh.

Uh, what I wanted to tell you was that, um, Rex and I are also getting married today. Oh. It’s, it’s quite a coincidence. Are you sure you’re up for it? Well, yeah, um, like I said, I’m, I’m getting discharged and now that our baby is here we just want to make our little family official. Makes sense. I know you’re a fiercely independent woman, but of course you want your daughter to have her father’s name.

So, how did you end up in the role of baby daddy? A few months ago, Bonnie comes to Chicago to see Mimi and Emily. Why am I not surprised Bonnie’s a mother? I know, right? So, it’s my night with Emily. So Bonnie comes over to my apartment and she finds a very pregnant Sarah. So I immediately jump in and say the kid’s mine.

Did she buy it? No, not at all. But Sarah did convince her to stay silent. So Bonnie’s the only one who knows. Mmm, Justin knows, Maggie knows. But everybody’s going to keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, it would bond him and Sarah for life.

She’d never be rid of him. Plus, she, she would never be sure that she and her baby would be safe. Look, can you please, please keep this a secret? Don’t tell anybody. I know Xander’s your cousin. I have zero loyalty. More importantly, I don’t want to mess things up for you. I know you never stopped loving Sarah, and you two are getting married.

Oh yeah, the wedding. For Sarah, the wedding is just about… Protecting her child, for me, I’ve made it very clear to Sarah that I’m doing everything I can to win her back, for real. Which will be a hell of a lot easier without Xander sniffing around. Yeah. So, you have my word, brother. I will keep my mouth shut.

Thank you. Really, I appreciate that. Especially since telling the truth would clear a path for you and Chloe.

Sarah had a baby? Yes. I was told, not by our son, that her water broke after Victor’s funeral and they didn’t even make it to the hospital. Is the baby okay? Kayla told me that our granddaughter is just fine. So they had a girl? I need him to Victoria. Let’s go. Where? To the hospital to see our brand new grandbaby.

Not so fast.

Well, I’m really disappointed. I thought you’d take my offer. Now, why would you think that, knowing we despise you? What did I ever do to you? You’ve been messing with my family for years. And what you did to my brother, Sonny. Yeah, that dirtbag Leo Stark falsely accused him of sexual harassment. You made his life a living hell and you still hadn’t let up on us because you just kicked my father and his wife out of their own home.

Well, I think Justin should find his own place to live. And who is that hillbilly wife? She’s not your mother! Bonnie’s still my family. And so was Maggie. Oh, really? I didn’t know you cared about Maggie.

Thank you.

Thank you, my darling. Hmm.

So, Victor knew that he was still married to Vivian. Do you think that’s why he created this new will? Well, the lawyer stated that he discovered the upsetting information about Vivian while he was drawing this up, which means the changes were already in motion. There is so much to process. Well, one thing is clear, Maggie.

My uncle was madly in love with you, and he couldn’t wait to marry you. Well, I wish we had gotten that chance. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s painful to think that our marriage wasn’t real. You know, I was there at your wedding. In fact, I think I was the one who pronounced you husband and wife. That’s right. The Justin of the Peace D.

K. couldn’t make it because of that snowstorm or something. Neither could the guests, or the caterer, or the florist, the musicians. But it didn’t matter. Because there was so much love in that room. The love that I saw that day and continued to see throughout the years you spent together was real, Maggie.

And an improperly filed piece of paper doesn’t change that. Ah, Justin. You know, I have to admit, this whole mystery surrounding Victor’s will, it hasn’t been easy on me. And it’s not because of the money. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about it. It’s Vivian. Yeah. Yeah, knowing that that will was destroyed and that Viper is gonna get it.

Everything. There is a little part of me though, I guess, that wondered whether Victor’s feelings for me had changed. But now you don’t need to wonder anymore. Victor’s feelings and his intentions are all here in black and white. And that’s for Vivian. Well, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she discovers that she will inherit nothing.

Unless Victor left her the other 50%. Oh, not a chance. But I am curious about the other half.

Yeah. So, uh, where are you and Rex getting married? Um, he’s asking his parents if we could just do it at the pub. A family owned establishment, great choice. Uh, how about you? Hope we didn’t pick the same venue. No worries there. Chloe’s family are all in New York, so we’re gonna hop on a plane in a couple of hours.

Tie the knot over there. Nice. Ugh, it’ll be my first time meeting Parker. I hope he doesn’t hate my guts. No, my nephew is very sweet. I’m sure you two will get along just fine. Still, it’s bound to be awkward. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m your new stepdad. Well, maybe don’t lead with that. But, just be yourself.


less dopey. Got it. Seriously, Xander. You’re gonna be a great dad. Do you really

think so? Think about it. Xander finds out the baby is his. pretty good chance he’s gonna try to get Sarah back, which would free Chloe up to be with you. Maybe, but I’m not going down that road again. I mean, yes, I still love Chloe, but it’s too late for us. I’ve screwed up too many times. Everything I’ve done, I disagree with that.

Bottom line, Chloe’s with Xander, which is better for you, Sarah, and the baby. Right now, that’s all that matters. I appreciate you. Thank you. It means a lot to me. Hey, since you’re being so magnanimous, I have one more favor. Shoot. So, you know, Sarah and I are getting married today. I’m gonna ask my parents if we can use the pub, but we need somebody to officiate.

I would like it to be you. I’d be honored. Great. Look, you have to get ordained. It’s really quick. You can do it online. But, um, hey, I gotta go pick up Sarah and the baby right now, but I’ll meet you at the pub. I’ll see you there. All right.

So, you don’t want to meet our granddaughter? No, of course I do, but Rex didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us that his child was born. I mean, why shouldn’t we wait? Okay, look, I know you’re hurt, but aren’t you being just a little bit petty about this? Two days. He had two days. He could’ve texted us. He could’ve, he could’ve phoned us.

Hell, he could’ve even sent me a, a baby emoji. He could’ve given us anything. Look, Kate, you know what it’s like having a newborn. Total chaos. No sleep. No, it’s more than that. What do you mean? I mean, he was really squirrely about this whole thing right from the beginning. I mean, not telling us that he and Sarah were back together again.

Not to mention the engagement. And then to walk out that door and turn and say, Oh, by the way, Sarah’s pregnant with my child. That, uh, that was a little strange, yeah. It’s all very strange. Something’s not right about this. My Aunt Maggie and I are getting along just fine now. Thank you. She’s also grieving the husband that she just lost.

So while you probably get off on compounding her pain. I want no part of it. Oh, that was very moving. But you’re not exactly an altruist. What the hell does that mean, Vivian? You sort of remind me of your mother. Angelica Devereaux.

You knew my mother? No, I knew her through Victor. She was sort of cutthroat and shrewd, which I think is exactly what your instincts are.

You know, my Uncle Vic said the same thing to me. That I have a killer instinct. Well, there you are. Embrace that instinct. Come work with me at Titan. Make your uncle proud. Okay,

where were we? Um… The personal effects listed below are to be distributed to my various family members, as indicated. Aside from these items, the other 50 percent of my estate, including controlling interest in Titan, shall go to my son. Which son? He knew Bo was in a coma. I can’t imagine it would be him.

