Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah tells Kyle that the hearing specialist did some more tests on Aria and confirmed that she has significant hearing loss. Mariah tells Kyle she and Tessa are taking Aria to the doctor later to get her fitted for hearing aids. Mariah tells Kyle she is worried the hearing aids won’t work. Kyle tells Mariah that she, Tessa, and the doctors will figure out what treatment is best for Aria.

Kyle tells Mariah that he told Jack that he would only come back to Jabot if he can be the Co-CEO. Mariah suggests that Kyle start his own company because she doesn’t think it is right to take the job from Billy. Kyle tells Mariah that he has thought about starting his own company, but he wants to work at his family’s company and continue his grandfather’s legacy.

Chelsea returns home and tells Billy that Connor has moved into the dorms at school and has told her that she can move back to Genoa City if she wants to and visit him at school on the weekends. Chelsea tells Billy she also returned home because Summer and Chloe can’t agree on the Marchetti Spring collection and she has to smooth things between them. Billy tells Chelsea Kyle is after his job, but he intends to fight to keep his job.

Victor continues to pretend that he is losing his memory and Nate believes the act. Victor tells Nate he is going to fire Victoria and Adam to keep them from taking his company away from him.

Sally tells Adam she doesn’t regret sleeping with him but she needs time to think about things.

Adam calls doctor Skelton to arrange for him to meet Victor at Society.

Billy tells Kyle that he knows what he is trying to do and they need to clear the air.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Anna sublets Maxie’s apartment and calls Sonny to tell him she doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore because she feels safe in her new apartment. Sonny thinks Anna should keep the bodyguard until they find the person who is targeting her but, Anna thinks she needs her privacy.

Laura tells Cyrus he shouldn’t have come to her apartment uninvited. Laura tells Cyrus that if he wants to see her he should wait until she invites him to her apartment.

Laura asks Sonny to give Spencer advice if Spencer comes to talk to him.

Finn and Elizabeth go apple picking in order to bring home some apples for Aiden to make pies. Elizabeth paints some portraits of the Vermont scenery so she can remember her and Finn’s special weekend.

Valentin agrees to let Charlotte go trick or treating alone if she agrees to talk to Kevin. Charlotte overheard Valentin talking to Laura on the phone asking Laura if Kevin could see Charlotte right away because he is afraid she is troubled.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

This episode of Days of Our Lives has a Halloween theme. Eric and Sloan watched a horror movie when he received a called about his former parishioner dying. They rushed to the hospital. Eric prayed over his body. Sloan and Nicole ran into each other. They argued until Eric approached them. He warned them they needed to follow him if they wanted to live. Eric took them to an exam room. They didn’t believe zombies were after them until they saw hands coming through the door. Nicole blamed herself for what happened since she lied about a virus outbreak. She lied so she could swab Eric’s cheek. Sloan confessed that Eric is the father of Nicole’s baby. Eric and Nicole wanted more information so Sloan explained everything. Eric felt pain and realized a zombie bit him. He found out he got infected with a virus. He found a bottle of sedative and a syringe. He gave them to Sloan. He wanted her to kill him before he became a zombie. She couldn’t do it. He asked Nicole to inject him and she did it. Eric died and Sloan blamed her for killing him. Nicole injected her too and warned her that she would die for what she did. Sloan watched Nicole promise Eric that she would take care of their baby. Sloan woke up and realized she had a bad dream. Holly wanted Tate to help her get to Johnny. She wanted him to pretend to stalk her. He hesitated, but eventually agreed to help her. Holly ran to get Johnny and let him know about the stalker. Johnny went to check, but no one was there. Holly checked and got stabbed by the masked stalker. The stalker ran away. Johnny left to take care of Holly’s cut. Tate walked in the room and Holly yelled at him for stabbing her. He said he didn’t do it. Tate wanted to find the person and he was killed. Johnny got killed too. Holly confronted the stalker who turned out to be Chanel. Chanel killed them because she knew Holly had feelings for Johnny. Holly woke up and saw Johnny and Chanel making out.

Stephanie let Chad know that she found a way to give him what he wanted. She found a book and could conjure up a spell to bring Abby back. Chad didn’t believe her, but Kayla showed up to help with the spell. They needed something that belonged to Abby. Chad didn’t have anything. Stephanie had Abby’s ring. They performed the seance, but it didn’t seem to work. There was a knock on the door and Steve was there. He warned them not to do the spell because it would bring back an evil Abby. He pulled out his gun and said they had to kill her before she comes after them. Chad wouldn’t let Steve do that and struggled with him for the gun. The lights went out and Steve was on the floor. Stephanie saw Abby. Abby broke Steve’s neck. Kayla tried to revive Steve while Chad went looking for Abby. He came back and saw Steve and Kayla dead. Stephanie told him that Abby did it. She said she shot her many times, but it didn’t do anything. She saved one bullet for him, but he woke up. Paulina had a nightmare while she and Abe were watching a movie. In her nightmare, she found out a homicidal maniac was on the loose. The lights went out momentarily. When they came back on, Abe was passed out on the floor. Paulina wondered who did that to him. Whitley confessed that she did it. Paulina noticed she had a rolling pin in her hand. Abe woke up and said he remembered everything. He remembered Whitley being his wife. She showed him their wedding picture, but Whitley was standing beside him. It turns out that Paulina is Whitley. Whitley hit Paulina with the rolling pin. Paulina woke up from her nightmare.

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Days Short Recap Monday, October 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li went to see Marlena because he was losing his mind. He said he kept thinking about Gabi and it was affecting his life. He said he wanted to get over her. She said she knew he wasn’t involved in the plot to kill Stefan. Li said he was involved. He said he knew she couldn’t say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. She said that was true unless he planned on doing something illegal or harmful to anyone else in the future. He said he had no intention of doing that. He just wanted to get over Gabi. EJ told Nicole that Stefan and Gabby got Kristen’s shares. Nicole wondered if that meant Stefan and Gabi controlled the business. He said they didn’t. He said they had to get one more shareholder on their side and that would be it. She was worried about bringing a baby into that family when she and the baby weren’t a priority to him. He said Stefano always put family first. He promised to do better. She said she wanted to believe him, but she wasn’t sure. She said they were supposed to get married but it didn’t happen because of his revenge plot against Ava. He said they would get married the day after Halloween. Chad talked to Kate about his fight with Stephanie. He told her that he and Stephanie weren’t on the same page about marriage. He said Stephanie wanted to get married but he didn’t. He said their fight was about Abby. He questioned if he moved on too soon. He questioned if Stephanie wanted to marry him because she wanted to or because she was afraid of being ghosted again. Kate offered to watch the kids so he and Stephanie could talk.

Stephanie was shocked to see Everett. He wanted to go to the apartment to talk. She wanted to know where he has been over the years. He said he didn’t ghost her like she thought. He said he was hit by a car and in a coma for a year. He said when he woke up, he didn’t have his memory. He said when he remembered her he had to come see her. She didn’t believe it at first. He told her he wanted to be back with her. He kissed her but she pushed him away. She said she was living with someone. He asked if she was engaged or married. She said she wasn’t. He said he wasn’t giving up on her. When Everett left, Chad came home. He asked if she wanted to talk. She said they have talked enough. Stefan and Gabi were at the Square. They talked about the way they double crossed Brady and got the upper hand with Kristen. She told him what happened in Salem last Halloween. They talked about getting control of DiMera Enterprises. She said they should go after Li’s shares. She said they should blackmail him with the evidence that he was part of the attempt to kill Stefan.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nate: Thank you for meeting me.

Lily: Yeah, so what happened with aunt mamie that you wanted to talk about?

Nate: Well, I’ve had a couple of encounters with her lately, and they keep setting off alarms for me.

Devon: Alarms about what?

Nate: For starters, she’s still trying to get me to leave newman and join the two of you at chancellor-winters.

Devon: So, she’s being persistent.

Lily: Well, and presumptuous. I mean, she has no say in that. Not that we wouldn’t discuss it maybe in the future, but this is not her company.

Nate: I am well aware of that.

Lily: Well, is she?

Nate: I didn’t think much of it at first. Figured it was just wishful thinking on her part, you know, all the family working together. But then I found out something about aunt mamie that changes the whole ballgame, and it isn’t good.

Ashley: I’m so glad you’re here.

Mamie: And I’m so glad you’re back.

Ashley: No, you don’t understand. It makes my heart happy to see you in our house, mamie.

Mamie: Also, the fact that we’re away from the prying eyes of genoa city.

Ashley: Yeah, you’re not wrong about that. Come sit down. Have some coffee.

Mamie: [Chuckles] How are you, my girl?

Ashley: [Sighs] I’m okay. I’m getting used to, uh, being gawked at as the woman who lived happily ever after for about a week and a half.

Mamie: [Chuckles] That is so, so wrong in so many ways.

Ashley: Nothing I can’t handle.

Mamie: So, diane and jack– they’re at the office?

Ashley: Yeah, it’s just the two of us.

Mamie: Good, ’cause we have a lot of catching up to do.

Ashley: Oh, listen, we do, and first of all, I want to hear about his mysterious move you made regarding chancellor-winters.

Mamie: [Laughs]

Ashley: Very dramatic. Completely unexpected.

Mamie: Well, that was the whole idea. Expect the unexpected when miss M. Is back in town.

Ashley: So you pulled that off.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Well, I was just ready to make a change, you know, to do something different. And the only way to really do that best is with one’s family, right?

Ashley: Mm. I have so much respect for you. You’re so good at that. You’re so good at balancing your work life and your home life. I mean, I’m just not good at it, mamie.

Mamie: You know, I didn’t know that much about tucker mccall, other than that he was katherine chancellor’s son. I know that jack didn’t like him very much. I just never understood why.

Ashley: Well, jack’s just being jack and protective of me and jabot, and I’m not sure in what order.

Mamie: Oh, now, now. Jack adores you.

Ashley: Oh, I know. I like him, too, most of the time.

Mamie: Well, I do have to say, though, when I did see you and tucker together at the bicentennial gala, I sensed that there was a connection between you.

Ashley: There was.

Mamie: And then there wasn’T.

Ashley: Yeah, then there wasn’T.

Mamie: So now tucker’s out for blood. That’s what jack claims. And now he wants revenge against the abbotts because of whatever happened between the two… oh, come on. Is any of this true?

Ashley: I think the bigger question here that you’re asking is how could I have been so wrong about that man?

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Billy: I got your text. What’s going on?

Jack: Ashley paid a visit to tucker.

Billy: Well, we knew that was only a matter of time. How did it go?

Jack: Well, she didn’t spare me too many details, but she did say this is just the first step.

Billy: So, not very good.

Jack: Well, what that means is that she is still determined to reconnect with tim, or pretend to, in order to find out what he has planned for us.

Billy: Look, maybe she’ll pull this off.

Jack: Maybe she won’T.

Billy: Here’s your problem, jack. You don’t have enough faith in anyone that isn’t named diane.

Jack: Okay, I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

Billy: I’m just saying. Okay? Maybe we should give our sister the benefit of the doubt.

Jack: He is unhinged, he is dangerous, and there’s no telling what he will do when he finds out she is playing him.

Tucker: I’m sorry. I’m not buying it.

Kyle: What do you think I’m selling?

Tucker: A cynic might say your soul, but let’s just leave it at you betraying your family to come on board with us.

Kyle: This is a business transaction. I help you take control of jabot. You give me what I want. It’s simple as that.

Tucker: Ah, ah. You might be kidding yourself, but you’re not kidding me.

Kyle: I’m not trying to kid anyone. You offered this to me.

Tucker: No, audra offered it to you without my knowledge. I would have told her, bad idea, because blood is always thicker than water when it comes to the abbotts. Trust me, I know. So, I’m sitting there. I just don’t know that this isn’t some kind of trap. I just don’t know that you’re… you’re not gonna run along to jack at some point with my plans. This isn’t gonna work.

Kyle: Tucker. Tucker. Tucker. You’re making a big mistake.

Tucker: It’s not a mistake, son. It’s self-preservation, pure and simple.

Kyle: First of all, I’m not your son. And second, if you believe I have any professional allegiance to my father, then you haven’t been listening. He hasn’t shown me any, so why would I be loyal to him?

Tucker: Because he’s your father, and he’s given you everything you have, and I’m not sure I believe that you’d be willing to just blow that up when the time comes.

Kyle: Watch me light a match.

Tucker: What’s your take on this?

Audra: Well, I think you already know that, or the three of us wouldn’t be here talking right now.

Tucker: And no other vested interest?

Audra: Look, you’ll either agree to it, or you won’t, tucker.

Tucker: All right. Sell me.

Kyle: Haven’t I been doing that?

Tucker: Hardly.

Kyle: I only want what’s coming to me. I’m sure you can appreciate that desire.

Tucker: Yeah, I can, but you and i are different animals. My hands are already stained.

Kyle: Oh, you want motive? Okay, I’ll give you motive. I left my position as co-ceo of jabot to run marchetti, but my father forced me out when my marriage fell apart. But he kept my ex on board and then offered me some low-level B.S. Position at jabot as a consolation prize.

Tucker: Oh. You’re gonna have me crying.

Kyle: It doesn’t stop there. He now has billy, a proven screw-up, as his second in command, and he doesn’t feel inclined to change things even if billy screws up pretty badly.

Tucker: You know, billy was also willing to sell out his family in exchange for more control.

Kyle: You offered him that?

Tucker: He ended up choking.

Kyle: Well, billy’s weak. I’m not going to choke, and I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of my family offering me crumbs and expecting me to take it with a smile. I want what is rightfully mine, and I will do… anything, anything to get it.

Billy: Look, as someone who tried to con tucker not that long ago, I actually appreciate our sister’s instincts.

Jack: Well, apparently, you’re not as close to tucker as ashley was.

Billy: I think that’s more obvious.

Jack: Well, just imagine what he would do to you, and then multiply that times a thousand. That’s the hell he would put her through if he found out she was the one conning him.

Billy: Okay, jack, I get that, all right? It’s a risk. But we’re talking about ashley here. When has anyone ever succeeded in telling her what to do?

Jack: Oh, never.

Billy: Exactly. And you know what? Right now I think we should trust her instincts about tucker. It took her a while, but she did finally wise up to who he really is.

Jack: Ordinarily, I would agree with you if she hadn’t fallen for him in the first place. Twice she has let him into her life, into her heart. Twice he has broken it. So, no, I would say our sister does not see clearly when it comes to tucker mccall.

Mamie: I’m so sorry, ashley.

Ashley: Why are you sorry?

Mamie: For bringing up a subject that is very painful.

Ashley: It’s okay. I mean, obviously, it’s not like I’ve forgotten it happened.

Mamie: Well, we can talk about something else. Anything else.

Ashley: No, not at all. Um… you know, frankly, I wasn’t completely blameless when it came to our marriage ending.

Mamie: How so?

Ashley: Tucker and i were starting a company together, maybe. I mean, plans were well underway. I mean, details were worked out, but when push came to shove, I couldn’t go through with it. I just found it much harder to walk away from my family and from my father’s legacy than I thought it would be.

Mamie: [Scoffs] You couldn’t give up jabot.

Ashley: Right. I know, but, um…tucker found that very upsetting. I get that. He thought that our marriage meant that we were in a partnership, a true partnership in every way, that I was putting him above everyone and everything else. So, that when I changed my mind, he felt like I had ripped the rug out from under his world, and… it got intense.

Mamie: Intense? What? What do you mean by intense?

Ashley: Tucker got really angry. I mean… I’ve never seen him that angry before in all the years I’ve known him, with everything we’ve been through, never. His eyes got really cold and really dark.

[Sobs] He was in this…rage. He just erupted into this rage, and I had to get away from him.

Mamie: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that he frightened you?

Ashley: Yeah. He terrified me.

Mamie: Uh, what? [Scoffs] Oh, my god. Ashley, I had no idea.

Ashley: Well, mamie, it’s like I said. I–

Mamie: No.

Ashley: From his perspective, I can understand–

Mamie: No! No, ashley. Don’t make excuses to me about that man. Look, it doesn’t matter what you did to him. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Devon: So, tucker and mamie?

Nate: That’s what it looks like.

Lily: And how did you find out about this?

Nate: Uh, she got a text from him when I was meeting with her, and it said, “we should connect this afternoon.”

Devon: Does she know you saw it?

Nate: I don’t think so. But she sure put away that phone pretty fast.

Devon: [Sighs] So, then tucker just flat out lied to me ’cause he said he had no interest in chancellor-winters.

Nate: I mean, look, this could just be a simple meeting. Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions that quickly.

Devon: If it was a simple meeting, why’d she hide the phone?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, clearly, you feel the same way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have told us. I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense, right? Things blow up with ashley, and tucker’s gone to his original plan of coming after our company.

Nate: Aunt mamie wouldn’t do that to you.

Lily: She would do it to jill in a heartbeat.

Devon: It’s true.

Lily: Well, look, let’s just assume that the company is under attack, and we have to defend it, because, I mean, tucker is swimming in capital now. He has no debt, no business with ashley, so he’s, you know, shifted course and using mamie as his way in.

Devon: [Groans]

Lily: Where are you going?

Devon: Oh, I’m gonna get the answers from the man himself.

Well, there’s no guarantee he’s going to tell you the truth.

Well, then I’ll remind him of the stakes of lying to me.

Tucker: That was a powerful statement, kyle.

Kyle: Well, if my father can’t see my worth at jabot, I’m ready to make a move.

Tucker: Over to us?

Kyle: That’s right.

Tucker: The frustrated son trying to prove his mettle to the father who doesn’t think he’s ready.

Kyle: Who will never think I’m ready.

Tucker: Never’s a long time, kyle, and sometimes the anger of the moment can turn on a dime as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Tucker: How about this scenario? A loyal son… sells yours truly down the river to impress jack enough to give him his old position back. Yeah, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, wouldn’t you say?

Kyle: When I make a commitment, I stick to it.

Tucker: It’s funny. That’s exactly what your uncle billy said when he was thinking about jumping ship and taking jack down.

Kyle: I’ll tell you again, I am not billy in any way, shape, or form. He does things out of desperation. I operate with logic and opportunity. Look, tucker, there is a vacuum at the top of jabot, and I intend to fill it. Trust me, I’ll know what to do when I get there.

Tucker: That remains to be seen, doesn’t it? Words are cheap.

Kyle: Not if they’re the right words.

Tucker: I’m a little more action-oriented.

Billy: Thank you. Look, the way I see it, third time’s a charm.

Jack: Well, where tucker and ashley are concerned?

Billy: Well, as far as her keeping her eyes wide open about him, yeah.

Jack: So you think we ought to let her go ahead with this plan of hers?

Billy: Maybe, just maybe, she might find something out that can be useful to us to keep him in check.

Jack: That would be huge.

Billy: Yeah, it would be. And, you know, right now, clearly, she wants to be on our side, jack. That’s a good thing, okay? I say we let her.

Jack: I’m not sure we have too many choices.

Billy: No, I don’t see any.

Jack: No, ashley’s going to do exactly what she wants to do.

Billy: And then there’s that. You all right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask?

Billy: Seems like there’s something else on your mind.

Jack: [Sighs heavily] Yeah, actually, there is.

Billy: Okay, let’s hear it.

Jack: For the last… well, for some time now, diane and I have been trying to convince kyle to come back to jabot now that he’s left newman media. I even offered him the coo position.

Billy: [Chuckles nervously] That’s a generous offer.

Jack: Yeah, I kind of thought so, too. He turned me down. He said he would come back on one condition.

Billy: Let me guess. He wants my job.

Jack: [Sighs]

Jack: Look, I did not suggest this

Jack: Look, I did not suggest this or in any way encourage it.

Billy: But you’ve considered kyle as my replacement.

Jack: I would be lying if I said no.

Billy: Appreciate you being honest with me.

Jack: Look, I’m in a very difficult place here. I’m stuck right in the middle. There’s nothing in the world I would want more than to have my son come back where he belongs.

Billy: Yeah, I can understand that, jack. I can even admire it. Of course you’d want kyle to work alongside you with the family company. It just… it’s a little hard to swallow knowing it would be at my expense.

Jack: No, nothing has been decided.

Billy: Okay, that does not give me a lot of confidence here, especially ’cause I know through your eyes, kyle is higher on the abbott family pecking order than dear billy.

Jack: There is no pecking order. No decisions would be made except for by merit, or, look, whoever’s best for the job. That’s all that counts.

Billy: Is that right? Okay. So, let’s–let’s, uh, let’s talk about that for a second. Let’s forget about family. Kyle had the job. He walked away.

Jack: Well, he moved over to marchetti, where he learned–

Billy: Everything kyle has had has been handed to him by the family or through the family connections. Why don’t you let him work his way up? Let him pay his dues?

Jack: [Scoffs]

Billy: I’m sorry, what’s–what’s that?

Jack: I find no small amount of irony in those words, coming from you.

Billy: Oh, yeah? How do you figure?

Jack: You honestly think you paid your dues, billy?

Kyle: You–you want action? What do I need to do to prove to you that I’m serious? A test? Make up some kind of hurdle for me to clear? Look, tucker, I will do whatever is necessary to erase the doubts in your mind that I am not 100% on board.

Tucker: Hmm. Yeah, audra does tell me that you’re tenacious. I like that.

Kyle: And I will be just as tenacious when audra and i take jabot to the next level, and all you need to do is sit back and count your returns.

Tucker: [Scoffs] I’m a little more hands-on than that, but I do appreciate it when people who work for me take charge.

Kyle: Good. Now, I have to ask you a question.

Tucker: Is that right? What’s that?

Kyle: Now that ashley’s back in town, how does that affect your plans?

Tucker: [Scoffs]

Not that it’s any of your business, but not at all. She and I are no longer together.

Kyle: Yeah. You see, you just reminded me a few minutes ago that sometimes anger can turn on a dime. So I need to know, is there any chance you and ashley are getting back together? Or is there a chance that she still has some kind of influence over you? Because I’m not about to risk everything I have just for you to suddenly fall in love again and pull the plug.

Mamie: Now I can see why jack thinks that tucker is trouble!

Ashley: Mamie, okay. I get it. Jack sees everything in black and white, though. All right? Tucker’s not that. He’s gray. It’s very complicated.

Mamie: Are you telling me you still have a soft spot for this guy?

Ashley: I can’t have a soft spot for him. I know that, not after what happened. But I know tucker deeply. That makes him feel vulnerable. He doesn’t like it. He lashes out.

Mamie: At whatever is in front of him.

Ashley: Or makes him feel that way. That would be me.

Mamie: Honey… you need to run for the hills.

Ashley: I tried that. I did, and it didn’t work. I realized I had to come back and face things head on.

Mamie: By doing what?

Ashley: Well, I’m just never gonna let anybody hurt me, my family, or jabot ever again. That’s one promise I will never break.

Mamie: Good for you, my girl, because family must always come first.

Ashley: That’s right.

Mamie: Okay?

Ashley: Always. I’m glad you’re back.

Mamie: Hmm.

Billy: I just can’t believe you did that.

Jack: Did what?

Billy: You compared me to kyle. It’s insulting.

Jack: Look, all I’m saying–

Billy: You wanna talk about paying dues? You want to– you want to compare my résumé to your son’s? I worked my ass off to get to where I am at jabot, and that’s with you watching my every step, thinking that I’m gonna screw up again.

Jack: Wait, that’s an exaggeration.

Billy: No, it’s not at all. It’s felt like I’ve been on probation ever since I came back.

Jack: And you think that came out of nowhere? That I could count on you all the time? Come on.

Billy: Now you’re insulting me. Good. At least you’ll admit it.

Jack: Billy, you’re a loose cannon sometimes. Even now, even you’ll admit that.

Billy: No, i will admit that. Actually, jack, I think that’s a good thing. And when I do make a mistake, I take accountability for myself, unlike your son, who I’m guessing feels like he should be handed the throne because of his birthright.

Jack: Nothing’s being handed to kyle. Whatever he gets, whether it’s here or anywhere else, he’s going to earn it.

Billy: Then why are we having this conversation? It’s like you pitted me against him in some collision course that I’m almost guaranteed to lose.

Jack: That’s not fair.

Billy: Jack, he’s your son. He’s diane’s son. Okay? Of course you both want him to succeed at jabot and paint this beautiful family portrait, but it’s not fair. It’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to kyle, and it’s not fair to jabot, because kyle is not ready.

Tucker: Don’t worry yourself about ashley, kyle. She’s of no importance here.

Kyle: I just don’t wanna be blindsided. I’m risking a lot.

Tucker: Yeah, you’re gonna be rewarded if you can convince me that you can be trusted.

Kyle: I’ll say it again. Test me.

[Pounding on door]

Tucker: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Tucker: Come on in.

Devon: I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Tucker: No, no, they were just leaving. Isn’t that right?

Kyle: See you later.

Tucker: See you.

Devon: Bye.

Audra: Bye.

Devon: What was that all about?

Tucker: Uh, they’ve been seeing each other.

Devon: Mm. What they doing in your room? Giving them relationship advice?

Tucker: [Chuckles] No, no, no, I was just actually asking kyle if he knew where ashley’s head is these days. She’s back from paris.

Devon: I did not know that. Have you spoken to her?

Tucker: [Sighs] Can we not get into that right now?

Devon: Sure. Sure. I actually have some other things on my mind, too.

Tucker: Oh?

Devon: Yeah. I’m gonna ask you a question, and this is gonna be the last time I ask it. What is your connection to mamie? And this time, please don’t lie to me.

Devon: Nate saw a text that you sent mamie asking her to come and meet you.

Tucker: Yeah, yeah, I sent her a text. Um, as a matter of fact, I’m expecting her any minute.

Devon: What are you meeting about?

Tucker: You, actually.

Devon: Really?

Tucker: Yeah. I was hoping talking to her might help fix… the problem between you and me, whatever it is, so the gap between us doesn’t get any wider than it is.

Devon: So, you’re gonna talk about me? You have no other topics to discuss?

Tucker: What other topics would I discuss?

Devon: You know, it doesn’t even matter, ’cause…you don’t understand that the only thing I want is to be able to trust what comes out of your mouth.

Tucker: You can.

Devon: I can?

Tucker: I–yes, you can. I’m telling you the truth. My only interest in your aunt mamie is you.

Devon: She’s not even my aunt.

Tucker: Well…

Devon: I was adopted in that family. She just got back to town. She doesn’t know me, okay? And even if she did, you’ve lied about being in contact with her, which means I can’t believe anything you say to me moving forward.

Tucker: Where is this all coming from?

Devon: What do you mean, where is it coming from, tucker? We literally just had a conversation about this the last time we met up. Did you forget already? This is coming from years of me trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, and every single damn time, you show me exactly who you really are.

Tucker: I’m your father, and I love you. That’s who I am.

