GH Short Recap Monday, September 11, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Curtis goes to The Savoy for the first time since his accident. His staff welcomes him back. TJ, Molly and Jordan join him there. TJ and Molly tell them that they’re waiting to see if their surrogate is pregnant or not, so they toast that. Curtis still has doubts about his new life, even though Jordan tells him that he’s doing great.

Esme finds Spencer putting gourmet food out on their table and assumes it’s for them, but it’s for him and Trina. Trina isn’t too happy when Spencer offers to have Esme and Ace join them. Esme leaves and Spencer tells Trina how much he loves her and doesn’t care about Esme. He gives her two porcelain-looking white turtle doves, so she gives him one and keeps the other one as a symbol of their undying love.

Maxie and her kids are settling in their new place. Felicia and Mac drop by to help. Felicia and Maxie confer about the Deception lawsuit and how Felicia and Lucy know Jackson. Maxie is worried that she just moved into a big new house and bought lots of stuff when her job is up in the air. Mac takes the kids to the grocery store so they can have a cookout. They also stop at Kelly’s for dessert. Georgie tells Mac that she’s worried about how her mom is feeling about the move. Mac learns that James told the other kids that Mac is a hero, like his dad. The kids and Maxie love the new house.

Esme takes Ace to Kelly’s. She also asks Carly about a room there. Finn, Elizabeth, Jake and Violet go to Kelly’s before their softball game. Violet is very competitive. Jake stays behind when they all leave to have a date with Charlotte.

Kristina, Michael, Dante, Dex and Nina go to the courthouse to support Sonny for his hearing. The FBI attorney has to tell the judge that they don’t have the evidence they thought they did, so they release Sonny. Sonny’s kids and Nina are very happy to hear that. Sonny tells Dex that the Pikeman crates had coffee beans, not guns like the Feds thought. Dex doesn’t look too pleased at this outcome. Michael tells Carly what happened, and she’s relieved.

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