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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander tells Sarah that he and Gwen slept together. Sarah said she shouldn’t be surprised that he would sleep with someone the night their marriage ended. She asked if it had to be Gwen. She said if he was looking for a way to get back at her for divorcing him, he did it. Gwen said Xander’s list of crimes was worse than hers, but Sarah had no problem taking off his kilt and having sex with him every chance she got. Sarah said she thought Xander wanted to change. Gwen said he only worked for Ava to support her in the lifestyle in which she has become accustomed. Sarah said it was no surprise Gwen would find kidnapping for hire acceptable even when someone dies. Sarah said they were free to be together. When she walked off, he told Gwen that he was sick of apologizing for who he is. He said he knew Jack and Sarah would always assume the worst in them no matter what they do. He said he wanted to prove them right and get back at them. Steve met with John and Roman at the pub. Steve told them they were going to kill Orpheus. Roman was hesitant about the plan. Steve said they let their wives down. He said Orpheus was after them, so they needed to finish him. John agreed with Steve. John wanted to get him. Roman didn’t think it was a good idea. John said if he didn’t talk Steve out of killing Orpheus, they would be with their wives. He said he was siding with Steve. Roman finally agreed with them.

Susan brought Marlena breakfast. Marlena wanted to know where Kayla was. Susan checked her list again. She said Kayla is in a good place. Marlena was relieved. Kayla banged on a door and wanted to get out of there. She turned around and saw Adrienne. She said she wished Steve and Justin could see her. Kayla said she was worried about Steve and the pain he was in. Adrienne said Steve would be okay with the help from his friends. Kayla said he tends to go in a dark place when he is in pain. Adrienne said she didn’t want her to stress over Steve. She said Kayla’s life was in paradise now. She gave Kayla a document to sign pledging her soul to God. Kayla signed the document and walked away from her. A devil voice was in Adrienne calling Kayla gullible. Her eyes glowed. Jordan welcomed Kate to purgatory. Kate said if she was stuck with her, she must have died and gone straight to hell. Jordan said she was in-between where souls were judged. Kate wanted to know who was judging her case. Jordan said she was. Kate said that wasn’t fair considering she hated her. They talked about Kate bringing Clyde back into their lives. Kate apologized. She said she was a good mother and Roman fell in love with her again. She asked if that meant she had a soul worth saving. Jordan said she made a good argument, but she had to sign the document confirming her contrition. She said the document would burn if she was lying. She said Kate would be doomed for eternity. Kate signed the document. When to document didn’t burn, Jordan said she was on the way to being a better person. She said she couldn’t send her to heaven, but she could send her to the next level. When Kate went on the stairs, Jordan’s eyes glowed. Marlena asked Susan about Kate. She asked if Kate made it to heaven. Susan said Kate was on a spiritual journey. She wanted Marlena to think about where she wanted to spend eternity. Marlena said she wanted to see the people she lost. Susan told her to sign the document so she could go on the next level of heaven. Marlena signed it. Kayla and Kate found Marlena. Susan came back for Kayla and Kate’s paperwork. She lets the women know that they didn’t see Adrienne, Jordan or Susan. The women were shocked at the person they saw.

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