Devon: Yeah?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: You love me?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: That’s who you are. You know who else you are? You’re a liar… half the time. And you’re also someone who use anything and anybody to get what you want in life, whether it’s your family or whether it’s people you claim to care about, and that’s just the way it is. So…can you at least leave mamie out of whatever you have going on? ‘Cause she’s innocent, and I actually believe that her intentions are sincere.

[Door slams] Aunt mamie. Hi.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Devon.

Devon: How you doing?

Mamie: What are you doing here?

Devon: I was upstairs talking to tucker because I know that the two of you were meeting today.

Mamie: Oh.

Devon: Yeah. And I imagine it has something to do with you investing in chancellor-winters, because tucker is katherine’s son. Am I right?

Mamie: Your dad tucker and i have had some discussions.And i have had some discussions. His interest in chancellor-winters is because of you.

Devon: Yeah, sure. Um… let me be the one to tell you. Don’t trust him at all. Anything that he says to you or promises you is going to be a lie, and it’s for his own agenda, ’cause he–he truly doesn’t care about you or me or this company. He cares about himself.

Mamie: I’m beginning to sense that.

Devon: Well, I’m happy to hear that. I just wish it didn’t take me so long. I’ll see you.

Audra: You handled tucker well. You know, you didn’t let him intimidate you. You brought up ashley, which threw him off a little bit, but you didn’t back down, and he respects that.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks to devon’s arrival, I still don’t know what tucker wants or expects of me.

Audra: He will soon enough.

Kyle: Yeah, well, whatever it is, it’s probably not gonna be pretty, and it’s not gonna be easy, and it will involve some betrayal of my family.

Audra: Can we lose the word “betrayal”? You know, you said it yourself. This is business, and yes, tucker will have a test for you. You know, you asked him for one. Isn’t that why you reached out to me– to set up this meeting in the first place?

Kyle: Yeah.

Audra: Yeah, well, tucker wasn’t just gonna accept your word for it. These are big stakes, kyle. You’re either in or you’re out.

Mamie: My plans have changed, tucker.

Tucker: How so?

Mamie: I’ve decided I no longer need your help with chancellor-winters.

Tucker: Really? What’s changed your mind?

Mamie: A very revealing discussion with ashley.

Tucker: And?

Mamie: I’m learning things about you that, frankly, I cannot tolerate.

Tucker: And you just decided to take her word for it?

Mamie: I also just spoke with devon.

Tucker: Then you must know I’m also a liar. Maybe I’m the devil himself.

Mamie: No, I’m not afraid of the devil. You, mr. Mccall, are something else entirely. My goal of bringing control of chancellor-winters back to my family is pure. I have no other agenda. But your motives, on the other hand, are not quite as noble, are they?

Tucker: Why should i plead my case to you now when you’ve already judged and condemned me?

Mamie: I trusted you to begin with, because you were katherine’s son.

Tucker: No, you trusted me, mamie, because I’m rich and have a ruthless reputation, and you were desperate to be rid of jill abbott. So, here’s a question. How do you expect to do that without me?

Kyle: Oh, I’m still in.

Audra: That’s good to know. You had me worried there for a second. You know, I just thought of something. What would you do if your dad surprised you by agreeing to give you billy’s job?

Kyle: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Audra: Hypothetically.

Kyle: Well, then I would take it, obviously. I mean, I did put the ultimatum out there.

Audra: Hmm. So, then what would happen to our little alliance?

Kyle: Gone.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: You’d be our adversary, and I would have to destroy you.

Audra: Ouch. [Laughs]

Kyle: [Laughs]

Audra: Well, then let’s keep hoping your father continues to let you down. Come here.

Kyle: Where are we going?

Audra: Mm.

Jack: Billy, I’m telling you, I asked kyle what it would take to lure him back to jabot. That is the truth.

Billy: Well, I guess now I know what direction he’s headed– straight after my job.

Jack: He gave me an honest answer. I can’t fault him for that.

Billy: Yeah. Kyle’s an ambitious young man, isn’t he? Well, good for him. But it’s you, jack. You’re the one that invited him back to jabot. And is that to keep an eye on me, maybe? Okay, well, message received, loud and clear. But let me tell you this. If you replace me, it’s not gonna be because I screwed up. That’s not gonna happen. I’m holding on to this job… for many reasons, one of them being because I deserve it, and I’m gonna fight like hell to keep it. Damn straight about that.

Jack: [Sighs]


[Knock on door]

Lily: Hey. How’d it go?

Devon: It went about as well as I thought it would go.

Lily: Okay, so what did tucker say about mamie?

Devon: He said that he was meeting mamie to talk about me and get advice on how to fix the tension between us.

Lily: I mean, that could be true.

Devon: You think it’s true? Yeah?

Lily: Well, maybe. Maybe there is a part of him that wants to be closer to you.

Devon: Then why does he keep sabotaging our relationship? Every time I let my guard down and consider letting him in my life, he takes advantage, like he’s doing right now.

Lily: So, did you eventually get the truth out of him?

Devon: Who knows what I got out of him? I never know. I do think that this is about chancellor-winters, and I do think that he’s plotting something.

Tucker: Let’s not forget, I’m the rightful heir to chancellor.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Oh, yes, we know. You will always be katherine’s son. But she didn’t leave the company to you now, did she, tucker?

Tucker: No, she left it to victor newman. You wanna hand it back to him?

Mamie: Hmph.

Tucker: I have– I have no interest in running chancellor-winters. I wanna let devon do that, and I have no qualms with lily’s involvement. But none of that is going to happen–none of it, as long as jill abbott is still in the picture.

Mamie: Hmph. I’m well aware of that.

Tucker: Right, so you and i have a vested interest in seeing her removed. And you know I’m the only one who can make that happen.

Mamie: [Laughs] I don’t think so.

Tucker: What does that mean?

Mamie: It means you are bad news, tucker. I’m gonna take my chances elsewhere. I really regret that i trusted you in the first place.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, October 31, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Light thump in distance ] I know who you are. Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in prison? I had the good fortune to be released. Though it was for a medical condition, so I probably shouldn’t call a heart attack good fortune. But the lord works in mysterious ways, and apparently this was his plan for me. What do — what do you want? Well, I’m here to see my sister, of course. Spencer, it’s good to see you. I was just about to get acquainted with my other great-nephew. What are you doing here? Um, he said that he’s here to see your grandmother, but I was just about to tell him that laura’s not here. I’ll tell her you dropped by. Well, you know, I came all this way. I might as well take the opportunity to get to know this little guy. And — and, spencer, we barely talked the other day.

[ Stammers ] So, we should just maybe catch up. Okay?

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Are you okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I woke you. No, no, don’t apologize. But what happened? I just had the worst nightmare.

[ Knock on door ] Adam: Hey, is — is everything alright in there? Can I? Yes.[ Knock on door ] Hello? Yeah. Hey. W-what’s going on? Uh, nothing. Everything’s fine. Trina had a nightmarE. Oh. Oh, those are the worst. I’ve had my share of them. I’m sorry, adam, if I woke you. Oh, no, no, no. It’s — it’s okay. I’ve been up for hours studying for midterms. I was about to head out on a coffee run. Do you want anything from perks? No, no. I’m okay. Thank you, though. Sure? Okay. Yeah. Uh, m-maybe I’ll s-see you later. Yeah. Bye. Alright. Tell me about this dream.

[ Sighs ] Do you have proof that nikolas is alive? Irrefutable. Not only has he been in geneva, his banker said that his employees saw nikolas there, and then he — he showed me records of withdrawals for a significant amount of money that nikolas has taken from his accounts. And you gave this information to spencer? Yeah. He didn’t react the way I thought he would. Yeah. I thought it was just going to be more anger, you know? Right. But he was so sad and so disappointed. I think it was like a final confirmation for him that his father… has abandoned his life here and his two sons. And I know that spencer would probably never admit it, but I think he was holding out hope that maybe his father wasn’t missing by his own choice. Just when you think nikolas couldn’t sink any lower… I’m sorry. I know that he’s your son. It’s just that I feel for spencer. I do, too. I do. But I have to say, as a mother, I think there’s probably more to this story. I feel like there’s probably some sort of extenuating circumstances that we don’t know about, some real reason that he had to leave. But I know at this point that he has really forfeited his right to be a father to ace, and I don’t think that spencer would even want him back. Nikolas does not realize the damage he’s doing to spencer. I was abandoned as a kid, and I was bitter, and I resented my father for a long time. I know what he’s going through. That’s exactly why I’m here, sonny. Can you please help spencer? Elizabeth: Thank you. For what? For this trip. I feel so relaxed, like I’m a million miles away from port charles. Well, that was kind of the idea, right? Just getting away and leaving everything behind for a few days. You needed this more than you realized. You have been so consumed with your dad and his illness. You really need to take a break from all of it and just get it out of your mind, even if it’s just for a day or two. It’s you. It’s — you’re the one that told me to enjoy every moment in life, and that — that’s what I’m doing.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

[ Breathes sharply ] This is really good. Oh, thanks. I hope it’s okay I used the paints. I found them in the closet, and I just — I couldn’t resist. Of course it is.

[ Sniffles ] Maybe you should — maybe you should get back into painting when you get home. Yeah, I would like that. It used to be such a passion of mine. And then, you know, kids and life took over. You are really talented. Well, waking up to all the beauty that surrounds us kind of inspired me. I wanted to capture it so it’d remind me what a special weekend this was. I love that. And I love you. I have for the longest time. Georgie is at the age where she wants to go trick-or-treating unsupervised. Ooh. That’s a tough one. I remember when josslyn and i went through that. It was quite the battle. I’m just happy that donna has a few more years before she reaches that stage. I don’t want to smother her and have her resent me. I remember what it was like at that age, but I did get into a lot of trouble.

[ Laughs ] You know what they say about the apple and the tree? I do. I say listen to your gut, you know? How many kids does she want to go with? Uh, three, and two of them are boys, so that’s a plus. Or a minus, depending on how you look at it. So, what do you think of a sublet? It might be better until you can figure out your long-term plans. Yeah, well, ideally I would move in with valentin and charlotte. But the truth is, this person, whoever’s after me… mm-hmm. …I don’t know when they’re going to make their next move. And I do not want charlotte anywhere near that. So I have to keep my distance. Mm-hmm. Makes sense. But a furnished place, I mean, that would be convenient, right? Of course. Absolutely. A quiet place in a nice neighborhood, secure building with lots of families. Okay, yeah. I don’t think a place like that exists, honestly. No, that’s where you’re wrong.

[ Breathes sharply ] Oh, maxie! I’ll be the only one with a chaperone. Jake, danny, and georgie, they’re all going, and it’s a safe neighborhood. We’re going to harbor vista. I’m a highly trained agent. You won’t even know I’m there. This isn’t funny. The whole point of the night is to be on our own.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t need you holding my hand like a little kid with a pumpkin flashlight. I’m not changing my mind. Papa. Don’t you trust me?

She found it.

The feeling of finding

the psoriasis treatment so, you want to sublet my old place? Well, I mean, that wasn’t my idea. It was your mother’s brilliant idea, but I think… mm, what do you… I think it’s great. Okay. I mean, I tried to sublet it already, but the woman got transferred out of town at the last minute, so it’s just been sitting there empty. Well, not empty, exactly. My old furniture is still in there. I bought all new stuff for my house. Well, I need furniture. I don’t have any. Oh! Okay. Then you’re a genius. Yeah, I am.

[ Laughs ] Welcome to your new home. The dream was definitely triggered by cyrus showing up at the gallery yesterday. You must have been so shocked to see him there. I mean, my mom warned me that cyrus was released, but I didn’t expect him to track me down. Did he threaten you? I mean, I can talk to sonny. He can handle it. What happened to your grudge against sonny? A few weeks ago, you wanted nothing to do with him, and now you’re just willing to reach out to him? Well, I think that your safety is more important than whatever issues I have with him. And he’s equipped to handle someone like cyrus, and he will. I just don’t want you to worry. I appreciate that. But he didn’t threaten me. It was the opposite. He apologized. Thanks so much for the new diapers. Ace is growing so fast, uh, the ones I got him were too small. Yeah. No problem. Hey, I think that you should probably go to work. You know how alexis will be if you’re late. Oh. So you work for ms. Davis? Uh, yeah, ms. Davis was nice enough to offer me a job, even though I had no experience. I don’t know her well, but she seems like a formidable woman. She runs that paper — the invader. And if esme doesn’t get going now, she’s not going to have that job very much longer, will she? Okay, do you want to tell me what you’re really doing here? What do you want? You know I’d do anything for my nephew. It’s just that I’ve had so many difficulties with nikolas in the past that I can’t be neutral on the subject. And e-even if I talk to spencer, I-I don’t really want to trash his father, and that wouldn’t be healthy for us, and it wouldn’t be fair to you. I’m not asking you to get in the middle of anything. You know, it’s like you don’t have to, uh, justify his feelings about his dad. I’m just saying that, you know, if you could just be there for him in case he comes to you for advice, that would ease my mind. I will always be here for spencer. Thank you. Because he really admires and respects you, and because you can get through to him in a way that kevin and I can’T.

[ Chuckling ] Right. Yeah. And to be honest, I’m kind of worried about him right now. I’m afraid that he might do something rash, something he might regret in the future. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you. This is the best apple I’ve ever had.

[ Breathes sharply ] It’s your second one. You eat any more, aiden won’t have any left for his pies. Are you kidding? Aiden’s got enough for 10 pies. Oh, well, I have to account for multiple attempts. Nah, that kid’s a whiz in the kitchen. He is, he is, but baking is very precise. It really is a science. It is? Well, I don’t remember seeing a single pie in my organic chemistry class.

[ Chuckles ] Following the recipe is key. It’s not like, you know, when you barbecue. Hmm? I’m — I’m — I’m sorry. What is that supposed to mean, exactly? No, no, I’m not knocking your culinary skills. I’ve just seen you at the grill with the spices and the sauces flying everywhere. Okay, I guess that’s a fair assessment, but it still tastes pretty good, right? Yes, it does. Mm. We should get back to the cabin.

[ Chuckling ] I did not realize how far this orchard was. Yeah, well — well, if we are tired when we get back to the cabin, we can… always just take a nap.

You can feel it…

when your dream

becomes a pursuit. So, how’s spencer doing with ace? I am so proud of the way he has stepped up. He is really trying to be a surrogate father to that little boy. He even took parenting classes with esme.

[ Chuckles ] That’s impressive. Yeah, the only thing is that it causes a bit of friction between him and trina, and he’s very much in love with trina. I worry that his devotion to ace and the time that he spends with esme, that could hurt his relationship. He’s in a tough spot… mm. …Because if he backs away from ace, he’s going to feel miserable. And if he doesn’t put trina first, he could end up losing her. Exactly. It’s a lot for someone his age. You know, he didn’t ask to be a father, but he’s doing his very best to fill the role. Anyway, I just wanted you to know what was going on in spencer’s life in case he does come to you for guidance.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, I think you’d better get home. You have a visitor. Are you implying I have an ulterior motive? No, I’m not implying anything. I’m stating it outright. You must want something. I assure you, my motives are purely altruistic. Oh. I wanted to see my dear sister. I thought I’d save her the embarrassment of a newly released convict showing up at the mayor’s office. I’m sure she would have been far more concerned knowing that you came here, where esme and ace were vulnerable. I had no intention of intimidating esme or your brother. Quite the contrary. I was pleasantly surprised to find them home, and I enjoyed the little time I had with them. Mm. I meant them no harm. Esme may have met you before, but she has no idea how dangerous you truly are. Like the lord himself, I come in peace, and I am very disheartened to find you so unwelcoming. I thought we’d come to an understanding in pentonville. Mm. Josslyn: You did not! Yeah, I sure did. You screamed at cyrus, told him to take his apology and shove it? Yeah. Good for you. Well, I surprised myself. I wasn’t sure I had it in me, but it was such a release to unload on him. I was terrified the night he held me and my mom hostage, but I’m not going to be a victim again. Clearly, you’re stronger than you think. Maybe. But cyrus is free, and if he visits me again, he might not apologize. Well, there’s no wonder you’re having nightmares. I think the scariest part of the dream is that… it wasn’t cyrus. It was spencer. Renault was holding me, and I was screaming for spencer to help me, but he just stood there. Well, let’s hope that never becomes a reality. No, it — it won’t, because spencer was so protective over me when cyrus came to the gallery. He stood up to him and told him to leave. So it’s not a thing. Good. That makes me feel better. There’s just one thing, though. What? Spencer told me that cyrus protected him in pentonville, and it’s unnerving to think he must be grateful to cyrus. I didn’t realize how much work goes into all this. That’s a long walk. And then you have to jump to reach all the branches and carrying this basket is heavy, and now I have to wash them off. Maybe I could help. I think this one’s clean, don’t you? Maybe just a little bit longer, just to be sure. I don’t know about you, but all this washing has worn me out. I’m exhausted. Maybe we should take a nap. Definitely. Yeah, I trust you. It doesn’t seem like you do. You’ve been through a lot these last few years. Your mother’s condition, boarding school. Yeah, but boarding school taught me to be independent. You’re the one always saying independence is a good thing. Stability is a good thing. You were on your own for a while. When you came back, you were bounced back and forth between grandma’s and now sam and dante. You need a stable home life. Yeah, but that’s not a problem anymore. We finally have a house of our own. Just you and me. The way it should be. I know you love the house… but it doesn’t change anything that you’ve been through. And I’m worried. I’m worried for you. I think that you’re putting on a brave face for my sake because you think I’ll be disappointed if you’re unhappy. Charlotte, I want you to tell me the truth. I don’t want you telling me what you think I want to hear. And what’s great is you don’t even need to buy a bed. Everything you need is already here. Okay. Alright. Full disclosure, there are a few quirks. Um, the bedroom floor is a bit uneven. Yeah. The drawers in the kitchen kind of stick, and the oven, I — uh, the oven is broken. That’s okay. I barely cook, so… the microwave works, though, right? Yes! Yes. Okay. Maxie, we should be pointing out the positive features. I said the microwave works. The claw-foot tub is amazing. The hot water never runs out. The walls are fully insulated, so you barely hear your neighbors. I’ll take it. Wait. What? Really? I’ll take it. Yeah. This is — this is really perfect. Okay, anna, you’re not just saying that so you can help me out, right? Oh, my god, you’re helping me out. This is exactly what I need.

[Coughing] Copd isn’t pretty. Hey, trina. Hey. Did joss send you over? No. Why? Well, because I needed josslyn to come over and help me decorate for the kids’ halloween party, so I just assumed she enlisted you for backup. No, she didn’t mention anything to me, but please put me to work. I need the distraction. Why? What’s going on? I’m sure you heard cyrus renault was released. Oh, yeah. I was visiting drew in the hospital, and he walked right into drew’s room. I couldn’t believe it. Yeah, I’m pretty freaked out that he’s back on the streets. I don’t blame you. But I do know they’re watching him carefully, so hopefully he doesn’t try anything. Maxie: Here you go. The place is all yours. Shouldn’t I fill out some paperwork or something? Or a security deposit? Eh, minor details. We’ll get to that at some point. You should just enjoy the apartment. Mm. Thank you! This is so great. Thank you both so much. This — this… do you thinkI could move in right away? Yeah, whatever you want. Okay. I can help you pack up your things at the metro court, if you like. Oh, I don’t have anything, felicia — barely anything. It’s going to take me a second to move. Okay, well, I’m really glad that this worked out. This is amazing. This feels like the first positive thing that’s happened since, you know, my house burned down. This feels like a new beginning. Only good things from now on. You want to know how I really feel? I feel like I have to go out with my friends tonight. No supervision. Okay. You want to go out with your friends alone? Then you have to do something for me. Anything. I want you to see kevin collins. I want you to tell kevin everything that you’re going through. Why do I have to talk to kevin? I’m perfectly happy. I feel like there’s something going on, something you don’t want to tell me. I tell you everything, papa.

[ Scoffs ] But if you reallywant me to do this, I will. Thank you. And I will drive you and your friends. But I will drop you off at harbor vista to trick-or-treat alone. Yes! Thank you! Yeah, you looked out for me while I was in pentonville. And it would have been a lot tougher without your protection. So you see my motives are only for the good of our family. And as I warned you, the only person you needed protection from was victor cassadine, not me. No need to be so suspicious of my visit today. Yeah, you were right about victor cassadine. And he did turn out to be exactly who you said he’d be — ruthless, sadistic. I’ll take that as a “thank you.” Look, I know that I owe you for the way that you helped me out while I was in pentonville. But I still know that you are a very, very dangerous person. Okay, you held trina robinson and her mother at gunpoint. You shot curtis ashford. And then you want to know why I’m leery when you come around? It’s because you’re a threat, and I don’t want you anywhere near my little brother. I’m no t going to denythat my past deeds were heinous. But those were acts of a desperate man, a caged animal, and that man no longer exists. I have seen the light, and that light is our lord and savior. And he has forgiven my sins. And I’M… and my life is now devoted to helping others. …Supposed to believe that you have repented because you can spout some rhetoric about finding god? You can believe whatever you want, spencer. Calm down. But don’t you forget people gave you a second chance after you got out of prison. I’m only asking for the same courtesy.

[ Door opens ] Grandmother. Spencer, w ould you give mea moment alone with my brother?

[ Chuckles ] I thought the whole purpose of napping was to actually sleep. You’re right. We — we stink at napping. No more nap. Wait, wait, no, no. I didn’t say that. I’m simply making an observation that we’re not very good at it. Oh, okay. You know what? We’re just going to have to keep practicing until we get it right. And we’re done. What the hell are you thinking? I’m sorry.

[ Sighs ] Coming over here unannounced, uninvited. It wasn’t a calculated move, laura. I was released a few days ago. I thought it’d be nice to pay you a visit. Ah. Well, I don’t appreciate it. Well, then you’re certainly not going to appreciate that not only did i spend time with spencer, but I had the pleasure of meeting my great-nephew, ace. Now, esme and I crossed paths once at pentonville, but this is the first time I saw him. What a delightful baby. You have no business being around children. Oh, but I do when they’re related to me. And like it or not, dear sister, they’re my family, too. Hey, hey, I got your text.Is everything okay? Yeah, it will be once we start decorating. That’s what this is about? This is a — it’s a decorating emergency?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. We have to decorate for the kids’ halloween party. Okay, well, I think that ace might still be a little bit too young for it. He was, um, crying when he saw the jack-o’-lantern in our apartment. Well, halloween doesn’t sink in until they get the concept of free candy. That’s right. And trina volunteered your help because we needed someone tall.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, okay, good. Well, I’m happy to help. Yeah. Where would you like me to start? Spread these up in all the corners. Thanks.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles sarcastically ]

[ Laughs ] Hey. Do you want to head over to the library or study here? Let’s stay here. I’ve got to cut today short. I, uh, have to head over to kelly’s, help my mom decorate for a halloween party.

[ Door closes ] No problem. I’ll just, um, go to t he library when you leave. Go to the library? What are you talking about? It’s halloween. Aren’t you doing anything? I mean, there’s a ton of parties on campus. Oh, well, then that’s why it’s the perfect time. The library will be empty. I mean, you could study tomorrow. I me an, I’m taking fourextra credits this semester, and, yeah, it’s a lot. And I don’t know, I’m — I’m not really that big into dressing up.

[ Papers rustling ] Well, you don’t have to dress up to decorate. Why don’t you come to kelly’s with me?

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, anna. How’re you holding up? Good. Pretty good. So, first of all, I wanted to say congratulations on your wedding.

Are you a happy groom? I am. I can almost hear you smiling over the phone.

[ Breathes deeply ] I want to wish you and nina all the best. You really deserve it. Thank you. That means a lot to me. So, what can I do for you, friend? Um, so… I would like to return my gift. What, did you buy me something for the wedding? You were kind enough to give me a bodyguard, and now I’m sending him back. Well, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Alright, so my circumstances

have changed. I feel like I have the key to a new beginning. So… I’ve taken an apartment.

Before you say anything,

it’s very safe. It is a small doorman building, 24-hour security. It’s mostly families, and I don’t need a bodyguard. Okay? I mean, I think the biggest threat I’m facing is maybe being caught in the elevator doors as I’m trying to dodge all the strollers. It sounds great, but you shouldn’t let your guard down. You should keep trey until everything’s settled.

Listen. I really appreciate your concern, but I don’t want a bodyguard. I need my privacy. I feel like I just want to get my life back. And this — this is the first step. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how mu aren’t you supposed to be reading? Uh… you are much more interesting. This c oming from the manwho wanted to listen to a dengue fever podcast on the way here? Well, now, to be fair, the doctor on the podcast has a very soothing voice.

[ Laughs ] Still, I would… much rather watch you paint. Will you thank dan for me? I mean, not just for the cabin, but for all of this. We have to send him something. Yeah, we will. Let’s do that. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] It’s so beautiful here. This view is amazing. Yes, it is. You’re not even looking out the window. I know. Hey, willow, are you still bringing the kids to kelly’s halloween party? Alright, well, we’re going to start early so the little ones don’t crash. Okay. Oh, I can’t wait to see wiley and amelia’s costumes. No, no, no, don’t tell me what it is because I want to be surprised. See you soon. Oh, you still have a lot of web, spider-man.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry, trina? Are you alright? Yeah, no, I was just thinking about, uh, pentonville. Ooh. That’s a dark thought.

[ Chuckling ] No. No, not really. I was just thinking about the day that I was released, and…we were so far apart then, and now we’re a lot closer and…you love me. And… I don’t know, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. You are the luckiest guy in the world.

[ Chuckles ] Can I get a scone? They have cranberry. I love you so, so much. You are the most important person in the world to me. You know that, right? I feel the same about you, papa.

[ Sighs ] It was hard at boarding school. I missed you so much. You have no idea. But, look, none of that matters now. I’m back where I belong — with you. And nothing’s going to change that. I have so many regrets. I would change so much, but I’m going to fix everything. You just have to keep your end of the deal and meet with kevin, okay? I will. Promise. Like it or not, and it’s quite clear you don’t, we’re siblings.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. What’s that saying? “You can’t choose your family.” You know, I prefer the words of the great bishop desmond tutu. And he said, “you don’t choose your family. They are god’s gift to you, as you are to them.” Spare me the sermon. We are connected by blood, and I care about you, just as I care for spencer and ace. I-I-I treasure all of you. I used to be obsessed with money and power, but they pale in comparison. Yeah, I’m just not buying that. I — how can I prove this to you? I protected spencer when he was in pentonville, and I will continue to keep all of you out of harm’s way. You need to give me a chance, laura. Are you willing to do that?

[ Breathes deeply ] Alright, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it with ground rules. And that means that you are going to respect my boundaries if you want to see me and those boys. That means you don’t come over here unless I call you and I invite you. Is that clear? This visit is over. I’ll wait for your call. But I hope it’s soon.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Groans ] Valentin. Hi. Is everything okay? Yeah, I hope so. Charlotte’s finally agreed to talk to kevin. I’d like to set something up for this afternoon. Could you talk to him? I think it’s probably better if it comes from you.

