Days Short Recap Friday, July 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Belle about Kristen and Rachel. He told Belle that Marlena went to talk to Kristen. Belle was upset that she went to see Kristen. Brady assured her that she would be safe. He knew she could handle Kristen. She told him about Shawn’s suspension for drinking on the job. He offered to talk to him. Marlena wanted to know about Rachel, but Kristen wasn’t saying anything until they revisited the custody agreement. She said she might be able to tell where Rachel was if they had joint custody of Rachel. After Marlena talked to Kristen, she ran into Brady and Belle. She told Brady about Kristen’s demands. He didn’t want to give in to Kristen. Marlena told him that any judge would give Kristen some visitation. She thought it was better for the time being. Brady finally gave in, and Belle left to work out the custody agreement. Steve questioned Whitley about her resignation. She told him that she was going back to Arizona to be with her family. She was surprised that he knew so much about her family. He knew about her past because of her background check. He let her know that it happened when Abe disappeared. She looked scared, but he assured her that she was okay. Whitley tried to throw suspicion by telling him that Jerry was around Abe’s room the day he went missing. Brady took the agreement to Kristen. She was happy he was willing to see things her way. He was about to sign the paper and ripped it up.

Lani told Jerry that her family still had questions about Abe’s disappearance since they never found his body. Jerry felt guilty and finally confessed that he made the story up about Abe falling in the water. Lani wanted to know what he meant. He said he lied about everything. He confessed the entire story. He told her that Abe was still alive and being drugged in Whitley’s apartment. Abe kept watching Body & Soul and hallucinated that he was part of the show. He saw a character named Sandra and remembered they had a daughter. Jerry was rushing to finish packing so he could leave town. Steve pounded on his door. Abe heard someone knocking on Whitley’s door. He couldn’t move because of the drugs that Whitley gave him. Lani broke down the door and was surprised to see Abe in Whitley’s place.

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