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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li and Gabi got into an argument when they talked about him tracking her phone. He reminded her about the clause in their contract about the shares. He reminded her that if she’s with Stefan, she will ruin her chances of running DiMera Enterprises. She was more determined than ever to get the shares and run the company with Stefan. EJ and Stefan had a conversation. EJ called him out for going back on his promise to forgive him for not saying anything about the brainwashing. EJ wanted to know if they were at war. Stefan told him they were at war. EJ was impressed that he came up with the drug. Stefan was equally impressed that he figured out that he was drugging him. Stefan got coffee. They went back and forth about whether it was drugged. They continued to talk about the company. They ended up talking about how important family is and how they slept with Abby. EJ told him that she wasn’t married and was in her right frame of mind when he slept with her. EJ reminded Stefan that Gabi wasn’t to be trusted. He told him that she was only interested in success. She didn’t care if she had to get Stefan out of her way to get it. Stefan told him that they loved each other. EJ and Stefan agreed that they didn’t want to risk the company over their war. EJ said he had to accept that Gabi might be back at the company again. He realized he had six months to prepare for it. EJ wanted to make a toast to their truce. EJ sent a text and Stefan got suspicious about it. EJ assured him that he had nothing to worry about from him. Stefan left to go to the office. EJ told Stefano’s portrait that he could still destroy Stefan because he learned from the best.

Xander was shocked that Gwen slept with Alex. He didn’t believe it, but Gwen confirmed it. She said it didn’t have anything to do with him. She told him what happened. Xander let her know that she was just another notch in Alex’s bedpost. She wasn’t worried about it. He didn’t want her to get hurt. She reminded him that he was the one who hurt her. She didn’t want to hear about his concerns because she was over him. She told him that the paper was hers and she wanted him to leave. He reminded her that he still owned half of the paper and he wanted to make sure that it was running smoothly. She agreed to that, but told him to leave her personal life alone. They ended up getting into an argument. Alex called Leo out for ruining his life. He threatened Leo. Leo tried to apologize to him. He wanted to make his column a good one. Alex informed him that he might let him leave if he kept his name out of his column. Alex had to go to the office. Leo wanted to know about Alex’s romance with Gwen. He thought Leo was getting info for his column. Leo reminded him that Gwen owned the paper so she wouldn’t let him destroy him. Alex and Xander ran into each other. Xander warned him to stay away from Gwen. He planned on making Alex pay if he didn’t stay away from Gwen. They started arguing again. Xander warned him to stay away from Gwen or he would pay for it.

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