GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Gregory accepts the job on the editorial board of The Invader because he misses working with Alexis at the paper. Gregory also tells Alexis he needs a friend to help him go through his ALS with him.

Victor leaves Nikolas some property in Chechnya and leaves the deed to the property with Spencer until Nikolas returns home. Laura thinks Nikolas may be in Chechnya and decides to go search for him.

Trina gets the DNA test results which say Curtis is her biological father. Trina tells Curtis she is not looking for a replacement father and Curtis agrees to let Trina decide where their relationship will go.

TJ tells Michael that Willow’s bone marrow transplant is complete and she will need to stay in the hospital two to six weeks until the transplanted bone marrow starts making healthy cells. TJ tells Michael that they have to monitor Willow to make sure she doesn’t get an infection or reject the transplant. TJ tells Michael if everything goes well Willow will make a full recovery.

Josslyn tells Michael to give the video evidence that he has on Sonny to Carly to give to the Justice Department.

Anna gets arrested by the WSB and she doesn’t know the reason why she is being arrested.

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