[ Sighs ] Of course. I would do anything for my granddaughter. I’m very worried about charlotte. I think she really needs help.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[shouting, screaming]

Ugh, I hate that I let you talk me into watching these stupid zombies, blood and guts and blech!


[phone rings]

It’s the hospital. Eric Brady. Oh. Yeah, I understand. Thanks for calling.

[somber music]

What is it?

I can’t believe it. He died.

And fade to black.

Did all of those people really have to die?

Uh, it’s a horror movie.

And there are five more “Scream” movies if you want to have a Halloween night marathon.

Yeah, no offense, but I think I’ll pass. Ten bloody murders in one night is plenty for me.

Actually, it was seven.


Yeah, Chanel doesn’t love the scary flicks.

Then she’s missing out. I’m super into ’em, and I totally love the “Scream” movies. If you want to watch another one, Johnny, I’m down.

Really? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

I’m not a kid, Chanel. Besides, there’s so much more to the movies than just the kills. I mean, what about how the danger brought Gale and Dewey together?

Yeah. Sure, always nice to add a little romance with your horror.

I couldn’t agree more.


You know, um, fear and sexual arousal are very closely linked in the human brain.

Hmm. Well, my human brain just reminded me that I have to get to the bakery, because I have to prep for tomorrow. So I will not be getting any sleep tonight.

Are you sure you have to go?

Unfortunately. Walk me out to the car?

Oh, you mean in case Ghostface is waiting out there for you ready to stab you multiple times?

Oh, hilarious.

Don’t worry. I can take care of that guy.

[jazzy music]

Hmm. Maybe a little danger can bring me and Johnny together, too.

I hope you don’t mind that I slipped into something more comfortable.

No, of course not.

[thunder booming]

Oh, sounds like there’s going to be a storm tonight. You’re welcome to stay. Not that I’m expecting you to stay.

Well, I do appreciate the offer, but I’m trying to take John and Marlena’s advice to heart.

You mean that we shouldn’t try so hard?

Yeah. Are you OK with that?

OK with what? Just spending time together, just hanging out and seeing where that will take us? Yeah, that sounds good to me.

[both chuckling]


[phone rings] Mm. Oh. I won’t get that.

Well, maybe you should. It might be important.

Oh, OK. Unknown caller. Ooh. Hello?

[thunder booming] Are you serious? Oh– Oh, OK. Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, thanks. Keep us posted.

[phone beeps]

Everything all right?

That was Commissioner Hernandez. A homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

[ominous music]

[thunder booming]

“Pet Semetary,” huh? Aren’t you coming to bed?

I, uh, thought I’d give you some space, sleep out here.

Chad, I hate that we had that fight.

Yeah, me, too.

Can we talk?


I was– I was laying alone in bed, and I realized something. I think that you and I weren’t actually meant to be together, after all.

What, Steph? Don’t say that.

No, it’s OK. Breaking up is for the best. But I do love you, Chad. So I want to give you something to show you how much.

Give me what?

I’m going to bring Abigail back to life.

[dramatic music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steph, what the hell are you even talking about?

OK, I know it sounds crazy. But my parents found this diary a long time ago on one of their adventures.

What diary?

It was written by this man named Gideon in the s. He wrote about how his wife died tragically. But he was able to cast a magic spell to resurrect her. And that’s what I’m going to do, with a little help, to bring back the love of your life.


[knock at door]

I’ll get it. Mom, hi.


Did you bring it?

Yes. And everything we need to cast the spell.

OK, Kayla, you’re a doctor. You don’t seriously believe in any of this.

Well, being someone who just recently came back from the dead, I do believe in the power of love. So I have the solution already. I just need something of Abigail’s.

I don’t– I don’t have anything.

Here. It’s Abigail’s wedding ring. I found it hidden away in your closet.


No, it’s OK. I’m glad that you kept it. Because tonight, you’re going to get to put it back on her finger.

[thunder booming]

Eric. Who died?

Mr. Dorsey, the former parishioner I visited– visited in the hospital.

[thunder booming] I can’t believe he– I need to pay my last respects.

Well, I’m going with you.

Tate, where are you?


[screams] Damn it, Tate. What took you so long?

I was giving candy to the trick-or-treaters. What’s the, uh– the emergency? What’s the big favor that you need?

I need you to put this on, then go around to the French doors in the living room and stalk me.

Stalk you?

Is that a problem?

Uh, I just thought you didn’t want me going all stalker-y.

I said I wanted to be friends, and friends help each other out, right?

[sighs] What do I do once I’m at the door?

Not much. OK, first, I’ll act all scared and run to Johnny. Once he comes back, you just let him see you and chase you off. Then I go into his arms and let him comfort me.

Seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like you.

Do you want to be my friend or not?

Fine. Fine. I’m putting on the mask. OK? Oh, god. Ugh.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here.

Whoa. This is a real knife.

Well, obviously, I didn’t have time to go to the Halloween store, so I just grabbed it from the kitchen. Now, come on. Let’s see what you got.

Argh. How do I look?

Like someone a girl needs saving from.

[light jazzy music]

This is the second breakout in a month from that loony bin!

Yeah, I wonder who got out this time.


[light bulbs buzzing] Oh! Oh, damn! Can anybody else in this town besides me do their jobs? Oh, I don’t know, who do I call to read my first? The health department for not securing Bayview? Maybe the power company, so they can get the lights back on. Oh. Oh! Oh. Ugh. Abraham? Abraham. Oh, my god. Abraham. Who did this to you?

I did.

[dramatic music]


I sure hope Chanel doesn’t mind me borrowing this.

Oh, he’s still alive. But you could have killed him.

Now, why would I try to kill my own husband?

He’s not your husband.



Oh, Abraham. Oh, you’re OK, Abraham. I got you. Oh, are you OK?

Yes. Yeah, I am, I am, I am. Ugh.

Oh, thank god.

This is going to– this is going to sound strange, but– I remember.


I remember everything.

You mean you remember me?

Oh, I remember you, Whitley King. You’re the lunatic who kidnapped me and tried to make me believe that you’re my wife.

[thunder booming]

[tense music]

[elevator dings]

[light bulbs buzzing]

Hmm. Where is everybody?

I’ll go find a nurse and see where they put Mr. Dorsey.

OK, I’m going wait here.


[ominous music]

[sighs] Oof. Hate hospitals at night. There’s something so creepy about them.



Jeez. Jumpy much?

Nicole. No, I just didn’t– didn’t see you there.

Clearly. I didn’t think you’d be one to scare so easily.

Yeah, well, Halloween’s kind of got me on edge a little bit. Anyway, what are you doing here?

Oh, picking up another prescription. There’s just so many to keep track of these days.

Yeah. Is that supposed to be like a dig?



Oh, my god.


What? Why?

Listen, I don’t have time to explain. But you’d both better come with me if you want to live.

What is going on?

Come on!


Come on!

Johnny! Johnny!

Holly, hey. What? What is it?

There is someone outside. He was watching me.

What? Where?

Outside the French doors.

OK, just stay here. I’m going to go check it out. All right?

Sure. I’ll stay here all alone, by myself, during a creepy storm on Halloween night while some crazed stalker’s on the property!

OK, OK, all right. Just, you can come with me, but stay close.

Don’t worry. I will.



[ring clatters]

[eerie music]

[liquid trickling]

We call the soul of Abigail Johanna Deveraux DiMera. Rest thou now in the reaper’s grim grip, though one’s love here still holds fast. Memento mori, amor aeternus est. Death is not forever. Love is eternal. Though ye have passed through the veil and into the light, we call ye in the name of this man’s devotion to cross back into this darkness.

OK, that was, um, dramatic. I don’t think it worked, though.

[knock at door]

It did work. That must be Abigail.

Looks like the storm’s been banging against the doors. Maybe that’s what spooked you.

I saw a man, Johnny. What, you don’t believe me?

It’s not that I don’t believe you, OK? It’s just that sometimes, after you watch a scary movie, shadows can start to look like serial killers.

They weren’t shadows. Someone is out there. Look, I’m going to lock the front door. Oh, my god!


Holly! Hey, hey!

[gasping] Go! Go!

I’m not Whitley King. She’s Whitley King.

No. No, no, no. She’s my wife, Paulina Price.

Oh, uh-uh, hey, sweetheart, she just smacked you over the head with that rolling pin. She must have scrambled up your brains.

You know who I am. I am your beloved Paulina, and I’m here to rescue you from this homicidal maniac.


[ominous music]

What is going on, Eric? Who is out there?

Oh, you know I came here to see Mr. Dorsey, the old parishioner, a friend of mine.

The man you visited a few days ago?

Yeah. He died.

Oh, no.

But the thing is, he isn’t dead anymore.


I was standing next to his bedside saying a prayer to save his immortal soul. And then he tried to bite me.

Bite you? Like a zombie?

Yeah, like a zombie. The thing is, I was lucky I got away.

So– so what you’re saying is that there’s a zombie that’s running loose around this hospital?

That would explain the lockdowns.

The hospital is on lockdown, because Mr. Dorsey isn’t the only zombie out there. I saw at least five other zombies out there when I was running to get back to you.


What is so funny?

Oh, come on, guys. Zombies? This has to be some kind of elaborate Halloween prank. Eric, are you in on this?

Sloan, listen to me. You can’t–

Sorry, I just– let’s just see what really–

No, don’t! Don’t open that door! You cannot go out there!

Don’t worry. If they turn me, I’ll make sure to eat Nicole first.

Are you insane?

[thunder booming]

[gasps] What was that?

They’re out there.

That door’s not going to hold them forever.

[zombies growling]


I hope I got here in time. I found these pages under some files.


Yeah, they were torn out of the diary.

What do they say?

Well, Sweetness, it’s kind of shocking. Because it looks like his wife, Emily, wasn’t the gentle soul Gideon so fondly remembered.

[thunder booming] She was something else.

What do you mean “something else”?

He called her a rotting, murderous corpse.



It’s a good thing I found these pages, huh?

Well, it’s too late, because we already performed the ritual.

Oh, no.

Yeah, but it didn’t– it didn’t work, though, right? I mean, Abby’s not here.

[thunder booming]


Wait, do you hear that? It sounds like wet footsteps.

Listen, if the spell did work and Abigail is on her way here, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave.

Wait, what– what are you– what are you doing?

Listen. According to Gideon, you’ve summoned an abomination. Whoever or whatever comes through that door may look like your dead wife, but it won’t be Abigail.

So– no, no! You’re just going to shoot her?

Chad, you heard what it says in the diary.

No, I’m not going to stand by and just watch this happen.

Close your eyes. I’ll make it quick.


[gun clicks] Oh!

[tense music]

Give me the gun.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Chad! Chad! Stop, Chad!

Don’t do this, man!


Steve! Oh! Oh. Steve! Oh, god!

Steve. Steve, can you hear me?

What– what happened? The gun– the gun didn’t go off! You heard! I didn’t– I didn’t do anything.

It was Abigail.



I saw her.

What– what do you mean you saw her?

It was dark, but I could just make it out. She was– she was covered in mud, and her face and her body were rotting!

What, no, no, that’s not possible.

She grabbed Papa, and she snapped his neck, and then– and then she was gone.

[thunder booming] Mom, is he–

He’s– he’s not breathing, and his heart has stopped.


How– how could this have happened?

Chad, we have to get him to a hospital.

I can’t. I have to go. I’m so sorry. I have to go. I have to go find Abigail.

[breathing heavily]

[zombies growling]

Oh, my god. They’re going to bust through the door. What do we do?

I think you– I think you have to get at their head. It’s the only way to stop him.

This isn’t happening.



[zombies growling] They moved on. They’ll be back. They’re hungry.

For human flesh?

This is all my fault. I did this.

Yeah, that sounds about right to me. What is it that you did, exactly?

I wasn’t talking to you. You know what? Why don’t you wait in the hallway and let the adults talk for a few minutes?

Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’d love to see me as a zombie snack, Nicole, but I’d rather hear your confession.

I’m sure. Look. I– I don’t know how to say this, but a few months ago, I made up this lie that there was a virus running rampant in the hospital so that I could get a swab from your cheek for your paternity test.

OK, so?

So now, there’s a real virus. So I tempted fate or god or whatever, and now, my baby is never going to be born, or worse, it’s going to be born a zombie baby.

[scoffs] Zombie baby?

Oh, scoff all you want, but you’re going to die in here. And the last thing I want is to die with a guilty conscience. My baby deserves better.

Nicole, I appreciate your honesty. It means a lot.

If we’re all going to die in here, then I have a confession I’d like to make, too.

What kind of confession?

Eric, that baby that Nicole’s carrying– it’s not EJ’s. It’s yours.

[dramatic music]

I’m Paulina Price, your wife. Here, I can prove it. Our wedding day. Best day of my life. Well, some of it was.

[thunder booming]

This is not you in the picture with me. She is.

Let me see that.

[gasps] What the hell?


Oh, you really are delusional, Whitley.

You switched all the photos, didn’t you? Oh, Abraham. You got to know she’s lying. She’s–

What’s the matter, Whitley? Cat got your tongue?

Why you– wait. Cat? Who put all these cats in my apartment? Oh!

[light bulbs buzzing]

What are you saying, Sloan?

What I’m saying is, I– I switched the paternity test at the hospital. I made it look like EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby.

I’m the father?

So that means this baby I’m carrying is ours.

I guess it is. You know how much I wanted a child.

How could you do this, you heartless bitch.

I was afraid of losing you, Eric. I’m sorry.

Damn you, Sloan Peterson.


Eric, Eric. What is it, Eric?

I don’t know. I was running away when one of the zombies attacked me. He must have bitten me. Augh!




I’m infected

Oh, my god.

From what I’ve seen, it won’t take long before I’m one of them.


[thunder booming]

I almost caught him, but uh, I lost him in the rain. Hey, I need to get you to the hospital, I think. You’re probably going to need stitches. Hey, are you OK?

No, I’m definitely not OK. Are you still on hold with ?

Yeah, apparently, Halloween is a busy night for them.

[loud thud]

What was that?

It came from upstairs.

No one else is home.

You know what?

What are you doing?

He’s going to need a lot more than stitches when I find him.

Wait, Johnny! Oh, great.

[ominous music]

Don’t scream.

[panting] Tate?

What happened to your arm?

What do you mean what happened to my arm? You cut me, you freak.

I did not. I just got here.

What are you talking about? You just came through the foyer.

No, I didn’t. I tried to come in through the French doors like we talked about, but it’s all muddy outside, and I didn’t want to ruin my shoes. So I circled around and came in through the kitchen.

But if you didn’t slash me, then who did?

[knife slashing]


[breathing heavily]

I couldn’t find her…

Oh, my god. What happened?

It was Abigail. She came back. She killed my mother, too.

Hey, there’s no one upsta– Holly, what happened here?


[knife slashing] No! Johnny!

[gasping] What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you kill him? Who are you?

Chanel? Why?

Let me tell you a little story, Holly, about when I was in college and I was just a little older than you. You see, like you, I was in love with an older man, and his wife, she tried to come between us.

What– what happened to her?

That bitch? Well, she’s dead now, too.

Why kill Johnny? What did he do to you?

Don’t act like you don’t know.

Because of me? I’m the reason?

I know you wanted him. And I could tell he had feelings for you, too. You two both had so much more in common than he and I did, and you both loved those scary movies.

You really believed he had feelings for me?

You didn’t think I was just going to roll over and let you have him, did you? He got what he deserved. And now, it’s your turn.

Call my daughter, Chanel. She’ll tell you these are not my damn cats. Oh, I’m the one, the only Paulina Price.

If you’re Paulina Price, then why are you wearing that?

What– oh!

[gasps] No! No! This isn’t right.

You escaped from Bayview tonight, and you came to my apartment to hurt us both, to kill us.

Oh, no! No! That wasn’t me! That was you!

Don’t you worry, Paulina. I will protect you from her.

Oh, thank you, Darling.

Oh, Abe, Abe. Please, it’s me. And I don’t know what she did to you, but I’m Paulina. Abe, you– please, please! You have to remember!

[phone beeps]

Rafe, it’s Abe. We have that lunatic Whitney King, who escaped from Bayview and came here to hurt us. Now, she needs to be locked up where we’ll never see her again.

That’s right.


I don’t feel so good.

It’s OK.

We have to get help.

I can go look for a doctor.

You can’t go out there. There’s too many of them.

Well, we can’t stay in here. I mean, what if you turn?

There’s only one choice.


Eric, what are you doing? Eric.

There should– there should be enough sedative in here to do what needs to be done.


Oh, my god. What are you doing? Eric.



Please, I need you to kill me before I kill you both.


No, I don’t want to turn into one of them. I don’t want to end up eating you both… or– or my unborn child.


I can’t. I– I can’t lose you. I’m sorry.


Hey, easy. No.

If you really loved him, you would do what’s right for him and his unborn child.

Are you– No!


Oh! Oh! You bitch. You killed him.

I had to. I couldn’t just sit back and watch the man I love turn into some undead monster.

Abby did this? Are you sure?

She murdered my parents.

[tense music] I shot her… over and over and over again, but she didn’t even flinch.

It’s just so horrible.

Don’t worry, Chad. I saved one bullet. For you.

Stephanie, what are you doing?

I tried to make you happy. I tried to love you. Your obsession with Abigail did this. I don’t know if she’s dead or alive, but either way, you can wait for her in hell.

Stephanie, no.

[tense music]


[gasping] It was just a nightmare.



Are you really going to make me chase you around like a scared animal?

I thought you couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

I thought so, too. Turns out, now that I’ve had a taste of it, I just can’t get enough.

[gasping] This is my worst nightmare.

No. Oh, no.

[thunder booming] He didn’t deserve this.

Finally, something we agree on.

What are you doing? Ah! No! What did you do?

As you die, I will leave you with this thought.

[thunder booming] I will always have Eric’s baby to remind me of the love we shared. Eric, I will take good care of our baby. I promise.

[thunder booming]

Oh, my god. Eric. Eric.

What? What is it?

I thought–

You thought what?

I thought– nothing, never mind. I’m sorry I woke you.

No, it’s OK. I was having the craziest dream.

What were you dreaming about?

I don’t remember. I’m suddenly really hungry.



But Abe, I love you.

Throwing yourself at me is only going to make things worse.

We belong together.

[sighs] I thought we were going to be able to do this the easy way, but it looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way.


[thunder booming]



You know, you’re a beautiful bride. I just– I just wish I could remember that day.

Oh. Our wedding day. Ah. It’s me and you.

Who else would it be?

I don’t know.

Are you all right? You know, we were watching the movie, and you just dozed off.

Oh, well, I’m better now. I dreamed that you forgot who I was again. But you do know who I am, right?

[chuckling] Yes, of course. You are the one and only Paulina Price.

Damn right, I am.

[chuckles] Whew! Too much scary stuff. But being here with you now is it’s treats and no tricks.

Well, Happy Halloween, Paulina.


Happy Halloween, Abraham.

[eerie music]

[thunder booming]

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Days Update Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Update written by Joseph

Eric and Sloan lay together at home, watching a horror movie as Sloan jokes about hating that she let Eric talk her in to watching this. Eric then gets a call from the hospital and sounds concerned as he says he understands and thanks them for calling. Eric hangs up and says he can’t believe that he died.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny and Chanel finish watching Scream along with Holly. Chanel talks about passing on wanting to watch anymore while Holly talks about being a big fan and wanting to watch more. Chanel says she has to get to the Bakery to prepare for tomorrow. Johnny walks Chanel out while Holly remarks that maybe a little danger can bring her and Johnny closer together.

Abe and Paulina sit together at Paulina’s apartment. A thunderstorm starts so Paulina tells Abe that he’s welcome to stay. Abe thanks her but says he’s trying to take John and Marlena’s advice of not trying too hard. Paulina tells Abe that just hanging out sounds good to her. Paulina then gets a call from an unknown caller. Paulina asks if they are serious and says to keep her updated. Paulina hangs up and informs Abe that it was Rafe telling her that a homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

Chad sits at home watching Pet Sematary as Stephanie walks in and asks if he’s coming to bed. Chad responds that he thought he would give her some space and sleep in the living room. Stephanie says she hates that they had that fight and asks if they can talk. Stephanie tells Chad that she thinks they weren’t meant to be together and breaking up may be the right thing to do, but she loves him so she wants to bring Abigail back to life. Chad questions what she’s talking about. Stephanie explains how Steve and Kayla once found a diary from the 1800s by a man named Gideon who lost his wife tragically but was able to bring her back through a magic spell. Stephanie claims that she’s going to do that with a little help to bring back the love of his life. Kayla then arrives and tells Stephanie they have everything they need to cast the spell. Chad questions Kayla believing in this as a doctor. Kayla mentions coming back from the dead herself and says she just needs something of Abigail’s. Chad says he doesn’t have anything but Stephanie reveals that she found Abigail’s wedding ring hidden in his closet. Stephanie declares that she’s glad he kept it because tonight he will get to put it back on her finger.

Sloan asks Eric who died. Eric responds that it was Mr. Dorsey who he visited in the hospital last week. Eric repeats that he can’t believe it and says he needs to pay his last respects. Sloan decides she’s going with him.

Holly meets Tate outside. Tate questions what the big favor she needs is. Holly instructs him to put on a mask and stalk her which Tate questions. Holly says it’s helping her out. Tate asks what he’s supposed to do. Holly explains that she will run all scared to Johnny and then Tate just has to let Johnny chase him out while then she will let Johnny comfort her. Tate remarks that it seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like her. Holly asks if he wants to be her friend or not, so Tate gives in and puts on the mask. Holly gives Tate a knife from the kitchen to go along with it.

Paulina complains to Abe that this is the second break out in a month from Bayview. Abe wonders who got out this time. The storm knocks the electricity out which worries Paulina. The power comes back on and Abe is suddenly knocked out while Nurse Whitley appears and reveals she did it. Paulina points out that Abe is still alive but she could’ve killed him. Whitley calls Abe her husband. Paulina wakes Abe up and checks on him, assuring that he’s okay. Abe says this is going to sound strange, but he remembers everything. Paulina questions if he remembers her. Abe then calls her Whitley King, the lunatic that kidnapped him and tried to make him believe that she’s his wife.

Eric and Sloan go to the hospital where the electricity is flickering. Sloan wonders where everybody is. Eric goes to find a nurse to see where they put Mr. Dorsey. Sloan complains about hospitals being creepy at night. Nicole appears and startles Sloan. Nicole didn’t think she’d scare so easily. Sloan responds that Halloween has her on edge and asks what she’s doing here. Nicole responds that she’s picking up another prescription. Eric comes running back, screaming for them to run. Sloan questions what’s going on. Eric says he doesn’t have time to explain but they both better come with him if they want to live as they rush off together.

Holly runs to Johnny in the DiMera Mansion, telling him that someone is outside and was watching her. Johnny tells her to stay there while he goes to check it out. Holly complains so Johnny allows her to come with him and tells her to just stay close.

Kayla, Chad, and Stephanie attempt the magic spell to resurrect Abigail. Chad calls it dramatic but doesn’t think it worked. There’s a knock at the door, so Stephanie says that must be Abigail. Chad then goes to answer the door.

Johnny and Holly go to the living room as Johnny says the storm was just banging against the doors. Holly insists on seeing someone while Johnny blames horror movies. Holly decides that she’s going to lock the front door but someone appears in the costume and cuts Holly, so Johnny chases him out.

Paulina argues to Abe that she’s Paulina, not Whitley, while Abe stands with Whitley who claims to be Paulina. Whitley says she’s his wife here to rescue him from this homicidal maniac.

Eric barricades himself, Sloan, and Nicole in a hospital room. Sloan questions who is out there. Eric explains that Mr. Dorsey isn’t dead anymore and tried to bite him like a zombie, but he got away. Nicole guesses that explains the lockdown. Eric then reveals that the hospital is on lockdown because he saw at least five other zombies out there. Sloan laughs that it must be a Halloween prank and asks if Eric is in on this. They see the zombies through the door as Eric worries that they can’t hold them off forever.

Chad answers the door to see Steve, who says he hopes he got there in time because he found some torn pages from the diary that revealed that when Gideon resurrected his wife Emily, she wasn’t the kind soul he remembered but a rotting corpse. Kayla says it’s too late as they already performed the ritual. Chad points out that it didn’t work since Abigail isn’t there. Stephanie then hears footsteps. Steve says if the spell did work and Abigail is there, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave. Steve declares that whoever comes through the door might look like Chad’s dead wife but it won’t be Abigail. Chad questions shooting her and says he won’t just stand by and watch this happen. Steve tells Chad to close his eyes and he’ll make it quick. Chad grabs the gun and struggles with Steve as the power goes out. The power comes back on and Steve is unconscious on the floor. Chad questions what happened since the gun didn’t go off. Stephanie claims that it was Abigail, who snapped his neck and then disappeared. Kayla notes that Steve’s not breathing and his heart has stopped. Chad questions how this could happen. Stephanie cries that they have to get Steve to the hospital while Chad decides he has to go find Abigail and rushes out.

Nicole worries about what to do about the zombies. Eric declares there’s only one way to stop them. Eric notes that they moved on from the door but they will be back as they are hungry. Nicole blames herself and then argues with Sloan, who wants to hear her confession. Nicole brings up how a few months ago, she made up a lie about a virus running rampant in the hospital to get a swab of Eric’s DNA and now it’s really happening. Nicole doesn’t want to die with a guilty conscience and says her baby deserves better. Eric appreciates her honesty. Sloan decides if they are all going to die here, she has a confession to make too. Sloan tells Eric that Nicole’s baby is his and not EJ’s.

Paulina insists to Abe that she is his wife, not Whitley, and shows him their wedding photo but Abe says it’s Whitley in the photo which shocks Paulina. Paulina accuses Whitley of switching all their photos. Whitley then has all her stuffed animal cats appear in the apartment.

Eric questions what Sloan is saying. Sloan tells Eric about switching the paternity tests at the hospital. Eric argues that she knew how much he wanted a child while Nicole questions how she could do this. Sloan apologizes. Eric realizes he was bitten by a zombie and declares it won’t take long before he’s one of them.

Johnny returns to Holly and says she lost the guy in the rain but he needs to get her to the hospital. They hear a sound from upstairs so Johnny goes to check it out. Tate then appears in the living room in his costume and reveals that he just got there, so the person who cut her wasn’t him. Holly questions who it was then. The other person in the costume returns and stabs Tate.

Chad returns home to find Kayla unconscious next to Steve and questions what happened. Stephanie tells him that Abigail came back and killed her mother too.

Johnny return to the living room and asks Holly what happened. The person in the costume then stabs Johnny. Holly panics, asking what’s wrong with them and who they are. They then unmask to reveal Chanel. Chanel goes after Holly and talks about when she was in love with an older man too and his wife is dead now too. Holly questions killing Johnny. Chanel blames Holly and complains about their feelings but she wasn’t going to just let Holly have him. Chanel declares he got what he deserved and now it’s her turn.

