Interview with Julian Works and Paulina Chávez

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Julian Works and Paulina Chávez star in the film "The Long Game."

Interview with Julian Works and Paulina Chávez of the film “The Long Game” by Suzanne 4/5/24

This is a really good movie, so you don’t want to miss it. It’s entertaining, it has great characters and acting, and it also has a lot of heart. It’s based on a true story, which gives it validity. Also, it resonates in today’s world, where there’s still a lot of prejudice against any immigrants, or any people with dark skin. I enjoyed speaking with stars Julian Works (who plays Joe Trevino) and Paulina Chávez (who plays his girlfriend, Daniela). You can also see Works in “9-1-1: Lone Star” – Season 5 premieres this Fall. I would have loved to speak to the other stars – Jay Hernandez, Dennis Quaid, Cheese Marin – as well. They all doing an outstanding job in the movie.



Key art for "The Long Game"THE LONG GAME 

Based On the Book “Mustang Miracle” By Humberto G. Garcia

Starring Jay Hernandez, Dennis Quaid, Cheech Marin

Executive Produced by Canelo Álvarez




In 1956, JB Peña and his wife moved to the small town of Del Rio, TX, partly for a job as a school superintendent, but mostly to fulfill JB’s dream of joining the prestigious, all-white Del Rio Country Club. So when JB is rejected on the basis of his skin color, he is devastated. But his world soon collides with a group of young latino golf caddies who work at the country club, and JB is inspired by the handmade course the boys built in the country to teach themselves golf. With little experience and even fewer resources, JB convinces the boys to start their own high school golf team, starting them all on a journey where they learn that it takes more than just golf skills to make history. Based on Mustang Miracle by Humberto G. Garcia.

Julian Works most recently starred in the Blumhouse anthology series “Into The Dark: School Spirit,” and recurred in the cable drama “The Affair,” opposite Dominic West. His additional credits include the drama series “American Crime,” as well as the feature films “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” and the Sundance Film Festival Award nominee “All She Can.”

Mexican American Actress Paulina Chávez (“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”, “Fate: The Winx Saga”) will star opposite Eva Longoria, Cheech Marin, and Jesse Garcia in the Disney+ feature film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Chávez will play ‘Mia Garcia’, the 16-year-old sister to ‘Alexander’ who is every inch an independent minded, intelligent, eye-rolling teenager. Convinced that her 11-year-old brother Alexander has the worst luck in the entire world, Mia is frequently appalled and horrified as the family road trip disintegrates into disaster after disaster. But, oddly enough, when they’ve lost just about everything and it’s just the family and nature, Mia is the first one to appreciate the beauty of the world around them, which clearly touches her.From writer Matt Lopez and director Marvin Lemus, Alexander tells the story of 11-year-old Alexander Garcia who feels like he is the unluckiest kid in the world. The film is produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Lisa Henson. Marisol Roncali and Chelsea Ellis Bloch serve as casting directors.

Chávez is best known for her breakthrough leading role as the titular ‘Ashley Garcia’, the world’s first and only 15-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist, in Netflix’s “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”. Most recently, she starred as the series regular ‘Flora’ in Netflix’s sci-fi/fantasy series “Fate: The Winx Saga.” A rising star in both film and television, her film THE LONG GAME is set to premiere at the upcoming SXSW Festival on March 12th, 2023. The film is based on the true story five young Mexican-American golf caddies who against the odds would go on and successfully compete against wealthy all-white golf teams in 1955 South Texas.

Born in El Paso, TX, at the age of six Paulina and her family moved to San Antonio, TX where she discovered her love of acting through her school’s theater program. She joined drama club in second grade and immersed herself in theatre, playing lead roles in Aladdin Jr., Beauty and the Beast Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr. among others. She began auditioning and booking roles for various short films, movies, voice-overs, regional commercials, as well as national TV commercials for Coca-Cola and ‘Food Feuds: Latin Food’ alongside award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez. She additionally landed co-starred as ‘Isabella’ in the thriller-series “Padre Pio” and landed the role of ‘Young Kim Kardashian’ in the TV series, “Scandal Made Me Famous”. 

In addition to acting, Paulina’s other passion is music and she began taking vocal lessons at a young age in preparation for musicals. She counts a wide range of musical influences including Shakira, Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel, and Billie Eilish. Paulina also played the violin in a San Antonio-based mariachi group which she continually praises for helping maintain her connection to her Latin roots. 

When she is not acting or singing, animal lover Paulina enjoys spending time with her rescue cats Whiskey and Bublé. She is also an advocate for the Latinx community and focuses her attention on giving back. Paulina began offering a yearly scholarship for youth within her local San Antonio community in 2020. Is is currently working in partnership with The Salvation Army SA to select students for her scholarship ‘Be Your Own Kind of Genius’.

You can follow Paulina Chávez on Instagram at @PaulinafChavez


Directed by Julio Quintana

Written by  Julio Quintana, Jennifer C. Stetson & Paco Farias

Starring Jay Hernandez, Dennis Quaid, Cheech Marin, Julian Works, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Brett Cullen, Oscar Nunez,  Richard Robichaux, Paulina Chavez

Produced by Javier Chapa, Ben Howard, Dennis Quaid, Laura Quaid, Marla Quintana

Julian Works as Joe Trevino, Dennis Quaid as Frank Mitchell, and more, in the movie "The Long Game."Executive Produced by Canelo Álvarez, Jay Hernandez, Phillip Braun, Jason Michael Gerber, Sherrese Clarke Soares, Alexis Garcia, Humberto G. Garcia, Christian Sosa, John Williams, Veronica B. Jones, Jennifer Kuczaj, Simon Wise, Colleen Barshop, Vincent Cordero, Carlos Osorio, Juan Pablo Solano Vergara, Simón Beltrán Echeverri, Brian Eddy, Jeff Grossberg, Jack Shemtov, Ricky Joshi, Jeff Moseley, Julio M. Quintana, Jennifer Kuczaj, Michael E. Hollingsworth, Matthew Dwyer, David E. Campbell, Tim Mahler, Carter Pope, Jesse Mandujano

Running Time: 112 Minutes

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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GH Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Brook Lynn loves her wedding dress which was made with a piece of Lila’s wedding dress. Chase surprises Brook Lynn with a dream honeymoon trip to Florence, Italy.

Alexis gets word that the New York Supreme Court will hear the appeal of her disbarment.

Drew and Michael ask Curtis to help them start a health and Wellness Division of Aurora.

Anna interviews Valentin asking him if Jack Brennan could be the head of Pikeman. Valentin tells Anna he hasn’t seen Jack Brennan in a long time and he doesn’t think he is the head of Pikeman.

Nina delivers breakfast to John’s hotel room and, when Carly opens the door, Nina assumes Carly slept with John. Nina interrupts Drew’s meeting with Curtis and Michael to tell Drew Carly is sleeping with John Cates.

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Harrison (now played by Redding Munsell,) shows Claire his pocket-sized stuffed bunny which he calls his lucky bunny. Harrison gives his grandma and grandpa a card he made for them. Harrison tells Kyle he is sleepy and wants to go home. Claire notices Harrison forgot his bunny, so she follows Harrison and Kyle out of the Athletic club. Jordan hides outside and sees Claire leave the Athletic Club.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Kyle tries to persuade Summer to accept her cousin Claire into the family. Kyle thinks Claire is working to get better. Summer is skeptical of Claire and how easily the Newman family has accepted her. Summer tells Kyle Claire will never be Harrison’s nanny.

Kyle talks to Summer about the problems he is having working with his mom at work. Kyle tells Summer he thinks his mom is in over her head at Jabot. Summer advises Kyle to find a way to prove to Jack that he should be co-CEO instead of his mom.

The intervention for Ashley continues and she has another blackout as her two personalities fight for control in her mind. Ashley’s personality named Ash finally gets Ashley back in control of her mind. Ashley awakens and everyone is sure she had another blackout since she can’t remember anything that they have talked about or why the family is all together. Once Ashley is upstairs resting, Billy, Jack, and Traci tell Sharon what happened during the intervention. Billy tells Sharon about his own struggle with dissociative identity disorder after Delia died. Billy thinks that is what Ashley is going through right now. Sharon agrees to make some calls and get some referrals for them in the morning so Ashley can get some help.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


geez. What did you just– you’ve been planning this, or something like this, all along. Do I need to refresh your memory? ‘Cause I wasn’t the one who started all this. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. It’s just, I think that you’ve had this on your mental back burner since you took my magazine away and gave it to carly. And we all know how that worked out. Oh, I mean, have I been thinking about you? Have I been fantasizing? The truth is I have. Yeah. I really have. About you losing all your money, about you losing your looks, and getting convicted of a nameless crime that gets you sent to prison. You remember, like you sent me. God, you look like you were mugged by a small army. Are you sure it was only two people? Yeah. Those guys might not have killed me, but this ice might. It’s not that cold. It’s ice. By definition, it’s cold. Yeah, well, the ice machine on this floor was broken, which is appalling. That’s what you find appalling, a broken ice machine? I had to go down a floor to get the ice, and it was melting by the time I got it to the towel. And yet, when placed against the human body, it’s still plenty cold. Does the fbi know that all it takes to get one of their agents to spill his guts is a couple of ice cubes? I like to keep some things to myself.

[ Chuckles ] Good idea. All I’m saying is that when I owned the metro court, that ice machine, it would have been maintained. What? Nothing. I’m just grateful for the medical expertise. Good. Well, I went to nursing school, though I didn’t graduate, but the training was really good. I mean, when you have kids, you get little reaction time, and then you have to keep it together till you get to an actual doctor. Speaking of which, please let me take you to the hospital. Or at least let me call the house doctor here. I am quite happy with the care I’ve received so far. I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think ace finally fell asleep. I know. Told him a story. A little bit of singing, and maybe I’m just sort of starting to get the hang of his bedtime routine. Or maybe he’s just getting used to falling asleep without esme and spencer. Or maybe I’m just telling myself a story. Are you sure you’re okay with it? Yeah, but if you’re not into it, just change it. It’s just a movie. No, the movie is fine. I think. I wasn’t really paying attention. Okay, what is it? What’s going on? I keep thinking about the whole face-of-deception thing. Are you sure you’re okay with me being the face? Yeah. I mean, I already share your music with the world. Why not share your beautiful face, too?

[ Sighs ] Because my mom inserted a clause keeping my private life private in every contract. And if anyone pushes against that point, she made it very clear it’s a deal-breaker. Blaze is your public persona, and blaze is not out, but ali, my girlfriend, is. I’ll never get tired of hearing you call me your girlfriend. My girlfriend and i are out to our families, to our closest friends, and the people that really matter. We can be ourselves. That’s all I really care about. So if locking down your private life is the deal you made with your mom and everyone else, and as long as it doesn’t impact us in our relationship, I don’t see a problem with it. Right. Unless the person who has a problem with it is you. Ooh. Okay. Yep. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Mm. Jordan: Babe, where are you? Why don’t you come upstairs and find out? Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] “One small step for man.” Actually, it was a bunch of little steps.

[ Chuckles ] But one giant leap for yours truly. This is — this is huge. This is so great. And I don’t see your cane anywhere. No, no, no, no cane. Just me and my two legs.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You’re amazing. No, you’re amazing. If it weren’t for you, honey, I would still be stuck in some hospital bed or in my wheelchair still, you know, mad at the world, feeling sorry for myself. Some version of that is how my story would have ended. But because of you, I have nothing but new chapters to write, and I can’t wait. Oh, my god.

[ Both chuckle ] I can’t wait to write them with you. Thank you, my love. Mm. Mm. Anytime.

[ Both chuckle ] Ugh, god.

[ Sighs ] This is pointless. This warehouse is half mine. And you’re taking it back? I never gave it up. You deserted it, jason. You were gone for more than two years. You’ve lost the right to take it back.

I don’t want to see your face. Didn’t I say that to you? Are we not clear? That’s why I had diane speak to you on my behalf. I still own 50% of corinthos coffee. Don’t quote my own lawyer to me.

Our lawyer. We both trust her and what she says. Why not trust her judgment on this? Forget diane. You came to my warehouse to get an answer from me. You got your wish. This is my business. I don’t want you anywhere near it. I’m so proud of you.

[ Giggles ] And not because you made it up the stairs but because you didn’t give in to despair. And you didn’t quit. Well, truth be told, I thought about it. There were times I thought about it, and each time I thought, “what would I say to trina?” She got hit with something terrible when spencer died, so it’s okay for her to call it quits and just curl up in a ball?

[ Sighs ] It’s not me. No. No, it’s not. And those words sound like a foreign language coming out of your mouth. I love it. I’m a husband and a father now. I’m a son. It’s just not about me anymore. Well, you did forget one thing off of that list. What’s that? Father, mm, mm…. lover. Is that so? I would be a fool to let all that effort that you took getting up those stairs and into our beautiful bedroom go to waste, and I am no fool.

[ Groans ] Thanks for the ice. I think it helped. Or else the bitter cold destroyed all the nerve endings in my body. So win/win. Okay, you need to keep this on your head. And you need to go home to that adorable daughter of yours. She’s great. She’s happy with her nanny. I’m concerned that you have a concussion. I’m fine. Trust me, it’ll take more than a couple of shots to this hard head to do any real damage. I don’t know about that. If you do have a concussion, someone needs to check on you every couple hours. They need to see if you’re having a hard time waking up. And if you are, that means your concussion is getting worse. I’ll be fine. Please let me take you to the hospital. I mean, just think, if you’re right, you get to say, “I told you so.” Well, I do like that, but come on. We know all they’re going to do is admit me and then wake me up all night long. No, I’d rather stay here.

[ Grunts ] Okay. I can wake people up with the best of them.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? I’m getting comfortable. I have to conserve my energy. I have to shake you awake in a couple hours, and then a couple hours after that. Carly, I really appreciate — you’re wasting your time. I’m staying right here, and I’m going to save you from yourself. Are you saying that you regret this as much as I do? Oh, come on, nina. Two people consumed by a passionate mutual hatred with no acceptable outlet? I mean, it’s better than poisoning. I don’t see a big difference. Think of it as like a screwed-up spontaneous combustion. I’m going to think of it this way — as a down payment. And what’s on layaway? Appoint me to the board. Of aurora? Mm-hmm. Wait. I’m sorry. What possible sense would it make for me to appoint you to the board of aurora? I mean, you edit crimson. That’s your entire value to us. And I make the magazine a success. Okay, maybe not that, but you are close to michael. You’re close to willow. Just find a pathway for me to get back in my daughter’s good graces. Nina, you think that 45 minutes on my office floor with you commits me to dragging you out of the wreckage that you’ve made of your life? Come on. Going to take more than a couple of rug burns for me to lift a finger for you.

I tried to treat michael and willow to a fabulous surprise anniversary dinner, and they turned me down, which was humiliating. A surprise dinner, huh? Translation — regardless of what michael and willow wanted, you pushed whatever you wanted on them, which is so on brand for you. I don’t care how you describe it, drew. I felt like I was punched in the heart. And forgive me if I had to come down here and — and pull myself together and get a breath. And instead of sympathizing with me, just — I don’t now. I didn’t then. I never will sympathize with you, nina. I know that I had a little part in all of this, but I think you took advantage of my emotional, vulnerable state. Aw, you’re projecting, nina. Taking advantage of people? That’s your stock and trade. Oh, shut up. Let me just be clear about one thing here. Your offer for an anniversary dinner when you can’t stand michael and you wish willow hadn’t married him, was that really just for willow, or were you hoping that maybe they would tell sonny about how generous you are? Does sonny know that you’re still pining for him?

[ Grunts ] I take that as a yes. What time is it? Um, almost midnight. That late? You should really go home. Okay, well, if you insist, then I’ll drop you off at G.H. On my way. That’s not necessary. Carly: It probably is, but you’d probably just be trading one problem for another, huh? What are you talking about? Well, if you went to the hospital, the nurses would start asking you questions, and they’d have to call the pcpd. And then the pcpd would want to know what the heck you were doing wandering around the waterfront at that time of night. I wasn’t wandering around. I took a walk. Oh, yeah. In the most dangerous part of town at night. Port charles is a safe place.

[ Laughs ] Okay, make sure you say the safe part when you talk to the police, because they love that kind of feedback. Carly, I got mugged. It’s a terrible thing, but it happens, and this time, it happened to me. You should stick with that story. But I want you to know that i know you were tracking jason. If you don’t want me in your organization, I understand. No, you don’t understand. ‘Cause I trusted you more than anyone, and now I can’t trust you. I never gave the feds anything on you. Why should i believe that? Because if I had, you would have been arrested two years ago. I’ve been protecting you this whole time, sonny. I’m not a child. I don’t need protection. I need you to get away from me. Otherwise, I will have to remove you.

I’m worried about how small ace’s family is going to be. There are no siblings, you know? He may never know lulu and — and lucky. And I know there’s elizabeth’s boys, but they’re quite a bit older, and they have their own lives. It’s really just you and me and ace. And heather. Yes, I know she likes to call herself ace’s grandmother. Well, technically, she is ace’s grandmother. We may not like it, but esme was her daughter. Yes, but she’s in pentonville. For now. Wasn’t she supposed to be transferred to a federal prison in california? I forgot to tell you. Um, the D.A.’S office canceled the transfer because of her medical condition. So she is in pentonville for the foreseeable future. Mm. Unless… something else occurs. “Chemically induced abnormal behavior.” This is really what you think happened to heather, isn’t it? My god. Do you think they would ever reopen heather’s case after all the things that she did?

[ Grunts ] If you breathe a word of this to sonny — having hate sex with you on my office floor isn’t something I’m going to be bragging about, okay? And I wouldn’t worry too much about sonny. He’s a little preoccupied right now with my brother’s surprise return. Well, he can think about more than one thing at a time. And somehow he isn’t thinking about you at all. You got to face it, nina. You’re not even on sonny’s radar right now. He doesn’t care who you’re mixing it up with. Maybe it’s because he’s got a new roommate. Sonny? Are you home?

[ Sighs ] What do you have that’ll help a person sleep? Oh. Come on, sonny. You have to do better than that.

[ Light switch clicks ] Alright, sonny, where do you keep the good stuff? “May cause drowsiness.” Doesn’t have to be this way. I’m not a threat. You keep your organization. I’m going to stay out of it. All I want is my half of the coffee business. And all I want is the truth. If you didn’t inform on me… what were you doing with the feds? Sonny, I told you everything that I could. You told me nothing, jason, and I thought it was because ava was right there, but ava’s not here now. It’s just you and me. If you want me to trust you, if you want half of the business back, you’re going to have to trust me, right? What happened to you?

The fbi picked me up on cassadine island. They flew me back to quantico. They offered me a deal — become an informant, and no charges will be filed. I took that deal because it was my best option. They didn’t want me to inform on you because they knew I never would do it, and that it would never work. So they sent me after somebody else. Who? Who’d they — I can’t — sonny, I can’t tell you. Why? Because you think I’m going to go tell these people that you’re a traitor? No, I can’t tell you because it’s part of the deal. If I talk, it violates the terms of the agreement, and the charges get filed. Was part of the deal, uh, to take a shot at me? How many times did you try to kill me, jason? I never tried to kill you, sonny. And I’m going to believe that? Because you’re loyal? Because you’re my friend? My brother? Because if I tried to kill you… …I wouldn’t have missed. Oh, ava. You cannot self-medicate with somebody else’s prescription, you know. It does cause drowsiness, though, and if sonny can handle it…

[ Sighs ] Oh, who am I kidding? I want to be fair. Having a control freak for a mom can be really helpful when it comes to my career. What about the rest of your life? Your — your real life? Ha. My mom says she knows me better than I know myself. Oh, god, I hate when parents say that. Me, too. But I think she says it because, when she was my age, she… you know, she crossed the line a few times. And then she became a mom. Well, becoming a mom certainly changes your perspective on everything. You know, and I’m only an aunt, so… you’re not “only” anything. I think because my mom didn’t want me making the same mistakes she did, she became super strict. Well, it kind of worked. I mean, look at you. You’re — you’re smart and disciplined, and you’ve built an incredible career for yourself. It’s amazing. A lot of that is because I paid attention to everything she said when I was growing up. She should be able to look at my life and know that. She should trust me enough to live my own life. I mean, your parents do. Okay, I must have missed something. Is there a problem with your parents? Is this the folder that you wanted, babe? Yeah, that’s it. Okay. Probably could have did it myself, but, uh, it would have been 2:00 in the morning before I made my way back down the stairs and back up, so thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, with the progress you’re making, you will be up and down those stairs in no time. The miracles of modern medicine. You know, you doctors can fix anything. Mm-hmm. Babe, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I’m fine. Okay. Thought I’d lost you there for a second. I wondered where you went. Thought maybe you were thinking about these bills. Oh, no, no, no. Those bills are all yours. Oh, I don’t know if you saw this note from brook lynn quartermaine. She’s pushing me to have an invitation-only event at the savoy to showcase blaze’s new single. I’m probably going to say yes, but I think I’ll make her sweat a little bit. Yeah, it has nothing to do with that. What is it, babe? Talk to me. I was at the hospital, and I overheard kevin and alexis saying something about how they could use a pre-existing condition to, um, overturn a conviction. Okay. Heather webber is diagnosed with metallosis. Basically, her artificial hip is — is poisoning her. And one of the, um — the symptoms of metallosis is a shift in personality. Okay, so is anyone arguing that heather webber isn’t responsible for all those lives she took? That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. Someone is going to use her condition as grounds to reopen heather’s case and possibly set that woman free. You think I was tracking jason? Hm. [ Sighs ] You’re getting warmer. Hide and seek? Really? Is that how the fbi conducts its business now? Oh, my supervisors would definitely not approve of the situation. But they’re not here. So. You want to guess again? Okay. Well, if you weren’t tracking jason, you were tracking… his lawyer. Diane miller? Give the lady a cigar.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want a cigar, but I will take a very expensive glass of wine at a date to be determined. Deal. Wow. I mean, getting mugged is not generally a mood lifter, but it’s made you fun.

[ Scoffs ] Thank you.

[ Laughs ] And I am fun. You just don’t know me well enough to see it yet.

