Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 3, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nate and Victoria drink single malt scotch while they talk about how they will get Omega Sphere and gain control of McCall Unlimited. A tipsy Victoria gives Nate a kiss and then leaves Nate’s office because she is embarrassed by her actions.

Billy and Chelsea have a nice dinner and then they tell each other that their friendship is important to them.

Jack and Diane have a romantic dinner and he tells her the story of the teardrop of love necklace.

Sally tells Nick she is scared she won’t be a good mother because she never had an example of how to be a mother. Nick assures Sally she will be a good mother and he will help her every step of the way. Nick and Sally have sex and afterwards Sally tells Nick there is a chance Adam could be the father of her baby.

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