Days Short Recap Monday, April 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex went to see Marlena to see if there was any news about Kayla. She let him know that she hadn’t heard anything. He was hoping there would be some news so he could be redeemed. She wondered if he wanted another chance with Stephanie and he admitted that he did. He thought the therapy was helping, but he didn’t think he needed it anymore. Kristen tried to call Brady, but he wouldn’t answer the phone. She got upset and yelled. Someone told her to take it easy. It turned out to be Megan. Kristen noted how good she looked for a dead person. Megan told her what her secret was for looking good. She told Kristen about the crimes that led her to prison. Kristen realized she lied about Thomas Banks taking Kayla. She wondered who took Kayla. She knew it couldn’t be Stefano or Bo since they were both dead. She realized what happened to Megan and wondered Bo was alive. Megan didn’t trust her enough to let her know yet. She wanted to settle in at the prison. Brady told John about Stephanie mentioning Victor under hypnosis. He said that Victor didn’t know anything about Kayla’s kidnapping. Chad and Stephanie flew to Greece to check his properties. Brady hoped they weren’t walking into a trap. John wanted to help with the search, but he didn’t want to be away from Marlena. Brady understood that. He mentioned Chloe and what’s going on between her and Rachel. John warned him that cutting Kristen out will only make Rachel more resistant to Chloe.

Bo deleted Stephanie’s text to Steve. Hope was worried because she didn’t hear from Steve. She suddenly received a text from him. The text said he was with Stephanie. She texted him back about what’s going on with the search for Thomas. Harris and Hope talk about their dance and the kiss they shared at the tavern. There was a knock on the door so Harris left to change. Hope answered the door and it was Chad and Stephanie. Bo was upset about the text he just sent to Hope pretending to be Steve. He brought food for Steve and Kayla to eat. He demanded that Kayla get started on the prism. He said that Stephanie was on the island and Hope was searching so the time was winding down. Steve threw his stew on Bo and they fought over the gun. Hope mentioned that Steve texted her that he was with Stephanie. Stephanie told her that she hadn’t seen him since they left Salem. Harris thought they should go to the police station since that’s the last time he was seen. Chad told them they had a lead. He told them that they had a list of Victor’s properties. Hope said she would go to the station while Chad and Harris divide the properties. Chad and Stephanie left to start searching. Hope thanked Harris for his help with her family. He wanted to help her since she gave him back his life. Bo got the upper hand in the fight. He aimed the gun at Steve. Steve told him to pull the trigger. Bo agreed and shot at him. He was splashed with wine. Bo warned him that it would be his brain next time. Steve yelled at him for trying to be corrupt. Bo told him that he shot Kate. Steve and Kayla try to use his kids and grandkids to get him to change his mind. He thought that made what he was doing more important. He demanded that she get back to work. She said she needed a lab and equipment. He told her that he would get her what she needed. Steve told Kayla the fact that Bo didn’t shoot him proves that he isn’t completely different. He knew Hope and Harris would find them. Hope arrived at the police station. She showed the police a picture of Steve. The officer said the director of the ISA took him into custody. Hope showed him a picture of Shane. The officer told her that wasn’t the man who took him. She wondered who took Steve. Bo opened the door to Harris.

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