Well, he must have been chillin Possibly. But Kate said Victor set up a separate trust for him. Well, keep, keep reading. I love my sons Bo and Phillip a great deal and have made arrangements for their medical care to be covered indefinitely. However, neither of them is the son to whom I am referring. Paul, I, I, I don’t understand.

The son who will inherit the other half of my estate is one I have heretofore never acknowledged.

Yeah, Xander, I think that you’re capable of being a very loving father. Or stepfather. I saw how you were with Mackenzie. Except she wasn’t really Mackenzie, she was… Actually, Rachel. Yeah, we don’t have to revisit that one. I know that you switched the babies to spare me pain. Yeah, but I just ended up making everything so much worse.

Yeah, that is the trouble that you get into. You make bad decisions. Sometimes they come from a good place, but other times, they don’t. Either way, people get hurt. I don’t want to make that same mistake with Parker. I want to be the kind of man that he can look up to. A good man. I kind of said that before, but…

This time, hopefully… It’ll be different. Hopefully. All right, I should, I should get going. I don’t want to miss that flight. Hey, good luck with the wedding. Xander,

I hope you and Chloe are very happy together.


right. You are right, Ashley. Rex’s behavior has been, uh, A little off. I don’t know. Maybe he’s angry at us. Maybe he’s angry at you. You think it’s my fault? No, no. Wait a minute. Look, all I’m asking is this. Do you think that maybe you did something to rub him the wrong way? You have been known to alienate your kids from time to time.

Don’t I know it? Okay. Did you know that Sarah had her baby? Kayla told me. Oh, there you go. At least we’re not the only ones left in the dark. He didn’t even tell his brother. I actually just ran into him. Really? So did he mention the reason that he neglected to tell the family about his baby? I’d better let him answer that.

He’s coming here to see you guys after he picks up Sarah and the baby from the hospital. Okay, you know, you see now you’re acting just as squirrelly as he is. What is going on? What are you not telling me? Nothing. Well, obviously that’s a lie. Wow, Mom, I thought Vivian was being aggressive. Vivian? What do you mean?

Oh, she asked me down to Titan earlier. Offered me a job as her right hand man. What? Oh yeah, she had a whole big pitch. Said I was her first choice for the position. Okay, so what did you say? What do you think I said? I turned her down flat. I cannot believe the nerve of that woman trying to draw you into her web again.

This is not going to happen. Okay. Mom, it’s fine. I already told her no. Well, believe me, there are a few more things that I want to say to her. I am going to give that bitch a piece of my mind.

I may be many things, Vivian, but I’m not a traitor. So no, I will not be betraying my family and partnering up with the enemy. Well, aren’t you already working with the enemy? Basic Black is owned. I don’t have to explain my career choices to you at all. My answer is no. And that’s not gonna change. Leave me the hell alone.

Doesn’t anybody want to work anymore?

So who’s the other son? I have no idea. Well, what does Victor say about it? I take this action not to punish my other heirs, but to make amends for denying my son his birthright from the day he was born. Oh, my God. After visiting Bo, I began to reflect upon my legacy, and came to realize that this is a secret I can no longer keep.

My son deserves to know the truth, and I plan to tell him in person upon my return to Salem. However, I’m also officially documenting it, so there will be no confusion or unanswered questions. The attached letter will explain everything. Letter?

There’s nothing in that stack of letters that they found in Victor’s childhood home. Well, there’s so many of them. Oh. To be included with my will.

Dear Victor, After much back and forth, I am so pleased that we’re finally on the same page about this. As you know, there is nothing more important to me In the future of our son, I’ll admit I wasn’t happy when you showed up at the hospital for his birth. But now that several months have passed, I realized it was your right to be there as he is as much yours as he is mine.

In fact, every time I look at our precious baby, I see you. The dark hair, the dark eyes, the way he screams his head off. When he doesn’t get his way, your pull toward him is only natural. But you must promise me that you will stick to the plan. No one can know that you are the father of my child. It would cause immeasurable pain to a man that we both love.

He’d be devastated to learn that I have lied to him. That I allowed him to think our sweet boy is his.

He would feel incredibly betrayed by you. And his own flesh and blood Does this mean Victor’s son was raised by someone in his own family

We need to talk What can I do for you, Kate? Well, for starters, you can stay away from my son. I assume you mean Philip. Yeah. He told me that you offered him a job. I thought he wanted to be part of his father’s legacy. Not if he has to work with someone like you. What’s the matter, Kate? You jealous? Does your blood boil seeing me in this office?

No. Actually, I feel sick to my stomach. And Phillip must have as well, because he rejected you in record time, didn’t he? Of course, you’re used to that with Kiriakis men. Hmm, Viv? Anyway, bottom line, you’re going to have to find someone else to do your dirty work. How about you? Hi.

Hi. Great timing. I just got discharged. I was about to get dressed. Do you have the rings? Yeah, right here. Did you ask your parents about the pub? I thought we could ask them together. Go over there and they could meet the baby. How’s she doing? She’s great. She even managed to sleep through a visit from Xander.

What was he doing here? Um, he came to tell me that he and Chloe are also getting married today. Today? It’s a big day for weddings, I guess. Yeah. Hey. I know I’ve said this a lot. This is a big decision. If you’re having any second thoughts about this wedding.

For the last time. Marrying you is the best decision for me, for Victoria, for everyone.


Looks like someone found a dress. Uh, yep, I, I lucked out. Great, well, better go get packed. We don’t want to miss our flight, do we? Everybody’s gonna keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, I would bond him and Sarah for life. Chloe?

Is something wrong? No, no, no, no. I, I’m, I’m fine. I’m, I’m just thinking I can’t… I can’t believe this is finally happening. I should go get packed.

My God, Justin. Someone in this family is Victor’s son and he doesn’t know it. I think you should keep reading.

I know you wanted to claim this child as your own, but this is a secret that we must take to our graves. While our son will never know you. As his father, he will at least know you as an uncle. I hope you can take comfort in that. Trust me, Victor, this is what’s best for everyone, especially…

This is what’s best for everyone, especially little Alexander. Sincerely, Angelica.

Okay, are you ready? Yeah, sure am. Hey, um, before we go, I just, I really want to thank you for something. For what? For looking past all my faults. You know, my arrogance, my temper, my lack of skill at darts and putting things on walls. And still finding it in your heart to… Love me anyway, I can’t believe I got so lucky that such a beautiful, generous, kind woman has agreed to spend the rest of her life with me.

Chloe, I promise,

I’m going to work so hard to prove myself worthy of your love each and every day.

Alright, let’s get hitched.

I’m sorry, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t marry you. Why? Because of Sarah. Chloe, come on, we’ve talked about this so many times, I’m totally over Sarah, I really am. I just met, um, a s Sarah, she lied to you. Rex isn’t the father of her baby. You are.

Dad, someone I’d like you to meet. Well, it’s about time. This is Victoria. Oh my god, she is just absolutely beautiful. Congrats you two. Thank you. I’d have known she’d arrived and I’d have sent over a whole lot of food. Yeah. Why didn’t you tell us? She, she came a little early. The birth was a little dicey.

