GH Short Recap Friday, September 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer asks Alexis to look over some legal documents since Nikolas has been missing for six months control of the Cassadine estate goes to him since he is Nikolas’ heir. Esme listens outside Alex’s office door when Spencer asks Alexis to keep an eye on Esme and Ace while he goes to New York for the weekend with Trina.

Anna finally gets Valentin to admit he went to New York when her house burned because he was summoned by Pikeman. Anna is upset that she had to show Valentin a copy of his plane tickets to get him to admit the truth. Anna wonders what other secrets Valentin is keeping from her. Anna doesn’t feel well so she and Valentin return to her room instead of having lunch. Anna opens the door to her room and finds the entire room smeared in red ink.

Nikolas tells Austin that he has to go to Europe to give his mother clues that he is alive so Spencer doesn’t get control of his Estate.

Tracy’s partner in the Deception lawsuit turns out to be Blair Cramer Martin ‘s third ex-wife. Blair tells Tracy that the Receptor was an unfinished idea of hers that she never developed and she is sure Martin told Lucy about the idea. Blair also wants Martin to marry Lucy, so she won’t have to pay alimony to him anymore.

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