B&B Short Recap Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope can’t believe that Deacon and Sheila are together. She calls Sheila a monster and is disgusted. Deacon is disappointed at Hope’s extreme reaction. Deacon protests that Sheila has changed. Hope doesn’t think that Sheila is capable of change. After Hope leaves, Deacon is crestfallen, but Sheila is more hopeful. She thinks that their kids will eventually accept their love.

Still at Forrester, Finn has a flashback to learning about Deacon and Sheila being in love. He runs into RJ, so they catch up a little. RJ seems to think that Finn hasn’t cut Sheila out of his life, but Finn assures him that he’s made it clear to her that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Finn guesses that RJ is seeing someone, so he admits that he is. Later, Hope goes to Finn’s home to confer about seeing Deacon and Sheila together.  They’re both still shocked.

Li, Finn’s mom, has happened upon Luna at Forrester and is angry to find her there, working at Forrester. She demands to know why she’s there. Li is suspicious that Luna might have some ulterior motive because of her history with Luna’s mom. Apparently, Li got Poppy a job at the gift shop in the hospital where she worked, and Poppy had an affair with one of the doctors, which ruined his reputation and almost hurt Li’s, too. She says that Luna’s mother has always been a disgrace to their entire family. She won’t allow Luna to be there, near Forrester and Finn. Luna begs Li to let her stay, but Li insists that she write her letter of resignation and then leave. RJ returns and is shocked to learn that Luna is saying goodbye. He won’t let her go.  They kiss.

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