GH Short Recap Friday, October 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Laura tells Alexis the details of her search for Nikolas. Alexis advises Laura to let Nikolas come home on his own because like all the Cassidine family he is an expert at hiding.

Esme asks Alexis for a raise because she has feelings for Spencer and needs to move out of Kevin and Laura’s apartment.

Cyrus stops by Ava’s gallery to buy some art but Trina refuses to sell anything to the man who held her mother hostage. Cyrus asks Trina for forgiveness, but Trina tells Cyrus she won’t forgive him and if he ever comes near her or her family she will call the police.

TJ is treating Mason when Mason says something that makes TJ remember that Mason was one of the men who held him hostage. TJ tells Jordan what he remembered but she tells him the DA would not bring charges against Mason because the case is weak since TJ was blindfolded the entire time he was held hostage.

Finn and Elizabeth enjoy their weekend in Vermont. Mason tells Austin he is going to tell the police they both kidnapped Ava because, if he is going to jail, Austin is going to go down with him. Austin puts something in Mason’s IV. TJ is in the hallway walking by Mason’s room and he looks through the window and sees Austin smothering Mason with a pillow.

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