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Konstantin from Days


-Konstantin could be heard talking to Maggie while Kayla was shown.

-Jada could be heard talking while Konstantin was shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking to Jada while Maggie was shown.

-When Jada looked for a picture of Everett on her phone, she basically went right to it.

-Chanel could be heard talking to Johnny while Kayla was shown.


-The music playing in Sloan’s scene could be heard while Roman and Kate were shown.

-Alex could be heard opening a door while Brady was shown.

-Ava could be heard opening a door while Theresa was shown.

-Melinda could be heard talking to Sloan while Ava was shown.


-The music in Doug and Julie’s scene could be heard while young Tom was shown.

-Leo could be heard talking while a shot of the Horton stairs was shown.

-Lucas’ flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-Stephanie could be heard closing a door while Brady was shown.

-The music playing in Everett’s scene could be heard while Stephanie was shown.

-The music playing in Rafe’s scene could be heard while Everett was shown.


-Ava’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-John could be heard talking to Steve while Ava was shown.


John from Days

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Days Transcript Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


OK, Lucas is safe now.

We thought he was safe here.

Katie, when we left Lucas, he told you– very emphatically, in fact– that he was feeling strong and positive and didn’t want you worrying about it. So how about you focus on you and me right now, OK? Especially since…

[gasps] Oh, Valentine’s Day. It totally slipped my mind.

Yeah, and that is totally understandable. Fortunately, it didn’t slip mine.

[romantic music]

[jazzy music playing]

Oh, God.

[scoffs] Come on. Come on. Where are you?



Oh. Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.

That’s OK. Is–is Dad asleep?

Yes. And we’ll–we’ll see how long he stays asleep.

I understand he’s been dealing with some insomnia.

Yeah, and some nightmares as well.

I–yeah, I don’t feel like he’s been himself lately. He’s been irritable and a little on edge. But true to form, he–he insists that he’s fine.

Yeah. Kind of like father, like son.

[dramatic music]




I know you’ve got a lot going on. I know you’re very worried about Tate. This whole situation is… heartbreaking.

And I don’t want to– I don’t want to intrude, but I should tell you that I’m a little concerned about you as well.

Should I be?

Yeah. Yeah, you should be.

[sighs] Come on, come on, come on. Enough with the damn music! Yes, hello?

What are you doing?

You don’t have any rooms? You have none? Thank you for nothing! God.

Who are you calling?

The Salem Inn, not that it’s any of your business. With the geocache event and the stupid Cupid celebrations, they’re fully booked.

OK. All right. This is crazy, Theresa, seriously. Like, you don’t have to leave.

Oh, really? Why the hell would I stay here?


I don’t want to stay here with somebody who doesn’t want me.


[sighs] Thanks for taking me home. It’s not like you needed to, though.

Yeah, I did need to, because you haven’t been eating or sleeping, so you know what? You’re gonna go in there, get in that bed. You’re not gonna come out for a while.

[scoffs] Yeah, not gonna do that. I am gonna go take a shower, though, a shot of espresso. And then I’m heading back to the hospital.

I can’t let you do that.

What are you talking about?

Ava, you can’t be wringing your hands over Harris. You need to stay away from the hospital, and stay away from him.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[scoffs] Stay away from Harris? Well, why the hell would I do that?

Ava, think about it. You and I, we’re supposed to be a thing, remember? So how do you think Clyde’s gonna react if he finds out you’ve been camping out at the hospital? It’s not gonna be good for you or me or Harris.

OK! All right.

[sighs] You know what? Tripp is–he’s working the night shift tonight, so I’ll text him. He can be my eyes and ears.

[dramatic music]

[romantic music]

[gasps] Oh, Roman. Oh!

[chuckles] All right, well, it might seem a bit “been there, done that.” But that was a couple years ago, so…

Yes, and I remember it a couple of years ago. And I remember how touched I was by all of that.

[sighs] You know, this is wonderful. There’s no “been there, done that.” This is really wonderful, and I am so grateful that you’re my valentine.

Back at you, Katie. Back at you.

So the burning question is, why on Earth would you want to meet with me on Valentine’s night when you have a hunky husband, not to mention a beautiful baby boy? You’re calling me?

[jazzy music playing]

Yeah, I am.

[sighs] I have been totally sidelined by that baby, Melinda, either pushed away or ignored completely. And I am damn sick of it.


Look, I don’t–I don’t want to pressure you into talking about this.

No, it–it’s OK. I appreciate your concern. The truth is, I’m feeling a little– a little lost, a little lonely. I mean, Valentine’s Day, it–

[scoffs] It’s a nice romantic holiday for a lot of people. But for others, it can just amplify a lot of negative feelings. I’m glad it’s almost over.

[dramatic music]

I know that Kristen had promised to let you see Rachel for Valentine’s Day. Did she follow through with that?

Yes, she did. She did. I went over to the DiMera mausoleum and I brought a teddy bear– big teddy bear– balloons and candy and everything I could think of. But there stood Kristen, and what do you know? We got into one of our box-office, drag-out fights. And it escalated, and Rachel was right there. She witnessed most of it. And she–she screamed at us. She said, stop fighting. Stop screaming, Mom and Dad. Stop. And I’m like, this is my Valentine’s Day. This is my life. I lost Chloe. I–I have a little girl that’s traumatized that I don’t have custody of. And I have a Machiavellian, insane ex-wife. I mean–

[chuckling] I mean, you know… that’s my life.


I’m sorry this is happening to you.


But Rachel is your daughter, and she loves you, and she will love you no matter– no matter what happens.

The thing is that… no matter what you’re going through with Kristen, you can’t fight in front of her. You just can’t do that.

I know. I know. I know. But damn it–damn it, Marlena. Every time I’m– I am resolved to– to take the high road with Kristen for the sake of my daughter and not expose her to the toxic relationship that is her mother and father, every single time, as soon as I get around that lunatic bitch, I lose it. And I–I–I– my resolve goes away. It just weakens and cracks, and I blow it. I blow it every time! Completely.

Theresa, can we please be reasonable, OK?

[laughing] Oh, I am being reasonable. Actually, this is the most reasonable thing that I can do.

Hey, I care about you a lot, Theresa, OK? I care about you a lot, and I think we can have a beautiful future together. I really do. But I went to a meeting for people whose loved ones are addicts, and I’m listening to all their feelings, and I’m just thinking, maybe we’re just moving a little too fast.

[sighs] OK. So–so you’re saying that I’m too much for you. Is that what you’re saying? Is that what they said to you in your little meeting, that you shouldn’t get involved with somebody who’s led a complex life? Or–or maybe don’t marry somebody who has lots of baggage, God forbid.

That’s not what I meant, and nobody said that, of course. I’m just saying– hey, I’m saying maybe we just need to slow it down a little bit, or slower. It doesn’t mean it’s harmful, OK? Listen, you have a child. You have a son. It’s not even just us.

A child? Come on, Alex. Tate is nearly an adult. Listen, why don’t you try doing one of two things here, OK? You can either tell a lie and just say that you have commitment problems, or tell the truth and just say you don’t want to be with me. So which one is it gonna be, huh?

Thank you.



[both laugh]

[scoffs] Wow.

[laughs] It’s a joke.

[laughs] You!

I am sorry. You know, I just couldn’t help myself, all right? But I will deny it if you tell anybody I did this, but I have takeout from the Bistro in the warming drawer.

Ah. My lips are sealed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making me laugh, like you always do, when I need it the most. But more importantly, thank you, my love, for always making me feel loved, always making me feel safe.

Katie, you have my heart. Always will. You are everything to me.

[romantic music]

[jazzy music playing]

Cut the guy some slack, OK? He’s a new dad, and he’s obviously very nurturing. He’s just doing his best, you know?

Oh, not with me, he’s not.

Oh, come on. The guy is–he’s crazy about you, Sloan.

No, not anymore, not since Jude came into our lives. Since Jude came into the picture, he’s the main star of the movie. I’m like some background extra, you know? It’s like–actually, I’m not even in the damn movie.


Come on. Why aren’t you replying, Tripp?

[sighs] Maybe he’s in a dead zone.

[sighs] Stefan… what–what if something happens at the hospital and I’m not there, huh? Come on. And, Tripp, why are you not replying to me?

Hey, look at me.


It’s gonna be fine, all right? Why do you need to go to the hospital anyway? It’s not like Harris is gonna know you were there.

I’m gonna know that I was there.

[dramatic music] You have any idea what it feels like, knowing that Harris went to the loading dock because he thought I asked him to? He was there because of me, and then some bastard shot him in cold blood.

[sighs] Ava, it is not your fault.

Yeah? Well, it sure as hell feels like it is. Oh, and I swear– I swear on all that is holy, if I ever find out who did this to him, I will personally pump several live rounds into that son of a bitch’s heart.

Brady, you said that your– your resolve weakens when Kristen provokes you.


I can–I can help you with it. I can help you strengthen your resolve.

Thank you.

[clears throat] Thank you, and I know. But just for right now– for right now, today, I really just want to focus on tomorrow, because I get to see my son. I haven’t seen him in weeks.

Yeah, that’s right. You and Theresa are going to go visit Tate.

Yeah, and I’m very relieved that we’re getting to do that. It’s just– Oh, no. I just dumped all my problems about my daughter on you. I’m not about to do the same thing concerning my son.

I love your children. They’re my grandchildren. And I love you. And talking about whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re concerned about, that is never a burden for me.

OK. So there were these letters that Tate wrote to Theresa and me, two separate letters. And in Theresa’s letters, he talked about how much he missed her. My letter was… very cold. It was almost businesslike. And I know it’s because my son resents that I haven’t been in his life. That’s why.

We all know why that is. We all know what happened. Tate knows it too.

The fact is, he’s feeling distressed right now.


He’s feeling that he’s been treated unfairly, and he’s making you the scapegoat.

Yeah, that sums it up. That’s–that’s it.

I know that, because that’s what happened to Sami.

You remember. Sami blamed me for everything that went wrong, whether it was actually my fault, or not. But I let her do that, because I wanted to show her that I could be patient and understanding, the same as you want with Tate. And you know the expression. Having a child is wondrous. It’s letting your heart go walking around outside your body.

[chuckles] God, is that true.


Wait. Wait. Marry me.

[dramatic music]

What did you just say?

I said, marry me. You want to get married? Fine, let’s do it.

Is this real? Was that a real proposal?


Yeah, I didn’t think so. You know what? Maybe next time, you can actually try dropping down to one knee, or I don’t know, maybe don’t say things you don’t mean, Alex.

All right. Theresa, just wait. Wait, wait, wait.

I’m not gonna wait. I’m not gonna wait. You know why? Because what’s worse than being hoodwinked by a diamond ring, and not being proposed to at all, is being proposed to out of guilt-slash-pity!

That’s not what I’m doing. That’s not what I’m do–

[sighs] Where are you gonna go?

Who cares? Why is that any of your concern anymore?

It’s my concern, Theresa, because you’re in recovery, and I don’t want to find out you’re just running around–

Oh, what, am I gonna go do drugs? Am I gonna call up my drug dealer and get really high?

[laughs] You know what? That is like, the saddest little thing. That’s not gonna happen from this tiny little debacle, OK? So how about you just have a nice life? Catch. Taking that with me.


See you.


[tense music]

Whoa. That steak was so tender. I mean, it was so well-cooked.

The Bistro does have one fine chef.

Mm-hmm. And I do have one fine husband. I know you’re going to protest this. I know you’re going to. But I feel absolutely terrible– I mean, really badly, that I didn’t get you anything.

Well, then stop feeling bad, ’cause this is a fact. Every single day I spend with you is a gift.


[sighs] We really have been thrown many twists and turns throughout life, haven’t we? I mean, and it hasn’t been easy at all. But we always do seem to find our way back to each other, don’t we?

Always, my love. Always.

[romantic music]

I don’t mean to pontificate about child-rearing. I certainly have made my share of mistakes. But something about having adult children does give you a certain perspective.

Mm. A much wiser one, obviously. I’m grateful that you’re sharing it with me, especially since I have to see Tate tomorrow, and I– I really don’t want to screw it up with him. I mean, more than I already have.

Well, just show him a lot of respect, especially respect for his feelings. And be kind and be loving, that’s all.

[frantic knocking] Oh, my.

I’ll get that.

Please do.



I know, I know, I know. I should have called or texted before just coming over here. But I just left Alex, and I have nowhere to go.


I just figured that since we’re gonna go see Tate in the morning, I could just maybe– I can maybe sleep in Tate’s room tonight?

Of course you may.


Oh, OK.

[phone ringing] That’s fine, that’s fine. Yeah. No, come in. I’ll–I’ll take you to Tate’s room.

Thank you.

[phone beeps] Bye-bye. Thank you so much, Marlena.

Hey, it’s Theresa. Leave a message.

[phone beeps]

Theresa, it’s me. I really hate how things just went down. If you could just call me and tell me where you’re staying, and let me know you’re OK.

[phone beeps]

[jazzy music]

I’m just scared, Melinda. I’m scared.

Of what?



Yeah, you. Li and I were lovers, and if you hadn’t lured him into your trap, he’d still be with me, and very much alive!

I am gonna find out who did this, Stefan, not only because I love him, but because Harris is one of the best people that I have ever known. And if he doesn’t– I swear to God, I am gonna be more determined than ever to mow down this son of a bitch. Why aren’t you saying anything?

OK. Because I– I love a good revenge fantasy too, as much as anybody. Especially the gory ones. But Ava, the truth is, we may never know who shot Harris, especially if he–

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t you say it. Don’t you even think it.

[tense music]

No. Uh-uh.


Ava, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Yeah. Yeah, well, you could tell that I was already pretty damn upset, right? And so what do you do? You just decide to add a little fuel to that fire and just make things worse, which you seem to be an expert at. So I’m gonna suggest that unless you have something slightly helpful to say, that you just shut the hell up, OK?



I’ll shut up.

Great. And Tripp still hasn’t answered. It is just–it’s unlike him.

[tense music]


I guess Marlena’s called it for the night. Hey, you want to talk about what happened with Alex?

No, I don’t want to bore you.

You’re not gonna bore me. I care about you. I know when you’re upset.

OK. Where do I even begin? I was tidying up the other night, right? And Alex’s jacket is on the chair, and so I go to put it away. And then this ring falls out of the pocket. And like anyone with a modicum of self-esteem, I think this ring is for me. Alex is gonna propose to me. So I’m walking on air and I’m waiting for this proposal to happen, and it turns out he’s not. He’s not proposing to me. He was never gonna propose to me. And I made it very clear to him that I thought that he was– he was gonna propose to me. And so I was so embarrassed and completely humiliated.

I’m–I’m sorry. Wow. Theresa, I’m actually really surprised. I had no idea that the two of you were even considering marriage.

[phone rings]


[phone beeps] Ugh. Yes, well, I was, obviously.

So you really– you really do love Alex?

[sighs] Damn it, Theresa.

[knocking] I’m glad you came back. Dr. Evans.



Hi. I’ve been trying to call you, but I keep getting your voicemail.

I’m sorry, I keep calling Theresa over and over and over again. I keep getting her voicemail. So I was oblivious to your calls. I’m sorry.

It’s all right. Theresa is at my house.


She told Brady and me what happened, and I thought you might need someone to talk to.

Actually, I do. And I’m really grateful you’re here. Please, come on in.


You know, lady, I am struggling to figure out exactly who you are, and how you escaped the psych ward.

Actually, she was a client of mine.

Yeah, I know the both of you.

That’s right. Connie. Didn’t Li go on approximately one date with you?

Yeah. Well, one date could have turned into several. And it would have, if not for you. And I would have kept him safe.

Kept him safe? What are you, a character in a Stephen King novel?

Well, I’ll tell you what you are– a heartless floozy!

Whoa. That lady is tin-foil-hat crazy, huh? I don’t know why I ever took her on as a client. Hey, you OK?

Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just sad Li is gone. And I think about him a lot.

Oh, you guys actually had something, huh?

Yeah, we did. And I messed it up, totally. I was just at a point in my life where my career was up here, and everything else was way the hell down here, including my love life.

[laughs] I just– I took Li for granted. I back-burner-ed him, as they say. Don’t make the same mistake, Sloan. What you have with Eric, sure, it’s not perfect. But maybe it’s good enough. Embrace it. Cherish it.

Well, in spite of all my tiger mother worries, this turned out to be a really beautiful Valentine’s Day.

First of all, I love the tiger mother in you, and I truly respect how devoted you are to your kids, and ours.

Mm, our very adult kids.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Our very adult kids. So now, no more talk about those very adult kids. Instead–

[romantic music]

[gasps] * *

Kate Brady, my very beautiful, very sexy wife.


May I have this dance?

[inhales sharply] Oh, you might certainly will.

OK. Since I… obviously seem to suck at cheering you up, how about I feed you?

I’m not hungry.

You need to eat. I can whip you something up in the kitchen. You have eggs? Maybe some ham, some prosciutto? Because I guarantee you, I will make you the best damn omelet of your life, which is saying a lot, because you are an amazing cook. So come on. Why don’t you sit down, put your feet up–

Stefan, why–why are you doing this? What’s in this for you?

[tense music]


Theresa, it wasn’t a trick question. Do you love Alex?

[dramatic music]

Why else would I want to marry him?

I don’t know.

[laughs] I mean, I’m just thinking maybe–no.


No, no, no, no, no.

What are you thinking? What?

All right. OK. All right. He’s coming into a lot of money, if he hasn’t already. And I don’t mean to sound crass. I don’t. I just thought that might have– have a little bit to do with your motivation. That’s all.

Xander? This can’t be right. Xander is Victor’s son? Well, that is crass, Brady. And that’s surprising, considering I– I thought that we were getting along lately. I thought that we were getting closer, and now you’re accusing me of being a gold digger?

OK. OK, Theresa. I’m sorry. OK. My apologies. I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry for saying that to you. I’m also very– I’m really happy that since you’ve been back, we have been getting closer. I like that. And I really don’t like that he hurt you. I’m sorry. Come here. Sorry.

What an idiot, though, right, leaving the ring inside the jacket like that. Of course she expected a proposal. When it didn’t happen, she freaked out, and she ran out of the restaurant. She came back here and started packing up all of her stuff into a suitcase. I tried to stop her from leaving. She wasn’t having it.

Well, she’s hurt and embarrassed.

Yeah. Yeah, she definitely was. But you know, Dr. Evans, I do care about Theresa. But–

But what?

I went to this meeting for, like, qualifying loved ones of addicts. Everybody in there was sharing their feelings and their stories, and I just shot my hand up. Said hi, I’m Alex. And God, I just got everything off my chest. I talked about Theresa, I talked about her addiction, I talked about how much she meant to me, how much I care for her. And I admitted that I wasn’t sure that I was able to get into a long commitment to somebody who’s dealing with problems like that, just like I admitted to you, too.

Yes, you did.

I also admitted that I might not be too sure about becoming a stepfather quite yet.

Well, Alex, I think you got to be true to yourself. That’s what’s important.


You did the right thing for both of you.

Sloan, you are not seeing things clearly. Look, Eric is not only your partner and your lover, your best friend, he is the father of your baby. You have a family now. So you need to stop focusing on what you’re not getting, and focus on being supportive of Eric’s devotion to Jude. And maybe be a tad more supportive of the little guy yourself. I mean, you are his mother, for heaven’s sake.

Yeah, not really, though.

Oh, no. Do not go there.

Where? Don’t go to the truth? That my husband’s ex-wife, AKA Nicole DiMera, is actually that little baby’s mother that we stole from her?

Shh! Oh my God, Sloan. You better damn well remember what all that we did to get you that baby. And more importantly, you better remember that if anyone finds out what we did, our lives are ruined.

I know. I know.


[romantic music]

What do you say we go upstairs, and I could give you my Valentine’s Day gift?

You said you didn’t get me anything.

Well, this gift doesn’t come wrapped. It doesn’t need wrapping.



My favorite kind of gift.

And you’re my favorite kind of everything. I love you, Roman Brady.

I love you, Kate Brady. And now I am definitely ready for the gift that needs no wrapping.

Mm-hmm. Then come with me.


I don’t usually do late-night house calls, but I– I thought you might need it.

Well, I’m grateful you did. Honestly, this whole Theresa situation, to use therapy speak, it destabilized me.

I understand. And I’m also impressed with your self-awareness.

I couldn’t have done it without you, to be honest.

[chuckles] Dr. Evans, I keep thinking about the other night in your office, when you said that if it was real love, true love, it’ll last. I think I love Theresa.

I think you’re right. I think that you do. But I think your love is not unconditional. I think you have a hard time accepting that she had a drug addiction. And you also have a hard time thinking about yourself as a– as a stepparent. Those two things are never, ever going to change.

Mm. OK. I’m gonna just table this discussion for tonight, and I don’t want to talk about anything else that has to do with my love life. I just want to talk about seeing our son, Tate, tomorrow.

That is fine by me. And I got to be honest with you, I’m nervous about seeing my own son.

Me too.

I’m nervous.

I know. I also am nervous about how I think that maybe he’s not really doing as well as he says he is in his letters. And I’m nervous I am gonna cry me a river when I first see him.

And as you cry a big old river, he’s gonna understand. He’ll be fine.

Yeah, I know. He’s got such a good heart, doesn’t he, our kid?

He’s a pretty good kid. He’s got a really good heart. And by the way, while we’re being honest with each other, while we’re sitting here sober, I’ll always be there for you.

[gentle music]

Like tonight.

Like tonight.



I’ll see you bright and early.

I’ll see you.


Get some sleep.



I get it, Melinda. And no one will ever find out… about Jude, where he came from.

They better not. And you better not drink any more.

Fine, I’ll stop.

No, don’t just stop, all right? Go home. You have a husband and a baby waiting for you there. God.

No, don’t you dare. Not tonight. It’s on me, please.

Thank you. And call me anytime if you need to vent. Just don’t vent to anyone else.

OK, I got it.

Can I please get another bourbon on a big rock?

Why does there have to be something in it for me to be nice? You’re having a hard time, and I’m here for you. That’s it.

[phone rings]

It’s the hospital. Hello? Yes, this is Ava Vitali. No, he’s not with me. What–what do you mean?

[dramatic music]

OK. Yes, yes. Yes, I will. And please have him call me as soon as you– you hear from him.

What is it?


He never showed up for work tonight.

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Days Transcript Monday, February 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


So it was a success? They got all the cancer out?

By all indications, yes. The lymph nodes were clear. There was no metastases, and we were able to preserve the parathyroid.

Oh, that is such great news.

So what’s the next step in her recovery?

Mainly just a lot of rest. But she may have a little pain in the incision site, but it’s nothing to worry about. And she might have some difficulty speaking.

Difficulty speaking? Well, she’s not going to like that.

Well, it’s just temporary. In the meantime, the hospital will give her a whiteboard and some post-it notes if she wants to say something.

When can she come home?

Well, I’d like to keep her here for a couple of days, keep an eye on her. I can talk to you later about some follow-ups and long-term care. Yeah.

[sighs] You hear that, Mama? You’re going to be OK. You are going to be more than OK.

So, you know, this is cause for celebration.


Mm, agreed. And I’ve heard it’s not the only cause of celebration.

What a wonderful dinner you prepared, Konstantin. What was it again?

Pastitsio. It’s a Greek lasagna, an old family recipe that was probably written on papyrus.

Well, it was delicious. And I’m sure it was much appreciated by the newest residents of the Kiriakis mansion, Chad and Charlotte, Thomas, Julie, and Doug.

Oh, such a terrible misfortune losing their house in a fire.

Yeah, and it meant so much to them, to all of us. But wasn’t it wonderful, in spite of everything that they’ve gone through, Doug and Julie, they were so spirited tonight, so determinedly upbeat?

And still so much in love, it seems.

Definitely. Oh, when they sang that duet.


Oh, my goodness.

A moving performance.

[laughs] It was. I was also moved when Charlotte and Thomas lit up when you handed them those candied hearts. I know that cheered up Chad and– a great deal to see his precious children smile.

I adore the little ones. They are so cute.


And it was wonderful to see you cheer up as well, Maggie.

Well, thanks, in great part to you, Konstantin.

Well, I hope I can cheer you up a little further with this.

Well, well, well. So is this the elusive Everett Lynch?


Oh, my God. Bobby?

[tense music]

Excuse me? Who’s Bobby? Who are you?

Who– are you being serious right now? Why are you pretending to not know who I am?

What is going on?

I’ll tell you what’s going on. This man is my ex-husband. This is Bobby Stein.



Whoa, uh, look, I– I don’t know who Bobby Stein is, nor do I have any idea who you are.


Whoa! Ma’am, we’ve never met before. I’ve never met this woman before.

How can you say that?

Uh, because it’s true. Look, I have no idea why you seem so angry right now.

The hell you don’t.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Let’s just– let’s take a step back here, OK? Now, was it possible that your ex-husband and Everett just happened to look alike?

No. It’s him. Even behind that beard, I can tell that you are the man that I was a fool to marry. You broke my heart. You broke my spirit. And you left me, and you never even bothered to look back. You are Bobby Stein.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, congratulations, you two. And, Chanel, you make a stunning bride. But you are stunning anyway, just like your mom. Look at her, glamorous in a hospital gown.

Mama would look glamorous even in “Sesame Street” pajamas.

I agree with that.

Hey, you know what? I just realized our anniversary is on Valentine’s Day, just like yours.

Ah, well, welcome to the club.

It’s beautiful. Such kind words.

And every one is true. You know, Maggie dear, I know I am not, as the Americans would say, your– your Valentine. Don’t they also say the greeting card companies invented the holiday?

Yeah, that’s the rumor.

Anyway, I don’t want to cross any boundary with this. I simply want to tell you how much you mean to me.

Jada, look at me. Jada, please. Look at me. This man, this man’s name is Everett, Everett Lynch. He works at “The Spectator.”

OK. OK, Everett, how about this, huh? One second. Here, see for yourself.

OK. I mean, yeah, I definitely see the resemblance. But I mean, we all have– what– doppelgangers or people who look like us. There are billion people waddling around this planet.

That is not a doppelganger. That is you. That’s you, and you know damn well it is.

Look, I honestly don’t know what more I can say or do to convince you that this complete stranger isn’t me.

OK. How about I prove that he is? How about I haul your ass down to the station right now and I run your prints, and you tell me that they won’t come back as Robert Stein?

Say it again, Mama, but just a little louder this time.

Here you go.



Well, of course you are. You haven’t eaten anything since before midnight last night.

Well, unfortunately, she can’t have anything till the morning. I’m sorry, Paulina, but only ice chips tonight, OK? Tomorrow we’ll get you on a little more regular diet– soft foods, pudding, scrambled eggs, yogurt, that sort of thing. We’ll prepare a menu for you. I’m sorry. I’ll check in tomorrow, OK?

All right. Thanks for everything, Kayla.

Absolutely. And if you need anything, you guys just call me, all right?

Can I get you anything, Mama? Magazines? Or I can go home and get some books for you so that you can read them. Or I can make calls for you for work or whatever. And I’ll make sure that I call Big Mama tonight and give her the lowdown on everything. But for now, just tell me what you need.

Yes, please. And I’ll do whatever I can. I’m happy to make a run to the store. I can run by your place, grab those books.

You know, in Greece, it is not the tradition to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Oh, no?

No, no, no. However, on February th, we do celebrate and honor Saint Priscilla and Saint Aquila, a couple who traveled with Saint Paul to spread the gospel.

Oh. Well, I remember Victor telling me tales about certain Greek holidays that were just excuses to sit around a table eating and laughing and shouting at each other.

That is true, I must admit.

That’s certainly not the holiday that you described. I’m sure you know that Victor was a wonderful storyteller–


–so erudite when it came to Greek mythology. He used to compare our love to Eros and Psyche, me being Psyche, a woman of unmatched beauty, and he’s Eros, an unsightly beast, who was madly in love with Psyche.

That is a lovely and, some might say, a well-worn tale. But did you know that in Greek, Psyche actually means “soul”?

Hmm. I did not know that.

Well, now you do. And speaking of souls, it is a privilege to get to know you better and better, Maggie, and to celebrate your incredible soul.

That’s very kind. Konstantin, though, you have a very generous and gentle heart. I could see that when– I don’t know, when the way you interacted with Thomas and Charlotte earlier.

I admit, I have a soft spot for the little ones.

That’s obvious. You know, I wonder, we never talk about it. Do you have any children of your own?

[tense music]

Uh, look, Rafe, I– I mean this totally genuinely, and I’m not trying to sound disrespectful. But is it– is it possible that, I don’t know, that she’s losing it?

Losing it? I’m losing it? OK, OK. I’m not the one pretending to be someone else. I’m not the one who’s gaslighting his ex-wife. So let me– let me jog your memory for you, OK, Bobby?

The name is Everett.

Years ago, when I discovered that you cheated on me, I filed for divorce, and I served you your papers. You–

Jada, Jada.

You turned into a ghost. And I don’t know, I assumed that you just got in too deep with those shady poker guys. Or I don’t know, maybe you just changed your identity and started a whole new life.

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. What you’re saying right now makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills. OK, look, I know that the stress of your profession is very taxing emotionally, psychologically.

Oh, no, don’t you go there.

But I’m not– I’m not who you think I am, OK? I’m not Bobby Stein, nor have I ever been Bobby Stein. You and I were never married, nor have I ever been married. And that is the God’s honest truth.

So when you finally woke up from that coma, were you as lucid as you are now?

No, I wasn’t. I mean, my first diagnosis was retrograde amnesia, which is inability to access memories or information from before an accident or an injury or disease. So, you know, all they could tell me was to– to give it time.



After the accident, you said you had memory loss. Could that be why you don’t remember Jada and that you were married to her? Could it be because of the accident?

For Chanel and Johnny–

Oh my goodness, you did not. My employee said they were going to send us a specially made cake. Wow, thank you so much.

Of course.

Hey, when you get a chance, would you mind telling Dr. Johnson we’d love her to come and have a piece of cake with us?

I will do that.

Thank you. Take a look at this thing?


OK. Oh.

So who cuts the cake?

Well, traditionally, that honor is reserved for the bride and groom.

Shall we?


If you wouldn’t mind, sir.

Not at all.


All right.

Here we go.

Oh, hold on, let me see.

[laughter] It’s red velvet.

Very nice.

So good. Oh, of course, Mama. Of course.



Sorry to interrupt, Doctor.


I’ve been told there’s some cake waiting for you in the Price room.

Oh, I love cake. Thank you.

Oh, also, I thought you should know, Tripp hasn’t shown up for his shift.

Huh? Well, that’s odd.


I’ll reach out for him now. Thank you.

[tense music]

I see my question upset you. I’m sorry.

No, no, there’s no need for you to be sorry. We are friends. You asked me if I had any children, and why would you not? That is a perfectly reasonable question. Yes, I had a child, a daughter, Katerina. She was my– my…

[speaks in Greek] my heart. She was everything to me. And then she was gone. It happened many years ago in a fishing village not too far from Athens. It was tragic, an accident. And she was so young and beautiful inside and out, my Katerina.

Konstantin, I’m sorry. I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to lose a child. The pain, it– it reaches the depths of your being. And even though time lessens the acuteness of it, it’s there. It’s always there, the pain.

Yes, it is. I tried to conjure up memories of her tender smile, the way the– the sun shone off my daughter’s beautiful hair. It is those memories that delivered to me some kind of peace, serenity.

Yes, it’s true. I was in an accident. I got hit by a car, one of those giant pickup trucks. I count my blessings every single day I’m alive.

It was my fault. I asked him to run errands, and he was just crossing the street and–

Steph, please, please. The only person who bears responsibility for that accident is the genius driver, who was, I’m told, playing “Candy Crush” on his phone at the time. Anyway, I’m not sure why we’re telling them this. But anyway, after I was struck down, I was apparently carted off in an ambulance, close to death, and placed into a medically induced coma for a year.

So he disappeared. I thought he ghosted me. I was confused, obviously, heartbroken, until he came back a couple of months ago. And he tracked me down.

I don’t buy it.

Well, speaking for myself, I don’t know what to believe right now. So if it’s OK with you, Everett, I’m going to personally look into this. And hopefully, we’ll get it all straightened out.

Yes, great. I love it; look into it. I have nothing to hide.

OK, fine. I mean, as we all know, you know, people do get amnesia all the time, and they can forget whole chapters of their life. So yes, why don’t you feel free to explore that idea? But I can tell– I can tell by looking in your eyes that you know me, and you know that we were married. And you know that you are still the same lying, cheating son of a bitch.

You are obviously in a world of pain from how you were treated, apparently, by your ex-husband. And that must be the reason that you would throw these kind of insane insults at a man who has never, ever laid eyes on you before. So let me just say this one more time so that you can finally accept it, and we can move on. I’m not your ex-husband. I am not Bobby Stein. My name is Everett Lynch.

[tense music]

Hey, Tripp, it’s Kayla. I’m at the hospital, and you’re not. So I’m just wondering if maybe you lost track of time. I mean, maybe you’re out for a nice Valentine’s dinner with Wendy. Or maybe you’re going off to the Cache Cupid Geo Hunt? Is that how you say it? Anyway, I’m sure everything’s OK. But maybe you could just give me a call and let me know? OK, bye.

