Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Faith decides to return to college to take some summer classes because she can’t go to the places she loves in town without thinking about what Cameron did to her.

Nick tries to persuade Sally to forgive Adam because he was faced with an impossible and heartbreaking choice. Nick also tells Sally that Adam is grieving the loss of the baby too.

Nick asks Sally to live with him and tells her to think about it before she answers him..

Adam later goes to talk to Sally who is pretending to be asleep and he explains that he loved the baby and is heartbroken that he didn’t get to meet her. Adam explains to Sally that he saved her life because he loves her and even if they aren’t together he couldn’t imagine a world without her in it. Adam tells Sally that he hopes she can someday forgive him but he understands if she can’t forgive him. Adam tells Sally that he will never forgive himself for hurting her.

Nikki tells Victoria that she should let Nick decide if he needs time off to get over his trauma. Nikki tells Victoria that she won’t support her if she forces Nick to take a leave of absence.

Nick tells Victoria working will help him heal but she tells him that the decision has already been made. He must step away from his job.

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