Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava talked to Harris about her visit with Tripp. He was happy that her visit went well. She was hopeful that she will have more visits. She felt like Tripp is the one thing she did right. She got serious and told him that she had to take responsibility for Susan’s death. He tried to assure her that it wasn’t her fault. He also talked to her about his therapy. They continued to connect with each other. She felt like she was getting better. She screamed when she saw Susan. Kristen read about Victor’s death in the paper. She thought about when she tried to kill him. She wasn’t sad about his death. A man named Elliott Roth was there to see Dimitri. He was a lawyer for the Van Leischner family. He was there to give Dimitri his first installment of his money. She tried to get Elliott to leave the check with her, but he couldn’t do that. He had to make sure the marriage was valid. She was willing to vouch for him since she was at the wedding. Gabi and Stefan arrived so Kristen lied about who Elliott was. Kristen told Elliott that Gabi was a golddigger so she couldn’t know about Dimitri’s money. She promised him that Dimitri would be home soon. He told her that he would be at the Salem Inn.

Gwen walked in the room and saw Dimitri working out. She was happy that he was feeling better. He credited it to her loving attention to him. She wanted to spend time with him. He thought about being with Leo and suggested that he come with them. She appreciated him wanting to include Leo in their plans. Leo arrived and was surprised to see Gwen. He covered by saying he was sad about Victor’s death. Gwen tried to comfort Leo and went to get him ice cream. Dimitri and Leo started making out when Kristen called. She told Dimitri that Elliott Page was at the mansion and that he had to get home. When Gwen came back, he told her that they had to leave immediately.

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