There was just a lot going on. Yeah, well don’t worry about it. All is forgiven now that I’ve met my beautiful granddaughter. But your mother, that is a whole different story. She’s uh, she’s pretty ticked off of you. Yeah, I kind of figured. Um, where is mom? Do

you think that I would want to work for you? Well, I can’t say you’re my first choice, but I do admire your chops as a businesswoman. Vivian, you have never admired anything about me. That is not true. I thought you were a perfectly worthy adversary. Why don’t we stop this animosity and team up together?

Well, if you think that’s ever going to happen, you’re completely out of your mind. Okay, your loss. You can see yourself out. This really is a travesty, you being in charge. You can insult me all you want, Kate, but the fact is I run Victor’s company now, and you and no one else is going to be able to stop me.

No, no, no, that can’t be right. Angelica signed the letter.

Oh my God. I can’t believe this. The child that she’s talking about.

Victor’s son. It’s Alex.

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Days Update Monday, September 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and informs Roman that she just ran in to Kayla and apparently, Sarah Horton gave birth to their grandchild and no one told them.

In the town square, Philip asks if Rex has shared any of this news with their mother. Rex admits he hasn’t yet because he feels guilty lying to her. Philip questions what he’s lying about. Rex then reveals to Philip that he’s not really the baby’s father. Philip asks what he means. Chloe comes out of the nearby shop with her wedding dress right as she hears Rex reveal to Philp that Xander is Victoria’s father. Chloe listens in as Rex repeats to Philip that he’s not joking that Xander is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Xander visits Sarah and baby Victoria in the hospital. Xander asks if she has recovered from the scare after the birth. Sarah confirms she’s being discharged today and asks what brings him by. Xander responds that he just has something that he wanted to tell her. Sarah thinks back to Maggie arguing that Xander has a right to know he’s the baby’s father. Sarah then informs Xander that there’s something she has to tell him too.

Alex goes to Titan and tells Vivian that he got her text, so he asks what the hell she wants. Vivian tells Alex that she needs a right hand man at Titan and claims that he is her first and only choice for the position. Vivian says she has big plans for Titan and thinks he’s exactly the right thing. Alex remarks that he’s very grateful for the opportunity so that he can tell her to take her job and shove it.

Maggie and Justin talk about now knowing Victor destroyed his old will and had a new one created in Greece. They wonder if visiting Bo had something to do with it and what changes he made. Justin declares there’s only one way to find out.

Xander asks Sarah what her news is but she tells him to go first. Xander then informs Sarah that he and Chloe are getting married today. Xander says he just wanted her to hear it from him first. Sarah calls that very considerate and congratulates him. Xander then asks what she wanted to tell him.

Chloe hides as she remains listening in as Philip questions why Rex has been telling everyone that the baby is his. Rex explains that Sarah asked him to because Sarah and Xander were happily married until Sarah found out about Xander kidnapping Susan and Bonnie, so when Sarah found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t want someone capable of doing those horrible things like Xander to be the father, so he stepped in. Rex realizes that he might be bringing stuff up for Philip like with Claire. Philip feels this is totally different because Xander is a criminal so he understands. Rex continues explaining how Sarah moved to Chicago so no one found out she was pregnant, including her own mother.

Maggie tells Justin that he’s the lawyer so he should read the will. Justin then begins reading Victor’s new will. Justin reads that in the course of creating this will, his lawyer discovered that Victor’s divorce to Vivian was never finalized, therefore his marriage to Maggie was never official and he intended to rectify this as soon as he returned to Salem. Justin reads that Victor intended to finalize his divorce and make Maggie his wife as soon as possible. Justin reads that Victor left 50% of his entire estate to Maggie. Justin then hugs Maggie.

Sarah claims to Xander that she just wanted to tell him that she and Rex are also getting married today. Xander calls it quite a coincidence and asks if she’s sure she’s up for it. Sarah repeats that she’s getting discharged and now that her baby is here, they want to make their little family official. Xander understands that she wants her daughter to have her father’s name.

Chloe continues listening as Philip asks how Rex ended up playing baby daddy. Rex informs him that Bonnie came to visit Mimi and Emily in Chicago. Philip jokes that he’s not surprised Bonnie is involved. Rex adds that Bonnie came over to his apartment and found a very pregnant Sarah, so he immediately jumped in to say the kid is his but Bonnie didn’t buy it, though Sarah convinced her to stay silent. Rex adds that Justin and Maggie know as well but they are all keeping it secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. Philip and Rex agree that Xander and Sarah would be bonded for life and she’d never get rid of him if he knew. Rex asks Philip not to tell anyone. Philip says he is not loyal to Xander and he wouldn’t want to mess things up for Rex as he knows he never stopped loving Sarah and now they are getting married. Rex states that for Sarah, the wedding is just about protecting her child but for him, he’s made it very clear that he’s doing everything he can to win her back for real. Philip adds that will be a lot easier without Xander sniffing around. Philip gives his word that he will keep his mouth shut. Rex thanks him, especially since telling the truth would clear a path for Philip and Chloe.

Kate informs Roman that Sarah’s water broke after Victor’s funeral and they didn’t even make it to the hospital but Kayla said their granddaughter is fine and they named her Victoria. Roman wants to get to the hospital to see their brand new grandbaby but Kate stops him and says not so fast.

Vivian is disappointed as she thought Alex would take her offer. Alex asks why she would think that, knowing they despise him. Vivian asks what she ever did to him. Alex brings up everything Vivian has done to his family, arguing that Bonnie and Maggie are his family. Vivian remarks that she didn’t know he cared about Maggie.

Maggie says thank you to Victor and realizes that Victor knew that he was still married to Vivian. Justin notes that the changes were already in motion. Maggie calls it so much to process. Justin encourages that Victor was madly in love with Maggie and couldn’t wait to marry her. Maggie wishes they got that chance as it is painful to know their marriage wasn’t real. Justin brings up being at their wedding and being the one to pronounce them husband and wife. Justin talks about the love in the room that day and throughout the years they spent together, so an improperly filed paper doesn’t change that. Maggie admits the mystery surrounding Victor’s will hasn’t been easy on her. Maggie says she doesn’t care about the money but it was knowing Vivian was going to get everything and she wondered if Victor’s feelings about her had changed. Justin encourages that she no longer has to worry and he can’t wait to see the look on Vivian’s face when she finds out she is inheriting nothing. Maggie points out that’s unless Victor left Vivian the other 50% of his estate. Justin says there’s no chance, but he is curious about the other half.

Xander asks Sarah where she and Rex are getting married. Sarah says Rex is going to ask his parents if they can just do it at the Pub. Sarah asks Xander the same. Xander explains that Chloe’s family are all in New York, so they are going to hop on a plane in a couple of hours. Xander adds that it will be his first time meeting Chloe’s son Parker, so he hopes he doesn’t hate his guts. Sarah encourages that he’ll be fine and to just be himself. Sarah tells Xander that he’ll be a great dad. he asks if she really thinks so.