I get the legal argument that heather’s condition, uh… metallosis. …Metallosis contributed to her mental state, but she committed multiple homicides. There’s no way she should be allowed to go free. And I pray that you’re right. Exactly. Because trina’s been through enough. It’s — it’s enough. This whole family. But, baby, we made it through… yeah. …And we are stronger than ever. We are, aren’t we? We made it through together as a family. You better believe it. And I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and secure and loved. You just said that you would do whatever it takes? I sure did. I think I’m going to need you to prove that. I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with alexis about heather and the hypotheticals that could set her free. So I did a deep dive into a database about toxicology and abnormal behavior. And at first, you would think that the chances of heather’s murder conviction being overturned are inconceivable. But then with further investigation… it is not without medical and legal precedent. Oh, wow. You know, I just I can’t imagine what the reaction would be to heather going free. Well, we know portia robinson and — and sasha gilmore, dr. Obrecht, ava, all of those people are going to be outraged, as would most of the citizens of port charles, I think. Understandably. Unless it could be proven that heather herself was victimized.

[ Sighs ] And if that were the case, I think it would be wrong not to give her a second chance. Selfishly, there’s a side of me that would like to see heather redeemed. Not released, but rehabilitated into someone functional, someone stable that ace could know, maybe even have a relationship with. And if I’m completely honest, I’d like to think that there is some good that could come from the harm I’ve caused. None of this is your fault. Laura, I made one decision about my brother, and it resulted in a series of devastating events. If ryan hadn’t gotten loose, then heather would still be institutionalized and her victims would still be alive. And so would spencer and esme. We never even would have met esme. I think you’re forgetting one thing. Ace wouldn’t be here, either. Uh, I don’t have a problem with anyone in my family right now, and, gosh, I think that’s maybe the first time I’ve ever been able to really say that. My mom’s good. She’s supportive of our relationship and the surrogacy. What about your dad? My dad’s good. He loves me unconditionally. You know that. He, of course, has a dark side… …but he’s loving and he’s generous and he’s more sensitive than people think, and he can get hurt, too. I’m a little worried about my dad right now, so… is it because he and nina broke up? Nina’s not perfect, but he was happy with her. And since ava moved in — wait. She moved in? I thought she was just staying there temporarily. So did I. Ava is staying with sonny for security reasons. You keep telling yourself that. You know what, drew? Let me worry about ava, okay? You just figure out a way to get me closer to my daughter, and if it’s not appointing me to the board, then come up with something else. Even if I was willing to help you, michael will never see you as anything other than a threat to his family. You — you lied to him about his father’s death, and then you sued him to get access to his child. But willow… willow’s got a softer heart, and she and i are still friends. Okay. You will help me plead my case to her, then? Maybe. But after my near-death beating that I took in prison because of you, you’re going to have to make it so worth my while. Port charles is still my home, this warehouse is still half mine, and I’m going to be here every day importing coffee, totally legit. So whatever business you want to do, do it away from the warehouse so I don’t have to be witness to it. You think I won’t do it, jason? You think I won’t get rid of you? I can do that in a heartbeat. All I got to do is say the word, and you’re gone. Come on, sonny, if anything happens to me, you know the cops are going to look at you first. Don’t tell me what I know. You know what I know? That you can’t be trusted, and I’m going to have to get protection now from you. Because you’re a traitor. Sonny, just stop. Just stop. Yeah, you are. You’re a traitor. Are you — are you taking your meds?

What will it cost me to have you as my ally? Oh, I think “ally” is going to be a strong word for what I’ll be, but you’re a creative person. You can put your thinking cap on and come up with something that’ll be worth my time and effort, right? I like this shirt. You can start by sewing the buttons back on that. Do your own mending.

[ Grunts ] Okay, well, you know what? I did order all-new ice machines for this entire hotel, but I don’t need to keep going on and on about how this hotel is not great anymore. It’s a nice hotel, carly. Yeah, it was. It was. But I’m not going to bore you with all my complaints about the hotel. What about you? I mean, are there any other circumstances other than getting beaten up

[Chuckles] Where you’re fun? I must be concussed. Or at least punchy. I’ve said way too much already. Yeah, well, I have a lot of experiences where I’m listening to things that I don’t repeat or remember, you know? Well, that’s a way to end a conversation. Sleep well, agent cates. I’ll wake you up in a couple hours. Looks like you’re still working on the bills, huh? I guess I’ll just… no, no, no, no, no, no, not looking as good as you want to look.

[ Both chuckle ] Come here. Hi, baby. Hey, baby. You know, in case you don’t remember, we really never had an official honeymoon. I think we should do something about that as soon as possible. Okay, so you just tap there. Ha! Voil, right?

[ Chuckles ] You can see, in real time, ace sleeping. That’s amazing. Yeah. You make the same face when you’re asleep.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, maybe it runs in the family. Well, yo u know the pictureand the sound is so pristine, and here I thought that the baby monitor was the pinnacle of technological advancement. Yeah, well, it was. 20 years ago.

[ Chuckles ] And when I hear people say, “20 years,” I think, “oh, they’re talking about the ’80s.” And then I realize, no, they’re not. They’re not, yeah. Oh, sweetie, I know that us raising a baby, I mean, at this point in our lives, I know it wasn’t part of your bucket list. Was it on yours? No. Mnh-mnh. No. Well, it’s not like we’re ready to retire, and we’re not exactly people who back away from life. And I think that ace has given us so much more life. He has, and I love it. And I love you. I love you, too. You know, we took an awful lot of wrong turns and detours before we found each other, but we did, and I think ace is just another unexpected… responsibility? …Miracle.

[ Sighs ] Wow. You’re really something. I’m a lucky man. I’m a lucky woman.

[ Both chuckle ] I know there’s still a security reason for ava and avery to be staying at his place, but it’s just something doesn’t feel right about it, you know? It’s weird. And even dante noticed it, and he’s on pain meds. Did she say or do anything? No, no, just little things, you know? I can’t see the whole picture yet, but one thing I do know. Ava is a jerome, and the jeromes love power. It’s like a drug. You think she’s going to, what, make a move on sonny’s business? Not like a, you know,

move move. She would never comment something straight on. She’s too smart for that. She’d slither in from the side or something. And she’s making herself indispensable to my dad. She’s running interference. She’s making him drinks. And your dad doesn’t see what she’s doing? Worse. He likes it. A lot.

[ Sighs ] “May cause drowsiness.”

[ Sighs ] You must like the taste of those, sonny, because I took a few of them, and I feel absolutely nothing. Nada. So if they don’t help you sleep and they don’t do anything else, what do those stupid pills do? I take my medication every day, every dosage, like clockwork.

[ Chuckling ] I’m not having a breakdown. I’m just — I have to face the truth. You’re not who I thought. Or maybe you never were. I’m not your enemy. And I don’t want any trouble. And I accept that you don’t trust me. You don’t have to trust me. I’ll stay out of your way. You better. Go ahead, take the — take — take the warehouse. Sit in it till you rot. If you double cross me again, or I suspect that you’re interfering with my business or my life… …I will end you.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, April 9, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


dillon as requested, the best table in the house. Thank you. Here you go. And your waitress will be right with you. Taking me out to celebrate. Only the best for my lovely bride tonight. Happy anniversary. Just a little bit early. Man, early, late. Every single day with you is a celebration. -Hi. -Hi. Everything okay? Fine. I just thought you might want to know your daughter’s here with her husband. Oh, kristina, hi. Ava. Hi. Uh, I just came to see my dad. Um, is he here? Yeah. He — he’s here, but he’s not really available. He’s resting. I’ll tell him you came by, though. Um…no. I’m actually — I’m just gonna wait for him because I really need to speak to him tonight, so… who’s that? Hey! Hey. Just what I need — a visit from one of my favorite daughters. One of? Well, you know, definitely top three.


[ Cellphone rings ] Drew. Hi. Hey, carly. Wow, it’s really great to hear your voice. And yours. Look, I’m calling because i need to get in touch with jason, and I don’t have a way to reach him. Oh, well, I mean, he has a phone now. I can give you his number. You know what? Just — just give him a message, please. Tell him that I got a little visit from the fbi this afternoon. Thank you, and thank you for meeting me in the parking lot. This isn’t the best area of town. Why did you want to meet here in the first place? Because this… is gonna be my office.

[ Laughs ] That’s sonny’s office. Not anymore.

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac. Come on in.

[ Sighs ]

I didn’t know michael and willow were coming in tonight. Yeah, they’re celebrating their anniversary. But their anniversary isn’t until later this month. Well, there’s a note on the reservation that it’s an anniversary celebration, and somebody called ahead for a special dessert. Oh. Okay. Thanks. I can’t believe it is a few more weeks until we have been officially married for a year. I know, I know. And I know that our actual wedding anniversary is in the middle of the run up to chase and brook lynn’s wedding, so I figured that we should celebrate tonight. But nothing says that we can’t sneak off and have some alone time that night, too. Well, I am so glad we did this. We have a lot of anniversaries to look forward to, but the first one is a big milestone, and it is so nice to be here alone with you. I know. I feel the same way. Champagne for the table. Oh, I — I think there’s a mistake. We didn’t — we didn’t order that. Uh, that’s my gift. Happy anniversary.

[ Sighs ] Come on in over here. Have a seat. Put your feet on the table if you want. Are you hungry? ‘Cause I’ll grab you something to eat. No, no, no, I’m good. Dad, you don’t have to fuss over me. Well, you can’t blame a father for worrying about his pregnant daughter. I know, and I love that about you, but I’m good. How about something to drink, then? Um, yeah. Actually, ava, could give me a water? Yeah. Of course. So, it’s late. What’s going on? Uh, well, I… I ran into josslyn at bobbie’s, and we kind of got into it. There may have been some yelling. What are you fighting about? You. Well, that’s not surprising, ’cause josslyn isn’t one of my fans, you know? Yeah, she’s definitely, uh — she’s on the warpath. But it just drives me crazy. She — she always has to be right about everything. You know? That holier-than-thou attitude. Just so annoying. Doesn’t matter what she thinks. You know why? Because you shouldn’t have to defend me. I wanted to. Kristina… these are my battles, not your battles.

[ Sighs ] I know better than to engage with her, anyway. Just couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones, which are no joke, by the way.

[ Chuckles ] Here you go. Thanks. Sure. Sonny. The fbi questioned you about jason? Yeah. At least they came to my office and they didn’t drag me in for a formal interview. They, uh… they wanted to know how much contact I’ve had with jason since he resurfaced.

[ Scoffs ] That’s ridiculous.

Well, I mean, not really. If you didn’t know us, I mean, we’re brothers, right? So you might think that he would confide in me. Well, I’m sorry you got dragged into this. At least we know that he didn’t shoot dante. Did he happen to mention where he’s been since 2021? No. He hasn’t said much. Never does. Just take care of yourself, carly. Stay out of whatever trouble he’s in. Okay? If not for yourself, then for josslyn and for donna. They need you to take care of them. Jason can take care of himself. Sonny and i were partners. I still own 50% of corinthos coffee, or I did. No, you do. Or, you will. Once the necessary paperwork has been filed. Okay. Uh, what about everything else? I know I left my state equally divided between jake, danny, and the other half went to carly. Nobody’s asked anything. Nobody seems to know what’s going on. What happened? The short answer is, your estate has been in probate the whole time. Okay. Why? W-what’s the problem? Because the law is complicated. There are a lot of hoops to jump through. Normally, it takes seven years for a certificate of death in absentia to be issued. And that was necessary in this case because we could not find your body, which is now very evident as to why. Okay. And even with the notarized statements that I had from witnesses who all claimed that no one could have survived that cave-in in greece, it still should have taken several years. But strangely enough, the government issued a certificate of death in absentia for you the moment I filed the paperwork, which leads me to believe that someone behind the scenes was working in your favor.

Thank you. But, uh, look, if we were going to order champagne, we would have done it ourselves. Well, that’s just the start. You know, I arranged for the chef to prepare you a fabulous five-course dinner. You know, only our finest dishes — my treat. Nina, the last time we spoke, I made it clear that I don’t want to see you. I didn’t mean to intrude. I-I’m just confused because you were here, so I thought… well, michael asked me where I wanted to go, and I picked the metro court because I have always liked it, and I didn’t want to avoid it because of you. I thought the fact that you hadn’t reached out for the last few weeks meant you accepted and honored my wishes. Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just thought since you were here — it doesn’t matter what I thought. I’ll just, um… I’ll cancel everything, and, uh… I won’t bother you again. My god, was that as awful as it felt? It was pretty bad. This is my fault. We should have gone to the grill or café cherie. No, hey, no, no. Willow, you wanted to come to the metro court because you love their chocolate soufflé, and I wanted to bring you here because you love their chocolate soufflé. And I love you. But it was wishful thinking that nina would actually keep her distance. That’s on her. It’s — it’s not on you. Look, we’re here, together. It’s our anniversary. The chocolate soufflé has already been ordered, so let’s just have a glass of wine and celebrate. You really are the best husband. Yeah, and don’t you forget it.

[ Chuckles ] Ah, that water really hit the spot. Think I dehydrated myself yelling at josslyn. You know what you got to do next time? You got to take a deep breath and just walk away. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You’re right, dad. What josslyn thinks doesn’t really matter. So what else is going on? How’s work? Uh, work’s fine. Everything’s fine. Oh! I do have some good news, actually. Um, ali — blaze — is going to be the new face of deception. Yeah, I knew that ’cause I ran into blaze’s mother at the metro court when I was meeting with lois, and natalia was gonna talk to brook lynn about everything. Uh, yeah. Small world. It’s a smart move for both blaze’s career and deception, though, and I think they’re gonna have a lot of crossover exposure there, so that’s cool. Well, I’m just worried how it’s gonna affect you. What do you mean? Well, I mean, blaze, the new face of deception, is gonna get famous, more famous. And, you know, I mean, do you think you can deal with that, with everything you got going on? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, I do. I don’t think that spotlight’s gonna fall on me at all, honestly. I mean, maybe if ali were out publicly, but she made a deal with her mother to keep her personal life personal, so… how do you feel about that? Carly, I’m gonna kill her! I’m gonna kill her. That’s it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re gonna have to bail me out of prison ’cause I’m gonna kill her. Kill who? Nina! She fired pierce! Can you believe it? Pierce? The room-service waiter? Yes! Some picky guests had a little mix-up with the order, which has been known to happen during peak hours when the guy gets a little bit overwhelmed, but… yeah, but we just apologize for him, comp the order, and pull back on the amount of orders he was filling. Yeah, of course. That’s what you and I would do. Not nina. She looks at his record. She sees that there’s a couple of complaints, and off he goes.

[ Scoffs ] Well, you have to hire him back. Well, of course I’m gonna hire him back. But the guy was heartbroken and mortified. The whole staff knew about it. I can’t believe she fired pierce. You know, he’s been with the metro court since it opened. It’s like the woman has been on a rampage ever since sonny dumped her. Well, getting dumped isn’t an excuse. I can’t believe she fired sweet pierce. Yeah. And she did it without input from you, her partner. Well, that’s not the only thing she’s done without input from me. If you have my death certificate, why is my estate still in probate? Because there were various rumblings about money laundering and racketeering. Come on, diane. We know all the assets in my will are legitimate. Which needed to be proved to the government’s satisfaction. The wheels of justice turn very slowly when an estate as large as yours needs to be vetted. But this is great news because none of your assets have been disbursed. Your estate is intact. You should be able to reclaim it with a minimum of fuss. Okay. What about carly? I mean, why is she running bobbie’s? Why did she give up the metro court? Well, yeah. She didn’T. She didn’t? Mnh-mnh. Then what happened? In a word — nina.

Tell the truth. About what? If nina hadn’t tried to comp us champagne, were you going to order a bottle? I thought we weren’t gonna talk about nina. You’re right. Consider the subject changed. Okay. Well, good, because we’re celebrating, right? Yes. Right. And what is a celebration without… a little gift? Michael.

[ Stammers ] No, we said no presents. I didn’t get you anything. I know, I know what I said then, and I mean it, because you know what? Honestly, I have everything I could ever want. But you, my beautiful bride, deserve the world. Oh, my goodness.

[ Chuckles ] Michael… it’s stunning. I’m glad you like it. Who wouldn’t like this? It’S… oh. Thank you so much. I love it. I just wish I had more places to wear it. What do you mean? Well, something this fancy doesn’t exactly go with my scrubs. But I will — I will save it for special occasions. Okay. Well, I’ll make sure I’ll, uh, make more of those occasions happen. It’s a deal.

[ Chuckles ] How did you decide on this? Wiley actually picked it out. Wiley?

[ Both laugh ] I brought him to the jewelers. I narrowed it down, and he chose that one. He never said a word to me. Well, he’s very good at keeping secrets. Well, it probably helps that wiley’s in bed asleep half the time when I get home. I constantly feel like I’m playing catch-up and missing things with the kids. I mean, sometimes I only hear about their day from you or the nanny. They’re only gonna be this young once, and I feel like I’m missing so much. What color would you say that is? Light yellow. Yes. Thank you very much. According to nina, this is either off-white, chartreuse, or my personal favorite, greenish gold.

[ Laughs ] The woman is insane. Well, that’s for sure. She’s taking advantage of me being distracted with dante in the hospital and everything, and she painted all the bathrooms on the fourth floor that color. Oh, wow. That can’t look good. Uh, no. Everyone looks like a walking corpse. Oof. Well, I mean, at least it was only one floor, right? So far. Who knows what she’s gonna do the next time I have my back turned. I swear, carly, the woman is a menace. For many reasons. Can I get you something? Can I get you a coffee? No, I just needed to vent. Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. See you later. Bye. Hi. Oh. We’re closed. I’m sorry. I’m looking for diane miller. She asked me to bring these documents to a meeting with jason morgan tonight at this address. Uh, well, I mean, he stays here, but he’s at his corinthos coffee office. Maybe she’s meeting him there. Do you have that address, by any chance? You know, actually, I’m on my way there. I can drop off those documents for diane, if you want. Really? That would be a lifesaver. Thank you so much. Oh, no. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] What does nina have to do with the metro court? Ha ha! Where do I begin? Well, before I left for greece, sonny and carly were back together, and nina was behind him. Well, their marriage fell apart shortly after you left. Details not necessary. Suffice to say, sonny chose nina over carly. Then, drew and michael hatched an ill-advised scheme to get control of elq by merging it with aurora media. Carly wanted to help. She wanted to invest. So she leveraged her half of the metro court. And then, when the deal fell apart, carly took a huge hit financially. She didn’t tell — she didn’t tell me any of this. Carly could not buy back her half of the hotel, so nina swooped in and purchased it. Bobbie gave the diner to carly to help her back on her feet. Okay. Why would nina want the hotel?

[ Chuckles ] Because nina reeves thinks that carly is the reason for everything that’s wrong with her life. So after she took her husband and her hotel, nina turned drew and carly in to the feds for sec violations. Now, your brother took the blame, did some prison time. But carly had to pay a $5 million fine and almost lost her house. But she didn’T. Nope. She didn’T. Somehow she’s managed to hang on. In fact, she’s building back her life. You know, carly’s not the easiest client I’ve ever had, but she’s astonishingly resilient. Yeah. She is. I’m fine with the way ali wants things to be. Really? Yeah. Blaze is a famous musician, and she… you know, she works hard, and a lot of people in the public eye, they want to keep their personal lives personal. You know? They’re already on display so much as it is. So, I get it, that, you know, she would want to keep some things to herself. That’s true. I mean, it would be the same thing if I were dating a male musician who was some up-and-coming hot new artist, and I wouldn’t want to be joined at the hip with him, either. I want to be known as my own person. I want to be known for my own achievements and not just be someone’s girlfriend. Well, you work so hard, no one’s gonna think that. What do you mean? Maybe not. But I also love my anonymity. I don’t want to be recognized in public. And I have to think about looking good whenever I go out? Are you kidding me? That’s not for me. But I’m — I’m proud of ali. I saw her when she was going into a meeting with nina at crimson, and I thought, “oh, my gosh, she is gonna be on the cover of crimson, and she — she deserves it.” Really happy for her. Nina’s at crimson? Yeah. I thought you knew that, dad. No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know that. Yeah, yeah. She is, and no offense to carly, but I’m really glad, for ali’s sake, at least selfishly, I think it’s great that nina is back. She just has more experience, you know? And with ali being the face of deception, she’s — she’s gonna need that. Well, I’m happy for nina, because, you know, she always loved that magazine. But some– something seems off here. What do you mean? What do I mean? Why would drew hire back the woman who put him in prison? You won’t believe what just happened. Does this have to do with crimson? No. Well, then too bad — I tried to do something really nice for michael and willow for their anniversary, and I got completely shut down. I wanted to comp michael and willow dinner and champagne. And michael, of course, immediately said no. And willow felt like she had to side with him. And I have no one! I need some help. You — you — you can help me. You can help me find a way to get back into my daughter and my grandkids’ lives. No, I can’t help you. I don’t have to help you. All I need to do is talk to willow alone. Nina, if you’re trying to get some sympathy, you came to the wrong guy. I don’t want sympathy. I want you to help me. Come on. Nina, you gotta take responsibility for your own actions. You are the one that ruined your relationship with michael and willow, right? You burnt that bridge. There’s nothing that I can do. No, that’s where you’re wrong. Now that I’m back at crimson, you can appoint me to the aurora board of directors. Then michael will be forced to deal with me. Yeah, and this will be the start of my way back in. And why would I help you? What — what would I get out of this? For one thing, it would drive carly crazy.

Carly expects all the men in her life — sonny, jason, you — to be wrapped around her little finger, no matter how poorly she treats them. Except I’m not in carly’s life anymore. Oh, that doesn’t matter to carly. Come on, drew, you’re not this naive. She expects you to be loyal to her even though she’s not loyal to you. And you know I’m right. Her sense of entitlement knows no bounds. See, if you promote me to the board of directors, she’ll think… that we’re allies or maybe even friends, and that’ll drive carly crazy. And she’ll come running to you, begging for your attention. I have already started the process of having your accounts reinstated. Once that happens, you will have complete access to everything. Good. In fact, my paralegal was supposed to come to this meeting tonight. Bring us some documents for you to review and sign. But I’m guessing, with the hour and the location, they got a little too nervous to come down. I will have everything to you tomorrow, latest. Okay. Thank you. Hold on, hold on. I need you to do something else for me. Name it. Sonny made it very clear that he doesn’t want to see my face or hear from me again. So I want you to let him know that I’m taking back my half of the company, and I’m gonna be working right here. It’s up to you, willow. What I said from the beginning still stands, and I’ll support you if you want to keep working, and I’ll support you if you want to quit. Getting my nursing degree was hard, and I really wanted to get back to work. But the truth is that i do have the luxury of spending more time at home with our kids. I mean, wiley’s school is half day, but amelia is still so little. I want all those sweet baby moments. And I notice you’re not saying anything. Well, I just — well, I don’t want to influence you. But…? But nothing, really. It really is your choice. Look, we — we have plenty of money.

