B&B Short Recap Monday, September 11, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke make out in the office. She worries about Hope and Liam. He jokes that she reminds him of Stephanie and says that they’re grownups and will figure it out. She wonders why RJ hasn’t been around much. Ridge thinks he might have a girlfriend. Ridge asks Brooke to visit Donna and get her to convince Eric to enjoy his retirement, so Brooke agrees.

Thomas brings Carter a coffee. Carter tells him how proud Ridge is of his work and how he’s changed. Carter wonders if having RJ come back was tough for him, but Thomas assures him that they get along fine. Thomas doesn’t think RJ has much interest in the family business. Thomas then visits Ridge and looks at his latest designs. He tells Ridge that he would like to collaborate more with him, to learn more from him. Ridge is happy to hear that.

Eric and RJ work on their designs for Eric’s last collection. Donna brings them snacks and flirts with Eric. Eric plays a little on the piano, and tells them that it gives him creative ideas (plus his therapist told him that it’s good for the arthritis in his hands). Brooke drops by and is shocked to see them designing. She’s happy to hear that RJ is designing, and working with Eric, but she wonders why they’re working there instead of at Forrester. Eric tells her they want privacy because they’re designing a new line together. He declares that no one is going to stop him — not even Ridge.

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