OK, look at you, all John Mayer with your guitar.

Yeah. Well, you know, I just figured since we didn’t hire a band for our lavish wedding that I would fill in. Any requests?

Ooh, how about Ed Sheeran? Oh, or maybe Taylor Swift? You know I’m a big Swiftie at heart.

Who doesn’t know that?

Oh, no. You know what? How about you surprise us?

Oh, you want a surprise? OK, sounds good. But just remember that you asked for it.

[light guitar music] * * * My whole life I’ve lived in second gear * * Trying to go somewhere but got stuck here * * The day I met you it changed my life * * I saw the sparkle in your sunshine eyes * * No longer alone * * On top of the world * * On top of the world * * * * I love those pretty eyes and your smile * * And when you look my way * * There’s no denial * * The sun is shining bright * * It’s crystal clear * * The day is looking up because you’re near * * No longer alone * * On top of the world *

Konstantin, what about Katerina’s mother?



Oh, OK, never mind.


We can change the subject, really.

It is fine. It is fine. I feel so at ease with you, Maggie. Katerina’s mother, well, I adored her. She was one of the great loves of my life, and she was a wonderful mother to our Katerina. But when we lost her, our Katerina, there was this emptiness, this unspeakable sadness. The marriage did not survive.

[gentle music]


Yeah, you’re not Bobby. So we’re all supposed to just take your word for it, even though he looks and sounds exactly like Bobby.

All right, look, this isn’t going anywhere, at least not anywhere good. So why don’t we all just take a deep breath and we’ll call it a night?

I think that’s a good idea.


Fine. But, Stephanie, I can tell that you have feelings for this guy. Oh, I know that you are a really good person, and I think that you know that I am not a complete lunatic. So please, please believe me tonight for what I know to be true. Please– please don’t allow yourself to be sandbagged longer than you already have been. And I know who you are. And you will be found out. And you will eventually get what you deserve.

[groans] Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

I don’t– I don’t know what to think or what to say.

Yeah. Steph, how well do you know her?

Jada is my friend. She has always been so warm and kind. And she did tell me about her ex, how he cheated on her and lied to her and broke her heart.

Yeah. I mean, that must have been so hard for her. But I mean, to come after me like that, to accuse me of breaking her spirit on and on about how I cheated on her, how I lied to her, I mean– what? What are you– what are you– what are you thinking?

It’s just everything she said and that photo– Everett, are you really telling the truth? Are you really not Bobby Stein?

[tense music]

I’m terribly sorry you lost your daughter, Konstantin, your Katerina. I’m always here if you ever need to talk.

That means so much to me. And now I must ask you for something. And you can say no, of course. May I kiss you?


Good night, Maggie.

[guitar strumming]

* On top of the world * * Mm, yeah * * *

[applause] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Yes, yes, you really are. And you are talented and charming. And I am so lucky that you are all my husband.

You certainly are, wife.

[tense music]

What’s going on? Do you need something, Paulina? What do you need? The doctor did say the anesthetic might make you nauseous.

OK, I’ll go get the doctor.



Jada! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Can you just talk to me? OK. All right, what happened back there, I’ve never seen you lose it like that before.

Because that man, Everett, he is a duplicitous con man who is a liar, and I was stupid enough to even marry. And now he’s doing this whole, what, this disappearing act, and he’s changing his whole identity. And he has the nerve. He’s claiming that I’m the one– I’m the one that lost it?


So yeah, yeah, yeah, that was– that was a lot for me to take in.

I understand. I understand. It’s just he claims he doesn’t know you.

He is a liar! He’s a liar!

Yeah, OK. Obviously, this has really freaked you out, and understandably so. Yeah, it’s just– oh, I’ve hung out with Everett a few times. He seems like a decent guy.

Oh my God. You think I’m the one that’s lying, don’t you?

[tense music]

Are you asking me if– if I am not Bobby Stein, a name I have never heard before it came out of the mouth of a woman I have never seen before? Stephanie, you could hook me up to every lie detector in the country, and I would tell you that your friend, Jada, is a complete stranger to me.

But the photo.

So she married a guy who looks like me. There are people in the world who look like each other, look-alikes, you know? And my God, I think I’d know my own name, all right? And it is not Stein. It is Lynch. My name is Everett Lynch. It is– it is on my driver’s license. Do you want to see it?

No, I don’t. I just–

What? You just what?

Is it possible that you don’t remember your past life with Jada because of the accident?

No. It is not possible. In fact, it is impossible. I mean, yes, there are– there are gaps in my memory, OK, you know, like maybe movies that I forgot that I saw or friends’ bachelor parties that I forgot getting bombed at, but not years or entire relationships. I mean, I think I’d remember getting married.

It’s an engagement ring. The question is, why do you have one?

OK. The truth is I bought it a long time ago, before the accident.

For me? Everett, you were going to ask me to marry you? The ring I found–

What? What about it?

So is that why your marriage ended, because your ex cheated on you?

Well, that was the main reason. But it was how I found out.

And how was that?

One day, I was checking our credit card bill, and I found a really big charge from a jewelry store. And since he hadn’t bought me any jewelry in months, well, you get the idea.

What’s going on? Are you OK?

No, I’m not OK. Because if– if Jada is telling the truth and you’re Bobby, it means I’m the other woman.

[gentle music]


No, no, no. No, I am not saying that Jada, no. No, of course I don’t think that you’re a liar.

Well, you’re going on and on about how Everett’s this decent, nice guy like he can’t be a liar, right?

No, no, no, I only said that because–

Because what?

Because I just think– hey, I just think that we need to be careful with this, OK? You’re accusing someone of falsifying their identity, your ex-husband. I just think that you need to be % sure before you take that shot. Are you sure?

All I can say is that as soon as I saw him, there’s just all these– there’s all these old wounds just opened up, all the resentment, all the pain, all the hurt.


All that work that I put in to put that part of my life behind me, it just feels like it was just yesterday. So yeah, yeah, yeah, I lost it. I lashed out, because you don’t know– you don’t know what Bobby did to me and what he might do to Stephanie.

I understand.

I’m going to go to the station right now. I am going to find everything there is about Everett Lynch, no stone unturned.

OK, hold on. Jada, Jada, Jada, Jada. Just hold on, OK? I know how important this is to you. And because of that, it’s important to me as well, all right? But it’s late. And let’s not forget it’s also Valentine’s Day, right? So how about this, why don’t– why don’t we just try and salvage what’s left of this night? And then, tomorrow– tomorrow, I promise you, we will get to the bottom of this Bobby everything, all right? We’ll go– we can go back to my place, order from your favorite Thai restaurant, right? They can deliver those spring rolls, you love those, and the drunken noodles. And we can just hang out or watch a movie or whatever. Does that sound OK to you?

Sure. Yeah, let’s do it.

OK, great. I promise you, tomorrow we will find out what is going on with this thing, OK? Promise.

Steph, come on. You can’t possibly believe something that preposterous, that my actual name is Bobby Stein. I mean, it’s legit insanity.

Everett, you bought a ring. You were going to propose to me. You said that.

Yeah, I did. But that’s relevant because?

It’s relevant because Jada said that Bobby bought a ring for another woman, which means he was cheating on her with, it seems, me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. But that only makes sense if I’m Bobby, which I’m not. I mean, Steph, I’m not– I’m not a cheater, all right?

How do you know if you can’t remember? Oh my God. I feel like I’m going crazy.

Listen. Hey, hey, hey, hey. It’s OK. It’s OK. Let’s just take a beat, all right? Let’s calm down. Please, please, please. Let’s go back to my room. Let’s have a nightcap and talk about this like two mature adults, OK?

I’m– I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I’ll see you later.

Steph? Hey.

Uh, hey, Tripp. It’s me again. Are you coming in tonight? I’m kind of starting to get worried. And since your phone is going straight to voicemail, I’m assuming that it’s– that it’s dead. Maybe I’ll just try Wendy. OK, bye.

Doctor, code MI.


Mama! Mama!

Stay with us. Stay with us, baby. Stay with us. Stay with us.

What’s happening?

I’m not sure. Carol, get me some aspirin and some nitroglycerin. Get Dr. DeVos from cardiology over here. Take it easy, Paulina. Help is on its way. Take it easy.

[tense music]

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Interview with Maahra Hill

TV Interview!


Maahra Hill stars in "The Irrational on NBC" (photo from her Instagram)

Interview with Maahra Hill of “THe Irrational” on NBC by Suzanne 2/13/24

This was a fun audio interview with the actress who plays FBI agent Marisa Clark on “The Irrational” (and ex-wife to star Jesse L. Martin’s Alec Mercer). I love this show, so it was fun to pick her brain about it (even though they haven’t started on season 2 yet). I hope you enjoy the season finale tonight! I know I will.


MORE INFO: Official Site  Season One Trailer   Season Finale Trailer

The Irrational

Mondays on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET/PT)

THE IRRATIONAL -- Pictured: "The Irrational" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

“The Irrational” follows world-renowned professor of behavioral science Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) as he lends his unique expertise on an array of high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement and corporations. His insight and unconventional approach to understanding human behavior lead him and the team on a series of intense, unexpected journeys to solve illogical puzzles and perplexing mysteries.

The cast also includes Maahra Hill as “Marisa,” Travina Springer as “Kylie,” Molly Kunz as “Phoebe,” and Arash DeMaxi as “Rizwan.”THE IRRATIONAL -- Season 1 -- Pictured: Maahra Hill as Marisa -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Arika Lisanne Mittman, Mark Goffman, Sam Baum and David Frankel executive produce. The show is based on best-selling author Dan Ariely’s book, “Predictably Irrational.”

The show is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Maahra Hill

Marisa, “The Irrational”

Maahra Hill stars as Marisa on the new NBC drama “The Irrational.”

Hill starred as the title role in the OWN series “Delilah” from creator Craig Wright. She garnered rave reviews for her work and was included in Variety’s 2021 lead actress Emmy Awards contenders list.

Prior credits include guest starring on “Black-ish,” “The L Word: Generation,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Life in Pieces” and “Speechless.”


Maahra Hill stars in "The Irrational on NBC" (photo from her Instagram)

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Days Opinions For The Week Of February 12, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Chad from Days

Why would Chad take the risk of trying to put out the fire in the Horton house? He has two kids who lost their mother. It didn’t make sense for him to try and put out the fire. He didn’t need to try and be a hero and save the house. Instead of watching the fire, he could have called for help. The fire department might have gotten there in enough time to put out the fire. We understand what he was trying to do, but he took a risk playing hero when he could have lost his life.

We have a theory about Everett. It feels like he’s behind the drug case. When the people set the Horton house on fire, shot at Lucas, and shot Harris, nothing happened to Everett. Everett was the one who wrote the story about the drug cartel, yet nothing happened to him. If anyone should be suffering, it should have been him. Everett could be the one working with Clyde.

Why would Johnny get married without EJ being there? Chanel wanted to make sure her mother was at the wedding, but he didn’t want his father there. Why wouldn’t Johnny want his father to see him getting married? Also, why didn’t he invite the rest of his family? They may have been getting married at the hospital, he could have invited his family.

What made Kristen think Brady wanted to reunite with her? She blackmailed him when he was with Chloe last year. Did she really think he would get over what she did to him? We know Brady bounces back and forth between her and whoever is available, but she shouldn’t have thought that he would have gotten back together with her that fast.


Kristen from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of February 12, 2024

Nitpick & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Chanel from Days


-Why did Chanel knock on the door when she had three bags in her hands?

-Rafe could be heard shuffling papers while Paulina was shown.

-Stefan can be heard talking to Tripp, Ava and Wendy while Chad and Julie were shown.

-Why did Chad and Julie waste time looking at the fire in the Horton house instead of getting out of the house or calling for help?

-Kate could be heard talking to Lucas while Ava was shown.


-Goldman could be heard talking to Jada while Chad was shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Ava while Goldman was shown.

-Kayla could be heard talking to Ava and Stefan while Jada was shown.

-Ava’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Julie cried without any tears.


-Paulina could be heard talking on the phone while Theresa was shown.

-John and Marlena could be heard kissing while Steve and Kayla were shown.

-Why wouldn’t Johnny’s family be at his wedding?

-Paulina could be heard talking to Abe while Alex was shown.


-Sarah could be heard talking to Xander while Ava was shown.

-Brady could be heard talking to Kristen while Chad.

-Everett could be heard talking to Chad while Stephanie was shown.

-The music in Brady and Kristen’s scene could be heard while Everett was shown.


-Leo could be heard talking to Everett while Stephanie was shown.

-Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to EJ while Tripp and Wendy were shown.


Leo from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, February 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[mellow music]

[gasps] “Flower cart toy found another donation.” Ka-ching.


Hey, guys. Are you having fun?

Oh, having a blast. I mean, as is everyone. Pretty obvious, right?

Yeah, what about the fundraising? How’s that going?

Oh, even better than expected. We’ve already raised thousands for the hospital.

That’s great.


Well, hey, we better keep looking if we wanna find some more before I have to head to work.

Yeah. Okay, um, let’s go that way.

All right. See ya, Steph.

See ya.

Hey, Ev, make sure you spell “geocaching” right. It keeps autocorrecting to “geocatching” for me, as does “cache” and “cupid.”

Well, I’m not writing about the fundraiser right now, Leo. I’m covering the fire at the Hortons’.

Oh. My gosh, all that Horton history gone. Nobody was hurt, though, right?

Everyone got out in time.

Including those sweet kids, Thomas and Charlotte. I don’t normally like children, but those two, cutest little punims I’ve ever seen. And they’re not, like, greedy, obnoxious, and rude like most kids. Thank God everybody got out alive, even if their precious belongings didn’t survive. But the way I see it, trying to find joy by acquiring things, it’s like trying to satisfy your hunger by taping pigs in a blanket to your belly.

[curious percussive music] Oh, yeah, I’m not quite as shallow as you thought I was, am I?

[soft mysterious music]



[clears throat] Hello there.

Hey, babe. I’m gonna need a minute. I didn’t think you’d be ready so fast.

Oh, yeah. Well, I am ready. I am so ready.


How’s our sweetheart doing?

He’s great. Look at that little smile. It’s because of that teddy bear. I know it is.

Is that new?

Yeah. It’s his first Valentine’s Day gift.


And, of course, we got Mommy something too. Let’s see if Mommy likes it.

Oh. Eric, it’s–it’s so cute.

You do like it, right?

Mm-hmm. Yes, of course.

Well, let me put it on you.

[serious piano music]

There you go. Let me see. It’s beautiful.

Mm-hmm. And I got you a little gift too.

Oh, really? Shall we see what Mommy got me?

[both laugh] Oh. Um, I don’t think it’s my size.

It’s definitely mine. And I intend to wear it for you tonight.

I can’t wait. You know this guy is gonna fade fast, so we should get going, right?

[tense music]



[sighs] It’s such a relief to have you home. Both of you.

It’s such a relief to be home. And–and, EJ, I just– I-I can’t thank you enough.

Thank Sarah Horton. She’s been managing Holly’s case. From here, the Italian doctors have been sharing everything with her.

Yes, thank God.

Not to mention, she’s guided me on everything that Holly would need, set us up with the best staff she could find. I just did whatever it would take to get the two of you back home.

And we both know you went above and beyond.

Oh, my love, it feels so good to have you in my arms again.

I’ve missed you so much, EJ.

Mm. Well, no more missing each other. You are back home where you belong.




Much as I know, I had no choice but to pull the trigger. I can still feel the shock of it. And I pray to God I’m never put in that situation again.

Yeah, well, hopefully you won’t be.

Here you go.

Yeah, you can return to active duty whenever you’re ready.

I’ve never been more ready, Commissioner. Thank you so much. Thank you both.


[gentle music]

[door slams shut]

Well, she’s having a good Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, she definitely seems relieved. But you know what? She’s–she’s pretty private. I’m not sure if she has a romantic life or, really, what her personal story is.

Yeah, well, she’s had a rough past couple days. Hopefully she has someone that she can be with. I know I’m glad I do.

As am I. And to show my gratitude…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Commish.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Any leads on how the fire started?

Um, from what I’ve heard so far, it sounds like it was arson.

Arson? Huh. Well, I will bet that whoever set the Horton house ablaze was a love-starved, probably very unattractive person who couldn’t stand that all the Hortons and Williams and anyone else that’s inhabited that house over the years were all so lovey-dovey with each other.

[gasps] Could that have been the motive? Plain old jealousy?

[curious music] And speaking of romance and Valentine’s Day–

We weren’t.

Well, we are now. So though I know you know this, everyone does, I will remind you that my boyfriend, my gorgeous boyfriend, who I miss with every cell of my being, is in the slammer. So I don’t have plans tonight. Hint hint.



As lovely as that sounds, Leo, um, I actually–I do– I have plans tonight.

Oh, damn it, I should have known. With Miss Stephanie, right? The beautiful brunette with the legs that won’t quit?

That would be her.


Well, she does seem to like me. She has laughed at several of my jokes and has very rarely sneered at me, unlike most people in this town. So maybe I can tag along.

Yeah, um, we’re, like, going on a double date sort of a thing. But if you don’t mind being the fifth wheel, I can–

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. A third wheel is one thing, but a fifth wheel would make me feel way too pathetic. Perhaps I will check out C-A-C-H-I-N-G Cupid. Maybe I’ll find my valentine hidden in the square.

Good luck with that.

Thank you. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Everett. Enjoy your double date while I– since I think I will be batting zero at the scavenger hunt– will likely be back in my room watching “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” for the hundredth time, munching on Nutter Butter Bites. See ya.

Wow, Jada, this is so great.

It’s an antique sheriff badge from the s. It took me a while to find the perfect one.

“To my personal Wild Bill, you will always be my hero.”

You know, he may have died in Deadwood, but he was born in Illinois, you know.

Oh, I know. I know.

[both laugh] Wow, this–Jada, really. This took a lot of thought. Thank you.

Yeah, well, I enjoyed doing the research. And I know you’ve been buried under all of your work, so don’t even feel obligated to–

To have got you a gift? Hmm? Hmm?

[romantic music]

Aww, chocolates.



Try one.

Oh. Well, maybe after dinner. I don’t wanna spoil my appetite.

Oh, okay. So you’re gonna deny me having one?

Oh, no, of course not.

Oh, okay.

Okay. What? Oh, Rafe. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Aww. Look at my man embracing his inner feminist.

Mm-hmm. To the strongest, bravest, most persistent woman I know.

I love the gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Aw, you too.

Oh, God. We are still at work, aren’t we?

Oh, we are. Unfortunately.



[clears throat] So thanks for the gift, boss.

Yeah, yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day, Detective Hunter.


[both laugh]

The Sweet Bits container.

Oh, I will go grab myself one.

Uh, no fair. You have to find your own clue, sir. Here, take this.

Mm, mm, mm, mm.

[gentle guitar music]


Nothing. I just love hanging with you.

Well, I love hanging with you. And given everything that’s been going on lately, I think we needed this, some escapist fun.


Okay, so I learned a little Italian while I was there.


Yes, of course, to impress you. And Italian’s, like, your second language, right?


[speaking Italian]

Oh. Oh my. Okay. Okay, so here we go.


[clears throat]

I mean…

[speaking Italian]


[both chuckle] Oh, EJ, thank you again so much for bringing Holly and me back and for setting everything up so beautifully.

It was rather selfish on my part. I just–I just missed you both so terribly.

Missed you too.

And to celebrate your homecoming and Valentine’s Day, I had Chef make us a very special meal. But I completely understand if you don’t want to celebrate.

Oh. Yes, of course I do. And Holly’s home now and she’s breathing on her own. And my valentine, my wonderful, thoughtful, generous husband made it all happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

All right, cool. So I am glad we’re on the same page for tonight.

Well, yeah, of course we are. I mean, really? Have dinner with my beautiful, sexy girlfriend, or stay at work? It’s really not a tough choice.

Great, then I will text Stephanie and let her know that we’re on our way.

Okay, cool.


You finally get to meet her boyfriend, right?

Oh, yeah. You know, I’ve been really looking forward to that.

Yeah, you know, um, I’ve actually met him a few times when he was covering business, police business for “The Spectator.”


Seems like a pretty cool guy.



You know, my ex, he was– he was also a reporter. But it turns out that he was not a cool guy at all.

Real SOB from what you’ve told me.

Yeah. But you know what? I do not wanna think about him tonight at all, especially when I’m with one of the coolest of cool guys I know on Valentine’s Day, whom I absolutely adore.

Who adores you right back.


[hums] Ooh, stop right here. Ah, yes, one terrific shot for the website. Thanks, you guys. Ah, Leo Stark is here. If I don’t get a shot of him, I will never hear the end of it. Excuse me.

Sure. Hey, big guy.


Hey, you wanna see what’s going on in the square tonight?

Yeah, sure.


Let’s, um– let’s just go that way. More interesting window displays for you.

Okay. Great.

[soft music]

Sorry that took so long. Wow. You look amazing.

I’d say you look pretty spiffy yourself too, Mr. Alex Kiriakis.

Oh, it’s the same old suit.

Yeah, but you wear it so well.

Thank you.

And I have something for you.

What is this? Babe. This is so nice. Are you kidding? This is great. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Oh, I love it.

It matches my dress. You want to wear it?

Oh, please, yes. It does match. How does it look?

I would say that you and I look pretty damn fine.

I agree. Mm. We should probably go to the Bistro, right?


Okay. Let’s go.

The Bistro, a perfect place to propose.

Did you say something?

No. Mm-mm. I just said, “I can’t wait to spend the evening with my very handsome honey.” It’s gonna be such a momentous night.

Thank you.


[phone ringing]

This is Everett Lynch.


[gasps] Couldn’t hurt to answer your phone.

Oh. Hi, Steph.

Hey, where are you? I thought we were gonna meet in the square before dinner.

Wha–what time is it? Oh, my God, I-I’m– I’m so sorry. Um, more intel came in and I– it–it–it doesn’t matter. Um, I probably just need, like, minutes to finish this up, and then I’ll change and I’ll meet you at the pub. Does that–does that work?

Yeah, sure. That’s fine.

Okay. I’ll, uh– I’ll be there, I promise.

You better be.

Here we are.

Wow. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

[gentle ambient music]

Well, this is a perfect table. We can see everyone, and everyone can see us.

That is true.


Oh, no, none– none for me, thank you. I’ll just have a mocktail. Just cranberry juice and soda. Thank you.

Same for me, please.

Of course.


Let’s drink to us. To a night to remember.

To a night to remember.

Yes, yes, yes! Oh, how I love this game.

Leo must have found another container. Leo.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Let’s see what he found.

Look who’s here. Two of my favorite people in the world. And Sloan. Hey, you little cutie patootie, remember me?

Please, Leo, don’t touch him. He’s sleeping.

No, he isn’t. Check out the way he’s looking at me, like he’s known me since the day he was born.

Mm, so, Leo, how’s the scavenger hunt going?

Amazing, I have found six containers so far. Unfortunately, none of them large enough for a hottie to hide in, though.



So what are you saying?

Oh, here, you guys should try it. All you need are your phones and the app– ugh!

Don’t touch that, please.

Jeez, Sloan. Today is supposed to be a day for romance, not grumpiness. Can you at least try pasting on that radiant smile? Ugh, I guess all we’re getting is Frau Farbissina.

Uh, I’m sorry, what?

From the “Austin Powers” movies? Dr. Evil’s henchwoman and founder of the militant wing of the Salvation Army, who helps Dr. Evil in his plans to terrorize and take over the world? You get it, don’t you, Sloan?

See ya, Leo.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Bye-bye.

[quirky playful music]


[laughs] Oh, he’s a lot. But he’s harmless.


Mm. I think we’re gonna need more butter for the bread. Waiter, uh, excuse me. Uh…

[sighs] What are you doing?

Hmm? Oh, I’m just, um… rearranging the flowers. They’re so lovely, aren’t they?


They are lovely, yeah. You need another mocktail?

Nope, I’m good.

Mm. Okay. So tomorrow, you’re going to go visit Tate with Brady, right?

Yeah. It’s actually, um, the first time after he went to rehab, and I’m so excited. And I know he’s gonna be relieved to hear that Holly is breathing on her own, even though she’s still in a coma. And, um, I guess I shouldn’t tell him about the fire that happened at the Horton house. Oh, jeez, so much bad news lately, huh?

Yeah. Well, I am sure that you’re gonna have some good news to share with him too.


[exhales pointedly] I sure hope so.

[romantic music]

Oh, my goodness, what a dinner. Cook outdid himself.

Mm-hmm. All for you, my darling. Care to join me for a drink?

Yeah, I’d love to. Wow, I am still so in shock about the fire at Doug and Julie’s and Harris Michaels being shot. It’s such a tragedy. And thank God no one was hurt in the fire.

Quite a miracle, really.

Yeah. So what happened? I read that they think it’s arson.

Apparently it was. And we think that whoever was responsible for it is the same person behind the drugs that fell into Holly’s hands.

What? Oh, my God.

And we are inches away from nailing him.

I’ll get us drinks.

Okay. A glass of red for me.

Okay. And there’s Steph.

Hey, guys.

Oh, Stephanie!


Hey. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Same to you.

Yeah. I was just about to get us drinks. What would you like?

Ooh. Um, red wine for me, please.

Red wine, okay.

So how’s it going out there?

Oh, fundraiser is a huge hit. And since “The Spectator” is a sponsor, I’m really relieved that it’s such a success.

That’s so good. And speaking of “The Spectator,” where is this mystery boyfriend of yours? I mean, he does exist, right?


[laughing] Yes, he does. He said that he would be here. He promised.

Okay, great. I can’t wait to meet him.

Okay. It’s telling me there’s a cache… there. Oh!

Oh, very nice.

[Wendy laughs] Let’s see. Oh, cool.


It’s Tom and Alice facts. Tom and Alice trivia, ooh, okay.

Look, I’m– I’m not sure that I’m gonna be a whiz at this one.

Yeah, me neither, but we can give it a try, right?


Ah, multiple-choice.

[clears throat]


Four facts about Tom and Alice, and you have to guess which is true. One, Alice Horton’s donuts were once spiked with weed and got Salem’s finest woman toasted. Two, the Hortons once ran the Salem clinic out of their own home.


Three, Tom Horton was once a beat poet named Norm De Plume. And four, there was no more beloved couple in Salem than these two.

Well, I mean, it’s gotta be number four, right? Because I hear all the time how amazingly wonderful Tom and Alice were and how everyone totally worshipped them.

It’s true. It’s true. But wrong. All the answers are correct.



Okay, well, first of all, how did the donuts get spiked and who else got stoned? We’re gonna have to look into that. Oh, and also, where can we read the poetry of Norm De Plume? Because we’re gonna have to look into that too.

We will. We will. I promise we will, but, uh, let’s stick to the topic on hand. You lost, so I get the point.

No fair.

Yeah, that’s how it works.

No. It was supposed to be multiple-choice. How’s it multiple-choice if every answer is right? Might as well be called no choice at all.

Don’t be a sore loser, Shin.

Okay, Johnson. Oh, I’m so gonna get you on the next one.


[unsettling music]


[clears throat]


Thank you for the perfect homecoming. Oh, my gosh, I’m thanking you again, aren’t I?

Mm-hmm. And I predict more thanks to come since you haven’t yet opened your Valentine’s Day gift.


Oh, my God. Here, come with me.


[soft uplifting music] Oh. EJ, that’s gorgeous.

It’s a Japanese healing bowl. Listen.

[bowl ringing softly]


You can put it in Holly’s room and use it whenever to meditate or pray or if you want to sing to your precious daughter.


[grumbles playfully, laughs]

Oh, you have a beautiful voice.

EJ, I-I love it. It’s perfect. Oh. Come here. But I-I-I didn’t get you anything. You know, between traveling and settling in, I–

I don’t need or want anything that you haven’t already given me, and that’s your presence. Having you home is the best Valentine’s Day gift I could have hoped for.


Look at him. He’s sleeping like a puppy. You know what, I should probably get him to sleep.

Mm. Well, then I will slip into something more comfortable.

[light music]



Hey, check that out, over there.

Check what out?

Uh, uh–

Wait, what are you looking at?

Oh, maybe–maybe I meant over there.

Another container?

Yeah, um. No, no. Like, there-ish.

What is this? And why does it have my name on it? Tripp. No.

No, what?

This isn’t–

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is not a ring. This is not a ring.

Oh, okay.


‘Cause I just thought that would kind of feel like–

Like I’m rushing things, which I’m not, okay? This is not a ring, I promise.

Right. So…

Oh, Tripp.

Those are the ones, right?

The ones I pointed out in Baron’s window last week? Yes, these are definitely the ones. And they are perfect. Thank you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I got something for you too.






Whoa, cuff links. Oh, caduceus cuff links. These are awesome!

Yep, to wear on crisp white shirts, just like James Bond’s.

[as James Bond]

Ah, I’ll be sex personified.

You already are.

[music darkens]

Theresa, thank you for setting all this up. The meal was great, with even greater company.

Oh. I know. I couldn’t agree more.

Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do.



Waiter, check please.


Thank you, sir. Oh.



[gentle ambient music]

Okay. I guess we are all done here.

Oh, come on, Alex! Come on! You know I’m such an impatient person! This is just driving me absolutely crazy, so could you just do it?

Do what?

You know what. You know, and you also know my answer is yes. Yes!

See what my very tasteful man got me.

Oh, wow. It’s beautiful.

Thank you. Yeah. I never in my life took me an advantage of an enemy.


Wild Bill Hickok, you know. Just the greatest sheriff of all time.


Well, next to you.

Oh, baby.

Okay, I’m going to run to the ladies’ room, okay?

Okay. All right, hurry back.


Mm, I’m good. I’m good.

[gasps] You made it.

Yeah, I said I would.


[tense music]

Well, hey, hey.

Hey, hey.

Good to see you, pal.

Good to see you too. Oh.

Oh, also, uh, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much. But not as good as it is to see–sorry, no offense– my best girl, my love.

So what do you think? How do they look?


[Wendy laughs] You have excellent taste.

Why, thank you.

But sadly, my wonderful cuff links will have to wait for the right attire.

Tripp Johnson?


I’m Officer Goldman, Salem PD. Hey, Wendy.

Has something happened out there, Officer?

Uh, no, and I’m not here for the scavenger hunt. Rafe had me keeping an eye on you two.

Wait. On–on us? Why?

He had some intel. Had to confirm it, and he has. Tripp, you may be in danger.


I need to get you to a safe location–both of you.

Wait, wait. What–what is this about? Does this have anything to do with my mom or Harris?

Rafe will give me the details later, but I have to get you to safety. Now.

Hey, baby. Honey, look what EJ got us.

[bowl ringing softly] Isn’t it lovely?

[gentle piano music]

[monitor beeping steadily


The medical staff will be here in the morning. In the meantime, we have the alert monitor right there. And that will let us know if anything changes.

Okay. Night, darling. EJ… she has to come back to us. She has to.

And she will. She will.

[heartfelt music]


[whispers] Eric.




[baby grunts]

[tense music]

Hey, what are you doing tonight? Well, I’m all alone too. Happy? Oh, very much alone. Meet me at Small Bar? Great, I’ll see you there.

Oh. Please, come on, don’t sit there like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m sorry.


[sighs] I saw the ring, Alex. I wasn’t snooping. I just–it fell out of your jacket when I went to go put it away. I’m sorry if that ruined the surprise.

[suspenseful music]

Don’t be. Um, I’m not.

You’re not what? You’re not sorry?

Baby, I am sorry. Um… I think you got this wrong.




You mean you… you weren’t– you’re not gonna ask me to marry you?

I just think maybe we should talk about this a little bit first.

No, we should not. We should not talk about this. I-I have nothing to say to you.

Okay. I think– I think we should– Theresa.

I have–no.


I’m just–

[chair clatters] Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Oh, yeah. It’s pretty cool. I like it.

“Pretty cool,” huh? It’s from the Wild Bill era.


Oh-ho. Don’t get him started. Do you know how many quotes he’s memorized by heart?

All of ’em.

[Stephanie laughs]

I am impressed, very impressed. Though, I have nothing to show for it yet since Steph and I are exchanging gifts later.

Well, well, well, is this the elusive Everett Lynch?

[dramatic musical sting]

[dramatic music]

[whispers] Oh, my God. Bobby?

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Days Transcript Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[yawns] Alex. Alex? Hello?

[imitating echo] Hello. Hello, hello, hello, hello. Alex Kiriakis!

[mysterious music] Where the heck are you?

Thanks for checking in, Rafe. Oh, oh, I’m–I’m doing all right, all right. Just frustrated that I can’t be available to you / right now. Getting those drugs off the street, that’s a great start. Ah. Oh, yeah. I appreciate that. Oh–and thank you. Thank you for the– the beautiful flowers. Oh. Oh, well, your department must have sent them then. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah, I–I will, mm-hmm. Yeah, bye-bye.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day, Paulina.

[both chuckling]

Same to you, Abraham. And are those white roses for me?

Yes. Not–not traditional, I know. But I did a little bit of research, and they stand for love and hope and new beginnings.