You have plenty of money. No, we — look, it’s your money, too, willow, ’cause we’re a family, right? You, me, wiley and amelia. And what’s best for our family is for you to do what you feel is right. Well, it is an incredible luxury knowing that I don’t have to work, that I could choose something different, something that gave me more time with the kids. And maybe —

[ Sighs ] Maybe it is time I really thought about it. Okay. Look, if — if — if you do decide not to keep working at the hospital, there is other work you can do, more flexible, and you’d still be doing a lot of good. Pl ease tell me moreabout this flexible do-gooding occupation you describe. So, my great-grandmother, lila, she, um — she was on the board for several charities, nonprofit charities, and they did amazing things. And, willow, you could choose a charity — charities — that you’re interested in, and you could really make a difference. And you can work it around your schedule with the kids. I mean, you’d have the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t worry about it. If drew is up to something, nina will figure it out. She can take care of herself. Yeah, yeah, you’re probably right. Uh, you know, it’s, uh, getting so late, and I have plans with blaze, so I’m gonna get going. Hate to drink and run, but… all right. I love you. I love you, too. Ava. Well, other than her little tiff with josslyn, kristina seems good. Yeah, she does. So, did your friend nina tell you that, uh, she got her job back at crimson, and you just… didn’t mention it, or…? No, that’s not what happened. Oh. In fact, nina’s phone must be lost under some photographs on her desk because I haven’t heard from her. And maybe those divorce papers she hasn’t signed yet are there, too. I didn’t know you were keeping track. Well, I — I just know you want things settled. It was none of my concern.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I guess you’re right.

[ Grunting ] Unh!

[ Car horn honking ] Hey! Leave him alone! Oh, my god. Oh! Oh. Are you okay?

[ Groans ] Oh, god. Oh. Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

[ Groans ]

Oh, my god! John? John, can you hear me? Look at me. Look at me, john. Hi. Do you know who I am? Yeah, carly spencer. Okay. That’s good, that’s good. Thank god. Oh, my god. Oh, no, no! Here, let me help you. Let me help you. No, it’s — it’s okay. I got it. You’re not — you’re hurt. Come on. Look, I’m gonna call 911. They couldn’t have gotten far. No, don’T. Why? They jumped me from behind. I can’t identify them. It’s pointless. Oh, my god. Why did they attack you? I mean, was it a robbery? Did they take anything?

[ Grunts ] No, they didn’t take anything. Well, okay. I must have scared them off when I — when I pulled up and I started yelling at them. Either that or robbery wasn’t their intention. Oh, no, no, no. John. Let me help you. Come on. Let me help you. Oh. All right. Uh, we need to get out of here in case they decide to come back. And I’m gonna walk you to my car, okay? I’m gonna take you up on that. Okay. Lean on me. You okay? Yeah. Willow, I know how important nursing is to you, but it doesn’t have to define you. And I personally believe that you would be happy and fulfilled raising our kids and working with these charities, and you would be amazing at both. Even after all this time, sometimes I still forget how much you believe in me. Well, yeah. Always. It’s kind of crazy, growing up like I did. I just never dreamed that, one day, I would be in a position to have this kind of choice. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Right back at you.

[ Knock on door ] I gotta get that. Yeah. Hello. It’s pretty late, diane. What’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong. No, no. I am here on behalf of another client. Jason? Yes. With jason’s return, his estate will immediately be pulled from probate. All of his assets will be returned to him, and he has asked me to inform you that he will be resuming his half interest in corinthos coffee. Oh, that’s not gonna happen. I just came from the warehouse where he is setting up his office. Message received. And, drew… just because carly comes running, doesn’t mean that you have to let her in. You already played hero for her. Do something for yourself for once. By doing something for you? By helping me get close to my daughter. Willow has made it very clear. She doesn’t want to get close to you, nina. She doesn’t want to know you at all. Please, can you just have a little compassion? You know what it’s like to be separated from your child. And whose fault was that? How dare you demand my help with your kid when you got me locked away from mine. I didn’t create those consequences. You and carly did when you broke the law! The excuses — the excuses keep coming! Okay! I understand that no one can penetrate that perfect, shiny victimhood of yours! Don’t turn away when I’m talking to you. What is wrong with you?

Okay. All right. Be careful. Take it slow. Yeah, yeah. I just want to get to the couch. No, no, no! Careful! You don’t want to injure yourself even worse getting there. Just slow down, all right? God, why wouldn’t you let me take you to G.H.? I think I’m okay. Really? You’re not a medical professional. I mean, the doctors would know for sure. No, I just need some ibuprofen. Just, my head is pounding, is all. Well, it’s no surprise there. What the hell were you doing walking around the waterfront at this hour? Two blocks from corinthos coffee? Look, that is not important right now. I appreciate you walking me in, and I can take it from here. Yeah, what you need to do is sit down. You need to rest. I’m gonna go get you some ice and water so you can take that ibuprofen. That is not necessary. I can do it myself. Can you please stop trying to be so macho? I will accept that you won’t go to the hospital if you accept that you need my help. Deal? Deal. Okay. Come on. I’m gonna help you sit down. Come on.

[ Groans ] Be really careful sitting down. You might have some broken ribs. Okay, okay.

[ Gasps ] Oh. Thank you. You’re welcome. Something wrong? Oh, no. I just, uh… it’s just aurora business, but I’ll talk to drew about it tomorrow. Tonight is about us. How is drew? Does he seem okay to you? He seems fine. Why? I was just thinking how weird it is that when we were hiding jason and taking care of him, we never asked drew for help. Even though you two work together, and he is jason’s brother. Thing is, um, jason and drew aren’t very close. It never even occurred to me to tell drew. And, honestly, he hasn’t said a word about jason’s return, and I didn’t think I should be the one to bring it up to him. I just feel bad for drew. It must feel like things changed overnight to him. One minute, your mom and drew are a solid couple, and then jason comes to town, and carly and drew break up, and then the two of us basically stopped reaching out to him, too. That’s gotta sting. Yeah, I don’t — I don’t want to hurt drew, but, look, protecting you, willow, was my number-one priority, and nobody can know that that we were involved with hiding jason. Oh, I-I know. I know you’re right. I… I just can’t help wondering how drew is dealing with all this. I know, because, willow, you have a big heart, and you care about people. But, look, try not to worry because, trust me, drew can take care of himself. Was there something else you wanted? Carly ever tell you you have a nice body? You’ve only seen half of it. You boys, you’re all the same. You act so brave when you’re on your barstools and you’re on your picnic benches or behind your desks.

[ Scoffs ] But what do you do when a girl takes you up on it? Or when she does something like this? You cower?

[ Laughing ] You’re such a boy scout. A man let’s a lady say no. Did I say no?

[ Door opens ] What’s up, sonny? Damn it. Jason… I don’t want you here. I want you gone.

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Days Update Thursday, April 11, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Steve brings Kayla her flowers at home but she’s not interested. Steve sees she’s still upset with him and says he will be on his way. Steve tells Kayla that he’s really sorry that he disappointed her as he regrets helping Ava with Clyde, but repeats that he was afraid of losing his son which made him do something stupid and reckless. Steve guesses he will just have to live with that. Kayla stops him and says she knows that he feels bad for what he did, but because she loves him, she’s going to forgive him for the risk he took by breaking Clyde out of prison. Kayla states that she needs to stay mad at him at least for today. Steve says he understands. Kayla then accepts the flowers and thanks him.

Tate eats with John and Marlena at the Brady Pub. John asks Tate about his spring break plans. Tate says he has a ton of school work to catch up on and he’ll probably just hang out with some friends. Marlena brings up Tate’s parents forbidding him from seeing Holly and asks how he feels about that. Tate says it sucks because he likes Holly and she’s his friend but they are probably right about them being toxic for each other so it’s for the best.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Holly that she’s so proud of her for telling the truth about her drugs. Holly says she should’ve told the truth from the beginning. Maggie understands she was worried about her mom. Holly points out that she still lied and got Tate in big trouble. Maggie goes to get snacks from the kitchen and says she wants to continue their discussion. Holly then texts Tate, saying she has to get out of there.

Stephanie walks through the town square and runs in to Everett. Stephanie says she’s kind of in a rush but Everett stops her and says he just wants to say he’s sorry about everything as he knows it’s been hard on her in so many ways, including how it’s hurt her friendship with Jada. Everett says he was really worried when they stormed out of the Spectator office. Stephanie informs him that she and Jada talked things through but it’s none of his concern. Stephanie then asks if he still has feelings for Jada. Everett says no and asks how he could have feelings for someone that he doesn’t even know. Stephanie questions why he’d want to stay married to her then and why he won’t sign the divorce papers.

Ava goes to Harris’s room and says she needed to see him. Harris asks what for. Ava responds by kissing him.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s not going to sign divorce papers as man that he doesn’t know. Stephanie argues that he was identified as Robert Stein. Everett warns her not to ever call him that again.

Steve reminds Kayla of the time they snuck onto a river boat on the Mississippi and how beautiful she looked. Kayla says she appreciates it but she’ll let him know when he’s out of the doghouse. Steve says there’s something else he wants to get off his chest that doesn’t have anything to do with Ava or Clyde. Steve adds that this happened a long time ago before they were together when he was working for Victor. Kayla says she’s listening. Steve explains that on Victor’s orders, he escorted John to Greece when he was The Pawn’s handler. Steve says it was his job to protect John and see him through a mission which was to send a message to Konstantin which shocks Kayla. Steve informs her that while they were on the mission, something terrible happened and Konstantin’s daughter Catharina was shot and killed, possibly by John. Steve says for years, he tried to bury it out of his mind and pretend it didn’t happen while doing everything he could to protect John from knowing about it. Steve adds that when John recently found out, he was ready to fall on his sword and give himself up by flying to Greece, turning himself in, and possibly spending the rest of his life in a foreign prison. Steve says that because he was spending so much energy and time protecting John, he forgot to deal with his own feelings, guilt, and shame about it. Steve thinks it’s about time that he did.

Marlena is glad that Tate understands his parents decision that he shouldn’t see Holly. Marlena knows it has to be difficult because they are fond of each other. Tate gets a text from Holly but claims to them that it’s a friend helping him study for a test. Tate asks if they mind if he meets up with him. John tells him to go ahead because school comes first. Tate says he will refill their water before he goes. John asks for some hot sauce too as Tate heads to the back. Marlena tells John that it makes her happy to see him smile. John says she always helps him and notes that a talk he had with Harris gave him some perspective, so he’s going to try to take his advice on self-forgiveness by reminding himself that he was a victim too and he chooses not to be one anymore. John figures if Konstantin was willing to forgive him, maybe he can try doing the same thing, so he’s really trying.

Konstantin sits in his room with a photo of his daughter Catharina and talks about his heart aching for her every day as her life was cut short so cruelly. Konstantin declares that he pretended otherwise, but he will never forgive her murderer. Konstantin then flashes back to his confrontation with John in the park where he was able to control him with a card, turning John back in to The Pawn. Konstantin promises Catharina that her death will be avenged as he then exits his room.

Holly gets Tate’s text to meet in the park in ten minutes. Maggie returns to the living room with snacks. Konstantin enters and hopes he’s not interrupting. Maggie introduces Holly to Konstantin. Konstantin says he’s heard so much about her and it’s a pleasure to meet her. Konstantin says Holly reminds him of his daughter as she was around her age when she died. Holly says she’s so sorry. Maggie explains that Konstantin is an old friend of Victor’s, visiting from Greece. Holly decides she should get going. Maggie points out that she didn’t have her tea or lemon bars. Holly claims that Nicole is expecting her and promises to go straight home as she exits.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s so sorry but maybe now that it’s all out in the open, everyone involved can leave it in the past. Steve is not sure because he doesn’t think Konstantin’s forgiveness is genuine. Steve talks about Konstantin grieving Catharina’s death and planning to avenge her, so he’s not buying his 180. Steve adds that he thought from the moment he came to Salem that he was scamming Maggie and he still does, so he will be keeping an eye on him.

Stephanie tells Everett that she’s sorry as she didn’t mean to offend him. Everett says he should be sorry as he’s been really stressed about all of this. Everett says he’s trying really hard to figure this all out and he’s on his way to see Marlena now for another session. Stephanie hopes he gets some answers and peace of mind. Everett says that he’s sorry about everything and walks away.

Harris and Ava lay in bed together. Ava tells him how much he means to her and talks about having someone who is good to her that she can count on, who won’t abandon her even when she’s in trouble. Harris questions her saying that and if she’s in trouble. Ava claims she was just getting emotional because she’s never had someone be so kind to her. Ava mentions telling Wendy and Tripp that she would be moving out, but she doesn’t have a place to live. Harris invites her to stay with him. They joke about being roommates with benefits as they kiss.

Holly meets Tate in the park. Holly says she’s really glad to see him as they hug. They talk about turning off their phone trackers and Nicole having no idea where Holly is. Holly is grateful that Tate could get her a burner phone. Tate mentions his parents being in a meeting while Holly says her parents are at dinner. They talk about it being dumb that their parents are forbidding them from seeing each other and joke about comparing it to Romeo and Juliet. Holly says that their parents not wanting them to be together only makes her want to be with him more as they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s going out for some much needed girl time with Stephanie. Kayla says she’ll see him later tonight and goes to leave right as John arrives. Kayla hits John, who questions what that was for. Kayla says she thinks he knows and then exits. John guesses Steve told her, which he confirms. Steve admits to John that he told Kayla about Clyde’s prison break and about Konstantin and Catharina because keeping the secrets were eating him up. Steve says he now feels relieved, like a weight has been lifted off of him. John responds that he knows that feeling all too well.

Everett goes to Marlena’s office for his next session. Marlena is glad he’s there and that he’s committed to learning more about his past. She asks how he’s feeling today. Everett responds that he’s struggling and wishing he were anyone but him.

Tate and Holly eat donuts from the bakery in the park. Holly mentions being chilly so Tate gives her his jacket and wraps a blanket around her as she calls him her hero.

Konstantin tells Maggie that Holly is a lovely young lady. Maggie talks about being grateful that Holly came back to them and how she makes her feel like part of her son, Daniel is still with her. Maggie calls her children and grandchildren the lights of her life. Maggie then apologizes to Konstantin.

Kayla meets Stephanie in the town square. Stephanie explains to Kayla how Everett is still married to Jada as Bobby Stein, who he doesn’t remember being. Stephanie mentions Everett telling her that he has another session with Marlena lined up, so she hopes he makes progress in finding out who he is or was. Kayla remembers Stephanie bringing Everett to the hospital for an examination and it was clear he had head trauma but no signs of memory loss. Kayla reveals that she asked Marlena if she thought Everett was faking it. Stephanie is surprised and asks what she said. Kayla says that Marlena didn’t really have an answer but didn’t rule out the possibility.

Marlena questions why Everett won’t sign the divorce papers. Everett responds that he can’t sign as someone else because he is not Robert Stein, so it would be forgery to sign as him. Everett adds that’s not the only reason he wanted to see her today. Everett then reveals that he wasn’t completely honest with her about what he saw during hypnosis. Marlena questions what he saw. Everett informs her that he saw himself staring back at him and he really needs to know what it means.

Tate and Holly hold hands and talk about the fresh air as they were both stuck inside for way too long. They agree that it’s really nice to be here together. Kayla and Stephanie then walk through the park and run in to them.

Ava texts Tripp that she will be home soon to collect her things as she found a place to stay. Ava asks Harris if he’s sure about this. Harris confirms he is and they kiss. Ava feels it will be much safer for Tripp and Wendy with her not being there. Ava still feels so terrible about all the trouble she put them through with their lives at risk. Harris says she can’t stare in the rear view too long because there’s a big, beautiful road ahead. Ava worries about Clyde still being out on the loose and who knows if he’s going to come back again. Ava asks Harris if he has any new leads on Clyde or Goldman. Harris says unfortunately, the trail has gone completely cold so he suspects they are long gone by now and possibly out of the country. Ava responds that she wishes Clyde was long gone by now.

Steve tells John that he’s his best friend and his partner. Steve says they have been through so much together so he’s going to be honest with him. Steve thinks it would ease his mind if they could get to the bottom of this thing, so he asks John to let him help him. John agrees to give it a shot. Steve asks where to start. John says with the facts. John brings up the night that Catharina was killed, there were three people there and that was them and Konstantin. Steve points out that’s all they know of but there are no videos or photos, so he questions how they can be sure that someone else wasn’t there. Steve states that if someone else was there, that person could be holding a very dark secret.

Kayla greets Holly and Tate, saying it’s nice to see them. Kayla asks Holly about her physical therapy which she says is going well. Tate asks them not to tell their parents that they ran in to them because they aren’t supposed to be with each other. Holly asks them to pretend like they didn’t run in to them. Stephanie agrees not to say anything and Kayla guesses it’s not her place to tell. Tate and Holly thank them, so Stephanie tells them to enjoy their day and Kayla says she’ll see them later as they continue on. Holly tells Tate that was a close one. They decide it’s best to call it a day. They agree to see each other soon as they kiss goodbye.

Stephanie and Kayla walk back through the town square. They admit they feel bad not telling about Tate and Holly. Stephanie points out that they are young and in love and compares it to Kayla and Steve. Stephanie admits it also made her think of her and Everett since she has told herself to stay away from him, but for some reason, she doesn’t want to. Kayla understands she has very conflicted feelings. Stephanie knows she should hate him, block him, and move on, but she still feels drawn to him and feels bad for what he’s going through. Kayla tells Stephanie that she always wants to protect her and tell her to move on to not get hurt any further, but she’s so proud of how kind and compassionate she is as she hugs her.

Marlena tells Everett that she’s not entirely sure what seeing his own image staring back at himself means. Marlena says he’s clearly struggling with a dual life and thinks he’s also struggling with feelings for Jada that he’s not ready to accept. Marlena asks if he would be comfortable with another hypnosis session to get to the bottom of these things but Everett says no more hypnosis or digging. Everett declares that some things are better left unknown as he then leaves her office.

John asks Steve if Victor could’ve been there. Steve says he couldn’t be as he was in Monte Carlo at the time where he won big on a bet. Steve asks about one of Stefano’s men. John brings up Catharina’s mother living there. Steve confirms that Konstantin said they separated a few years after so she could’ve been in the house or maybe she knows something. John suggests they investigate to see if she’s still alive and if she is, maybe they can track her down. Steve agrees that’s a very good place to start.

Konstantin tells Maggie that she has nothing to apologize for but Maggie feels it was insensitive to go on about her children and grandchildren. Konstantin says he delights in her delight and he loves knowing that her heart is full. Maggie calls that very kind. Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s going to miss her as his travel VISA is expiring and he’s been denied another extension, so he’s afraid he’s going to have to leave Salem.

Harris guesses that Ava thinks Clyde is still around. Ava reveals that she knows he is. Harris asks what she knows. Ava informs him that Clyde called her earlier and wants her to do another job for him.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric calls the landlord at home, who informs him that he and Sloan have been late on rent two months in a row which surprises Eric. Eric notes that things have been hectic with a new baby but Sloan will be home soon and they will get the rent to him. Eric hangs up and guesses Sloan forgot about paying the rent. Eric tells Jude not to worry about it and they will get it all squared away.

Sloan meets Jada at the Brady Pub. Sloan says she was knee deep in research for her case. Jada asks if she found a way to get her out of her marriage. Jada pays Sloan her retainer fee and asks if she found any loopholes. Sloan informs her that unfortunately, the law leans in Everett’s case because of his condition.

At the Spectator, Stephanie tells Leo that the article on Stefan’s arrest is gaining a lot of traction. Leo comments that he knew Stefan had a dark side but didn’t think he was a drug dealer. Leo wonders how Chad is taking the news. Leo hopes the readers also check out his column and remarks that it may be his last. Stephanie encourages that things always look up. Stephanie says she has to go check on another account so she’ll see him later. Stephanie then goes to exit as Everett arrives. Stephanie greets him and asks where he’s been.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square with Victoria. Xander talks about feeling almost like a free man. Sarah encourages that he will never be locked up again. Xander says he appreciates her support which Sarah says she will always have. EJ walks in to the town square and gets a call from Kristen which he ignores. EJ runs in to Xander and tells him that he has some news about his case, so he might as well hear it from him.

Kristen is at the DiMera Mansion and leaves a message for EJ, complaining about DiMera stock plummeting. Kristen demands EJ prove that he cares about the company and call her back before they lose the family fortune. Kristen hangs up and questions if this day could get any worse. Nicole then storms in and asks what the hell is wrong with her.

Stephanie asks Everett if he’s okay. Everett says he’s good and it’s nothing he wants to get in to right now. Everett asks how the article on Stefan is doing. Stephanie says it’s great and shows him. Everett calls that good news at least. Leo suggests a follow up article but Everett tells him to stay in his lane. Leo remarks that Everett is clearly singing the blues so he will steer clear of him. Stephanie asks Everett to tell her what’s wrong but Everett says not now as he’s trying to work. Jada then arrives and asks if Everett is as stubborn as he is psychotic and demands that he sign the divorce papers.

EJ informs Xander that he believes he belongs behind bars and admits he would’ve relished putting him there but their forensics team have examined the images and confirmed that Xander did not shoot Harris Michaels, acknowledging the difference in pants. EJ reveals he has officially dropped the charges against him and congratulates him as he walks away. Xander can’t believe it and asks Sarah if that really happened. Sarah encourages that Xander made it happen with his determination and wants to celebrate his freedom. Xander jokes about being congratulated by EJ as he kisses Sarah.

Nicole questions Kristen telling Holly that she’s a bad influence on Rachel. Nicole complains that Kristen is picking on a girl who nearly died and now she’s upstairs crying. Kristen calls Holly a drama queen and a drug addict. Nicole argues that she’s not a drug addict. Kristen points out that Nicole had no idea that Holly was doing drugs before. Nicole says she made a mistake while Kristen complains that Holly covered it up and lied about it while Tate got beat up in prison over it. Kristen argues that she has every right to keep her daughter away from Holly. Nicole tells Kristen to come after her if she wants to go after someone so Kristen asks if she wants to fight.

Sloan goes home and thinks back to arguing with Leo about him costing her a fortune. Eric greets her and asks how her day was. Sloan calls it exhausting. Eric says he just put Jude down and thought maybe they could talk. Sloan notes that he sounds serious. Eric reveals it’s about their finances as he came home and found the rent note under their door.

