GH Short Recap Friday, December 29, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer finds out that Trina has been accepted into an art program at the Sorbonne in Paris and he accepts Trina’s invitation to go with her to Paris.

Esme goes to the prison to visit her mom Heather. Heather figures out that Esme has her memory back and advises her not to tell anyone for Ava’s sake. Esme goes to the waterfront to watch the fireworks and sees Spencer and Trina watching the fireworks together and doesn’t look happy to see them together.

Alexis and Gregory skydive together even though Alexis is very nervous about jumping out of a plane. When they finish the dive Alexis is glad she did it because it was beautiful to see Port Charles from the sky. Gregory kisses Alexis and then they watch the fireworks together.

Michael and Carly spend New Years Eve at the Savoy together and Ned and Carly argue because Carly wants to know why he turned her and Drew into the SEC. Ned almost tells Carly the truth but Michael stops him from doing it by reminding him about the ELQ shares he gave him.

Lois and Olivia are also at the Savoy and Lois figures out Nina turned Carly and Drew into the SEC. Olivia begs Lois not to say anything in order to keep peace in the family. Lois decides Sonny needs to know and she tells Sonny his family has been lying to him.

Cyrus tells Nina if she doesn’t tell Sonny the truth he will do it. Cyrus and Nina have a long talk and Nina decides that she should be the one to tell Sonny the truth.

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