Paulina tells Abe to call Chanel and she can tell her the truth. Whitley then points out that her and Paulina swapped clothes, claiming that Paulina broke out of Bayview and came to kill them. Abe tells Whitley that he will protect her. Paulina continues to protest that he has to remember. Abe then calls Rafe to tell him that they have Whitley King and she needs to be locked up.

Nicole says they have to get Eric help and they can’t stay there in case he turns. Eric decides there’s only one option and grabs a syringe, instructing Sloan to kill him before he kills them both. Sloan says she can’t lose him. Nicole says if she really loved him, she would do what’s right for him and his unborn child. Nicole then injects Eric. Sloan calls her a bitch for killing Eric. Nicole responds that she had to because she couldn’t just sit back and watch the man she loves turn in to an undead monster.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s sure that Abigail did this. Stephanie responds that she murdered her parents, so she shot her over and over again but she didn’t flinch. Chad calls it horrible. Stephanie tells him not to worry because she saved one bullet for him. Stephanie says she tried to make him happy but his obsession with Abigail did this. Stephanie tells him that he can wait for her in Hell. Chad then wakes up from his nightmare on the couch and tells himself that it was just a nightmare.

Holly wakes up from her nightmare of Chanel coming after her with a knife. Holly looks over and sees Johnny and Chanel kissing, which she calls her worst nightmare.

Sloan tells Nicole that Eric didn’t deserve this. Nicole then injects Sloan as well and declares that she will always have Eric’s baby to remind her of the love they shared. Sloan then wakes up from her nightmare on the couch with Eric. Sloan apologizes for waking him. Eric says he was having the craziest dream but he doesn’t remember it and now he’s suddenly really hungry.

Paulina wakes up from her nightmare next to Abe, who is looking at their wedding photo and saying he wishes he could remember that day. Paulina confirms the photo is of them. Abe asks if she’s alright since she dozed off while they were watching a movie. Paulina assures that she’s better now and that she dreamed Abe forgot her again. Abe acknowledges that she’s the one and only Paulina Price. Paulina says it was too much scary stuff but being with him now is all treats and no tricks. Abe and Paulina wish each other a Happy Halloween as a stuffed animal cat remains behind them.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Ethereal music ]

Katie: A vision in white. This magical creation will transform you to a place of fantasy and illusion. You’ll be floating on a cloud swept up in a dream. Forrester has pulled out all the stops with this look. Number 19.

Katie: This gown is a red-carpet vision of old hollywood meets modern elegance. It has a beaded diamond and crystal bodice. This stunning creation captures our imagination with a dramatic silk pleated bow, which flares to the ground to complete the train.

Esther: Oh, I have never, ever seen anything so beautiful. What– what– what number is it?

Lauren: Well, by your dot system…. 20.

Esther: Oh. Wow.

Countess: It’s not that bad.

Katie: Ladies and gentlemen, the designers behind the beautiful, stunning creations that we have had the privilege to see today, eric forrester and ridge forrester.

[ Audience applauding ]

Katie: Now, if any of you were inspired by what you saw, please make sure to get your orders in before it’s too late. Thank you for joining us at the house of forrester.

Ridge: Hell of a showing.

Eric: Yeah. My part of it, it was anyway.

Ridge: Wow. Okay.

[ Laughing ]

Ridge: May the best man win.

Eric: May the best man win. Yes.

[ Coughing ] You know that feeling of having to

Ridge: It’s a simple question. Do you have all the orders?

Carter: I was letting the champagne combat any indecisiveness, but I’ll be tabulating the orders soon.

Ridge: You’ll be– you’ll be tabulating? Wow. Look up tabulating. Just count ’em all up and tell me that I won.

Zende: It’s gonna be tight. You and your dad, though, you put together some amazing looks.

Paris: Sure did. And our donors for the foundation definitely agree. You should see the comments online.

Carter: So, does anyone know today was really a battle between you and eric?

Ridge: Hey.

Lauren: Hi. Well, esther insisted on hand delivering–

Esther: My order number.

[ Both laughing ]

Ridge: Well, that is a very good choice, mrs. Valentine.

Esther: Oh. Oh, please. Call me esther.

Ridge: Esther. Okay.

Countess: Almost forgot. My order.

Esther: Oh. That’s the same one that I wanted.

Countess: I don’t have to remind you what a longstanding, extremely influential patron of forrester creations I am.

Carter: We’re very aware.

Countess: Under no circumstances will I wear a gown owned by this simpleton.

Lauren: Excuse me?

Ridge: It’s all right. I got this. Um, I’m sorry, esther, but you put in your request first. So it’s– it’s your gown. Yours alone.

Countess: You can’t be serious! Ridge, look at her! She carries a feather duster in her handbag.

Ridge: Countess, sorry.

Countess: You have made a very big mistake. I will never buy another forrester original again. Or shop at fenmores.

Lauren: Such a pity.

Esther: So… this gown… it’s mine?

Ridge: It’s yours, esther.

Esther: Oh. If mrs. Chancellor could see me now.

Lauren: Something tells me she had something to do with it. I’m so happy for you.

Ridge: Well, don’t forget you gotta come back for a fitting and, um, possible dinner.

Esther: I would be happy to return to los angeles. I can’t believe it. This is a dream come true. After all these years I’m finally getting a gown as beautiful as mrs. Chancellor’S.

Lauren: Aww. You deserve it.

[ Laughing ]

Luna: It is gotta be tough for you. But look, I know you’re dealing with a lot. And I know that you’re super worried about your granddad. But you also have to take a moment and realize what a major accomplishment you just had today. Your first fashion show.

Rj: I appreciate it. I’m– I’m proud of what we did today, but it’s hard for me to even think about it when all I’m doing is worrying about my granddad.

Brooke: Oh. Uh…

Rj: Hi.

Brooke: [ Chuckles ] Hi. Uh, sorry. Uh, I don’t mean to interrupt. I just came to congratulate my very talented son on the amazing showing he did today.

Luna: I’ll, uh, give you two sometime alone. It was good seeing you, brooke. And congrats again, rj.

Brooke: Well, looks like I’m not the only one that’s happy for you.

Rj: Luna has been, uh, a huge help with everything.

Brooke: It’s okay. I don’t need to know the details.

[ Laughing ] I just wanted to tell you that I am very proud of you. Your father is too.

Rj: I appreciate it. You know about luna, I-I–

Brooke: Yeah. No, she’s a sweet girl. She is. And I could tell how you care about each other. But that’s not why I came here to talk to you. There’s something that is troubling me. It’s about your grandfather.

Charlie: I saw what happened. You, uh, you got the dress of your dreams. I am so, so happy for you, esther. And I know one thing for sure. You are gonna make that dress even more beautiful than it is.

Esther: I have to head back to genoa city with lauren. I– I’ve loved my time here and so enjoyed getting to know you, charlie. I hope that I’ll get to see you again when I come back for my fittings.

Charlie: Yeah. I don’t do fittings. Uh, I’m a security guy. I– I wouldn’t know how to put the measure at– oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I’d really like it if you came back. But I love how happy this dress makes you.

Esther: Oh, it means more to me than anything in the world.

Charlie: I’m gonna miss you.

Esther: I’m gonna miss you, too.

Charlie: Yeah. Before you go…

Lauren: Esther, we need to get going.

Charlie: Goodbye, esther.

Esther: Goodbye, charlie.

[ Both panting ]

Charlie: Oh, uh, uh, cinderella. I mean, ms. Valentine, you forgot your gown.

Esther: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. You know, maybe this doesn’t mean more to me than anything in the world.

Charlie: Esther valentine. Oh, boy.

Zende: What did I tell you? Quite a rush, right?

Luna: Seriously, I’ll– I’ll never forget what today felt like.

Zende: And you never forget your first. Hey, some of the team is getting together to grab drinks later to celebrate. You should come. There they are. Let’s toast to forrester.

Paris: Oh. And the comments just keep coming in online. Tremendous hits.

Ridge: And that’s amazing. But there’s only one thing I’m interested in.

Carter: The orders are in. I’ll go tabulate– tally. I’ll tally them.

Ridge: It’s a better word.

Carter: It’s much better. And we’ll know who won the fashion challenge soon enough.

Eric: Very good. I’m dying to know.

Brooke: Honey, is something going on with your grandfather? I asked katie and donna during the show and I didn’t really get an answer. So why don’t you tell me? Look, I’m your mother. I know when something’s going on. Right now I can see that you’re very bothered. So why don’t you just talk to me? Honey, what is it?

Rj: I– I can’T. I can’t– I can’t do this any longer.

Brooke: What?

Rj: I– I can’t hold onto the secret.

Brooke: What do you mean? What secret? Is this about eric?

Rj: Mom, there’s something that you need to know. You and dad and the entire family. It’s time that all of you and everybody knew.

Eric: My last hurrah. My final collection.

Donna: Please don’t look at it like that. I am so very proud of you today. What you’ve accomplished. I mean, your designs were magnificent.

Eric: They were.

Donna: Yeah, they were. Really.

Eric: I have to win this showdown. I have to. I have to maintain my role as– as leadership of this company, as the founder of forrester creations. Ridge can’t take that away from me.

Brooke: So what is going on with eric?

Rj: I swear I wanted to tell you, but granddad made me keep it a secret. Donna wanted to tell you as well.

Donna: My sister knows about this? Okay, rj, whatever you’re keeping to yourself, I can tell it’s a huge weight on you. So please just talk to me.

Rj: The reason why granddad’s been so determined, I– I– i didn’t even know it at first because he’s been so– so positive and– and inspiring. Mom, the reason why he keeps calling this his grand finale, he’s dying, mom. Granddad’s dying.

Ridge: No, I like that. Victorious day. Yes. Quote from me. I, uh, all right. Uh, we are a classic company with cutting edge future. Sure. All right, I will. Thank you. Bye.

Carter: Modest much?

Ridge: Why? It was a great show.

Carter: It was. Yours and eric’s designs were inspired.

Ridge: But obviously one was more inspired than the other. So what happened? Did we both sell out?

Carter: No. One collection sold out. One didn’T.

Ridge: That’s what I’m— that’s what I’m saying. And I don’t wanna be disrespectful to my dad. He’s taught me everything I know, but today I had to beat him. So what are you doing? Get up. Give me a hug. Shake hands. Tell me I beat the old man. Tell me I won.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker thinks that Kyle is setting a trap for him and is going to tell Jack his plan. Kyle tells Tucker to give him a loyalty test. Kyle assures Tucker he will do anything he has to do to make sure he and Audra run Jabot.

Nate tells Devon and Lily that he saw a text from Tucker telling her they need to meet. Devon goes to talk to Tucker hoping that Tucker will tell him the truth. Tucker tells Devon that he wanted to meet with Mamie to ask her advice on how to improve their father/son relationship. Devon sees through the lie because Mamie doesn’t know him very well since she hasn’t spent much time with him.

Mamie talks to Ashley and Ashley tells her that Tucker’s anger towards her on their honeymoon scared her so much she had to get away from him. Devon warns Mamie to be careful when dealing with Tucker because he is selfish and will do anything he has to do to achieve his goals. Mamie tells Tucker she wants out of their deal because she found out awful things about him from Ashley and Devon. Mamie tells Tucker she is capable of getting Jill out of
Chancellor-Winters all by herself and she doesn’t need him to help her.

Jack tells Billy that Kyle will only return to Jabot if he gets the co-CEO job. Billy tells Jack Kyle isn’t ready for the job. Billy also tells Jack he intends to fight to keep his job because he deserves it.

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Days Update Monday, October 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Marlena is in her office, on the phone with John. Marlena says she’s sorry to miss the first dinner at his dad’s new place. Marlena mentions not knowing what she has other than an emergency patient going through a crisis. Marlena then hangs up as Li Shin arrives. Li says thank God they got in touch with her and he knows it’s late, but he thinks he’s losing his mind.

Stefan and Gabi walk through the town square. Stefan says he knew Brady would be upset but he was not expecting that. Gabi understands why he’s mad. Stefan says at least they owned up to what they did. Gabi relates that she would be horrified if she was kept from her daughter but says that’s behind them now. Stefan says there’s actually more of that to come because when EJ catches wind of what they’ve done, it’s going to register on the Richter scale.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ has a drink and says those bastards. Nicole walks in and asks if he’s having a bad day. EJ tells her that Gabi and Stefan got their hands on Kristen’s shares which results in their camps being deadlocked in a tie. Nicole points out that doesn’t mean they have control. EJ worries that all they need is one more shareholder on their side and he’s as good as dead, as he then throws his drink glass in frustration.

At the Brady Pub, Kate asks Chad what happened. Chad responds that they weren’t on the same page and it turned in to a fight. Kate mentions that she sensed things were getting tense and asks what it was about. Chad admits it was about Abigail. Chad doesn’t know what to do as he can’t go chasing after her or they will get in the same fight again. Kate agrees that there’s no point in that. Chad suggests they go get the kids. Kate warns that the kids will no Chad’s upset and says he needs to vent. Kate thinks Chad and Stephanie both need to talk to a neutral party.

Stephanie tells Steve on the phone that she thinks she just needs to be alone for awhile. Stephanie says she loves him too and hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie assumes it’s trick or treaters and answers the door, but then drops her bowl of candy in shock as she sees a man (portrayed by Blake Berris, who previously played Nick Fallon), who wishes her a Happy Halloween.

EJ swears that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay for this, arguing that they had a balance of power until Gabi’s greed tipped it and Stefan lets her lead him around. Nicole asks if EJ knows why Kristen signed over her shares. EJ says she wouldn’t say so he believes it’s blackmail. EJ decides he’s going to find out what it is and bring her to her knees. EJ screams after everything he’s done for that bitch. Nicole argues that EJ would have no problem doing the same thing to Stefan and Gabi. Nicole warns EJ against going to such a dark place.

Li tells Marlena that he’s grateful she could see him tonight as he didn’t feel like he could wait another day. Li tells her that when he sleeps, nightmares wake him up and he paces while being hard on himself, wondering how everything in his life went so wrong. Marlena asks how long this has been going on. Li says it’s been weeks. Marlena is very glad he called and asks if he has any idea what happened to start these symptoms. Li responds that it was when he knew he lost the woman of his dreams.

Gabi gets startled by someone in a zombie costume in the town square. Stefan laughs and says zombies aren’t real. Gabi tells him that he missed a lot when Dr. Rolf had him on ice. Stefan asks if he missed a zombie apocalypse. Gabi informs Stefan that a few years ago on Halloween, she came face to face with a very undead Nick Fallon.

Stephanie can’t believe she is seeing the man at the door. He says he knows it must be a shock and he’s the last person she expected to see. Stephanie asks why he is here. He responds that he came to find her.

Kate tells Chad that she was right that he and Stephanie had a problem, but she hoped it was a minor one. Chad says it was anything but that. Chad reminds Kate about the dinner they had where Steve and Kayla were pushing him to marry Stephanie and after everyone left, they finally got a chance to talk about getting married. Kate asks how it went. Chad thought it went okay as he told her that he wasn’t ready and she seemed to go along with it by saying she wasn’t in a rush, so he thought that was the end of it but she was just telling him what he wanted to hear. Kate guesses she was hurt and disappointed that he wasn’t ready. Chad admits he sees her side and gets that Abigail looms over everything. Chad suggests maybe he moved on too fast and doesn’t think Stephanie understands what it’s like to love somebody like that. Chad mentions that Stephanie was with Alex and that was over pretty quickly and there was a guy in Seattle, but Abigail was his wife and the mother of his children. Kate remarks that Stephanie doesn’t have her past looming over her like Chad does.

The man tells Stephanie that he came a really long way to see her and asks to come in so he can explain. Stephanie says to first let her explain how she felt when he disappeared without a word and didn’t have the balls to tell her they were over. He says she has every right to be upset but there’s another reason for what happened. He tells her that he never ghosted her and he never wanted to break up with her, but there’s a reason for all of this. Stephanie questions if he’s here to tell her and says he’s had long enough to come up with a story. He then reveals to her that he was in a coma.

Stefan questions Gabi about bumping in to Nick Fallon. Gabi points out that Stefan was dead before too. Stefan says his was more hibernation. Gabi admits she might have been the only one to see Nick and that he had help from Marlena, who at the time was possessed by the Devil. Stefan comments on Nick having help from people in undead places.

Marlena asks Li about not being over Gabi. Li says they were in love, but he knew if Stefan came back, that would be in jeopardy so he did everything he could to prevent that from happening. Li adds that when Gabi found out what he had done and what he was capable of, they were done in her mind but it was different for him. Marlena tells Li that she knows he had nothing to do with the plan to brainwash Harris to go after Stefan. Marlena asks what he is thinking. Li responds that it’s important that she knows that what she just said is not true. Li then admits that he was in on the plot against Stefan.

EJ thanks Nicole and apologizes for losing control. Nicole tells EJ that his ultra rational persona that he pulls out when she tries to talk him off the ledge won’t work. Nicole complains that EJ uses that as a cover to get revenge and there’s nothing she can do to stop him. EJ understands that he might have overreacted, but he doesn’t think she can expect him to shrug his shoulders after being stabbed in the back by a brother, sister, and a money grubbing interloper. Nicole can’t believe she’s bringing a baby in to this family. Nicole adds that sometimes, she feels like they are finally a “we”, but just now it felt like her and her baby didn’t exist and nothing did except EJ’s hate, anger, and revenge. Nicole states that what’s scary is that sometimes they are a team and a couple, but then another example of feeling invisible to him is when he decided that Ava needed to pay for what he thought she did to his mother. Nicole feels just like that he goes full DiMera again and that her and the baby factor in to nothing. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him, but she’s responsible for her baby and sometimes, she doesn’t know if she can trust EJ to be the father that the baby needs.

Stefan encourages that Gabi is strong, fierce, and tough as he calls her his favorite human on the planet. Stefan adds that if any undead creatures come after her again, they’ll have to get through him first. Gabi worries more about EJ coming after them when he finds out that they got Kristen’s shares. Stefan says they have serious work to do as he doesn’t see anyone flipping from EJ’s side. Gabi reminds him about Li Shin.

Marlena assumes that Li wanted Stefan out of the way, so he could have another chance with Gabi. Li admits that he was ready to go to the limit to make that happen. Li declares that he did horrible things and was willing to do more, but he still lost Gabi and now he can’t live with the man he turned in to.

Kate asks Chad if this has been brewing for a long time which he confirms. Chad brings up taking the kids to visit Abigail’s grave on Abigial’s birthday and Stephanie said she wanted to join, but he told her that he didn’t want her to and she seemed to understand, but he knows she was hurt and felt excluded. Chad tells Kate about how today, Stephanie was wearing the exact same costume that Abigail wore on her last Halloween, so he didn’t know what to say but she could see he was upset, so he told her about it. Chad says they both knew something bad had happened. Kate realizes that’s why Stephanie wasn’t wearing a costume. Chad talks about having to pretend everything is fine which they both hated. Chad tells Kate that he asked Stephanie if what Steve said was true and it all kind of spilled out that Stephanie wants to get married and he doesn’t. Kate tells Chad that she’s so sorry for both of them. Chad wishes he could make Stephanie understand that there’s not some time table he could follow that leads to a wedding. Chad repeats that he maybe he moved on too soon. Chad admits that he’s scared because he doesn’t want to lose another person he loves and he’s scared that Stephanie just wants to nail him down because of what happened with her ex in Seattle who ghosted her. Chad is scared that Stephanie just wants to get married so that never happens again.

Stephanie questions her ex being in a coma. He insists it’s the truth and reminds her of the last day that they saw each other. Stephanie recalls asking him to mail something for her and then never seeing him again. He says that he was hit by a car right after leaving the post office and all he had was his cell phone with no ID, so they had to put him in a medically induced coma to save him. He knows it sounds far fetched and ridiculous but says that’s the truth. He adds that after he was revived, he had physical issues and he lost his memory which is why he couldn’t contact her, because he couldn’t remember her. He explains that he’s been trying to get better, figure out how to walk and talk again, and figure out who she was. He admits it was hard but tells her that the one good day in that mess was the day he remembered how much he loved her as he then kisses Stephanie. Stephanie pushes him off, identifying him as Everett and argues that he can’t just show up at her door after all this time and expect things to be the same. Everett apologizes and says that hoping things could be the same is all that got him through everything. Everett says he’s here to tell her that she may not realize it, but she saved him. Stephanie tells him that she thought he dumped her, so she moved on and she doesn’t live here alone as she’s with someone new. Everett responds that he knows which she questions. Everett explains that he found out that she moved back to Salem and she runs her company from here. Stephanie questions if he’s been spying on her. Everett explains that he came by earlier and knocked on the door, but when he heard a dude’s voice, he took off. Stephanie recalls Chad answering the door and no one being there so they thought it was a prank. Everett adds that after that, he had to know what he was up against, so he followed her to the Brady Pub. Everett says he just wanted to catch her alone to tell her all this. Everett tells Stephanie that he wants her back and he doesn’t know how serious it is with the other guy, but he saw an argument. He asks her if she’s married or engaged. Stephanie responds that she’s definitely not.

Kate encourages Chad that Stephanie knows he’s a substantial person who is loving and caring, so she doesn’t think she would compare Chad to someone who ghosted her. Chad says maybe not consciously, but Stephanie thought she misread him and his intentions, the same way he did with the guy in Seattle. Chad thought moving in with Stephanie felt right, but now he’s thinking maybe it was too soon. Chad asks Kate if he should have held off. Chad declares that all he knows is that this fight left a lot up in the air for them as Stephanie wants him to move on from Abigail so they can move forward. Chad remarks that he can’t go back and he can’t go forward. Kate guesses that he feels trapped.

EJ tells Nicole how most people felt about Stefano, but he never doubted that his family was the center of Stefano’s world. EJ tells Nicole that he owes that to her and their baby. Nicole calls it scary because not long ago, EJ wanted to elope in Italy but on the way to the airport, he had to have someone killed. EJ admits that he loses track of what really matters and what’s really important which is her and the baby. EJ swears not to lose track of that ever again but Nicole doesn’t believe him. EJ asks her for a leap of faith, reminding her that he still has the marriage license so he can call up the jet to fly to Italy and that nothing will stop them this time. Nicole responds that she is not getting married on Halloween, but says he better be telling her the truth that DiMera Enterprises is just a job and not his life. Nicole remarks that his dysfunctional family isn’t going to change, so he has to which EJ agrees with. Nicole comments that he is such an accomplished liar. EJ tells Nicole that he’s agreeing to marry the one woman on the planet who isn’t scared of him and can see right through him. EJ says he hates that but he loves her so much that he’s signing on for a lifetime of it as they kiss.

Stefan asks Gabi what about Li Shin. Gabi reminds him that she could exploit certain animal urges that she stirs in him. Stefan points out that Gabi has pitched this numerous times and he’s shot it down every time. Stefan argues that Gabi would be willingly putting him back in the crosshairs, reminding her that Li tried to kill him to clear a path to her. Gabi then excitedly calls him a genius.

Li assumes Marlena has dealt with a lot of patients that have obsessions and asks if it’s ever led to the confession of a felony before. Marlena says she doesn’t recall that. Li knows the rules and that what he says here is confidential, including committing a crime. Marlena says that’s if it’s a crime in the past, but if it’s a crime that’s about to happen then that’s a different story. Marlena questions if Li is saying he’s about to do something to get Gabi back that could be criminal. Li pleads with her to understand that he’s here because he doesn’t want to do anything like that ever again or even think about it. Li tells Marlena that he wants to move on as he doesn’t want Gabi in his thoughts or dreams. Li declares that he’s desperate to get past Gabi but without Marlena’s help, he doesn’t know if he can.

Gabi tells Stefan that they need leverage on Li just like they used on Kristen, and Stefan just gave them a way to get it. Stefan acknowledges that it could work but points out that they are missing the proof.

Kate asks Chad how she can help. Chad responds that she already has by listening, so it’s going to be up to him to fix, once he figures out how to get started. Chad says it probably involves him going home so he should go get the kids. Kate says the kids are probably still watching the movie and that they would love to keep them for the night so that Chad can go home to have some privacy with Stephanie. Chad calls that a lovely offer and accepts. Chad decides he will just go say goodnight to the kids then. Chad hugs Kate, who assures him that it’s going to be alright. Chad thanks her and heads upstairs.

Everett questions Stephanie not being engaged, but she says it doesn’t mean anything for them. Stephanie points out that it’s been years. Everett gets that it’s a lot to take in, she has questions and will take time. Everett tells Stephanie that he loves her as much as he did the day he left for the post office and he always will. Everett then guesses her boyfriend will be home soon, so he will take off. He tells her to take care and exits.

EJ says if Nicole doesn’t want to get married on Halloween, they will do it the day after on November 1 as they kiss.

Li thanks Marlena for seeing him at the last minute as he’s very grateful. Marlena states that they will start tomorrow with a formal session. Marlena asks if he’ll be alright tonight. Li responds that he already feels a little better. Marlena notes that he’ll have to put in the work and it will take time, but she will be right there with him and they will work together to help Li close this chapter of his life. Li declares that he will start a new chapter without Gabi in it.

Gabi tells Stefan that if they want proof against Li bad enough, they are going to get it because that’s what they do. Gabi and Stefan then bump in to Everett, who stops and asks if he knows Gabi from somewhere but she says no. Everett wishes them a Happy Halloween and walks away. Stefan asks Gabi if she’s sure she doesn’t know that guy considering how he was looking at her. Gabi responds that she’s never seen him before in her life as they walk off.

Chad comes home and tells Stephanie that the kids are going to stay over with Roman and Kate. Chad tells Stephanie that he’s really sorry and asks if she wants to talk. Stephanie thinks they’ve done enough talking for one day. Chad agrees and decides he will get ready for bed then. Chad heads to the bedroom while Stephanie tearfully looks down at her phone at an old photo of her and Everett.

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B&B Short Recap Monday, October 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

The Forrester fashion show challenge is underway. All of the gowns are beautiful. Zende flirts with Luna, briefly. Katie reminds the people in the audience to mark down whichever design they like. Eric continues to watch from behind the stage curtains. The snooty Contessa Von Frankfurt keeps making snide comments to Esther. RJ praises Luna’s hard work.

Brooke gets suspicious while watching Eric, Donna and Katie. She goes over to her sisters and wants to know what’s going on. They just make excuses for why Eric seems “off.” Eric thanks RJ and Luna for their help and how much they know what this means to him.

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GH Transcript Monday, October 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[Knock on door] Sonny: Come in.
Sorry to interrupt you, boss, but there’s a woman here to see you. She actually told me to tell you there’s a “broad” here to see you. Her word, not mine. Yeah? She wouldn’t tell me who she was, said it would spoil the surprise, but, uh, she said you guys were old friends? Sonny: Are you the broad who wants to see me? Hello, handsome. Mm!