Chloe remains listening in as Rex tells Philip that if Xander found out, there’s a good chance that he would try to get Sarah back which would free Chloe up for Philip. Philip responds that he’s not going down that road again. Philip admits he still loves Chloe but feels it’s too late for them because he screwed up too many times. Rex disagrees with that. Philip states that Chloe is with Xander which is better for Rex, Sarah, and the baby which is all that matters. Rex hugs Philip and says he appreciates him. Rex tells Philip that he has one more favor and asks Philip to officiate the wedding. Philip says he would be honored. Rex tells him that getting ordained online is really quick. Rex says he has to pick up Sarah and the baby, so he’ll meet him at the Pub as he rushes off. Chloe then walks away as well.

Roman questions Kate not wanting to meet their granddaughter. Kate says she does but complains that Rex didn’t even tell them so she thinks they should wait. Roman knows she’s hurt but thinks she is being petty. Kate argues that Rex had two days to text or call. Roman argues that she knows what it’s like having a newborn with total chaos and no sleep. Kate feels it’s more than that. Kate talks about Rex not telling them from the beginning that he and Sarah were back together. Roman acknowledges it was a little strange. Kate declares that something’s not right about this.

Alex tells Vivian that he and Maggie are getting along just fine now and she’s also grieving the husband that she just lost. Alex says he wants no part of compounding her pain. Vivian remarks that Alex reminds her of his mother, Anjelica Deveraux. Alex questions her knowing his mother. Vivian says she knew her through Victor and she was cut throat and shrewd, which she thinks are Alex’s instincts too. Alex admits Victor said the same thing about him having a killer instinct. Vivian encourages him to embrace that instinct and come work for her at Titan to make Victor proud.

Justin continues reading the rest of Victor’s will and reads that the other 50% of his estate including controlling interest in Titan would go to his son. Maggie questions which son. Justin says Victor knew Bo was in a coma, so he wouldn’t think it would be him. Maggie points out that it must be Philip then. Justin says it’s possible but Kate said they had a separate trust made for him. Maggie tells Justin to keep reading, so he continues reading about how Victor made medical arrangements to take care of Bo and Philip indefinitely but neither of them are the son that he’s referring to. Maggie doesn’t understand. Justin reads that Victor’s son receiving the other half of his estate is one that he has never acknowledged.

Sarah encourages Xander that she thinks he’s capable of being a very loving father or stepfather as she saw how he was with Mackenzie. Sarah acknowledges that he switched the babies to spare her pain. Xander knows he just made things worse. Sarah says that he makes bad decisions and sometimes they come from a good place but sometimes they don’t and either way, people get hurt. Xander talks about wanting to be a good man for Parker and hopes this time it will be different. Xander says he should get going so he doesn’t miss his flight. Xander wishes Sarah luck with her wedding. Sarah hopes he and Chloe are very happy together as he then exits the room.

Roman tells Kate that she’s right that Rex’s behavior has been a little off. Roman suggests maybe Rex is angry at them. Roman wonders if maybe Kate did something to rub Rex the wrong way since she has been known to alienate her kids from time to time. Philip arrives and jokes that he knows that. Kate asks if Philip knew that Sarah had her baby. Philip confirms that Kayla told him. Kate feels at least they aren’t the only ones then if Rex didn’t even tell his brother. Philip mentions that he actually just ran in to Rex. Kate asks if he mentioned why he neglected to tell the family about his baby. Philip says he better let Rex answer that as he’s coming to see them after he picks up Sarah and the baby. Kate feels now Philip is acting just like Rex as she questions what is going on and what he’s not telling her. Philip claims it’s nothing which Kate calls an obvious lie. Philip remarks that he thought Vivian was being aggressive in offering him a job at Titan but he turned her down flat. Kate can’t believe Vivian is trying to draw him in to her web again and declares this is not going to happen. Philip repeats that he already told her no. Kate has a few more things to say to Vivian and decides she’s going to give that bitch a piece of her mind. Kate then storms out of the Pub.

Alex tells Vivian that he is not a traitor, so he will not be betraying his family and partnering up with the enemy. Vivian argues that he’s already working for the enemy since Basic Black is owned by DiMera Enterprises. Alex says he doesn’t have to explain his career choices because his answer is no and that’s not going to change. Alex tells her to leave him alone and walks out. Vivian questions if anyone wants to work anymore.

Maggie asks Justin who the other son is. Justin has no idea and continues reading that Victor says this decision is not to punish his other sons but to make amends with the other son for cutting off his birthright since the day he was born. Victor wrote that after visiting Bo, he came to reflect on his legacy and realized this was a secret he could no longer keep as his son deserved to know the truth and he planned to tell him upon his return to Salem, but he’s also officially documenting it so there will be no confusion. Justin read that the attached letter would explain everything. They look in to the stack of letters from Victor’s briefcase and Maggie finds one that says it is to be included in the will. Maggie then begins reading the letter to Victor, saying they are so glad they’re finally on the same page about this because nothing is more important than the future of their son. Maggie reads that Victor was told to stick to the plan that no one could know he was the father of the child because it would cause immeasurable pain to a man they both love and it would devastate him. Justin realizes that this means Victor’s son was raised by someone in his own family. Maggie wonders who.

Kate goes to Titan and tells Vivian that they need to talk as she warns her to stay away from Philip. Vivian says she thought Philip would want to be part of his father’s legacy. Kate says not if it means working with her. Vivian asks if Kate is jealous of seeing her in this office. Kate says it makes her sick and Philip must too because he rejected her in record time which she must be used to from Kiriakis men. Kate tells Vivian that she will have to find someone else to do her dirty work. Vivian then asks how about Kate.

Rex joins Sarah in her hospital room as she just got the baby set up and got discharged so she was about to get dressed. Sarah asks if Rex asked his parents about the Pub. Rex responds that he thought they could ask them together when they go over there so they can meet the baby. Rex asks about the baby. Sarah says she’s great and even managed to sleep through a visit from Xander. Rex asks what he was doing there. Sarah informs him that Xander came to tell her that he and Chloe are also getting married today. Rex guesses it’s a big day for weddings. Rex knows he’s said a lot that it’s a big decision and asks if Sarah is having any second thoughts. Sarah declares that marrying Rex is the best decision for her, Victoria, and everyone.

Chloe goes home to Xander with her wedding dress. Xander talks about getting packed so they don’t miss their flight. Chloe thinks back to overhearing Rex and Philip talking about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s. Xander asks her if something is wrong. Chloe says she just can’t believe this is finally happening and goes to get packed.

Maggie tells Justin that someone in their family is Victor’s son and doesn’t know it. Justin advises her to keep reading the letter. Maggie continues reading that the secret was something to take to their graves while their son would never know Victor as their father, he would know him as an uncle. Maggie reads that the letter said it was best for everybody, especially little Alexander, revealing the letter was from Anjelica, shocking Justin.

Chloe returns to Xander with her bag packed and asks if he’s ready. Xander says he is and thanks Chloe for looking past all his faults and finding it in her heart to love him anyway. Xander can’t believe he got so lucky that she’s agreed to spend the rest of her life with him. Xander promises to work so hard to prove himself worthy of her love every day. Xander kisses her and gets ready to go but Chloe starts to cry and stops him, saying she’s sorry but she can’t marry him. Xander asks why. Chloe says it’s because of Sarah. Xander argues that they talked about this plenty of times and he’s totally over Sarah. Chloe then reveals to Xander that Sarah lied to him as Rex isn’t the father of her baby, Xander is.