Well then…

[inhales deeply] Who needs traditional?

[both chuckle]

[soft, sweet music]

Ugh, I cannot wait to see her reaction.

I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be very subtle.

Oh, no. Mama doesn’t know the meaning of that word.

Yeah, that’s part of what makes her so lovable, right?

Yeah, it is, that and her courage and her big heart. And speaking of big hearts, it was very kind of to do this.

Oh, please, come on. It’s no sacrifice on my part. I love the idea just as much as you do. Besides, I would do anything to make you happy.

Well, this makes me very happy. And Mama is gonna be over the moon.

Yeah, just like I am. Over the moon, head over heels…


Happy anniversary, sweetness.

Happy anniversary. Ugh, this is beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, I gotta say, you’re even more beautiful than the first time I laid eyes on you.




[chuckling] Yes.

No, I’m not a liar. We’ve had so many years together, so many adventures. Let me tell you something, as crazy as some of those adventures have been over the years…


They brought us to where we are right now. And I’m so grateful for every one of them.

Me too.

Surprise! Happy anni–

[gasps] Oh, my God. I’m sorry. I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

[door closes]

Ah… mm, so much for that adventure, huh?

Yeah. Yes.



I’m so glad you insisted on this.

Beautiful day, isn’t it?

It is. And it really does help, I mean, getting out in nature and– and the fresh air, being able to breathe.

Especially after last night.

Yeah. I hope Harris is going to be all right. And oh, my gosh, what the Hortons are all going through.

Doug and Julie know that we will help them any way we can.




[exhales deeply] Oh–

[laughs] Oh, my gosh. Look what somebody has done. They’ve set up a beautiful Valentine’s Day picnic. You know what? We should go. We don’t want to intrude on their romance–

I don’t think we’d be intruding.


Nah, especially since this beautiful Valentine’s Day picnic is for you.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[soft music]

Um, Stephanie.

Mom, Dad, I am so sorry. I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have busted in like that.

No, no. It’s okay. It’s our fault for not locking the door.

My fault for not knocking. Anyway, um, happy anniversary!

[laughter] To the sweetest, most romantic couple that I know. And this food, it can wait, if you want to, you know, get back to what you were doing.

No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no. What we want to do is enjoy this beautiful meal that you put together for us. Isn’t that right, Steve?

Well, y-yeah.

You don’t sound so sure, Dad.

Oh, no, no. He’s sure. We’re both sure. We both are sure.

We’re sure.

We’re sure.

Okay. All right. Well, then I’ll set it up.



All right.

You are crazy.


She went to a lot of trouble for this. And she wanted to surprise us. I think she was really embarrassed walking in on us getting ready to, you know.

Getting ready to? I think we were a little further along than that, weren’t we?

Shh! Quiet.

Shh, shh. I’m just saying.

And I’m just saying that I would not be comfortable going back in there, doing, you know, when she’s out here knowing what we’re doing in there.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. Tell you what, I promise I won’t make you or our daughter uncomfortable. How about that?

Okay, that’s good. You are a good sport and a good papa and a better lover, and I can’t wait to get back to where we left off.



All right.

Okay, guys, come and get it.


[sighs] Well, did you at least leave a note, Alex? Somewhere? No, of course not.

[intriguing music]

[gasps] Oh, my God. The ring’s not there anymore. Okay. Okay, so he took it with him because…

[gasps] He’s gonna propose today. Oh, my God. It’s Valentine’s Day. He took the ring because he’s probably gonna put it in– in a dessert like a chocolate soufflĂ© at the Bistro, or maybe he’s having a florist put it in a rose bouquet, or maybe he’s out with the ring right now because he’s buying a box of chocolates and he’s gonna put the ring in the box of chocolates. Yes, yes!

[laughs] That’s why. He’s gonna surprise me when he pops the question. Okay, so I need–I need to– I need to surprise him by looking like the fiancĂ©e of his dreams.





Oh, my gosh. Talk about going above and beyond. Wow, and even– even in the dead of winter.

Hence the heat lamps.

I’m so grateful.


Now just… the beauty of the water and this amazing spread, it really is a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Oh, sweetheart. I am just hoping that it makes up a little bit for us being apart last year on Valentine’s Day.

Apart? Well, that’s a euphemistic way of saying it.

You know, if anything good came out of that, it just gave me a greater appreciation for every day and every moment that I have with you, if that’s even possible. And let me tell you, pretty lady, that this Valentine celebration is just beginning.


Okay. Now, what I have done is, I downloaded that montage of pictures Johnny put together. You know, the ones that I showed you up on the rooftop, all those pictures of our beautiful family. And I got to thinking, it might be nice tonight for you and I just to lie in our bed and look at those pictures all over again under different circumstances.

I would love that.

Doesn’t seem like a year since we were up on that rooftop, does it?

Time goes by so quickly.

That’s a fact.

You know, what I wouldn’t give to do it all over again.

Well, Doc, we actually don’t have time to do it all over again because we are too busy making memories right now.

True. Like today.

Like today.

[intriguing music]

[door opening]


There you are.

Good morning.

Well, I was starting to get a little worried because you don’t normally leave without leaving me a note or a text.

I’m sorry.

You’re forgiven. But just this once.


So where were you?

There was just something I needed to take care of.

Okay. Well, now that you’re here, you are just in time for a very special breakfast, banana cream waffles, Ă  la Donovan.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mm. That’s right, it is Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Babe, there’s something I gotta tell you though, too. I’m not really that hungry. Do you think maybe you’d be up to go for a walk instead?

A walk?


A walk? Oh. Yeah. We can go for a walk. Okay, I’m just gonna get changed then.


Oh, Abraham. They are so beautiful.

[both chuckle] Oh, well, I guess it’s white roses day.

What do you mean?

Well, see, those are from the Chamber of Commerce, and their twin right over there, they’re from the Salem PD.

[laughs] Well, you know, are white roses some kind of good luck charm for making it through surgery or something?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mama!


[gasps] Hey, baby girl and Johnny. You two didn’t have to come this morning.

Oh, come on. We wanted to come. There’s no place we’d rather be, right, Chanel?

Definitely not.

Mm–uh, and look at that. You bought me white roses too? Not that they–you know, they aren’t beautiful, but, uh, I could open me a white flower shop.



Uh-uh, I’m getting the feeling that this is not a coincidence. Uh–okay. Okay. All these white flowers. who’s gonna tell me what’s going on in here?

Okay. Well, your surgery is not the only reason that we’re all here today.

No. No, it isn’t. So I think it’s finally time that we let you in on a little surprise. This is my bridal bouquet. And…ta-da! Johnny and I are getting married today.

What? I-I thought you postponed the wedding. You mean I won’t be there?

Oh, you’ll definitely be there, yes.

Yep, that is right, because we are getting married right here.

[soft, sweet music]



So it’s Valentine’s Day…



And your anniversary.


And I have a very important question.

Well, let’s hear it.

Which of your weddings was your favorite?

Oh. Definitely our first one on the yacht. Right, Steve?



Yes. Definitely.


It was such a beautiful day.

The night before the wedding, your hearing was restored. But you hadn’t said a word for nearly two months. And the, um–the captain of the ship was officiating. Kimberly was speaking for you. And I could see how much you were trying to speak. You were trying so hard. So I signed “courage” to you. And finally, at first just in a whisper, you said my name.

Take you, Steve, to be my husband. I will love you and honor you and keep you, in sickness and in health.

And then you kept going, getting more and more confident. And you were finally able to say all those beautiful words to me.

Your papa gave me the courage to finally talk. It was a joyful, glorious moment. And everybody we loved was there to witness it.

I wouldn’t be the man I am right now if it wasn’t for you. See, I–I thought I was brave, but I found out that it takes more courage to open up to another person. I thought I was strong, but you showed me that it takes more strength to let people see your feelings. And… I thought I knew how to love. But now I know that it’s much harder to let someone love me. And that someone is you. You saw into my heart when no one else could, and you believed in me. So I’m gonna spend the rest of my life living up to the faith that you have in me. I don’t have much, baby. But what I have is yours. I’m yours. I love you, sweetness.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of loving a man who was brave and strong and true, and of a romantic wedding on the water surrounded by all the people I love the most. I never told that secret dream to anyone. But somehow, you found out. You gave me that dream. You made it come true. There’s just one thing that’s different. It’s far more wonderful than I ever imagined. Well, I can certainly say that celebrating our anniversary here with the love of my life and our beautiful baby girl here with us, it really reminds me how lucky I am and how my life is better and richer and sweeter than I ever could have imagined it.

Mine too.

You’re getting married in here? In this room?

That is correct, with the former mayor of Salem officiating.

That’s right. And I come complete with a fully authorized marriage license.

Oh, wait a minute. You–you planned all this? So those flowers are not from the Chamber of Commerce or the Salem PD?

No, I had them sent here for the ceremony.

Oh, Lord, no wonder Rafe didn’t know what I was thanking him for. Oh, my, oh, my! Oh–oh, no, wait, no. Are you two sure that this is what you want?

Oh, we are more than sure, Mama. And I would–I was hoping that you would be my matron of honor.

And I was hoping that you would be my best person.

And you can also give me away.

Oh, well, that’s a lot of jobs, but I’m up for it! Oh, and do I hear wedding bells? So hey, let’s–let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s get this show on the road.

[soft, sweet music]

So you two were married four times, right?


Uh, well, um, actually five, if you count the time we got married in the mountains, in the snow. Well, we– we exchanged personal vows.


And do you remember I gave you a ring that I was wearing…


On a chain around my neck?



Yeah, with all the ice on the trees, we called it our snowy cathedral.


That’s right.

Well, I don’t have any photos of your wedding in the snow, but I did gather some photos from your other weddings as a little anniversary, Valentine’s Day gift. both: Aww.

What a wonderful gift.

So sweet.

Oh, my gosh, look at how handsome your papa was back then.

[both chuckle] Of course, I think you’re more handsome now, of course.

Oh, well, thank you.

Mm-hmm. Wow.

Oh, look at that.


That’s from our wedding– our Valentine’s Day wedding three years ago. Do you remember what you said to me at that wedding, sweetness? ‘Cause I sure do.

I know I could never love another man the way I love you. I just–I love you. I love your courage and your– your kindness, passion. You’re smart and funny and so sexy. I love your devotion to your family and to me. I will never get tired of looking at your handsome face for the rest of my life. And I’m gonna tell you right now, this is the last time I am doing this, okay? It’s the last time.


[laughing] Okay.

I am never, never letting you go again. Do you understand me?

I do.

And I meant every word.

I know you did, baby. And I second that emotion because I’m never, ever gonna leave you either.

[both laugh]

Well, pretty clear for February, huh?

Yeah, I–hold on.

Really? Right now?



Oh, yeah, it’s John and Marlena.

Come here. Hey, you two. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hi, Alex, Theresa.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

You too.

You too, and this spread. Wow, you know how to celebrate.



W-would you like to join us?

No, we wouldn’t want to intrude.

Nah, nah, what do you mean? Look, we got more food than we can handle here. So if you feel like it, please join us, please.

No, no, it’s–it’s up– it’s up to Alex.

Well, again, I-I want to make sure you’re not thinking we’re, like, imposing.

No, not–

You’re not imposing. We’d enjoy the company, right?

I mean, this is kind of great, right? We didn’t have any plans. I mean–

Yeah, this is great since we have no plans. Yay.

Oh, here, let me take this.


Of course. Wow.

We are gathered here today to join Chanel DuPree and John Roman DiMera in the holy union of marriage. Now, the most remarkable moment of life is when you meet the person who makes you feel complete. And for Johnny and Chanel, that remarkable moment has led to this one. So without further delay, Johnny, would you repeat after me?


I, John Roman, take you, Chanel, to be my wedded wife…

I, John Roman, take you, Chanel, to be my wedded wife…

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer, for poorer…

In sickness and health, to love and cherish until death do us part. This is my solemn vow.

In sickness…

[clears throat] And in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part. This is my solemn vow.

Chanel, it’s your turn.

[soft, sweet music]

I, Chanel, take you, John Roman, to be my wedded husband…

I, Chanel, take you, John Roman, to be my wedded husband…

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…

In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part. This is my solemn vow.

In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part. This is my solemn vow.

And now for the exchange of rings.


[gasps] Wait a minute. Um, don’t you two want to say something personal?

Um, yeah, I– I don’t know about you, but I definitely have something personal I would like to say.

Now, the first time I did this, set up a romantic picnic for my beautiful bride here, it was in a park in West Virginia, and it was our first honeymoon.


It was in early September, and John wanted to go for a walk, and he– he brought along a white picnic basket with a blanket that he spread out on the lawn.

[soft music]

* Did you ever dream * * Love would come and stay? * * Well, I did * * I wish that dream could last * * Forever * both: * True loves comes once in a lifetime * * True love *

* You’re the one I want to live for *

* I want to live for *

* You’re the one I need to find *

* I need to find * both: * And the truth is, I will only feel this way * * Once in a lifetime *

So many wonderful memories.

And we’re still making them.


[sighs] So what’s your secret to staying madly in love for, like, years?

Well, I don’t think it was actually years. We–we met in . But there were a few years where we weren’t together.

But we always found our way back to each other. Now to answer your question, what’s the– what’s the secret of staying madly in love? Well, it boils down to two things. Number one is respect. Number two is trust. And of course, always staying romantic helps.

Do you remember, the Valentine’s Day dance at the hospital?


You paid a fortune to dance with me.

Worth every penny.

Oh, come on, you can’t just leave it at that.

Details, details, please tell us.


It was , I think.

‘, yeah, for sure.

Yeah. And there was a hospital dance and auction.

And winning a dance with this knockout here was one of the auction items.

I was so afraid nobody would bid on it.

Well, yeah. The bidding started out low and slow. I mean, there was Sean Brady, and then there was Tom Horton, and then–

And then?

I stepped up to the plate. And I won the dance of a lifetime, for a mere $,.

[coughs sarcastically]

What? K?

You heard me.

Wow. I’d say that that’s top dollar.


Well, everybody thought that we were just friends up until then. But I think after the dance, they realized we were a lot more than just friends.

Like I said, worth every penny.

Oh, I’m sorry. We haven’t offered you anything. Would you like some lemonade or some iced tea?

No, I’m good. Thank you though.

Me too.

Actually, Alex, would you just excuse us? Marlena, can you show me where the ladies’ room is? I just need to freshen up a little bit.

Ladies’ room? I’m not sure they’ll have a ladies’ room. I think there may be a restroom somewhere.


We’ll figure it out.

Okay. I don’t really have to go. I just–I’m dying to tell somebody that Alex is going to ask me to marry him today.

Oh, are you sure?

Yes. Well, see, I found this gorgeous ring in his jacket pocket. I wasn’t snooping or anything. And just the jacket was on the chair. I was going to go put it away. And then the ring fell out, and I put the ring back. And then this morning, the same jacket was on the chair, but there was no ring. So that tells me that Alex has the ring with him right now. Either that, or he’s dropped it off at The Bistro or somewhere, I don’t know, so that he can have it hidden somewhere so that he can surprise me with it when he proposes.

Theresa, I’m– I’m not sure about this.

Why? What do you mean?

Well, I don’t– I don’t know if he’s planning on proposing or not. But–excuse me if I’m overstepping. But I wonder if you don’t want to get things with your son in order before you make a huge life change.

Okay. Well, I do understand that. But I mean, I’ll just tell Alex that it’ll be a really long engagement. We don’t have to get married right away. Right? And plus, Marlena, I don’t– I don’t want to upset him and say no when he proposes to me, especially since he’s bought me such a beautiful ring.

Hey, Alex. You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I’m good. Just feeling a little pressured.

Not sure what you mean by that.

I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day. And, you know, when you’re with somebody it’s like, they expect you to be intensely romantic, like you are with Dr. Evans.

Yeah, well, you know, you and Theresa are in a relatively new relationship here. And just because it’s Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to be intensely romantic as you put it. You know, it’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t feel that way as long as you’re honest with yourself about it, and with Theresa.

Yeah. You’re absolutely right. I have to be honest with myself and with her.

Thank you, baby girl. This was just the best, the sweetest. Thank you.


You’re so welcome, Mom. I know that Valentine’s Day is very special to you two. So I wanted to honor that.

You sure did, little sweetness. Thank you. So what about you? What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Actually, I’m going to go check in on the Cash and Cupid event that kicks off later this morning.


And by the way I’m going to be gone for many hours, many, many hours if anyone wants to know. And Abe’s already been gone for the day, so–

Oh, well, we know that because we talked to him last night. And he told us about his surprise for Paulina, that’s so nice.

That’s so great he’s officiating another surprise wedding, huh?

Yeah, it is. I am so happy for Johnny and Chanel.


Hello. Um… Chanel, today, you have made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to share the rest of your life with me. The journey which led us to this moment was certainly not without its own unique ups and downs. Nevertheless, here we are. And I thank God for that. Now I don’t know where life’s gonna take us from here. I really don’t care. Because I know that wherever it is, we will be together. So…

[clears throat] Give me your tired feet, give me your burnt donuts, give me your lost car keys. Just give me you every day. In return, I will give you all my love for the rest of my days. I promise to respect you and cherish you, to encourage and comfort you, to care for and protect you now and forever.




[chuckles] I love you with a passion that I don’t really know how to express in words. All I can do is show you through tender kisses and watching scary movies, every single scary movie with you. Even though I hate them, you make me feel safe. And sticking by your side through thick and thin because I know that together, we can overcome anything. I look forward to years of adventure by your side. You make me laugh. You made me think. And above all, you make me better. I give you my hand I give you my heart and I give you my love for all the years to come.

Well, now this couple will exchange rings as a symbol of their love and devotion.

Thank you very much.

Okay. That one’s yours. With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

And now, by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

This is such a happy day.

Congratulations, you two.

Yes, sir.

My darling girl.

Oh, come here.

Oh, congratulations.


This looks like a special occasion.

Very special. Oh, my beautiful daughter just got married to my handsome new son-in-law Oh, and you know, for the second time actually, but most definitely for the last– right? Right, Johnny?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Most definitely, the last. You’re stuck with me forever.

I better be. I better be.

Well, I’m sorry to break this up, but it’s time to take you to surgery.

Oh. All right, I’m–I’m ready.

We’ll be right here when you get back, Paulina.

All right, I’m gonna walk you down the hall as far as they let me.


I love you so much, Mama.

I love you too. Oh, I love you. I love you both. Okay.

[somber music]

She’s gonna be okay.


I know it.

Yes. I know it too.

And now we wait.

We do.

In our tux and gown. Best dressed couple in the hospital, right?

Best dressed married couple in the hospital. Hey, have I told you yet today how much I love you, wife?

Yes. You have. But you can tell me again, husband.

I love you so much, Chanel.

I love you too, Johnny.

Do we just have the most dolly daughter in the entire world? So sweet.

Just like her mama.

Mm, I think her papa’s pretty sweet too.

Thank you. And now as much as I adore our little girl, I’m really kinda glad that she’s not gonna be home for a while.

Yeah. So am I. In fact, I’m a little bit more than kinda.

Oh baby.

Come on.

You ready to get busy?

No, careful now.

Isn’t it such a treat running into John and Marlena, hearing all these romantic stories.

Yeah, I liked them. I mean, they have a great marriage, obviously.

Something to strive for, right?


So do you want to do the scavenger hunt today? Cash in Cupid.

I don’t know, babe, maybe.

Okay. I mean, what do you– what do you have planned today? Super busy or–

I’m going to go by the office for the afternoon. But you do not have to come in today. It’s not necessary.

Okay, well, then I will just be here then, relaxing and waiting for you.

Sounds good.


Also, I made a reservation at The Bistro because it’s Valentine’s Day. And they have a Valentine’s prefix. Are you interested?

Sure. Why not? I’m gonna go change for the office.


I’ll be there.

“Sure, why not?” He’s just trying to throw me, right? Yeah. I bet he definitely took the ring to The Bistro, and he’s gonna put it in like a soufflĂ©, or dessert, or whatever. Tonight is going to be the night that I become the future Mrs. Alex Kiriakis.

Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s Day, my love.

Well, since I get a kick out of surprising you, the pleasure is all mine.

I hope you didn’t mind me inviting Alex and Theresa to join us.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. It was very nice of you, especially because they obviously didn’t have any other plans.


What’s–what’s that? What are you thinking?

Well, um, Theresa, I think, was expecting Alex to propose to her. She mentioned that when we went to the ladies’ room. And after having spent so much time chatting with Alex, I know that is not on his mind.

Yeah. Well, you know, I think the young man is doing a little soul searching because he told me that he feels like he’s under a lot of pressure to be “intensely romantic,” as he put it, because it’s Valentine’s Day. And I said, hey, kid, just take the pressure off yourself and be honest with Theresa.

Well, that’s very good advice.

Thank you.

Good for you. Speaking of intensely romantic, I got you a little something.

Oh, Doc.

It isn’t anywhere near as spectacular as all this.

You– oh. Wow. Okay. What you got there?

“Going home to Doc.” I’m gonna have to disagree, because this is perfect. And I’ll tell you why. Every time we’re apart, in my mind, I am always going home to you.

Just so you know, it’s a– it’s a combination of happy birthday and Valentine’s Day gift. Happy birthday, my love.

I love you. Now and forever.

I love you.

Now, I may not have $, on me right now.


But would you care to dance with me?

This one’s on the house.

[soft instrumental music]

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Days Transcript Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[suspenseful music]

There you are.

You’re still up.

Obviously. I was starting to get worried about you. You were gone for such a long time. There were all these sirens. I’m sure you must have heard them.

Yeah, I did. I have no idea what that was all about.


[clears throat] Thank you for the clothes, Maggie.

Oh, um, Victor would be glad that they’ve come in handy. I know I should have donated them. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do that. Julie, can I get you anything? Something to drink maybe?

No, no. Thank you.

[tense music]

Where’s Doug?

Upstairs with the kids. They finally fell asleep. He doesn’t want to leave their side.

God bless him.

They were so scared. I mean, we all were.

I can’t even imagine. Oh, Chad, how absolutely terrifying.

It was. I, um– I’m not sure I’ve really been able to process any of it yet. Julie was so brave.

And she always is. And I know you were too, as you always are. Julie, it’s all right now. You and Chad and the kids, you’re all OK. Thank God. And that’s all that matters.

It is. It is. I know it is. The house is on fire, our home, but just a house, just a material thing. Your home is really your family. The people that you love is your home, isn’t that right?


I just don’t understand why it happened.

I know why. It was my fault, all my fault.

[phone ringing]


[sighs] It’s all hands on deck tonight, huh?

Yeah, the commish issued a tac alert, so we are out in full force since they targeted one of our own.

Any news on Harris?

No, not yet.

All right, where are we? I want updates on anything that we have on this shooting.

OK, we’re currently canvassing. We got police force everywhere. And we’re pulling some security footage, as well as interviewing witnesses who claim they heard gunshots.

What about his phone?

We’re trying to locate that now. How is he?

Alive, but it’s touch and go.


What about the pub?

Actually, I just got back. Everyone’s fine. But I’ll fill you in on that later.

OK. I’ve got Phillips at the hospital, giving me updates on Harris. I figured I could be more useful here.

Many of us in blue not on the streets are donating down at the blood bank.

That’s right. We always show up for each other in time of need.


Oh, Wendy. Thanks for coming in.

Yeah, no problem. How can I help?

We’re gonna need you to scrub traffic cam footage.

Yeah, sure. But, uh, can I talk to you two first in private?

[suspenseful music]

You hanging in?

Just barely. You know, I don’t always have the greatest memory. But I remember every single word that Harris ever said to me. And I keep hearing those words in my head over and over again.

You really love him, don’t you?

I never told him. What if I never get the chance to?

Let’s start another line and run the fluids right through it, wide open.

His pulse is weak. Breathing is shallow.

He’s lost a lot of blood. We need at least three units for surgery. Let’s make it five. Stay with us, Harris. Come on now. Stay with us.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Yeah, I mean, I was just really in the zone tonight. I ran about two miles more than I usually do. There’s sirens all over town. I guess Everett will fill me in on it in the morning.

I mean, we could stay up late and watch the news, then maybe have a drink.

I mean, that does sound really tempting, but I’m just– I really am beat. And I need a shower more than anything. And why don’t you just tell me when Victoria’s up and I’ll take the first shift, yeah? Just have a good night, Sarah.

[somber music]

How could this have been your fault, Chad? I don’t understand.

Uh… I got a phone call after we got outside and we were across the street, when we were safe. And it was from an unknown number, and the voice was distorted. It was disguised. And they said that, “Maybe next time, you’ll listen.”


I, um– I think it was a payback for a story that we ran in “The Spectator” about the drug ring. +Clyde told me that if I published it, I’d be sorry.

And you ignored that? You didn’t take it seriously, a threat from– from Clyde Weston, the man that killed your wife? Why did you go ahead and print the story, Chad?

[phone ringing]

So, Wendy, what’s up?

Yeah, did you see something tonight?

No, not tonight. Look, I don’t like being a snitch. But what happened to Harris– I think I probably should have told you this sooner.

It’s OK. Just say it.

The other night, Ava pretty much admitted to me and Tripp that something was going on at the bistro, something that could get her into trouble. And she said she didn’t want us involved. She didn’t want us to be in danger too.

What kind of danger? Did she say?

No, she didn’t, but it sounded pretty serious. And she also made a big point of saying that she couldn’t trust the cops.

Did she say why?

No, something about the cops can be more corrupt than the mob based on her experience.

Did you observe any unusual behavior from Ava’s part?

Well, she’s obsessed with wanting Tripp and me to get out of town. It’s like if she can get us to leave, then we won’t be around for whatever danger is out there. And I don’t know the details, but I think Stefan is involved somehow.

OK. OK, good, good, good, good. Wendy, thank you. Thank you for this tip. Now, I would really appreciate it if you could be the ears and eyes around Ava? Yeah?

I don’t know. That’s a little weird, the idea of spying on my boyfriend’s mother.

Wendy, look, I understand. I do. But this could really help out our investigation. And I don’t have to tell you this, but there’s some real serious business going down right now.

OK. I’ll do it.

All right, good. Now, this stays between us, you got it? No one else will know that you’re giving us intel or what that intel is.

You can’t tell anyone, Wendy, not even Tripp.

Especially not Tripp.


[door opening]

Sorry to interrupt. I’ve got something you’re gonna want to see right away.

Harris is gonna be OK. You got to think positive. Hey, look at me. The guy’s a tank. OK, he was a freaking Navy SEAL, for god’s sake. I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s been through crap five times worse than this. He’s gonna make it. I got to ask you though, if you love the guy so much, why’d you get down and dirty with me?

[suspenseful music]

What? What the hell is wrong with you?

Lots of things.

Yeah, lots of things. What? We discussed this. And we both agreed that it was a huge mistake, OK? But you know, since you can’t seem to let it go, why the hell did you get down and dirty with me when apparently you love Gabi so much, huh? You know what? Don’t. Don’t even answer it. Because you know what? It never happened.

You’re right. It never happened.


I’m sorry I brought it up.

What is it? What’s wrong? Is Harris gonna be OK?

Chad, I know you couldn’t have imagined somebody was GONNA set the house on fire, but why didn’t you tell us about the call, warn us about this threat of Clyde’s?

I know. I-I wish– I wish I would have. It’s–it’s my fault.

No, it’s not your fault, Chad.

No, it is.

It’s the act of a wicked, ungodly man.

No. I-I should have taken this threat seriously because I know what that man is capable of. I’m sorry. I didn’t–I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m overwhelmed. Obviously, I’m overwhelmed. The house is burned, the legacy of Tom and Alice. But I shouldn’t lash out at you. You’re not to blame. You’re not to blame in any way.

It’s OK.

No, it’s not OK. It’s not OK. I’m sorry. The person to blame is Clyde. My God, how this must hurt you, the man that took Abigail away from you, away from all of us.

That’s why I published the story in the first place. I wanted to– I needed to bring him down, and I wanted to make him pay so badly for what he did to my Abby and to my kids, and for leaving them without a mother.

Of course. Of course. But darling, tell me. That threat, that voice on the phone, are you sure that was Clyde’s voice?

I can’t be sure, but who else would it be?

So you didn’t recognize the voice?

No, it was distorted, like I said, and the number was blocked. You know, but there might be a way to unblock it.

Well, with the technology they have nowadays, investigators can find out a lot of things.

So you didn’t tell the police about the call?

Not yet, no. I’m gonna go to the station right now, and I’ll give them my phone and see if there’s anything that they can do.

Yes, please.


One of the unis found it tossed in a dumpster near the bistro.

Could be the break we need.

OK, Wendy. This phone is now your priority one.

Got it. I’ll get it printed and run the numbers on the phone.

Yep, let me know what you find, even if it’s a dead end.

On it.

All right.


[clears throat] Anything else you need from me, Commissioner?

That’s it, Goldman. Just shut the door behind you, please. OK. So I don’t know what is up with Ava, but we need to have a chat with her.

Yeah, she definitely knows more than what she’s saying.

Oh, yeah. Also, get me up to speed on the pub.

Oh. You are not going to believe this, Commissioner.

[suspenseful music]

We’ve been giving Harris transfusions to replace the blood that he lost. But now he is stable enough for surgery.

Oh, thank God.

Our biggest concern right now is internal bleeding. But he could also have bullet fragmentation that could have caused damage to other areas. So our plan right now is to go in, remove the bullet, and check for multi-organ system dysfunction. Do you know, is there anybody in the family that I should notify?

Not that I know of.

It’s all right. It’s OK. We will contact the PD. They keep an emergency contact list for all their officers in case anything happens in the line of duty.

Kayla, is he gonna be OK?

Like I said, he lost a lot of blood. We’ll know more when we get into surgery. But I can tell you we will do everything we can.

[somber guitar music]



[suspenseful music]


[sultry music]

I thought we were taking things slow.

We can take things as slow as you want. The slower, the better.

God, Maggie. Somebody, somebody set fire to the house with us in it, with the precious children in it.

Well, there’ll be a reckoning for the evil that is Clyde Weston.

Reckoning? Reckoning schmeckoning. The house was on fire. We’ve lost the family history– the pictures, the scrapbooks, my grandmother’s–

[somber piano music] The Christmas ornaments. Oh, God. What would my grandparents say?

They’d say, thank God you all got out safe and unharmed. And just what you said earlier, home isn’t material possessions. It’s family and the people you love.

Yes. That is what they’d say.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s what they’d say.

Harris has experienced significant trauma. But he’s strong, and he’s in excellent shape, so he will do better than most. And you found him and got him help before it was too late. So because of you, he actually has a fighting chance.

[phone beeps] Excuse me. They are taking him to the OR now. I’ll be in touch.

[dramatic music]

Ava, please. I can protect you.

No, you can’t.

I can. I can. And I will. Because I love you. I think maybe you already knew, but I love you.

You’ve got to make it, my love. You’ve just got to.

Yeah. Harris has been keeping Lucas Horton in his room at the pub.

Yeah. Talk about going above and beyond. That’s my partner.

Yeah. And the best thing that we can do for him is to go full throttle on this investigation and nail every bastard that’s involved. But damn it, I am telling you, Clyde Weston is pulling strings from the inside.

Yeah, but how do we prove that?

Well, we find out who his new puppet master is and the foot soldiers that he has on the outside, and then we flip them.

Let’s hope the phone gives us something.

Yeah, or forensics finds something at the pub.

Speaking of, I’ve got police presence there all night processing the scene. So Lucas is safe for now, but we got to find him a new safe house.

Yeah, the question is, how the hell did they find this one? And he guns down a cop? It’s like Weston is waging a war on Salem tonight.

[knocking] Yeah?

Chad DiMera is here, Commissioner. He insists on speaking to you.

All right, well, send him in.

[tense music]

Thanks. Busy out there.

What’s up, Chad?

I’m not sure if you heard, but there was a fire tonight at the Horton house.

Oh my God. Is everyone OK?

Yeah. We’re good.

OK, so everyone got out, Doug and Julie and your kids?

We all got out, but the house is gone. It’s destroyed.

Oh, my God. I’m so sorry, man. I mean, honestly, we’ve been so busy here, I didn’t even hear about it. Do you know what the cause was?

Yeah, I do. Arson. I think it was Clyde Weston.

So tell me again what this guy said.

His exact words were, “Maybe next time, you’ll listen.”

And why do you think it was Clyde Weston?

Well, it was either him or somebody who works for him. Clyde threatened me and my editor in chief today at the prison when we saw him. We told him we were going to write the article on the opioid crisis and that we were going to name him as the suspected drug lord. He didn’t want it to see the light of day. And it did, obviously, as you know. So I think this was revenge for us outing him.

And killing his profits.


So Clyde Weston is on the warpath. And if he is responsible for this fire, then, well, that makes three incidents tonight.

What do you mean three? What else happened?

Well, I cannot discuss other incidents, Chad, but I’m just glad that you and your family are unharmed. And I am interested in seeing that arson report, so I’ll have the fire department send it over ASAP.

I need you to tell me you’re going to get this guy, Rafe. He killed Abigail, and then he burned down her family house while he was in prison for her murder. I need you to tell me that.

