Days Short Recap Friday, November 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda told Sloan and Eric that she had a baby boy for them. They were excited and Eric left to buy things for the baby. After he left, Sloan knew something was wrong with Melinda. She told Sloan that the baby was promised to another couple. Melinda planned to bribe the couple’s lawyer so they would lose the baby. Sloan panicked about it. Melinda warned her that they needed that baby because another one won’t come for a long time. Melinda offered to call off the deal with the other lawyer, but Sloan told her not to do it. She told Sloan that nothing else would matter once they hold their baby in their hands. Roman shocked Nicole when he told her that she and EJ got married the same day Eric and Sloan did. She was surprised that Eric got married. She left the pub and ran into Eric. Nicole noticed the baby things he bought. She asked him if that meant he and Sloan had a baby. Nicole was happy for them, but she wondered why he didn’t tell her they got married the same day. He explained why he didn’t tell her about his wedding. He had mixed feelings about it. Melinda got a call from the lawyer telling her the deal was off.

Chad ran into EJ at the town square. He talked to him about Everett staying in town. EJ advised him to buy the newspaper so he could be Everett’s boss. Everett went to see Stephanie. She informed him that he couldn’t show up unannounced. He apologized, but he needed her help with the paper. Everett informed her what happened at the paper. He wanted the paper to distance itself from Leo, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. They continued talking until Chad arrived. She informed him that The Spectator was their new client. Dimitri and Leo didn’t expect Jada to show up at the motel. She told them they were under arrest and drew her gun. Jada wanted Leo to put the handcuffs on Dimitri. He told her that his wrists were too big. She looked down to get her zip ties, and Dimitri took his gun from her to use against her. Jada told him that backup was on the way. Dimitri and Leo didn’t believe her. Dimitri demanded her keys, and she gave them to him. He wanted to kill Jada, but Leo didn’t think he should do it. Leo reminded Dimitri that he wasn’t a killer. Dimitri decided to knock her out instead of killing her. He threw the gun on the bed before they left the motel. Dimitri and Leo took Jada’s car to meet Rolf. Leo told him that Rolf wasn’t going to wait much longer. They needed to get there. Dimitri drove faster to get to the submarine in time. Nicole was on the road to meet EJ. Leo warned Dimitri to slow down because the road was slick. He told him that he drifted to the other lane. Nicole saw headlights and screamed.

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