Jada asks Everett again to sign the divorce papers. Stephanie questions them still being married while Leo calls this juicy. Jada explains that Bobby never signed the divorce papers and he still won’t do it now. Leo questions who Bobby is. Jada tells him that it’s Everett, leaving Leo confused.

Nicole asks if Kristen punching down makes her feel powerful. Kristen argues that she just told Nicole’s daughter to stay away from her daughter. Nicole tells Kristen to come to her if she has anything to say to or about Holly. Kristen mocks Holly being a druggie and calls her just as selfish and manipulative as her mother. Nicole asks if she wants to compare daughters to mothers, calling that a dangerous place for her to be. Nicole talks about feeling sorry for Rachel and remarks that she’s bound to be a bad seed just like her mom.

Sloan tells Eric that she feels terrible that the rent must have just slipped her mind. Eric says he figured and points out being late last month too, but he knows she’s had a million things on her mind. Sloan talks about the expenses increasing with formula and diapers. Sloan promises to be more on top of it and says she will send the rent now. Sloan adds that her case load is increasing so it shouldn’t be a problem. Eric adds that at some point, his business will pick up. Eric suggests they make a family budget together. Eric grabs a paper to come up with a list of expenses but Jude wakes up crying so Sloan says she will go take care of that.

Jada tells Everett to just sign the papers as Robert Stein so they can get this over with as they don’t want to be married to each other. Jada argues that it’s just a signature and no one will know or care. Everett responds that he’s sorry but he can’t sign the way she wants him to. Leo asks for clarification on Everett being Bobby, then points out Stephanie being with him so he asks if Stephanie knew him as Bobby. Stephanie tells Leo not to go there. Leo asks how he can’t when his gossip column has been starving for a scoop. Everett also tells him not to go there. Jada questions how long he’s going to torture her with this.

Xander and Sarah go home to eat together. Sarah says they are going to sleep like babies tonight now that this whole nightmare is over but Xander says it’s actually not completely over.

Kristen warns Nicole to keep Rachel out of this because Rachel isn’t a screw up like Holly. Nicole argues that Holly has been nothing but kind while Rachel is an entitled brat. Nicole brings up Kristen’s felonies so Kristen asks if she wants to compare notes as they yell at each other. Kristen brings up Nicole kidnapping Jude while Nicole brings up Kristen stealing Tate as a fetus. Kristen argues that she learned baby stealing from Nicole and goes over her past including breaking up Daniel and Jennifer. Nicole says she actually regrets it and is trying to turn her life around. Kristen tells her to spin her way to Hell where she belongs. Nicole brings up Kristen drugging Eric and having sex with him. Nicole adds that Kristen paraded around town in a mask of her to seduce Brady. Nicole declares that Rachel only exists because Brady had sex with Kristen, thinking she was her. They start to fight until EJ runs in to break it up, screaming at them to stop and questioning what is going on.

Sloan returns from changing Jude’s diaper as Eric shows her a list of expenses that he came up with. Sloan tells him it looks all good. Eric questions what is missing. Sloan claims she isn’t thinking of anything but Eric says something isn’t adding up right. Jude starts crying again so Sloan decides to go feed him.

Everett tells Jada that this isn’t personal. Jada complains that they are still married and she takes that very personally. Jada asks what the big deal is as no one will even care and they can move on with their lives. Leo points out that it would be forgery but Jada argues that he is Robert Stein legally. Jada tells Leo to shut up and stay out of it. Everett repeats that he’s sorry but he can’t sign it right now. Jada then storms out, so Stephanie goes after her.

Sarah questions Xander saying the nightmare is not over. Xander talks about every night in jail, trying to figure it out because he knew he didn’t shoot Harris but the evidence was stacking up against him. Xander thinks he was framed and whoever set him up did a bang up job, but the only question is why him.

EJ separates Kristen and Nicole and questions if this is the example they want to set for their daughters. EJ questions Kristen attacking a teenage girl. Nicole thanks EJ for sticking up for Holly. Kristen asks EJ if he heard the things Nicole was saying about Rachel. EJ argues that the difference is that Nicole said those things to Kristen while Kristen fired her missiles right at Holly’s face. Kristen asks if EJ is kidding by giving Nicole a pass. EJ states that Nicole is his wife and Kristen will show her respect. Kristen calls Nicole a scheming gold digger while Nicole calls Kristen a homicidal maniac. EJ screams that is enough and warns that if Kristen is unable to get along with Nicole, then she will have to find another place to live.

Sloan puts Jude to sleep so Eric asks if she can sit down and go over the expenses now. Sloan says she would but she just noticed Jude is out of diapers. Eric asks if she’s sure as he thought they had one more pack but Sloan says they are all out, so she will be right back and then exits. Eric wonders where all their money can be going.

Leo tells Everett that he can only imagine what this is doing to him. Everett calls the whole thing a nightmare with Stephanie right in the middle of it. Leo talks about no one seeing this coming. Everett states that he’s not the victim but the bad guy in the situation since Jada thinks he’s a two timing bastard and Stephanie is debating whether he’s that or a nutjob. Everett adds that either way, Stephanie has lost trust in him and he hates this. Leo says if he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t remember and encourages him to stop being so hard on himself. Leo insists that Everett is a good guy who is going through an identity crisis. Leo says he can only imagine what it would be like to be two people with two sets of rotten memories. Everett tells Leo that he appreciates his support. Leo says they all need someone to listen to their side of the story. Leo asks if he can write about this in his column and promises to be gentle with the story. Everett asks if he’s out of his mind and tells him to drop it. Leo decides he will leave so that Everett can clear his head. Leo adds that he’s there for him, but he does agree with Jada that he won’t be able to move forward until he puts this behind him, so he has to figure it out. Leo declares that otherwise, he’ll never get Stephanie back and it’s obvious that he’s in love with her. Leo says he knows the feeling as he exits the office.

Stephanie and Jada go to the Pub. Stephanie thanks Jada for telling her about the divorce snafu and trusting her enough to open up about it. Jada knows it can’t be easy for her either. Stephanie admits it’s been pretty shocking. Jada tells her that she’s sorry for biting her head off more than once as she realizes she’s been taking all her anger out on her. Stephanie says she can’t imagine what she went through when her marriage ended and what she’s going through now. Jada says it’s no excuse since Stephanie is a victim here too. Jada asks if Stephanie can forgive her for the awful things she said.

Xander tells Sarah that someone went through a lot of trouble to set him up, starting with the phone call. Xander thinks back to the night he got that call. Xander says someone obviously duplicated his jogging outfit and planted the gun in their apartment. Sarah adds that they put the money in his account. Xander says it has to be someone who knows him with money. Sarah wonders if it was Clyde. Xander calls it possible that he financed it since he does have a vendetta against Harris, but questions why Clyde would pin it on him when he hasn’t had any contact with him in years. Xander thinks it would be odd for Clyde to go to such lengths to set him up. Sarah brings up the Spectator article saying that Stefan was doing Clyde’s bidding through the Bistro, so maybe Stefan hired the hitman. Xander decides he’s going to visit the jail to see if he can see Stefan. Sarah asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea.

Kristen asks EJ who he thinks he is and says he doesn’t own the house, adding that she’s been a DiMera longer than Nicole has. Nicole tells Kristen that it’s a big house and suggests agreeing to keep their kids away from each other. EJ says that’s settled and now he’s going to DiMera Enterprises to show some leadership as the board made it clear Stefan is out as head of DiMera, so he needs to take the reigns. Nicole asks if he can do that and still be district attorney. EJ says he can and the company needs someone with the family name while Tony doesn’t want that responsibility while he’s traveling with Anna. EJ adds that Chad never expressed interest while Johnny is too young and inexperienced. Kristen argues that there’s a DiMera right here which EJ laughs off and says he doesn’t think so.

Xander asks Sarah why it would be a bad idea for him to see Stefan. Sarah says he’s all free and clear now so she thinks it’s a bad idea to poke the bear. Xander feels he has to figure out who did this to him. Sarah says they are in this together. Xander thanks her and decides he’ll see about visiting Stefan tomorrow. Sarah jokes with him about bringing her cheese in bed which Xander promises to do every night as they kiss.

EJ says he’s off and asks if he can trust Kristen and Nicole to be there alone. Nicole decides she will go with EJ and he can drop her off in the town square as she could use some retail therapy and then they can have dinner out. EJ calls that perfect. Nicole says she will go check on Holly and let her know they are heading out. Nicole and EJ exit the room while Kristen grabs her phone and calls Mr. Shin, saying she thinks they need to have a talk.

Jada tells Stephanie that she really let her have it but it was all misguided anger as she’s not to blame for any of this and she believes that she had no idea Bobby was married. Jada hopes that Stephanie will forgive her someday when she’s ready. Stephanie admits the things that Jada said really hurt. Stephanie knows she was coming from a place of pain and wasn’t trying to hurt her, so she forgives her as she knows she was only trying to protect herself. Stephanie says they just process things differently. Jada calls Stephanie the calm and rational one while she’s a total hot head. Stephanie says she’s had her moments too. Jada says she’s been so wrapped up in her own world that she didn’t take time to think about how this was affecting Stephanie. Stephanie admits it’s been rough. Jada asks Stephanie if she’s furious with Everett. Stephanie confirms she is half the time, but the other half she’s thinking about what he must be going through. Jada asks if she believes his story. Stephanie says she doesn’t know but she feels for him, losing chunks of his life and identity while having nobody. Jada points out that he has Stephanie and guesses she still has feelings for him. Stephanie wishes it was that black and white.

Everett remains at the Spectator office and declares there is no escaping Robert Stein. Everett then grabs his phone and calls Marlena but it goes to voicemail. He leaves a message, saying he needs to see her.

Sloan meets Leo in the town square. Leo asks if this was really urgent since he has a pedicure. Sloan complains that he just had one and her baby comes first. Sloan talks about what Jude needs. Leo remarks that she should be on a budget. Sloan complains that she can’t keep hiding Leo’s expenses as her bank account is drained and she’s late on rent. Sloan points out that Leo is legit working now and compliments his article on Paulina. Leo is shocked that she didn’t insult him. Sloan calls him a decent writer and points out that he’s getting more assignments. Leo talks about those assignments costing money too. Sloan encourages him being a talented writer and asks for a little bit of help. Leo says because of his fondness for Jude, he will cut her allowance by 10%. Sloan was thinking 40%. Leo says they’ll meet in the middle at 25% only because she complimented his writing. Sloan hugs Leo and says he has no idea what this means to her.

Eric continues going over expenses and says he doesn’t get it as something’s not right here. Eric guesses that Sloan must have some big expenses that she’s not sharing with him. Eric declares that he’s going to get to the bottom of this.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada asked Sloan if she found anything to get her out of her marriage to Everett. Sloan told her she didn’t find anything and explained why divorce wasn’t possible. EJ ran into Xander and Sarah and told him about his case. When Kristen got off the phone, Nicole wanted to know what was wrong with her. Everett had an attitude with Leo and Stephanie. When Stephanie wanted Everett to talk, Jada showed up and told him to sign the divorce papers. EJ told Xander that he had to drop the charges against him. Nicole confronted Kristen about telling Rachel to stay away from Holly. Kristen told Nicole that no mother would want their child hanging out with a drug addict. Nicole said Holly wasn’t a drug addict. Kristen told her that Tate suffered because of Holly. She said she had every right to go after her daughter. Nicole told her to fight her if she had a problem. Jada asked Everett to sign the divorce papers. Stephanie was surprised that they were still married.

Nicole and Kristen continued to argue over Holly. Jada told Everett that she didn’t want to be married to him and he didn’t want to be married to her. Everett said he couldn’t sign the papers even if he wanted to. Jada wanted to know how long Everett was going to torture her. Kristen and Nicole argued over their children. While they were arguing, they brought up each other’s crimes. EJ showed up while they were arguing. He wanted to know what was going on. Jada was upset that Everett refused to sign the divorce papers. When Jada walked out, Stephanie went after her. EJ told Kristen about insulting Holly and Nicole. Kristen tried to attack Nicole again. EJ told Kristen that she would have to move out of the mansion if she couldn’t respect Nicole. Stephanie was glad that Jada opened up to her about the divorce. Jada said it couldn’t be easy for her finding out Everett was married. She apologized for ripping Stephanie’s head off. Stephanie understood her reaction. Jada said she was a victim too and asked for forgiveness. Kristen reminded EJ that he didn’t own the mansion and that she was a DiMera longer than he was. Nicole told Kristen that they should keep their daughters away from each other. Jada told Stephanie that she wasn’t to blame for what happened with Everett. She asked Stephanie to forgive her when she was ready. Stephanie said the things Jada said hurt. She said she knew Jada wasn’t trying to hurt her, so she forgave her.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly gave EJ a hard time about being grounded. She asked him why she couldn’t see Tate. EJ told her she would realize that the separation would be the best. Holly told him it was his fault for blowing things out of proportion. Clyde called Ava. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted her to listen up. She said she didn’t have anything to say to him after what he did to her son. Clyde told her to listen to what he had to say unless she wanted him to sell out her boyfriend. He read a story about her being Stefan’s ex-partner and told her he had one more job for her to do for him. When Ava refused to help Clyde, he threatened to get her in trouble. Johnny told Chanel that they were going to the Horton cabin. Chanel didn’t think it was the right time to go because of Paulina’s treatment. Johnny said he arranged for it to happen now because Paulina was going to be in isolation. He assured her that it was going to be the best time ever. She agreed to go with him.

Kristen confronted EJ about the way she found out about Stefan being arrested. She was upset that no one told her. Kristen wondered what Stefan’s arrest meant for the company. EJ said he was busy and walked away from her. He ran into Johnny who told him he was leaving town. Johnny asked about Stefan, but EJ didn’t answer him. Ava said she wouldn’t help Clyde. He asked her how she thought Harris would feel about him being out of prison. When she didn’t answer, he told her he wanted her to get a book for him from the Bistro. He said the book was the only trail back to him. Clyde told her he would never hear from her again if she gave him the book. Ava said it was the last thing she would ever do for him and then she was out. Johnny ran into Holly at the DiMera mansion. He asked her what was going on. She told him that she can’t see Tate anymore. Holly told him she wasn’t in love with Tate. She said EJ said she and Tate were toxic for each other. Johnny apologized for her not being able to see Tate. Holly said it was her fault for messing things up. He gave her advice before he let her know Chanel was meeting him at the mansion. When Johnny left, Rachel showed up and asked Holly to spend time with her. Johnny and Chanel made it to the Horton cabin. While Holly and Rachel were talking, Kristen came in and told her to go upstairs. When Rachel left, Kristen asked Holly what she was doing. She warned Holly to stay away from her daughter. Holly told her they were just doing their nails. Kristen ripped into Holly for lying about Rachel’s half-brother. While Kristen was yelling at Holly, EJ came in and stopped her from yelling at Holly. When Kristen walked away, EJ apologized to Holly for losing his temper. Holly thanked him for having her back.

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Days Short Recap Monday, April 8, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and John talked about Ava’s role in Clyde’s escape. John wanted to talk to her again to see if they could get her to remember something. Kayla wanted to know what they were up to. Brady let Theresa know that Tate lied about seeing Holly. She couldn’t believe he defied them. Theresa didn’t know why Tate wanted to keep seeing Holly. Brady thought they should work with Nicole and EJ to keep them apart. Theresa was grateful for the way he handled the situation. Maggie wondered how Konstantin and Victor developed a friendship. He explained how they bonded. Maggie let Konstantin know that Victor was part of her second chapter. She talked about the Victor she knew and love. He wanted her to remember Victor the way he was with her. Kayla wanted to know what Steve couldn’t live with. Steve told her that he couldn’t live with Clyde getting away. John let him know they had to go. Julie walked in the room while Maggie and Konstantin were talking. Theresa and Brady hoped Nicole and EJ were on the same page. Alex walked in and asked her what she wanted for dinner. Brady wondered what was going on. Julie told Maggie she was tired because of Thomas and Charlotte. Konstantin wanted to take a walk with Maggie so they could finish their conversation. He left Maggie and Julie alone to talk. Brady reminded Theresa that she was staying at the Salem Inn. Theresa and Alex announced they were roomies again. Steve and John went to Ava’s apartment. John felt like she knew something that could trigger Clyde’s whereabouts. Harris let them know he was investigating Clyde’s disappearance too. He wanted them to let him know when they found something so they wouldn’t take the law into their own hands. Steve was ready to go. John told Steve that he wanted to talk to Harris a little longer. John wanted to look at Goldman’s personnel file. Harris told him that was against policy. John reminded him that they broke the law. He wanted to ask Harris about a common thing they shared. John wanted to know about Megan brainwashing him. Harris told him that he talked to Marlena to get better. John asked him if he was afraid that the brainwashing could happen again.

Julie and Maggie talked about John killing Konstantin’s daughter. Maggie had to dig deep into her feelings to think about what he does. Julie reminded her about the way Doug was years ago. She let Maggie know that she brought out the best in Victor. Maggie appreciated what she said to her. Brady didn’t hide his surprise that Alex was living with Theresa again. They shifted gears and talked about Victor and Alex being his legacy. Brady thought Victor would be proud of him. Alex congratulated Brady because Tate was exonerated. Konstantin met with Theresa at the town square. He wanted to know about her being with Alex. She told him they were platonic. Steve brought flowers to Kayla. She wanted him to talk to her. Steve hated keeping secrets from her. She wanted answers. He wanted her to sit because it was a long story. Harris explained to John that he had to put the blame on the people who tried to control him. He said John had to forgive himself for what happened. Kayla didn’t understand Steve, John and Ava’s plan. She got upset because he was targeting a terrorist who killed their niece. Alex felt like Brady was more interested in Theresa than he’s letting on. Brady denied it. He didn’t want Theresa to deal with Kristen. Alex thought that Brady wanted to be with Theresa. Brady continued to deny wanting her. He didn’t convince Alex of that. Alex said what went on between him and Theresa would stay between them. Konstantin told Theresa to create an illusion for Alex so he would come after her. Theresa had a plan of her own to get him to be with her. Steve wished he didn’t agree to the plan. He asked Kayla to understand, but she didn’t. She didn’t understand why she worked with Ava in the first place. He told her that he thought his son was going to die. They continued to argue because of Ava. Kayla blamed him for putting their family in danger. She stormed out of the room.


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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: I hope you can understand that we have your best interests at heart.

Traci: Please, sit down. We’re just trying to help.

Ashley: I think I’ll stay standing, thanks. This is your idea of helping?

Billy: What do you want?

Tucker: I’d like to listen in.

Billy: Fine, if that’s what you call it.

Ashley: Well, isn’t this just peachy? The gang’s all here. So, this is an actual intervention, right? You included tucker, of all people. You must be desperate. And you agreed? What makes you think I’m gonna listen to anything he has to say?

Jack: Whatever he is doing here has nothing to do with us.

Tucker: That’s true. I came of my own volition. I wanted to speak with your family, but I think we all have the same thing in mind.

Ashley: So, it’s just a complete coincidence that you’re all staring at me with so much pity in your eyes?

Jack: No, none of us came here to trap you.

Traci: Jack’s telling the truth.

Ashley: It’s called a 51-50, when you try to put somebody away.

Tucker: Ashley…

Billy: I think it’s time to leave, tucker.

Ashley: Yeah, you know what? You don’t speak for me. Go ahead, tucker. What do you have to say for yourself?

Tucker: Everyone in this room is worried about you, ashley.

Ash: This is bad. This is so, so bad. Tucker can’t be there right now. What if she does what she’s planning on doing and she does it right this minute?

Ashley: So?

Jack: Ashley, just ignore tucker. He is leaving now.

Billy: Tucker.

Tucker: Ashley, your family loves you. They want what’s best for you. I think you should listen to what they have to say.

Ashley: So, you’re in charge of this little shindig, tucker? How do you feel about that, jack? I know. I bet you’re going to hold him responsible for this little get-together. But don’t think any of you are gonna get off the hook. I’m going to hold you all responsible for this ambush for a very long time.

Jack: Ambush? We came together for you, not against you, to discuss this before we approached you. You have my word.

Diane: Ashley, think about it. How could we have planned any kind of ambush if we didn’t know where you were or what time you were coming home?

Ashley: Please stop talking, diane. It makes my head hurt every time you open your mouth. You guys, I mean, honestly, the next time that you plan an intervention, could you please just run the guest list by me first?

Traci: Ashley, diane is concerned about you, too.

Ashley: Well, I’m just starting to choke on all this concern, traci.

Tucker: Ashley, do you recall coming to me recently and telling me you wanted to get back together with me, both professionally and personally?

Ashley: When was this exactly?

Tucker: And then do you also recall changing your mind and telling me you wanted nothing more to do with me, only to flip back yet again?

Ashley: Oh, god. Billy, weren’t you gonna show him the door?

Tucker: And then also your recent conversations with audra.

Ashley: Oh, audra. The town bicycle. She’s got a brain the size of a pea and you’re gonna take her word over mine?

Tucker: Okay, I’m gonna ask one question, and then, yes, I will leave. Uh, just today, you said to audra that I should be worried because she means to do me harm. Not she, audra. She, you. You were talking about yourself, right? As if ashley were someone else entirely. Do you deny saying any of that? If advanced lung cancer

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Audra: Thanks again.

Sally: You made it.

Audra: Hey.

Sally: Hi.

Audra: Hey. Of course I did. Um, I need this like you have no idea.

Sally: Oh. Sensing a tone.

Audra: What kind of tone?

Sally: Like an I need to vent before I explode tone. Which I have some experience with that. And we cannot let you explode.

Audra: Just please remember you asked for it. Oh, but I– I’m a mess. Okay, I am a total mess. My emotions are just all over the place. And, um, I– I– I just don’t– don’t know what to do. Um, I’m usually always in control. You know, always ahead of the curve. But this…

Sally: Tucker’s found a way to weasel his way back into your heart, even though you said you were absolutely done with him.

Audra: You know, hearing it out loud makes it worse.

Sally: What did he do now?

Audra: He asked me to marry him.

Ashley: Boy, this is embarrassing. Well, not for me. For you. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight and get on with my life, but all of you have to live with how you’ve treated me. And you should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Jack: We just wanna get you through this.

Ashley: There’s nothing to get through.

Traci: That’s not true. Ashley, you’ve told me yourself.

Billy: Ashley, what tucker just said, is– is that true? Did all of those things happen?

