GH Short Recap Friday, September 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chase and Brook Lynn have a long talk and Chase persuades Brook Lynn to move in with him and he assures her won’t ruin their relationship.

Olivia takes Ned to the Metro Court pool to recreate the day he hit his head, but he still can’t remember anything.

Maxie, George, and James decide to rent Lily’s house despite the fact that Maxie and Georgie have a hard time being in the house without thinking of Lulu. Maxie decides Lulu would want her to make the house feel like a home again.

Wiley persuades Michael and Willow to have a family barbeque and invite Sonny and Nina.

Carly gets a tip from a customer named Steve who tells her he heard some Federal agents talking when he was walking on the docks, and he heard one of the agents say the name Corinthos. Carly calls Sonny to warn him, but he ignores her call. Carly calls Dex to tell him there is going to be a raid. Dex makes a quick getaway, but the Coast Guard arrests another of Sonny’s men whose name is Gabe. Federal agents arrive at the Metro Court and arrest Sonny as Michael, Willow, Wiley, Kristina, and Nina watch Sonny get arrested. Wiley asks Willow where they are taking his grandpa.

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