[ Both chuckling ] Eddie! There you are. Today is the big day. I am on my way to go sign a major new client — blaze. Congratulations. That’s great. Thank you. I’m meeting her at charlie’S. Actually, do you want to come with me? She’s super nice and very down-to-earth, especially for someone that special. A-and, you know, she sings lots of different genres of music. Maybe she’d be interested in that new song you’ve been working on. Oh, well, thank you for the invite, but I think I’ll pass. And when I finish writing that song,

I’ll be the one who sings it. Well, suit yourself. As for me, I am gonna go make some music history. Or…you could stop hiding from me and sit down and discuss your future.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Well, well, well. Look who it is. You’re back. Maybe I couldn’t stay away. Feta and carrots are ready to be added. Mmm. Perfect. How are those potatoes coming along? Potatoes? Potatoes. They are ready to be put on the barbecue. And the steaks? A few more minutes of marinating, and they will be ready to grill. Great. Hm. Oh, you know what? I didn’t tell you. Cameron is dating a girl from college. I don’t think he’s completely over josslyn yet, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Wow. You know, I know you and cam are close, but it still surprises me that he tells his mom about the new girl he’s dating. Oh, he didn’T. No. Jake did. Ah.

[ Laughs ] I still can’t believe I have two kids old enough to date. Ugh. I’m dreading the day that violet’s old enough to date. Teenage boys, run!

[ Chuckles ] Well, prepare yourself ’cause it’s gonna be here before you know it! I’m not comfortable with this conversation anymore. Enough marinating. Let’s grill. Alright. Ready to eat in 15 minutes? Can’t wait. Wish me luck. Good luck. You’re amazing.

[ Chuckles ] Dr. Ashford. Hello. Um, yeah, I — I’d buy you a drink, but little miss bartender seems to be very busy. I didn’t come here for a drink. I… we need to talk about your cousin — mason.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, laura. Welcome home. Thank you, ava. It’s good to be home. Happy to see you and happy to know that you survived your journey to chechnya. Yeah. Yeah, it was hard. But I’m glad I did it. Oh, by the way, I heard about the kidnapping. Yeah. Yeah, it was hard. But I’m glad I did it. Oh, by the way, I heard about the kidnapping. I’m so glad that you’re safe and you got through that ordeal. Yeah, well, you know, I prefer not to think about it. I’m just so fortunate that I was rescued by sonny’s bodyguard and dante. And now I’m just — I’m focused on getting my life just back to normal. Yeah, well, I hate to bring you more bad news, but I just wanted you to know that we weren’t able to actually find nikolas. Oh, I’m so sorry. I-I know that you will never stop searching for your son. I just think it must be so difficult and so frustrating to — to exert all that time and energy and hope and to come up with nothing. Well, I wouldn’t say nothing. Really appreciate youstaying with the boys for me. Oh, and tell aiden that tomorrow we are gonna go get him apples for his pies, and we promise to pick them ourselves.

[ Laughs ] Oh, gram, I have to go ’cause dinner’s ready. Love you. Bye. Everything okay at home? Yes, yes. I was just calling to check in. Me too. I called chase when I was outside. He said violet’s doing great, and everything is well there. Oh, good. So now that we’ve both checked in at home… maybe tonight can just be about us. That sounds really nice. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I mean, either y-you found nikolas or you didn’T. Oh. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be confusing you. What I’m saying is…

[Sighs] I don’t actually know where nikolas is today, but… kevin and I did find definitive proof that he is alive and well and he’s living somewhere in europe, I think. Ohh! Did you talk to him on the phone or…? No, no. No, no. We found out that he was making financial transactions. -Financial transactions, huh? -Yeah. I mean, is there any proof that it was actually nikolas d-doing that? I mean, anybody could have hacked his accounts and been doing that, right? No, no, it’s nothing like that. You see, w-we went to geneva and we met with his personal banker, who told us that nikolas had been in the bank in person several times in this past month. I don’t give a damn about my cousin mason. I’M… very grateful to you. Austin. Austin, stop! Tj, get out of here. This doesn’t concern you. I don’t give a damn…

[ Mason coughing ] …About your cousin’s life! Okay? I care about yours. There’s a cop right outside. Mason’s not worth it. I was about to throw my whole life away. But you stopped me. Thank you, tj. I’m not hiding from you, granny. I just don’t live in this house. So we’re not gonna run into each other anymore. And I have zero interest in discussing my future with you because of the way you’ve treated me. You will have no part in my future! You can talk a good game now… but sooner or later, missy, you’re gonna need me. And when that day comes, I’m gonna forget this ever happened. And you will sit down and talk about your future with me at deception. Do you really think that threats and blackmail are the most effective way to influence your granddaughter? Always worked with you. I’m here because I have a meeting with brook lynn. I’m signing the final contract for her to manage my music career. Get out! That’s so exciting! Well, I won’t keep you. Oh, the meeting’s not for a little while. I came in early hoping you’d be working. You know, I don’t work every day. So you could have texted or called to make sure I was here.

[ Scoffs ] What’s the fun of that? Besides, I decided to leave it up to chance. I figured if you were working, that would be a good omen.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hm. Everything okay? Ugh. It’s lucy coe. Again. She won’t stop hounding me about the offer she and maxie jones made me to be the new “face of deception.”

[ Door opens ] Uh-oh. What? That’s her. Sasha gilmore — A.K.A. The woman I would be replacing. So I knew you were in town, but I was figuring out when you were gonna come visit me. Same old sonny. Never misses a beat. Always knows what’s happenin’. So, what are you in town for? Not that I care, ’cause I love seeing you. I’m here to see brook lynn. Oh. Tracy screwed her over on a business deal, so I wanted to make sure my daughter was okay. Well, brook lynn is — is tough like you. She’ll be able to take care of tracy. Trust me. Yeah, well, she shouldn’t have to. But I don’t want to talk about the quartermaines. I want to talk about what’s going on with you. Because I heard you eloped. Carly must’ve loved hearing about that. Um, carly’s fine. You know, we’re just trying to get along for the family. Yeah? Yeah. How’s that working out for you?

When moderate

to severe ulcerative colitis

takes you off course.

Put it in ch so how’s the old neighborhood? Oh, it hasn’t changed a bit. Everything is exactly the way you remember it. Yeah, well, that’s what I like to hear. Oh, although, old mr. Peluso, the butcher. Yeah. He retired, and his grandson took over. And all of a sudden, the cuts of meat were not up to their expected proportions if you know what I’m saying. Right. So I had to take him in back and show him what’s what. I’m sure you terrorized him when you yanked the cleaver out of his hands. I did! And I never even had to touch the cleaver. Nice to see that nothing has changed.

[ Chuckles ] Why are you making this so much harder than it needs to be? Just offer the company to brook lynn, and if she turns it down, take no for an answer. Wow. There are so many things that I find annoying now that you’ve decided to live your life as eddie maine. Middle-aged man running around like a frat boy… your music…. but most of all, your intentional naivete! Oh, for the love of god! Tracy, would you give it a rest?! Stop badgering eddie! Olivia, I know that you are not responsible for my son losing his memory, but you are responsible for how you’re handling it. You are his wife. You have a legal right to have him committed. And if you don’t think that the shock therapy is appropriate, at least get him some intensive psychotherapy! Unless, of course, you are starting to prefer eddie over ned. Blaze, this is my sister sam… hi. Good to see you. …And our good friend sasha gilmore. Blaze: Hi. You look so familiar. Oh! I saw you perform at the nurses’ ball! You sang a duet with chase, right? Guilty as charged. You were incredible! And the way you stood up to your manager was really inspiring. Thank you. I appreciate you saying that. I have to go take care of something. Can you tell brook lynn I’ll be right back? -Sure. Yeah. -Nice meeting both of you. Sasha: Nice meeting you. You know, I remember seeing mason in your office a while back, and at the time, I said that — that I thought I had met him before. Right. Yeah. I-I remember that. I finally made the connection. Do you have any idea what your cousin did to me? No, I have no idea. But knowing mason the way I do, I’M… reasonably sure it was something terrible, so… yeah, I’m sorry for whatever my cousin might have done to you. You were willing to smother mason, so he must have done something pretty bad to you. But didn’t you have any other alternatives? No, I don’t think I could have done anything any differently. Except, well… yeah, I could have turned my cousin in to the police. That… that probably would have saved a lot of grief for everybody. Right. Ava? Are you okay?

[ Stammers ] Yeah. I’m sorry, laura. I just… I just need a moment to… absorb your news. I’m sorry. I-I really am. I… let me apologize for my son. I-I know that he treated you unconscionably during parts of the marriage and certainly the divorce. Hm. Well…

[ Chuckles ] If it makes you feel any better, I gave as good as I got… and then some. That’s just such a shame… because I know how much he really loved you. And I believe that you really loved him, too. Who knows — maybe after enough time passes, he’ll change his mind. He’ll come back to port charles, and maybe there’ll be another chance for you two. Hmm. Oh, I don’t know, laura. Um, if nikolas ever did love me… he doesn’t anymore. So, then my aunt kiki, who’s had one too many glasses of chardonnay, falls flat on her face after toasting the bride and the groom, but, without missing even a beat, she jumps up onto the bar, she does a full split, and then she grabs the bartender by the face and kisses him right on the mouth! Tall blonde? She was a character. Oh, yeah, she was. Well, this was before she married my uncle, who was a fireman. She had a thing for firemen. Hm. You know, we were a lot wilder back in the day. Yeah. Speaking of which… hm? Have you seen ned or eddie or… I don’t know what he’s calling himself these days. I have. Right. It is so bizarre. Uh-huh. I mean, all of the quartermaines, every one of them, has a different theory about what’s going on with him. What’s your take?

[ Sighs ] I honestly don’t know. I’m still trying to figure it out. As I have said repeatedly, tracy, I am not having my husband committed! And I can’t even believe that you would use the term “shock therapy,” which they haven’t done in about half a century because it is considered barbaric! I am just trying to motivate you into doing something. Well, that’s gonna be a problem, tracy, because I’m not gonna force him into therapy that he does not want to do! If he wants to strum his guitar and be eddie maine for the rest of his life, I’m gonna make peace with it! Of course you are. ‘Cause why should you accept an executive husband, responsible father when you can have “eddie maine” — a permanently arrested-development adolescent rock-and-roller? Hey. Sorry we’re late. I got sucked into helping dante run some errands. They were working on some home-improvement project, and this guy’s impressively useless at a hardware store. -Oh! Enough! Come on! -Stop! Were you able to find the stud finder? Well, I said sam doesn’t need a stud finder… oh, boy. …Because she already found a stud. That’s true. Right? Yes. But, yeah, I got you a stud finder. I can’t believe that’s what it’s called. I told you. For the record, it totally sounds like a made-up tool to me. Right? It’s ridiculous. Wait a second. I know he’s maybe done some odd jobs in construction, but how in the hell did you know what that was? Oh, well, baby, there’s still a lot that you don’t know about me. Hm. Blaze is going to be here any minute. So what am I supposed to say to her? “Hey, there. Guess what. Our majority stockholder had a temper tantrum and overrode my great idea.” I don’t understand something. If all you wanted to do was rescind your offer to blaze to be the new “face of deception,” you didn’t have to set up a meeting. You could just call her. No, no, no, ’cause I don’t want to rescind my offer. I am not going to rescind my offer because I’m not bowing to tracy! Blaze is the perfect spokesmodel right now for our company. And it wouldn’t hurt sasha. I-I promise you it wouldn’T. We’re supposed to meet here. Of course you are. ‘Cause why should you accept an executive husband, responsible father when you can have “eddie maine” — a permanently arrested-development adolescent rock-and-roller? Hey. Sorry we’re late. I got sucked into helping dante run some errands. They were working on some home-improvement project, and this guy’s impressively useless at a hardware store. -Oh! Enough! Come on! -Stop! Were you able to find the stud finder? Well, I said sam doesn’t need a stud finder… oh, boy. …Because she already found a stud. That’s true. Right? Yes. But, yeah, I got you a stud finder. I can’t believe that’s what it’s called. I told you. For the record, it totally sounds like a made-up tool to me. Right? It’s ridiculous. Wait a second. I know he’s maybe done some odd jobs in construction, but how in the hell did you know what that was? Oh, well, baby, there’s still a lot that you don’t know about me. Hm. Blaze is going to be here any minute. So what am I supposed to say to her? “Hey, there. Guess what. Our majority stockholder had a temper tantrum and overrode my great idea.” I don’t understand something. If all you wanted to do was rescind your offer to blaze to be the new “face of deception,” you didn’t have to set up a meeting. You could just call her. No, no, no, ’cause I don’t want to rescind my offer. I am not going to rescind my offer because I’m not bowing to tracy! Blaze is the perfect spokesmodel right now for our company. And it wouldn’t hurt sasha. I-I promise you it wouldn’T. Because every success that deception has would be a succ– she’s here. Hey, there! Look at you! You look so lovely! I don’t know if you’ve met my, um — my boyfriend. Martin gray. Martin gray. Yes. A pleasure to finally meet you. She speaks incredibly highly of you. Well, it’s nice to meet you, too, mr. Gray. Hey, would you grab a chair? Would you please join us? Actually, no, because I don’t want to drag this out. While I’m flattered by your offer to be the new “face of deception,” I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’m gonna have to pass. And not that you’ve asked my opinion, but for what it’s worth, I think you should stick with the face you’ve already got. Bye. Hey! Kristina. Have you seen blaze? We’re supposed to meet here. Yes, she told me to let you know she had to run a quick errand but she’ll be back shortly. Oh. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. Can I get you anything while you wait? Um, sure. I’ll take just a club soda. I need a clear head for what I’m about to do. Sorry, ava. Duty calls. Ohh. I-I totally understand. Yeah. I have to get going. It’s so good to see you back in your gallery safe and sound. Oh, well, as bad as it was, I know the worst is behind me. Time to f-focus on my future. And that’s very smart of you. We’ll talk soon, okay? Yeah, yeah.

[ Door closes ]

[ Groans ] Ohh…

[ Breathing shakily ] Hm.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ava. Hey. Finally. I’m really happy to hear from you. My gallery. Now. You’d think I would be able to recognize the symptoms and diagnose my own ocd years ago. Well, you know what they say. Doctors make the worst patients. And I have to say… I never stop learning new things about you. I don’t think having ocd is that interesting.

[ Chuckles ] I think you’re the fascinating one. No. Really. You are this… amazing artist.

[ Scoffs ] You’re als– no, don’t do that. You’re also this compassionate healer who happens to be the head nurse at a major metropolitan hospital. You’re just being nice. You know, I’ve been described a lot of ways over the years, and… “nice” is never on the list. Trust me. Ask anyone. Well, I don’t care what anyone says because I know you’re nice. And handsome. And so, so smart. The whole backgammon and reptile thing, I can take it or leave it. Okay. We’re breaking up. And I also know that you’re a really good friend, an amazing father, and an excellent doctor. Okay. Okay. I can’t — shh! I can’t listen to any more of these compliments. Makes me very, very uncomfortable. So… I’m gonna kiss you now before you can say anything else about me. Ah. My plan worked.

I’m amazed at the way you know me

those old sayings are true, that you show me

like love isn’t love ’til you give it away

so, darling, I’m not holding back

I’m gonna love you now

I’m gonna love you now

dancing in the dark

bodies close

hearts so warm

wrapped tight ’round my arms

I won’t let you go

and you won’t let me, so

so let me let you know

got a taste how it feels to be loved by you

I’m no longer the same

that’s okay, I’d change for you

so let me let you know and those are my grandkids. That’s rocco, which is dante’s son. He’s so grown-up and he’s so handsome, just like his grandpa! Thank you. Mm-hmm! And that’s michael’s kids, amelia and wiley.

[ Laughs ] Aww! I can’t wait until brook lynn has kids. Really? Oh. She and chase would make

beautiful children. I think he’s a good guy. Do you know him? Yeah. He works at the pcpd with dante. Yeah, I know, but, you know, cops aren’t your favorite. What are you talking about? I-I love everyone. Oh, you do? Yeah. Everybody? Well… oh. What about the feds? ‘Cause I heard they called you in last month. What was that about? Simple case of mistaken identity. Ohh. I owe you a big thank-you.

[ Scoffs ] For what? You accept me for who I am. And you defended me. You defended my right to be myself. I’m not gonna try and make you be someone that you’re not. I mean, you’re — you’re a spectacular musician. You’re a wonderful, kind-hearted man. Thank you. But I’m never gonna stop missing my husband. We don’t even know if — if sasha still wants to be the “face of deception” after the hell she went through. You know, she really is still recovering. I mean, we don’t know if she’d be camera-ready or even could ever be camera-ready. I have products — I have lots of classic products I need to rebrand, and I have new products I need to launch. And blaze would have been absolutely perfect. Except for the part where she doesn’t want the job.

[ Scoffs ] The reason that is — that we can’t do this is because of tracy! She really did bulldoze everybody so she would get her way. I didn’t — I didn’t even have a chance to do my full-court press to win blaze over, you know? I could have had her signed up, locked down, and she wouldn’t even have time to reconsider. So you wanted to trap her? No. What I want to do is not take this lying down. I am not gonna take this lying down. You know what I’m gonna do? I need to show tracy exactly who she’s dealing with. Ha ha! Mwah! I actually took a look at your family-room renovation plans, and if we really made a push, we could probably finish it in like four days. -Are you offering to help? -I am. Count me in, too. Brook lynn. Sorry to keep you waiting. Don’t worry about it. Why don’t I give you two some privacy? Thanks, kristina. So…let’s get down to business. You’re beautiful. And I’M… just so glad you’re okay… and that you called, that you’re… you’re drunk. Yeah. Been a hell of a day. Yes, it has. Because I just found out… that nikolas… is very much alive.

You can feel it…

when your dream

becomes a pursuit. There she is. Baby sister, come here! Ooh! I’m so happy you are back! I’ve missed you so much. Mwah! Come on, come on. I missed you, too, marty. I’m really sorry that I didn’t reach out sooner. No. Come on, now. I can only imagine how busy my sister the mayor is with managing the city and our wacky family. Yeah, I know. So… what are we gonna do about our wacky brother? Nikolas is alive? Yes. Laura tracked him to geneva. And while she didn’t see him, his banker told her that he had been into the bank several times in person. T-that’s great. Right? I mean, isn’t that great? No more blackmail, right? Yeah. Yeah. That occurred to me. For months now, I’ve been following orders from you and mason and your mystery boss because if I didn’t, well… you would deliver nikolas’ body to the police. But if nikolas is alive and well in switzerland, then I… I just need to know one thing. Did you know about it?

[ Monitor beeping ] What’s up, doc? You, uh, come to finish what my cousin started? I’m a doctor. I took an oath to save lives, not end them. Oh. So I guess you expect me to thank you for saving mine. No. I came back here to explain why. Mason, I don’t ever condone murder, even for someone as despicable as you. Sure, austin would have most likely been caught, and it would have wrecked the rest of his life. That was a factor, but the biggest reason I stopped him was that would be letting you off way too easy. Because once you’re convicted of your many crimes, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life in prison. And, sure, it’ll be for what — what you did to ava, not what you did to me. But as long as you’re locked up forever, I see that as a win.

[ Door closes ] In some ways, you’re different, but in other ways you’re the same old sonny that I know and love. Different how?

[ Inhales sharply ] I don’t know. Maybe you’re more…confident, if that’s even possible.

[ Gasps ] I know what it is. You’re more centered. Hey. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. And that biscotti, it’s just not doing it for me anymore. I can get the chef to make something for you. Or I can make something for you. Sonny! What? I’m gloria’s daughter. Don’t insult me like that. Kitchen’s in the back. Thank you. Here it is — the official copy of our contract for me to become your manager. Now, as I promised, it’s everything we discussed and agreed upon, but I encourage you to read it again. You and I both made the massive mistake of signing those contracts with that sleaze linc brown. Look. I learned my lesson. I will never again fail to read the fine print, and I advise you to do the same. I also made sure that my attorney kept the legalese to a minimum so you will know exactly what you’re signing. Thank you. I do appreciate that you’ve been where I’m at and that you have my best interests in mind. But just in case, I’m gonna read it through anyway. Just to be clear, I want to help, but I have zero experience with carpentry or any kind of home improvement. But I am a hard worker and I’m willing to take direction. Alright. So… sam. Dante. What do you say? I don’t know. I just feel bad, I mean, accepting your help. I-it’s a lot of hard work. Yeah, and at the end of the day, all you would be getting is beer and a couple pizzas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Look. I-I know you guys both mean well, but if you don’t cut it out, you’re gonna start hurting my feelings. Look. We’re offering to help because we’re your friends. Everything about this was magical. Thank you for planning such a special trip. You don’t have to thank me. It was amazing. I had so much fun today. I loved tapping those maple trees. I’ll never think of maple syrup the same way again.

[ Chuckles ] Me neither. My mental health was much better. But I struggled with uncontrollable movements called td, tardive dysk learn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. Just for you, old friend. Though I gotta tell you something. That kitchen in there — it needs work. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. You should be happy that you got a friend who will tell you the truth. Did I tell you how happy I am that you’re back? I’m happy to be back.

[ Chuckles ] Dante, you’ve always been a good friend to me. And, sam, in the short time I’ve gotten to know you, proven that you’re someone I can count on. So I’d offer my help even if you hadn’t just both put yourselves on the line to take down dr. Montague. But you did, so… as a friend, I’m doubly motivated to help you. I feel the same way as cody. You saved my sanity and my life. Well, I am just glad that that whole nightmare is over. Yeah. Time for a fresh start. Okay. You say let’s do this? -Yeah. -Yes! -Alright. Cheers to it. -Cheers. Cheers.

[ Laughter ] Thanks. This contract seems pretty straightforward. Oh, wait. Hang on. We need a witness. Kristina, will you join us for a sec? -What’s up? -We need a witness to blaze signing this contract. Happy to help.

[ Pen scribbling ]

[ Paper slides ] Okay.

[ Pen scribbling ] That’s it. We are official. Thanks for being my witness. Anytime.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations… client. Thank you… manager. Wait, wait, wait! Something to celebrate.

[ Laughter ] Here’s to making beautiful music.

[ Sighs ] You wanted to see me? Yeah. I did. Okay. You win. Sasha will continue to be the “face of deception.” And there’ll be absolutely no contract for blaze. I know. We decided this days ago.

[ Inhales sharply ] But you should know that’s the last decision you get to make for deception. My dream. My vision. And it’s my company.

[ Sighs ] That I own 51% of. Martin: Well, I got to admit. When cyrus had that coronary, I was worried. Isn’t that something? No matter how angry I get at our brother or how little I trust him, I couldn’t help but care. Do you believe that his religious conversion is genuine? I’m not sure. I mean, you know better than anybody how suspicious I was of all that when it started, but now I’m not certain after seeing him in that hospital bed. Man nearly died. Changes a person. You know, one of the arguments for his early release was that he’s an old man in poor health and therefore couldn’t hurt anyone. Does that sound like cyrus to you? No. It sounds like he’s playing possum. Yeah. Yeah, that’s — that’s kind of what I thought, too. His heart attack might have brought him closer to god, but it definitely bought him his freedom. And that kind of makes me think that… our brother is just as shrewd as he ever was. It’s a simple question, austin. Did you know nikolas was alive or not? No. I had no idea. None. I-I thought you were gonna go to prison for murdering nikolas, and that’s why I did everything that mason asked me to do. Because I was trying to protect you. No, I-I… had no idea that nikolas was alive. And mason is a liar who lies all the time. He lies to everyone about everything. Ava, please. Y-you have to believe me. Do you know what really scares me? I really want to believe you.

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Days Transcript Monday, October 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


I know. Me too. And please tell your dad that I’m so sorry to miss the first meal at his new place.

[chuckles] Yeah, another time. Oh, I don’t know exactly. Um, it’s just an emergency patient, somebody who’s in crisis. Yeah. Okay, no, it will be. Okay, see you soon. Bye, honey. Oh, love you, too. Bye.

[door opens]

[cell phone beeps, knock at door] Oh.

Dr. Evans? Thank God they got in touch with you.

[sighs] I know it’s late, but… I think I’m losing my mind.

[dramatic music]

Whoa. I knew Brady was going to be upset, but I was not prepared for that.

Well, I mean, come on. We told him we’d get him back custody of Rachel, and instead, we got Kristen’s shares, and he got squat. What’s not to be mad about?

Do we at least get points for owning up to what we did?

I-I mean, not really. I mean, I do feel sorry for him. I’d be horrified if Will and Sonny kept me away from my daughter. But you know what? That’s behind us now.

Well, not really. There’s more of that to come.


Oh, yeah. When he catches wind of what we’ve done, it’s going to register on the Richter scale.


Oh, those bastards.

Oh. Bad day?

[exhales deeply] Yes, Nicole, a very bad day.

Okay. What happened? Who are the bastards?

Gabi and Stefan.

[scoffs] Surprise, surprise. Okay, what did they do now?

They got their grubby little hands on Kristen DiMera’s shares.


With the result that their camp and my camp are deadlocked in a tie.

Okay, so you’re tied. So that doesn’t mean they have control.

Not yet, but don’t you get it? All they have to do is get one more shareholder on their side, and I’m as good as dead!

[exhales deeply]

You know, Stephanie and I-

we weren’t on the same page, and it turned into a fight.

Mm. Well, I sensed it was getting tense when I walked the kids upstairs. What was it about?

What else?




Abigail. And, honestly, Kate, I don’t know what to do. I mean, I can’t go chasing after her. We’re just going to get in the same fight again.

Well, there’s no point to that.

No, there isn’t.

[light music] I’ll just go get the kids.

No. Okay, look…

[sighs] In the first place, you’re upset. They’re going to know something’s wrong.

And in second place?

In second place, you need to vent. I mean, I think you and Stephanie both need to-

to talk to someone, a neutral party. So you, me, Stephanie, and whomever.

No, I’m– [sighs] No. I think I just need to be alone for a while.

[knock at door] Um, Pop, I-I have to go. I think we have some trick-or-treaters.

[soft music] Yeah. Love you, too.

[phone beeps, clatters]

[candy clatters] Oh, my God.

[ominous music]

Hey… Stephanie.

[chuckles] Happy Halloween.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

I swear to God, they are going to pay for this.

Here we go again.

We had a balance of power, and that bitch’s greed is going to end up toppling the company. And Stefan–Stefan lets her lead him around by his knob.

Okay. O-okay.


Do you even know why Kristen signed over her shares?

She wouldn’t say, which leads me to believe that it’s blackmail.

Ah, blackmail, in this family.

And Kristen won’t tell me, because then I’ll have a hold over her, just like they do. Well, I’m going to find out what it is, and I’m going to bring her to her knees. After everything I’ve done for that bitch!

