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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman went to John and Marlena’s place. When John was about to tell Roman about Marlena, she came out. Roman was shocked to see her. He asked her about Kate. Harris thought about the deal he made with Bo not to tell anyone that he is alive. Hope went to see him. She wondered why Megan would lie about Thomas taking Kayla. Harris said he had something to tell her. Steve told Kayla that once Bo brought her the equipment for the serum, they would have chemicals. He said they could disarm Bo and be free. Bo came in the wine cellar and told Kayla they were leaving. He said he found a Titan research lab with everything she needed for the serum. Steve said Kayla was leaving over his dead body. Bo said that could be arranged. At Statesville, a guard brought Megan to see Andrew. He told her the deal was off since she lied about who took Kayla. She stood by her story. He said Thomas was in a sex club when Kate was killed and Kayla disappeared. He said there were witnesses that could testify seeing him there. He threatened her unless she told him who took Kayla. Chad and Stephanie talked about who kidnapped her parents. Chad said the kidnapper hasn’t asked for a ransom and let Kayla use the phone. He said the person wasn’t a real criminal. He said the person probably wasn’t taking orders from Megan because she was in prison. He said their best clue was Kayla saying Victor’s name. He said she was probably at one of his properties. Bo told Steve separating them gives Kayla an incentive to so what he wanted. He said they could go back to their lives once he got the serum. Steve asked what would happen if someone came looking for them. Bo said that wouldn’t happen. He said someone came by but they wouldn’t be back. Steve and Kayla wanted to know who it was. Bo said it didn’t matter. He took Kayla out of the wine cellar. Steve banged on the door.

Harris told Hope how much he cared about her. He apologized for the role he played in what her family was going through. She said she knew he was doing all he could to help. She said she hoped the sketch artist would give them a lead. Chad and Stephanie called to let Hope know they were searching the properties on the list. Harris started to feel guilty. Marlena told Roman that Kate was alive, but she was killed on the island. He wondered whose ashes he had. She told him Steve went looking for Kayla. He wanted to choke Megan. John told them Hope and Harris were looking for Kayla. Roman wondered if Harris could be trusted. Kayla started to get through to Bo, but it didn’t last. He told her once he had the serum, he would sell it to the highest bidder. He said everyone would know their names. She said she didn’t want this. Bo said that was the Brady way – humble and quiet. He said he was never those things. He left the lab and locked her in. Hope told Harris they should go to the police. He said there was no need to do that. He said he lied when he told her he didn’t find anything at Victor’s. She said she should go there and find out on her own. They kissed before she left. Megan called Harris. She said if he wanted a chance with Hope, he had to take her far away. He said it was too late for both of them. Chad found a locked door. Kayla grabbed a tray as the door handle moved. Stephanie picked the lock. Kayla raised the tray over her head when Chad and Stephanie came in the room. Kayla put the tray down and hugged Stephanie. Andrew went to John and Marlena’s place. He told them Megan changed her story. He said the person who took Kayla was Bo. Hope had her gun when she looked around Victor’s childhood home. Someone came in behind her. She turned around and pointed her gun. She was shocked when she saw Bo.

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