GH Short Recap Friday, February 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth decides to turn herself in to the police tomorrow but, while she waits, she goes to Curtis and Portia’s wedding with Finn.

Spencer goes to Wyndamere to talk to Ava about what happened with Nikolas last night. Ava tells Spencer that she and Nikolas argued and he decided to leave town. Ava decides that she and Austin must move Nikolas’ body after they return from Curtis and Portia’s wedding.

Nina gives Willow the half heart necklace that she would have given to Nell when she thought she only had one daughter. Willow turns her back on Nina, so Nina puts the necklace on Willow’s bed.

Willow and Michael talk about how he is going to handle things if she dies. Willow asks Michael to marry her so she can be his wife right now.

Jordan arrives at Portia’s wedding to try one more time to persuade her to tell Curtis the truth about Trina before she marries him.

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