Days Short Recap Thursday, February 23, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Nicole that he thought Stefan was drugging him. He said Stefan didn’t forgive him for keeping his brainwashing a secret. He realized that Nicole’s drink was drugged too. She said she knew she wasn’t a lightweight. She wanted to confront Stefan about what he did, but EJ stopped her. He said they needed proof first. He said when he made his move, Stefan wouldn’t see it coming. She said he wouldn’t see them coming. Li wanted to seal his deal with Gabi with a kiss. She said their deal was strictly business. She signed the paperwork. He put her wedding ring back on her finger. He gave her a packet of stock certificates. He said all she had to do was pack. He said he would find a nice place for them to live. Eric brought Rolf to his room where Brady had Stefan tied to the bed. Brady told Rolf to get started. Rolf told him he couldn’t because he didn’t have the equipment. Brady and Eric tried to convince Rolf that he could overcome anything. Rolf and Eric went to the pub to get supplies. Eric asked if it would work. Rolf said it would most likely work. Brady told Stefan that he would be thankful when it was over. He said once Chloe was out of Stefan’s life, he would realize that was what he wanted all along. Stefan wanted to know if he got a say in this. Brady said he would be with Chloe.

Sloan got an alert on her phone that Rolf was free. She walked off. Rafe was upset that Eric tricked them to get Rolf to sign the statement. Jada said they could use it to get their arrest warrant. She said it might put a smile on his face. She said she hadn’t seen him smile in a while. While they were waiting for the warrant, Sloan showed up. She wanted answers from Rafe. Rafe told her Rolf signed the confession which freed him, per the plea deal he wanted. She noticed her copy of the confession missing from her pocketbook. She thought Brady took it. Rafe and Jada told her Eric stole it. Sloan went to the pub and yelled at Eric. Rolf fired her. He went upstairs. She was upset with Eric for betraying her. She told him he wouldn’t get away with it. He said that sounded like a threat. He warned her to be careful if she enjoyed her law license. She said they were through and left. Wei went to see Li. Wei yelled at him for EJ for what was going on with the stock. Wei said with Li out of DiMera he didn’t have anyone to fix the damage. Li said he would be back at the company soon enough. He said his lawyer was keeping Rolf from signing the statement, so he didn’t have to worry. Li said he was getting back together with Gabi. He said he signed over his shares to Gabi. Wei slapped him. Wei yelled at him. He got an alert that Rolf was released. When Li tried to get in touch with Sloan, Rafe and Jada showed up with the warrant for his arrest. Rolf was getting the equipment ready. Stefan tried to convince him not to do the deprogramming. Brady told him to finish what he started. Rolf told Brady to connect the pictures on his phone to a projector.

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