B&B Short Recap Monday, October 2, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Sheila refuses Deacon’s marriage proposal, saying he has too much to lose, and she’s bad (i.e. not good enough for him). He just wants to go with his feelings instead of being rational. They argue about whether Sheila should say yes or not. He refuses to live without her, despite the fact that he might lose Hope, so Sheila finally agrees to marry him.

Hope, Thorne and Brooke discuss the fact that Taylor came into the design office and found Hope and Thomas kissing, so she knows all about their relationship. Ridge wonders if Hope is just stringing Thomas along, but Hope and Brooke assure him that she’s not.

Thomas tells his mom that he’s an adult that can handle his own love life. He does tell her that he figures, eventually, Hope will fall in love with him. Taylor tells Hope that if she doesn’t feel for Thomas the same way he does, then she should break up with him now. Hope explains her feelings and relationships to Taylor, but she leaves Taylor feeling upset after she suggests that maybe she’s more like Brooke than she thought. Taylor tells Brooke about that last part, so Brooke looks shocked.

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