Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel tells Nate to let Devon and Lily work out their own problems and advises him that if he gets involved he will only make things worse. Daniel later tells Lily about his talk with Nate and once again tries to get Lily to work things out with Devon.

Adam tells Victor that he wants to help him with the problems he is having acquiring McCall Unlimited. Victoria is upset when Victor wants Adam to run McCall Unlimited as its own entity rather than make it a part of Newnan Enterprises. Victoria tells Nate that McCall Unlimited will be hers no matter what her father wants to do with the company. Victoria tells Devon that Tucker offered to sell her the company first and then she asks Devon if he intends to buy the company because she needs to know if she needs to prepare for a fight. Devon doesn’t tell her anything about what he intends to do because he doesn’t trust her.

Devon later tells Abby that he has been looking at the financials for McCall Unlimited and he thinks that once he gets rid of the divisions of the company that are not profitable the company could become very valuable. Abby persuades Devon to talk to Tucker so he can decide whether or not to buy the company. Devon sends Tucker a text message telling him he has to talk to him and Tucker hopes this means he wants to buy McCall Unlimited.

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