Days Short Recap Thursday, April 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to Sloan’s place with things from Sweet Bits. She was upset that he went to Chanel’s place. He said he wanted to help her get over it. She said her mother wasn’t coming back from the dead. He told her her revenge wasn’t healthy. He told her to let it go. Stefan came out the bathroom and wondered why Melinda wasn’t dressed under the covers. She said she was hoping he would want to get dirty again. He said he didn’t want to. He said he would pay her back in a platonic way for helping him. She asked him how long he was going to drag this out. He said until EJ blinked. Li looked at the picture of Gabi in bed with Stefan. She wondered where her breakfast was. He said he had something to take care of so she was on her own. He asked her about her meeting with David Saxton. He said he trusted that everything turned out satisfying. She thought about making love with Stefan. She said satisfying didn’t describe it. She went out to get breakfast. He threw his phone. Wendy came in the living room. He told her Gabi slept with Stefan. She asked if he confronted Gabi. He said he didn’t confront her because he couldn’t stop loving her. He said she belonged with him and not Stefan. He said he thought Gabi would remember how great they were together. He wondered what happened to him. Wendy said she hated seeing him hurting like this. She suggested that he saw things as they really were. When Wendy left, Li looked at the picture and sent a text.

Melinda went in the DiMera living room wearing a robe. Stefan was with her in a suit. They started flirting with each other. EJ and Nicole were uncomfortable. Stefan took biscuits from him. Stefan and Melinda ate the biscuits. EJ was upset that Li didn’t do anything yet. Nicole told him they should go for a walk. EJ yelled at Stefan for having an affair with Gabi. Stefan told Melinda that he knew EJ would blink. EJ told him Li had pictures of him with Gabi in bed. Melinda left to take a shower. EJ and Stefan got into a heated argument. When EJ and Nicole left, Stefan made a phone call. Eric ate the biscuits as he was telling Sloan to stop getting revenge on Chanel and Paulina. She asked if he thought she was guilty of hurting them. He said he was thinking it. She told him to leave. Stefan called Gabi and told her Li knew about their affair. She told him to pack his things and move with her after she had it out with Li. Stefan started to feel dizzy. He said he wanted to be there when she talked to Li. She said she had to do it herself. She walked away. Gabi went home and was dizzy. She saw Stefan when she looked at Li. When Stefan went to his room, Melinda was there. He saw Gabi’s face. He asked her how she got there so fast. Melinda was confused. He hugged her. Nicole and EJ were outside the pub. He left for work. She stayed behind. Her vision got blurry and she saw Eric dressed in his priest clothes.

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