Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nina arrives at the bicentennial gala just to tell Abby that she will never forgive her for hurting Chance when she slept with Devon. Christine and Jill remind Nina that she was younger when she seduced Philip and got pregnant by him even though he was Christine’s boyfriend at the time.

Jill tells Victor that Devon dropped the lawsuit, but he still hasn’t decided if he is going to stay and work at Chancellor Winters or buy McCall Unlimited and run Tucker’s company.

Chelsea feels overwhelmed after Leanna Love asks her a bunch of questions which she doesn’t answer because Chloe rescues her from Leanna, and Billy decides to take Chelsea home.

Phyllis pushes all of Diane’s buttons and provokes Diane into a catfight.

Kyle, Jack, and Summer are looking for Diane and Phyllis because Leanna told Kyle she saw Diane go upstairs after talking to Phyllis. Summer finds out from the desk clerk that Phyllis rented a room and gets the room number. Kyle, Jack, and Summer arrive at the room just in time to see Diane with her hands around Phyllis’s throat and telling Phyllis maybe she should do the world a favor and kill her right now.

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