Ashley: Would you please not treat me like I’m some kind of wounded bird? It’s insulting.

Tucker: Hey, I understand why you feel targeted right now.

Ashley: Do you really? Well, that’s because I am being targeted.

Tucker: Except that I can back-up everything I just said. Certainly the club has security footage of you entering my room uninvited when I wasn’t there. Uh, I have a text from you saying you wanted to get together and meet, followed by a text a short time later saying you never wanted to see me again. Now, I’d prefer not to have to produce that kind of evidence for your family, but if it will do some good–

Ashley: I think you should. I would actually like you to. I want them all to see how i entertain myself by toying with him and how his little ego just kind of laps it all up.

Tucker: This is what you said to audra. I wrote it down. Um, “I’m not who you think I am. Just tell me where tucker is so I can warn him. You have to keep tucker away from her.” Can you explain that to me? To all of us?

Ashley: You’re in my home now, buddy. How dare you interrogate me? And you’re all letting him.

Jack: This is not what any of us want. We wanna help you. Just explain to us what’s happening to you.

Billy: Ashley, so far all you’ve done is deflect and distract. There’s gotta be a reason for that.

Ashley: I have explained it all. You just are choosing not to believe it. And as far as what audra has said, I told you at the bar, tucker, I had a couple martinis on an empty stomach. I got a little silly, so sue me!

Billy: Okay, tucker, I think we’ll take up from here. Please, a little discretion.

Tucker: Yes, of course, but… I have to take that threat very seriously, no matter how much booze is involved.

Ash: Are you kidding me? What, I can’t even get off this stupid cot now? I hate you! You’re evil! Ashley! Ashley, wake up! Don’t you understand? She’s gonna kill tucker. She’s gonna blame it on audra, but she’s gonna murder him! Ashley! Ugh! Beyond covering grays my color needs to suit me.

Sally: I definitely did not see that coming. But since you’re here having a drink with me and not with him.

Audra: I might have choked.

Sally: Because the ring was so bright and shiny? But once you got your voice back, you said…

Audra: No.

Sally: Yeah, of course, you did.

Audra: Yeah, I’m– I’m not getting married, you know?

Sally: To him or to anyone?

Audra: No one. Like, why should I?

Sally: That is a conversation for the next drink. But for now, just– why don’t you tell me what you said?

Audra: Well, that yes, we have magic. But we don’t need marriage in order to be great. It might actually ruin us.

Sally: Okay, those are very strong words.

Audra: And since when have we ever been a normal couple? You know, trying to bend to that would be ridiculous. We wouldn’t be us anymore.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, I– I see the logic in that, but… I mean, tucker’s a romantic, seems like, and he adores you. And he definitely sees himself as the marrying type, even if you don’T. How did he take the rejection?

Audra: I’m not sure.

Sally: Well, you two just sound great at communicating.

Audra: I– I made it clear to him that this wasn’t a rejection of him. That we can still be a power couple, just without all the courthouse paperwork.

Sally: Did he buy that?

Audra: He was disappointed, but he didn’t push back.

Sally: I’m stunned. ‘Cause from all I’ve heard, he doesn’t really strike me as someone who takes no for an answer.

Audra: I mean, he did vow to stage more romantic proposals until I was ready to give in.

Sally: Well, he’s definitely in for a lot of rejection if you’re dead set against marriage. But other than that, that does sound pretty romantic. Every waking moment for tucker will be about pledging his undying love to you.

Audra: Yeah, except one thing. I truly believe that ashley is still on his mind.

Ashley: So now your girlfriend is saying I’m a danger to you? That sounds like slander. By the way, there was no threat.

Traci: Ashley–

Ashley: Except audra is clearly threatened by me.

Traci: Take a breath. We’re not the enemy.

Ashley: I have given you all the information you could possibly need. Whether you choose to believe it or not is on you. I can see you’re upset. I’m sorry. I admit it, I haven’t, um… I haven’t reacted well to any of this. Maybe it’s just time for us to close this chapter. I think we should go hash this out privately, and then we can wash our hands of each other for good.

Traci: No, no, no, you are not leaving this house right now.

Ashley: Please stop. I know that you’re here because you care about me. I’m grateful for that. Can’t we just talk? Please? I’ll explain my behavior, and then we can go our separate ways. I mean, that’s the way to end this.

Ash: Ashley! Listen to me! She’s out there right now asking to talk to tucker alone so she can kill him! You have to wake up so you can stop her! You’re our only hope! Ashley! Ashley!

[ Serene music playing ]

Sally: So, this is just a question. But is tucker really focused on ashley, or… are you just looking for a reason to turn him down?

Audra: I don’t need an excuse to not get married. It’s not like it’s mandatory.

Sally: Okay, yeah, no, that’s settled. Thank you. Okay, so then, what? He thinks that she has mental issues or that she’s faking it? I’m confused.

Audra: Yeah, so was I. Someone like ashley abbott doesn’t suddenly fall apart. You know, that’s why I thought it was a ploy to grab tucker’s sympathy. You know, but now I’ve seen first hand. Something is just off. She is not well, mentally or emotionally.

Sally: That’s a really big assumption. If you say that to the wrong person, it could get really messy.

Audra: Yeah, but I’m– I’m saying it to you. And I– I have my reasons. She was already spinning out after paris. She told anyone with a pulse how violent and evil tucker was. And then, you know, she suddenly accepts the truth. That tucker’s version of the fight is actually what happened, not her warped version of it. You know, when it all started, we thought that she was just exaggerating to make tucker look bad. But it turns out that, you know, she actually believed things happened the way she said.

Sally: That’s intense.

Audra: Okay, yeah, so she starts apologizing, right? Trying to reconnect with him, wanting to start over.

Sally: Wait, just like forget everything? Like all her assumptions and fury?

Audra: Yeah, and then she turns right around and tells tucker to stay away from her forever. She’s just…

Sally: Yeah, no, those are some very mixed messages.

Audra: Yeah, back and forth. You know, she goes from trying to mark her territory to pretending like she never said a word.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that’s not normal behavior. Definitely not for ashley.

Audra: And then today, things got so wild. She kept talking about herself in the third person. She– she kept saying things like, oh, she’s pretending like she still loves tucker, but it’s all a lie. All she wants to do is hurt tucker. It is so bizarre. And then she said something about she thinks that that’s the only way we can protect ashley.

Sally: She? Okay, this gives me goosebumps.

Audra: And check this out. Then tucker showed up and she changed her entire demeanor. She pretended like it was all a joke. Look, I’ve been through bad breakups before, so I know how they can mess you up. But she’s beyond that.

Sally: Yeah, based on all this, you’re not wrong. Tucker probably is focused on ashley, but not in like a “I love you and I want you back way.” More like I’m worried and you need help. Man, this must be breaking her family’s heart.

Billy: Yeah, ashley, going off with tucker right now is not a good idea.

Traci: You absolutely need your family around you right now.

Jack: You don’t owe him anything. No reassurances, no explanations. You– you have nothing to discuss with him.

Ashley: You have no idea what I think or what I feel.

Traci: Then tell us.

Ashley: Why? So you can judge me?

Billy: We’re not trying to judge you, ash.

Ashley: Really? Even if I’ve decided I need to give my marriage another chance?

Jack: You don’t want him back. You can’T.

Ashley: Come on, tucker, let’s go. Let’s go talk.

Tucker: No, ashley, I’m sorry, they’re right. Meeting in private would be a mistake. Um… there is something I think you should know, that I think you all should know. I’ve asked audra charles to marry me.

Audra: You know, tucker is all invested in ashley’s sanity right now. It’s part of so many, if not all, the conversations that we have.

Sally: In between him pledging his love to you and buying you rings.

Audra: Yeah, actually, yes.

Sally: And that bugs you? Makes you jealous?

Audra: Not jealous, exactly, but it does make me wonder.

Sally: Go on.

Audra: Yeah, if tucker’s sudden marriage proposal was more about ashley and less about me.

Ashley: So, you asked her to marry you?

Tucker: Mm.

Ashley: Is the ink even dry on our annulment papers? What’d she say?

Tucker: All you need to know is that I proposed to her.

Billy: Okay, tucker. You’re done.

Tucker: Yeah, so… whatever we had, it’s in the past. We’re not gonna get it back. And I think that’s better for all of us.

Jack: Gee, why do I get the feeling that that’s the real reason you came by, to drop this little bomb?

Tucker: No, jack. In fact, I was on the fence about whether or not to tell you at all. To tell you. But I decided that if the notion that you and I might get back together sometime in the future is somehow contributing to your conflict, then i thought it would be best for you to know, for you all to know. No, I came here to make sure that you had your family’s support and that you all knew what the situation was, and i just sincerely hope, ashley, that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Oh, god.

Jack: As if we need you to tell us anything about our sister.

Diane: Okay, tucker. You’ve done your part. Now, do everyone a favor and just leave.

Jack: Ashley, please don’t get your back up. We are all on your side. Will you please, finally, let us in? ()


Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Sally: So, you think that tucker proposed to you because of ashley? I’m not really sure I see the connection.

Audra: Well, you know, that he was making a point. “Oh, hi, ashley. Clearly, I am unavailable and have moved on. Now, please go see a shrink.” And a message to me. “See how much I don’t love ashley and do love you.”

Sally: Wow. Yeah, I mean, that’s putting a lot of meaning into, will you marry me?

Audra: You know, I get why he’s concerned about her mental health. He feels responsible for whatever she’s going through. You know, he insisted that she was the center of his universe. Made a huge show of basically worshipping her. And so, they go off to their little honeymoon. It goes to pieces. And so, I think he feels like he’s the reason why she’s fallen apart.

Sally: I mean, after everything I’ve heard about tucker, I– I– I didn’t know he had it in him to feel bad about something like that.

Audra: Same. But he’s trying to play the good guy, you know? Pushing her to get help. But she’s just fighting it every step of the way.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, sometimes the people that need help are the last ones to admit it. But she has a family that loves her, and I feel like she would listen to them way before she would listen to tucker.

Audra: Yeah, I tried to convince him of that. I almost thought I did. But he just can’t let it go.

Sally: So, where is he now?

Audra: I know exactly where he’s at.

Sally: Well, wherever he went, he’s back now.

Audra: Hm.

Billy: Look, um, tucker’s timing was awful. It always is, but the fact that we are all on the same page as him, that says something, ash.

Ashley: Flip flopping on your opinion of tucker. Somebody get billy a straitjacket quick.

Traci: Ashley, ashley, stop it. Okay, we get that you’re angry. And I just have to believe you’re acting this way because deep down inside, you know we’re right. Think about it. Your threats to audra, you can claim that they’re a joke, but taken at face value, how would they look to you? That tucker has to be careful, and then talking about yourself in such a strange way.

Ashley: Why do you have to take everything I say so seriously?


Traci: There is no humor in suggesting that your ex has to be careful and that “she” is going to hurt him. What did these threats even mean? You told me that you were gonna get close to tucker and try to take his company away from him. Is that what these threats are all about? And how are you gonna steal tucker’s company?

Ashley: What I told you was in confidence, right? And it was a joke that you took and you twisted it into something else.

Billy: No, no, traci did the right thing. Okay, that’s information that we need to know as your family.

Ashley: Oh, right. I– I bet I’m gonna be a character in your next novel. Right, trace? The sister of the heroine, the deranged sister, who you have to stick in the tower so she can howl at the moon. Howl!

Traci: Oh, just stop it, ashley, stop.

Ashley: I don’t even know who you are.

Traci: Well, I’ll tell you. I am your sister who adores you, and i hate that I had to betray your confidence, but I’m terrified for you and I needed the family’s advice. These people, your family, who love you and care about you as much as I do.

Ashley: These people, so loving and so nurturing, as if this is my safe place.

Traci: Ashley, I only said what I did because I realized I can’t handle this myself. You’re having blackouts. This is so serious. And you promised me you would see a doctor.

Ashley: You didn’t give me a chance, though, did you, traci? You ran right to jack and billy and even diane. Talk about betrayal. I don’t think I can ever forgive you. I just want to know. I wanna hear it from you. Do you think I’m nuts?

Ash: You have to wake up. Please. She’s completely out of control, ashley. She’s even threatening to make me disappear. But she can’t do that, right? She’s not stronger than you. She can’t, right?

Ashley: To see you all looking at me like this, I’ve never felt so alone. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Tucker: Hello, ladies. Hi.

Sally: Hi.

Tucker: Sally, right?

Sally: Yeah, tucker.

Tucker: Yes, that’s me.

Sally: Nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you, finally, yeah.

Audra: So, where have you been?

Tucker: Oh, in my secret lair, doing the usual, you know, scheming, plotting. Being generally nefarious. You know how it is.

Sally: Yeah, naturally. Right, yeah. Well, I’m, uh, I’m actually on my way out, but it’s really nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you.

Sally: And we’ll talk soon.

Audra: Yeah, okay.

Tucker: Good night.

Sally: Bye, good night.

Tucker: I would love a drink. Um, looks like I need to catch up with you, though.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Hi there. How are you? Uh, scotch. Neat. Double.

Audra: Water.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Thank you. So?

Tucker: So, I went to the abbott house.

Audra: They didn’t throw you out?

Tucker: No, I was able to leave willingly. I did my best to let them know what the situation was with ashley.

Audra: Oh, I see. How did that go?

Tucker: Oh, a barrel of laughs, man. Thank you very much. When I got there, ashley was already there, and it appeared as if they were in the middle of an intervention.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: That sounds brutal. But at least her family knows she has a problem and are trying to solve it.

Tucker: Except that a cup of tea and a warm shoulder to cry on is not gonna do it. She needs professional help. And the sooner, the better.

Audra: Right. So, you went there only to find ashley’s own family already has it under control. Yeah, no need for you to be there. Just an outsider in the way.

Tucker: Yes. Thank you, audra. As subtle as always.

Audra: Meanwhile, I was left venting to a friend.

Tucker: You vented?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: What, pray tell, did you vent about? Not about little old me. You would have nothing to vent about me.

Audra: Oh, no. I had plenty to unload. How you just come with so much baggage. You know, how you think you know everything about me, when clearly you do not. How you’re romantic and charming. Just always choose just the wrong moment to prove that you’re a good man. Basically, I went on and on about how maddening and infuriating you can be.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, what can I say? I’m a catch.

Traci: Ashley. This is not an attack. There is no one in this room who thinks you’ve lost your mind. What we think is that something serious is happening to you that we don’t understand. And we’re just trying to get control of it.

Jack: Whatever it is, we will deal with it.

Billy: Jack’s right, ashley. You know, we’re a full team here for you.

Jack: We will see that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Do you have any idea what this is doing to me? All the memories it’s bringing up. You know, about fairview. When my brain was being picked apart. My life was just being picked apart by strangers.

Traci: Okay, we’re not strangers. We’re your family. We love you.

Ashley: I know you say you want to help me, but the way you’re looking at me, I mean, it just makes me feel like you think I’m broken and like I’m just beyond repair.

Jack: Ash, I hate seeing you like this. I just want to take your pain away. We all do. But none of us can do that on our own. We’re just not equipped. For you to find yourself in a strange hotel room with no recollection of how you got there, that had to be terrifying. And it’s not something we can ignore. We can’t just hope that whatever caused the blackout will go away. Next time, you’ll wake up in an even worse place. Or god forbid, not wake up. And we have to deal with it now, before it gets worse.

Ashley: Worse? You know, it’s interesting that you should say that. I think everyone in here is aware of the sketchy situations you’ve found yourself in over the years. Are you sure you want to start pointing fingers?

Jack: If we’re talking about my use of painkillers, there’s an explanation for my actions. I sought help. I got clean.

Ashley: That any one of you could judge me is just too much. You are looking for trouble that just isn’t there.

Billy: No, we’re not looking for trouble. We see it. And I think you do too.

Traci: And this is about finding solutions and helping you.

Diane: You need to stop lashing out because you’re fearful and angry.

Ashley: I think I told you to not talk.

Billy: Let’s just back it up a little bit, okay?

Ashley: No, I don’t wanna stop this. Why should we? You want judgment, if that’s what you’re after? There’s plenty of it to go around. I think this evening just got interesting.

Tucker: Did you tell sally about my proposal?

Audra: It might’ve come up.

Tucker: Hm. And did you tell her as a result, you tore my heart out of my chest, threw it on the ground and stomped all over it?

Audra: I made it very clear to her that I didn’t turn you down. I turned down the idea of marriage.

Tucker: Yeah, you know, I’ve been thinking, though. Marriage, to me, would be a completely different animal, right? So, I’m thinking maybe she influenced you a little bit, nudged you towards saying yes.

Audra: Unlike you, she respects my decision.

Tucker: I respect your decision. I just don’t agree with it.

Audra: Well, you’re gonna have to learn how to live with it if you wanna be with me because, you know, I’m worth more than a trip to city hall or some big party.

Tucker: That you are.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: I’m not gonna lie to you, though. It really hurt. When you said no, it just– I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, audra.

Audra: And all that is still on the table. But marriage is not.

Tucker: All right, what the hell. Here’s to us being unconventional.

Audra: Hey. I still want everything with you, okay?

Tucker: Okay.

Audra: Everything. I just, uh… this is what works for me.

Tucker: Then this is what you shall have.

Audra: So, um… do you wanna tell me more about what happened at the abbott house?

Tucker: No, no. No more. I’m done. Don’t need to. The guilt, weight, has been lifted. Whatever’s going on with ashley, the abbott’s will fix it. Moving forward with node-positive

Audra: You know, you never had anything to feel guilty about. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Tucker: Are you kidding? Who are you talking to here? But, you have my word. I’m letting it go.

Audra: Look at me in my eyes and say it.

[ Chair scrapes ]

Tucker: I’m letting it go.

Audra: And now you know ashley is officially her family’s responsibility.

Tucker: And you know ashley isn’t– oh, you didn’t want me to repeat that. And I want you to know, from this day, from this second forward, all my attention, all my focus, is gonna be on… this stunningly beautiful, unmarried woman who I’m just head over heels in love with.

Ashley: Come on, guys, bring it. Let’s see how you stand up to all this scrutiny you’ve been putting me under.

Diane: Ashley, please stop.

Ashley: Hey, diane, what was that name you went under when you were in los angeles? Wasn’t it taylor? Taylor, the friendly neighborhood realtor. You wanna talk about my sanity? Didn’t you have a mental breakdown? You faked your own death, bitch. And then you left your only son to grieve alone.

Diane: Okay, ashley, I did have a breakdown. And then I got help. And those years in therapy saved me. I have nothing to be ashamed of. There is no shame in getting help.

Ashley: Right, well, if this is the result of all of that therapy, I think I’m gonna pass. By the way, you are never, ever gonna be a real member of this family after what you did to kyle.

Jack: That’s enough.

Ashley: Oh, wait, I know what this is. I get it now. You poisoned them against me, didn’t you? You did. You wanted to get me locked away because you know that I see right through you.

Diane: You don’t really mean that.

Ashley: Oh, I do really mean that.

Jack: Diane cares about you. Whether you believe it or not, it is true.

Ashley: Jackie, how far do you think the resentment goes? How far back do you think it goes that you have for me? Do you think it started when you were just a little boy and you realized that I was actually our father’s favorite?

Billy: Okay, ashley.

Ashley: I mean, just how bitter are you?

Billy: It’s pretty clear that you wanna keep pushing buttons here and avoid the situation. Okay, but, uh, but we’re all here for you right now.

Ashley: Oh, thank you so much. It’s so painfully obvious why you would want to undermine me, little brother. You’re just so thrilled that I’ve been put on a lower peg than you, right?

Billy: You feel better? Yeah? ‘Cause you’ve taken a swipe at me now. You’ve taken a swipe at diane, jack. The only person you haven’t taken a swipe at is– is traci, because you can’t do that. Because she loves us all, unconditionally, and she doesn’t want anything from you. She’s only here to help you. So, can you admit that you need help?

Ashley: What if traci has some deep-seated jealousy for me? I mean, it probably goes back to when our father called me his beauty.

Diane: Ashley, that’s enough.

Ashley: Well, I mean, honestly, it was very insensitive of dad.

Diane: All right, all right, all right. You wanna do this? Fine. You and me, ashley, and we can trade insults all night long, and then maybe you’ll wear yourself out and stop hurting these people who love you.

Ashley: Uh, I can’t stand being in the same room with any of you. I’ve gotta get out of here.

Jack: No.

Billy: Whoa, hey.

Jack: Stop, no. You don’t wanna talk right now? Fine. We will all get some rest and calmly discuss this in the morning, but you’re not leaving.

Ashley: Get out of my way, jack. So what? I’m a prisoner in my own home now?

Jack: None of us want this. But if you won’t seek help for yourself, we will bring help to you.

Ashley: Who are you calling?

Ms. Abbott: Who are you calling, jack? Sharon, some other shrink? You will not put me back at fairview.

Ash: Oh, gosh.

Ms. Abbott: You hear me?

Ash: Ashley, please, you have to wake up. Ashley, right now. She’s going to take us all down with her. Please, I don’t want to leave you for good. Ashley! Ashley, wake up!

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: What are you talking about, sheila isn’t dead?

Deacon: I know this sounds crazy, but what if, what if it were true?

Liam: So kelly left this guy at my place. I’m not sure bedtime would go as smoothly without it.

Steffy: Thank you. How could she forget this little guy? Oh, wait. Oh, it’s when you took her on a shopping spree and got her every single stuffed animal she could possibly want.

Liam: Not that she could possibly want. Just that she could carry. I have trouble saying no.

Steffy: Yeah, she has you wrapped around her finger.

Liam: Yeah. It’s a good finger to be wrapped around, though. You know something? This is, um… it’s kind of nice.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Just… not worrying that you and the kids are safe. Not having to leave here with a pit in my stomach. Life sure got easier with sheila gone for good.

Rj: So, sis, on a scale of one to ten, how stressed are you about hope for the future?

Hope: Are you kidding? I mean, I have surrounded myself with talent. My vision is clear. Yeah, I would be at about a ten.

Rj: Why? Why are you like that? We’re good. Everything’s good.

Hope: Look, I am appreciative, you know, that you and zende and luna, that you’re really going to step up.

Rj: But I feel like there’s a but coming.

Hope: Oh. Because I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. I mean, the last time thomas was off the line, it almost got shelved.

Rj: That’s not going to happen this time. Look, zende, luna, and I, we’re gonna have your back, and we’re a team, and we’re gonna look out for each other.