Rex and Sarah bring baby Victoria to the Pub to meet Roman. Roman congratulates them and says he would’ve sent over a lot of food if he knew she had arrived and asks why they didn’t tell them. Rex explains that there was just a lot going on. Roman tells him not to worry about it and that all is forgiven now that he’s met his beautiful granddaughter. Roman adds that Kate is a whole different story as she’s pretty ticked off at him. Rex says he figured and asks where she is.

Kate questions Vivian thinking she’d want to work for her. Vivian admits she’s not her first choice but she admires her chops as a business woman. Kate argues that Vivian never admired anything about her. Vivian disagrees and says she always thought she was a worthy adversary. Vivian suggests they stop the animosity and team up together. Kate says if she thinks that’s ever going to happen, she’s completely out of her mind. Vivian tells Kate that it’s her loss and she can see herself out. Kate calls it a travesty that Vivian is in charge. Vivian says Kate can insult her all she wants, but she runs Victor’s company now and no one can stop her.

Justin argues that it can’t be right. Maggie points out that Anjelica signed the letter. Justin can’t believe that the child she’s talking about is Alex. Alex then walks in to the room.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Opinion Article week Of 9/18/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Gwen and Kristen on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

How are we supposed to believe that Gwen suddenly figured out that Dimitri and Leo were together? She didn’t know anything about their relationship, but she admitted to Kristen that she knew about their affair. Excuse us? When did she suddenly figure that out? They were giving her the dumbest reasons for being caught with their pants down and she  seemed to believe it. She figured out the truth off-screen. That was an anticlimactic outcome as far as we’re concerned. We were hoping for her to find out in a dramatic way. Her attitude is completely different now that she knows the truth. She will be acting as if she’s known all along. Did the writers want us to believe that Gwen suddenly got a brain? How long did they have to be together before she figured out the truth? We’re hoping that the confrontation will be much better than the reveal.

It can’t be stressed enough that Wendy does absolutely nothing for us. She is a useless character. We don’t have a problem with the actress (we’ve never seen her in anything else), but we do have a problem with the character. She adds nothing to the storyline, so she could be written out, and we wouldn’t even care. With that said, she tried to stand up to EJ when she confronted him about hiring someone to kill Ava. Did she really think she could try to outsmart EJ by checking his phone without getting caught? She doesn’t appear to know what he’s capable of doing. She knew that EJ hired a hit-woman, so what made her think he wouldn’t go after her? EJ had no problem going after Ava, so getting Wendy would be a breeze. She should just mind her business and stop trying to act like she’s a hero. 
We are enjoying watching the feud between Maggie and Vivian. They are legendary actresses, so we certainly don’t mind seeing the vets have a front-burner storyline. Maggie and Vivian are battling because Victor is still legally married to Vivian. Maggie definitely got the shock of her life when she found out that she wasn’t queen of the manor anymore. We applaud the writers for giving Maggie something to do besides telling Sarah to talk to Xander about her baby. Maggie is ready to go after Vivian and hold on to everything. Maggie has certainly gotten over the loss of her “husband” now that she’s focused on getting the fortune back. It’s always good to see Vivian in Salem. She definitely added spice to the Kiriakis storyline. We are looking forward to seeing what she has in store for Maggie, as well as the Kiriakis family.
Speaking of the Kiriakis family, why did Theresa have to be involved in their storyline? She’s been gone for a long time, and now she’s suddenly involved in their story. We’re not sure what role she plays in it, but we’re hoping that it’s not an eye-rolling experience. She doesn’t have a reason to be involved in the story, so we’ll see how that turns out.
It’s time to shift gears and bring up another subject. Talia and Shawn spent the night together. We’re not really sure why the writers went in this direction. We know that Shawn was eventually going to sleep with someone else, since he started drinking, but we didn’t think he would end up with Talia. It was definitely a random experience. Jada found out that Shawn spent the night with her and read Talia the riot act about being with him. She reminded her that Belle helped her when she was in trouble. Talia was just concerned with feeling better. She didn’t care that she hurt the person who went out of her way to help her. She should have been ashamed that she ended up with Belle’s husband. 
Chloe found out the truth about Sarah’s baby. It didn’t take long for her to learn that Xander is really the father. It was a convenient coincidence that she was around when Rex spilled the beans to Philip (in public). She knows the truth, so she has to decide whether she wants to tell Xander the truth about the baby. Will she tell him that he’s about to be a father and risk losing him? That’s a question we will have to wait for next week to find out. 


Chloe overhears Rex and Philip talking about Sarah's big secret on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs Week of 9/18/23

Nitpicks and Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Alex and Brady on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock


– When did Kayla tell Brady about the letters she found in Victor’s childhood home?

-When did Dimitri kill somebody to threaten to kill Stefan and Gabi so easily?


-Nicole conveniently knew EJ hired an assassin to go after Ava.


– Chanel wasn’t allergic to flowers when Talia gave them to her, but she was when Johnny gave them to her.

– Why would Chanel text Talia to see how she is doing when she dumped her for Johnny? How did Chanel think Talia was doing?


– Theresa contradicted herself because she told Brady the letters might be in the briefcase, but she told him that Shane just wanted Maggie to see what was in the briefcase.


-How old is Tate, since he got expelled from school? (He was born in 2015, so he should be 8, but who knows what they’re doing now…)

– Rex revealed personal information about the father of Sarah’s baby in public!


Rex and Sarah on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Update Friday, September 22, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex returns home from Greece. Theresa comes in behind him and tells him that they need to talk about what happened in Greece.

Brady meets Justin at the Brady Pub with Victor’s briefcase. Brady states that this is the only item that the ISA recovered from the plane crash and hopes it can give them insight on what Victor was doing before he died. Brady adds that he and Alex agreed that Maggie should be the one to open it.

Vivian tosses Maggie’s nameplate off the desk at Titan and replaces it with her own. Philip then arrives. Vivian thanks him for coming. Philip asks why she texted him to come. Vivian informs him that she needs a right hand man now that she’s running Titan and claims that Philip is her first and only choice from the position

Sarah holds her baby Victoria in the hospital. Sarah thinks back to going into labor and Xander helping her.

Xander dreams about Sarah going in to labor and giving birth then wakes up in a panic. Chloe asks if he’s okay.

Justin and Brady talk about Victor meeting with Constantine in Greece. Brady notes that Constantine said something was weighing heavily on Victor and he thought it might be something other than Bo. Brady adds that Victor mentioned a letter that was very important to him. Brady talks about Kayla finding a box containing a bunch of Victor’s old letters and how he went to Victor’s childhood home to find the box but it was empty. Brady says they thought the trip was a waste of time until Shane showed up with the briefcase that he gave to Theresa. Justin questions what she was doing in Greece. Brady calls her a stalker that followed him there.