EJ, no! Sydney sent you that from Murano–you love it. And what, you were just going to smash it?


Because Stefan and Gabi did to you something you would have no problem doing to them? Don’t you remember telling me to warn you when you start to go to a dark place?

I never said any such thing.

Well, maybe you should have.

[dramatic music]

Please have a seat.

Um, I’m so grateful you could see me tonight. I just didn’t feel like I could, uh, wait another day. I, um…

Go on.

Well, I-I can’t sleep.

[clears throat] Well, I mean, sometimes I can, but then the nightmares wake me up. And I just… pace the floors, you know… ruminating… being hard on myself… wondering how everything in my life went so wrong.

How long has this been going on?


Well… I’m very glad you called me. Do you have any idea… what happened that you began to have these symptoms?

Yeah, o-of course. It’s when I know I lost the woman of my dreams.


[gasps, screams]


[laughing] Gabi, that–Relax. That’s just some guy in a costume.

No, that’s not just a costume. That is a zombie costume!

Is this why you won’t watch “The Last of Us” with me? You–you do realize zombies aren’t real, right?

Well, you missed a lot the years that Rolf had you on ice.

Are you telling me there was a zombie apocalypse in Salem and no one has mentioned it?

Close. A couple years ago, on this very night, in this very square, I came face-to-face with a very undead Nick Fallon.

Where did you– How– [sighs]

I can’t believe it’s you.

I know. It’s a shock. I… I must be the last person you expected to see.

Why are you here?

Here in–in Salem? Isn’t it obvious? I came to find you.

So… I was right. You and Stephanie did have a problem.



Yep. Well, I was hoping it was a minor one.

It wasn’t. It was anything but.

[light music] Remember the dinner I told you about that was, um-

that at our place?

[scoffs] The one where Steve and Kayla were pushing you to marry Stephanie?



Um, you were there when she got back from work, remember?

Yeah, I do.

Well, after, um-

after you left, we finally had a chance to talk one-on-one about getting married.

Okay. So how did that go?

You know, I thought it-

I thought it went-

went okay, you know. I told her I wasn’t ready, for all the reasons I told you.


And she seemed to go along with it. She said she wasn’t in a rush. So I thought that that’d be the end of it. Turns out she was just telling me what I wanted to hear.


[sighs] So she was hurt and disappointed because you weren’t ready to get married.

Mm-hmm. You know, and I-

and, I mean, honestly, I-I see her side of this. I do. I get it. Abigail looms over everything.

[sighs] I don’t know. Maybe I–maybe I just moved on too–too fast. I just don’t think she understands what it’s like to love someone like that.

To love and lose someone like that.

Right. I mean, she–you know, she was with Alex, and that was-

that was over pretty quickly, and, um, it wasn’t all that serious. And then there was this-

this guy in, um, Seattle. But Abby… She was my wife.

[sighs] She was the mother of my children. You know?

Yeah. So Stephanie doesn’t have her past looming over her like you do.

Not even close.

[ominous music]

You mind if I come in? Please. Look, um… I came a really, really long way to see you, all right? Just give me a few minutes, a few minutes to explain. Please. Thanks.

First… let me explain how I felt when you disappeared on me, when you didn’t answer my calls, my texts, when you decided we were done. And–and not only didn’t have the balls to tell me in person, you didn’t have the balls to tell me at all!

Look, look, you have every right to be upset, okay?

Oh, thank you for your okay on that!

But there’s another reason for what happened. Okay, first of all, I never, ever ghosted you. And I never wanted to break up with you, okay? There’s a reason for all this.

And you’re going to tell me? Well, you’ve had long enough to come up with a story, so what is it? You were–you were abducted by aliens? Joined a cult? Oh, wait. I got it. You were in a coma.

Yeah. Yes, actually, I was.


Oh, check it out.

Oh! Stop.

So Nick Fallon, undead Nick Fallon bumped into you in Horton Square.

Don’t be flip. You were dead, and here you are.

There’s a difference, okay? My thing was more like a-a hibernation, and everybody in Salem knows about it, whereas Nick-

you’re saying that he came back from the dead and no one has mentioned it?

I might have been the only person to see him. It only lasted one day-

him being alive.

Wow. How did Nick get a one-day pass?

Well, he had help from Marlena Evans, who was, at the time, possessed by the Devil.

Sounds like undead Nick has friends in low places.

So what you’re saying is that… you’re not over Gabi.

I thought I was. Gabi and I were in love. It–it was mutual. But I knew that if Stefan were revived, then that would be the end of us. So… I did everything I could to make sure that she didn’t know that he had been, that he was alive. And when Gabi found out what I had done, what I was capable of doing… We were done in her mind, but it was different for me.

Look, I-I should, uh-

I should tell you something. And I can’t reveal my source, but… I do know that you had nothing to do with a plan to brainwash Harris to go after Stefan. What are you thinking?

I’m thinking that, um… it’s important that you know that what you just said… who you learned that from, whatever source… it isn’t true. I was in on the plot against Stefan.

Thank you. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose this. I’m sorry that I lost control.

It won’t work.

What won’t work?

This ultra-rational persona that you pull out every time I try and talk you off a ledge for whatever. You use it as a cover to do exactly what you said-

screamed you were going to do-

get revenge, bring them to their knees. And there’s nothing I can do to stop you.

I understand that maybe I overreacted.


But I don’t think you can expect me, after I’ve been stabbed in the back by my brother, a sister, and a money-grubbing interloper, to shrug my shoulders and say, that’s life.

[sighs] God. The DiMeras-

you’re like the-

the Montagues and the Capulets both at the same time. And I just–I can’t believe that I’m bringing a baby into this family.

Hey, we are.

[dramatic music] What? What are you thinking?

Sometimes… Sometimes, EJ, I-I… I feel like we are finally a “we.” But just now… our baby and I–it just-

it felt like we didn’t exist. Nothing did, except your hate, anger, and revenge. And what’s scary is… yeah, s-sometimes we are a team… a couple. But then to–to cite yet another example of why I feel like I’m invisible to you is… is when you decided that Ava needed to pay for what you thought she did to your mother, and then just like that, you-

you’re full DiMera again. And–and our-

[sighs] Our baby and I… Factor into nothing. I love you, EJ. I do. But, um, I am responsible for this baby that I’m carrying. And sometimes I just don’t know if I can trust you to be the father that he or she needs.

[inhales sharply] All right, well, now you know why I acted like a total scaredy-cat wuss.

No, no, no, you, my love, are the total opposite of a scaredy-cat wuss. You are tough and strong and fierce and just about my favorite human being on the planet.

[scoffs] Just about?

All right, you are my favorite human being on the planet, bar none.


And if any of those undead creatures come after you again, they’re going to have to go through me first.

Oh, my hero. Well, you know, I’m actually more concerned about EJ coming after us after he finds out that we have Kristen’s shares, therefore pushing him out for good.

Okay, well, if we’re going to want to get ahead in this fight for votes with EJ, we got some serious work to do, because as of right now, he’s got Theo, Tony, Johnny, Chad on his side, and I don’t see any of those guys flipping on him anytime soon.

Well, you actually left a name out… Li Shin.

So I assume you wanted Stefan out of the way so you could have another chance with Gabi?


[clears throat] I was ready to go to the limit to make that happen. I did horrible things. And I was ready to do more, and I still lost her. And now… I can’t live with the man I’ve turned into.

[exhales deeply] So… this has been brewing for a long time.

Yeah, it has.


[sighs] You know, on Abigail’s birthday…


I, um… I was going to take the kids to go and–and visit her grave. Stephanie said she wanted to join. And I told her I, um-

I didn’t want her to.

[sighs] How did she react to that?

She–she seemed to understand, you know. I know. I know, she was-

she was hurt. She felt excluded. And today… you know, she comes out, and she’s wearing this costume, and it’s the exact same costume Abigail wore last Halloween.

Oh, my God.

So, when I saw her in it, when I–when I–when I saw Stephanie in it, I, um… I didn’t know what to say. You know, she could see that I was upset. So I told her-

uh, I told her that Abigail wore the same one last Halloween. And, um… you know, then we were both very grown-up and–and-

and sensitive about it, but, you know, we both knew that something really bad had just happened.

Uh, so that’s why she wasn’t wearing a costume when she got here.

Yeah, and then-

uh, you know, then we get here, and we’re around the kids and around everyone else, and–and, you know, we have to pretend like everything’s fine, which we both hate. And I tell her what her dad said, and I ask her if it’s true. And after a night of pretending… it all just kind of spills out, you know. She wants to get married. And I don’t. And then, we weren’t all that, uh–all that, um… grown-up and sensitive with each other.

[sighs] Honey, I am so sorry. I-I’m sorry for both of you.

I–Mm. Look, I just wish-

I wish I just-

there was a way for me to make her understand that there’s not some–some timetable that I can follow that leads to a wedding. You know? Maybe I just… maybe I just moved on too soon. Um… The truth is, I’m, um… I’m scared, ’cause I don’t want to lose…

[voice breaking] Another person that I love. And I, um–and I-I never said this to her, but I’m-

I’m–I’m scared that she just wants to… nail it all down because of–of what happened with this guy in Seattle, who, you know, she thought it was a real deal, and he ghosted her. I get it. But I’m scared that she just wants to–to get married so that never happens again.


A coma? Right. You know, abducted by aliens may not be plausible, but at least it’s not as tired as a coma.

It’s the truth.

[sighs] Do you remember the last day that we saw each other?

Vividly. I asked you to mail something for me, and I never saw you again.

That’s because I was hit by a car… right after I left the post office.

That sounds convenient.

Well, it was actually anything but convenient. If I’d been hit on the way to the post office, they would have been able to trace me to you because of the return address on your package, but all I had on me was my cell phone. And apparently… it was destroyed in the accident. I didn’t have an ID on me, so… they had to put me in a medically induced coma in order to save me. I know. It sounds so farfetched and ridiculous, but that’s… that’s the truth. And after they revived me, not only did I have physical issues… but I lost my memory. I couldn’t get them to contact you because I couldn’t remember you. And ever since then, I’ve been working on myself, you know, trying to get better, learning to–to walk and talk again, figuring out who I am, figuring out who you were. It was… hard… to say the least, but… do you know… what the one good day, the one good day in that whole mess was?

[chuckles] It was the day I remembered how much I loved you.


Everett, what the hell?


You–you can’t just show up at my door after all this time and–and expect things to be the same!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m–I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry. I… Hoping things might be the same is–is–is the only thing that got me through all this. Steph, that’s why I’m here-

to–to tell you that you may not realize it, but… you saved me.

Okay, reality check…


I thought you dumped me. I moved on. I-I don’t live here alone. I’m with someone new.

I know.

You know?

I-I found out that you-

that you moved back to Salem and that you–you run your company from here.

So you’ve been spying on me?

No. No, no, no, no. Nothing like that, all right? I-I came by earlier. I rang the doorbell. When I heard a dude’s voice, I-I took off.

Chad answered, but no one was there. We thought it was a prank.

Well, after that, I sort of had to know what I was up against, so I followed you two to-

What’s that restaurant called, the Brady Pub?

You followed me?

Only so that I could catch you alone so I could tell you all this. Okay, Steph…


I want you back so badly. I don’t know how serious it is with that guy. I only saw what looked like an argument. Just give it to me straight. You married? You engaged?

No. Definitely not.

[dramatic music]

Stephanie knows that you’re a substantial person. She knows that you’re loving and you’re caring, and I don’t think there’s any way that she would compare you to someone who ghosted her.

Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe–maybe not on a conscious level, but she–she thought that she… um, you know, misread me and my intentions the same way she did with the-

with the guy in Seattle.

[light music] I mean, when I moved in with her, I thought that it… that it–it felt right. And now I’m thinking that maybe it was, um… it was too soon… you know? Should I have held off? All I know is that, um… that this fight left, uh-

left a lot of stuff up in the air for us. She wants me to, uh, move on from Abigail so we can go forward. I can’t go back. And I can’t go forward. So, you know, it’s, um… I’m just…

Feeling like you’re trapped, right?

Most people thought he was an evil man. But never for one second did I doubt that his family was the center of his world… his raison d’etre. And I owe that to our baby, and I owe that to you.

It’s just… scary, EJ, because not too long ago, you wanted to elope that night, so you go get a marriage license, and you want to fly to Italy to get married, with Holly and Sydney there. And then…

[chuckles] A funny thing happened along the way to the airport. You had to have someone killed.

[sighs] I mean…

You’re right.


You’re right. I lose track of what really matters or what’s really important… Which is you and the baby. But I will not lose track of that… ever again. I swear.


Oh, that’s like Lucy swearing she won’t pull the football.

I’m asking for a leap of faith here. Nicole, I still have the marriage license.


I’ll call them up and tell them to get the jet ready and that I’m flying to Italy to get married, and there’s nothing in this world that is going to stop me this time.

I’m not getting married on Halloween.

But you will marry me.



You better be telling me the truth… that DiMera Enterprises is just a job. It is not your life. Look, your… your dysfunctional family isn’t going to change, EJ, so you have to.


[chuckles] God, this would be so much easier if I could just forget the fact that you’re such an accomplished liar.

[chuckles] Nicole, think about it.

[clears throat]

[chuckles] I’m agreeing to marry the one person on this planet who isn’t scared of me and can see right through me, and I hate that. Well, I love you so much… that I am signing on for a lifetime of it.

[both chuckle] Come on, Walker, don’t be a sore winner.


What about Li Shin, huh?

Well, d-do you need a reminder? I could perhaps… see my way to exploit certain animal urges I seem to stir in him.

Okay, first of all, I admire your confidence. I do, because you have pitched this to me numerous times, and I have shot it down every single time, okay? Let’s use our imagination for a second and think about if Li does actually still have feelings for you. You realize you are willingly putting me back in the crosshairs. Or have you forgotten that Li tried to kill me in order to clear a path to you?

Oh, my God, Stefan DiMera, you are a genius!

[both chuckle]

[dramatic music]

So, uh, Dr. Evans, tell me… since I imagine you’ve dealt with a lot of patients dealing with obsessions… has it ever before led to the confession of a felony?

Not that I recall.

Hmm. Well, I know the rules as well as you do-

that what I say here as your patient is confidential… even admitting to a crime.

If it’s a crime that’s happened in the past… yes, but if it’s something that’s about to happen, well, then… that’s quite different. Are you suggesting to me that you’re planning to do something to get Gabi back that could be criminal?


[stammers] Dr. Evans, please, you have to understand, that’s–that’s why I’m here. It’s because I don’t want to do anything like that ever again. I don’t even want to think about it. What I want to do is, I-I just want to move on. I don’t want Gabi in my dreams. I don’t want her in my thoughts. I’m desperate to get past her. But… without your help…

[dramatic music] I don’t know how I can.

And I agree with you, but do you mind telling me why I’m a genius?

‘Cause you just reminded me that Li tried to kill you to get to me! We need leverage on the man-

the same kind of leverage we used on Kristen. He just gave us a way to get it.

Okay, okay, I see what you’re getting at. And it could work, except we’re missing one very important piece.


Yeah. Some would say it’s necessary, essential even.

Details. Details.



So how can I help?

You already have. You listened. It’s going to be up to me to fix… Once I figure out how to get started.

[both chuckle] Probably involves me going home. So I should go up and get the kids.

Hey, wait. Um, they’re probably still watching that movie, ’cause they had a lot left. And, you know, honestly, we would love to have them here with us tonight, which means you could go home and have some privacy with Stephanie. What do you think?

I think that is a lovely offer, one which I will accept. I’m just going to go and say good night, then.

Okay. Oh, honey.

[light rock music] It’s going to be all right.

Thank you.

[sighs softly]

You’re not engaged?

[dramatic music] Does that mean-

It doesn’t mean anything… not for us. It’s been years, Everett.

[clicks tongue] I get it. All right, this is, uh… it’s a lot to take in all at once. You’ll have questions. You’ll–you’ll need time. You just need to know, okay? That for me… I love you as much as I did the day I left for the post office. And I always will.

[exhales sharply] Okay, um… your boyfriend’ll, uh… he’ll be home soon. Um… I’ll take off. Um, take care, Steph.

You too, Everett.

[breathing deeply]


Mmm. Okay, so you don’t want to get married on Halloween. How about tomorrow? Do you have any objections to November st?

None that I can think of.

Mm, that’s it, then. Tomorrow… I make you mine.



All right.


That means you’re mine.

Mmm. Oh.

[both chuckle]

Thank you for seeing me so last minute. I’m very grateful.

We will start tomorrow with a formal session.

[dramatic music] You going to be all right tonight?

Yeah, um… I already feel a little better.

Good. You’ll have to put in the work, and it will take time. But I’ll be right there with you. And we will work together to help you close this chapter of your life.

And start a new one… without Gabi in it.

All right, we want proof against Li. Here’s my theory. We want it bad enough, we’re going to find it, all right? That’s what we do. That’s what winners do. Come on, baby, we do our best thinking in bed. I’ll race you–oh!

Oh! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.

It’s okay.

Sorry, uh, do I know you from somewhere?

No, um, I don’t think so.

I-I guess I must have you confused with somebody else. Um, I’m sorry. Happy Halloween. Okay?

Are you sure you don’t know that guy? The way he was looking at you…

I’ve never seen him before in my life.


[door opens]



The kids are, um-

are going to stay over with, uh, Roman and Kate.

Oh, okay.

Look… I’m really sorry. Do you want to talk?

I think we’ve done enough talking for one day.

Okay, you’re probably right. Um, I’m going to get ready for bed, then.

[keys rattle]

[exhales deeply]

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B&B Transcript Monday, October 30, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[regal music]

These stunning gowns are designed by Eric Forrester and ridge forrester. But of course we want to maintain an air of mystery. These creations are truly works of art. So be sure to bid on the gown you love the best.

Zende: Thanks again for all your help with everything, luna, you’re rocking it.

Luna: Yeah, of course.

Paris: I can’t believe all of these top clients and buyers were given the opportunity to purchase the gown today.

Zende: With no idea they’re actually settling a bet between ridge and eric. Winner takes all, the couture line, the ceo office.

Paris: Yeah, there’s a lot riding on today.

Rj: More than anyone knows.

Katie: All right, well, I can see a lot of pencils moving. Please be sure to write clearly whichever design that you like. So, onward.

[ Audience gasps ]

Katie: This beautiful, form-fitting design is made from hand-spun silk jersey and is encrusted with diamonds. It features a sexy thigh-high reveal. And to finish, the look is draped with an evening train, which adds a hint of drama. Who said diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend? We give you look number three.

Lauren: That is just gorgeous.

Esther: Look at that. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Von frankfurt: I’m sure you haven’T.

Donna: Ridge’s designs are okay, but yours are exquisite.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: How are you feeling?

Eric: I feel so alive. I feel so good. I’m taking back forester creations. I’m taking it back.

Katie: Forrester creations is pleased to present look number seven. A silver and black brocade waterfall gown with a haltered neckline, which gives this classic shape an extra twist. The detailed floral overlay completes this sumptuous feminine look with just a hint of sparkle.

Esther: Oh, my gosh, it’s stunning. [ Sighs ]

Von frankfurt: Might I ask, are you planning on commenting on every gown today?

Lauren: Uh, so tell me, esther, have you found the dress of your dreams yet?

Esther: Well, they’re all so beautiful. I don’t know how I’ll ever choose.

Lauren: You’ll know. You will know. The dress will speak to you. It will stand out from the rest.

[ Chuckles ]

Zende: Thought there was no livestreams today.

Paris: There is not. I am uploading content to an exclusive link for donors if they contributed to the foundation.

Zende: Yeah, looks like ridge and eric aren’t the only two switching things up a bit.

Paris: Mm-hmm. Look who we have here, none other than one of the designers who helped make today possible, zende forrester.

Rj: We wouldn’t have that last design if it wasn’t for you.

Luna: What?

Rj: Do you remember the– the whole lace thing, the customs and all that?

Luna: Well, yeah. I literally just stayed on the supplier and asked them to send the right document.

Rj: Yes, you did. And because you did that, we got it perfect.

Brooke: It looks like our son has more on his mind than fashion.

Ridge: He’s about to learn a very important lesson. So is my dad.

[ Coughs ]

Katie: Please welcome sage, in number 11, forrester couture’s elegant ball gown designed using ruby red matelassé woven organza. This one of a kind fabric and pattern is exclusive to forrester and has never before been used. That’s why we are pleased to say that these materials come to you straight from the couture vault that has only been opened for this special collection. Once again, number 11.

[ Coughs ]

Ridge: We’re rocking and rolling. Can you feel it?

Model 1: Absolutely. They’re loving it.

Ridge: Yes, they are.

Dennis: Be fools not to, right?

Ridge: Not wrong. Dennis. Not wrong. Rj and my dad, they’re putting up one hell of a fight.

Model 2: Yeah.

Rj: That’s great.

Eric: Good to see you.

Rj: There he is.

Eric: Looks good on you. Yes. Nice. All right. Keep up the energy out there. I love it. It’s really good. Nicely done.

Rj: Hey. Great. I love this. Seriously, this is so much fun. Why didn’t you tell me it was so much fun?

Eric: He gets it.

Rj: Yeah, I do. You’re ready, by the way, you’re all ready to go.

Eric: You look wonderful.

Rj: Thank you. No. Good luck.

Eric: Great. So. You really do get it, don’t you?

Rj: Yeah. Yeah.

Eric: You know the beauty of it is it never changes. It never goes away. No matter how many showings you do, it never goes away. Come here. I couldn’t have done this without you. Come here, luna. Come here. This is so cool. Thank you. I’m so proud of our work. I’m so proud of it. Your father’s designs are really wonderful. They really are. But we’re holding our own. We’re doing fine. And I don’t appreciate his mind games, either. Having us– having us prepare here instead of backstage while he has, you know what office he’s in.

Rj: Well, I mean, that’s– I don’t think that’s why he did that.

Eric: Yes, it is. That’s exactly why he’s doing it. He’s playing mind games with us. Look, I appreciate how aware you are of how important this is to me. I’ve gotta win this thing. It’s like my life depends on it.

Katie: This black silk charmeuse gown features a plunging neckline and a bodice of precious and semiprecious stones. The diamond pattern accentuates the single sleeve, which adds an angular feel. The look is complete with an asymmetric slit, evoking a sense of rebellion.

Katie: Number 14. This deep red mikado satin gown with asymmetrical bustled skirt evokes nothing but drama. A detailed bow adorns the waist and a spectacular chapel train makes this a look not to be forgotten. Deep red georgette opera gloves completes this timeless ensemble.

Brooke: What is going on?

Katie: Nothing. We’re just enjoying a fabulous show.

Donna: It’s one of the finest. Eric’s designs are pretty amazing, you have to admit.

Brooke: So are ridge’S. Yes. Some of the best ever produced. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve been watching the two of you, and eric, too. Is there something going on that I don’t know about? Something going on with eric?

Brooke: Well, is something going on with eric I should know about? See? That look. What’s going on?

Donna: Nothing that you don’t already know, brooke. Just that he’s hoping to win the showdown and reclaim his rightful place as head of forrester creations.

Brooke: Yeah, donna, I’m very well aware of that.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: I’m talking about something different.

Donna: What?

Brooke: I saw eric earlier and he just seemed off.

Katie: It– it’s nerves. I’m sure it’s nerves, right? This is very important to him. I’m sure ridge must be feeling it too. This could be eric’s last fashion show.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: I’m up, so I gotta go.

Brooke: Uh– uh, well–

Donna: Yeah, actually, I– no, I really have to go too. I’m so sor– I’m sorry, brooke.

Katie: Look number 15 is a whimsical, deep forest green chiffon silk gown. It features hand beaded, emerald, gemstones.

Ridge: I don’t blame you.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Katie: The gathered skirt gives an airy quality which flows with every step. And is only accentuated by the high slit, revealing a bit of leg. The nude bodice gives a hint of mystery, leaving us wanting to see more.

Lauren: Excuse me?

Von frankfurt: What? I forgot what number we’re on.

Esther: Oh, it’s right here in the program, see? It’s a little trick that I use. I just put dots by the ones that have already passed.

Katie: A vision in white. This magical creation will transform you to a place of fantasy and illusion. You’ll be floating on a cloud, swept up in a dream.

[ Inaudible ]

Katie: Forrester has pulled out all the stops with this look, number 19.

Rj: I can’t believe this. You’re dying? We should be flying in specialists, not putting on a fashion show. This is crazy.

Donna: Honey, listen. I really want to support you in this, but you heard the doctor. He doesn’t want you doing the showdown.

Katie: Eric, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s so unbearably unfair.

Rj: Please, granddad. Please tell my dad. He’s gonna be devastated when he finds out. You don’t know how much he loves you.

Eric: I’ll beat you, ridge. I will be in charge of this company again. One last time.

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GH Short Recap Monday, October 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Lois drops by Sonny’s place to see him. They hug and catch up about their families.

Tracy tries to convince Brook Lynn to stay home and talk to her about her future (in her usual nasty way), but she isn’t interested. When Ned tries to suggest that Tracy just be straight with her, Tracy yells at him. Olivia comes in and defends Ned. Tracy and Olivia argue until Tracy leaves in a huff. Ned thanks Olivia for accepting who he is and defending him. She tells him how wonderful he is, but she’s not going to stop missing her husband.

TJ finds Austin drinking at Charlie’s by himself. Austin thanks him for stopping him from smothering Mason. TJ goes to Mason’s room and tells him that he’s going to jail for the rest of his life.

Blaze also goes to Charlie’s, but she gets a text from Lucy, so she leaves. Sasha and Sam arrive, and Sam introduces Blaze and Sasha. Sasha admires Blaze. Cody and Dante arrive late. Cody and Sasha offer to help Sam and Dante remodel their family room because they’re friends and everything they did for them, so they agree and toast.

Ava welcomes Laura home at her gallery, and they catch up. Ava is shocked to hear that Nikolas is alive and in Europe. She phones Austin to come to her gallery immediately. She asks him if he knew that Nikolas was alive. He lies that he didn’t. She’s not sure whether to believe him or not.

Lucy and Martin sit in Café Cherie, waiting for Blaze. Lucy isn’t sure how she’s going to tell her that Tracy doesn’t want her as the new Face of Deception. Blaze arrives and meets Martin. She tells Lucy that she’s going to have her turn her down as the new Face. She also thinks they should stick with Sasha. Lucy is very disappointed but blames Tracy. She intends to show Tracy who she’s dealing with. Laura arrives, so Martin greets her enthusiastically. Laura wonders what they should do about their brother. They’re not sure whether to believe that he’s changed or is really no longer dangerous.

Lucy tells Tracy that she wins: Sasha will still be the Face, and not Blaze. Lucy informs her that it’s the last decision she gets to make for her company.