Zende: You wanna tell rj what happened between us?

Luna: I have to, okay? Keeping this secret from the man I love is killing me.

[ Knocking on door ]

Poppy: Luna, what’s wrong? What’s going on?

Luna: I’ve made up my mind, mom. I’m telling rj about my night with zende.

Hope: I really appreciate the support and concern.

Rj: That’s what family’s for. Plus, I totally believe in your vision.

Hope: While I’m not going to lie, thomas leaving is a bit concerning for the line. But I also think we have a good game plan. I mean, I have my super talented little bro helping out on the designs. Not to mention, zende already knows my vision and my style. And he’s worked very closely with thomas. And now, luna will be working closely with him. I think it would be a great experience for her. I mean, zende has so much to offer.

Poppy: I thought you agreed you were going to keep that night a secret.

Luna: I’ve been trying, okay? I mean, I hate the thought of messing up rj and zende’s relationship.

Poppy: Well, what about messing up your relationship with rj?

Luna: I’ve been basically lying to him, mom, and it’s killing me. I mean, this is not who I am. This is not the woman that you raised me to be.

Poppy: Luna, just– just think about this.

Luna: No, mom, please stop. You can’t talk me out of this, okay? Neither of you can. I mean, rj deserves to know the truth, and I’m– I’m gonna tell him. And there is nothing that either of you can say to stop me.

Liam: Thank you.

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: So, how’s finn? I’m playing nice. I’m just, uh… I don’t know, curious if going to this memorial got sheila out of his system.

Steffy: You know he’s had some kind of, like, primal connection to sheila. That, I’ll never understand.

Liam: ‘Cause it’s not logical.

Steffy: You already know that I wasn’t happy about finn going to sheila’s memorial.

Liam: I do know. And why would you be? It’s kind of silly. He should have been here with his wife and his family.

Steffy: Well, he needed to be there. Liam, he got closure. It’s finally over. And you’re right. We don’t have to worry about sheila anymore.

Finn: Deacon, what are you talking about?

Deacon: Listen, I know– I know this sounds crazy, okay? But what if… what if she’s still alive?

Finn: You hear yourself right now, deacon? Okay, sheila, she died in my home. There was paramedics. There was police. We just had her memorial service. You went to the crematorium.

Deacon: I know.

Finn: Then how could you possibly think that sheila’s alive?

Deacon: It doesn’t make sense. I saw her face myself. I said goodbye. The person who was being cremated… had ten toes. Ten toes, finn.

Rj: It’s no secret. Um, there’s been tension between zende and me, but it was because, you know, he thought it was unfair that I got to work on granddad’s line. But it’s okay. We’re fine. That’s in the past now.

Hope: Well, I’m sure he feels the same way.

Rj: Yeah. I think he’s a very talented designer, and I think I can learn a lot from him.

Hope: Okay. So then, how do you feel about zende and luna working together?

Rj: I– I think learning from zende is really good for luna right now.

Luna: Do you know what it’s like to lie to the person that you love? Mom, it’s torture. And I can’t do it anymore.

Poppy: Honey–

Luna: No, mom, please stop trying to talk me out of doing what you know is right.

Poppy: I won’T. I let you down, sweetheart. And it breaks my heart. I’m giving up the mints. I’m not taking them anymore. And I’m also done pressuring you into not following your heart. So, if you want to tell rj about what happened, then you should. I am so sorry, sweetheart.

Liam: Well, as the mother of my child and someone I… happen to care about, I just hope you don’t feel like you’re going through this alone.

Steffy: Thank you for caring about me, but I’m– I’m not alone, liam.

Liam: Good. Still think finn going to that memorial’s kind of messed up, but okay.

Steffy: Okay. Well, I think finn is just trying to process everything the best he can, and he is determined to put sheila behind us. And honestly, I feel as though I’m more patient with him, knowing that sheila is gone. That she is never coming back.

Finn: Deacon, I know it’s hard to say goodbye. And look, on– on some level, I feel the same way, but… what you’re saying and what you think you saw, you most likely–

Deacon: I didn’t think. I know what I saw, finn. I was there. I know what I saw. I asked to witness the cremation. I didn’t want to leave sheila alone. And frankly, I wasn’t ready to say my final goodbyes. I looked at her. I looked at her, and it was sheila. And then the attendant, he asked me if I wanted to press the button. And, man, that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. And the cremator doors, they opened, and the box started moving in. But it got jostled and the sheet that was covering her body, it slipped off and it exposed her feet and that’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw that she had ten toes. Skin-carving next level hydration?

Hope: Well, I am glad to hear that you and zende are on better terms. Rj, I mean, you two, you’re the future of this company. You are the next generation of forrester.

Rj: And we are going to continue to make sure that hope for the future is a success.

Hope: Thank you. Honestly, I was a little nervous to do this without thomas again, but with your support, I am feeling much more at ease.

Rj: Good.

Hope: And I’m excited for luna. I think she’s going to be a big part of this collaboration.

Rj: You think so? I mean, she’s– she’s one of a kind. I mean, she has a mind for business, and she has an eye for fashion. Not only that, she has an insane amount of work ethic. Those are her bad points. I swear. She’s got a great heart, and she’s incredibly honest. I think you’ll love that about her. And… she’s been a light in my life and I’M… we are now very lucky to have her.

[ Luna sighing ]

Zende: Your mom loves you very much.

Luna: Yeah, and I love her, too. And, um, I’m really grateful that she stopped trying to talk me out of telling rj the truth. Listen, I… I realized that this could have a serious impact on your relationship with rj, and I hate that. I– listen, I– I tried to keep this secret for as long as I could, for both of your sakes.

Zende: And I appreciate that so much, but… I agree with poppy. You should tell rj the truth. I can see how much the secret is eating at you, and I don’t want that. I care about you too much.

Liam: Still feels surreal, you know? Sheila carter, gone forever.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s still gonna take some, uh, time to process for both finn and me.

Liam: Where is the good doctor?

Steffy: Oh, yeah, he ran out to meet up with deacon. Deacon called him. He sounded really upset. I guess he’S… I don’t know, struggling with sheila’s death.

Liam: Wow.

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: I don’t really get how someone like deacon could come to find anything redeemable about sheila. Like, deacon and I, we’ve had our issues in the past, but I always admired his… his street smarts, his ability to read people, and yet…

Steffy: Yeah, I have no sympathy for that man, so…

Liam: Well, apparently, finn does.

Steffy: Finn is a doctor through and through. He cares about people, even when they don’t deserve it. Look, he’s gonna go see deacon, and that’s it. Hey, finn already told me. He said we’re done talking about sheila once and for all.

Finn: Okay, deacon, listen to me, okay? As a doctor, I experience death a lot. And for some families who are present when they have their loved ones take their last breath, it’s not uncommon for them to think they saw something, like an eye flutter or a finger twitch. One time, a wife thought her deceased husband had a smile. Okay? It’s sometimes a way of our mind processing.

Deacon: I know what I saw. I saw ten toes. I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes. And then I– I– I tried to get the guy to stop the process.

Finn: Yeah, you need to get ahold of yourself. You’re freaking out.

Deacon: Yeah, I am freaking out, ’cause I cannot explain this. Do you understand? I looked at her. It was sheila. I looked with my own two eyes. There were ten toes. What if it wasn’t sheila that was cremated?

This is not just a stop

for allergy meds.

Rj: It’s kind of wild, isn’t it? You know, when I first got back to L.A., I was like, I don’t want anything to do with the family business. I want to do my own thing.

Hope: Any regrets?

Rj: No. I’m lucky. I mean, look at me. I get to work with my talented sister, you.

[ Both chuckle ] I get to design with my cousin. I get to build something I love with the woman I love. I’m excited. I think– I think we’re gonna make hope for the future even better now because of what we all share. Transparency and trust.

Zende: I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Luna: Yeah, me too.

Zende: You’re a good person. There’s nothing you could do to change that. Rj knows this. You won’t lose him.

Luna: God, everything was so perfect. From working at forrester to falling in love with rj and your family accepting me.

Zende: Now, it’s a nightmare.

Luna: Yeah, because of my mom’s mints.

Zende: Regardless of whatever was happening, I shouldn’t have come onto my cousin’s girl. And I never would have allowed what happened between us that night, had I known that you weren’t yourself. And… if I didn’t have these feelings I have for you…

Luna: Zende.

Zende: I’m not coming onto you, I swear. I’m just being honest. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if… rj doesn’t handle it well when you tell him what happened between us, and I truly hope he does. But if for some reason he blames you, I’m here.

Steffy: Baker stopped by forrester the other day. He confirmed sheila’s death was an act of self defense.

Liam: I mean, no surprise there, but… it’s gotta be a relief. Help you heal, help you move on.

Steffy: Yeah, it is. I just wanted to tell you. Okay, we need to really stop talking about sheila. So, how are you? And don’t deflect, okay? Be real with me.

Liam: I’m good. I’m hanging in there. I’m, uh… um, focusing on beth and kelly and work. Actually, I don’t know. I think maybe, uh… maybe I’m doing… some soul searching. I’m asking myself some… kind of uncomfortable questions.

Steffy: Like what?

Liam: Like, am I the kind of man that I would ever want to see either of them with? Not really. I was accused of waffling over the years, you know? And I’m guilty as charged, the way that i went back and forth between you and hope over and over and over again. I gotta figure out who the hell I am. And maybe… maybe I just want to be dad for a little while, you know? Be the best– be the best dad that I can be for my daughters.

Steffy: Liam, you are a great father. I’ve seen your growth, your self-awareness. You should be proud of yourself.

Liam: Thank you. That means a lot, coming from you.

Deacon: I am not making this up. When I saw her feet, I saw ten toes. That image is burned inside my brain. Now, you tell me, how there could be ten.

Finn: Because there weren’T. None of this is real. Ten toes? Deacon, your mind is playing tricks on you.

Deacon: It keeps popping into my head again and again and again and I can’t get it out.

Finn: Yeah, you’re upset. You’re obviously grieving. Deacon, you and sheila, you had planned this whole life together. Some people saw her as a monster. You saw her as someone worthy of love. And you’re devastated. But you have got to let this go. There is no way that sheila wasn’t at the crematorium. You said you saw her yourself. It’s time to say goodbye. I know it’s hard to accept, but sheila, she’s dead.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Uh, I’m sorry, Amir. This must be an oversight.

Two, two months in a row?

Yeah, things have been a little hectic, you know, having a new baby and all.

Okay, hey, listen, my wife, she’s, she’s gonna be home any minute, and um, we’ll just get this cleared up and get it to you today, okay? Okay, thanks.

They must have forgotten all about paying the rent.

Hey, don’t you worry about it, little guy. Mommy’s got a lot on her mind.

I mean, look at your face. Mommy just takes one look at you and all the things on her mind go right out the window. But don’t you worry, we’ll get this all squared away. Hey, sorry I’m late. I was knee deep in research about your case. And? Did you find a way to get me out of this nightmare marriage? Before we get started, do you mind if we just take care of my retainer fee first?

Oh, sure. Sorry, I completely slipped my mind.

There. Sent. Okay, thank you. So, did you find anything? Anything that’ll help push through this divorce? Like a loophole or something? Unfortunately, it’s just the opposite. The law is in favor of Bobby’s case. Well, when a party suffers from a mental illness like a brain injury or some other mentally debilitating condition, the law states that they lack the cognitive ability to enter into a contract.

I mean even If they do sign a contract in that condition, it’s avoidable.

The article on Stefan’s arrest is gaining a lot of traction. I even posted it to four different social media platforms to get even more traffic. Who’d have thunk it? I knew Stefan DiMera had a dark side, but drug dealer was not on my bingo card. I know, right? I wonder how Chadwick is dealing with the news that his brother from another mother is a pill pushing lowbrow headed to the Who’s Go.

Come on, Leo. What? I just hope after our readers have done rubbernecking at Stefan’s story, they detour over to my Lady Whistleblower column. It may be my last. Hey, things will look up, Leo, okay? They always do. Yeah. Hey, I gotta go check on another account, so I’ll see you later. Okay, see ya. Hey, where have you been?

I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. With two girls, almost like a free man. You are never going to be locked up again. Ever. God, I love your optimism. And you’re undying support. And you will always have been.

D. A. DiMera. Fancy meeting you here. Likewise. Actually, I have some news about your case, and you might as well hear it from me.

Dammit, E. J., stop ignoring me. Have you seen the price of DiMera stock? It’s plummeting by the second. Now you say that you care about this company. Well, prove it. Call me back, now. Before we lose our family fortune. Ugh. Oh, could this take it any worse? What the hell is wrong with you?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. You

okay? I’m good. Really? Because you, you look kind of razzled. Yeah, well, uh, it’s nothing I want to get into right now. How is the article on Stefan doing? Great. Take a look. Oh. That’s good news, at least. Hey, Everett. Lightbulb moment. I was thinking I could do a follow up human interest story about a family who was immediately impacted by the drugs that Stefan was trafficking through the bistro.

You know what, Leo? Until I, um, say it, why don’t you stay in your lane? Ah! Snark you much? Sorry, Leo. Well, since you are clearly singing the blues today, I will steer clear. Tell me what’s wrong, Everett, please. Not now. I’m trying to work, you know?

Are you as stubborn as you are psychotic? Sign the divorce papers, damn it!

As much as I believe. You belong behind bars and, uh, Anne, make no mistake, I would have relished putting you there. Our forensic team has examined the images of the perpetrator and have confirmed that you did not shoot Detective Michaels. They saw the difference in the tracksuit pants, right? There was a slight difference, but a difference nonetheless.

I’ve just come from my office where I have officially dropped the charges against you. Congratulations. Oh my god. Did that just happen? You made it happen. You did. You were determined and tenacious and you found proof. And I am so, I’m so proud of you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Did you hear that, little angel?

Your daddy’s a free man. We’re gonna celebrate. Look, I know that my freedom is the big news here, but uh, I’d just like to point out that I, Xander Cook was just congratulated by that frig E. J. Zemera.

You actually told Holly that she’s a bad influence on Rachel? Yep, I did. Oh, the audacity. I mean, what are you, picking on a teenage girl that almost died? She’s upstairs in her room crying right now. Oh, boo hoo, poor Holly. She’s such a drama queen. Drama queen? Yes. That is rich coming from you. Oh God, let’s face it, Nicole.

No mother wants her child hanging out with a drug addict. She’s not a drug addict. Okay, well, how would you know? You had no idea she was doing drugs before? Well, she’s a teenager, Kristen. Okay, she made a mistake. Okay, she made a mistake, yeah. And instead of taking responsibility for it, she covered it up and lied about it.

Blamed Rachel’s big brother, Tate, for it all. And, and now he has no freedom. He got beaten up in prison. Okay, well, she was unconscious when all that happened, okay? Spare me the fine print. Your daughter was doing drugs behind your back. And when I called her on it, a little brat went tattling to mommy. I have every right to keep my daughter away from that little liar.

Okay, you just stop yourself right now. Look, if you want to go after someone, you come after me, alright? Alright. You wanna fight? You wanna fight? No, I do. Okay, let’s do it. Come on. Let’s go.

Very impressed to find out that you have a 30, 000 limit. My God, you can’t keep doing this. It’s costing me a fortune as it is just to put you up with this sailor man. Oh, my suite by the way, major upgrade from that dingy little room I used to share with Gweny. Lovely view, very comfy king size bed. Oh my God, when is it going to end?

Honey, it ends whenever you’re ready to give up your baby. To give that precious little boy back to his real mother. Hey. Hey. I thought I heard you. How was your day? Exhausting. Yeah, well, I, uh, just got you down. And I thought maybe you and I could talk. Oh, sounds serious. It is. It’s um, it’s about our finances.

I came home from our breakfast and I found this under our door.

Would you please? Just sign the damn divorce papers. You two are still married? Jada and Everett. Hashtag Jefferet. Married. Juicy. Apparently, the divorce decree was never officially finalized. Yeah, because Bobby never signed the papers and he won’t do it now. Wait, who is Bobby? He is. Jada and Bobby? Hashtag jobby.

To make you feel powerful, Kristen, punching down. Punching down? Yeah. All I did was tell your daughter to stay away from mine. That is it. Well, from now on, if you have anything to say to Holly or about Holly, you come to me first. You got it? Oh, yeah. Well, I think I pretty much covered it. Oh, you have? Oh, and hey, guess what?

God, it can’t be easy having a druggie for a daughter. Especially one who pretends she’s Snow White singing to animated birds while everyone kisses her feet. The facade is crumbling, honey. Lo and behold, Holly is just as selfish and manipulative as her mother. Oh. Oh, we’re going there, are we? Yeah, we will go there.

Yeah. Comparing daughters to mothers? It’s a very dangerous place for you to be, Kristen. I feel really, really bad for Rachel. Because she has an evil serpent for a mother. Stinking her fangs into innocent people. Spreading her poison all over town. And you know what it looks to me? Huh? That Rachel is bound to be a bad seed.

Just like her mummy. Wow.

I feel terrible. I, I must have just slipped my mind. I figured. You know, I’ve never even been late on rent before, so this Actually, you were late last month too. But I know you’ve had a million things on your mind. Yeah, I really have. But it’s not just that, it’s, you know, the, the expenses are increasing.

It’s the formula, the diapers. No, electricity and gas. But look, I promise you, I’m going to be more on top of it. Look, right now, I am going to send the landlord the rent. And with my caseloads increasing, this shouldn’t be a problem. And at some point, my business will pick up. Yes. You know what? But this is what we should do.

We should make a plan. A family budget. Great. I can do that. I can make a, a spreadsheet at work tomorrow. No, no, no. Actually, you know what? We can, uh, kind of do this together, you know? Like, uh, look. It’s not that hard. We can kind of, uh, put a list of all our family expenses together. Right? So, uh, Here, I’ll give you that.

Oh, you know what? It’s okay. I’ll take care of it. Just hold that thought. You

said you would sign the papers. Yes. As myself. You are yourself. Listen, just, just sign Robert Stein. Okay? So we can just get this over with. You don’t want to be married to me. And I don’t want to be married to you. It’s just a signature. No one will even know or care.

I’m sorry. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t sign those. Not the way that you want me to. Oh my god. Uh, I’m sorry, just so that I’m clear. Everett is Bobby. Bobby is Everett. And wait, you two were an item when you were in Seattle. Did you know him as Bobby? Don’t go there, Leo. How can I not go there? Lady Whistleblower has been starving for scoop, and now here comes a triple fudge sundae served up with sprinkles.

Leo! Huh? Just don’t go there, okay? Just So what’s it gonna be, Bobby? I mean really, how long are you going to be torturing me with this?

This may be the best cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. And that’s because everything tastes better with a side of freedom. So true. Incredible. Although, what’s with your obsession with cheese? It’s like you’re a little mouse who can’t get enough. You’re only saying that because I asked you to bring me string cheese in bed one time.

Once. More like you woke me up and demanded that I bring you string cheese at midnight three different times. Well, I was breastfeeding Victoria. I couldn’t exactly get up and go get cheese. And nobody’s waking up tonight. We’re gonna sleep like babies now that this whole nightmare is over. Actually, it’s not completely over.

You keep my daughter out of this. Unlike Holly, Rachel is not a screw up. You know, her only mistake is that she looked up to someone who is unworthy of her admiration. Unworthy of her admiration? What are you talking about? Holly has been nothing but kind and loving to Rachel, and Rachel is nothing but an entitled little brat.

Rachel is not a brat. Yes, she is, and she needs to come with a warning label, just like her mother. Felony after felony. Okay, you know what? I do. Let’s do it. You kidnapped Daniel, you blackmailed Sammy, you stole Teresa and Brady’s fetus and inserted it in yourself. That’s crazy, that’s disgusting, yes it is.

You know who I left the baby stealing from? You, Nicole, you. Yes, you stole EJ and Sammy’s baby, you lied to Daniel about how your baby died, and you blamed it all on Jennifer. And you broke their relationship up. Yeah, but you wanna know the difference between you and me? What? I actually regret it. Oh, ho, ho, ho.

I am trying to turn my life around. Oh, well, keep on turning, sweetheart, and maybe you’ll spin your way all the way down to hell where you belong. Oh, my God. You know, I haven’t told you the worst part about you. Oh, goody. What you did to Eric. Okay, I can’t wait to hear this. Oh, I bet. You drugged him. And you had sex with him, and there’s a word for that, and I can’t even say it because you totally disgust me.

Oh, and then you go parading around town wearing a mask, impersonating me so you could seduce Brady. Bad news for you. The only reason Rachel exists is because Brady had sex with you, thinking it was me. Okay, don’t you do this to me! Stop it! Stop it! Both of you! Stop it! Stop it! You’re such a liar! You’re a liar!

Stop it! Both of you! Stop it! What is going on here? Stop it!

I’m guessing he just needed a diaper change. All sparkly clean now. It’s been a big time with me. Here’s the spreadsheet so far. Here, take a look. Okay, rand electric, gas, food, personal stuff, hair, manicure, clothes. Yeah. That look about right? Yeah, looks, looks all good. Yeah, but what’s missing? I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head.

Well, something’s not adding up right. Okay. Oh, uh oh. I’m guessing he’s getting hungry. I’m gonna go feed him.

This isn’t personal, Jada. We are still married. I take that very personally. Just, what’s the big deal? Okay, just sign it Robert Stein. It’s just a technicality. No one will even care. You can move on with your life and I can move on with mine, okay? Well, wouldn’t that be forgery detective signing somebody else’s name?

No, because he is Robert Stein, legally. Are you? Leo, shut up and just stay out of this. I’m sorry, I I can’t sign it. Not right now. Damn you. Jada, wait.

What do you mean it’s not over yet? Night after night, in that jail cell, I kept trying to figure it out. I mean, I knew I hadn’t shot Harris. But the evidence just kept stacking up against me, as well you know. Well, when you got arrested, you thought that somebody had framed you. Right, and I still do, now more than ever.

I mean, whoever set me up, they did a bang up job, didn’t they? Only question is, Why me?

Stop. Stop. Is this the example you both want to set for your daughters? My God. What if I hadn’t walked in when I did? And honestly, Kristin, a grown woman attacking a teenage girl. Thank you for standing up for Holly. Oh, please. Did you hear what your precious wife was saying about your niece? It was obscene.

There’s a big difference here, Kristen. She said those things to you, whereas you fired your missiles right at Holly’s face. Are you kidding me? You kidding me? So she gets a pass because she didn’t tear Rachel to shreds behind her back? Nicole is my wife. And you will show her some damn respect. She’s a scheming gold digger.

