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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina went into the interrogation room yelling at Colin to tell her where Abe was. Rafe tried to pull her away when Sloan walked in. Sloan said Colin had nothing to do with Abe’s disappearance. Colin said he would take them to him if they let him out of there. Whitley listened to Rafe’s message. She watched Abe sleeping. He had a dream about Paulina. He dreamt that he saw her at the hospital. When he woke up, he told Whitley that he had a dream about her, but she didn’t look like herself. While Colin and Sloan were alone, she asked him to tell her the truth. He said he didn’t know anything about the mayor. He said it was the perfect way to escape. He said he didn’t want to go to prison. She told him he didn’t have a choice. Abe told Whitley that she looked different in the dream. She went to make him eggs and sausage. He said she must have memory problems too since he hates sausage. He asked her to turn on the TV. She told him they had to stay away from the news. He asked if she was his wife or mother. She said she had to watch out for his mood swings. He picked up the remote control.

Paulina told Rafe she wasn’t leaving the station until she found out what Colin knew. Sloan showed up and told them Colin didn’t know anything about Abe. Jada told Talia turning Colin in helped her case. Talia said she wasn’t a hero. She said she was scared of him. She said she got an adrenaline rush when she thought he forgave her and almost left with him. She was upset that she betrayed him. Jada said she should see a therapist to work out her feelings. Talia said she didn’t see a point since she was going to prison. Jada asked where the strong woman she knew went. Talia said it was all an act. She said she didn’t think she measured up, so she pressured herself to succeed. Jada complimented her. She apologized to Talia for not knowing she was suffering. Jada suggested she talk to Marlena. Talia agreed to talk to her. Abe couldn’t get the cable to work. Whitley told him she couldn’t afford to pay the bill. She unplugged the TV. He asked if he had a job. She said he was retired. She said he used to own an ice cream shop. She said he could watch 15 years of her favorite stories on tape. When she was about to leave for work, she told him not to open the door to anyone especially the police since his assailant was impersonating a police officer. Rafe went to find Whitley. Jada told Sloan that Melinda was on her way to throw the book at Colin. Sloan said Colin wouldn’t plead guilty. She said she didn’t like what her brother did, but she still loved him. She said she assumed Jada felt the same way. They ended up arguing. She told Jada to stop worrying about Colin and focus on finding Abe who disappeared on her watch. Rafe showed up at Whitley’s place while Abe was watching TV.

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