Days Short Recap Monday, August 21, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle was shocked that Chloe was thinking about accepting Xander’s proposal. Chloe said she didn’t have a reason not to accept it. Brady showed up. He was upset with Chloe for considering Xander’s proposal. He told her Xander punched him. Chloe yelled at him for fighting about her when Victor was dead. Brady asked Belle about Shawn. She said he blamed himself for Victor’s death. She said he wished he were with Brady and Xander when they talked. She got a text and had to leave. She told him to stop harassing Chloe before she left. He told Chloe that he was jealous, He said Xander proposed to her because he couldn’t have Sarah. She said she and Xander were in love with other people when they got together. She said they fell in love despite their baggage. Eric found Shawn drinking. Eric offered his condolences about Victor. He said he didn’t understand why Belle wasn’t with Shawn. Shawn said it didn’t matter. Shawn said Victor’s death was his fault. Eric tried to tell him that it wasn’t true, but it didn’t work. Eric offered to take Shawn home, but Shawn didn’t want to go. They got into an argument when Belle showed up and stopped them. Eric left so they could talk. She told Shawn that she wasn’t leaving him alone to deal with everything.

Melinda went to see Sloan so she could pay her back for the favor she owed her. Sloan thought it was blackmail. Melinda told Sloan about Abe’s plan to appoint Paulina as mayor. Sloan thought Paulina would fire her for going after Chanel. She told Sloan that she had a plan, but she needed her help. Melinda said her plan was to after Li for shooting Stefan. She thought once he found out he was being investigated, he would hire Sloan as his lawyer. She said Sloan could give her the evidence from what she finds out from Li. Sloan said she wasn’t going along with the plan because she could lose her license or go to jail. Melinda tried to change her mind. When Sloan wouldn’t do it, Melinda threatened to tell Eric the truth about Nicole’s baby if she didn’t help her. Sloan told Melinda to leave. Sloan said she would tell Eric the truth herself so it couldn’t be held over her head. She thought they could work it out because she was pregnant with his child too. Melinda said she would lose Eric. Sloan wanted to do things her way. When Eric came home, Sloan told him she had to tell him something. Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion and found Sarah. He was shocked to find out that she was pregnant. He thought the baby was his. He couldn’t believe she didn’t tell him. She said the baby was Rex’s. He didn’t believe her, but she stuck to her story. She mentioned his relationship with Chloe. He told her he proposed to Chloe. When Xander left, Sarah called Rex and accepted his proposal. When Xander went home, Chloe accepted his proposal.

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