And always has been. And you’re not a homicidal maniac! Enough! Enough! Kristen, let me make this very clear. If you are unable to get along with my wife, you will find another place to live.

Ten whole ounces. You wolf that down. Hopefully that can last him out for a little while. Good. Can you sit down and go through this with me now? Um, yeah, of course I can. Definitely. But I just noticed that Jude’s completely out of diapers. So I’m gonna run and go get some. Are you sure? Because I thought we had another package.

Nope. All out. I’m going to be right back. And, grab some diapers. Love you. Damn, where can all my money be going?

I don’t even have a horse in this race, and I am breathless. I can only imagine what this is doing to you. This whole thing

is a nightmare. It’s a nightmare, with Stephanie, right in the middle of it. Poor thing. The two of you, flittering around town like a pair of lovebirds, then all of a sudden, wham! You careen into a glass window, feathers everywhere, no one saw it coming. Except, I’m not the victim. No matter how you try to spin this, I am the bad guy in this situation.

I mean, Jada thinks I’m a two timing bastard, Stephanie is debating whether I’m a two timing bastard, or a nutjob, I mean, either way. She’s lost trust in me. I hate this. I hate myself. Everett Everett. Come on, man. If you don’t remember you don’t remember stopping so hard on yourself. Look, you are a good guy.

Who’s going through an identity crisis. Hey, sometimes I feel like I need a lobotomy, and I am just one person with one name and one set of rotten memories. I can only imagine what it would be like to be two people with two sets of rotten memories.

Appreciate the support, Leo.

We all need somebody to listen to our side of the story, right?

Speaking of stories, I mean this really delicious one just fell into my lap and if Lady Whistleblower could write about it, I, well I promise, I promise I will be, I will be very, very gentle with the story and respectful and Are you out of your mind? What? Are you out of your mind? No. Drop it, Leo. I am. I’m sorry.

Okay, but we Okay, but Okay, I’m gonna get out of here so you can clear your heads. I’m sorry. Bobrit, I want you to know I am here for you. But I have to say, I do agree with Jada. You are not going to be able to move forward until you put this behind you. Get it figured out. Otherwise, you’re never going to get Stephanie back.

And it is obvious you are head over heels in love with her. Heartbroken. I have feathers everywhere.

I know the feeling.

Thank you for filling me in on the divorce snafu. Trusting me enough to open up about it. Yeah, well, I know this can’t be easy for you either. I mean my goodness, it’s just, when you thought that things couldn’t get more jaw dropping, you find out that the guy you’re involved with is still married. To me.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s been pretty shocking.

Hey. Listen. I’m really sorry that I bit your head off. More than once. I realize that I’ve been really just taking all my anger out on you. Well, I can’t imagine. What you went through when your marriage ended and what you’re going through now. Yeah, but still, it’s, it’s no excuse, Stephanie. You are a victim here too.

So what do you say? Do you think maybe you can forgive me for the awful things that I said? The thing is, someone went to a lot of trouble to set me up, right? And they did it oh so cleverly. Starting with that phone call. Hello?

Xander Cook. Yeah, who’s this? I have a job for you. What kind of job? I have someone who must be eliminated.

And then, obviously, someone duplicated my jogging outfit. And Planted that gun in our apartment. And they put the money in your bank account. That’s an awfully big expense, right? Whoever it was, they, they wanted to take me down big time. Damn it, I just, there’s gotta be someone who knows me, someone with money.

Clyde? It’s possible. I mean, obviously there’s no love lost between him and me. And he had motive for offing Harris, yeah. He could’ve financed this, but, but why pin it on me? I mean, I haven’t had any contact with that bastard in years. It seems odd that he’d go to such lengths to Set me up.

The Spectator article said that Stefan was doing Clyde’s bidding through the Bistro. So maybe Stefan hired the hitman. Maybe he knows something. I’m gonna visit the jail. See if I can get in to see Stefan. You sure that’s a good idea?

Who do you think you are? You don’t own this house. And I’ve been a mayor longer than you have.

Look, Kristen. Mm hmm. This is a big house. Why don’t we just agree to keep our kids away from each other? Alright? Fine. Good. That settles that. Now, I’m leaving. I need to head to DiMera. Show some leadership. The board has made it clear, Stefan is out as head of DiMera, and I need to take the reins. Can you do that?

Can you step back in and still be DA? I could. The board does need an interim CEO immediately. Someone with a family name. Ugh. I’m told he wants to travel the world with Anna, doesn’t want that kind of responsibility at this stage in his life. Chad’s never expressed interest and Johnny is just far too young and inexperienced.

Hello. There’s a DiMera standing right here. Oh, you’re serious? Oh, my darling sister. No, no, no. I don’t think so.

Why would it be a bad idea for me to see Stefan? Oops. Because you’re all free and clear now. I mean, don’t you think it’s a bad idea to go digging around? It’s like poking the bear. I think I have to. I mean, I have to figure out who did this to me, Sarah. No.

We have to. Because we’re in this together. Thank you. I mean some. And tomorrow I’ll see about getting into the jail to visit Stefan. As long as you promise me one thing. Anything. When this is all over, I want you to bring me cheese and bed as much as I want without complaining. Every. Single. Night.

Okay, I’m off. Can I trust the two of you to be here alone? Actually, why don’t I go with you? And you can drop me off at the town square. Because after all the fun I’ve had today, I could use some retail therapy, and then maybe we can have dinner out. Hmm. Perfect. I’ll meet you in the car. Actually, I’m gonna go check on Holly and let her know we’re heading out.

Sounds good. Okay. Bye. Goodbye to you too, little brother.

Yes, Mr. Shen. This is Kristen DiMera. I think you and I need to have a talk. I really let you have it. And like I said, it was all misguided anger, Stephanie. You’re not to blame for any of this. And I believe you when you said that you had no idea that Bobby was married. So I really hope that you’ll forgive me.

If not now, someday, when you’re ready. I’m not gonna lie, those things you said, it really hurt. I know you were coming from a place of pain. You weren’t trying to hurt me. I forgive you. Of course. I know you were only trying to protect yourself. We just process things differently. Yeah. You’re the calm and rational one, and I blow my top.

Total hothead. Oh, believe me, I’ve, I’ve had my moments. Not that I would know. I’ve been, I’ve been so wrapped up in my own world and all the things happening that’s messing it up that I didn’t even take time to think about how this was affecting you.

Yeah, it’s been rough.

I’m sure. So, tell me the truth. Aren’t you furious with him? Yes, I am.

Half the time. The other half I keep thinking about what he must be going through. So you believe his story? I don’t know. But I do feel for him. You know, losing chunks of your life, your identity, it must be terrifying. And he has nobody. Except you.

You still have feelings for him, don’t you?

If only it were so black and white.

There’s no escaping you. Is there, Robert Stein?


Doctor Evans. This is Everett Lynch. I need to see you.

Uh, is this really that urgent? I was about to get a pedicure when you beckoned. Oh, you had a pedicure just last week. I know, I paid for it. Yes, but if I wait too long, my feet get hard and crusty, and I need them to be soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. My baby comes first, pal. Look, just cut me a little break, okay?

June needs diapers, wipes, food. You should probably be on a budget. I can’t. Eric wants to, but I can’t keep hiding your crazy self indulgent expenses. Meanwhile, I have drained my bank account paying rent, which was late for the second time. Look, you’re working now. You’re doing legit reporting. I saw that piece on Mayor Price.

What did you think? It was good, actually. Wow, did you just not insult me? I’m shocked. I did just not insult you. You’re actually, you’re a decent writer. And look, you’re paid by the article, right? And they’re giving you more assignments now, I’ve noticed. Well, those assignments cost money, too. See, I had to finagle my way into Mayor Price’s welcome home party by posing as a flower delivery person.

And you paid for the flowers? Well, no. Chad did. But at that faboo shindig, I managed to spill champagne all over my shoes. I ruined them. And girl, new Ferragamos do not come cheap. Come on, Leo. No, really, you are such a talented writer. And your features, I mean, they are just taking off. Lady Whistleblower is practically a household name now.

Come on, please, I’m just asking. I’m really talking to you, though. Please. Well, I do offer a unique perspective, and that does make my career outlook rosy.

And because of my fondness for your son, And because I want his diapers to be ultra absorbent so that his booty can be smooth and soft like my pedicured feet. I will cut your allowance by ten percent. I was thinking forty. Fifteen. Thirty five.

I’m feeling generous, but only because you complimented my writing. Why don’t we meet in the middle and say twenty five percent? Steel. No. What? You have no idea what this means to me. Okay.

I don’t get this. Something is not right here. Sloane must have some big expenses she’s not sharing with me. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 5, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: “If there is a problem?” There is no “if” here, Chelsea. There is a problem. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in genoa city, and our son is all alone in Baltimore. Probably scared to death and confused, surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Chelsea: Stop, Adam. Stop it. Enough. We’re both very stressed. We’re both trying to process this. Don’t make me the enemy. I didn’t send him there to make him miserable. I hate this, too.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay, you’re right. That was not helpful. When I get home, I’ll go online, and I will set up Connor’s petty cash fund.

Chelsea: Thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he’ll find something in their commissary he likes to eat. Or isn’t afraid to eat.

Adam: And don’t forget to send his lucky jersey, number 7, in case he wants to play again.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was nice of them to let us tour the sports facilities.


Sally: How can they blame you and Chelsea for Connor’s OCD and diagnose that so quickly?

Adam: Well, they didn’t declare it an official diagnosis. But, I mean, even if they had, who cares? I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Billy: Did the therapist explain why they think that you might be a possible trigger for Connor?

Chelsea: Because that’s what Connor told them. Apparently, my psychotic breakdown caused him all of this trauma and all of this guilt, and his OCD, um, has convinced him that my suicide attempt was his fault.

Adam: Somehow the doctors, after spending a minute and a half with Connor, by the way, have determined that he sees himself as a bad son, and he blames himself for all of his parents’ problems


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 4, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: That’s very astute of you. And I agree. Adam is the biggest hurdle in all of this.

Chance: Hey, I get it. You know, once upon a time, we were close, so I know firsthand how he can be.

Billy: That’s what I’m concerned about. In my opinion, he’s not handling this very well. But as a father, I will say I sympathize. It’s not an easy situation. But I care about chelsea. And if he could rein it in, even just a little bit, I think it’d be more helpful for everyone.

Chance: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like something he can pull off.

Billy: Yeah. I wish I could go back east and be with Chelsea, make sure that she feels she’s got the support that she needs, but the truth is, that is only gonna complicate matters worse, and, of course, defeat the purpose


Audra: You know, you say it feels right to you. But I’m just not there.

Tucker: Fair enough.

[ Tucker laughs ] Maybe I’ll just… propose all over again tomorrow. I should have gotten one of those skywriting planes. “Marry me, Audra, heart, tucker.”

Audra: That’s not necessary.

Tucker: I don’t suppose because you just suddenly changed your mind.

Audra: I just can’t. Are you sure you’re not trying to prove something to Ashley or Devon, or perhaps the rest of the world? Or are you maybe just out to prove something to yourself?


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashley: Could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?

Audra: You know what?

Tucker: Hold on, wait a minute. Stop it. Ashley, that’s enough. Go. Now.


Tucker: Hey, Lily. Welcome home.

Lily: Hi, Tucker.

Tucker: I assume this means your daughter is doing better?

Lily: Sorry, how do you know about Mattie’s situation?

Tucker: Small town.

Lily: Oh. Okay, well, I’m sure Devon didn’t tell you, since he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. Unless that’s changed.

Tucker: No, no. Sadly, it has not.

Lily: Okay, well then, I guess we don’t have much to say to each other.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: Oh. Hey. Slow down. Bartender’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Just, it’s been a day.

Billy: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I’ve had a few of those myself lately. What do you say? You want to belly up and commiserate?

Phyllis: Oh, not tonight.

Billy: Really? Old friends? Solve the world’s problems?

Phyllis: Wouldn’t that be something?

Billy: Yeah. Come on, I’m buying.

Phyllis: Maybe another time.

Billy: Just be careful, okay? Because I see you gearing up for a heck of a headache tomorrow morning, so let me do this. Let me get one of your famous hangover concoctions. I’ll get it sent up to your room. At least it’ll be there bright and early, just in case you need it. Hm? No?


Phyllis: You used to be better at reading the room, Billy.

Billy: No, I’m not an idiot. No, I get it. I know you don’t want me here, but I was just thinking maybe our snarky little back and forth could pull you out of your funk.

Phyllis: Who says I’m in a funk?

Billy: Your face does.

Phyllis: What about your funk?

Billy: Mine?

Phyllis: Yeah. Last time I talked to you, you were locked in some power struggle with the winters family. You know? That can’t be fun.

Billy: Look at us, huh? We’re having a conversation now.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, you are outnumbered by them. You really are. Just you against the winters family. You’re just trying to get a little credit, right? Trying to get some respect and some love. Not having any success at any turn. And then, you’re labeled difficult. Yeah. Difficult. And that’s how people see you from there on out, just difficult.

Billy: Oh, I get it. We’re not talking about me anymore, are we?


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 1, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: I just can’t believe this. Have a seat, son. What brings you by? Anything at Newman I need to address?

Adam: No, it’s– it’s nothing like that. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I’m heading to the east coast tonight with Chelsea and Connor. But don’t worry, my work will get taken care of.

Victor: Kind of short notice, isn’t it?

Adam: It’s Connor.

Victor: What’s going on with our boy?

Adam: Connor has OCD and we’re doing everything we can to get him through it


Victor: Obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’ve heard that term pertaining to adults, but rarely to children.

Adam: I didn’t know that either.

Victor: Ah.

Adam: You know, when Connor first started having issues at school, we thought it was a learning difference, an academic issue. But then we found a doctor who made the diagnosis.

Victor: So, what’s the cure?

Adam: There is no cure. But there are tools that he can learn to manage the diagnosis. He needs something called exposure and response prevention therapy, erp. Chelsea found the best residential program in the country, and we’re lucky enough to get the last spot. So, that’s why we have to leave immediately.

Victor: Take my jet. I mean, I’ll make the arrangements.

Adam: Well, nick already made the offer. So, it’s nice to know that we have your blessing, too.

Victor: My boy, just know that whatever you and chelsea and connor need, you just come to me, all right?

Adam: That means more than you know.

Victor: Yeah, well, I know what it is like to have a child that suffers. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Adam: You know, we have to do this. It is the right move to make, but I don’t want to let him out of my sight. Connor says that he hates himself. What do I do with that? I mean, how do I– how do I help him?

Victor: That breaks my heart, you know? You just continue doing what you and Chelsea are planning to do. I mean, it’s the right move. Just trust yourself.


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GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Carly stays in John Cates room because she thinks he may have a concussion and she has to wake him up every three hours to make sure he is okay.

Curtis is able to climb the stairs with Jason slowly and go up to his room. Portia is happy that Curtis is recovering well from his surgery. Curtis and Portia start thinking about going on a honeymoon that they never went on when they got married.

Drew regrets having hate sex with Nina and tells her that just because they had sex doesn’t mean he has forgotten being beaten up in jail because of her. Drew also tells Nina that, if she wants his help to get close to Willow again, she will have to think of something that will make it worth his while to help her.

Sonny demands that Jason tell him who he was informing the FBI. Jason tells Sonny he can’t tell him the name of the organization for which he was working undercover because that would ruin his deal with the FBI. Sonny tells Jason that he can keep his half of Corinthos Coffee, but he can’t be a part of his other business. Sonny tells Jason that if he betrays him again, he will put an end to him. Jason asks Sonny if he is taking his medicine. Sonny tells Jason that he takes his medicine every day.

Ava has insomnia and takes some of Sony’s bipolar medication because she reads on the label they cause drowsiness. Ava doesn’t know why Sonny takes the pills and wonders why they aren’t making her sleepy since she took two pills.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Paulina complains about everything being on her special diet while she’d rather have a bear claw. Abe encourages that she will be able to have one very soon. Paulina says she doesn’t mean to complain as she is very grateful that the treatment exists but she’s dreading the treatment because she hates being away from Abe for even a minute.

Chanel runs in to Johnny in the town square. Johnny reveals the key to the Horton Cabin and announces they are starting their mini honeymoon today which surprises her. Chanel says there’s one problem that she has to work. Johnny guesses it will just have to wait then. Chanel thanks him for understanding as they kiss. Chanel then heads to the Bakery to work.

Kristen walks through the town square, reading the news on her phone and says she can’t believe that Stefan confessed to running illegal drugs through the Bistro and that he’s now behind bars.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ is on the phone, saying the Spectator did not get the exclusive because it’s run by a DiMera and that his office will be releasing a statement today. EJ hangs up as Holly enters the room. EJ knows she’s upset about being punished but says she chose to do drugs and lied to them about it. Holly asks if he’s never lied. EJ says everyone makes mistakes but this needs to be a lesson learned. Holly complains about her and Tate not being able to see each other anymore. EJ says that was Tate’s parents decision and he can’t blame them. EJ knows Holly wants to be with Tate now, but thinks in time that she will see this is for the best. Holly thinks EJ blew everything out of proportion right from the beginning and declares that this is all EJ’s fault.

Tripp and Wendy go to the park. Wendy asks about his first day back to work. Tripp says it felt good to get back to normal and asks if she’s decided when she’s going back. Wendy says she’s not sure as Rafe left it up to her. Tripp feels that’s good. Wendy asks what they are doing out here and worries about a storm coming soon. Tripp informs her that they are going to work up a sweat. Tripp then opens his bag and presents her with boxing gloves and tells Wendy that she’s going to punch him.

Ava gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him. Ava asks what he wants. Clyde wants her to listen up. Ava says that Clyde almost killed her son and his girlfriend, so unless he called to tell her where he is, so that she can come slit his throat and watch him bleed, she has nothing to say. Clyde questions her hostility and remarks that he’s heard Tripp is just fun. Clyde warns her to listen to what he has to say unless she wants him to disavow Stefan’s confession to the police. Clyde informs Ava that he just finished reading this morning’s news about Stefan being arrested and that he’s awaiting arraignment while his ex-business partner, Ava, declined comment. Clyde questions her being called his ex-partner and says he doesn’t think so because he has one more little job that he needs Ava to do for him. Ava flashes back to when Clyde first asked her to run his new drug empire. Ava tells Clyde that the Bistro closed because of everything that went down. Clyde instructs her to force her way back in. Clyde doesn’t know or care how she and Harris got Stefan to take the fall, but they both know she is far from innocent on this. Clyde warns that if Ava wants to keep flying under the radar, she will do what he tells her.

Wendy questions punching Tripp as he instructs her to put the gloves on and explains that physical activity is good for working off nerves and stress. Tripp says after what they went through, it’s not surprise that they have PTSD so he thinks it might be good to work their feelings out in a physical way that’s perfectly safe. Wendy says she’s never tried boxing before. Tripp says he hasn’t either but always wanted to try. Wendy was thinking more like jogging but agrees to give boxing a try.

Chanel returns to Johnny in the town square and says her staff was wondering why she showed up when she was supposed to be on her mini honeymoon. Johnny admits he may have talked to them and they agreed to cover. Chanel says it was sweet, generous, and she really wants to go but brings Paulina starting her treatment. Johnny says that’s why he scheduled this now because Paulina is going to have to be in isolation, so she won’t be able to be with her for the next few days due to being radioactive. Chanel acknowledges that’s true. Johnny adds that the Horton Cabin is fairly close if she had to come back but assures that everything will be fine. Chanel admits she can’t say no to that. Johnny promises it will be the best time ever as they kiss.

EJ walks through the town square, on the phone with Mr. Shin, saying he has everything under control as he walks past Kristen. EJ promises Mr. Shin that he will handle it as he hangs up. Kristen complains about finding out their brother is in jail from the Spectator. Kristen questions nobody telling her. EJ tells her to get a grip. Kristen argues that Stefan was running the company, so she questions where the hell that leaves DiMera Enterprises. EJ assures that there’s nothing to worry about and he has to run. EJ walks off as Kristen shouts about the family business going under. EJ runs in to Johnny, who informs him that he and Chanel are going out of town to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. EJ tells him that’s great and long overdue but says he’s in a rush. Johnny stops him and says he also wanted to know about Stefan being in jail. EJ questions if he even cares. Johnny insists that he does since Stefan is his uncle. EJ points out that Stefan was supplying the drugs that nearly got Holly killed and assures that everything is under control. EJ tells Johnny not to worry and to go enjoy his honeymoon as they both deserve some time off. EJ then hurries off.

Wendy worries about hurting Tripp with a punch but Tripp assures her that she did good and they joke about it. Wendy mentions being a brown belt in taekwondo but says she’s never punched someone. Wendy takes off her gloves and tells Tripp it’s his turn but Tripp decides jogging doesn’t sound like a bad idea, so Wendy says she’ll race him.

Ava tells Clyde that she doesn’t care about flying under the radar so he can go ahead and tell someone that she was just as involved as Stefan. Ava says she’d rather park her ass in jail than do anything for Clyde again. Ava declares that she’s hanging up and tells him not to call back. Clyde asks what would Harris say if he knew how he got out of prison. Clyde guesses that got her attention and says he’s only asking for one small favor. Ava refuses to launder his money. Clyde says this job is easy. Clyde reveals that Gil hid a little black book at the Bistro and inside that book is all the information on his suppliers and dealers. Clyde says there is no digital trail on him as everything is in that book. Clyde declares that Ava is to get him that book and it is not to be placed in anyone else’s hands. Clyde points out that he’s not asking Ava to kill anybody or kidnap anybody or even betray her friends. Clyde says that book is the only trail back to him, so if she gets it to him, he will pick up and move his operations elsewhere so she’ll never have to hear from him again. Ava then tells Clyde that this is the last thing she will ever do for him and then she’s out.

Abe and Paulina talk about her upcoming treatment. Chanel arrives and says she brought some treats that are made to be on her approved foods list which excites Paulina. Chanel says she has to go but will have her phone on if they need her to come back as she reveals that she and Johnny are going to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. Paulina calls that wonderful and insists on them going.