We’re gonna get this guy. We are gonna get him. Every man and woman in this department wants to bring him down.

If you could leave your phone here, we’re gonna need to hold on to it. I’ll have tech look it over.

No problem. Anything you need. Um… You need to nail that son of a bitch, yeah?


[groans] This is taking forever.

Let me get you something to eat.

I can’t. I can’t keep this up. I can’t, Stefan, not after tonight. Come on. Come on. We got to end this. You see that. You know that. I mean, come on. You got to realize we can’t keep this going.

Ava, we have no choice. We cannot betray Clyde. You’ve seen what happens.

I swear to God. I swear to God, if Harris dies, I’m gonna go after Clyde Weston myself. And screw whatever happens because the son of a bitch is not gonna know what hit him.

Oh, come on.

Come on, what?

Are you–will you waltz into Statesville and stab him with a spork in the visiting room?

Oh, don’t you insult me.

Let it go.

Oh, OK. OK. So we’re just supposed to let him hurt the people that we love, and there’s nothing that we can do about it?

That’s right. There is nothing we can do about it, unless you want him to kill the people we love the most.

[romantic music]

I love you. I never stopped.

I love you. I never stopped.

Three targets in one night. Clyde Weston apparently had this whole thing planned and executed simultaneously.

Yeah, from the confines of his cell while his goons are out there knocking off his enemies.

Not just his enemies, Rafe. There were kids in that house, an elderly couple. Clyde doesn’t give a damn who gets caught in the crossfire.


How does he know so much? How? OK, look, it’s one thing to know where Chad lives or where Harris is gonna be at any given time of day. But to know that Lucas was hiding out? This mole, this mole runs deep.

Sorry, I should have knocked, but I couldn’t wait. You won’t believe it. I got a hit off the burner phone found at the bistro. I started cross-checking phone numbers. Take a look.

[dramatic music]

Son of a bitch.

[phone ringing]

We got him now.

Tonight’s the night.


I got the warrant!



[clears throat]

You all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just overdid it at the gym.


All right, everybody. You know the drill. Let’s do this.

The kids are still asleep, and Doug is sacked up next to them in the chair. I wasn’t sure if I should wake him up and get him to his own room or not.

I’ll rouse him when I go up.

So how did it go at the police station?

Told them everything. And they took my phone. So I hope it helped.

Oh, God. I hope so.

Chad, is there any chance we’re all still in danger?

[suspenseful music]

I don’t think so. I think Clyde made his point. But Rafe said he was gonna put a car outside for the night just to be safe.

How reassuring.

[sighs] So I guess all we have to think about is where we’re gonna live now.

How is he? Oh, my God, is he alive?

He made it through the surgery.

Oh, thank God. Did you remove the bullet?

Yes, but the bullet wasn’t our only concern. He had a collapsed lung, and the internal bleeding was significant.

So what happens now?

Now we monitor him closely, and we wait.

How long before we know if he’ll make it?

Well, there are no guarantees, but I would say hours.

[somber music]




[exhales] You know, it wasn’t long ago I just thought we’d never be together again. But now you’re back in my arms.

Mm-hmm. Finally.




[soft music]

I missed you. I missed you so much.

Same here. And while we were apart, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about you, wonder how you were doing, wonder if you were thinking about me.

I was. Even when I was so angry and I wanted to move on, there was just this… this longing for you. It just–it never went away. And I would fantasize about moments like this.

I fantasized about moments like this too and the moments right before this.

Those were good moments.

[laughs] And when you went out, I just– I couldn’t wait for you to get back. I was just hoping that something like this might happen.

I’m just sorry I was gone so long.

You should be. Although when you went for the jog, you left your phone. And I wasn’t snooping–that does feel important to say– but it was impossible to not notice a text that came through that just said, “Is it done?”

Is it done?

Yeah. It’s weird, right? Do you know what that means?

I have no idea.

Police! Search warrant. We’re coming in.

[dramatic music]

[door crashing, clattering]

There’s nothing to figure out, Julie. You will all live right here– you, Doug, Chad, and your wonderful children.

No, Maggie. We can’t possibly impose on you. You’ve got a house full of people living here already.

It’s a mansion, empty bedrooms galore. And there’s still plenty of room.

Aunt Maggie, you don’t have to do that.

I won’t take no for an answer, end of discussion. Now, you both go upstairs and get some rest. There’s nothing more you can do tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

All right. Get up in the morning, put one foot in front of the other.

Mm-hmm. And you, you will rebuild brick by brick. And… you will have everyone around you who love you every step of the way.



Can I see him?

Like I said, he’s in recovery.

Look, Doc, she’s been waiting here for hours. And for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure that he’d want her in that room beside him.

Which brings me to something that I wanted to mention to Ava. So, Stefan, would you mind just giving us a minute?

No problem.

So one of my nurses got in touch with the Salem Police Department to get Harris’ emergency contact information. Were you aware that he listed you as the person to be notified in case of his injury or death?

No, I did not know that.

Well, clearly you mean a lot to him.

Thank you for telling me that. And, Kayla, please, I really want to see him. I need to tell him something.

All right. Just for a few minutes, all right?


[somber music]

[machine beeping steadily]

Harris. Hey, it’s me. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I never should have gotten involved with Clyde Weston. I should have found a way out. You were just trying to protect me. I should be the one lying in this bed, not you.

[sighs] Hey. You know, there’s something really important that I want to tell you. I love you. I think maybe you already knew. But I really wished I had told you and said it back to you at the police station. OK, you listen to me. All right, you listen to me. I need you to fight. I need you to fight really hard so you can come back to me. Please. Please come back to me.


Hands up!

What’s going on?

Let’s go.

What are you doing? There’s a baby in the other room.

Sarah, stay back.

On the ground. Hands behind your back.

[baby crying]

[dramatic music]

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Days Transcript Monday, February 12, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[tense music]


Mm. Oh. What in God’s name? Oh. Oh, hey.

Sorry, my hands are full. But wait until you see what I got, all your favorites!

My favorite what?

Oh, favorite everything. We are about to have a mother-daughter night that you will never forget.

Oh, Chanel, darling, you know, my surgery is in the morning. I’m not really in the mood for–

OK, well, we are just gonna have to get you in the mood. I’ve got your favorite nail polish for your manicure, a la Chanel. I got a puzzle, pieces because I know how much you hate ,.

Yeah, we’d be up all night with it.

I got this deck of cards and all your junk food faves. Let’s see, we got crinkle chips, some cheap-ass cupcakes that you love, and those hard caramel candy thingies.

Chanel, I can’t eat anything after midnight tonight because of the anesthesia!

OK, well, we still have a few hours left until midnight, so we better chow down before the clock strikes :. And let’s see. If that doesn’t cheer you up, I know this will.

[laughs] It’s girls’ night.

[quirky music]


Oh, whoa, let me help you with that.

Thank you.


So you’ve been busy.

Yeah, well, the downside to this morning’s bust was endless paperwork of an officer-involved shooting.

Yeah, how’s Goldman doing?

Oh, she’s OK. I sent her home after her mandatory meeting with the department shrink.

Yeah, she’s gonna have a lot to work through.


[chuckles] Yeah, that’s for sure. I know. I’ve been there. But you know, she’s a tough cookie, and she’s gonna get through it. And on a more positive note, we got a lot of product out the street today, and we’re a major thorn in Clyde’s side. So, all in all, it’s a good day.


[tense music]



Lucas, are you all right? Lucas!

[fire alarm blaring]



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Hello, all.


Oh, hey there. Nice to see you fully dressed.

You might want to lower your voice, huh?


And look, you’re gonna forget about what you saw, right?

I wish I could. The image is kind of seared into my brain.

OK, Tripp, remember what we talked about, about respecting each other’s boundaries?


Yeah, OK, good. And out of that respect, the two of you are never going to talk about that joke, about that moment, ever again. Got it? All right, I’m gonna grab some fresh air.

So, how about that Super Bowl?


[tense music]

Oh, my God. Oh, God. Oh, God, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris. OK, oh, no, no, no, no. Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Chanel, I appreciate this. I really do. But are you really up for a night of fun and games? You’re supposed to be getting married tomorrow.

Hey, hey, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. You taught me that.

Yeah, but those lemons come from my tree. Oh, this is all my fault.

OK, would you please stop saying that? Stop making yourself the big bad witch here, OK? No more guilt and no more negative feelings. We got junk food to eat and not a lot of time left in which to eat it. We got puzzles to make, movies to watch. Oh, and pizza’s on the way.

Chicago style?

Of course, it’s Chicago style. What do you think this is, my first rodeo?

All right, so, let’s start the puzzle and the movie.

Ugh, what are my choices? We’ve got “Bad Boys II,” “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” and “Get Out.”

Oh, mm-mm. I’m not watching “Get Out” before my surgery. Uh-huh, I’ll be worried that they’ll be trying to transplant somebody’s brains into my head while I’m passed out on the table. No, thank you. I think Stella can help me get my groove back when I’m recovering. So let’s go with “Bad Boys.” I can use the laughs.

All right, you got it.

[phone ringing]

Oh. Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the call. It’s Lani.

[tender acoustic music]

All right, so county coroner’s office took custody of the deceased at :. The next of kin were notified at :. The coroner’s office is starting an official investigation into his cause of death.

OK. When’s the autopsy?

Well, considering the circumstances, our drug-dealing body was moved to the front of the line. So it was actually performed this afternoon. We should have the results tomorrow.

Good, that’ll confirm that he fired his weapon.

Mm-hmm. As well as wound trajectory and if he has any opioids in his system.

Right. So does this count as our dinner date?

Well, considering I don’t see any end to this paperwork, I’m gonna go with yes.


[exhales sharply] Well, I’ll take what I can get.

You’re the best. What about Harris? I still don’t have his report yet. Is he around?

[tense music]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh. Oh, God, oh, God, no, no.




No, no, no, no, no, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.

Look, Tripp, it’s nobody’s business, OK? So please, don’t say a word to anybody about what you saw at your place.

Look, who am I gonna tell? And you heard what my mom said. I promised her that we would respect her boundaries from now on.

[phone ringing] Mom?

Tripp, Tripp, get to the loading dock right now. Harris has been shot.

OK, are you OK?

Mom, are you OK?

No, I’m fine. Were you hit?

No, I’m fine. Look, nothing! Mom.

Hey, it’s me! It’s me, OK? All right, you two OK? I was outside. I heard the shots.

Yeah, we’re OK. There was someone there, and they had a gun. I shot him. I don’t know if I hit him.

But you’re both OK?


Yeah, we’re fine.

All right, stay here, OK? Stay here. Lock the door. Get down on the floor, both of you. And stay away from those windows, right? Got that?

OK, go, go, go, get Doug and the kids and get out safe. I’ll call .

Fire! Fire, everybody! Get up! Fire!

Where’s the extinguisher? Where’s the extinguisher?


Yes, yes, of course. I will make sure to text Eli updates as soon as I get them. OK, now, quick, say goodbye to Mama before your time runs out. OK, love you.


Oh, yes, oh, thank you for calling, sweetheart. Mm, it means so much to me. Mm-hmm, love you too. Well, I appreciate the prayers, baby. Bye, bye now. Oh. Ooh, so good to hear Lani’s voice, just what I needed.

Yeah, I know. I wish she could be here with us for girls’ night.

Oh, me too. Me too. My Lord willing, her release come soon. Oh, maybe she’ll be back in Salem in time for your new wedding day.

Yeah, maybe.

OK, well, let’s start the puzzle and then the movie. And where you hiding those cheap ass cupcakes? Where they at?

It’s all right, sweethearts. We’re safe now. You’re safe here.

Where is Chad?

He’s still in the house.


[tense music]

Julie, no, no!

Katie, it’s me. Open up. All right, I cleared the scene. The pub is secure. The shooter’s gone. Did either of you get a good look at him?

I didn’t see anything. It was too dark.

They were dressed in black. I just saw the gun.

Well, it’s a good thing you acted fast, Kate. You scared him off.

Not only that, but you saved my life.

[tender acoustic music]

[tense music]

What happened?

I don’t know, I don’t know. I just found him lying here, bleeding.

Call .

No, no, I called you.

Wendy, call . Tell them we have an officer down behind the bistro. We need paramedics.

Oh, my God.

Hey, give me something that I can use to stop this bleeding.

Like what?

Anything, towels, cloths, whatever you have.

Yes, there’s napkins. There’s napkins right inside the door in the laundry service bag. Just rip it open. Stefan, go!

Harris, Harris, can you hear me? Damn, I need scissors.

It feels like a single bullet wound to the chest, one in the left arm, significant bleeding.

We need paramedics. We have a police officer down at the loading docks behind the bistro.

Tell him it’s a gunshot wound to the chest and one to the left arm.

A —, gunshot wound to the chest and left arm.

Hey, we’re not gonna leave you.

Here, here, here.

Hold him. OK. Airway’s clear, shallow breathing, possible tension pneumothorax. I need an occlusive bandage. Do you have a first aid kit?

In the kitchen.

I’ll go get it.

Oh, God, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

What do you mean by that?


I will protect you because I love you. I’d think maybe you already knew, but I love you, Ava.

Well, you better learn how to stop. I mean it. You better get over that.

OK, you don’t have to stop.

Will you trust me, please?

Yes. It doesn’t matter now. Just don’t die. Oh, God, Harris, please. Please don’t die. Don’t die.

[sirens blaring]

Ooh, ooh, I am stuffed to the gills.

Me too. You want me to paint your nails now?

Well, will I have to sit up?

A little.

Then, no.

[phone rings]

Don’t move.


[phone beeps]

Hey, boo. Yeah, it’s going well. No, you cannot come over. I told you that this is girls’ night. “Bad Boys II,” you were right. Thank you for getting the DVDs. Yeah, OK, I love you too, Johnny. I’ll tell her. See you tomorrow.

[soft dramatic music]

Johnny sends his love, and he wishes you the best for tomorrow’s surgery.

Mm, I’ll take all the good juju I can get.

He’s out shopping, and he wanted to stop by, but I told him that this is our night.

Shopping! I bet he’s getting a Valentine’s Day surprise for you.

Well, he is pretty, pretty good with surprises.

Good going, Katie. All that practice at the gun range paid off.

Yeah, that shooter was definitely after me.

Yeah, we need to tell Harris about this.

You mean the guy who told Lucas he was going to be just fine? Because, you know, if you hadn’t snuck down to the kitchen to raid the kitchen, and if I hadn’t thought I heard an intruder and went down after you.

I know.

Katie, look, Lucas is right here. He is fine. He’s just fine, OK?

[sirens blaring]

Can you feel–

Oh, God. Save him. You have to save him, Tripp.

[soft dramatic music]

Oh, my God, it’s Harris.

What’s his condition?

Approximately -year-old male, unknown downtime, gunshot wound through the chest and the left arm. No apparent exit wound to the chest. Not moving, intermittent gasping, needs fluids.

OK, get this area cordoned off. Then start canvassing. See if any of the surrounding businesses caught anything on camera.


What the hell happened?

I don’t know. I just– I came out here, and I found him lying in blood.

[phone ringing]

Hernandez. Oh, my God, yeah. There’s been another shooting, the Brady Pub. I need you to go over there now.

Chad! Chad! Chad, stop! Stop! You can’t put it out! It’s too big. Come out!

I can do it!

No, come out! Come out!

[upbeat music]

OK, Mama, so do you have any s?

Go fish.

Oh, got it!

Oh, you always were a shock at this game! Oh, it was your favorite.

Well, thank you for indulging me. It makes me very happy.


[chuckles] You know what makes me happy?


You and Johnny together.

Yeah, I am a very lucky girl.

Well, I may be a little bit biased, but I think he’s the lucky one. But who cares who’s lucky? It’s just so wonderful that you found your true love.

Yeah, yeah, it is.

You know, I don’t think I ever asked you, but what is it about Johnny that makes him the one?

Oh, my gosh, let’s see. Where do I start? Well, he makes me feel safe, and also empowered, and he really just accepts me and respects me for who I am. And then, he’s also fun, and he makes me laugh, and he’s so creative and curious, and I just– I love how honest he is, and he’s strong, but he can also be vulnerable. And, you know, he’s really just the whole package.


And here, I thought you were just gonna say he’s a great kisser.


Well, we do have some really great chemistry, but it really is so much more than that.


[phone ringing]

Whoa. Oh. It’s Grand Central Station in here tonight. Oh. Hello?

[tense music] Oh, my God. What? When did this happen?

Is he alive?

Who is it?

Yeah, keep me posted. You understand?

Detective Harris Michaels was shot tonight by an unknown assailant.

Is he OK?

Well, they don’t know yet. They just found him. He’s being treated on the scene.

Where is he?

Over by the loading docks behind the bistro. I should go to the hospital.

No, no, absolutely not, OK? You are supposed to be preparing for your surgery tomorrow. You let the deputy mayor who was supposed to be filling in for you cover that. Let him handle it.

I know, I know, yeah. But I need to get over there because I am–

The only thing we can do for him right now is pray, OK? And we can do that right here.

Oh, Lord, where are they?

I have to go find them.

No, Thomas, no. That’s too dangerous. Just please stay here.

Hey, come here.

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, thank God!

You OK?

Thank God!


Are you OK? It’s OK. It’s OK.

[sirens blaring distantly]

Come on, Harris. Pick up. Damn it, voicemail. When I get my hands on that guy, I swear.

Somebody broke in. They were armed. Kate shot at them. They took off.

What did he look like?

I mean, I really couldn’t tell. I couldn’t see much. They were dressed in black.

OK, where did this happen?

Right here.

In Harris’s room? I need to get in there.

No! You can’t do that.

Why not?

Well, it’s just a matter of privacy. I can’t let you in my tenant’s room.

OK, look, a crime went down here tonight, and as a former police officer, you know just as well as I do that I need to investigate in order to do my job.

[soft dramatic music]

It’s you. This is your safe house?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been here the whole time.

I live right down the hall, and I had no idea.

We need to get in touch with Michaels, let him know what happened.

That won’t be possible. Harris was shot tonight.


And we don’t even know yet if he’s going to make it.

Pulse is steady. Harris, can you hear me? Harris?

We don’t know what happened. We were just all– we were all inside.

Harris? Harris, Harris, I need you to wake up now, OK? Harris.

You didn’t hear anything, gunshots?

I need you to wake up.

No, nothing.

Come on, now.

I just– I came out. I needed a break, and I needed some fresh air. And I just looked– I looked over, and there he was. He was just– he was just– he was just– he was lying there, bleeding. Then he looked at me for a minute, and then, he just closed his eyes.

I don’t have a pulse. He’s unresponsive. Get the defib ready.

[tense music]

Oh, God, that poor man hanging to life. Oh, what’s wrong with this world?

Yeah, was he shot in the line of duty?

Oh, we don’t know yet. Oh, it just goes to show, you never know when your number might be up. Chanel, Chanel, honey, we need to talk.

Oh, Mama, no.

Yes, yes. Now, you listen to me. Now, if anything should happen to me during my surgery tomorrow, now, the key to the safe deposit box…

I know where it is!

Is in the bottom of the jewelry box in the secret compartment.

I said I know where it is.

Well, I’m just reminding you of it, OK? OK, now, everything that you need is right in there.

No, everything I need is right here.

Oh, you don’t have to shout!

Yes, I do, because I’m trying to get through to you, Mama, because I need you to understand that you are my mother, and I love you, and I need you, so don’t you dare talk about leaving this planet any time soon because I will not put up with it. Do you hear me?

Oh, all right. Baby, all right.

[tender music] You have officially gotten through to me, OK? I’m sorry. I’m– I’m so sorry.

Yeah, you should be.

Well, OK, how about this? I promise I will not leave this planet for a very long, long time. And in fact, I’m gonna go in there tomorrow and kick cancer’s ass so hard, they won’t even know what hit it.

That’s more like it.

Oh, God. How I love you!

Damn it. Harris was shot?

What happened?

Last I know is that Tripp was working on him at the scene. He was shot on the loading dock at the bistro.

Well, who shot him?

Do you have him in custody?

Look, we don’t know that yet, OK? I’m sorry. But what happened here tonight?

I was in the room with Lucas. I had just said good night. I turned off the light. I started to the door, and I saw the door handle move. The door opened, I saw a gun, and I fired.

OK, how many shots? Did you hit the shooter?

I don’t know. They just took off.

OK, OK, we’ll get forensics in here and see what they can find.

Wait a minute. No one can know I’m here.

Look, I’ll move you to my room.

No, no need. We’ll take him to our apartment.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

No, OK, how about we do this, OK? I’ll get the unis downstairs, gather them up for a briefing and make sure you’re alone up here, OK? And then, we’ll make the move. Got it?

Yeah, yeah, I got it.

All right, great. I’m going to have a police– a strong police presence here until we can figure out what we’re gonna do next.

[tense music]

Are all your family members are accounted for?

Yes, we’re all here, yeah.

What about pets, cats or dogs.

No, no, there are no pets.

Please, can you save the house?

We’re doing our best, ma’am. We want to get you transported to the hospital soon to make sure everyone’s A-OK.

[soft dramatic music]

It’s our family home, for generations! All of our history– all of our history is there!

Check pulse.

No pulse.

I don’t have a pulse.

Oh, God, no, no.

Charging. Stop CPR. Clear. V-fib.

Stand clear.

Shocking. Shock.

Continuing compressions. Come on, Harris. Come on, come on!

[tense music]

OK, you should get to bed now, Mama. Get some rest.

Oh, mm-mm, not yet. I got to clean up this mess first.

Would you please just stop, let me do the cleaning, and you go get some sleep.

Well, honey, I don’t think I’ll be able to tonight, you know? But I’m feeling much more positive than before, you know, thanks to my wonderful daughter that– and I know I’m gonna date myself with this expression. I’m still wound up like a cheap clock.

OK, well, I don’t really know what that means, but I do have an idea of how you could wind down.

OK, let’s hear it.

OK, so, I was thinking that maybe I could crawl into your bed and lay with you like I did when I was little.

Hmm, you know, you’d probably take up less in the bed now than you did then. I swear, you’d end up sleeping sideways with a foot in my face. I’d be teetering on the bed, trying to hang on.

Well, so, is that a yes?

Well, you know what? I’d like that very much, cuddling up with my baby tonight just like we used to. Oh, you’re not gonna make me– you’re not going to make me do those little shadow finger things on the wall, are you?


Well, I guess I better get my flashlight.


Oh, you know what, Mom? I just want to say that I am really proud that you’re my mom.

Aw, and I just want to say, you are my darling daughter, so, so sweet, so kind, so loving, so perfect in every way. You make me determined, and just like I said before, but it damn well bears worth repeating, I plan on sticking around this planet for a long, long time.

Well, thank God he’s breathing. Thank God.

[tense music]

How the hell did this happen?

I’m sure as hell gonna find out.

I’m gonna ride with them. He’s lost a lot of blood. Kayla, it’s bad.

This is all Clyde West. And you know that, right?

It sure looks like it.

How did he find him? No one knew that Lucas was here.

Somebody did.

We’ll find him a new safe house.

It’s not gonna make any difference. As long as Clyde Weston is out there, as long as he’s still alive, I’m never gonna be safe from him.

[soft dramatic music]

Oh, I’m so sorry, my darling. But the important thing is that we are all safe.

Yes, I know, but I’m watching half my life go up in flames.

Daddy, what about my car collection and Charlotte’s princesses?

You know what? We’re going to get you all new stuff, OK, buddy? I promise. But for right now, we have to count our blessings and just thank God that we’re all OK.

I know. And I did already, thank God, I mean.

Yeah, that’s good. That’s good.

Daddy? What about all the pictures of mommy?

[phone ringing]

[phone beeps]


[deep voice]

Maybe next time you’ll listen.

[eerie music]

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Opinions For The Week Of February 5, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Stephanie and Everett from Days

Stephanie didn’t waste any time jumping into bed with Everett. We guess she got over Chad quickly. Stephanie acted as if she was head over heels in love with Chad, yet she had sex with Everett. If she loved Chad the way she claimed, she could have made Everett wait. Speaking of Everett, did he think having sex with Stephanie was going to keep him from having to tell her the truth about Jada? Having sex with Stephanie doesn’t change the fact that he was married to Jada.

Why did Johnny suddenly have doubts about marrying Chanel? He claimed he was concerned about his family after he talked to Chad about it. Johnny knew about his family long before he talked to Chad, yet he proposed to her anyway. It didn’t make sense for him to suddenly have doubts about marrying her. Also, why was he suddenly concerned about her feelings or Allie? When he proposed to her, he knew she used to date Allie. He should have thought about his family and Allie before he proposed to her.

Once again, the writers are changing John’s story. He’s the only one whose story has changed numerous times throughout the years. Are they getting hard up for a storyline for him that they must go down the road of him being a pawn? Speaking of John being a pawn, did the writers forget the chip is no longer in John’s head? The chip was taken out of his head while Hope was on the show. We will give the story a chance, but we anticipate the story changing even if it gets resolved.

Alex was so obvious that he wanted Kristen to pursue Brady to keep him away from Theresa. He must have forgotten what Kristen did to Brady. We know Alex didn’t want Brady to be around Theresa, but did he really think Kristen was a better option? For someone so arrogant, Alex has insecurity issues when it comes to Theresa.

Did Stefan think EJ would help him after what they went through in the past? Stefan didn’t care that the drugs he sold led to Holly overdosing. He was looking out for himself and Gabi. EJ had no reason to protect him after everything that was going on with Holly. Stefan needs to figure things out for himself instead of relying on other people to do things for him.

Why was Sloan surprised that she and Eric kept getting interrupted by the baby? Did she think the baby wasn’t going to cry? Maybe she should have thought about that before she decided to keep Nicole’s baby. She and Eric would have all the time in the world if she didn’t take Nicole’s baby.

When did Tate start resenting Brady? Before he left to go to rehab, Tate didn’t say anything about hating Brady. Now suddenly, he hates him. The writers had to come up with some reason to justify Brady being at the AA meeting with Theresa. They could have come up with a better reason than that to get him at the meeting.

Who were Johnny and Chanel inviting to the wedding? Johnny has family other than the DiMeras, yet none of them mentioned the wedding. You would never know Johnny was related to Marlena and the Bradys. He’s not just related to the DiMeras. Did they plan on only inviting Paulina and the DiMeras?


Johnny and Chanel from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of February 5, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Paulina from Days


-Paulina could be heard talking to Abe while Chanel was shown.

-Wendy could be heard talking to Tripp while Ava and Stefan were shown.

-John could be heard talking to Konstantin while Stefan was shown.

-Wendy could be heard talking to Tripp while Stephanie was shown.

-Johnny suddenly had doubts about marrying Chanel when he was the one who wanted to marry her.


-Clyde’s phone could be heard ringing while Abe and Paulina were shown.

-Why would Brady tell Kristen about Theresa getting high? Kristen didn’t need to know about it.

-Kristen could be heard talking to Alex while Rafe was shown.


-EJ could be heard talking to Stefan while Ava was shown.

-Chanel could be heard talking to Abe and Paulina while Stefan was shown.

-Ava’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-EJ called Stefan little brother. The last time we checked, Stefan was older than EJ.


-Theresa could be heard talking during the AA meeting while Stephanie was shown.

-Sloan could be heard pouring a glass of wine while Theresa was shown.

-Why did Eric and Sloan have alcohol when he was an addict?


-Theresa could be heard talking to Alex while Tripp and Wendy were shown.

-Sarah could be heard talking to Xander while Lucas was shown.

-Julie could be heard talking to Charlotte and Thomas while Sarah was shown.

-Johnny and Chanel were supposed to get married on Valentine’s Day yet none of his family referred to the wedding.


Alex and Theresa from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Interview with Rekha Sharma

TV Interview!


Rekha Sharma plays Dr. Neeta Devi on the NBC drama “Transplant.” Screencap from video.

Interview with Rekha Sharma of “Transplant” on NBC by Suzanne 2/2/24

It was wonderful to speak with Rekha. She’s been in so many shows that I love, so it was great to see her join the cast of “Transplant” this year (season 3 for those of us in the U.S.).  She’s very nice and down-to-earth.  I hope you enjoy tonight’s finale of the show, and I look forward to season 4! It already aired in Canada, but not here yet.

MORE INFO: Preview

TRANSPLANT -- Season 3 Gallery -- Pictured: Rekha Sharma as Dr. Neeta Devi -- (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV)Rekha Sharma
Dr. Devi, “Transplant”

Rekha Sharma plays Dr. Neeta Devi on the NBC drama “Transplant.” Dr. Devi takes over as the Chief of Emergency Medicine and comes to York Memorial with big ideas but finds herself perched atop a glass cliff.

The Canadian actress is most widely known for her powerful and dynamic roles on the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning series “Battlestar Galactica” as well as CBS’s iconic “Star Trek: Discovery.” She most recently co-starred on the Emmy Award-nominated Showtime series “Yellowjackets.”

Her numerous past projects include “Roswell: New Mexico,” “The Imperfects,” “Bingemas,” “United States of Al,” “Another life,” “The 100,” “Supernatural,” “V,” “Smallville” and the feature film “The Core.”



New Season Premiering Thursday, October 12 on NBC (9 p.m. ET)

The new season of “Transplant” finds Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq, “My Salinger Year”) continuing his journey to start over, but with each new milestone comes a new challenge. While pursuing Canadian citizenship for himself and his younger sister, Amira (Sirena Gulamgaus, “Orphan Black), Bash closely examines who he’s becoming in his adopted country.

Bash, still being asked repeatedly to prove himself, works closely with his colleagues as they move forward following the dramatic conclusion of season two. Everyone continues to find themselves looking to adapt to change and understand how they fit in, both within and beyond the walls of York Memorial Hospital.

After Dr. Bishop’s shocking departure, the team gains a new boss with the forward-thinking Dr. Neeta Devi (Rekha Sharma, “Yellowjackets”). Dr. Devi has big ideas when it comes to overhauling the emergency department at York Memorial.

“Transplant” also stars Laurence Leboeuf as Dr. Magalie “Mags” LeBlanc, Ayisha Issa as Dr. June Curtis, Jim Watson as Dr. Theo Hunter, Torri Higginson as head nurse Claire Malone, Gord Rand as Dr. Mark Novak and Sirena Gulamgaus as Amira.

Creator Joseph Kay serves as showrunner and executive producer. Rachel Langer, Josée Vallée, Jocelyn Deschênes, Bruno Dubé, and Stefan Pleszczynski also executive produce.

“Transplant” is produced by Sphere Media in association with CTV and Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Please visit the official show site at:

For the latest “Transplant” news, videos, and photos, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: #Transplant

Interview with creator Joseph Kay of “Transplant” on NBC 10/10/23


TRANSPLANT -- Season 3 Gallery -- Pictured: (l-r) Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir Hamed, Rekha Sharma as Dr. Neeta Devi -- (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV)

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Days Transcript Friday, February 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[Theresa sighs]

God, I just can’t help myself. Every time the s version of “Pride and Prejudice” comes on, I just– I have to watch. I mean, don’t you think it’s just the most amazing love story?

I mean–

How the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth just develops, and how they’re so drawn to each other right from the start, but misconceptions get in the way?

As they often do.



But yet, they grew to understand that judging from first impressions isn’t always the best way to go and that sometimes if you just wait it out and just give the person a chance to reveal who they really are.

Yeah, maybe in the movies, but in real life, I’m not so sure.

Come on, Alex. When you and I first met, I was a hot mess.


And then you– you really took the time to know me. And look at us now.

[soft dramatic music]

You’ve been twirling that same piece of pasta around your fork for the past five minutes.

Yeah, well, it’s not like I have much of an appetite right now. Do we really have to have this conversation with her?

Tripp, we already decided. OK? We can’t keep walking around on eggshells. And besides, it’s out of respect for your mother that you have to– that wehave to talk to her.

Talk to me about what?

I am all ears.




[items clattering] Ow! Damn it! You got to be kidding me.


[dramatic music]

Get out! Get out!

What the hell are you doing? You scared the heck out of me!

What the–

Put the gun down!

What are you doing down here?


Oh, my gosh. I love her little backstroke with all the kicking and splashing.

It’s like she was intentionally trying to make us laugh with all the splashing. Right? You could see it in her eyes.

Yeah. Well, she’s obviously inherited your slapstick sense of humor.

Mm. Well, could be. I admit I am a splasher from way back.


[laughs] Well, whoever she got it from, she’s just– she’s just so sweet and funny. And she’s more and more aware of the world around her each day.

It’s a really special time, isn’t it?

Yeah. I’m really, really glad that we get to experience this together.

Gee, Charlotte. You know, I thought after you won five games of Fish, you’d be tuckered out.

I want a chance to win. Let’s play again.



Hey! What’s going on down here? I told you guys to go upstairs and go to bed.

We’re not tired, Daddy.

Not tired? You could barely keep your eyes open the last game of Go Fish. Come on. Let’s go. Go brush your teeth.

I already did. See?

[bell rings]

Sweetheart, you really should listen to your father.

OK. Can you tell us one story?

Well, I know that Uncle Doug is upstairs waiting to tell you a story or read one to you. But I thought… maybe we could make it a two-story night tonight.