Brook Lynn also arrives at Charlie’s, looking for Blaze. Blaze arrives and apologizes for being late. They sit down, and Brook Lynn presents her contracts for Blaze to sign. She advises her to read them carefully. Blaze thanks her and then proceeds to read them. Brook Lynn calls Kristina over to be a witness for Blaze signing. They shake hands on it. Kristina gives them each a bottle to toast with.

Finn and Elizabeth cook together at their cabin out in the woods. She tells him the news that Cam is dating a girl at college. They make jokes about their kids dating and call to check on them. Later, they chat in front of a romantic fire, make out and then head to bed. After, she thanks him for planning such a great trip. They kiss more and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, October 30, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nate: I have some brilliant contacts in the mental health and psycho-neurological communities. Say the word and I’ll make arrangements to get you tested, accurately diagnosed and treated. And to ease your mind, they’ll be as sensitive to the importance of discretion in this situation as I am.

Victor: All right. And I’m gonna reiterate, not a word of this to anyone, all right? Not even to victoria.

Nate: She’d be relieved to hear you’re doing something about this. But it’s your decision to make, not mine.

Victor: And by the way, not a word of this to adam, all right? And if any of the doctors should call you back, tell them to contact you on your cell phone, not the regular landline, not by email. ‘Cause if adam picks up on any of this, it’ll be disastrous.

Nate: You’re that suspicious?

Victor: Well, can you blame me? I bet you adam is smelling the blood in the water already. And by the way, this conversation stays between us. You and me. Or else.

Mamie: Well, good morning, nephew.

Nate: Aunt mamie. Good morning.

Mamie: Oh, that’s a touch blase. May I join you or would you rather be alone?

Nate: No, no. Come, come join me.

Mamie: Well, thank you. Now, why are you looking like that?

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: Nothing new. Just a– another conflict surfacing at newman.

Mamie: Mm-hmm. Well, I know I should say that I’m sorry, but neither one of us is going to believe that. The way I see it, you have two choices. You can keep drowning in that newman turmoil or you can realize that there is more to life than that and just move on.

Jack: Good morning.

Diane: Mm. Morning. Hey.

Jack: You were up early. Did you maybe see ashley?

Diane: Uh, no. Mrs. Martinez says she left a while ago.

Jack: Yeah. Did she say where my sister was off to?

Diane: No. And you know mrs. Martinez, she didn’t think it was her business. She just said that ashley had some loose ends to tie up and she wasn’t sure when she’d be back.

Jack: Well, you know what that means.

Diane: Yeah, I’m afraid I do.

Jack: I’m afraid the advice I gave her about staying away from tucker didn’t sink in. Damn it. They are probably together right now.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nate: I know you’d love nothing more than to lure me away from newman enterprises.

Mamie: With good reason.

Nate: But this would be a terrible time for me to leave right now.

Mamie: Terrible for whom? Your colleagues or for you? Believe me, they are thinking about themselves, so you should only be thinking about you.

Nate: I can’t do that to victoria, aunt mamie. I can’t leave her in the lurch.

Mamie: Oh, my. It sounds like things are getting ugly indeed.

Nate: Nice try. But I’m not gonna share any details, so you might as well stop snooping.

Mamie: Oh, come on. You can’t blame your auntie for trying.

[ Jack huffing ]

Jack: Voicemail again. Unbelievable.

Diane: Jack, you’ve gotta let this go. If ashley feels like this is something she needs to do, then there’s nothing you can do to stop her.

Jack: I know you’re right, but we just got her back. The idea of her going into the lion’s den to try to trick tucker into a truce. Is it any wonder why I worry about that?

Diane: I understand. And I– all right, I cannot believe I’m about to defend her, but you and billy just tried to do exactly the same thing. Why is it okay for the two of you and not for her?

Jack: Billy and I haven’t married him twice.

Diane: Yes, there’s that. Which means that ashley knows tucker probably better than anyone else does. So, if anyone has a chance of getting through to him, it’s your sister.

[ Jack exhaling ]

Tucker: Come in. When did you get back?

Ashley: Oh, boy. Does it really matter?

Tucker: How was your flight?

Ashley: Please don’T. I can’t take the small talk.

Tucker: Okay. Well, you have rejected every effort I’ve made to reconnect and talk things out so far, so I assume you must have something very pertinent and, uh, important on your mind.

Ashley: I think it’s important, yeah.

Tucker: Well, don’t tell me, let me guess. You’d like to know what nefarious scheme I have plotted against your family, right? I can clear that up for you right now. None. And I made that clear to jack as well.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: I hope it’s true.

Tucker: So, are you here to try to chase me out of town? Jack and billy already tried and failed. Pathetically, I might add.

Ashley: Um, why don’t you just shut up and I’ll tell you why I’m here tucker.

Tucker: Oh, yes, ma’am.

[ Ashley sighing ]

Ashley: I’m sorry.

Nate: Well, you never told me what exactly you havcellor-winters.

Mamie: Nate, all snooping aside…

Nate: For how long exactly?

[ Mamie scoffing ]

Mamie: Some exciting things are about to happen over at chancellor-winters. This would be the perfect time for you to get in on the action. Do you really want to miss out on that so that you can stick around when things seem to be making you pretty unhappy?

Nate: I never said I was unhappy and you seem to be glossing over some details.

Mamie: How so?

Nate: Well, you never told me what exactly you have planned for chancellor-winters. And why you think it’s gonna make jill’s head explode.

Mamie: All in good time, nephew. All in good time.

Nate: See, the more you tease and deflect, the more I begin to suspect you have some kind of coup in the works. And let me tell you right now, that would be a monumentally bad idea.

Tucker: Yeah, I wish I could believe your apology, but unfortunately, I don’T.

Ashley: I didn’t think it was gonna be easy.

Tucker: That’s the problem. It seems a little too easy. You want some coffee?

Ashley: Sure. I’d love a cup.

Tucker: Because, uh, I texted you recently and I asked you if there was any way back from where we are and you responded with a very emphatic no. So, what happened? Did you have some kind of change of heart over boston or cincinnati on the flight home?

Ashley: Not really a change of heart. Maybe I just started listening to my heart.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Wouldn’t that be peachy? Except I see right through you, ashley. You’re hoping I will let my guard down.

Ashley: Yeah, well, jack said you were gonna react like this.

Tucker: Jack said? Ha. Oh, you gotta love the irony.

Ashley: Yeah. Actually, I don’t love anything about this. Not even a little bit. It’s a struggle.

Tucker: Okay. Well, just for kicks, let’s pretend I did believe your apology. What would this I’m sorry of yours actually look like?

Jack: You’re not wrong. Ashley knows tucker better than any of us ever will, as much as it sickens me to say that.

Diane: Well, then you’re going to have to trust that she knows how to handle him.

Jack: How can I do that when all he has done is manipulate her and terrify her?

Diane: I know. And you’ve done your best to remind ashley of that. She’s a grown woman, jack. These are her choices, not yours.

Jack: I know. I know. I just hate the idea of her being anywhere around that low-life son of a bitch. After everything he’s done to her, everything he’s done to all of us. Hey.

Diane: Morning.

Jack: Where you off to?

Kyle: Harrison’s got a day off from school, so I thought I’d take him to the park for some soccer and one of those strawberry ice cream sandwiches he thinks we should have every night for dinner instead of vegetables. Oh, um, and linda is gonna pick him up from the park since I am headed from there to a meeting at a prospective job.

Diane: A prospective job? What is it?

Jack: Working for whom? Anyone we know?

Kyle: Um, yeah, it’s nothing solid yet and I don’t want to jinx my chances by talking about it.

Jack: I wish I could find some way to convince you to stop looking outside the family and come back to jabot.

Diane: That makes two of us.

Kyle: You can make that happen right now. All you have to do is replace billy with me. So, if you’re ready to do that, I will cancel my meeting in the blink of an eye.

Jack: I’ll tell you what. I’ve been thinking about this. I am willing to offer you the coo position at jabot, effective immediately.

Kyle: I don’t want the coo position. It’s an insult and a demotion. I want my old job back. Look, dad, it’s this simple. I earned it. I deserve it. You want me to come back? I would love to come back. But under that one condition. So, what’s it gonna be? Yes or no? All righty then, enough said. Thanks anyway, dad.

Diane: I understand your dilemma. I do.

Jack: But?

Diane: But kyle’s right. Coo is a demotion. It’s a token position without any power. If you ask me, the right thing to do is to get rid of billy before he harms the company and bring kyle back as co-ceo.

[ Jack sighing ] When my doctor gave me

Jack: I understand the instinct to bring kyle back to replace billy at jabot, but I’ve said it before, the thought of what that would do to my brother, mentally and emotionally, it scares me. Could send him into another self-destructive tailspin and I’d be responsible this time.

Diane: If billy is that fragile, then he shouldn’t be running a company.

Jack: Jabot is not just my legacy. It’s billy’s too.

Diane: And kyle’S.

Jack: Yes. And kyle’S. Kyle has every right that billy and I have to work in the family company, but… he’s the younger generation.

Diane: That’s right. To move forward. He’s done the work. He’s proven himself. You know that.

Jack: Yeah. Look, I want to do the right thing. I haven’t figured out what that is yet.

Diane: Well, do you want to hear another possibility?

Jack: God, yes, please.

Diane: You could step down and let kyle and billy run jabot together. I mean, think about it. You’d be ceo emeritus. You wouldn’t have to think about running a corporation anymore. You and I, hey, we could do all the things that we’ve fantasized about since we’ve gotten back together. We could have dinner in monaco, wake up in milan. We can fly harrison into the alps to go skiing.

Jack: Now, you’re bringing harrison in. You don’t fight fair.

Diane: I know. Is it working?

Jack: It’s food for thought, yeah. Actually, off the top of my head, I only see one downside.

Diane: And what is that?

Jack: Well, with kyle and billy running jabot, how long do you think it’ll be ’til they’re both ready to kill each other?

[ Kyle laughing ]

Kyle: Why on earth would I consider joining forces with tucker mccall?

Audra: Because one way or another, he will get his hands on jabot.

Kyle: What did tucker offer you?

Audra: The top job.

Kyle: Figures.

Audra: And you running it with me. Okay, tucker prefers to stay on the sidelines. Okay, he wouldn’t be involved in the day-to-day. Hey, we could run jabot the way it should be run.

Kyle: And all I would have to do is betray my mother and father.

Audra: Look, all I’m asking you to do is to think about yourself for a change. You know, what’s best for kyle? Instead of settling for whatever crumbs your family throws at you. Your father, he had his success, a great career, okay? Now– now, would it really be the end of the world for him to step back and see his son take the reins? Yeah. Isn’t that how family dynasties survive?

Kyle: No, no, no. What you’re proposing will blow up our family dynasty.

Audra: Not if you were on board. Not if you and I took over that family business and made it vital and exciting again.

Kyle: You’re not family.

Audra: Well, you know, jack clearly doesn’t want to give you the chance. Tucker and I can. And it would be the mistake of a lifetime if you turned it down. So, kyle, are you ready to sit in that jabot co-ceo chair you deserve?

Kyle: I am tired of being pushed to the side. Treated like jabot isn’t my birthright just as much as it is my father’s and my uncle’S. I’m going to take control of my future by helping you and tucker take control of jabot. Oh. Heads up, harrison. Oh, ah, my fault, bad throw.

[ Kyle laughing ]

Audra: That boy’s got talent. Much like his father.

Kyle: Hold that thought.

Audra: Hm.

Kyle: Hm.

Audra: Consider it held.

Kyle: So, am I still meeting with tucker today?

Audra: Yeah. Last I heard. You know, I– I called him earlier, but it went straight to voicemail.

Kyle: So, I should assume it’s a go, unless I hear otherwise from you, right?

Audra: Yeah, probably. Possibly, maybe, or not.

Kyle: Is there a problem I should know about?

Audra: Well, you know, it’s tucker, and, uh, frankly he doesn’t trust you.

Kyle: Well, I can’t blame him. I am an abbott after all. What can I do to change his mind?

Audra: Well, bearing in mind that we are dealing with tucker mccall, you know, he wants to put you up to some loyalty test.

Kyle: Okay. What kind of test?

Audra: That’s to be determined.

Ashley: Well, tucker, I guess I was kind of hoping we could figure out the I’m sorry part together.

Tucker: You must have some idea or two in mind. No? Okay, how about this? Let’s just hit the rewind button, ashley. And– and transport ourselves back to paris on our honeymoon. And be there the way it was before you yanked my world apart and just forget about the fight. And proceed from there. Can we do that? Could you?

Ashley: Not after what happened.

Tucker: No, yeah. Yeah, I figured.

Ashley: And I’m not turning my back on jabot. That hasn’t changed.

Tucker: Oh, absolutely not. You made that perfectly clear in paris. And you made it perfectly clear that the company we spent months planning is never gonna happen also.

Ashley: That’s true.

Tucker: So, you’re not sorry that you couldn’t possibly exist without jabot? And you’re not sorry that you took a wrecking ball to our company? What exactly are you sorry about?

Ashley: Can we just try to be civil with each other?

Tucker: Civil with each other?

Ashley: Yeah, that would be a step in the right direction.

Tucker: Did you or did you not tell jack that I terrified you in paris?

Ashley: I did tell him that. Yeah.

Tucker: Terrified you?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Would you like to apologize to me for saying that?

Ashley: You did terrify me. I’ve never seen you that angry before, ever. You were beyond angry.

Tucker: Well, you just totally rejected me is all. No big deal.

Ashley: You know, that’s how you chose to look at it, tucker. You took my change of heart as a complete rejection of you. It wasn’t a complete rejection of you. So tell me, do you take any accountability for any of this?

Tucker: I got mad, yeah.

Ashley: You got mad? You were in a blind rage, tucker, and you– you made me afraid of you. And the fact that you don’t have any regret for that tells me everything I need to know about you.

Tucker: I have regret for it. I have sincere regret for it. Not for what I said though. But yes, I’m sorry for the way I said it.

Ashley: Well, that’s a step, I guess. I mean, it’s a small step, but look, I take responsibility because from your perspective, I could see that– that it– it felt like I was tearing a part of your world out from under you, okay?

Tucker: I’d say a little more than a part.

[ Ashley sighing ]

Ashley: It wasn’t calculated. Please look at me. It wasn’t calculated. It just evolved.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: And the bottom line is, okay, you and I are both responsible for what happened between us and– and I’m– I’m not here to warn you. I’m not here to threaten you.

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: I mean, can’t we just take a step and try to put this anger behind us?

Tucker: And then? ‘Cause your words sound very heartfelt, but what is it you’re actually willing to do?

Ashley: I don’t have any answers for your questions.

Tucker: In that case, this seems like an uncharacteristic misstep on your part.

Ashley: How so?

Tucker: Well, you come over here for a meeting and you have no idea what you want to get out of it.

Ashley: You know, I was just starting the conversation, tucker. I don’t know where it’s going to lead.

Tucker: Okay. So, you don’t know what you intend to do. What do you expect me to do?

Ashley: I don’t know. You wanna throw me out, slam the door behind me? Is that all we have left after everything?

Tucker: Maybe. Probably.

Ashley: You know, or you can take the first step like I’m trying to do and we can just agree that we are both to blame for what happened.

Kyle: It makes sense. Tucker would probably suspect I would head straight home from a meeting with him and tell my dad exactly what was happening.

Audra: But you would never do that, right? Because you’d be betraying me as well.

Kyle: No, I wouldn’T. And who better than you knows how discreet I can be?

Audra: You know what else I know about you? That I can discuss in public with your little boy maybe running up to us at any moment.

Kyle: What’s that?

Audra: I know that you’re ambitious. I know that you are incredibly smart and I know that there’s no doubt in your mind that joining tucker and me is a brilliant way of guaranteeing your future.

Kyle: Hm.

Audra: Unless there’s been some new development at home or at jabot since the last time we talked?

Kyle: Nope, nothing. I’m still on the outside looking in. In fact, I made it clear to my dad this morning that the only way I would return to jabot would be if I replaced billy.

Audra: How’d he react?

Kyle: He threw me a bone, offered me the coo position.

Audra: That’s a measly bone.

Kyle: Yep.

Audra: You know, selfishly, I’m glad he passed on your one perfectly reasonable condition. Objectively though, I– I don’t understand what he’s thinking.

Kyle: Yeah, I think I do actually. Look, it’s not for my dad’s lack of faith in me and he’s worried about what it would do to billy.

Audra: Well, I– I mean, that doesn’t make any sense. Look, I don’t know, billy very well, but he seems very capable of landing on his feet no matter what happens.

Kyle: Trust me, billy may seem tough and shrewd, but once you look past the designer suits and the cocky swagger, billy has a fragile psyche that implodes whenever he feels like he’s failed or he’s been rejected. He’s been in some dark places and I imagine my dad doesn’t want to feel responsible for sending him there again.

Audra: I had no idea. You know, he hides it very well. What kind of dark places?

Kyle: Uh, gambling, drinking, just… you know, let’s not get into it. I mean, billy and I have our differences, but he’s still my uncle.

Audra: So, here’s the question you might want to think about. You know, jack and billy might implode when tucker succeeds at ripping jabot away from them. Can you honestly say you’re okay with that?

Ashley: I heard you were in town. Hi!

Mamie: Ashley, I’m thrilled to see you. Oh, you look wonderful.

Ashley: So, do you. It’s so good to see you. Hi, nate.

Nate: Ashley. Good to see you. Welcome back.

Ashley: Thank you.

Mamie: I didn’t know that you had come back from paris.

Ashley: Yeah.

Mamie: I’m so sorry to hear that your marriage didn’t work out.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Well, another one bites the dust. I’ll be okay.

Mamie: Oh, I know my ashley, so I have no doubt about that. So, why don’t you sit and have some coffee and we’ll talk all about it.

[ Mamie laughing ]

Ashley: I have a bunch of things I have to do at the house, but why don’t you come home with me? Everybody would love to see you and then you and I can plan a dinner, just the two of us.

Mamie: Oh, I wouldn’t miss out on that.

Ashley: Oh, yay. Okay. Great.

[ Phone chiming ]

Nate: Everything okay?

Mamie: Well, it will be when you say yes and promise to come over to chancellor-winters. And don’t expect me to give up.

Ashley: Oh, she’s not kidding, but you probably already know that.

Nate: Oh, I have no doubt.

Mamie: Let’s go home.

Ashley: Okay. See you later. How’s everything at newman?

Nate: Business as usual.

Ashley: Okay. I think I get that. Bye.

Mamie: I’ll be in touch.

Ashley: Come on.

Nate: I know you will be.

Kyle: By the way, there’s something you should know if you don’t know already.

Audra: Uh, what’s that?

Kyle: Ashley got back from paris last night?

Audra: Um, I didn’t see that coming. Does tucker know she’s back?

Kyle: I’m not sure.

Audra: Did she say anything about tucker or, um, what the plans are for the two of them?

Kyle: Not a thing, but that’s typical ashley. She plays things pretty close to the vest.

Audra: The first time you see her since things blew up between tucker and her in paris and you didn’t think to ask?

Kyle: We only had a few minutes to talk.

Audra: And she didn’t say anything about tucker or their fight?

Kyle: Well…

Audra: Uh-oh, what?

Kyle: She warned me that you’re using me.

Audra: I’m using you? I can’t wait to hear how I’m doing that.

Kyle: Mm. Well, according to ashley, you and tucker are just using me for information. About her, jabot, the abbots. You name it.

Audra: Well, she’s not wrong. Except for the using you part.

Kyle: I mean, I understand why she would go there. I am a great source of information. That’s why me being involved with tucker’s plan benefits us all. Look, as long as I get what I want, I’m good. I’m ready to see this through.

Audra: Mm. So, she didn’t manage to plant even a tiny seed of doubt in your head about me? Is there any part of you that’s wondering if maybe, you know, I am just using you?

Kyle: Mm. Nope. In fact, there’s a certain symmetry to it. When, uh– when we first got involved, my family kept accusing me of using you.

Audra: For what?

Kyle: The distraction of the pain from my divorce with summer.

Audra: Yeah. I– I– I thought that might be the case at first. And not that I minded. That made sense.

Kyle: Well, the pain is gone and yet, I’m still here. Ah.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: Oh, more on that later.

Audra: Okay.

Kyle: In the meantime, I have to admit, my curiosity is killing me. I’m dying to know more details about how tucker plans to pull off this takeover of jabot.

[ Phone chiming ]

Audra: Um, okay. Oh, you’re not gonna have to wait much longer for that answer. From tucker. “I’m ready to meet kyle if he’s still available.”

Kyle: Tell him, yes, I am still available. I’ll go tell the nanny we’re leaving and say goodbye to harrison.

Audra: Okay. Um, hey, I– I just got your text. Uh, yeah. I’m at chancellor park with kyle right now.

Tucker: Perfect timing.

Audra: Hey, before we get there, uh, a quick heads up. Ashley is back in town.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s old news. She just left my room.

Audra: What happened? How did it go?

Tucker: I’ll fill you in later. Right now, bring me kyle abbott.

Kyle: Ready?

Audra: Yeah, I– I just called tucker and I told him we’re on our way.

Kyle: Well, let’s not keep the man waiting.

Audra: Right.

Nate: Sounds good. Thanks. Hey. Weren’t you fired?

Kyle: I was, thanks for reminding me.

Nate: Ah, and didn’t nikki make it clear that if you want to keep your job, you and kyle are to stop seeing each other.

Audra: Nate, what business is it of yours? And why do you care either way?

Nate: Why do I care? You know what? You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’T. Enjoy your morning, you two.

Audra: Okay.

Mamie: I ran into this beautiful lady at the athletic club and I’m just dying to know how she’s holding up after her marriage so suddenly fell apart.

Ashley: Oh, my god, mamie.

Jack: So, you went to the club?

Ashley: I went to the club and I saw tucker.

Diane: And you’re all right?

Ashley: Ah, yeah. Does jet lag count?

Diane: How’d it go?

Ashley: Pretty much as expected.

Jack: I practically begged you to stay away from tucker. He’s a wild card. He is volatile. He is dangerous. And the last time you were with him, he terrified you. Your words, not mine. And yet, first thing in the morning, you’re off to see him.

Ashley: Well, only because I feel like I’m the best person to get inside his mind and find out what he’s planning.

Jack: Oh, and I’m sure he knew that was your agenda the moment he opened his door and saw you.

Ashley: Maybe. Well, anyway, I– I said I was there to give him the opportunity to apologize to me.

Diane: And how’d that go?

Ashley: I’m fine. First steps were taken. Now, could I please get some coffee? I’m dying here.

Jack: Ash, I am begging you now. Stay away from tucker. This game you’re playing is dangerous. Just let it go.

Tucker: Hey, thanks for agreeing to meet.

Kyle: Uh, my pleasure.

Tucker: Sit down. So, I’m gonna get right to the point and I’m gonna be blunt because it saves time. Audra tells me you are willing to betray your family in order to secure a higher position at jabot. Is that true?

Kyle: Okay. Yeah, that was blunt. I wouldn’t put it quite like that–

Tucker: It’s a yes or no question.

Kyle: She’s right. I am.

Tucker: Okay, in that case, tell me why I should for a second believe you’re telling me the truth.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of 10/23/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Sloan from Days


Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Sloan was able to break into DiMera mansion without anyone seeing her.

Nicole and EJ managed not to see Sloan switch the test results.


Tripp should have heard Ava and Gil (Clyde’s henchman) talking in his apartment.


Brady shot down the idea of co-parenting Rachel with Kristen. You would think he would have been willing to do it so he could see Rachel.

Kristen’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


Maggie shouldn’t be surprised that Xander was going after full custody of Victoria. Maggie was the one who told Sarah that Xander was going to do that if she didn’t tell him the truth.

Sarah heard Konstantin say Xander’s name, but she didn’t hear anything else.

Sarah wasn’t doing anything, but she needed the nanny to put Victoria down for her nap. What was keeping Sarah from putting her down?


Gabi suddenly felt guilty about setting Kristen up for abusing Rachel. Gabi should have thought about the way she would have felt if the shoe were on the other foot before they went through with the plan.

Why was Stephanie surprised that Chad wasn’t ready to get married? He just lost his wife. What made her think he was going to suddenly be ready to marry her?


Maggie from DOOL

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of 10/23/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Konstantin and Theresa

We are confused with Theresa and Konstantin’s plan. They fixed Victor’s will so everyone would think Alex deserved his money. We don’t understand Theresa’ role in the plan. She wanted Alex to have everything. She could have fixed the will so Tate could get the money. She made sure her son didn’t get anything. She believes she’s going to marry Alex and get access to his money. Alex doesn’t seem attracted enough to marry her, so she has an uphill battle ahead of her. We’re curious to see what Konstantin will do to Maggie. He might go after her money. It might be good to see her involved in a big story.

Speaking of Maggie, she went off on Xander because he wants to sue Sarah for full custody of Victoria. She warned Sarah that would happen if she kept the truth from him. She shouldn’t have been surprised by that. Maggie warned her that he would go after her for lying to him. She didn’t want to listen to her. Maggie got what she deserved. Xander put Maggie in her place for lying about the baby. She needed a reality check. Maggie apologized to him. It won’t be long before she kisses up to him again.

Sarah yelled at Xander for the lawsuit. She knew he wanted custody of the baby so shouldn’t be surprised. Xander wanted to make things work, but Justin ruined that for him. She showed her evil side, and he didn’t back down. Sarah thought yelling would get her way. She found out the hard way that wasn’t the case. We hope he doesn’t back down and let her have custody. Xander has rights, but she didn’t care about them.

We watched Days of Our Lives and rolled our eyes at Stephanie. She got mad because Chad didn’t love her the same way he loved Abby. Did she really think Chad would forget about his love for Abby? Abby was Chad’s first love so he wouldn’t forget about her. Stephanie expected him to get over Abby. She knows Abby meant everything to Chad, but that didn’t matter to her. She thought he was going to forget the way he felt about his wife for someone he just started dating. Stephanie is something else. She expects all men to desire her. Chad would be a first-class jerk if he got over Abby as fast as she wanted him to do it.

Speaking of Stephanie, what was up with Steve? He was no different from Stephanie. He talked to Chad about Stephanie. He expected Chad to marry Stephanie or leave her alone. Did he forget that Chad was married to his niece? Why would he want him to move on so fast? What if something happened to Kayla? Would he move on that fast? If Stephanie was murdered, would he want Chad to move on with Abby that quickly? We feel like he wouldn’t want that to happen. He would have expected Chad to slow down with the relationship. Chad already moved in with Stephanie too fast and now he’s expected to marry her.