Holly sits at home and thinks back to being with Tate. Johnny comes in and greets her, then asks what’s wrong. Holly complains that she has no life. Johnny has no idea what she’s talking about. Holly informs him that she and Tate are no longer allowed to see each other which Johnny says sucks. Holly adds that she’s not in love with Tate in case anyone tells him that, but she does really like him. Holly says it doesn’t matter because Nicole and EJ decided they are toxic for each other. Holly remarks that she thinks EJ and Nicole are a total mismatch. Johnny says he’s sorry that she and Tate can’t hang out. Holly blames herself for making such a mess out of everything. Johnny says they all mess up and she’s paying the consequences, but soon it will just be a bad memory. Johnny mentions that he and Chanel are getting away for the weekend, so he has to go pack. Holly says she’s really happy for them and hopes she finds that one day. Johnny tells her not to rush as she has loads of time. Johnny says when he gets back, if she still wants to talk, there will be no judgment. Johnny heads upstairs and then Rachel comes in and greets Holly. Rachel suggests they go paint their nails which Holly agrees to.

Wendy and Tripp return home as they finish their jogging. Wendy pulls out her phone and sees the Spectator article about Stefan being in jail after confessing to running drugs out of the Bistro. Tripp asks if it says anything about his mom. Wendy says just that Stefan’s ex-business partner declined to comment. Ava then comes in and greets them, asking if they are okay. Tripp responds that he’s fine but she has some explaining to do as he shows her the article. Tripp asks Ava what’s going on and why Stefan would do that. Ava claims not to know. Tripp thought they were both forced in to this shady stuff and threatened by Clyde. Ava guesses that Stefan felt so guilty about what happened to them. Tripp feels that doesn’t sound like Stefan but says who cares since it’s great news and Ava can finally put all of this behind her. Ava declares that she’s going to make a fresh start and she has started by quitting the Bistro since it’s too much bad luck and bad memories. Ava adds that her fresh start includes finding a new place to live.

Rachel and Holly paint their nails. Holly asks Rachel about school. Johnny and Chanel come in. Johnny announces they are taking off for their honeymoon. Holly tells them to have a great time. Johnny and Chanel then exit together.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s going to miss her. Paulina says she’s going to this procedure, knowing he will be at home waiting for her. Paulina says it comforts her knowing that he remembers their history and loves her as Abe hugs her.

Tripp questions Ava moving out. Ava jokes that newlyweds need their space. Wendy says they aren’t exactly but Ava says she heard they exchanged vows which Tripp and Wendy flash back to. Ava asks if they are going to make it official. Tripp says maybe, but for now their vows are on the backburner. Wendy agrees that they are just happy being together. Ava feels they still need their space. Tripp says she doesn’t have to do this. Ava argues that she nearly got them killed. Ava says they have been too generous and let her stay way too long. Ava thinks moving out on her own will be best for everyone.

Abe brings Paulina to the hospital where she prepares for her treatment. Abe encourages that it’s only for a few days. Tripp enters and greets them. Paulina says it’s good to see him. Abe adds that they are so relieved that Tripp and Wendy were rescued. Tripp thanks him. Paulina calls it a horrifying ordeal. Tripp says it was but they are okay now and feeling very lucky. Tripp mentions hearing they had an ordeal as well but with a really happy ending. Abe says they are blessed. Tripp tells Paulina that they will get started and explains that she will be taken to a special room to take the radioactive pill. Paulina asks if she and Abe can have a minute before she goes. Tripp agrees to send a nurse for her in ten minutes and exits the room. Abe then hugs Paulina.

Johnny and Chanel arrive on Smith Island as Johnny carries her in to the cabin. They talk about the place being private and cozy. Johnny jokes that they can be as loud as they want, unlike at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel wonders when anyone was last there. Johnny guesses it’s been awhile and decides he will get some firewood for them as he then exits.

Rachel tells Holly that she doesn’t like boys and is never getting married. They talk until Kristen walks in and orders Rachel to go upstairs, so she exits. Kristen questions what the hell Holly is doing. Holly responds that they were just hanging out. Kristen says not anymore and tells Holly to stay away from her daughter. Holly argues that they were just doing manicures like they used to. Kristen argues that Holly used to not do drugs back then. Holly says she’s not doing drugs now. Kristen questions if she’s lying now like she was before when she let Tate take the fall. Kristen complains that Tate is like a son to her and he’s also Rachel’s half-brother. Kristen asks how Rachel is going to feel when she finds out what Holly did to Tate. Kristen warns that if she finds her with Rachel again, she will regret it. EJ walks in and screams at Kristen that’s enough and that she will not talk to Holly like that anymore. Kristen complains about Holly and Rachel. EJ mocks her asking if they were doing their nails or listening to Cannibal Corpse. Kristen argues that Rachel is her daughter, so she will decide who she hangs out with. EJ brings up Kristen’s villainous history with Brady, Theresa, Marlena, and Eric to name a few. Kristen tells EJ to get off his high horse and storms out of the room. EJ remarks that Kristen makes his blood boil and says he’s sorry for losing his temper, but Holly thanks him for having her back. EJ tells her to let him know if Kristen gives her any more trouble as he then exits the room.

Wendy asks Ava if she needs help looking for a new place. Ava says she can manage. Wendy repeats that she doesn’t have to go. Ava admits that she’s been really good to her and she appreciates it as she then heads to her room.

Abe exits Paulina’s hospital room.

Johnny lights a fire at the Horton Cabin and tells Chanel that it should start to warm up soon. Chanel has an idea on speeding that up as they start kissing. They say they will love each other forever as they continue kissing.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Michael and Willow go to the Metro Court to celebrate their wedding anniversary a few weeks early because their actual anniversary is close to Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding.

Willow considers leaving the hospital and working for a charity in order to spend more time with her kids.

Carly rescues John when two guys beat him up outside of the Corinthians coffee office

Diane tells Jason the details of how Carly lost the Metro Court.

Nina asks Drew to put her on the board of Aurora Media so Michael won’t be able to ignore her. Drew and Nina have a heated argument and later they have sex.

Jason tells Diane to tell Sonny he intends to take back his half of Corinthos coffee and work at the Coffee office. Diane delivers the message to Sonny. Sonny arrives at the office later and tells Jason that he doesn’t want him there.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

This episode is centered around Ashley and the Abbott family having an intervention to persuade Ashley to get help.

Audra has a long talk with Sally and tells her about Ashley’s strange behavior.

Tucker goes to the Abbott house to talk to them about Ashley’s conversation with Audra where she spoke about herself in the third person telling Audra she had to warn Tucker about Ashley. Tucker also tells Ashley that he asked Audra to marry him.

In Ashley’s mind, her alter ego (named Ash) begs Ashley to wake up so she can stop Ms. Abbott from killing Tucker.

Ashley lashes out at her family for bringing up their past addictions, but they all pointed out they all got help to get better. Jack finally decides if Ashley won’t get help they will bring the help to her. Jack makes a phone call to get Ashley professional help.

Tucker tells Audra that now that the Abbotts are helping Ashley he can put Ashley in the past. Audra tells Tucker she wants to be in a committed relationship with him but she doesn’t want to get married.

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Days Update Monday, April 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Steve works on his laptop. John arrives and asks if he got anything. Steve gives him bad news that he’s done several deep searches and nothing has come up yet, so where ever Clyde has gone is definitely off the grid. Steve still can’t believe Clyde got away and says he should’ve known that Ava would double cross them. John says he won’t make excuses for Ava but she obviously wasn’t thinking straight since she was worried about her son’s life. Steve argues that Ava going rogue led to Clyde and Goldman getting away while Tripp and Wendy could have been killed anyway. John questions how they know that Ava doesn’t know more than she’s letting on.

Harris gets up and joins Ava in the kitchen at her apartment. Harris comments on her letting him sleep in and they kiss. Harris asks how she’s feeling after quitting her job at the Bistro. Ava responds that she feels free for the first time she can remember and like her life belongs to her again. Harris calls that a great way to start the day as they continue kissing.

Konstantin joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if she’s okay. Maggie says she’s been reconciling in her mind with the many sides of Victor. Konstantin says they all have their past but what’s important is the present. Maggie calls him a remarkable man. Konstantin responds that he’s inspired by her.

Alex goes to the Titan office and finds Theresa. Alex tells her that her performance at their meeting was very impressive and that it’s good to have her back. Theresa admits it’s great to be back in the office and seeing sales go up. Brady arrives and jokes about it being true that Theresa is back in the office. Brady tells Theresa that he was going to call her as he was wondering if he could talk to her for a minute about Tate and Holly. Theresa questions what Holly did to their son now.

Harris and Ava have breakfast together. Harris comments that she made him a believer in vegan bacon. Harris gets a message on his phone that the audit has been wrapped up at the Bistro, the books are clean, and there’s nothing linking Ava to anything illegal at all. Ava is relieved and acknowledges Stefan taking responsibility. Harris points out that it was either that or go down for attempted murder of a cop. Ava still can’t believe Stefan took the fall. Harris assures that he did and that means it’s over but he’s not sure that she really believes it. Ava says she wants to, but feels too many people know she was involved and that it wasn’t Stefan working alone. Harris encourages that no one will say anything and that Clyde won’t care who takes the fall. Harris insists that those who know, Tripp, Wendy, Steve, and John all want to protect her. Harris declares that Clyde can’t hurt Ava now, so she’s free to start her life.

John asks Steve if he thinks Ava knows something she isn’t telling them. Steve says it’s hard to say but he knows she wants Clyde to pay for what he did to Tripp. John points out that it is Ava. Steve admits that as soon as you think you can trust Ava, you can be quickly reminded of being a gullible fool. John decides they should talk to Ava again before Clyde hurts anyone else while on the run. Steve says they wouldn’t be able to live with that. Kayla comes over and questions what they wouldn’t be able to live with.

Brady informs Theresa about Tate going to see Holly even after they told him not to. Theresa is shocked that Tate lied. Brady adds that EJ and Nicole were there, so he told them that they have to keep Holly away from Tate. Theresa says they obviously see that Holly and Tate are totally toxic for each other. Theresa doesn’t understand why Tate wants to see Holly after all she’s done to him. Brady calls it teen infatuation but thinks as long as the adults are aligned, things will settle down as they are kept separate and it will all be good. Theresa hugs Brady and thanks him so much for handling this because she would’ve lost it if she was there. Brady admits he almost lost it but they have to do what’s best for their son as Alex watches on from the corner.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s still processing his relationship with Victor, questioning how they developed a friendship over the years. Konstantin claims that they were mortal enemies but even in their darkest moments, they felt like kindred spirits. Maggie remarks that she didn’t think she would ever fall in love again when she lost Mickey, but she did and Victor was her second chapter. Maggie says she couldn’t have been more surprised as Victor had a big heart and deep devotion for his family. Maggie declares that’s the Victor she knew and loved. Konstantin says that’s the Victor they should both remember.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s surprised as he thought she was going to work. Kayla thought she’d pick up some food on her way and questions what Steve can’t live with. Steve responds that he can’t live with the fact that Clyde Weston got away or that he’s still out there. John tells Steve that they got to get a move on for their client meeting, so Steve tells Kayla they will talk later. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her and then exits with John.

Maggie tells Konstantin that he is very kind. Konstantin says she brings out the best in him, as she did with Victor. Maggie says she and Victor needed and adored each other, but she’s still struggling with what she knows about Victor’s past. Maggie adds that seeing Konstantin find peace has given her hope. Konstantin says hope holds them together and shines light on what is to come. Julie walks in and screams that the place is turning in to a madhouse, then asks if she’s interrupting.

Theresa tells Brady that she was a handful as a teenager but not like Tate and Holly. They agree they have to be united. Theresa prays that EJ and Nicole are on the same page. Theresa realizes she has to get to a meeting. Alex tells Theresa that he will be cooking dinner for when she gets home. Brady questions if he missed something. Alex then informs Brady that Theresa moved back in with him.

Harris asks about what Ava is going to do next. Ava talks about dreaming of being a fashion designer as a kid but that wasn’t in the cards with her family. Ava says cooking is now her passion so Harris suggests culinary school could be her next move. Harris says that whatever she chooses, he will be there and cheering her on as he believes in her. Ava says that means more than he knows. They are then interrupted by a knock at the door. Ava assumes it’s the groceries but answers the door to see Steve and John. Ava questions what they want. They respond that they are there to talk about Clyde Weston.

Julie tells Maggie that she’s not complaining but she’s just a little tired. Julie says she loves Thomas and Charlotte but questions when spring break ends. Konstantin says it’s time for his morning walk and asks Maggie to continue their conversation later over afternoon tea in the garden which Maggie agrees to as Konstantin exits. Julie then questions what she walked in on.

Brady is surprised since Theresa said she was staying at the Salem Inn. Theresa explains that she was but then she ran in to Alex. Alex points out that Theresa never really moved out since half of her belongings were still there. Theresa repeats that she has to go and tells Alex that she will see him at home as she exits.

Steve tells Ava that they didn’t realize she had company so they can come back another time but Harris says if it’s about Clyde, he’d like to hear it too. John says they were going over everything and wondered if Ava remembered anything new. Ava wishes she did but says she wasn’t Clyde’s confidant. Ava says she wants Clyde caught and put away as much as anyone. Harris talks about law enforcement doing their best and points out that John and Steve are really good at their job, so the more eyes looking for Clyde, the better. Harris asks John and Steve to let them know if they find anything because he wouldn’t want them taking things in to their own hands. John claims they wouldn’t dream of it. Steve decides they’ve taken up enough of their time. Ava decides she’s going to get ready to start her day and heads to her room. Harris suggests they keep each other in the loop. Steve agrees while John asks Steve to go ahead as he wants to pick Harris’ brain about a couple things. Steve tells John that he’ll see him back at the office and exits. John asks Harris since they are keeping each other in the loop, if he can get a look at Goldman’s personnel file. Harris says they’ve scoured everything they have on her while John feels fresh eyes can’t hurt. Harris tells John that he already knows that’s against policy. John argues that it might help put Clyde behind bars. John says they have both worked outside the lines from time to time. Harris asks if her personnel file is all she needs. John adds that he also has a personal question for him about them that they both have in common. John calls it a shared experience and he’s talking about what Megan did to him. Harris says he tries not to think about that. John asks how that’s working out for him. Harris admits in the beginning, it wasn’t good, until he went to Bayview and that helped a lot mostly thanks to Marlena. John wonders if that’s enough sometimes. Harris asks what he means. John asks Harris if he’s afraid that he’s nothing but a ticking time bomb and that anytime, it could happen all over again.

After Maggie fills Julie in, Julie calls it terrible for Konstantin to lose his daughter that way and worries about the agony for John feeling responsible. Maggie comments on knowing that Victor played a part in it and says she’s had to dig deep in her feelings about who Victor really was. Julie calls Victor a complicated paradox but says Doug is too as he certainly has a past, but now he’s a model citizen and the most loving man she ever met. Julie encourages that Maggie brought out the best in Victor. Maggie says Julie has a gift for saying the right thing and lifting everyone’s spirits. Julie toasts to them knowing how to pick them.

Brady questions Alex about he and Theresa going from almost engaged to roommates again. Alex asks why not since it gives Theresa a chance to find her own place and claims there’s no hidden agenda, as he just wants what is best for her. Alex thinks Theresa has the ability to make serious waves in the company. Brady comments on Alex sounding like Victor there, so he’s glad that he’s pushing that legacy forward. Alex says finding out Victor was his father put another level of pressure on him, so he just wants to make him proud. Brady encourages that he thinks Victor would be very proud. Alex says he appreciates that and he’s happy to hear that Tate was exonerated. Brady talks about the challenges and wanting Tate to know what a healthy relationship is. Brady adds that he wants the same thing for Theresa which is why he’s warning Alex not to screw with her.

Theresa walks through the town square and runs in to Konstantin, who says he’s been trying to reach her but she never responds. Theresa argues that she’s been busy, the world doesn’t revolve around him, and she’s in a rush. Konstantin wants an update on her relationship with Alex. Theresa informs him that he’ll be pleased to hear that she moved back in to Alex’s apartment, but she’s keeping it strictly platonic as roommates in separate rooms. Konstantin says that’s for now. Theresa questions if she’s not moving fast enough for him. Konstantin responds that what he’s about to say might surprise her.

Steve brings flowers to Kayla in her office. Kayla questions what he did. Steve asks if he can’t just bring his wife flowers. Kayla says not unless he’s done something she won’t be happy about. Kayla adds that it was so obvious at the Pub that something was going on. Kayla asks Steve to talk to her. Steve says he hates keeping secrets from her but he doesn’t want to put her in a position of having to lie for him. Kayla argues that he knows she has his back and would do anything for him, so she asks him to tell her what’s going on. Steve tells her to sit down because it’s a long story.

Harris tells John that he’d be lying if he said it didn’t cross his mind that it could happen all over again, but working with the doctors and working on himself saved him. Harris says he has to live with what he did as that’s never going to change. Harris admits in the beginning, it was tough as he was so overwhelmed with the guilt. John asks how he dealt with it. Harris says he just kept reminding himself that those actions were not committed freely, so he wasn’t responsible for those actions. Harris can see that John is still struggling. Harris says it took him a long time to come to terms with his past. Harris encourages that John has to tell himself every day that it was not his fault and put the blame where the blame belongs on the people who tried to control him. Harris declares that they were victims, but to continue to not be victimized by them, he has to forgive himself.

Kayla can’t believe it and questions Steve, John, and Ava creating this whole hazmat incident as a cover to extract Clyde Weston from prison. Kayla goes over Steve breaking a dangerous criminal and convicted murderer out of prison. Steve says he was desperate and afraid he’d never see his son again. Kayla complains that he negotiated with a terrorist. Steve feels he had no choice because he knew Clyde would kill Tripp and Wendy if he didn’t do something. Kayla questions breaking him out of prison being the only option. Kayla adds that it’s not shocking that Ava double crossed him which Steve admits they should’ve anticipated. Kayla complains that Steve would trust Ava. Steve argues that time was not on their side and he thought he was going to lose his son. Steve knew it’d be dangerous. Kayla asks how he could do something so stupid.

Alex says that Brady has given him a lot of insight and advice in regards to Theresa. Alex feels his subtext was that a recovering addict is always on the verge of a relapse and now he’s telling him not to screw with her. Brady doesn’t want things to end badly for her and just wants her to be okay. Alex feels it just goes further than that with all his interventions. Alex believes Brady is far more interested in Theresa than just as the mother of his child. Brady assures that’s not the case as he wants Theresa to be stable as her life is complicated enough without involving Kristen. Alex questions why she’d have to deal with Kristen. Brady points out that Kristen is going to be around if she and Alex are dating. Alex points out that it’d be a plus for Brady because Kristen being around would drive Theresa right back to him. Brady repeats that he just wants the best for Theresa and that’s the extent of his concern. Alex says he’s not very convincing and he thinks Brady is lying to himself. Brady decides he should leave then. Alex reminds him that Theresa is back under his roof and whatever happens between them is between them. Brady says the notice is served loud and clear as he exits the office.

Konstantin tells Theresa that nothing attracts men like Alex more than forbidden fruit. Konstantin says he’s observed this over the years. Theresa mocks his expertise. Konstantin argues that they both know men like Alex will want what they cannot have, so she must create that illusion for him, so he will run right in to her arms and her bed. Theresa says she already knew that and that he’ll be pleased to know her plan is to slow burn until Alex is consumed by the flames of passion. Theresa then walks away.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s not proud of what he did and he wishes he hadn’t agreed to it, but it was an awful sudden turn of events and asks Kayla to try to understand that. Kayla can’t understand why Steve ever trusted Ava. Steve argues that he keeps telling her that he was desperate and thought his son was going to die. Steve adds that things would’ve been different if Ava came to him as soon as Clyde got his hooks into her. Kayla complains that she didn’t because Ava is incapable of thinking about anyone other than herself before it’s too late. Steve shouts that she doesn’t have to remind him. Kayla feels she obviously does because Steve was deceived by Ava again in the worst possible way. Kayla complains that every time they are sucked in to Ava’s vortex, they are the ones who suffer and Steve should know better, but he let it happen again. Kayla declares there is no damn excuse for that as she then storms out of her office.

Brady joins John in the town square and says he wanted to talk to him. John asks if everything is okay. Brady says there’s nothing to report but he knows something has been weighing on John and he feels he hasn’t been attentive. John says to forget about him and talk about something good for a change like Tate coming home. Brady calls that a big relief and mentions their plan to go to a Cubs game this weekend. Brady invites John to join them which John says he would love. Brady still wants to know how John is doing. John responds that he’s feeling a lot better today. Brady says he can see that in his eyes, like he finally found peace or something. John says that’s what he’s been praying for and he’s starting to feel like his prayers are being answered.

Maggie tells Julie how much she lifts her spirits and how she keeps her optimism even in the darkest of times. Julie says the alternative would be to sink in to despair. Julie says Maggie makes her faith in the human race rise because she is all heart. Julie asks Maggie how Holly is doing. Maggie says she’s fine, physically, but confessed that it was her drugs that she overdosed on and not Tate’s. Maggie says on one hand, she’s relieved that Holly is home and Brady and Theresa have that weight off their shoulders but on the other hand, she’s sad to know her granddaughter is using drugs. Julie encourages that they are all here for her and Maggie is not alone. Julie then points out that Maggie is not alone that often these days as she and Konstantin seem to be growing closer. Maggie confirms they are and says he’s become a very good friend.

Alex comes home to Theresa, who is folding her lingerie as part of her laundry which distracts Alex. Alex says he’s going to shower and then will start cooking. Theresa remarks that her mission is close to accomplished.

Ava comes back to the living room and kisses Harris. Ava asks what’s wrong. Harris says he was just going to his place to get some clothes for work and assuming he’s going to stay the night, so he will be right back. Ava tells him that he knows where she’ll be as he then exits. Ava then gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him.

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy and Finn chat about how they can move on now that Sheila’s dead. She knows that Hope was at the memorial, so he fills her in on what happened, which they discuss. Steffy is perturbed when Deacon phone Finn.

At Il Giardino, Deacon is still upset at seeing ten toes on the corpse and wonders if he really saw it. Hollings asks him if he’s okay because he’s clearly distraught. He has a flashback to Sheila tell him about how she cut off her toe because she knew that the Forresters would never except her death otherwise (the last time she faked her death). He phones Finn to come see him, so he does. Finn urges him to move on from Sheila’s death. Deacon poses the disturbing question, “What if she’s not really dead?”

Hope has a meeting with Zende, Luna and RJ about the future of her line. She tells them briefly that Thomas has gone back to Paris, so they have to move on without him. She tells them that Zende will be taking Thomas’ place, and she wants Luna to work with him and learn from him. Later, Luna tells Zende how she’s wracked with guilt and needs to tell RJ the truth.


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