Yay! Should I go grab you a book?

No, no, because this is a story that I know by heart. And I think you both are grown up enough to understand it. So make yourselves comfortable, kiddos. It’s going to be really good. Relax, sweetie pie.

[soft tender music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Come on, Alex. When you and I first met, you didn’t really think we were going to end up together, did you?

Probably not, but I also never voted against it either.

OK. Good answer.


Well, now we are indeed together.


And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. So–

Yeah. So OK. My bad. Um… all right, babe, I never really took you for the type of person that gets worked up over Valentine’s Day. So I do admit I didn’t plan anything very crazy for us.

What? Are you–what? Are you kidding? I love Valentine’s Day. I mean, that is when it’s with somebody that I really care about.

You care about me?



So I don’t know. Maybe at this point, it’s probably too late to make a reservation somewhere. So what do you think? Should we just stay in?

I think I’m down to do whatever makes you happy.


[chuckles] News flash, Alex. Being with you is what makes me happy.

So what do you want to discuss with me?

Tripp, we need to get this out in the open.

OK. Yep. You’re right. You’re right. We do. Um…

[soft jazz music playing]

I’m waiting.

Mom, last night when we walked in on you and Stefan, it was really awkward.

OK. Yeah. So this is what this is about. OK, listen. I know that you weren’t thrilled to see us together. And I am sorry.

No. No, Mom. There’s nothing to be sorry about. No, I, uh–I realize now that I was out of line. And I shouldn’t have given you a hard time about it.

It’s OK, Tripp.

No, no, no it’s not. It’s not. I acted like an immature jerk. And you did not deserve that. And Wendy and I may not think that Stefan is the best choice for you. But if we’re all going to be living under the same roof, then we need to respect each other’s boundaries. Like I said, Stefan isn’t my first choice but–

The heart wants what the heart wants. Emily Dickinson’s most famous quote. Yeah?

I’m impressed you know that.

Well, I did take a poetry course in college. And she was– she was my favorite. She still is. Anyway, listen, I’m so glad you guys aren’t upset anymore. And it really, it means the world to me.

You scared the hell out of me.

Well, right back at you.

What are you doing down here anyway?

I was hungry, OK?

Oh, OK. Well, you were supposed to stay in your room. What if someone saw you?

I was careful.


[scoffs] Well, not so careful that your own mother didn’t pull a gun on you.

The pub is closed. Nobody’s here. It’s no big deal, all right? You worry too much.

Well, clearly, one of us has to do that.

[soft tense music]

Once upon a time, in a land called Salem, there stood an enchanted house, Horton House, that had sheltered its family for generations. And you two are part of its magic. So, ready to hear a little history?


Ready. Great.

[chuckles] A long, long time ago…

There was a fine young doctor named Thomas Horton and his lady wife, Alice. They came to live in this grand old house. They’re your great-great-grandparents. They raised all of their children here. And one of their children was named Bill. Now he was a doctor, too. And he fell in love with this– with this lady fair and wise. Her name was Laura. And they were blessed to have a beautiful baby girl, so beautiful they named her Jennifer Rose.

Your grandma. What do you think happened next?


Well, she grew up. And she fell in love with this tall, dashing man who made her laugh named Jack Deveraux. And he is your grandpa.

Then they were blessed with another baby girl even more beautiful, and they named her Abigail Johanna.

Our mommy!

Your mommy. They gave her the old-fashioned name to honor Grandma Alice’s mother, Abigail, and Jack’s mother, Josephine.

There’ll be a quiz on this later.

Wait, really?


[laughing] No, not really. Not really. Uh– Julie is joking.


Well, when your mommy was a little girl like you, she loved being in this house. Sometimes she’d go into– into Grandpa Tom’s library, climb up on his lap, and just beg him to tell her a story just like you.

And Grandma Alice, best grandma in the whole world, because she gave all of us her heart. And sometimes when we were naughty, she’d be very disappointed. Aunt Julie was often naughty. And Grandma Alice would say, Julie, that’s not the way we do.

Grandpa Tom was a very great man. He had a soul full of kindness. He was the only person who could calm us all down in times of chaos.

I really wish I could have met Tom and Alice.

They would have loved you so much, not just for your good qualities, Chad, but because… because you loved Abigail so.

And so children, this magical house was always full of joy even in tearful times because it was a house built on love. And that’s a tradition, the heart and tradition of love and support. And that’s yours in good times and in bad. You can count on that. I can remember when I was about your size. Coming home from school, I’d open that front door, open the door, smell these wonderful smells coming out of Alice’s kitchen. The magic donuts.

Can we make some of her donuts now?

Nice try.

[laughter] Nice try, Thomas. No, no. But I’ll make us a fresh batch tomorrow.


[laughter] This house is– it really is a blessing for us.

For all of us.

We make a great team, don’t we?

We do indeed.


[chuckles] You know, you really should get out of those wet clothes.

[soft dramatic music] I mean I can help you.

You’re right, I– I really should get out of these wet clothes. And, um…

Yeah, you should.

And, uh, go for a run. Yeah. That sounds good. Go for a quick run.

[tense jazzy music]

Really? A run? Right now?

[exhales deeply]

It’s good to see the Bistro busy again.

Yeah. I know it’s been tough for you guys since New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, yeah. It was a real struggle, but Stephanie’s got a great PR plan in place. And it’s getting us back on track.

Yeah. It looks like it’s already working.

Yeah, yeah? It is actually. It’s a big relief.

It’s hard to believe what’s going on in our little town. I know firsthand what’s happening. I see it every day with the amount of OD patients coming in in crazy numbers.

Yeah. Yeah, well, it is heartbreaking to see what’s going on in Salem. But I got a feeling it’s all going to turn around real soon.

Oh, yep. That’s definitely the running attire.

Excuse me?

Well, it’s just my observation, but you have a very specific running outfit, which is completely different than the one that you wear for weightlifting and cardio at the gym.

Oh, yeah. That is true. I mean, my running clothes have to be able to breathe, and wick moisture, and keep me warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s hot, so yeah, I’m kind of picky about them.

Clearly. And I don’t think that this obsession is limited to your running clothes. It’s like you have all these different uniforms for all these different activities in your life. Like work, running, socializing, relaxing.

I like to be properly attired for all occasions.

But what would happen, and now hear me out. What would happen if, God forbid, they discontinued all the fancy designer shirts that you wear to work?

Oh, perish the thought. I mean, when I pop on one of my Eton shirts, I’m in work mode. But when I put on this–


Fine, this uniform, my body flips a switch, and it’s time to go and run. I believe the psychobabble term for it is fashion OCD.

Mm. Well, whatever it’s called, it’s just one of the many endearing qualities that make you you.




Mm! Want some?

No. I’m not hungry.

Come on. I’ll split it with you.

No. I don’t want–


Lucas, I don’t want any.

[door opens]

Come on.

God, Lucas, you got a death wish?


OK, look, it’s OK.

No. No, it’s not, OK, Kate. Him being out in the public like this is a major security risk. That’s it. Snack time’s over. Let’s go back upstairs.

Come on. Really?

Let’s go.

Oh, hold on. Hold on just a little.

[tense music]

OK. So we’ll have dinner in. We’ll order takeout.


What do you want to do for the rest of the day?

Hmm. Let’s see. Um… It’ll be really nice to take a little morning stroll, maybe into town. And then we can get some coffee and maybe some pastries at Sweet Bits.

Sounds good.


Maybe we can work for a few hours from home, too.

Yeah. Fine.


I’m good with that. I just would like to go to a meeting after work.

How did your meeting go today?

It was good.


Yeah. Actually, Brady was there, too.

Brady? What the hell was Brady doing there?

All right.

Hey. Careful with him. You know, he’s still recovering.

Yeah, which is another reason you shouldn’t be taking a risk like that. If anybody saw you, you’re a sitting duck. You can’t defend yourself.

Harris, come on, man. I’ve been cooped up in this room day after day. What do you want me to do? For what? I mean, have you and your cronies even made one iota of progress on this case?

I get it. I get it. You’re frustrated. It’s going to be over soon. I just need you to hang in there just a little while longer. Can you do that?

And now, Thomas and Charlotte, it really is time for bed.

Can you tell us one more story?

No, no, no, no. You have school tomorrow, remember? And you want to be well-rested for your Valentine’s Day party so come on.

I’m not tired yet.

Sweetie pie, Uncle Doug is waiting to tell you a story. Why don’t you find your very favorite book and bring it to him? OK? Night-night.

Come on.

Sleep tight.

[soft tender music]

Come on. I love you.

[both chuckle softly]

Oh, sweetheart, we have to cherish these moments. You know, before long, they’ll be in their growing-up years. They’ll have their little friends. And they’ll have all their activities. And they’re not going to ask us to tell them a story.

Time really does fly by, doesn’t it?


You know, it’s, um… life though, it’s been– felt… a bit more normal lately. Yeah. You know, I mean the kids, you know, they miss their mom, of course, but… they don’t cry about it as much. And they’re doing a lot better in school. They’re doing better and better in general. And we have you and Doug to thank for that. So thank you.

That’s what we’re here for. That’s what families are for.

[chuckles softly]

You don’t think it’s a little late to be running?

Well, sometimes a little night air is exactly what I need…

[soft dramatic music] To push me to work out harder.

I know a hard workout. Granted, no night air. But it wouldn’t require you to leave.

So Brady just happened to be there at your meeting?

Yeah. He got there a little bit after I did.

Ah. So he’s spying on you.

What? Alex, no. He didn’t even know I was going to be there.



Listen. Brady went there for the same reason that I did.


[soft dramatic music] Look. This is a hour coin. You get one of these when you’ve been sober for a day. And then after a month, a year, two years, and so on, and so on, and you get a different coin. And over the years, when I would feel myself slipping into self-destructive thoughts, I would… grip on to this coin like a life preserver. Like I’m doing right now. That’s how it works. You show up just like Brady did, just like I did. And you’re there for each other one day at a time. Brady needed that meeting just as much as I did.

So did you get the support you needed today?

Yeah, definitely.

Good. Yet you still think you want to go to another meeting tomorrow?

Yeah. I do.

[soft dramatic music] Alex. Addiction is– it’s a lifelong disease. I would think that–

[chuckles softly] You would have read about that and you would know that. Especially since your roommate is a recovering addict.

No, did. I did. I read a fair amount about it. Yeah.

OK, then I would assume that you’d also know that somebody who is struggling with addiction… has this constant voice in their head that’s telling them that if they just get high… that all their worries and anxiety will just go away.

And when I go to these meetings, I’m able to quiet that voice.

Right. I understand that.

I mean, there are people in my group who are , years sober and they still go to regular meetings.

What about you? Do you think you’ll be going to meetings for the rest of your life?

Yeah. Most likely. Because I have to be vigilant every day and accept that I am… I’m an addict. And I have to constantly quiet that voice in my head.

Are you going to be able to accept that about me?

Sorry. I had to take that call. So wait, do you guys have Valentine’s plans?

Oh, well, we’re definitely doing the geocaching event.


Oh, yeah. You know, I heard about that event. But all right, listen, I might be a little older. But can you explain what geocaching is exactly? I don’t–

Oh, it’s like a– think of it as a treasure hunt with a tech twist.

Hmm. Well put.


So a bunch of items will be hidden around town. And participants will be using an app to try to find them as quickly as possible. So it’s a race.

Yeah. But the item you find may not be like a tangible object. It could just be a location where you have to complete a task or answer a trivia question.

Hmm. So I guess the main objective of the whole thing is just to bring the community together?

Yeah. Exactly. It’s something that families can do together, or friends or couples, you know, whoever just wants to join in and celebrate the day together.

Hmm. Nice. Well, you know, we could definitely use something uplifting like that in the town right now. We could all use a reason to smile.


[sighs] Lucas, we’re all doing our best. OK? With any luck, this whole thing will be over soon, especially now that the article in “The Spectator” dropped.

The one about the drug epidemic. Where I was the unnamed source.


[Harris sighs] Are you kidding me? When did you talk to reporters? No, no, no, no. Stop! No, no. What were you thinking of, talking to reporters?

I had the same reaction initially, Kate, because your son, without my knowledge, thought it’d be a great idea to call Chad DiMera over and have a little chat.

Oh, my God, Lucas.

Don’t worry about it. Relax. Everything’s going to be fine, all right? I trust Chad. I trust Everett. They’re not going to give up their source. They wouldn’t do that.

[suspenseful music]

[Kate sighs]

You know, I have always wondered what was in that cabinet.

Well, this is Grandpa Tom’s special cognac. It was brought to him by a grateful patient all the way from France. And on great occasions, it would appear from nowhere, and he’d pour us just a little sip. So we could toast.

Well, I’m honored that you feel this is a worthy enough occasion for Tom’s special cognac.

Oh, eminently worthy because we’re drinking to family, and family is what the Hortons are all about.

To family.

[glasses clink]

[soft dramatic music]

I think we both could do with some good old-fashioned adult time. Don’t you agree?

Actually, I’m finding it very difficult to disagree.

Then don’t.

Ah, Sarah, I– I really do need to get in some road time. And right now would be the perfect opportunity–

Xander, please stay.

Alex, you have been so supportive. And I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I need you to understand how important my recovery is to me.

[soft dramatic music] Especially because I really have to be strong. For my son.

And even though Tate doesn’t know that I slipped, I still feel like I’ve let him down. And I cannot let that happen again. I can’t ever let that happen again.

You’re a good mom, Theresa.

Oh, God. I’m a lucky mom. Tate is a great kid. And with all my dumb, stupid mistakes, he still puts up with me. He still even loves me most of the time. And… I cannot ever undermine that connection that I have to him.

He is– he’s my one constant in my life that gives me hope for the future, you know? As corny as that sounds, it’s–

What? What are you thinking?

[Alex sighs]

I was just thinking that connection… between a parent and their kids, how it can literally change overnight.

[suspenseful music]

Well, I have a few things I need to wrap up before the big day tomorrow.

[chuckles] So I’m just going to let you two enjoy the rest of your evening together.

I’m glad we got to talk, Mom.

Me, too. Love you, honey.

Love you, too.


[soft jazz music playing]

Are you OK?

Definitely. Thank you for encouraging me to sort things out with her.

I’m so glad you did. So what do you want to do after the big Cupid event tomorrow? Dinner and a movie maybe?


Do you already have something in mind?

Actually, I do.

[Wendy chuckles] All right, see, I’m taking off work tomorrow.


And I thought I would start the day off by making you an incredible breakfast in bed, French toast and bacon.

Oh. Well, I’m liking this plan so far.

Mm-hmm. And then after Steph’s event, I figured we could come home, change, and then head out for a night of magic and dancing.

Magic and dancing? So like magic in the air?

No. Like a real life magic show. There’s a pop-up magic lounge happening tomorrow night, and it’s very hush-hush. I was able to score some tickets.


[chuckling] You definitely put some thought into this.

Yeah. And then I figured afterwards, we could dance under the stars on the rooftop and maybe a nightcap of that Amaro you like so much.

That sounds perfect.

[chuckles softly] I’m sure this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember.

[Wendy chuckles]

So… you forget about going out in that nasty cold night air… And just stay here with me.

Sarah, I’m sorry, but…

[somber dramatic music] I really do need that run right now.

[phone beeps]

[Xander sighs]

[baby fussing] Oh.

Oh, no. I got it. I got it.

OK. Well, I won’t be long. Don’t wait up.

[door closes]



Lucas, I just got you back. If anything happens to you–

Mom, if what I said in that article even saves one person, it’s worth the risk.

[phone beeps]

I got to go. You stay here in this room for the rest of the night.

All right. I will. I guess I’ve had enough drama for one night anyway, but keep it down when you come back in. I’m going to try to get some sleep, OK?

[soft tense music]

[tense music]

[clears throat]

Thank you for sharing the story of this home with me and the kids tonight. It was amazing and really lifted my spirits. I mean, you always do, no matter what story you’re– what story you’re telling me.

Oh, you’re too kind. You know, I love to talk about the family. I love to talk about us as we were then. Before so many of them went away forever.

Me, too.

You understand.

Yeah, I do.

Chad, when I look in your children’s eyes… I see all the love that you showered on Abigail.

I can see it all the time as well. You know, I do feel her presence here in this home.

I feel it, too.

When I’m in this home…

[delicate dramatic music]

I feel like I can breathe. Knowing that the kids are in the right place. And that they’re safe. And you know, me too. And it’s like we’re home.

Honey, you are. You’re home.

[soft tense music]

[Xander panting]

So does Doug have a hot date cooked up for the two of you for Valentine’s Day?


[laughing] Oh, my. Not that I’m aware of. But he loves surprises, so I’ll keep hoping. How about you? How about you and the kiddies?

Well, we’re going to attend the geocache event if the kids haven’t crashed from all the candy they’re going to eat at the Valentine’s Day party.

They’ll be up for it, sweetie. They’ve got energy to burn.

[ominous music]

And here we are.


What’s this for?

[Wendy chuckles]

Well, on this Valentine’s Eve, I thought that I’d propose a toast.


[Ava chuckles]

To love. What? Too on the nose?

It works for me.

Me, too.

Well, OK then. As long as there is love in our hearts, there is hope for a new day… and the promise for happiness to come.

I’ll drink to that.

Hear, hear. To love.

To love.

To love.

[tense music]




He left his phone.

[phone beeps]

Is what done?

OK, I’m going to shoot off a couple of emails before I go to bed, but do you need any help straightening up out here?

No. There’s not much to do.


I’ll be in in a minute.


[Alex sighs]

[door closes]




If you put your jacket back in the closet and just–

[soft dramatic music]

[Theresa gasps]

Ava, where… are you?

[dramatic music]

[Harris sighs] You. What are you–

[Harris groaning]

[Harris groaning]




[mysterious suspenseful music]

[Harris groaning]

[Harris groaning]

[Harris exhales]

[Harris groaning]

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Days Transcript Thursday, February 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[soft dramatic music]

Hey, buddy.

Thanks for coming, Steve.

Your message sounded urgent. What’s going on?

[John sighs]

[tense music]

I met with Konstantin.

What? Where?

In the park.


[John sighs]

Damn it, John, why would you take that risk?

I don’t know!

And why am I just hearing about it now?

Can you believe the number of clickthroughs we’ve gotten today?

It’s not surprising. I mean, with facts that explosive.

Oh, come on. It’s not just the facts. It was the way the article was written. You totally drew the reader in, Ev. And you deserve all the accolades you’re going to get.

I’m just happy getting them from you.

Well, you’re, going to get it from a whole lot more people than me. In fact, I think the piece is Pulitzer-worthy. I know. I will submit it for you.

Maybe just hold off on that until we get more than kilos of drugs off the street and actually take down Clyde Weston, because I’m hoping that the follow-up piece is even more explosive.

OK, then, I will patiently await that follow-up then. Do you want us to grab this table?

Yeah, yeah.

[soft dramatic music]


[gasps] Also, I’m taking you out to dinner.

No. Why?

Because I am so incredibly proud of you, that’s why. You should be very proud of yourself.

OK. I mean, I’ll admit, I’m immensely proud of the work that Chad and I did on that story. And yeah, celebrating that is nice. But…


I’m much more interested in celebrating us.


Oh, my God. Smells great.

Ooh, ooh, it’s kielbasa and beans, a little garlic, and a splash of white wine.

Aw, thank you.

[baby crying]

[sighs] I’ll get it.



I’ll be right back.

Perfect timing.

[tense music]


And even though I know, as an addict, I’m vulnerable to relapsing, as we all are… when my son was accused of pushing drugs, as upset as I was, I didn’t immediately feel the urge to start using. But, um… as the days wore on, my anxiety grew. As did my guilt. See, I have a tendency to blame myself for everything that goes wrong, not just in my life but also in the world.

[clears throat] Anyway, um– Um– I succumbed to– I succumbed to getting loaded. And I was very ashamed about it, of course.

[door opens] But fortunately–

[soft dramatic music]

Fortunately, with the help and understanding of– of those close to me…

I feel a lot stronger. And I am committed to coming to meetings and following the steps, so thank you for listening.

Thank you for sharing.

Good evening.


[chuckles] Just like every other one here in Statesville.

I’m sure, especially when you’re a celebrity.

[tense music]

I do hope that’s not a confession you want me to sign.

Uh, this? No, this is actually a copy of today’s online “Spectator” article about the massive drug bust that took place here in Salem. You heard about that, right? Go ahead, take a look. It’s not a great photo. It’s a mugshot. But that’s you on the cover, right?

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So was this, uh, this from when you were convicted this time? I mean, obviously, with the rap sheet like yours, I’m sure there were a bunch of mug shots to pick from.

Are we done here?

You want to read the article?

No, I’m not interested.

Not interested? Well, I think you will be once, uh, once I get started. This morning, approximately , opiate pills were seized as part of an ongoing investigation into an opiate trafficking organization. Now this significant seizure signals more widespread distribution of these dangerous pills and was pulled off by the Salem PD.” And well, what do you know? Led by Detective Harris Michaels. You’re name-checked too there, Weston.

You call this unbiased journalism? You’d think that Chad DiMera would be smarter than to publish crap like this, you know? And to put me in such a bad light, not to mention the unflattering photo.

Oh, so you’re–you’re not happy about the photo and how you’re portrayed? But you’re not the least bit fazed that you lost seven kilos of opiates this morning and a drug dealer was shot dead?

You’re really cool with that, Clyde?

Answer me, John. You met with Konstantin, you didn’t even bother to tell me about it or maybe invite me to come along? Why would you take a chance like that, man?

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. It was a crazy day, you know that, with the drug bust and all.

[suspenseful music] Hey, tell me the Salem PD didn’t do a stellar job on that one.

Yeah, you’re doing a stellar job of not answering my questions. Now we have an unwritten pact. We never meet alone with anyone we know could be dangerous.

I know. I know it, damn it! I know it. I didn’t know that I was meeting with him. I just got this urgent text. And I assumed that maybe it was a new Black Patch client.

But you had to know that that client could be somebody scamming you.

I know!

And it actually was. So why the hell would you do that, man? What’s going on with you?

[tense music]

And thank you for everyone who shared. If you need a sponsor or if you’re interested in being a sponsor, see me after and we’ll discuss. Thank you very much, everyone. Have a good evening.

Did you come here to check on me?

No. I actually had no idea that you were going to be here.

[soft dramatic music] I came here because I needed to come here.

[wine sloshing]

[wine sloshing]

Sorry, just gave him a quick change.


Well, then I rocked him a little bit to get him back to sleep.

Club soda?

Oh, thank you.

There you go. Cheers.

To you.


[soft somber music]

Hey, how much have you had?

One glass. And this one is–

[chuckles softly] Was to go with dinner. But why? Is that a problem?

No, it’s just that after the other night, I–

Eric, we’ve already been over this. Are we– are we going to have to bring this up every single time I have a drink, really? Look, I was stressed that night because your mom and John were coming. And let’s be honest, your mom doesn’t exactly put people at ease.

Wait, you’re blaming my mother because you got wasted?

Of course, not. I’m not blaming her. It’s not her fault. I’m just saying I was nervous that night.

And tonight, I’m not nervous. I mean, why would I be? But you know what, I am– I’m overwhelmed with what motherhood and work and Jude crying every time we’re about to make love. To be honest, it’s– it’s getting to me, I admit.

Is it not getting to you?

No. It’s not– yes, it is, but not really. It’s–it’s been hard. You know what, Jude, he’s going to grow up all too fast. And I’m sure he’s eventually going to sleep through the night and then he’s going to stop crying. I know it, and then we will have plenty of time to make love.

I hope so. I cherish our boy.


But I miss being alone with you.

[Sloan chuckles softly]

Hey. I’m so sorry that we haven’t had more time lately.

No. No, no, we haven’t had anytime lately, Eric. The last time that you and I even tried to make love, we had all this unexpected company. It was–

With Leo and Melinda. I was frustrated as much as you were.

[soft somber music]

Were you?

Yeah. Yes. You doubt that?

It’s just because… I feel like your main concern is always Jude.

That making sure he’sOK is… more important to you than I am.

Sloan. Sloan, that’s– that’s not true. Sloan, my love for Jude does not make me love you any less. In fact, it makes me love you more. Our being together was what brought Jude into our lives. And for that, I am so grateful.

I love you.


[softly] I love you too.

The truth is, I– I have no clue what’s going on with me because you’re right. I know better than to ever take a meet with a stranger at night alone.

[suspenseful music]

But off you went.

Off I went. Big mistake.

Damn right it was. What does Marlena know?


[sighs] I just told her I was meeting with a new client. She didn’t question me because I’m sure that she assumed that it was someone I knew and I had heavily vetted, so she really wasn’t concerned.

So when you got home, what did you tell her then?

I told her the client never showed up.

You lied to her.

Yeah, I lied to her. And I hate myself for it.

Then why did you do it?

That’s a burning question! I don’t know! Damn it, Steve! Something is happening to me! And I don’t have a clue as to what the hell it is.

Come on, Detective. Use your head. How could I be the leader of some drug trafficking operation when I’ve been the guest of the state here for more than a year now?

Come on, Clyde. You obviously found a way.

No. No, sir. I think you found a way to lay this all on me so you could be the hero. And the fact is you have failed this investigation, man. You aren’t even close to the truth.


[tense music] Oh. Guards tossed your cell. Look what they found.

[dramatic music]

All I can say is those guards must have planted that ’cause I have never seen that before.

[tense music]

[tense music]

So you told Konstantin what I told you?

Yeah. Yeah, I said… I know that you know about the pawn. So is this about Stefano? And he claimed he had no idea who Stefano was. He said, no, I texted you because I want to talk to you about Victor and his pawn. And that’s when I demanded that he tell me everything he knows about my background.

OK. What did he say?


[chuckles] That son of a bitch taunted me. He said, you got the eyes of a killer. And that’s when I pulled my gun on him.

You pulled your gun on him?

I pulled my gun on him, and I said, if you know as much about me as you think you do, you know I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through a man’s eye. And he said…or a woman’s.


[chuckles] What the hell did he mean by that?

That’s what I asked him. He told me that I had come after him. Now I’m assuming to kill him and then Katerina got in the way.


[sighs] Katerina.

Katerina. Steve. Partner, does that name mean anything to you? Steve, do you have any idea who he’s talking about?

You– you needed a meeting, Brady? Why?

Ah, I got a letter from Tate today. I assume you got one too, right?

Yeah. I did. It was–it was really sweet. He thanked me for sending the paperwork in so quickly for the wilderness trip. And he said that he can’t wait to tell us all about it in a few weeks. He also said he really misses us.

No. No, no, no. I think–I think he misses you, misses you.


He misses you.

Tate misses you too.

No, I’m not so sure because I think our letters were very different. My letter, it was– it was cold. Mine was cold. Yeah, he’s still angry at me. My kid’s angry with me because I haven’t been around him in his life. I’m sure they’re doing a lot of therapy at this juvenile rehab clinic and he’s probably digging deep into his past.


And he’s thinking about that.

Brady, Brady, Tate knows how much you love him.

He also knows that I have not been an active part of his life for a long, long time, for most of his life. Then I got my daughter, right? Who I only get to see occasionally under her mother’s supervision, for God’s sake.

Yeah. Well, that’s just because she is insane and sadistic.

I know. I know that. I know that. She’s insane and sadistic. And I was tricked into having a baby with that woman.

Hey, you are being really hard on yourself right now.

I am being truthful with myself right now. The fact is I screwed up with both of my kids. I screwed up with both of my kids. And it hit me really hard today. And I needed a fix. Theresa, I needed one so bad. I made a call.

[somber music] I did it.

You didn’t go through with it though, did you, Brady? Brady, you didn’t– you didn’t–

I did–I did not. I came here instead.

Thank God.


Thank God. It’s good. Brady, hey.

I’m sorry.

It’s OK. Look–


You are a wonderful father. You are. Your kids, they know how much you adore them. Yes, it’s been rough for them because their parents haven’t been together. And they might not understand things now. But eventually, they will. And they won’t blame you. They’re just going to see you for the amazing, amazing person that you are. And they’re going to be so proud that you are their dad. Hey.

Tell you what. I’ll just settle for my two kids not thinking I’m a total jerk. That’s fine with me.

Just stop that, please. Stop that. They are lucky to have you in their lives. I’m lucky. I’m lucky I have you in my life. I’m so lucky to share a child with you.

[soft dramatic music]

Thank you. That actually means a lot coming from you.


[Brady sighs]

OK. So I know this is a tired old clichĂ©, but if you’ll indulge me.

Mm-hmm. Let’s hear it.

I honestly feel like this is a dream from which I’m going to wake up and feel totally heartsick that it didn’t actually happen, that– that I didn’t actually spend a perfect night with the woman that I love, that she’s not here right now, sitting across from me, smiling that incredible smile.

[soft dramatic music]


[sighs] I actually feel the same way. Like I’m dreaming, I mean.

OK, but since I think we can be fairly confident, fairly confident that this is not a dream.

Mm. Mm-hmm.

I feel like I want to shout it from the mountaintops. Like, would it be weird if I took out a full color page ad in “The Spectator” that just said “I love Stephanie Johnson”?


Would that be weird?



Too weird?

Wait, wait. A full color ad?

Full color ad.

Very pricey.

Well, I know the owner, so I think I can get a deal.

Oh, yeah. Well, speaking of the owner, maybe we should tell him about us before you ask for that deal.

Yeah. I– I suppose– I suppose we should. But honestly, I think– I think Chad’s going to be OK with it. I do.

I hope so.

What–what exactly are we going to say? What are we going to tell him? That we’re–that we’re–

[laughs] That we’re going steady? I don’t know.


[inhales deeply] Only we’re not. Because I don’t have a class ring or your letterman jacket.

Oh, you’re right. Definitely– definitely no letterman jacket. I was–I was very much the nerdy editor of the school newspaper and annual.

Oh, no, letterman jacket?


Damn. That could be a deal-breaker.

Really? Even if I told you that, if I did have one, it would absolutely be yours. I would give it to you. You would look so good in it.


Does that help?

I guess that helps. And since I’ve always preferred nerds to jocks, I think maybe there’s hope for us.



Nerds are much better in bed anyway.



[Eric sighs]

[somber music]

Little guy was hungry.

[Sloan clears throat]

Food is back on the stove warming up.

Oh, good. Oh. Oh, by the way I read this article on AAP that a newborn should sleep in the same room as the parents for at least six months.

The AAP?


[chuckles] It’s the Academy of Pediatrics. It’s a really cool website. I also read about co-sleeping. More and more pediatricians are highly recommending this apparently.

[soft tense music]

Mm. Co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping, yeah, that’s when the newborn sleeps in bed with you. You know what, you should check out the website and read the article, because they do say that it helps kids have less anxiety and higher self-esteem.

Apparently, you don’t like that.

No, I hate the idea, Eric. I–I only want my husband in bed with me. And I would hope that my husband feels the same way. God, did we not just talk about this? You being overprotective, caring more about Jude’s well-being than my own.

That’s so not true. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say something to trigger you.

No, well, yes, I am triggered. I am very triggered, Eric, because that– that little boy, our son who you just rocked and fed and nourished and coddled and everything to get him to stop crying, he is coming in between us. And I don’t like it.

[tense music]


[wine glass clanks on table]

[Sloan groans]

Katerina? I don’t have a clue who that is. And for him to suggest that you killed the woman–

Steve, he didn’t just suggest it!

OK, well, he knows how to get to you, John. And if you let him, he wins!

Well, that’s not going to happen!

[John groans]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[John groans] You OK, man?

No. Hold on! No!

OK, OK. You got to breathe. Breathe. Come here, buddy. Come here. Come on, take a deep breath.

[John taking deep breaths] Deep breath.

[John taking deep breaths]

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. OK, OK, OK. Sorry, man. I’m sorry.

Don’t be sorry. Just keep breathing.

OK. It’s just that…

It’s just that the second that I looked into the evil eyes of that old man, that bastard has been haunting me.

Even so, he knows how to get to you man! OK? You can’t let him get to you.

[ominous music]

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Because I need to know… what do youremember about The Pawn? Anything, Steve. Everything!

I wish I had something to tell you, man.

The only thing I know is that The Pawn and you…

You’re not that person anymore. And I have to believe that. And so do you!

I can’t imagine what we’re going to find when we start tracing thesephone calls.


[chuckles] Yeah, I do wonder.

Well, my guess is it’s going to be a whole lot of trap numbers just like this one.



But if you and your FBI buddies start looking, I think they may find at least one traceable number that could incriminate someone you don’t want to be incriminated.

[tense music]

Nice try, Clyde.

It’s no game. But if you want to play ball, I do have the wherewithal to make sure that all the evidence on that phone points to a particular business partner of a particular party.

Your support means more than you know.

Well, you’ve certainly supported me so much the past few weeks.

[soft dramatic music] And I–I think… we know each other better than anyone else does because of how much we’ve been through.

Yeah. We’ve been through a hell of a lot.

You know, we also loved each other once a hell of a lot. OK, maybe it was more lust than love, but I do recall… being pretty hot for each other, if I recall.

Yeah. I kind of recall the same thing, Theresa. Yeah.