Gabi needs help. She was willing to let another mother get in trouble for child abuse. She and Stefan wanted Rachel to tell the judge that Kristen was abusing her just so they could get her shares. Child abuse is nothing to play around with, but she didn’t care. She wanted the shares and that’s all that mattered. Gabi let Brady think she would help him by getting proof that Rachel was getting abused. He believed it and they went through with their plan. As a mother, Gabi shouldn’t do something like that. She could have been in the same position if Will and Sonny wanted to do that to her. They blackmailed Kristen and she caved. She signed her shares to him, and they made the video disappear. They shouldn’t have done that to Kristen or Brady. We feel like the writers are setting up Gabi’s demise by having her act that way. We won’t be disappointed since she’s acting up.


Stefan and Gabi

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Update Friday, October 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady comes home as Marlena is finishing a call with John. Marlena informs Brady that John wants them all to have dinner at Grandpa Tim’s new place. Brady calls that a great chance to celebrate because it looks like he might be getting his daughter back, thanks to Stefan and Gabi.

Stefan joins Gabi in their bedroom and tells her that Brady played Kristen perfectly and he got it all recorded. Stefan asks Gabi about Rachel. Gabi says she was perfect and she’s uploading the video on the computer now. Stefan questions her not seeming happy about it. Gabi worries about them stooping too low and relates to how she would feel if she was accused of abusing her daughter. Stefan agrees that this is low but says they need to focus on this being a means to an end and a strategy to get Kristen to give in to their demands, so they can finally oust EJ and be in control of the company. Stefan assures that the video will go no further than Kristen seeing it and realizing she has no choice but to sign over her shares. Stefan insists the video won’t go public and Rachel won’t be harmed by this. Gabi feels sorry for Rachel having a crazy mother. Stefan says that they are almost finished and when they are, Kristen’s shares are as good as theirs.

Kristen and EJ walk through the town square after their lunch together. EJ is glad they found the time. Kristen offers EJ a ride home but EJ first wondered if they could discuss an important business matter. Kristen says he finally stopped beating around the bush and guesses it’s about her company shares.

Someone watches through the window as Chad and Stephanie sit together at the Pub. Stephanie asks what exactly Steve said. Chad tells her that Steve said she made a commitment to him and the kids, and to Steve that means she’s ready for marriage sooner than later. Stephanie wishes her parents would back off and calls it embarrassing. Chad tells her that she doesn’t have to be embarrassed and asks if Steve is right. Stephanie then admits that he is. Chad questions why Stephanie didn’t tell him that she was ready to get married. Stephanie responds that she was embarrassed because he overheard her blurting it out to her mom, so she downplayed it. Stephanie feels Chad was relieved when she said it because he didn’t want to rush in to anything. Chad thought she felt the same way but Stephanie admits she was disappointed. Chad argues that she should’ve said something because they have to be able to talk about this stuff. Stephanie says she didn’t want to pressure him after everything he’s gone through. Stephanie knows he’s still mourning Abigail but says it’s all out in the open now, so she admits she’s a little confused and questions why Chad invited her to move in if he didn’t see marriage on the horizon. Chad calls it the next natural step. Stephanie asks what the next step is after that. Chad admits it’s marriage, eventually. Stephanie gets that there’s no set time table for this stuff but she can’t help wondering now that they’ve moved in together, if Chad is having second thoughts about them.

EJ is sure Kristen is aware that Stefan and Gabi are building a power base. Kristen confirms that she heard they somehow obtained Megan and Dimitri’s shares. EJ explains that they did it by threat of death after Vivian shot Dimitri as they refused to call an ambulance until he signed over the shares. Kristen jokes that she kind of respects that but admits it’s ruthless. EJ calls it out of control and warns that they could target any one of the DiMera shareholders next, including Kristen.

Stefan calls Gabi a brilliant director and editor. Gabi says the quicker they finish, the faster they can blackmail Kristen out of her shares. Stefan guesses EJ is probably already working on Kristen. Gabi worries that EJ could’ve already won at their lunch and Kristen could be signing over her shares as they speak. Stefan insists that Kristen wouldn’t do it without incentive which is what they have. Gabi argues that EJ is just as likely to blackmail Kristen and could be pulling a gun on her in a dark alley. Stefan encourages Gabi to work faster.

Brady informs Marlena that Stefan came by and filled him in on wanting him to provoke a fight with Kristen, so he did it in the town square and Stefan caught it all on video. Marlena questions what Brady has gotten himself into. Brady doesn’t think he should give her the details but Marlena demands to know. Brady then reveals that they are going to make it look like Kristen has been abusing Rachel which shocks Marlena.

Stefan praises Gabi for her work on the video of Rachel and admits it’s pretty disturbing, so Kristen is going to freak and she’s going to do everything she can to make sure the video doesn’t get in front of a judge because she would lose custody. Gabi still feels bad about framing Kristen for child abuse. Stefan encourages that no one will see it if Kristen signs over her shares. Gabi asks about Brady since he’s going to want his daughter back. Stefan admits he feels a little guilty about that, but says Brady is a big boy and if he wants custody of his daughter, he’ll find another way.

Marlena questions Brady. Brady knows it’s extreme but says he’s desperate and he doesn’t care because he wants his daughter back. Marlena argues that it’s a terrible lie. Marlena says she’s no fan of Kristen and thinks she can do unspeakably terrible things, but she does not believe Kristen would ever hurt her daughter. Brady agrees that she wouldn’t physically, but emotionally, they know her handiwork. Brady talks about Kristen turning Rachel against Chloe and argues that she’s going to turn her against him. Marlena urges Brady to use that and the truth in court. Brady doesn’t believe that will work and declares that what will work is the video that Stefan and Gabi are going to put together to make Kristen look like a terrible mother. Marlena can’t believe this and calls it unethical. Marlena argues that this is not who he is. Brady argues that Kristen plays dirty and told a judge that he killed Philip, knowing he didn’t. Marlena thought Brady and Belle would appeal in court now that Philip is alive. Brady says they decided against it since he did wave a gun at Kristen. Marlena asks how the judge will feel when finding out this is all fake and how Rachel will feel when she finds out that he framed her mother. Marlena warns Brady that he’s going to lose his little girl.

Kristen asks if EJ thinks Stefan and Gabi are going to shoot her and force her to sign over her shares. EJ responds that they are certainly capable of it. EJ admits that with Kristen’s help, he could get ahead of them, oust Stefan, and take control of the company with the family’s best interests. EJ states that his main concern is Kristen’s well-being and asks her to help him take the target off her back by transferring her shares to him, temporarily, to ensure her safety which Kristen laughs at.

In Kayla’s office, Steve tells Kayla that he told Chad that he needed to tell Stephanie if he’s not in it for the long haul because he doesn’t want to see their daughter get hurt again. Kayla says she doesn’t either but it’s not their place to interfere. Steve argues that he was just trying to get Chad to step up. Kayla worries that he might have made things worse. Steve says he hopes not. Steve wants to go back to the Pub but Kayla stops him and says the best thing he can do is butt out.

Chad tells Stephanie that he’s glad that he moved in with her and that he gets to wake up every morning to her beautiful face and that she’s there for his kids. Chad admits that he’s really caught off guard because he thought things were going well. Stephanie responds that a lot of it has been great, but on top of the marriage issue, there has been other tension between them lately and she can’t help but think maybe it ties back to the same problem of Abigail.

Kristen questions EJ seriously trying to convince her to hand over her shares for her own protection. EJ tells her to keep her shares then but she must help him neutralize Stefan. EJ says he will call a board meeting and if she votes with him, they can oust Stefan from the company. Kristen questions trusting EJ and says that hasn’t always worked out for her so well. EJ admits he has let Kristen down in the past but argues that it’s come to the point where she can no longer safely play both sides from the middle anymore and she’s going to have to make a choice. EJ knows they haven’t always seen eye to eye but points out that she knows him and has helped him before so why not again. EJ suggests Kristen take the olive branch he’s offering. Kristen supposes they can put their differences aside but says she needs time to think about this. EJ warns her not to take too much time because he feels Stefan is ready to make his move.

Steve tells Kayla that it won’t be easy for Stephanie to compete with the love that Chad and Abigail had. Kayla agrees and says when she thought she lost Steve all those years ago, she never got over it because her heart always belonged to him and that part of her died when he was taken away from them. Kayla flashes back to when she lost Steve years ago. Steve then hugs her.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s upset that he brought up that she was wearing Abigail’s costume. Stephanie says she wasn’t upset but that he was. Stephanie adds that the look on his face drove home the point for her in a way that she can no longer ignore. Chad questions what point. Stephanie declares that she will never escape her cousin’s shadow. Chad is sorry he hurt her feelings but argues that she can’t expect him to never bring up Abigail’s name. Stephanie says she’s well aware that Abigail was the love of his life and she’s tried to respect that but he hasn’t made it easy. Chad asks what that means. Stephanie brings up Chad pulling away from her on Abigail’s birthday and excluding her from going to the cemetery. Chad thought they needed to do that as a family. Stephanie questions what she is then. Stephanie then says it hurts but she understands. Stephanie states that adding all this together feels like she’s not wanted in her home and like she doesn’t belong there. Chad insists that he never intended to make her feel that way. Chad tells Stephanie that he wants to build a life with her but he needs a little bit of leeway. Stephanie asks how much is enough because she’s been trying but it feels like she’s walking around on eggshells all the time. Stephanie says she’s trying to respect his feelings but doesn’t feel she’s getting the same in return. Chad remarks that she’s not the one who’s wife was brutally murdered.

Brady tells Marlena that Stefan and Gabi are going to make the video as real as possible. Marlena questions Brady putting so much faith in Stefan and Gabi. Brady responds that they seem highly motivated. Marlena argues that if it goes wrong, Brady is the one who will pay. Brady knows it’s risky but doesn’t know what else to do. Brady calls it the only way to regain his kid and says he needs to check in with Stefan so he calls him. Brady asks Stefan when he can expect the video. Stefan responds that they’re almost done and will be right over. Brady thanks Stefan and hangs up, then tells Marlena that they are on their way.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s not sure how much longer they can put off Brady. Gabi says they should call Kristen then. Kristen then comes home and enters the living room. Stefan and Gabi ask about her lunch with EJ. Kristen admits that EJ talked her ear off at the end. Stefan guesses EJ wanted Kristen’s DiMera shares. Kristen confirms he made his pitch about why she should throw her lot in with him. Gabi thinks she should hear their pitch before she decides as she’s pretty sure it will be very persuasive. Gabi then opens her laptop and tells Kristen to have a look. Gabi plays the video of Rachel saying that Kristen gave her a black eye. Kristen questions what the hell that is and why her daughter has a black eye. Kristen warns them about laying a finger on her. Gabi tells her it’s makeup. Kristen questions why they would do this and if it’s a Halloween joke because having her daughter accuse her of hurting her is not funny at all. Stefan states that it is a very serious accusation. Kristen calls it ridiculous and says she would never hurt her child. Gabi asks if she’s sure about that. They then continue the video showing Kristen telling Brady that she will discipline Rachel however she sees fit. Kristen shouts that they set her up and questions why they are doing this to her. Stefan thinks she knows. Kristen calls him a son of a bitch.

Marlena warns Brady to put a stop to this. Brady knows she doesn’t approve and says he doesn’t like stooping to Kristen’s level, but he doesn’t know what else to do because he’s miserable without being able to see his little girl. Brady tells Marlena that Tate called him an absent father and he’s not wrong. Brady says that’s why he needs to make sure to do what’s right by Rachel and be there for her. Marlena encourages that he is there for her but Brady argues that Kristen has frozen him out of Rachel’s life. Marlena says she understands but this is not the way to fix it. Brady questions what he’s supposed to do when Rachel is down the road and he can’t see her. Brady asks when he’s supposed to be able to see her again and argues that Rachel won’t want to be part of his life by then. Marlena tries to encourage him but Brady shouts that he’s not going to let that happen and declares that to him, the ends justify the means.

Kristen demands Gabi and Stefan delete the video. Stefan responds that they will be happy to and that all Kristen has to do is sign over her shares, or else they will be forced to turn the video over to Brady. Kristen questions Brady being in on their twisted plan. Stefan says sort of but he’s under the impression that they are going to give him the video to give to the judge to get custody of Rachel. Gabi explains that Brady doesn’t know that they are giving Kristen a choice and the video can go away forever if she does what they want. Kristen realizes they are double crossing Brady. Gabi thinks she should be grateful to have a choice and tells her to take her time, then warns her not to take that long. Kristen argues that it’s obvious the video has been doctored and no judge will believe such a disgusting farce. Stefan points out that Kristen finally has everything she ever wanted and asks if she’s really willing to risk it all. Stefan asks what’s more important; her DiMera voting power or a long lasting healthy relationship with her daughter?

Steve tells Kayla that he hates that she and Stephanie were on their own for so many years and he’ll always regret not being there. Kayla admits it was hard, but then one miraculous day, he walked back in to her life and she counts her blessings every day because she honestly thought she would live her life, never feeling true love again. Steve asks what if the same is true for Chad and he can never get over Abigail. Kayla responds that they just have to let them figure it out for themselves and all they can do as Stephanie’s parents is be there for her no matter what happens.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie. Stephanie knows he’s suffered a great loss and she hates that she may be coming off as insecure or impatient, but she has her own baggage and it might not compare to his but she refuses to make herself small to be in this relationship. Chad argues that he’s not asking her to do that but she needs to tell him how she feels because he’s not psychic. Stephanie wants him to acknowledge that this isn’t easy for her either but says it doesn’t compare to what he’s gone through. Stephanie calls what happened to Abigail such a tragedy. Chad urges her to talk to him. Stephanie then brings up what happened with her ex in Seattle that ghosted her and says it seems terribly insensitive to seem like she’s feeling sorry for herself about that when nobody died and it was just hurtful. Chad understands it was obviously very painful for her. Stephanie admits that she thought things were going really well and she was falling hard for the guy and thought he felt the same, but then he suddenly disappeared on her. Stephanie guesses deep down, she’s worried that Chad will do the same thing. Chad assures that he would never do that to her. Stephanie explains that she got her heart broken before because she misread the situation, so she doesn’t want to do that again but it looks like she already has misread the situation because she thought Chad wanted to marry her. Chad insists that he does, eventually. Stephanie wishes she could believe that. Chad tells Stephanie that he loves her. Stephanie then remarks that he just doesn’t love her as much as his dead wife. Stephanie then storms out of the Pub and walks away as someone watches from the bushes.

Marlena tells Brady about how she tried to drop off a little Halloween bag for Rachel but Kristen wouldn’t let her visit with her. Brady points that out as Kristen being unreasonable. Brady says at least Tate got to spend a little time with Rachel and tried to talk him up to her but he doesn’t think it worked. Brady is sure that Kristen is already working on turning Rachel against her. Marlena doesn’t believe she would do that but Brady says she already is. Brady remarks that Kristen is going to warp Rachel’s mind the same way that Stefano warped Kristen’s and he’s not going to let that happen. Marlena remembers when Kristen first came to Salem and how Stefano had everyone believing that John was the evil one. Brady states that’s why he knows Marlena understands more than anyone that he needs to keep Rachel out of Kristen’s grasp. Marlena admits she understands but she hates what it’s doing to Brady because this is not who he is. Marlena gets a text from the hospital and has to go see a patient. Marlena tells Brady that she hopes he gets his daughter back, but this is not the way to do it as she then exits.

Kristen returns to the living room with her DiMera shares. Stefan thinks she’s making the right decision. Kristen thinks Dimitri had the right idea when he pulled a gun on them. Gabi claims that their intention was never to take Rachel away from her, they just wanted the shares. Stefan adds that they only care about the voting power. Stefan needs Kristen to remind Peter where he’s loyal to. Kristen reminds them that this won’t give them enough power. Stefan says not yet while Gabi notes it will stop EJ from ousting Stefan. Stefan says the sooner they get the shares signed over, the sooner they delete the videos. Gabi questions what the problem is. Kristen calls it too hard to swallow and says she wants to take her chances with the judge and tell them to go to Hell.

Kate returns to Chad and tells him that the kids finally found a suitable film in Roman’s collection, settling on Labyrinth. Kate then asks where Stephanie is. Chad responds that Stephanie is gone.

Stephanie goes home to her and Chad’s apartment. Someone approaches the door after she heads inside.

EJ joins Kristen in the living room. Kristen stops EJ and tells him that she doesn’t have her shares and that he lost because she signed her shares over to the demonic duo. EJ questions why she would do that. Kristen responds that she had no choice.

Stefan and Gabi go to see Brady. Brady asks where the video is but Gabi reveals it’s been deleted and it’s gone for good. Brady questions what they are talking about. Stefan explains that the video was never for him to use against Kristen, but for them to use against her. Brady asks if they double crossed him. Stefan calls it nothing personal. Gabi tells him it’s done. Brady tells them to get out and calls it unbelievable as they exit.

Kate asks Chad what happened. Chad responds that they weren’t on the same page and it turned in to a fight. Kate mentions that she sensed things were getting tense and asks what it was about. Chad admits it was about Abigail.

Stephanie calls Steve and says she knows he didn’t mean to cause any trouble. Steve can hear it in her voice that he did. Stephanie informs him that she and Chad had a long talk that didn’t go well. Steve asks if he and Kayla should come over. Stephanie says no as she thinks she just needs to be alone for awhile. Steve says he loves her and they will talk soon. Stephanie says she loves him too and hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie assumes it’s trick or treaters and answers the door, but then drops her bowl of candy in shock.

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Days Short Recap Friday, October 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi edited the recording of Rachel. She told Stefan she didn’t feel good about it. She said she would be devastated if anyone accused her of abusing Arianna. He said what they were doing was terrible, but they didn’t have a choice if they wanted the shares. He said no one would ever see the video as long as Kristen does what they want. She said they also had to betray Brady to get what they wanted. He said he felt worse about that, but they didn’t have a choice. They wanted to move quickly with the plan so EJ wouldn’t get Kristen’s shares before they did. EJ and Kristen walked at the square. He told her he was concerned Stefan and Gabi would come after her the way they did Dimitri to get control of their shares. He said she should give them to him so he could protect them. She was suspicious and said she would have to think about it. Stefan called Kristen and asked her to meet him and Gabi at home. When she got there, they told her to sign her shares over to them. She laughed at them until they showed her the recording of Rachel saying her mother gave her a black eye and the video of her saying she would discipline her daughter anyway she wanted. She realized they set her up. She yelled at them but she didn’t back down.

Stefan and Gabi told Kristen they would give the video to Brady if she didn’t sign over her shares. Kristen said she was calling their bluff. She was going to take her chances with the judge. She said she didn’t want to risk losing Rachel. She signed the paper. Stefan told her she had to convince Peter to sign over his shares. When they left, EJ showed up. Kristen told him what happened. Marlena asked Brady about his deal with Gabi and Stefan. He told her they were setting Kristen up to look like she abused Rachel physically. He said he agreed to help them. She said what he was doing was wrong. He said he didn’t care. He said he wanted his daughter back no matter what he had to do. She tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to change his mind. She had to leave to go to the hospital. After she left, Gabi and Stefan showed up. They told Brady they deleted the videos because they made a deal with Kristen. He was upset that they double crossed him, but they didn’t care. Chad asked Stephanie if Steve was right about her wanting to get married. She said she did want to get married, but he wasn’t ready. She said she lied so she wouldn’t pressure him. He wasn’t happy that she lied to him. They argued over his feelings for her and Abby. Stephanie told him he didn’t understand how hard it was for her competing with his dead wife and losing. He said he could see marriage for them, but he wasn’t ready. He was still grieving Abby. He said he loved her. She said he didn’t love her the way he loved Abby.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was talking to Sloan about the custody case. Maggie showed up. He was happy to see her, but she was upset with him. She yelled at him for going after full custody of Victoria. He said Sarah lied to him about being the baby’s father. He said she lied to him too. Maggie apologized to him for not telling him. She said she tried to get Sarah to tell him the truth but she was Sarah’s mother and had to respect her decision. He said he understood and apologized to her for yelling at her especially now. She said it has been hard, but Konstantin has been there for her. He said he was glad that Konstantin was there for her. He said Konstantin doesn’t like him. He said he was there for her too. She said she hoped for the baby’s sake he and Sarah got along. Konstantin was talking to Theresa on the phone when Sarah walked in and heard him mention Xander’s name. He got off the phone and talked to Sarah. She wanted to know what he was talking about on the phone. He lied and told her he was telling someone in Greece about the things Xander has done. He said they all knew his reputation and didn’t like him. She talked to him about the custody case. He said he supported her. She said she was trying to look like the perfect parent for her daughter. She said she knew how to do it. She wanted the nanny to put Victoria down for a nap, but he offered to do it. She handed him the baby and left. He insulted Victor to the baby. He said he was going to get all of Victor’s money.

When Maggie went home, Konstantin gave her a portrait of Victor. She loved the portrait. He put it on the mantle. She left to fix her makeup. Konstantin told Victor’s portrait that he was going to steal all of his wife’s money. Marlena, Steve and Kayla put Halloween bags together at the pub. Kate brought Thomas and Charlotte to the pub. Kayla pulled Steve to the side and told him to leave Chad alone about marrying Stephanie. She told him about Chad and Stephanie’s conversation. Chad and Stephanie showed up at the pub. Steve wanted to talk to Chad. Steve said he heard Chad was talking to Stephanie about marriage. Chad said he and Stephanie were on the same page when it came to marriage. Steve told him he was wrong. He said if Chad wasn’t going to marry her he needed to end it for her sake and the kids. Stephanie came over and asked if everything was okay. Steve said everything was okay. Chad asked Kate to watch the kids so he could talk to Stephanie. Stephanie wanted to know what was going on. He said he had to ask her something important. He said he needed her to be honest with him. He asked if she meant it when she said she didn’t want to get married now. Sarah met with Kayla at her office in the hospital. Sarah told Kayla about the custody battle. Sarah said it would look better for the court if she had a job. She asked if there were any openings. Kayla asked if she was ready to go back to work. Sarah said she didn’t have a choice. Kayla told her a part-time job was opening up. Sarah said she would take it. When Sarah left, Steve showed up and said he did something that could hurt Stephanie and Chad’s relationship.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Gabi she was having lunch with EJ. Gabi was upset that Kristen was getting closer to EJ. Stefan was playing 20 Questions with Rachel. He said he found a way for her to get tickets to see Taylor Swift. He said she had to enter a costume contest. He said Gabi would help her with a winning idea. When Kristen left, Gabi told Stefan they had to step up their plan. Rachel came back in the room. Stefan left Gabi and Rachel to put Rachel’s costume on. Gabi did her makeup. She gave Rachel a black eye and a cut on her lip. She made a recording saying Kristen gave her the injuries. Brady talked to Marlena about Tate. He thought Tate was trying to get fired. Marlena said it was good that he was holding Tate accountable. He admitted that he was over parenting Tate to make up for losing Rachel. He said that might be changing because he had a chance to get custody. He told her about Gabi’s offer to help him get custody. Marlena was skeptical of it working, She wondered if Gabi and Stefan had an ulterior motive. Brady said he didn’t care. He said he wanted his daughter back. She wondered if they were doing something illegal. He said he didn’t care if they were. He said Kristen played dirty so he had to as well. She asked if there was a way they could co-parent Rachel, but he said there wasn’t. Stefan showed up after Marlena left. Stefan wanted to make sure Brady was in on the plan. Brady said he was. They buried their grudge. Brady asked what he needed him to do. Stefan told him to intercept Kristen on her way to the Bistro and start a fight with her. Brady agreed to do it.

Kristen thought about her conversation with Brady in the courtroom after she got custody. Marlena ran into her. She told Kristen she had a goodie bag for her. Kristen didn’t want it. Ava and Gil argued in the town square. Harris and Jada showed up. They wondered if something was wrong. Ava said she was fine. Harris asked about the guy she was with. She said he was the new owner of the Bistro and her new boss. Gil was surprised to find out Harris and Jada were cops. He said he was giving Ava a tour of the kitchen. Harris was suspicious. When Ava and Gil left, Harris told Jada that something was off about Gil. He asked her what she thought about it. She said he was being overprotective. He admitted that he might be overprotective. Gil questioned Ava about her relationship with Harris. She said they were close. She said it would be suspicious if she cut ties with him now. She said if he wanted her she was stuck with Harris too. He said her connection to Harris and the police department might help them get information about the police department. Brady saw Kristen at the Bistro. He started a fight with her about Rachel’s grades. He yelled at her for making Rachel do extra work. Kristen said she did it as a consequence for Rachel not doing her homework. He yelled at her until she told him she could punish her daughter any way she felt fit. She didn’t notice Stefan recording them.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: You know, why does it feel like I just got caught sneaking into my parents’ liquor cabinet.

Nate: I don’t know, Adam. Have you been caught? What are you doing in here?

Adam: Why do you care?

Nate: Oh, that you’re sneaking around victor’s office, sitting in his chair like you own the place. Why would that concern me, Adam?

Adam: Look, I just was–

Nate: Fantasizing what it would be like, huh?

Adam: Um, I don’t need to fantasize since I’ve actually run this company.

Nate: But right now, you work for me. You know I’m gonna have to tell Victor, right?

Adam: And that would be fine. But okay, I admit it, technically, I should have run this by you first. I’m supposed to report to you and I shouldn’t be taking orders from anybody else in the company, but he is, you know, my dad


Adam: Nick. Look, I realize that I’m the last person that you want to deal with right now.

Nick: Way to read the room.

Adam: Listen, wait, wait. Can we please just put everything else aside for a minute and talk about dad? Because I’m really concerned something’s wrong with him.

Nick: You know, the first time Vic brought this up, that she thought that dad was acting confused, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I just thought that she was exaggerating because she was bitter that dad demoted her.

Adam: Okay. Well then, what changed?

Nick: Dad’s the smartest person in every room, you know? He’s always three steps ahead.

Adam: Yeah, and yet, he’s done some questionable things lately that things that the smartest man in the room would not do.

Nick: But wouldn’t it be just like dad to do something like this as part of a grand plan?


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GH Short Recap Friday, October 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Laura tells Alexis the details of her search for Nikolas. Alexis advises Laura to let Nikolas come home on his own because like all the Cassidine family he is an expert at hiding.

Esme asks Alexis for a raise because she has feelings for Spencer and needs to move out of Kevin and Laura’s apartment.

Cyrus stops by Ava’s gallery to buy some art but Trina refuses to sell anything to the man who held her mother hostage. Cyrus asks Trina for forgiveness, but Trina tells Cyrus she won’t forgive him and if he ever comes near her or her family she will call the police.

TJ is treating Mason when Mason says something that makes TJ remember that Mason was one of the men who held him hostage. TJ tells Jordan what he remembered but she tells him the DA would not bring charges against Mason because the case is weak since TJ was blindfolded the entire time he was held hostage.

Finn and Elizabeth enjoy their weekend in Vermont. Mason tells Austin he is going to tell the police they both kidnapped Ava because, if he is going to jail, Austin is going to go down with him. Austin puts something in Mason’s IV. TJ is in the hallway walking by Mason’s room and he looks through the window and sees Austin smothering Mason with a pillow.

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