GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Anna persuades Maxie to follow Lucy’s directions about how to plan the Nurse’s Ball so that Lucy will stay at the safe house and not sneak out again.

Willow persuades Chase that life is too short for him to be arguing with Brook Lynn when he still loves her. Chase later tells Brook Lynn that he misses their relationship.

Drew agrees to help Anna and Valentin take down Victor.

Michael is very upset when he finds out that Dex and Josslyn have a relationship and that Dex told Josslyn the details of the plan to take down Sonny. Josslynn tells Michael that she wants to help him bring down Sonny. Michael tells Josslyn that she can’t be involved in the plan, but if she wants Dex to be safe, Sonny can’t find out that they have a personal relationship.

Michael later tells Willow that he was thinking about canceling this project that he was working on but he has decided the best thing to do is to finish his project to protect his family.

Sonny tells Dante that he is worried that he may lose Nina that she has seen the reality of his business. Sonny hopes that Nina will return to him once he has taken care of the person targeting him.

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