You know, I think that that’s why… when I’m around you, those memories… I just… I feel them pretty strongly. And maybe that’s why I kissed you that one time.

Uh, maybe you kissed me because you were just coming down from a high, you know?

OK. Yeah, maybe it was a little bit of both.

[both clear throats] What about out for you?

What do you mean for me?

Did you feel something when I kissed you? Because in spite of me denying it at the time, I… I know I felt something.

Where is this coming from? When you kissed me, you told me at the time that it was– what’d you call it, a mistake?

Doesn’t mean I didn’t feel something. I don’t know. Maybe it just– it’s my ego, maybe, that needs a boost, and I just need to know that you still find me attractive.

Hmm. You’re beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful. I wouldn’t know anybody who wouldn’t find you attractive. But the fact is, Theresa, you are with Alex, aren’t you? Right? For Tate’s sake, I think we should keep us… as uncomplicated as possible. Don’t you think?


[clears throat] Yeah. Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

[soft tender music]

You do know… I’ll always be there for the two of you. Always. Tell me you know that.

I do.



[chuckles softly] I know that. And I also know that Tate is going to come around because he knows that you have always been there for him %. And he’s going to be so happy to see you in a few weeks.

I’ll settle for him not throwing rocks at me. OK?


Stop. Hey. Tate knows that you love him. He knows that you have always been there for him, even if you weren’t there physically for him. He knows that. He knows.


[sighs] OK. Wow.

We are the only ones here.

We closed it down.


[chuckles] Should we go?

We should go.


Take one too.

Sloan, you know what? I think you’ve had enough.

Don’t monitor me, Eric.

I’m worried about you.

Well, don’t worry about me either.

Why have you been so upset with me lately? You’re drinking more than I’ve ever seen, at least since I’ve known you.

No, that’s because I don’t want to share a bed with our son for the next God knows how long. I’m sorry, I just don’t find that romantic or sexy. And I don’t understand why you think it’s such a swell idea.

OK, We don’t have to do it. Sloan, Jude, he’s going to grow up before you know it. And he’s going to be off to college.

Great. And then we can have sex.

We can have sex right now if you want. I mean, that is if you’re in the mood.

[soft tender music]

You really mean it?

Of course I mean it.

Well, what if Jude wakes up and starts crying?

Oh, he just fell asleep.

[both sigh] Which should last at least an hour. Or two.

OK, so… so you promise to wipe any incriminating numbers off this phone?

[tense music]

And maybe add one or two. With all the tech nerds behind these walls with absolutely nothing to do, I think I could make that happen. If, of course, that is indeed my phone.

I mean, there are some members of your crew that I would love to take down.

[Clyde chuckles] Any thoughts?

I have a couple I’m not too crazy about either. But of course, it’s a big if.

Right, if it’s your phone.


You can go to hell.


[sighs] Detective, now, that is just downright rude.

I would never make a deal with you! I’m going to send you some place so far away and dismal that you will miss this place.

Really? Even if it means taking that pretty little girlfriend of yours with me?


[ominous notes] Even then.

[ominous piano chords]

[soft tender music]

So I could– I could certainly wait until Valentine’s Day to tell you this. It’s almost upon us, you know?

I do know. But whatever it is, you absolutely need to tell me right now. You know I’m way too impatient to wait. Especially since I’m getting the vibe that whatever you have to say is important.

It is important. To me, anyway. And I hope it will be to you.

OK. That was me being coy. I know it will be to you.

OK, I’m–I’m officially on pins and needles. What–

[sighs] What is it? Please, tell me. Tell me.

OK, I will. Um…

I have– I just may be–

Actually, I definitely am…

Falling in love with you again.

[soft dramatic music]

Oh. Oh, no.


Oh, God. You don’t smell that? Ugh.


Oh! Ugh! No! I burned the bottom of the pan! Oh. God, the dinner is ruined.

It’s all right. I wasn’t that hungry anyway.


[sighs] Oh, Eric, I’m sorry.

No, please.

Well, actually, I’m not that sorry.


I wasn’t really that hungry, anyway. Not for dinner, anyway.

[moaning and smooching]

Stephanie, I–

No, no, no. No. You don’t have to say anything yet. I wasn’t expecting you to respond in kind.


I really wasn’t.

What if I want to? What if I want to tell you that–

[sighs] I never fell out of love with you. But the only thing new and different is that we are both in love now. Like we were back in Seattle, which were definitively the happiest days of my life, only to be compared with these past few days here with you.


[sighs] So what should we do for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t care as long as I’m with you.

Then I was thinking… maybe we could double date with Rafe and my friend, Jada. She’s so cool. She’s smart and funny. I know you guys would get along.

Hmm. Hmm.



[chuckles] What if I don’t want to share you on Valentine’s Day? What if I want you all to myself?

[ominous music]

Listen, buddy. We’re–we’re not going to get any more answers today. Why don’t we just pick this up tomorrow?

Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure Doc’s concerned about me anyway since I’m not home and I told her I wasn’t going anywhere.

[chuckles dryly] Last thing I want is her worrying about me. And I know it was just another little white lie that I told her when I said that Clay was a no-show. Man, this is eaten me up and she knows it. She’s not pushing me. But man, she just knows me so well.

She does. And she would forgive you in her heartbeat.

And she would want to help me like she did all those years ago.


But how do I even begin explaining what the hell is going on with me when I don’t have a clue myself?

He got to, man. That’s all.

I can’t stop just wondering what the hell happened!

I’ll tell you what has to happen right now. We have to get that son of a bitch away from you and out of all of our lives, no matter what it takes.

No matter what it takes.

You know, detective, I always thought you were spineless. But I was wrong. You’re tough as nails, man. And one diabolical SOB to boot.

[takes deep breath] But just so you know, when I go for something, I never fail.

Well, at least we have something in common. I never fail either.

But you’re making a big mistake there, aren’t you? For all parties concerned.

I’ll take my chances.

Son of a bitch.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[mysterious music]


What’s with–

It’s just a precaution… in case you’re being followed or I’m being watched.


[chuckling] Morning, Stefan.

You’re back. When did you get in?

Last night.

Holly okay?

They’ve started treatment. Nicole’s being set up in a flat nearby. It was–it was time for me to head back.

Hopefully, it’ll all be all right. Any coffee left?


[tense music] You were home late last night. What did you get up to?

What’s it to you?

Just want to know where you were.


[chuckles drily] You want to know where I was last night, mm. I was, uh, on the corner of shut the hell up and none of your business. That’s where I was. What the hell is with the, uh, inquisition, counselor?

Well, if you’d bothered to check today’s headlines when you finally came ’round, you’d know that the Salem PD made one colossal drug bust overnight.


Hm. It’s all here in this morning’s “Spectator.” “Cops seize nearly kilos. “One suspect dead, several others in custody. “Sources say that the drug ring was being run out of Statesville.” I mean, who would have thought? I’m just relieved that you made it home safely last night and you weren’t caught up in all this, brother.

[door opens]

Good morning.

Oh, Chanel.


[chuckles] You stopped off at the bakery on your day off?

Oh, well, bakers don’t really get a day off, Mama.

Even the day before your wedding?

Don’t worry. I have the rest of the day off.


[chuckles] How was your night with Johnny?

Cozy. Want one?

No, none for me, darling. Not right now.

Okay, you two are being really quiet. What’s wrong? Wait, Mama, did you get your lab results back?

[soft dramatic music]



Okay, here you go. Strong and hot, as requested. That should get you up and going.

Thank you.

Although I do wish you would just go back to bed.

Yeah, maybe later.

You know, I’ve been a little concerned because you’re not sleeping very well lately–

I know, I know.

I’ll hook up with my doctor, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Good. Please do that soon. I know you’ve got a lot going on right now, your concerns about Tate and– and Brady.

Well, they’re going through a lot more than I am.

I waited up for you last night. I guess you got home pretty late. How–how was it with the new client?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”


Mm-hmm. Mm, try the avocado toast, Mom. It is so good.

Wow. That looks delicious. Thank you.

[cell phone beeps]

Yeah. Oh.

[light country music playing]

[gasps softly] “The Spectator” article about the drug bust is trending. It’s all over the internet.

Well, good. I hope that Clyde Weston goes straight to hell. I mean, he’s already halfway there after what he did to Abigail. You know, we are losing more and more people every week to this drug crisis. I mean, I hate to say it, but Holly is lucky. She’s hanging in there.

Well, from what I hear, the PD is stopping every shipment that they can. I’m really grateful for Jada and Harris and the task force. Chad and Everett are doing their part, too.

It’s Everett’s story, right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I’m really proud of him. Can’t wait to take him out later to celebrate.


[hushed] Okay, last night’s bust was massive– kilos, half a dozen arrests. We dismantled the primary location. The intel was solid.


[hushed] Okay, so what does this mean for me? Has Clyde been neutralized?

Not yet. There was a complication.

Are you serious? I don’t know how much longer I can hold out, Harris. You promised me.

I know, I know. I remember.

[mysterious music] Just–just tell me the truth, okay? I can–I can protect you.

No, you can’t.

No, I can, and I will. I will protect you… because I love you. I-I think maybe you already knew, but… I-I love you, Ava.

Well, you better learn how to stop. I mean it. You better get over that–

[barely audible] Okay.

[louder] Okay. You don’t have to stop.

Will you trust me? Please.



All right, Stefan and I, the Bistro, we are all involved. Clyde is blackmailing us. He already broke Gabi’s leg, and he– he’s threatening to do more if Stefan doesn’t toe the line. And as for me, Clyde threatened to kill Tripp.


[sighs] That son of a bitch.

Look, Clyde’s guy, Gil Carter, used his weapon. And when I killed him in self-defense, he forced me to take over for him at the Bistro.

Okay, when we bust Clyde, I mean, how do you–how do you feel about testifying?

Oh, come on. Look, if–if I do testify, God only knows what Clyde’s gonna do to retaliate. Look, he may be rotting in jail, but you know that his slimy tentacles, they reach all over this town.

I know, I know. And as soon as I can, I am gonna eliminate his leverage over you and Stefan. I-I promise you that. But I’m gonna need you to tip me off about the drug shipments. Can you do that?

I can. I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

I’ll be in touch. Okay. We need a cover. So I need you to make a scene and just go ahead and slap me as hard as you can.

How’s your cheek?

Did you have to slap me so hard?

We fooled them.

And we need to keep fooling them until Clyde is stopped permanently.

Ah, kudos to the drug task force, huh? Cleaning up our streets, getting those designer drugs out of the hands of our youth. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before they take down everyone that’s involved in this filthy business.

I’ve seen enough.

Oh, but did you– did you read this part?

[chuckling] I love this. “Police have identified convicted felon Clyde Weston as a key suspect in the ongoing opioid crisis.” I mean, there’s no surprises there. That lowlife has a history of dealing drugs in this town. But what makes me wonder, for their next bust– and make no mistake, there will be many more– if it’s going to be your ugly mug underneath the headline.

Yeah. The meeting last night. Ah, waste of time.

[tense music]

What do you mean? What happened?

Didn’t show up. I called him, waited around forever, and he never turned up.

Wow. You’d think he would have the decency to let you know he wasn’t going to come.

Eh, these things happen. People flake out more often than you think, Doc. Sometimes you get cold feet. Sometimes they just figure they can handle it on their own. Must be hiring a PI for this guy just… wasn’t the right call for him after all.

Uh, sit down. Sit down, honey. Uh… the test shows that the nodule’s gotten bigger, which means the cancer’s more aggressive than they thought it was at first. So my surgery is being moved up.

Oh. Well–well, that– that’s a good thing, right? That–that means you’ll have it behind you that much sooner. So when is the surgery?

[door opens]

Okay. Finally found a parking spot. Now who is…ready to talk about our wedding?

[soft dramatic music]

Real nice, EJ, toying with me like this, especially when you couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger when Clyde was blackmailing me.

And you know damn well why. As district attorney, I’m sworn to uphold the law.


[laughing] Oh, please.

And what would you have me do, hm? Go to the police and tell them everything and have you arrested in the process?

You can sell that crap to somebody who’s buying it, because I’m not. You and I both know you would bend the law in a second to save your own ass. Not to mention, if I end up going down for this, how’s that gonna make you look? Your reputation as DA will go down the toilet.

Oh, on the contrary, I’m certain the public will support me completely when I choose to uphold the law rather than protect a criminal merely because we share DNA. The good people will know that I value what’s right and will respect what I had to sacrifice to go against blood. And when all the dust settles, I’ll be the one on top while you’re off to jail to become someone’s bottom.

You traitorous son of a bitch.

Oh, chin up, Stefan. You won’t have to bother with me soon enough. It’s only a matter of time before we have enough evidence to take Clyde Weston down. And when that happens, I wonder how long it will be before he gives you up.

[clicking tongue]

You said there was a complication.


What was it?

Unfortunately, Clyde’s “candyman” was taken out.

The guy that I told you about?

Yes, fired at a cop, and he got the worst of it.


[sighs] Damn it. All right. So what now?

Well, Clyde’s gonna replace him. And we’re just gonna have to get the next guy. Look, Ava, I’m gonna get you out of this, okay? It’s just gonna take a little more time. Can you hang in there just a little while longer, please?

I mean, do I have a choice?

[ominous music]



What’s going on? Where were you just now?

Just thinking about my career as a PI and…all the other jobs that I’ve had from ISA agent to priest. Got a hell of a rĂ©sumĂ©, don’t I, Doc? Some of it good, some of it…not so much. And it just tends to make you wonder, does the past ever really stay in the past?

Well, the– the past is always with us. It just– it shouldn’t define us. What’s going on? Why all this introspection?

Oh, well, Steve was talking the other day about the, uh– about the old times. It was around– around Christmas. And I just got to thinking. You know, I know that we’re supposed to learn from the past so we can improve ourselves in the future, but that’s– that’s not always possible.

Well, why shouldn’t it be?

Well, what if there are things in the past that you may regret that you don’t remember? How do you learn from that?

So you and Everett, it’s going well?

Pretty well.

Only pretty well?

[light country music playing]

Okay, very well. He and I are getting to know each other again.

Well, given the way the two of you were looking at each other the night that he came for dinner, I did have a feeling that you were already getting pretty close.

You want to know how close, right, Mom?

Oh, I mean, not if–not if you don’t want to tell me.

I don’t.

Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean? Come on, now. You don’t have to tell me the details. You know I respect your privacy. But I mean, I’m a mother. And I want you to be happy. And nothing would make a mother happier than to know that their daughter is with somebody who makes her happy.


[sighs] Okay, well, yes, I– I am with someone who makes me happy. Everett and I, we had this– we had this great connection in Seattle. And now, two years later, we still do. He makes me laugh. He’s also really smart. We just have all these great conversations. We talk about everything from history, philosophy, to music, movies, theater. I just–I just have a really great time with him.

That is music to my ears, my baby girl.

So the surgery could be as early as next week?

Mm, not sure. They want to schedule it for some time in the next couple of days and let me know.

Okay, well, whenever it is, just know that we will be there for you, no matter what.

That’s right. Every step of the way.

Oh, I’m so blessed to have the support of family, including my soon-to-be son-in-law.

[chuckles] Oh, speaking of which, let’s talk wedding bells.

All right, over some freshly baked chocolate scones.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Come on, let’s just dig in there. Mmm. Mm-hmm.

[soft music]

So basically, I’m screwed, even though my brother’s the DA, right?

Actually, if I wasn’t DA, I’d be more inclined to help you. If I was a private citizen, say, I don’t know, CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Oh, that’s right, you and Gabi stole it from me.

I extended the olive branch, damn it. I offered you your position back, and you turned it down.

Because it was too little, too late, as I said at the time. So now, as district attorney and Holly’s stepfather, I need to let the police do their jobs and get those drugs off our street, lock up anyone who has dirty hands.

[tense music] Well, I must be off. I need to get to the station and congratulate our force on…

[clicks tongue] Another job well done.

[sighs] Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Face it, little brother, you made a bloody mess of things, didn’t you? And now it’s very likely you’re going to end up behind bars. Mm. Mm-mm-mm.


[snaps fingers]

What are you searching for?

It’s–it’s not that I’m searching, Doc. It’s–it’s just fearing more unwelcome surprises popping up in my life because of my past.

All right, well, if we have any unwelcome surprises cropping up, we will handle them as we always do– together. And we’ll remember that old phrase– why borrow trouble, hm?

[no audible dialogue]


[sighs] Believe me, nobody’s happy how this went down. I mean, the officer who shot Clyde’s puppet master, she’s taken it really hard, even if the guy she took out was trash. So obviously, we can’t go back and change what happened. We just gotta push forward.

[soft dramatic music]

[both panting and moaning]

Ava, what–what’s wrong?

Everything. I-I make one bad decision after the next.

You’re too hard on yourself. You’ve gotta give yourself a break.

No, I don’t– I don’t deserve one. I don’t. I-I am a broken mess. And once you find that out, you are gonna bail.

No, I’m not. I’m not going anywhere. Hey. We’re a team. And we’re gonna get through this.

[cell phone beeps] Okay, I gotta get back to the station. Stay strong. We’re almost at the finish line.

[cell phone rings]


[sighs] Hey.

Hey. Can you talk?

Um, soon. I just ran into Harris.


[sighs] What– Ava, I told you not to talk to him.

It was a random encounter. It happens.

He mention the bust?

Yeah, he said they scored big.

Right. I need to speak to you now. Meet me at my place.

I’ll be right there.

Thank you for that pep talk. How is it that you always know how to make me feel better?

That was not a pep talk. That was– that was me reminding you of who you really are.

[soft, sweet music] Because you are an amazing father, a spectacular grandfather, a loyal and loving friend, and the best husband a woman could ask for. And I wouldn’t have you any other way.

I love you just the way you are.

I love you, Doc.

Good morning, Detective. Is the commissioner in his office?

Uh, he’s all tied up at the moment dealing with the press about the bust.

Yes. I read the “Spectator” article giving some of the details, naming Clyde Weston as the possible kingpin. Weston is locked up, so logic would suggest that someone on the outside is doing his bidding.

Yeah, and that someone, unfortunately, was killed in the raid this morning.


[sighs] How was he killed?

He pulled a gun on one of our cops, and she had no choice but to fire in self-defense.

[tense music]



Rough morning?

Were you followed here?

No, but who cares? We work together, and supposedly, we’re sleeping together.

Supposedly. What did Robocop tell you?

Just that they seized a bunch of product and some dealer is dead. It’s all in the paper.

You know I don’t like you talking to that guy.

Oh. Oh, oh, okay, Pops, wh-whatever you say. You know what, I think I’m just gonna do my homework now.

This is not funny, Ava. Harris is nothing but trouble for us. For all we know, he could have followed you here. And he probably knows exactly what happened between us last night.

I stopped by St. Luke’s yesterday, so everything is ready to go for tomorrow.

And I confirmed the early morning deliveries for flowers and cake. Mama, did you get in contact with the caterers?

I did indeed. And our dresses are ready, my darling. So we’ll just run right over there and pick them up when the boys pick up their tuxes.

Oh, and I found a photographer. So better late than never, right?

Oh, well, they’re going to have to take plenty of pictures so we can send them to Eli and Lani and– and Big Mama, too.

Olivia’s not going to be there?

Oh, well, she wishes that she could. And I know that we all wish that, too, I know. But she has an ear infection. She–she can’t fly.

Oh, no. Okay, I’ll have to give her a call later.


[cell phone rings] Oh. It’s the hospital. Hello.

[soft dramatic music] Yes, I’m aware.

Oh, I see. Well–well, but isn’t there another– Mm. Mm. Mm-hmm. Yes. Yes. Midnight. I understand. Thank you for letting me know. Mm.

Well, who was it? What’d they say?

Did–did they reschedule the surgery?

They did… for tomorrow morning, same time as the wedding.



So you’re saying that Everett’s moving faster than you are?

He is, which is sweet on the one hand, but it’s also a little scary, you know? I mean, he’s completely enamored. He wants to pick up where we left off. He even brought up moving in together.


Yeah, but I– I told him to slow his roll.

I think that’s good. I mean, if it’s meant to be, it’s gonna happen. I mean, look at your dad and me. True love always wins out.

[light country music playing]

[phones ringing]

And that’s it. You’re up to speed on everything we know.

Well, thank you, Detective. That was a very thorough report. I’d been given an abbreviated version while I was in Italy. But I’m glad to have the full picture. And now that I do, Clyde Weston’s involvement is undeniable. So how do we go about proving it?

Well, now that the dealer is dead, that was our best way to expose Clyde. Now we’re gonna have to wait until Clyde replaces him with somebody else, but we’re on top of it.

Good, good. Good to hear. I want a rock-solid case to end Weston for good. I don’t want him slipping through our fingers.

Trust me, we’re gonna nail that bastard and everybody else involved.

[soft dramatic music]

Look, Harris doesn’t know anything about what happened last night. And who cares? He was already under the impression that we had. I thought you only cared about Gabi finding out.

Yeah. And it never happened.

Right. Exactly. Never happened… except that Wendy and Tripp saw that it did.

Okay, but they’re not gonna say anything, right? You told them not to say anything, right?

Okay, not yet, but–

Not ye–wh–

Okay, w–just listen. Just calm down, all right? I will talk to Tripp soon.

And Wendy–soon.

Okay. I will talk to them. Don’t worry about it, okay? Right now, we got much bigger things to worry about. You know that Clyde’s henchman was shot last night at the bust?

I know. And they suspect Clyde’s the drug lord.

God, he’s gotta be losing his mind right about now. And you know how dangerous Clyde is when he’s feeling cornered. So with him out on the warpath, looking for payback…

We’re already in his crosshairs. So what the hell are we gonna do, Ava?

Tomorrow morning?

Can’t they reschedule?

Well, based on my test results, they want to get me in right away. They don’t have any other openings, you know, for the rest of the week, so tomorrow morning it is.

Okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. We’ll just– we’ll postpone the wedding.

Oh, no, no, no. I will not hear it. Now, this wedding is going to go on tomorrow.

Mama, no, there is no way that we’re gonna–

I will not listen to this, Chanel. No, we’ll– we’ll just have to improvise. Now, Abe, he can give you away, and Johnny’s photographer, he will be taking tons of pictures.

No. Mama, this is our wedding. And there is no way that we are getting married without you there.

Don’t you dare.

No, Paulina, I’m with Chanel on this. We’re not having this wedding without you, okay? You already missed our last wedding. There is no way in hell we’re gonna let you miss this one.

It is their wedding. And so it’s up to them to decide and, you know, from the looks of it, I think their minds are made up.



[clicks tongue] Oh! Oh, well, clearly– clearly, I’ve been overruled. And we’ll cover the cost of postponing. I’m so sorry.

What? No, Mama. There is no reason for you to be sorry.

Well, even so.

[sighs] I’m just–you know, I’m tired, I’m tired– and from all these ups and downs. I-I think I’ll just–I’ll go and just lay down a while.

I’ll go with you and get you settled in.

Okay. I love you, Mama. Have a good rest.

Oh, love you, too. Love you both.

[intriguing music]

You sure you’re okay with postponing?

Yes. Absolutely.



But what?

Maybe there’s another way.

Another way?

Yeah. Yeah, I think I have an idea.

Can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day– and your anniversary.


Do you have anything special planned?

Well, every anniversary with your dad is special, whether we’re doing anything or not. I know that sounds corny, but it’s the truth.

Not corny. It’s very sweet. I just hope I don’t have to marry the same guy four times to get it right.

Well, maybe we just couldn’t live without each other. So how lucky are we?

Aw. I hope I’m even half as lucky in love as you guys have been. Hopefully without all the drama in between weddings.

Well, I think maybe the drama was worth it. But listen, my beauty, whether it’s dramatic or it’s uneventful, all I hope for you is to be as happy in your life as your dad and I are right this very minute.

[light country music playing]

Look, I just might have a way to save our asses and end this blackmail by Clyde for good.

[mysterious music]

Well, what is it, Ava? Spill it.

Okay, well, the key word is “might,” okay, but listen, if what I am thinking falls into place, we have got our way out.

Okay, I don’t like this, Ava. I don’t like being kept in the dark.

Okay, you just keep your head above water, okay? Let me worry about ending this nightmare.

What are you gonna do? Don’t do anything without talking to me first.

Look, I swear to you, I won’t. All right, everything’s gonna be revealed in due time. Just trust me.

Just before I left for Italy, the Bistro was raided, and nothing was found. It all looked like it was on the up and up.

Yeah, apparently so. We interrogated Ava and Stefan, and they lawyered up real quick.

So Ava Vitali is involved?

Nothing’s been confirmed yet on that front. But we’re keeping an eye on her and your brother. Is that gonna be a problem for you?

Not at all. Go where the evidence leads you, Detective. And at the end of the day, if it turns out my little brother is mixed up in this whole mess, so be it. He’ll rot in prison beside Clyde Weston.

You know, after our little talk, something tells me that I– I might sleep better tonight, maybe make it all the way through the night.

Mm, fingers crossed.

[soft, sweet music] I–I got some errands to run. Uh, will you be here– will you be here when I get back?

Sure. No plans.

Good. Then I will see you.

Bye, honey. Be careful.

[tense music]

[line trills]

Hey, Steve. Can you meet me at the office? There’s something I need to tell you.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Mm. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I can swing by after I pick up Rachel from swimming. Oh, I don’t know, in a couple of hours? Yeah, I just have to pick up some supplies and– oh, hey, hey, hey, wait, wait. Can I call you back in a minute? Hey, Alex, Alex. Hi.

Kristen, hi.

Hi. Are you headed over to Titan?

That’s the plan, yeah, after I shower. Why? What do you need?

Well, um, I don’t know. We haven’t talked in a while. And I just was wondering how things were going over there.

Things are going good, you know, just working on creating a more unified brand, you know, clean and mean.

Oh, interesting. And how does Theresa’s latest escapade fit in with that new image that you’re trying to promote? I mean, I can see that, but clean? Hardly.


What are you implying, Kristen?

Oh, come on, Alex. Don’t play dumb with me. I know all about her little relapse.

Yeah, whatever you heard, that’s not–

Not what, true? Come on. Don’t deny it. Brady told me all about it.

Are you kidding me right now? What the hell is wrong–

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Mm.

[laughs] Well, good morning, handsome.

You know, you thought that you wouldn’t sleep, and you seem to have slept pretty well.

Well, last night’s activities, uh, definitely helped relax my mind.

Oh. Well, then, you know, maybe I can relax your mind some more.

Mm, go for it. Oh!



[phone buzzing]

Yeah, what is it? No, I have not been informed of that. What the hell, man? That was not your decision to make. This is my business, and I’ll run it my way. I’ll deal with you later. Imbeciles. How could they let this happen? Oh, they’ll be damned sorry they did, though. Sons of bitches have no idea what I’m capable of. They’re about to find out.

[radio chatter]

[tense music]

Here. Thought you might need this.

[radio chatter]

How you doing, Goldman?

That’s a first for me, detective.

First time you shot somebody?

First time I’ve ever even discharged my weapon.

Have you released your firearm to the CS unit?

Yes, sir.

OK, good. It’s going to be OK. Why don’t you wait by your car. Phillips will stay with you.

Come on, Goldman.



She’s pretty shaken, huh?

This is bad, Jada. This is really bad.

[soft orchestration] – Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

What the hell is Brady thinking? Brady has no business speaking about Theresa’s personal life to you or anybody else.

So it is true she’s using again?

She’s not using again. She had a slip. Hey, hey! She has made a vow. She is consistently sober now, and it’s going to stay that way from now on. So maybe if you could just like, I don’t know, transform yourself into, like, a half decent human being for like a split second, maybe then you would recognize that she’s facing struggles. And you can leave her in peace.


[laughs] Sorry. Look, I do feel for Theresa. Look, no, after all, we are both card-carrying members of the Brady Black baby mama club connected to the guy from here to eternity.

Please, don’t– don’t remind me.

Oh, come on, Alex. Brady is always going to be a part of Theresa’s life just like he’s going to be a part of mine. And it is very understandable why he talked to me about that situation. He’s worried about her.

Well, he’s worried about Tate.

Oh, no, not just Tate. I mean, don’t you get a sense of their strong connection?

I suppose I do, yeah. It has been made abundantly clear to me just how strong their little bond is. So yeah, but it’s out of necessity.

Oh, out of necessity. Are you sure about that? I mean, are you sure that there is nothing else going on between the two of them? Hm? Hm.

You bring me so much joy, Abraham. I’m so grateful that we get to be together like this again.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your patience of me, your understanding?

Oh. Well, we don’t have to rush anything. And the memories, they’ll come back. I know they will. In the meantime, we have the privilege of creating new ones.

Beautiful new ones. Perfect new ones.


[laughs] Oh. Mm.

But this was a good bust, right?

Yeah, I mean, in terms of drugs off the streets, it’s a great bust but–

I know we needed that dealer alive. I’m going to go check on Officer Goldman.


Talk to him.


How did this go so wrong, Rafe? This is the dealer with a direct connection to Clyde.

I know, Harris. But look on the bright side. We got kilos of drugs off the street. That’s a huge win.

There’s always going to be more drugs. We need the source.

[sighs] If only Goldman had–

No, no, no, no. This piece of trash pointed a gun at her, OK? It was a split-second decision– her life or his.

No, I understand that. But with this guy, Clyde would be off the street for good.

OK. But that’s fine. We’re going to get to Weston one– what the hell are you two doing here?

We’re just here to collect information, Commissioner.

Yeah, well, that’s not OK, Chad. This is an active crime scene. Besides that, how the hell did you get here so fast? This bust wasn’t on the radio.

I called them.

You what? Why?

To buy us some extra time to get to this bust before the Lucas story is published.

What? The Lucas story? What the hell’s a Lucas story?

Lucas Horton is a confidential informant for Salem PD. Put his life on the line to stop Clyde Weston’s hold on this city. That’s the story we’re going to tell.

When I was brought up to speed, the only thing I could do was negotiate the delay in publishing it in exchange for the scoop on the bust.

What the hell were you thinking, Harris? This is months and months of investigation. It could potentially all go up in smoke. What the hell made you think that this was the right call?

I’m not the one who made the call.

OK. Who made the call?

Look, I’m sorry. Lucas reached out to us unbeknownst to Detective Michaels.

Look, we’re all on the same team here, Commissioner, OK? We all want drugs out of Salem, and now we actually have an opportunity to move the needle in the right direction by working together.


What do you say, Commissioner? We have to print the story with or without your statement.

OK, let’s get this over with then.

Great. You’re not going to regret this.


Commissioner Rafe Fernandez, can you tell us about the drug bust that occurred today here on Kingston Road?

Good morning. Today, we were successful in removing over kilos of dangerous drugs from the streets during a warehouse drug bust just on the edge of town and thus cutting off the pipeline of these highly addictive and dangerous drugs.

Can you tell us specifically what drugs were confiscated?

Well, that investigation is still ongoing, although I will say they are probably street drugs laced with opiates. I will say this, however. A bust of this magnitude sends a clear message that we are not going to stop until we reclaim our city from those who seek to profit only from misery and death.

Can you tell us, were there any injuries or fatalities in the raid?

[tense music]

Yeah, unfortunately, one of our officers was involved with a– a shooting. And, um, the deceased is an alleged drug dealer, although that investigation as well is still ongoing, and there will be a separate report released.


[sighs] We good now?

Good as gold. We’ll, uh– we’ll get out of your way now. Thank you.


Well, today the police made a major dent in the drug trade in Salem.

Red letter day indeed.

Now the real work begins.

Look, I am not trying to upset you, Alex. I know that you and Theresa are a thing, and, uh, I just hate to see you deluding yourself. Yeah. Look, those two are recovering addicts. And it’s like they’ve been to war together. And they share the battle wounds, and those wounds are very, very bonding. It’s kind of like Brady and my relationship, actually.

Are you kidding me right now? From what I see, you and Brady practically despise each other.

Affairs of the heart are very deceiving. And like Theresa and Brady, we’re forever connected and not just because we went through hell and back, but because of our child.

Your child?


The one that you recently just got sole custody over and basically deprived her father from being a part of her life? And you think you and Brady have a strong connection?

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I did not deprive Brady of being part of Rachel’s life. I was given sole custody because he threatened me with a gun in the presence of our daughter.

And I agree with you. That was not a smart move on Brady’s part.

Yeah, you think it would–

But did you have to go to such extreme measures?

Oh, and what the hell would you have done?

Not got the cops involved.

Oh, so I take it Brady didn’t tell you the whole story.

What’s the whole story?

Uh, it wasn’t me who called the cops. It was Rachel.

[radio chatter]

OK. So let’s go over exactly what went down earlier. You were with Officer Goldman when you entered the warehouse from the south side, correct?


Did you notice anything unusual?

Not at first, but then I saw something flash from the corner of my eye.

What kind of flash?

I’m not sure. Next thing I knew, Goldman was taking off after the perp. And then– well, you know the rest.

What exactly did you see?

It’s not what I saw. It’s what I heard– two shots. By the time I caught up with Goldman, dealer was dead.

And Goldman?

She was shaken, definitely in shock. I noted the location of the suspect’s gun before I helped her. Put it on my report.

