Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 4, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Michael gets Diane a new bail hearing and the judge puts Diane under house arrest with an ankle monitor until the trial.

Tucker tells Devon he sold McCall Unlimited to Victor but he is staying in Genoa City. Tucker tells Devon he wants to build a relationship with him and Dominic. Tucker wants to produce a Jazz festival to honor Neil and Devon tells him he needs time to think about the offer. Tucker also tells Devon he moved in with Ashley.

Elena demands the truth from Nate about what is going on between him and Victoria. Nate tells Elena he and Victoria slept together but he didn’t intend for it to happen. Elena calls Nate a cheat and a liar and ends their relationship.

Daniel finally believes Summer is telling him the truth about Phyllis being alive. Daniel wants to tell Chance so Diane can go free and Chance can help Phyllis because she killed Jeremy in self-defense. Summer worries that Daniel will tell Chance Phyllis is alive.

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