Alex questions Theresa wanting to talk about what happened in Greece. Theresa brings up them having sex and guesses it’s his thing, complaining that they had a 13 hour flight and he didn’t even acknowledge her existence. Alex argues that he was not avoiding her, he was just asleep as he was worn out. Theresa says she gets it and tells Alex that he doesn’t have to worry about hiding from her when he sees her. Theresa assures that she doesn’t think that last night meant something and that she knows Alex only had sex with her because he felt sorry for her.

Xander tells Chloe that he was just having an intense dream. Chloe acknowledges that he’s been upset lately about Victor and Maggie but Xander informs her that the dream was about Sarah having the baby as it made him realize something.

Maggie visits Sarah and baby Victoria in the hospital. Maggie comments that it looks like Sarah could use some rest. Sarah says she can’t wait to get back to the Kiriakis Mansion to crawl in to a big soft bed. Sarah notices the frown Maggie made when she mentioned coming home and asks what’s going on. Maggie tries to say it’s nothing but Sarah guesses there is a serious problem. Maggie says Sarah has been through such an ordeal. Sarah insists that she’s fine and asks her what is wrong. Maggie admits it is a big problem and her name is Vivian Alamain.

Philip questions why Vivian would ever think he’d want to work for her. Vivian brings up carrying him in her womb and feeling close to him, so if he takes the job, she could feel that way again. Vivian pleads with Philip to come back to Titan, saying he belongs there. Philip responds that he’s sorry but his answer is a hard no. Vivian argues that it’s what Victor would have wanted. Philip argues that what Victor would not have wanted was Vivian having Maggie ousted from the company and tossed from her home. Philip then asks Vivian to bring Maggie back to Titan and to give her the mansion back to honor Victor’s memory. Vivian responds that she will do that when Hell freezes over.

Maggie informs Sarah that Vivian’s divorce from Victor was never finalized which means Maggie’s marriage to Victor wasn’t legal, so the house, the company, and the entire fortune goes to Vivian. Sarah tells her that she’s so sorry and that it can’t be what Victor wanted. Maggie insists that she’s not giving up and states that they have already launched a counter offensive by starting to gather information. Maggie informs Sarah that Brady and Alex went to Greece to find out why Victor was there and why he destroyed his will.

Justin questions Theresa following Brady to Greece. Brady says that Theresa claimed Alex invited her which turned out to be a lie. Justin talks about Theresa never taking no for an answer. Brady brings up that Theresa insisted on giving their relationship another shot but he shot her down and then she just showed up at their hotel in Greece. Brady admits he was furious and hard on her. Justin understands since they told her not to come. Brady adds that when he leaned in, Theresa started throwing herself at Alex. Justin says he’s not surprised but a little concerned as he doesn’t want Theresa getting her hooks in to his son.

Alex questions why he would feel sorry for Theresa. Theresa talks about being a total wreck after Brady laid into her. Theresa says she was hurt and Alex comforted her. Alex asks if she thinks he took advantage of her. Theresa says not at all and if anything, she took advantage of him.

Chloe asks Xander what his dream made him realize. Xander says when he was helping Sarah through labor and holding her hand, he looked over and Chloe was holding her other hand which told him something about Chloe. Xander acknowledges that he was helping his ex-wife in a dangerous and emotional situation while Chloe wasn’t upset or jealous in the least, but she was there for Sarah. Xander admits that impressed the hell out of him. Chloe tells Xander that she saw him giving courage and strength to a woman who was scared out of her mind and says he put their history aside to make Sarah feel safe bringing her baby in to the world and that impressed her. Xander says he’s the luckiest guy and that he loves her. Chloe says she loves him too as they kiss.

Theresa tells Alex that she gave in to temptation and used him to make herself feel better. Alex says he doesn’t mind being used that way. Theresa feels it wasn’t cool to come in between he and Brady. Alex admits that Brady was being a jerk. Theresa appreciates that Alex was so kind to her. Theresa adds that the sex was great, even if it was pity sex. Alex insists that it wasn’t pity sex and repeats that Theresa is a beautiful woman and that what happened between them was not because he felt sorry for her. Alex admits that he’s incredibly attracted to her.

Brady tells Justin that if Alex wants to date Theresa, he’s not going to stop him but he warned him that she’s trouble and to be careful. Justin doesn’t like it at all that Theresa is using Alex to make Brady jealous and Alex letting her. Brady hopes that Alex knows what he’s doing. Justin argues that Alex was just starting to turn his life around and was in therapy to help change his unhealthy patterns, especially with women. Justin remarks that getting involved with Theresa is not exactly healthy.

Philip tells Vivian that he knows in her twisted mind, she thinks of him as her son, but he’s not and they are nothing to each other. Philip then tells Vivian to never contact him again. Philip adds that working at Titan is one of the reasons he ended up in a mental institution and no job is worth that. Vivian then declares that she’s not just offering him a job, she’s offering him Chloe Lane.

Xander and Chloe kiss in bed until Chloe reminds him that they need to finish planning their wedding. Xander thinks they can mix business and pleasure. Xander suggests they get up, get dressed, and get married together.

Rex visits Sarah, baby Victoria, and Maggie in the hospital. Rex announces that he thinks he and Sarah should get married today. Rex points out that Sarah is being discharged. Sarah argues that they haven’t planned a wedding. Rex says he can go to the town square to get rings, they can get married at the Pub and Maggie can either perform the ceremony or be their witness. Sarah asks why Maggie isn’t saying anything. Maggie says she’s holding her tongue. Sarah says they want to know what she thinks. Maggie says she is committed to keeping the child’s paternity a secret because that’s what Sarah wants her to do but she doesn’t think it’s right. Maggie declares that Xander is Victoria’s father and has a right to know. Maggie adds that she won’t say anything, but as someone who was recently widowed, she is reminded that marriage is sacred and not something you just throw together at the last minute. Maggie argues that Rex asked her to preside over a sham wedding that is being used to double down on a lie, so her answer would be no. Maggie says goodbye and exits the room.

Vivian asks Philip if he heard what she said. Philip says he won’t dignify it with a response. Vivian argues that she knows Chloe is the love of Philip’s life and if he takes the job, he’ll have a chance to win her back. Philip reminds Vivian that Chloe is engaged to Xander.

Xander tells Chloe that he’s serious about wanting to get married today and asks why wait. Chloe asks if he doesn’t want music, food, and guests. Xander says all he wants is her and he doesn’t have any friends anyway. Chloe asks if he’d want Maggie there. Xander points out that she has so much going on right now. Chloe guesses that’s true between the death of Victor and the birth of Victoria. Xander adds there’s also the fight with Vivian over everything she owns.

Justin asks if Brady’s sure he doesn’t want to be there when Maggie opens Victor’s briefcase. Brady talks about Vivian stealing everything from Maggie, so he thinks Maggie deserves to have this moment to herself. Justin hopes Maggie gets some peace and thanks Brady for his help. Brady tells Justin not to worry about Alex as he’s sure he has the Theresa situation under control. Justin then exits the Pub.

