Days Short Recap Friday, December 8, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo wanted Dimitri to give him details about the bomb he dropped on him. Dimitri told him what happened when he took the baby to Sloan’s place. Leo got shocked when Dimitri told him that Sloan and Eric were raising Nicole’s baby. He told Leo about the deal he made with Sloan, and he wanted him to blackmail her. Leo kept thinking about Nicole and EJ. He was about to leave when Dimitri wanted him to have a good life. EJ talked to Johnny about the baby. Johnny offered his condolences to him. EJ told him about the DNA test and how he’s worried about Nicole. Nicole walked in and heard EJ talking. She yelled at him because he thought she was crazy. Johnny left the room. EJ assured Nicole that he didn’t think she was crazy. They talked about their loss. He thought they should try to have another baby at some point in the future. Nicole didn’t want to consider that an option. He understood how she felt and agreed not to pursue it. EJ left to change when the bell rang. Nicole answered the door and she saw Leo.

Holly went to see Tate at the pub. She wanted his help trying to get Johnny from Chanel. She wanted him to ruin Johnny’s surprise for Chanel. Holly wanted him to make sure Chanel. Tate agreed to help her, but he wanted a real date with her in return. Sloan and Eric were enjoying their time together when Roman arrived. He wanted to meet his new grandson. Roman was touched when he found out his name was Jude Roman. He noticed the baby looked like him at that age. Roman wasn’t sure if he imagined it. After Roman left, they talked about him accepting their baby. Sloan was about to leave when Eric checked his voicemail. He stopped her from leaving when he realized the call was from the adoption attorney. He was confused that the adoption attorney called to apologize for the adoption falling through. He asked her why the attorney would tell him that.

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