GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Marie is sick with a sinus infection and has to ask Sasha to go on the Home and Heart channel again.

Ned swears on the life of his grandmother Lila that he did not turn Carly and Drew into the SEC. Brook Lynn believes her father, but Drew says that if he wants a war he has one now.

Tracey tells Brook Lynn there is one way that she can repay the favor she did for Chase.

Diane tells Robert not to call her until he knows if he wants to be with her or Holly.

Spencer tells Trina he wants to fight for custody of Ace.

Taggert persuades Portia not to tell Trina that she doesn’t approve of her relationship with Spencer because that will only drive Trina farther away from her. Trina is reunited with Portia and Taggert at the hospital and they hug each other.

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