OK, Phillips. I’d do that now while memory is fresh.

Trust me, this won’t be something I’ll forget.

Neither will Goldman. Let’s go check on her.


[laughs] Well, look who we have here– my old buddy Chad DiMera. Who’s your compadre, Chad?

[suspenseful music]

Your family dynamic’s certainly interesting.

I could say the same about yours, too. I mean, talk about daddy issues.

[clears throat] OK, I’m sorry. Look, changing the subject, let’s just state the obvious. I’m going to state the obvious here, OK? Life is unpredictable, and it is complicated, as are relationships. So my advice to you? Be wary and, uh, don’t give your heart away too quickly.

OK. Well, enough about the subject of me and my heart. Let’s move on to you.


Are you seeing anybody?


[laughs] Oh, please, Alex, do– Do you know how dehumanizing those apps are–


–the dating apps, right? You swipe left, swipe right. You know, it’s just– I’m just too old school for that.

Oh, well, I would hardly call you old school, but I know what you mean.



What about Brady?

What about Brady?

You ever think about getting back with big old Brady?


[laughs] Oh, come on. Come on. That ship has sailed.

So bring it back to shore, captain. He’s single. You’re single. You don’t have to worry about the little first date weirdness issues. You can just have somebody you know. You know all him. You know his flaws. And from where I’m standing, it’s obvious you still got feelings for the guy. So why not pursue it?

Huh. I know what you’re doing, Alex.

[laughs] You want Brady out of the picture so that you can have Theresa all to yourself.






[gasps] Oh my Lord! Oh. Oh! With everything going on last night, I plumb forgot to tell you the very exciting news. Chanel and Johnny are getting married.

That’s wonderful.

[laughter] Well, congratulations to the mother of the bride.

Yes, that’s me.

[laughs] Oh, babe, I’m so happy for my baby girl. And you know, the more I see the two of them together, the more convinced I am that they– they’ve got what it takes.

Oh, young love.

Yeah, well, old timers’ love ain’t so bad, either.

Oh, well–

Oh, now, wait a minute. Oh, come on, now. Wait. These distractions have got to just wait now ’cause I’ve got– I got to write this announcement so I can get it in The Spectator ASAP.

Well, so have they set a date?

Indeed they have. They’re getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Well, you have your work cut out for you. So what can I do to help?

Oh, Abraham, you’ve done so much already.

Well, uh, we’re partners, right?


So put me to work.

Well, for now, just tell me that today’s going to be a good day.

Every day with you is a good day, my dear sweet Paulina.





[sighs] We’ll get each of the suspects into interrogation. I am guessing they will be up for conversation if they think it means staying out of Statesville.

Yeah, well, their boss isn’t going to be happy about this raid.

Yeah. Speaking of unhappy bosses, really not pleased that you kept me out of the loop on this press situation.

I know, Rafe. I’m sorry. I had to make a quick decision.

Mm-hmm. So Lucas is staying with you at the safe house?

I mean, it’s the best plan I can come up with to make sure that this raid would still go off without a hitch.

Yeah, so there was a hitch?

Yeah, Officer Goldman was a decorated marksman in her academy class.

OK, but there’s a big difference to shooting your gun on the range versus on the job.

[tense music] And now she’s going to have to visit with the department shrink before I can put her back on duty.

OK. We’re going to need all hands on deck. That’s for sure.

Yeah. Once this article comes out in the press, God only knows what the fallout’s gonna be.

Aren’t you going to introduce me to your buddy here, Chad?

Everett Lynch, editor in chief, The Spectator.

Lynch? I don’t recall that name. You must be a– a recent hire.

Fairly recent, yeah. Mr. Weston, we were hoping you might be able to spare some time to speak with us today.

Us? You mean like the two of you?

[laughs] Chad, are you pretending to be a journalist now?

I own The Spectator now, Abigail’s family paper.

I see. One of those, uh, jack of all trades, master of none things, right?

[chuckles] You know, your daddy, Stefano DiMera, he was a force to be reckoned with. But you, son, sorry to say, you’re just a waste of time, kind of like this meeting here.

Mr. Weston, taking pot shots at a man whose wife you brutally murdered, that’s the behavior of someone in a very, very bad mood, which makes sense in your case because you’re obviously having a horrible day.

A horrible day? What the hell you talking about?

[tense music]

Why don’t you enlighten me, Chad? Why am I having a horrible day?

Oh, you, uh– you must not have heard about the raid.

Raid? No, it doesn’t ring a bell.

Well, you have eyes and ears everywhere, don’t you, Clyde? OK, fine, we’ll, uh– we’ll play your game. And we’ll be the first to tell you that there was a very big raid this morning on the edge of town at a warehouse. Kingston Road, I believe?


Yeah. But that doesn’t ring any bells? It was really quite a doozy.

One of the biggest raids in Salem history, from what I heard.

Yeah. How much did the police grab, Everett?

Over kilos, I believe, and still counting the cash when we left.

Well, that’s got to hurt, huh, Clyde?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

How much does keys go for on the streets? My math is, um– it’s not very good.

Yeah, you know, by my calculation and adjusting for inflation, I’d say probably over a couple mil.


[whistles] A couple mil, huh? A couple mil, that is a lot. That is– that would make me very angry. I’d probably want to make somebody pay. What would you do, Clyde?

[phone buzzing] Do you hear that, Everett?

Yeah, I do. It sounds like a– like a phone on vibrate.

That’s funny because we had– I mean–


Yeah, we had to check our phones in when we– when we got here. Clyde Weston, do you have a contraband phone on you?

[phone beeps] You might want to check your messages.

You know, if I were a betting man, which I’m not, I would bet that it’s probably about the raid and all that lost product.

I bet you’re right. I bet someone is very nervous to have to pass that along. Go ahead. Check your messages, Clyde. It’s just us here. We won’t say anything.

Admit it. You want Brady out of the way so it’s smooth sailing for you and Theresa.

I’m also looking out for what’s best for you, Kristen, and for Rachel. Think about it. No, seriously, how nice would it be for her to have her parents back together again creating a nice family unit?

Well, you don’t give a damn about me and Rachel. Wow, you are really sweating bullets about Brady and Theresa, aren’t you?

Hey. Hey. I admit I have my concerns, OK, only because she’s been leaning on him a little bit more than I expected.

Co-addicts to codependency.

Yeah. Yeah, he’s been hanging around a lot more since the slip.

Yeah. Well, and also, they’re dealing with the fallout of Tate’s arrest and him going to juvie camp.

It’s like two little magnets getting drawn together every time I turn around.


[chuckles] Well, and if you don’t redirect Brady’s attention–

Then my relationship with Theresa is probably doomed.

All right. You know what, Alex, I think I can help you.

[tense music]

How are you doing?

I’m OK.

I wasn’t after my first shooting.

Really? What happened?

It was a domestic violence case when I was working in Seattle. I got a call that this guy was making threats at his ex’s workplace. So I show up. And I thought I had everything under control. Talking to the guy, you know, I’m trying to calm him down, or so I thought. And all of a sudden, he– he pulls a gun out, and he fired. I had no time to think. And there were too many civilians around, and I couldn’t take the chance of someone getting hurt. And that– that was the first time that I discharged my weapon on duty. I can still smell the gunpowder. I can still see the blood.

That’s all I can see–

[shivers] The blood.

You did the right thing, Goldman.

It was a clean shooting.

Yeah. Jada’s right. Based on our initial reporting, you did the right thing, Goldman.

But I took a life, sir.


I’m having a hard time reconciling that I did the right thing.

And it’s only natural that you would feel that way. But at the end of the day, you’ll come to accept that what you did, you did what you had to do. And just know that you are not alone. You will come out of this OK.

[tense music]

What do you think, Everett?

I don’t know. Not really what I expected. Not that tough, really.

Yeah, well, you know what they say. Prison can break some men. Is that what happened to you, Clyde?

What is it you two clowns want from me?

Well, truth is is I don’t even like to hear your name, let alone be in the same room as you. But our job is to tell both sides of the story.

We want to hear your version. We’re giving you a forum to speak your truth.

What the hell are you talking about?

Well, you claim you’re an innocent man, right?

Damn right I’m innocent.

OK. Can you expand on that?

Look, gentlemen, if you’d done your homework, you’d know that I’ve been a model prisoner here in Statesville ever since I started serving time for the brutal murder of Chad’s adorable wife Abigail. I’ll bet you miss her dearly, don’t you, Chad? I can still see her face, so scared and so beautiful, begging me to save her life.

Hey. Stay focused. Stay focused, OK?



[tense music]

Now, I still don’t know why you’re really here.

Because, Clyde, I wanted to see the look on your face when you learned that your empire was crumbling to the ground.


[chuckles] Good luck with that.

I don’t need luck, just facts. And the fact is your reign of terror is coming to an end. And when you lose all of that money and all of that power and everything that goes along with it, I am going to take great satisfaction with telling the world all about it on the front page of my newspaper. And you, Clyde, will be rotting away in prison like the rat that you are, never again to see the light of day.

You said so yourself. If I’m more present in Brady’s life and he’s less present in Theresa’s, then it is a win-win for everyone, right?

Yeah, I still feel like there’s a catch.

No, I mean, we’re just, um, helping them both out.

[laughs] That’s all. I mean, we both want to break the toxic chain between them.

Mm-hmm. But are you sure you’re ready to get back to Brady again?

I don’t know. Time will tell. I mean, it’s hard being hurt over and over and over.


There’ll always be a place in my heart saved just for him. OK. I think it’s time for me to change things and focus on myself.

I’m liking where this is headed right now, truly.




All right. So we are on the same page, right? And if we’re going to achieve the goal that we want, then you and I are going to have to be in communication with each other.

Sure, yeah. I mean, you’re not suggesting we spy and gossip about Theresa and Brady on, like, a regular basis, right?

Let’s not think of it as gossiping. Let’s think of it as intel.



[laughs] I mean, the last thing either of us wants is for them to get together.


[humming] Voila!

[chuckling] Engagement announcement complete.

Excellent. Excellent. So what else is on the agenda for today?

Well, I have– I’ve got a conference call in half an hour to go over some details about the geocaching event.


Then after that, I need to start thinking about my mother of the bride outfit, so maybe a stroll through Saison with my best man?

Oh, it’d be my honor.

[both laughing]


[phone ringing]

What is it?

[phone ringing]

University Hospital.

[phone ringing]

Yes, I’m aware. But what if the–

[deep breath] OK. OK. OK. OK. Yes, I understand. Thank you for letting me know.

Paulina, who is it? What’s going on?

That was my oncologist. They got the ultrasound results. The tumor has grown. They don’t want to wait. They’re moving my surgery up to the end of this week.

Then we have a plan.

Oh. But I just thought I’d have a little bit more time to prepare mentally. Oh, I’m going to be fine. I’m going to be fine, Abe. I’m going to be fine.



[panicked breathing] I got this. I’m going to deal with this. I’m going to deal with this.

[panicked breathing] I just– I know you know who I am. Even though I’m scared, you know, if you know anything about me, you know I’m not going to let my fear overcome me. You know that.

[panicked breathing] I have you. I do have you.

Yes, you have. And we’re going to go through this together. We are a team, remember?


What do you say about spending a little bit more time around Titan?

Oh, Alex, are you offering me a job?

I mean, would it be that far out of left field? You’re more than qualified to join my executive team.

True. I have more than a little experience.

Exactly. And we need somebody like you with your skill set to keep up with the new market trends. I’m telling you, Kristen, I have always seen you as a shrewd businesswoman.

Yeah, well, I’m not the Suzy Homemaker type. Ah, you know, I think, I can make this change.



And you’ll be in closer proximity to Brady.

Interesting proposition. I’ll consider it.

OK. All right. Well, if we’re going to make this little project work, we’re both going to need to contribute in and out of the workplace.


It means that we’re going to have to work at bumping up those visitation rights between Brady and Rachel, building it up to family sleepovers, creating more opportunities for bonding for the family, of course.

Of course.

We got the best motive here, Kristen, truly– happiness– mine, yours, Theresa’s, Brady, but, most importantly, Rachel.

OK, Alex, to happiness.

To happiness.



I think we’re done here. Chad?

Mr. Lynch, I’d like to suggest that you forget anything that you learned here today. It would be best for all parties.

Is that a threat, Clyde?

No. It’s, um, more like a warning from a concerned citizen who would hate to see anything bad happen to those who were close to you back in Salem.

Empty threats will not prevent the truth from coming out, Weston. You’ve had your chance to make a statement. Now it’s time for us to do our job. I’ll make sure you get a copy of the paper.

And when we do finally expose all the horror you’ve inflicted from killing people with tainted drugs to putting the DA’s stepdaughter into a coma, the justice system will make sure you serve two life sentences. You understand me?


[ominous music]

It’s time to end this.

Let’s do it.

So close to nailing Weston.

I know. I know.

[sighs] OK, Goldman, walk me through it one more time.

OK. The suspect did not respond to our commands to stop, sir. I pursued. And once we got outside, he turned and fired. I returned fire to ensure that no other individuals would be hurt and– because– I didn’t want to die.

It’s OK. It’s OK. You followed protocol. We’re going to have to come at Weston from another angle.

And soon.

Yeah, soon, because once Clyde finds out about this, all hell is going to break loose. And he’s going to want somebody to pay.

[dramatic music]

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Days Transcript Monday, February 5, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[sighs] This is so peaceful, huh?

Mm-hmm. It’s perfect– crackling fire, winter wind blowing.

You know, when I was a kid, I used to be afraid to come out here at night. I used to think that the ghosts of my DiMera ancestors would grab me and take me off to the crypt.

Mm, those creepy DiMera spirits…


Are those the ones cursing anyone marrying into this family?

[soft dramatic music]

Could be. Honestly, nothing would surprise me.

Wait a minute. You’re not really afraid for us to get married, are you?

Oh, thank you so much for this evening, Abraham.

[chuckles] Oh great food, great food and even better company.


[chuckles] I had a wonderful time.



[tender music]

Well… You know, tonight doesn’t have to end right here. I mean, you could come inside.

Oh, no, no, no, it’s all right. It’s all right. I– Good night.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on.

I can’t believe you’re here again in my arms.


You know, for two years, I had the same dream over and over. Actually, I was in a coma for a year, and I wasn’t really dreaming then. But for a solid year, I had this dream where late one night, you’d show up at my door, and I’d sweep you off your feet with my romantic declarations of love. We’d take each other’s clothes off and… well, you can imagine the rest, or I guess you don’t have to.


[laughter] Wow. So tonight was your fantasy?

Actually, tonight was my dream come true. My fantasy is I’m a rugged ship captain, and you show up at my cabin door dressed as a sexy Viking warrior.


[gasps] Oh. I will have to remember that.


Yeah, you should remember that.


We’re out of the friend zone!



Now, you see, I thought it was gonna turn out to be the scientist’s mentor who killed his wife. I mean, he was already upset that the protĂ©gĂ© had eclipsed him, and so he offed the wife to set him up for the murder.

Mm-mm. I figured early on it was the mother. I mean, she was too obsessed with him, always had to know where he was every second. She wanted her son’s wife out of the picture.

Mm, well, you were right. Are you sure you haven’t seen this movie before?

I just know a thing or two about meddling moms.

[soft dramatic music]

Uh-oh. What has my mom done now?

Well, that happened.




It was incredible.


And a big fricking mistake.


You don’t want to play games with me. What do you want?

Thank you for coming. Sit down, Mr. Black. You and I are going to talk.

Just tell me what you want. So why do you pretend to be a new client just to get me out here?


[chuckles] Would you have come if you’d known it was me?

Damn straight, I would have. Saves me the trouble of tracking your ass down because you’re right, Konny. You and I, we’re gonna talk. And you’re gonna tell me everything that you know about The Pawn.

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

I’m afraid I do not play chess, Mr. Black.

Knock it off. Steve told me everything. You told him you know about The Pawn. Now I want to know what you know, and I want to know right now. Is this about Stefano?

I do not know about this Stefano. No, John, this is about Victor and his Pawn.

[tense music]

Italian families can be pretty superstitious. I mean, for example, a lot of my ancestors used to wear this necklace charm called The Devil’s Horn to ward off the evil eye.

Evil eye?

Yeah. It’s called the malocchiocurse. And someone who’s jealous of you can give you the evil eye without even meaning to. Yeah, there’s a lot of Italian superstitions.

Oh, yeah? Give some examples.

Some examples? OK. Um, it is bad luck to have a pet bird in your house. It’s also bad luck to leave a loaf of bread upside-down. The number , obviously, bad luck. Ooh, here’s one. So when a newlywed couple moves into a house…


It has to be exorcised, or at least blessed, to ward off any evil spirits left behind by the previous owners.


On the other hand, a cat sneezing in your presence is considered good luck.


[laughs] OK. Well, then we will just have to get a cat then.

[laughs] Oh, come on, G. You don’t actually believe all that stuff, do you?


[sighs] Look, after what my uncle Chad said to me, my family’s history is riddled with women who have either been heartbroken or messed up for marrying a DiMera– I mean, from getting kidnapped to brainwashed to death.

[dramatic music] And look what happened the last time we got married.

Yeah, yeah, that did leave me pretty messed up and heartbroken.

So maybe we should just be, you know, happy being with each other, just being with each other.

Chanel, I–

I love you too much to risk ruining your life by marrying me again.

You know, when I came to Salem and I tracked you down, I didn’t really know what to expect because I’d sort of been obsessively looking at pictures and videos of you from…

[chuckles] From two years ago. And I’d look at them before I went to sleep. I’d wake up in the morning, and I’d maybe sort of look at them. Anyway, when I saw you in real life standing in front of me, I didn’t think it was possible for you to surprise me with how beautiful you are.

[tender music]

You want to know what I thought when I first saw you here in Salem after not having seen you for two years?

Are you kidding me? Of course, I want to know.

I thought… “There’s the guy that I was so madly in love with I could hardly see straight.” And in spite of how rattled I was, more than rattled, I was shocked.

But even so… I was hard for me to stop myself from running into your arms and just holding you so, so tightly. I wanted to tell you how mad I was that you disappeared but how relieved I was that it wasn’t by choice, how relieved I was that you found me again.

But as you know, I was– I was committed to someone else at the time. I was living with Chad, and so that obviously stopped me from acting on how I actually felt.


That’s the reason that I was able to show such…

[sighs] Remarkable restraint…

Until tonight.

You hungry?

Mm-hmm, starving.

You know what the nice thing is about living in a hotel?

[together] Room service.

Yeah. On it.

That mom comment just flew out of my mouth. I shouldn’t have said anything.

No, you can’t take it back now. Just– just tell me.

[soft dramatic music]

OK. I will. Your mom cornered me in the apartment and kind of grilled me.


[sighs] About?

Well, it started out with her reminding me how much you hate almond milk, and then it pretty much went downhill from there. Yeah, in a nutshell, she questioned my commitment to you, then warned me to not break your heart.

Wendy, I’m– I’m so sorry.

Look, you– you were right when you said your mom was kind of a handful. No offense.

No, I get it. Nothing– nothing new there. No, but it does rile me up that she would talk to you like that behind my back. But she is Ava Vitali. And you know, she is my mom, and I love her very much. I will never understand why the woman does some of the things she does.


[groans] Oh, God.


Oh, Gabi.


You know…

When I first told Gabi about this fake affair, she was completely supportive. She says, “As long as it stays fake, mi amor.” Look at me now. What have I done? What is wrong with me? What’s wrong with you, huh?



Me? You’re the one who came– ow– over here. And you– you took my sushi from the delivery guy.

You’re the one who wound me up with all the phone sex talk.

Oh my– are you kidding? I mean, who– who was the one who said, “Let’s open another bottle of wine”? Huh?

Who was the one who said, “Let’s do shots?”


[shushing] Stop it. OK? Shh. We’re both responsible. OK, responsible. We were vulnerable, and it was a big screw-up.



No kidding.

Yeah. OK. So we’re just gonna figure out– we’re going to figure out a way to put this all behind us. OK? And there’s really nothing to figure out, right? Because the only way to deal with this is no one can ever know the truth.

[tense music]

Wait a minute. I don’t get all of this sudden panic about us getting married. Aren’t you the one who gave me the whole carpe diem spiel? And, “oh, Chanel, I love you so much. I don’t want to wait.”

I do love you so much, and I don’t want to wait. I also don’t want anything to happen to you. I mean, you can make fun of curses and superstitions all you want, but I was possessed by the devil. I’m pretty sure you recall. Who knows what the future can hold? I just– I just don’t know if I want you taking this kind of risk.

Yeah, well, life in general is pretty risky, as we both know. And, hey, if the devil couldn’t keep us apart, then the DiMeras sure as hell can’t. And I truly believe all we have to do is love each other and be honest. And that will keep us safe. So in short, I have zero worries about us walking down that aisle. But now suddenly you do.

I mean, it’s not all that sudden. It’s just the more I think about it–

Wait, wait a minute. Is this really about what Chad said? Or are you having second thoughts about something else?

[soft dramatic music]

I probably shouldn’t say this to a man with amnesia, but I’m having deja vu.


[laughs] So what are you remembering?

Just the many times that we’d lay together here just like this.

[tender music] Did anything feel familiar to you?

No. But I promise you, it was wonderful.

Hmm. So I guess for you, it was like the very first time.

It was. It was. You know the good thing about losing my memory?


I get to fall in love with you all over again.


And I told her the only opinions that matter in our relationship are yours and mine.

Wendy, I am so sorry that my mom put you on the spot like that. But no surprise, you held your own against her.

Oh, and once again, she tried to convince me that you and I need to take a vacation. And she even offered to help me plan a romantic getaway on her. Clearly, she’s still trying to get us out of town.

Even though I’ve told her that we’re not going anywhere?

Yeah, well, obviously she’s not listening. She really did not like it when I turned the tables on her and started quizzing her about Harris and Stefan.

What did you ask?

How she felt about them. I mean, she totally shut me down and wouldn’t say anything.

Yeah, of course, she wouldn’t. She has been spending a lot of time with Stefan lately, which is not a good sign. I mean, not only do I dislike the guy, but I think whatever my mom is messed up in, Stefan’s behind it, just using her like the leech that he is.

Yes, of course, this stays between us. Gabi can never find out. Nobody can ever find out the truth.

Exactly. It never happened.

It never happened.

We take it to our graves.

Yeah, you had better, especially because, me, I got a lot more at stake,

What? How so?

How so? Because I’m married, OK? You and Mr. Clean, you’re not even seeing each other anymore.

Oh, so it’s OK if he finds out. Look, I don’t want him to know the truth either.

He already thinks we’re sleeping together. What’s the–you know what? Fine. OK? Miss Fabio, no argument from me. But let me remind you, I got a hell of a lot more to lose than you do.

So, what’s The Pawn to you?

The Pawn changed my life forever.

How? Tell me what you know about me, about my past.


[chuckles] I wonder what is inside of you waiting to come out. I can see it in your eyes, the eyes of a killer.

Damn it, Konstantin. There are so many– too many things that I don’t remember about my past. And now you show up here taunting me?

That is the least of what you deserve.

Tell me what you know about me right now.

[suspenseful music]

It’s so good.



Sorry, they didn’t have pasta with meat sauce on the menu. I know that’s your go-to for recharging.

All right, can’t beat a grilled cheese as a late night snack on a cold winter’s night. And you remembered to get ranch for our fries.

How could I forget how you take your fries?



Also that you hate olives, love anchovies, prefer rye bread over white. I can keep going.

I am impressed.

I also remember…


[tender music]


[laughs] What? What else?

Every inch of you.

Hey, look. There’s our geocaching event.

Oh, Caching Cupid– they used your title. I hope it kills. The hospital could really use the funding.

Well, the website’s been getting a ton of traffic. I set it up to maximize search engine optimization.

Mm, OK, well, now you’re turning me on with all this techie talk.

Really? Well, have I told you about the geodetic data?


Keep talking like this, and we won’t be able to wait for the apartment.

HTTPS is an extension of the hypertext transfer protocol.

We better hurry, woman.



Hey, you know what? I don’t understand the hold that that guy has on you. It’s not like you guys are married. Yeah, you’re not even together. You don’t even love the guy.

[soft dramatic music]

[laughs] Oh, wait a minute. You love Harris.

Look, I never said that.

You didn’t have to. You are wearing it all over your sleeve.

OK. You know what? It really doesn’t matter anyway, right? You know, I’m going to request that you shut up and maybe finish getting dressed so we can get you the hell out of here, OK?

OK, fine. Where is my shirt?

We brought everything in here in case Wendy and Tripp showed up. Come on. It’s here.

Well, it’s definitely not in here.

If you know as much about me as you claim you do, you know that I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through a man’s eye.

Or a woman’s either.

[tense music]

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

You came at me, and Katerina got in the way.

I came at you? Whe–? Who’s Katerina?



Tell me. Hands where I can see them.

I need you to see something and tell me what it means, and I will go away.

John. John? Are you OK? John.

[ominous music]

Who’s John?


[chuckles] If you are not John, then are you The Pawn?

I’ve been called that, yes.

Oh, finally. My God.

[speaks Greek] Finally, after all these years, I found you, the one who killed Katerina. There was a time many years ago in Greece, in Aria, you came to deliver a message, a message of death.

My beautiful Katerina.

John… someone must pay for that.

You know, it’s– it’s been a while since we’ve been together.

You’re not asking me to rate your performance, are you?

Oh, no, no, no, no. I was just– well, I don’t remember what you– don’t remember what you like or don’t like.

Oh, honey, I am not shy. You know I would tell you.

[laughter] But, well, I will say this, you were wonderful then, and you’re wonderful now.

[laughter] Oh, your side of the bed sure did miss you, Abraham. And so did I.

[tender music]

Chanel, I have zero second thoughts about marrying you, none whatsoever. OK, I just– I just want to make sure that you’re going into this with your eyes open.

Well, I told you that your big, tough family doesn’t scare me.

What about the other side?

You mean your mother?

No, although she can be quite scary. I was thinking more about my sister.

Your sister? You don’t really think that I still have feelings for Allie?

You did choose her once over me.

But I loved you first, and I love you last forever.

[soft dramatic music] What? You don’t believe me?

I just I can’t stop thinking about how crazy you guys were about each other.

Oh, my God. You’re worried that I prefer women.

You’re worried that I’m gay, aren’t you?

You know, I’m blown away that it’s been two years.

Mm. I mean, in some ways, it feels like it’s been forever, and in other ways, it feels like we’ve never been apart.

I mean, I haven’t been with anybody since the last time I was with you.

Well, you know my story. You weren’t in a coma for a year, so I think you get a pass.

Hmm. Thank you.

You want to hear something wild?


I think I grew more and more in love with you while we were apart.

An “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing?

No, no, like a true love kind of thing. All I know is I have you back, and I am never, ever gonna let you go again.

You know, I should probably start thinking about getting out of this hotel room.

Oh, where would you go?

I don’t know. I mean, you could move out of your parents’ place. We could find a place on our own together, pick up where we left off. What do you say?

[tense music]

What the hell?

Tripp, Stefan, he was just–

I was just helping her out.

No, you save it. I’m not an idiot. OK?

You know what? I was just leaving.

Yeah, you better damn well leave.

OK, Tripp, calm down.

No, keep your paws off my mother, OK?

Tripp, Tripp, your mom’s a grown woman. She can be with whoever she wants.

No way. Not with this dirtbag.

Again, none of your business.

My mother is my business, OK? I’m not going to stand around and watch you use her. That is over. You hear me? You’re going to keep your distance from her from now on, or you are gonna regret it.

[tense music]

I wish we could lay like this forever… and all of our problems would just blow away.

[soft dramatic music]

Are you thinking about your surgery?

Actually, I went to the hospital this morning.


Well, because I think– I think the lump is actually getting bigger.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Oh, there’s nothing to tell yet. They did another ultrasound. I’m waiting to hear what they say. But, you know, being here with you like this, I feel like I can handle just about anything. And I forgot all about it for a little while. That’s no small thing.

[tender music] You have no idea how much this means to me.

Well, actually I do.

It’s overwhelming trying to navigate life with no memory, but you never gave up on me.

I was lost at sea. And you… you are my safe harbor.

And you’re mine.

Yes, I am. And I am going to be with you every step of the way now and always.

Look, I am not questioning your sexual orientation, OK? I’m just– I guess, if I’m being honest, I want to make sure, am I gonna be enough for you?

Johnny, listen to me, OK?

I am ready to commit myself to one person, and you are that person– you, OK? And no one else. You protected me even when we weren’t together, and you have shown me in a million ways that I am enough for you. And yes, Johnny, you are enough for me, more than enough, always and forever. I love you. I love you so much.

I love you too.


[laughs] Whoa! Slow your roll there, fella. Live together?

I’m boundary pushing again, aren’t I?



Yeah, you are.


Look, I moved in with Chad too fast. That was a big mistake. And as any relationship self-help book would tell you– and I’ve read my fair share– just there’s no need to rush. Just enjoy each other. And if it’s real, it’ll last.

OK. All right. But for me, it’s real. I already know that. There’s no doubt in my mind you’re the only person in the world that I want to share my life with, and that will never change.

[soft dramatic music]

What about you? Is it real for you?

[ominous music]

Move that trashcan over here.

[chuckles] At last. Yes. My Katerina will be avenged.

Katerina will be avenged.

Raise your right arm. Now lower it. And now, Mr. Black, let’s try something much more high stakes, shall we?

Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.

[suspenseful music]

OK. So are we done now? Have we checked off every box on the list of our potential concerns? And are we now ready to vow to be true and love each other until death do us part?

Yeah. Yeah. OK. All right, it’s settled. So, are you ready to be Mrs. DiMera?

I don’t know. It depends. Are you ready to be Mr. Dupree?

Oh, oh, OK. Well, I guess we never really talked about the name change thing. Is there something you want to do about that?

You know what? We have had enough discussions for tonight. I think that the only thing left for us to do is to just seal our love with another kiss.

Yeah, that sounds good– sounds good to me.



[tender music]

Mm. You know what? There is– I’m sorry– there is one other thing left to do on our to-do list.


I was thinking, and just thinking, that we should seal our love with a little more than a kiss.

Mm-hmm. I’ll race you to the bedroom.

Oh. OK.

[laughter] Whoa. Whoa. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I don’t know how much sleep I’m gonna get tonight. I’ve got so much on my mind.

[sighs] But I am so very happy to have you back here, Abraham, in our bed.

It does feel right, doesn’t it?



[sighs] You know, we could stay up all night and talk. We can do that. But I want you to know that I am– I’m here for you, Paulina, whatever you need, whatever you want.

Hey, please, let’s just take it slow, OK? There’s no rush. You’re not going to fall into another coma. And I’m not going anywhere. So let’s just live in the moment appreciate that we found each other again.

I do appreciate that beyond– beyond words.

And you’re right. You’re right. There’s no need to rush.

Except maybe– maybe to– to sleep. I have to meet Chad in a few hours.

Then why go to sleep at all?

Tripp, that is enough. Stefan, just– just– just– just go. Please, just– just go.

Fine, I– I will go.



I was– I was just– you know what? I’m not going to discuss this with my son. No. Uh-uh. No.

[soft dramatic music]

Stop. Not today. You will serve a purpose. You will be Konstantin’s Pawn, and I will have revenge for my Katerina. But not yet. You will go back to your lovely family. And in seconds, you will return to who you are, Mr. Black.

[ominous music]

[gasping, shuddering]

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of January, 29, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Alex from Days


-Alex could be heard closing a door while John was shown.

-Stephanie could be heard talking to Everett while Theresa was shown.

-Kate was shown talking to Roman while Everett was shown.


-Kayla referred to Johnny as Johnny DiMera as if he wasn’t her nephew.

-Sarah could be heard talking to a nurse while Kayla was shown.

-Ava could be heard talking to Wendy while Steve was shown.


-Chad told Johnny that the DiMeras were raised by an unscrupulous man. Did the writers think we forgot that Chad wasn’t raised by Stefano?

-Stefan could be heard talking to Xander while Alex was shown.

-Brady could be heard talking to Alex while Xander was shown.

-Brady’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-Chad could be heard talking to Everett while Eric and Sloan were shown.

-Lucas could be heard exercising while Brady was shown.

-Eric didn’t burp Jude after he fed him. He put Jude down after he fed him.


-Sarah could be heard putting silverware down while Brady was shown.

-Ava could be heard reading her book out loud while Konstantin was shown.

-Everett could be heard talking on the phone while Stefan and Ava were shown.


Ava from Days

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Days Transcript Friday, February 2, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Well, Doc, after the day I had, that dinner really hit the spot. Thanks.

It’s especially good when it’s delivered warm right to your front door. I’m sorry you had a rough day.

Mm. I’m just putting out fires. How about you?

The same.

Yeah. Listen to that.

Oh. Silence.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Oh, you would not believe the day I’ve had. I spent the whole day just putting out–

Fires? Yeah.


So what can I get you, kid? I got plenty of leftovers from dinner. Would you like some?

No. You know what? I could probably use one of those non-alcoholic beers, but I think we’re out.

Actually, I picked up some on the way home, so I’ll be right back.

Dad, thanks.