Alex tells Theresa that he thought last night was hot. Theresa says she felt the same but she was a mess and she’s trying not to do that anymore. Theresa adds that when she’s feeling bad, she’ll do anything to avoid the pain even if it hurts her or someone else. Alex relates to the endless pursuit of not feeling bad. Theresa asks about that being a problem for him too. Alex says he didn’t think so until he moved to Salem and realized he needed to make some changes. Theresa asks how that’s going. Alex says pretty well so far but he has a long way to go. Theresa feels the same, especially after last night and says that was her trying to avoid the pain. Theresa tells Alex that she’d really like to have hot sex without being a hot mess. They almost kiss but Theresa gets a call from Brady, who asks her to come to the Pub. Theresa says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Theresa then tells Alex that Brady wants to see her. Alex advises her not to let Brady talk to her like he did last night. Theresa says she won’t and thanks Alex for being there for her. Theresa reminds Alex of their dinner plans now that they are back in Salem which Alex says he would like as Theresa then exits.

Theresa goes to the Pub and asks if Brady called her to apologize. Brady says this has to do with the fact that he got a call from Tate’s school, who said that Tate has been expelled. Brady adds that they tried to reach her. Theresa asks what Tate did. Brady says they wouldn’t give him any details over the phone so he doesn’t know. Theresa calls it insane as Tate has never been in trouble before. Brady decides he’s booking a flight to California to pick their son up. Theresa says she’s going with him but Brady refuses.

Rex comments to Sarah about Maggie not being thrilled with the idea of them getting married today. Sarah says she’s just going through a lot and assures that what Maggie said didn’t change her mind. Sarah respects Maggie’s opinion but doesn’t agree. Rex doesn’t want to cause a rift between them. Sarah says ultimately, they all want for Victoria to grow up happy and safe. Sarah adds that in time, Maggie will see that. Rex notes that Maggie was right about marriage being a very big deal. Rex says he’s up for it, but if Sarah needs more time, it’s okay. Sarah tells Rex that she wants the three of them to be a family and she’s sure of that, so she doesn’t see any reason to wait. Rex promises to be a better father to her daughter than any other man could possibly be. Rex states that Victoria has stolen his heart and he’s still hopeful that he can win back Sarah’s. Rex decides he’s going to get the rings and exits the room.

Xander tells Chloe that all her friends hate him and his family wants nothing to do with him while her family doesn’t live here. Chloe points out that they can travel. Xander talks about it being last minute and not expecting them to fly out. Xander then suggests they can take their wedding to her family in New York. Xander tells her to get up, get packed, and they can tie the knot in The Big Apple.

Vivian asks Philip if he’s going to lose the love of his life to Xander. Philip responds that it’s not up to him. Vivian asks if he loves Chloe or not. Philip admits that he does and a couple years ago, he would’ve sold his soul to anyone to help make her mind as he did some terrible things for that. Vivian says she’s talking about him and Chloe. Philip shouts that there is no him and Chloe. Vivian argues that there could be. Vivian tells Philip that if he gives her what she wants, she will do everything in her power to get him what he wants.

Xander asks Chloe if she’s saying yes to getting married in New York. Chloe says she gets the idea but thinks it’s crazy, impulsive, and she doesn’t know how it could be possible unless she races to the town square to buy a new dress. Chloe says yes to marrying Xander today as they kiss.

Vivian tells Philip that he has a choice to grow up and be a man. Vivian argues that Chloe is marrying Xander because she doesn’t see another choice. Vivian urges Philip to become her superstar and show her that he can bring all of her dreams to her. Philip tells Vivian that they are done here and argues that Vivian’s spiel was right out of Victor’s playbook but says Victor just wanted to control him. Philip tells Vivian that she’s on her own. Vivian warns that he’s making a big mistake. Philip says he’s not afraid anymore and he’s not going to let anyone else do a number on his head. Vivian knows the psychiatric facility was hard on him and she’s sorry. Philip shouts that he’s better now while Vivian is just as deranged as ever. Philip suggests Vivian call one of the doctors at the facility and take a vacancy as he then exits the office.

Brady tells Theresa that he doesn’t want her involved in this. Theresa argues that it’s not up to him as she is Tate’s mother. Brady complains about Theresa first following him to Greece. Theresa questions if he’s suggesting that she got their son expelled from school so she could sit next to Brady on a plane. Theresa tells Brady to set his contempt for her aside and remember who has been raising their son all these years as a single mother. Brady apologizes and admits that she is a good mom and daughter. Theresa thanks him. Brady admits he was harsh on her the other night and could’ve been nicer about the whole thing. Brady offers to reimburse her for the hotel but Theresa says he doesn’t have to do that and suggests they just focus on Tate.

Alex goes to Titan and tells Vivian that he got her text, so he asks what the hell she wants. Vivian tells Alex that she needs a right hand man at Titan and claims that he is her first and only choice for the position.

Justin brings Victor’s briefcase to Maggie. Maggie asks if he’s sure it was Victor’s. Justin says that Shane confirmed it. Maggie asks if he looked inside. Justin says no one has as they thought she should do it. Justin offers to step out and give her some privacy. Maggie tells him not to and worries about if there’s a secret inside that changes the way she views Victor. Justin states that she doesn’t have to open it if she doesn’t want to. Maggie says Vivian is wrecking havoc with their family because Victor destroyed his will, so she has to know why he did that. Maggie adds that if the answer is in the briefcase, then she’s going to open it. Maggie then opens the briefcase and finds the stack of letters which she hands to Justin. Maggie then discovers Victor’s will inside the briefcase. Justin smiles and declares they now know with absolute certainty that Victor destroyed his old will and created a new one!

Sarah holds baby Victoria and thinks back to Maggie’s words about keeping the paternity a secret. Xander then enters the room.

Rex walks through the town square and comes across Philip. Rex informs Philip that he and Sarah are getting married. Philip mentions hearing they had a baby. Rex tells him that her name is Victoria. Philip congratulates him and says that’s great. Rex thanks him and says he appreciates that. Philip asks if he’s shared any of this news with their mother. Rex admits he hasn’t yet because he feels guilty lying to her. Philip questions what he’s lying about. Rex then reveals to Philip that he’s not really the baby’s father. Philip asks what he means. Chloe comes out of the nearby shop with her wedding dress right as she hears Rex reveal to Philp that Xander is Victoria’s father.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady met with Justin at the pub. He gave Justin the briefcase. Justin wondered if he and Alex opened it. Brady told him that they wanted to wait for Maggie to do it. He talked to Justin about his conversation with Konstantin and how Victor was looking for a letter. He told Justin that they went to Victor’s childhood home and looked for the letters Kayla saw there. Justin was surprised to find out that Theresa went to Greece too. Brady told him that she wanted to get back together with him. They had a discussion about whether he should get back together with her. Justin was worried that Theresa would get too involved in Alex’s life. Theresa arrived at the pub and Brady dropped the bomb about Tate being expelled from school. Theresa wanted to know what he did, but Brady said the headmaster didn’t tell him. He let her know that he was going to California to pick him up and she wanted to go with him. He didn’t want her going. She reminded him that she was the one raising him for year. Brady had to back down to her. He apologized for the way he treated her in Greece. She told him that she figured something out. He wanted to ask her about it, but she thought they should focus on Tate. Vivian threw Maggie’s nameplate in the garbage. Philip arrived at the office and wondered what she wanted. She let him know that she wanted him to work with her. He wondered why she thought he would work with her. She reminded him that she carried him and wanted to feel close to him again. She said he belonged at Titan, but he turned her down. She said Victor would have wanted him to work there. He reminded her that Victor would have wanted Maggie to have the mansion and the company. He asked her if she would give everything back to Maggie for him, but she refused to do it. He knew she thought of him as a son, but they were nothing to each other. He said working at Titan drove him crazy and he didn’t want that. She wanted to help him get Chloe back. She thought if he worked at Titan, he would have a chance to get her back.

