GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis tells Gregory that Tracy called her to ask her if he was sick. Alexis tells Gregory she told Tracy he wasn’t sick. Alexis thinks Gregory should tell his family about his ALS soon before they find out on their own. Gregory promises that he will tell Chase and Finn about his illness soon but for now he wants to enjoy his life while he is physically able.

Molly and TJ decide to have a baby using a surrogate service because Kristina is busy with the Youth Center. Molly also thinks Kristina understands everything that is involved with being a surrogate.

Anna decides that someone in the WSB is trying to kill her so her plan to make herself bait to draw out the shooter won’t work. Anna tells Dante that if she needs him she will call him.

Drew continues to try and save Cyrus by performing CPR on him. Cyrus has a near death experience where he talks to Laura and she persuades him he still has time to become a good person not just pretend to be one. Drew is able to revive Cyrus and he is rushed to the hospital. Drew is taken to solitary confinement since he got into a fight because he was defending Cyrus from the inmates who were bullying him.

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