B&B Short Recap Monday, July 24, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Sheila, who had been on trial for her past crimes, was unexpectedly released from custody at the courthouse due to a technicality. Liam recorded the emotional reunion between Sheila and her son, Finn. Steffy, worried for her family’s safety, sought ways to protect her children from Sheila’s potential threat. Meanwhile, Liam witnessed a concerning interaction between Finn and Sheila, leaving him suspicious of Finn’s intentions.

In prison, Sheila expressed her excitement about her newfound freedom to Mike. She planned to rebuild a relationship with Finn and become a real grandmother to Hayes. Back at Forrester, Brooke and R.J. celebrated Sheila’s supposed permanent removal from their lives, unaware of her release.

The situation left Steffy distraught, questioning Finn’s loyalty and dedication to keeping Sheila away from their family. Meanwhile, Liam felt a responsibility to protect Steffy and the children in case Finn failed to do so. The abrupt turn of events had everyone on edge, uncertain of how to deal with Sheila’s unexpected freedom and her potential influence on their lives.

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