GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Drew asks Curtis to help him get information on Tracey to help him pressure Ned to tell the SEC to drop the investigation against him and Carly. Curtis tells Drew he has been thinking that he ended his marriage to Jordan too quickly. Drew advises Curtis to talk to Portia first to see if they can save their marriage. Jordan feels guilty about kissing Curtis when Portia thanks her for helping bring Trina home.

Kristina (now played by Kate Jones ex-Abigail Days). argues with Sam because Sam thinks Kristina hasn’t thought about how much work it takes to open a youth shelter.

Molly blames herself for not going to the doctor sooner to get treatment for her endometriosis. TJ tells her that they are in this together, but Molly is heartbroken that she can’t give TJ the gift of a child.

Avery notices the huge ring on Nina’s finger, so Sonny and Nina tell Avery they are engaged. Ava tells Nina that if Sonny finds out she tipped off the SEC, she will lose Sonny forever. Nina tells Ava that it’s time the gloves come off . She has to do something before Sonny finds out the truth.

Diane tells Carly that the only way she can save herself from SEC is to give up Drew to the SEC or to give up Sonny to the State Department. Carly tells Diane she will not do either of those things, and she will trust her to do her job and face whatever happens to her. Sonny arrives at Carly’s house to tell her that he and Nina are engaged.

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