Philip reminded Vivian that Chloe was engaged to Xander. She thought he should fight for Chloe. He couldn’t do that. She promised to help him get her back if he would help her. He didn’t take her offer. Maggie went to see Sarah at the hospital. Sarah noticed that she was upset about something. Maggie told her what happened. She assured Sarah that she wasn’t giving up. She told her about Brady and Alex going to Greece to find out some information that could help her. Rex arrived and told Sarah they should get married that day. Sarah was surprised, but Rex had everything planned out. Maggie didn’t agree with her decision to keep Xander in the dark even though she was going to keep her secret. She reminded her that Xander was Victoria’s father and had a right to know the truth. She promised to keep Sarah’s secret, but she wasn’t going to officiate the ceremony since she knew the marriage was fake. Later, Justin went to meet with Maggie at Julie and Doug’s place. He told her that Shane confirmed that it was Victor’s briefcase. She was nervous to open it. Maggie told him that Vivian was coming after her family so she had to do whatever she could to stop them. She opened the case and saw the letters first. Justin let her know they were looking for the letters. She gave them to him. She picked up the letter at the bottom of the case. She opened the letter. They were excited to find Victor’s last will. Rex met with Philip at the town square. He told him that he was marrying Sarah that day. Philip congratulated him and wanted to know if he told Kate about it. Rex didn’t tell her. He didn’t want to lie to her. Philip didn’t know what he meant by that. Rex told him that Xander is Victoria’s father. Chloe was behind them and heard Rex’s confession.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ asked Wendy what she was doing with his phone. She lied to him and told him she was going to bring it to him. He said he didn’t believe her. He said she was looking for evidence that he tried to have Ava killed. She asked if she would have found any evidence. He said he left the phone there to trap her. He said Tripp put her up to snooping in his office. She said Tripp didn’t want her to do it. She told him she thought he sent the hitwoman after Ava. She said he didn’t need to do that because Susan was alive. She told him Ava remembered seeing Susan outside of the car before it exploded. He said he didn’t believe her. He asked how she knew what Ava remembered. He realized she must have seen Ava since she broke out of Bayview. He thought Wendy knew where Ava was. She said she didn’t know where Ava was. He ended up firing. When EJ went to the mansion, he told Johnny that he fired Wendy. He told Johnny that Wendy said Susan was alive, Johnny wondered if it could be true. EJ said he didn’t believe it. Rafe told Tripp he was going to charge him with aiding and abetting if he didn’t tell him the names on the passports. Tripp tried to brush Rafe off. When Rafe said he thought Wendy made the passports, Tripp said he did it. He said he learned how to do it by watching a YouTube video. Rafe said he didn’t believe him, He threatened to send Trask after Wendy. When Rafe was about to call Trask, Tripp told him to hang up the phone. Rafe hung up the phone. He said if Tripp told him where Ava and Harris were, he wouldn’t have to go after Wendy. Later on, Tripp and Wendy met at the hospital. She told him what happened with EJ. Tripp said he felt bad that she got fired. She said she told him the truth about Susan being alive, He said he understood why she told him. He told her about Rafe questioning him and what he said to him.

Jada asked Talia if she slept with Shawn. Talia tried to evade the question, but Jada kept pushing the issue. Talia admitted to sleeping with Shawn. Jada was appalled. She reminded Talia that everything was going well for her. Talia told her that Chanel dumped her for Johnny. Talia said she felt bad. She said she didn’t understand how she ended up sleeping with him. She told Jada what happened between her and Shawn. Jada asked if she thought about Belle. Talia said she wasn’t thinking about anything but feeling better. She beat herself up for what she did. She said she and Shawn knew they made a mistake. Jada comforted her and let her know that she was proud of her for being a doctor. When Talia left, Rafe showed up. He asked Jada if she wanted to go to London with him to find Ava and Harris. Belle asked Shawn where he slept last night. He said he slept in Jada and Talia’s room while they were working. Belle said she was glad he was safe, but she was worried when she didn’t hear from him. He apologized for worrying her, He also apologized for everything he said during their fight. He said he didn’t deserve her. She said they both made mistakes. She said they were going to get through this together. She didn’t want to let anything come between them. He said he wasn’t able to break the cycle he is in. She wanted to know where they would go from here. He admitted to having a problem and said it was too big for him to handle it alone. She was convinced that he was sincere. He said he would call Brady and go to a meeting with him. She said he was in Greece. He asked her to go to a meeting with him. She agreed to go.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa looked through the briefcase when Brady and Alex arrived. She hid the case so they wouldn’t see it. She asked them if they out about Victor’s will. They told her about the meeting with Konstantin, but they didn’t get any information about the letters. She got the briefcase and thought something might be in there. Brady wondered how she got the briefcase and she told him that Shane dropped it off. Brady wanted to open it to look for the letters, but she told him that Shane said Maggie should get it and be the one to open it. Brady agreed and wanted to go home. Alex reminded him that there were no flights back to Salem until morning. They ended up arguing when Theresa went in the room with him. He thought she wanted to sleep with him, but she didn’t. Alex broke up the fight and tried to comfort her. Things got heated between Alex and Theresa. Vivian ran into Chad and let him know that her divorce from Victor wasn’t finalized so she was the sole heir. She let him know that she was his new boss. She wondered if she was going to fire him like she did Maggie or was he willing to work with her. Chad called Maggie and she confirmed Vivian’s claim. Maggie didn’t expect him to quit his job out of loyalty to her. She thought he could find out about Vivian’s plan if he stayed there. He agreed to do that so he went to talk to Vivian. He told her about his plans for the company, but she wanted to company to go back to the way it was before. She wanted to sell illegal drugs again. He didn’t want to do that. He told her that he quit.

John and Steve were talking about Brady and Alex being in Greece. Steve wondered why he didn’t with them, but he said they had it covered. They talked about Vivian being there and destroying Victor’s will. Vivian arrived while they were talking about her. Steve left to have dinner with his family. John and Vivian hugged each other. She wondered if he was surprised to see her, and he told her that he knew she was in town. They talked about Victor’s will and she told him that she wanted him to work for Titan. He was happy at his job and didn’t want to work for the company. she wondered if she could change his mind. He wanted her to give Maggie back her house. She couldn’t do that because it would give Maggie a claim to Victor’s estate. She wondered who else would work for her. Maggie thanked Julie for letting her stay with her. She saw the letter that Vivian sent her. She found out that she fired her as CEO of Titan. Julie wanted to talk to Justin about it, but Maggie told her that Victor didn’t have a will so she couldn’t do anything about it. Julie wanted to fight Vivian. Maggie wanted to find her own place to live.

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