Believe him? Everything that’s on his plate, and he’s thinking about me.

Your father is a very kind man.

Yes, he is. I kind of wish I had his generosity of spirit. And I also wish I was as good a dad as he is.

[soft dramatic music]

And we just need one more.

You, me, Maggie–

[tense music]

My mom is bringing someone.

When did that happen?

When you were in the shower. It’s Konstantin.

Well, then, we don’t need an extra space, love, because Konstantin is one man that I will not share a dinner table with.

What is this thing? What does it mean to Steve and to John?


Hey, you almost ready? We should be going.

Come in.

The car is out front. I don’t want to keep Sarah and Xander waiting.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Well, Xander is not exactly my biggest fan, and for very good reason.

“She looked into his steely blue eyes, “now dark with desire and a longing that echoed her own. “He kissed her with a fierce intensity, “his tongue exploring her mouth as his hands touched her, caressing her curves.” Hmm. “As he lifted her up, she gasped, her breath ragged, “her legs wrapping around him as he pressed her against the wall.”

[knocking] Okay. All right.

Delivery for Miss Ava Vitali.

You’re my sushi delivery guy?

That’s me.

Oh, you don’t really look like a Gunther.

Fun fact, my middle name is actually Gunther. Stefan O. Gunther DiMera. But don’t worry, I took care of the guy. I tipped him even though the genius seemed to be a little confused on where to find the numbers on the doors. I hope you got enough in here for two.

Oh, you came for dinner.

Mm. [chuckles] No, I didn’t. Actually, I came here to drink with you.

Well, it seems like you already started drinking without me.

Yeah. Well, I don’t like drinking alone. And I thought to myself, I bet my little paisana– I bet she probably has a bottle of wine open by now. And lo and behold, so what do you say?

Do I really have a choice?

Come on. Come on. We can commiserate about how crappy our lives are.

All right. Look, I mean, what else do I have to do tonight? I’ll get you a glass.

I mean, this could be the nail in this guy’s coffin. I’ll be off in one second. I’m sorry, that wasn’t to you, Chad. Yeah. I mean, I really think this is going to be our Pulitzer. Okay, I’ll pick you up at : a.m. tomorrow. See you then.

[phone beeps] Hey.


Hey. Sorry I couldn’t take your call earlier. I was–it’s been a crazy couple hours.

Clearly, a good crazy.

Yeah. But better seeing you. I’m glad you’re here.

I came because I couldn’t find my earbud. And this is the last place I remember having it.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Maybe it’s on the nightstand.

Yep. Good call. I don’t see it here. Not there.

[both chuckle] Oh, yeah. Hey, look.


There it is.

I wonder how it got there.

I mean, these things are–you know.

Thank you. Wow, so you’re picking up Chad tomorrow at : a.m.? It’s like the crack of dawn. Where are you two going?

[soft dramatic music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Brady, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a wonderful father.

Yeah? Is that why my daughter is indifferent to me now and my son’s in juvie rehab?

Here you go, buddy. Like I said, plenty of leftovers if you’re hungry.

Yeah, I’m good. Thank you.


[doorbell rings]

Oh, that’s probably Theresa. We have to sign some consent forms for Tate’s youth correctional wilderness trip. Hi.

Hey. Hi. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your evening.

No, no, no, not at all.

Theresa, please come in.

I’m just here because I have to send this registered mail in the morning. You used to be able to do it online. But some tech-savvy teens hacked the juvie system, so–

Brady tells us that he’s doing very well.

Yeah. So we hear.

So we hear, yeah. I think we’re actually going to get to see him with our own eyes soon–a parental visitation.

Yeah, it’s going to be a very long few weeks.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve missed him so much. We’ve missed him as well.

Yeah. You know I think of all the times where I got really impatient with him or he would annoy me. My God, what I would give to just have him annoy me now and be able to embrace him and just tell him I love him.

[somber music]

Well, I understand very well not being able to forgive someone who put their daughter in danger, even if indirectly, which is why I don’t know whether Xander will ever trust me, let alone feel comfortable with me.

Well, you’re going to have to change his mind, Konstantin, especially since he’s going to be a very big part of my daughter’s life for a very long, long time.

Are you implying that I am also to be part of your life for a very long, long time?

Oh, no. No, I didn’t mean that.

What did you mean?

You know, it’s time to go. I don’t want to be late for dinner.

[soft dramatic music]

Come on, tell me. What are you and Chad up to?


Hey, I’m your PR consultant. I need to know.



Okay, okay, okay. I can tell you this much. We got a big lead about the drug crisis. And Chad and I are digging into it tomorrow.

I’m intrigued.

It’s got potential to be a major breakthrough– something that could get “The Spectator” national recognition.

Well, a recognition for you as well. I’m dying to hear more.

Well, you’ll have to wait till it’s in writing.

Fine. I will try to be patient. And now that I’ve got my earbud… I’ll be going.

Yeah. Wait. You have plans? I got a newly stocked mini bar chock full of those overpriced little liquor bottles. We could order some dinner. Stay.

[sultry music]

Mm-hmm. There you go. You want some?

No, I actually prefer to drown my sorrows on an empty stomach.

Suit yourself. It’s good.

What you got there?


What you got there? What is that? You’re doing a little light, uplifting reading? Are you? Huh? Rubbing the hot oil all over your body got you in the mood?

You know that phone call earlier– you know I was messing with you, right?

I knew that.



Okay, because it didn’t really seem like you did– not at first, at least.


Yeah. At first, it seemed like, you know, you believed me. And I kind of enjoyed that. I kind of enjoyed just making you a little crazy.

Oh, yeah? Well, that’s okay because I’m already halfway to crazy these days.

You really miss Gabby, huh?

Every minute of every day.

I–I can relate. I mean, that is, to, you know, missing someone.



RoboCop, you miss him? You don’t need–you don’t need to answer that question. I am sorry. Okay? How about I propose a toast? To lost loves… and new friendships. Can I call this a friendship?

Well, I mean, considering that you really annoy the hell out of me, and I can only–


Yeah. I mean, it’s true. I can only stand spending about minutes with you until I want to pull my hair out. So yeah, I guess we’re friends.

Well, for the record, you annoy the hell out of me.


That’s right.


You do. And hanging out with you makes me want to pull my hair out.


Because has anybody ever told you what a tremendous downer you are? I mean, you are. Bah, bah, that’s you. That’s you.


[laughs] Okay.

But in spite of all that, I do consider you a friend– sort of, okay?


You know.


So… To new friendships.

New friendships.

[soft dramatic music]

[melancholy music]

Okay. Here you go.

Great. Thank you. And we’ll talk later, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. Hey, how are you doing? Good?

Yeah, good.

Why don’t we give you a few minutes to talk?

No, this is your house.

It’s Brady’s home too, so we’re going to give you a little privacy, okay? Come on, Doc.

[tense music]

Why did Marlena just say she’s going to give us some privacy? Do they know? Do they know that I got high, Brady? Oh, my God, you didn’t tell them, did you?

Hello. Where are you going? And your answer better be to the store.

Maggie, please try to understand.

I don’t understand. This night is about me, my daughter, and my granddaughter, and not whatever bad blood is being stirred up between you and Konstantin.

Welcome to our home.

A gracious thank you.

So where are the girls?

Oh, Sarah’s feeding Victoria in the bedroom.

Okay. Well, I’m going to join them. You two behave yourself.


You have a lovely home– so warm and inviting.

Thank you. Let’s cut the chitchat, shall we?

[dramatic music]

Okay, then. What would you prefer to talk about? Politics, climate change, artificial intelligence and how it is transforming the world?

No, I want to talk about Maggie Horton– the best person I know, who I care about deeply. So if you do anything to hurt that woman–

Well, Mr. Cook, though I am weary of defending myself to you and other cynical people who are skeptical of my feelings towards Maggie, let me state once again, and unequivocally, and I hope for the last time, I also care very deeply about Maggie. And I would never hurt her, hmm? I am not the man you think I am.


Oh, my goodness. Did I just see pigs fly?

Okay. All right. You got to pick, okay? All right? You got to pick one here. I got to watch– hey, whoa, hey. Hey now, hey, whoa, watch yourself.

You watch yourself.

Okay. All right. All right, choose now. So Gabby– she is in prison like she is now, but it’s, like, for decades, okay? Decades. Or Gabby out of prison, she’s free… But you never get to see her again.

That’s a tough one.


So what do you pick?

Set her free. At least I know she’s safe. We’re out of wine.

[chuckles] And here’s another bottle– convenient.



[reads label in French] Let’s just open the damn thing up.

All right, you do that. Oops.


I was going to drink that.

Ahh! Let’s get hammered.





Somebody snorted. * Somebody snorted *

Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got a big day tomorrow. And you’ve got a very early one. We can’t risk another all-nighter like last night.

Well, I’d risk an all-nighter with you any night. Just having you stay over here, falling asleep in my arms, and our discussion– you know, I thought that was, like, a really important one and that maybe we understand each other a little bit better.

Yeah, I think we do.

It’s funny. As we were lying there, all these Seattle memories were just coming flooding back to me. I–just remembering how in love we were with each other, how much– how much fun we had.

You said at that time, we both got sick on oysters at that new restaurant, that seafood restaurant? God, definitely not my favorite Seattle memory.

Honestly, I love every memory that I have with you, even that one. Do you remember a few days after that, we went to that bluegrass festival. And the sun was going down. We were walking along the water. And it was cold, you know? And so I put my coat over you. And that was the first time I told you I loved you. It took three long weeks of me saying it before you said it back to me. But when you did, that was the happiest moment of my life.

[romantic music] I meant what I said last night, Steph. I’m still in love with you.

Please don’t be upset with me.


Listen. I did–I did tell Marlena. I did.

Brady, why would you do that?

Because I needed– listen. Listen. I know I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry about that. But I was concerned about you and Tate. And I needed to tell somebody about it.

God, I mean, she already thinks I’m such a colossal screw up.

No, she’s a psychiatrist. She understands it. Hey, she understands addiction. She gets it. She doesn’t judge. She was just concerned. That’s all. I promise. Theresa, look at me please. Don’t be upset with me. Sorry.

Okay. Okay. Okay.


So you told your stepmother, and she’s a really good person. And she’s a psychiatrist, so okay. It’s okay that you told her. And I’m sure now she’s told John too. But he’s a really good guy, too, so–

[sigh] Okay.

Theresa, they’re not going to tell anyone. I swear. I promise.

I know. You’re right.

[sigh] God. Do you remember when we had our townhouse?

[tender music]

Yeah, how could I forget that?

Do you know that there was one time when I popped over unannounced to– I don’t know– borrow eggs or something. And Marlena answered the door. And it was very obvious that I had interrupted something between the two of them–

Oh, no.

In the middle of the afternoon.


I mean, I should have called before.

Yeah, probably. But I’ll bet you never made that mistake again.

No, I did not.


It’s funny.

Oh, but the way they look at each other, it’s heart-melting.

It really is.


You know, you and I used to look at each other… once upon a time.

Yes, we did– once upon a time. And now you– now you’re with Alex. And I really hope that that’s going well. I do.

I don’t think you do.

I do.

No. I think you wish what I wish– that you and I could have somehow made it work. That maybe you and I could have been the next John and Marlena.

I’m so sorry. I– I should have resisted the urge to declare my love for you again, especially because I know it makes you uncomfortable. I should have read the room. Just so you know, I’m not waiting for you to say it back like I was last time.

It’s hot in here.

Sorry. I know. You know what? I’m just sort of– I’m just talking, talking, talking. You have to go.

Actually… is that offer of overpriced little liquor bottles and dinner still on the table?

Yeah, definitely. Sure.

Good. Because there’s something we need to discuss.


It’s not bad. It’s about this whole “friends” thing.

I know I have trouble with boundaries, obviously. I did it last night. And I’m doing it again, but I promise that I’ll stop. Except I keep breaking that promise, don’t I?

It’s not that.

What is it then?

This whole friends thing– it isn’t working for me either.

And then, so when Harris and I, when we came back from London, everything was really great for us. You know? Yeah, like, I was really happy. I was probably the happiest that I have ever been in my entire life maybe. Yeah. And then… I felt hopeful.

[jazzy music]

And then Clyde had to come along.

Mm. Damn Clyde Weston.

Damn Clyde Weston. That firetruck and Mickey Fickey figlio di puttana.

Oh, my God.


Tripp’s got “qe-tuila”.


Yes. We could do shots. Are you in?



Whoa, whoa. Whoa.



Okay, okay, okay, okay. So–

[laughs] Yes, in honor–honor of those–whoa– those very happy times in London.

Are you about to–

There it goes.

I mean, what are you–

Come on. Ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Yeah, as I’ll ever be.

All right.

[mellow sultry music] Yeah.

[both grunt]



Oh, London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.

Come on.

* London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady *

* Build her up with gold and silver * * Gold and silver, gold and silver * * Build her up with * Okay.


* Gold and silver, my fair lady *

Oh, hey. Oh.

Well, damn it.

It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll get you some of Tripp’s.

It’s fine. It’s fine. My clothes are like the rest of my life now– one, big, hot mess.

Here, put this on.


That’s Tripp’s?

This is the first thing I could find.

That’s a lady robe. I’m not wearing a lady robe.

Hey, whoa, whoa, no, no, no. Hey, hey. No, no, don’t you dare sit on that couch with those wet, stained pants.


Hey, put this on. Whoa, hey, what are you– stop that. Stop it. No, don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t take off those pants.

I got to. They’re all wet.

[exhales] Okay to sit now?

What do you mean? The friend thing isn’t… working for you?

Give me one of those minibar bottles.

[tender music]

The rum.


So… After our conversation last night… All I could think about all day today was… how great it was when we were together in Seattle. Late night talks. How you made me laugh. Not to mention the sex was–


On the floor of your apartment.

Remember that time in Whidbey Island?

At the tulip garden?

I thought they were going to find us.

And just knowing they might made it that much more exciting, right?

For sure.

I’d like to have more of those moments.

Starting now.

Are you sure?

I don’t know if I ever thought we could be the next John and Marlena. Well, they’ve set the bar pretty high. I don’t think any couple could reach that. I also think you’re idealizing what we had a little bit too much. Theresa, we were a hot mess.

We had our good times.

Yeah. But yeah, when we were high.

It was more than that.

I don’t–it wasn’t– it wasn’t really real. We were more addicted to each other.

[somber music]

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

It’s okay. That’s how you remember it. No need to be sorry.

Hold on. Hold on.

I remember some really nice times too. Some really nice times. But that was then, and we’re different people now. Aren’t we?

Well, that was a delicious meal.

Xander is very lucky to have you, Sarah.

Oh, you mean as a cook? No, that was all Xander. He spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen.

Oh, well. Good for you, Xander. I enjoyed the meal very much.

Where did you learn to cook, Xander?

My mom, yeah. Not only did she teach me a bunch of great recipes, but the most important ingredient in any meal is patience.

She sounds like a wise woman. How old were you when you left Edinburgh?

Oh, you were raised in Scotland. I didn’t know that. I know you only from your reputation in Greece and when you did “business” with my father. But you’re Scottish, eh? Oh, that explains a lot.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Well, I have always found the Scottish people to be– mind you, this is only from my personal experience– to be cold and harsh, not to mention miserly.



You see, I was born and raised in Athena, the seat of the Greco-Roman Empire. And when I was a boy, I would scamper up the steps of the Acropolis two at a time. I learned to love, to dance, to debate. And by virtue of the teachings of my elders, my parents, and by the great Hellenistic culture, I learned the value and importance of being a man’s man.

A man’s man?


Like a strong, proud man who would never take advantage of a recently widowed and vulnerable woman.


A man’s man as in honest, someone who would never deceive and manipulate in order to live off said woman.

I resent those comments deeply, Mr. Cook. But I choose to take the high road to say only, you greatly underestimate me, young man.

Oh, no. No one could ever underestimate you.

Oh, dear God.

Maggie, it’s time to go.

No, it’s not time to go.

I will not stay anywhere where I am so greatly disrespected.

Well, fine. Order a car. I’ll see you at home.

Thank you for such a memorable evening, Sarah.

[tense music]

These people, this town.

I’m so sorry, Maggie.

No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought him here. What was I thinking?

It’s okay, mama. It’s okay.

Hey, you two. Doc and I are going to shut it down for the night.

Okay. Well, good night then.

Theresa, it was nice to see you.

Good night. See you, buddy.

Hang on. Sorry. Before you go, I just wanted to– I know that Brady told you about my slip, Marlena. And John, I assume that you know too. And I just– well, I just want to say, thank God for Brady, the way he helped me get through it. I am back on track. I am going to meetings every day. And I am determined to never, ever let this happen ever again.

Well, Theresa, we are just really glad that you are finally getting the support you need.

And we’re here for you.

[gentle music]

I gotta head out.

What? Now?

Yeah, a new Black Badge client.

Okay, I should get going too.

I’ll walk you out, Theresa.


John, be careful.

Always, sweetheart.

I shouldn’t have forced Konstantin on you. And after such a delicious meal we had, I’m sorry it went so badly.

No, Maggie, it’s on me. I should have kept my mouth shut. It’s just my stubborn Scottish side and my proud Greek side ran smack into each other. And boom, I just–

Well, it’s all over now.

Well, not for your mom. She’s going to see him when she gets back to the house.

Listen. Like I said to you repeatedly, I’m a big girl. I can handle Konstantin.

Are you sure, mom? Because he was angry when he left.

And so was I. I can handle Konstantin. And then, I really should be going. I’d like to sneak one last kiss from that sweet little angel first. Okay.

I know. I know.

I mean, why did you have to provoke him in the first place? What was the point?

What am I supposed to do, Sarah? Just sit there while he tells me that all Scottish people are harsh and mean and cold and cheap?

Miserly was the word he used.

It’s the same thing. Look, I don’t– I don’t know what Maggie’s thinking now. But she was clearly upset by all that. Maybe she’s starting to see the light, that she’s beginning to realize that this man who’s basically living with her now is very bad news.

Well, I wish you wouldn’t characterize him that way. I feel like the jury’s still out on that guy. But look, whatever his flaws are, I think that she does need him right now. So I wish you would accept that.

Okay. You know, it’s getting late. And I should go to bed. You should get out of here. Go call a cab.

[sultry music]

Do you know that phone call this morning?

You really got me with all that sexy talk.



Yeah. I know.

You, hand on your back, on your bed, rubbing hot oil all over your body.

I was thinking… Maybe… I can help you finish the job. You know?

I put you on your back.


I rub the rest of that hot oil all over your naked body.

[intense music]

[both panting] – “He kissed her with fierce intensity, “his tongue exploring her mouth as his hands touched her, caressing her curves.”

What if Tripp comes home?

Don’t worry about it. They’re out late. What?

I’m gonna take the chance. – “As he lifted her up, she gasped, “her breath ragged, her legs wrapping around him “as he pressed her against the wall. “She clung to him, breathing in heavy gasps as they both moved towards the edge of pleasure.”

[gentle music]

Oh, well. Sorry, I’m going to– I’m going to turn in. How about you?

No, I think I’m going to stay up and watch a little movie– maybe “Casablanca.”

Oh, you’re in the mood for romance, huh? And I noticed that you and Theresa were getting along. Well, I’m glad to see that.

Well, we’ll always be linked by Tate.

That bond will never break, you know.

[somber music] Good night, Brady.

Good night.

[tense music]

Take a hike, Konstantin. This place isn’t safe for you right here.

You are worried about me. How thoughtful. You must be meeting someone dangerous. Oh, what am I saying? Of course, you are, Mr. Private Eye.

You don’t want to mess with me. What do you want?

Thank you for coming.

Sit down, Mr. Black. You and I are going to talk.

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Days Transcript Thursday, February 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[romantic music]

 It’s in my every dream   Your kiss, your hair   Your smell so sweet   Oh   It comes around again and all over again, this feeling   Whenever you’re near   So sweet 

[baby crying]

Hey, how goes it?

Oh, you know. Just a run-of-the-mill day. You know, combing through public records, chasing down sources, trying to essentially change the way people think and act. Saving the world, basically.

Okay. Doing it impressively, I’m sure. How’s the– how’s the story coming along?

Oh, good. Should be in your inbox shortly. I’m thinking this will evolve into more of a series, you know?

Right. Yeah. Because it’s not just about who’s dealing the drugs, but how it affects our city, our society.

Yeah, people we know, you know, who need a voice.



[soft dramatic music]




[sighs] Okay. Come on, Theresa. You can do this. You are smart. You are competent. And you don’t need help from anybody.

Not even me?



Alex. I’m just trying to figure out this layout issue in the mockup here.

May I take a look? All right, what have we got?

You see? It just doesn’t make any sense. There’s too much visual clutter.

I think it makes sense to me.

Sorry. Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I have some forms from Justin that–

Brady, thank God you’re here. I really need your help badly.





Don’t overdo it.

I got it. I got it. I know what my body can handle. Ow! Ow. Maybe not. How’s the investigation going?

I’m off to the hospital now to interview a perp from the last drug raid. Hopefully the bullet in his arm loosens his lips. Look–




[whispers] Aw, man.

I know it takes a little while to build a case. And I know this is not going as fast as you– you hoped it would.

Damn right, it isn’t. Not with Clyde Weston out there running the operation.

Like I told you a million times, you are safe here.

Yeah, I know what you said. And I’d like to believe you. But I know that Clyde Weston’s core mission in life right now is to find me and kill me.



[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”



[baby crying]

Baby, it’s okay. Let him cry. He needs to self-soothe, remember?

Yeah, but it sounds like he really needs something.

I really need something. I need you.

Okay, baby, let me just check on him first. I’ll be right back.



[baby wailing]



[soft dramatic music]

So what’s wrong?

What isn’t wrong? Everything. I mean, the mockup isn’t matching what’s being sent to the printer, and I think I’ve royally screwed up some ads. Can you please–can you please just look at this, Brady, please?

Okay. Let me take a look, okay? Hold on. What do you got here? Oh. Okay, okay. I see the issue. You have excessive visual elements going on. You just have to make the composition a little less overwhelming, okay?


It’s not a big deal. I mean, you just have to finesse it a little bit. I can help you with this.

Thank you. You are such a lifesaver. Thank you.

It’s all right. Tell you what. Why don’t you go get the original proof sheet for the layout? It’s on my desk, okay?

I’m on it.


I’m on it.

All right.

Brady to the rescue.

Alex. That means you resent it, right? I mean you urged me to make sure that she feels better with her job here, right?



[tense music]

Okay. Let’s get to work.

Right. Let’s get to work. Okay, rule number one, we know that the best performing ads have zero minimal text, right?

Yeah, I definitely know that, and I still managed to blow it.

No, you didn’t blow it. You didn’t blow it. All you got to do is a couple things here, and we can fix it. It’s going to be just fine, all right?


Lucas, I know this is not ideal, but you are out of prison.


And you have done your part. Now you have to trust me to do mine. I’ll see you later.



[door clicks open]



[door shuts, lock clicks]



[soft dramatic music]



[line ringing]

Hey, it’s Lucas.

Lucas? Your number came up on my– aren’t you supposed to be in Statesville?

No, I’m in Salem.

What, were you released? Lucas, you didn’t escape, did you?

No, I didn’t. Listen, I’ll explain later, but right now– right now I need you to come to Harris Michaels’ place over the Brady Pub. We need to talk, man. I need your help.

Okay, will do. Just stay put. What the hell?

Who was that?

You’ll know soon enough. We have to go. We have a meeting with a very important person.



[soft dramatic music]

You really were hungry, weren’t you, big guy?

He’s almost asleep.

Finally. Okay. Now come here.

Let me just take a minute and– I don’t want him to wake up and start screaming again.

Oh, come on.




[whispers] What? I mean, if he wakes up again, you know, you can go back over there and dote over him like the hovering papa bear that you are.

Okay. Okay, okay. I’ll stop doting and hovering.







[knocking on door] Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!


You’ve got–what?

I’ll get it. I’ll get it.

What? No.



[knocking on door] Why would you answer the door? They will go away.

Listen, if somebody doesn’t answer it, they’re going to wake up the baby.

Oh. All right. Fine.

Who is it?

It’s your very first client, Mr. Hunky Shutterbug.

It’s Leo.

Do not let him in.

What, do you think he’s going to go away?



I’m sorry, it’s just really not a good time.

So I’m out and about, doing some research for my column– AKA shopping– and it dawns on me, you and I have not done a proper review of those brilliant photos we took together. Most of which I love, by the way. You really did capture my essence. My charm, charisma comes shining through in large part thanks to your extraordinary talent and proficiency.

So you’re stopping by because you want to review your photos? Now?

Mm-hmm. Unless this isn’t a good time.

You make this look so easy.





That’s because I, too, am fallible, Theresa. I’ve made all these mistakes before, repeatedly. I think I’m just proficient now at fixing them. I also know that having every small department up in arms over the dumbest and most ridiculous of mistakes is not only challenging, but it’s infuriating, right?

I know, right?

That’s better. Hey. Don’t let it get to you. You’ll be fine.

I’ll try not to. Thank you so much again for your help.

I have no doubt this magazine will be successful in the future. And I think you’re going to be a big part of that success.



[tender music]

Oh. Hello, Harris.

Hello, Dr. Evans.

How are you? How’s everything?

Well, honestly, not great. I was just paying a visit to a injured perp who got shot during a recent raid. And I was hoping that he’d want to clear up his conscience to give up his boss, but that didn’t happen.

Oh. That must be frustrating.

Yeah. I mean dealing with this– this drug ring, it’s like any time you think you make any headway at all, you just hit another wall.

Well, maybe you want to talk about it. I’ve got some time, if you do.

I do, actually. And it would be really good to talk to you again.



[soft dramatic music]

When I asked you to come over, I didn’t mean for you to bring backup.

Relax, all right? I trust him and so can you. Okay? This is Everett Lynch, my editor-in-chief. Everett, this is Lucas Horton, Abigail’s uncle. We’re here to help, man.



[tense music]

All right, fine. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Guys, have a seat, okay? I have a hell of a story to tell you.

Alex, hello.

Hey, Maggie, how are you?

I’m well. I’m glad I ran into you. Do you have a moment to talk?

Sure. What’s on your mind?

Theresa. I’m worried about her. I ran into her at a meeting and I spoke to her myself as a sponsor. She seemed fairly guarded with me. Is she all right?

Well, I mean, all things considered, yeah. Definitely. I’m just trying my best to be there for her and understand what she’s going through.

Oh. I don’t think you can.

What? Why do you say that?

Alex, being in a relationship with an addict, it takes a great deal of patience and empathy and maturity.

And I’m guessing you don’t think I possess any of those qualities.

Listen, listen. It’s just been my experience with you. And I know people can change. They can become more mature and more patient. But right now, with everything Theresa is going through, I don’t think you’re equipped to handle it.

Wow. So I’m assuming because I’m so immature and impatient and lacking in empathy, you think I should break up with Theresa. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right. That’s exactly what I think.





Listen, Leo, since you decided to show up without calling, how about we just make this quick, all right? I’ll get my computer.

Oh, that can wait just a spell. First, I want to coo over this sweet little angel of yours. Baby boy Jude, who looks surprisingly like you, Eric. Maybe it’s his big soulful eyes, perfect little nose.

Right. Well, you can’t right now, Leo. Because as you can see, he is sound asleep.

That’s fine. I don’t mind waiting for the sweet little snickerdoodle to wake up. In the meantime, could you grab me a drink? Maybe a Long Island iced tea? And if you don’t have vodka, tequila, gin or rum, regular iced tea is fine.



[knocking on door]

Great. No, let’s just have a party. Bring out the bubbly, Eric.

Sloan, have you not seen my texts?

No, I haven’t. As you can see, I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Oh, hello, Leo. Eric.

Well, Melinda Trask, as I live and breathe. Have you come to see the child you purloined for– I’m sorry, acquired for this lovely couple? Gosh, I’ve been stumbling over my words a lot lately. I hope it’s not really senseless.

I’m just checking in about the christening. Have you two set a date?

We haven’t yet, no.

Oh, good. Because as Jude’s godmother, I’d like to run a few details for the joyous occasion.

Hold the phone. You are this little chunky monkey’s godmother?

I am Jude’s godmother.

That is so special. And, you know, that makes us a couple. Not in the biblical sense, heaven forbid. But I happen to be this little jellybean’s godfather.

Wait a minute. What?

So you think I should break up with Theresa because, well, basically, I’m a jerk.

I didn’t use that word, Alex. And I don’t think that. I just want what’s best for Theresa. As her sponsor, as you know, I feel very strongly. I think she would be better off on her own right now, that that would be the best for her recovery.

Well, I happen to disagree. And, for the record, I have been plenty patient and understanding with her.

Okay. Maybe you have been. And maybe you will continue to be. Okay, I’m just going to say it.

Oh, God.

Until you leave her for another hot, young woman who happens to cross your path.

Yeah, see, that’s not going to happen again, Maggie.


I’m not that person anymore.



Okay, so you are committed to Theresa for the long haul.

What I’m saying is, I’m done with being a player. I’m in therapy, Maggie. I’m working hard on myself. I’m trying to become a more substantial person. And look, I understand how that might make you a little bit skeptical. But at the end of the day, the only thing that’s important to me is that I am sincere about this and my feelings for Theresa. Truly, you know, watching her hurt like that, to the point where she had to get high to deal with the pain– It broke my heart. I never want to add to that pain.

Okay. I believe you. And if you are truly in it for the long haul with Theresa, I recommend that you check out a addicts support group. You need to help yourself so you can help her.

Thank you again so much for saving me. Again, thank you.

You don’t need to thank me. It’s all in a day’s work.

No. Honestly, Brady. You just went above and beyond… like when you went above and beyond for me when I had my slip. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

Hey, I got a letter from Tate this morning.

Me too.

Oh, you did?

Yeah. He was so sweet, reassuring me that he was okay.


He’s really strong, and he’s so brave.



[somber music] You know, he takes after his dad in that way.

Come on. You know, I see a lot of you in him as well. His humor–he’s funny. His sense of adventure, he definitely got from his mom.

Well, I don’t know. Wherever he got it from, he’s a good kid, right?

He is a good kid. Look at us. We must have done something right, huh?

So let me get this straight. You’re a confidential informant who’s been feeding intel to Harris Michaels about a drug operation here in Salem.

Yeah. And for my troubles, I got a beat down. I’m still recovering from it.

And how did you end up here?

Harris pulled some strings, you know. He knew I wasn’t going to last much longer in prison. So he brought me here to keep his eye on me.

Do you have any idea who’s coming for you?

Yeah, I do. The ringleader, Clyde Weston.

Clyde Weston? I should have known.



[dramatic music]

There’s just not a day that goes by that I don’t think about all the kids affected by this, especially Holly Jonas.

Yeah. She’s in Italy with her mom right now. She’s getting treatment. She seems to be improving, so we’re feeling optimistic.

That’s good news. Yeah, I’m praying for her.

Everybody is. How are you personally?

You know, I’m all right. Just trying to sort some stuff out.

What stuff?

As you know, Ava and I, you know, we got close.

How’s that going?

Well, that’s–that’s over.

She’s with Stefan DiMera now. Or, you know, she claims.

What does that mean?

I mean there’s nothing between them. It’s just a lie.



[dramatic music]

So you think that Ava and Stefan are pretending to be in a relationship?

I mean, really, it doesn’t matter what I think. She moved on, and I just–you know, I just have to accept it.



[tense music]

I imagine you still have some feelings for her.

Yeah, no, I do. You know, I felt a connection there that I didn’t expect. And I think she– I think she felt it, too. But, I mean, it’s over, you know? And I have to just stay focused on the task at hand. And that’s ending this drug epidemic in Salem. So… I guess it’s back to work for me. Thank you for listening. It’s good to see you.

I’m always here for you.



[door shuts]

Did you tell Leo that he was Jude’s–

Of course not. Leo was joking. He is not Jude’s godfather. He was just trying to be funny as usual, although I sure as hell didn’t find it very funny.

Could that be because you don’t have a sense of humor? Oh, you make up for it with charm and charisma of your own. Alas, it’s true. I have yet to be anointed godfather to this sweet little boy, whose birth mother must have had no choice but to give him up. Which would be heartbreaking if not for the fact that he now has a father who adores him, a mother with a heart of stone–ay, gold. There I go again, flubbing my words. When is the christening, by the way?

We haven’t set a date yet.

Why not? What’s the holdup?

Well, I was kind of hoping to wait for Nicole, till she got back.

Wait, what? You want the woman who kidnapped your son to be here for his christening?

We’ve moved past that.





And listen, Sloan, I forgot to tell you that I got a text from Nicole this morning. You know, she wanted to give me an update on Holly.

Oh. Well, is Holly out of the coma?

No, not yet. But the good news is that she’s kind of responding to stimuli. So listen, she just was very excited and looking forward to Jude’s christening. So if it’s all right, I’d just like to wait for her to be here for it.

Oh, wow. That is so kind, Eric. After everything that Nicole has been through, she must be at your son’s christening. It would do her heart some good. Wouldn’t you agree, Sloan?



[tense music]

Well, thank you for your suggestion, Maggie, about the support group. I’ll definitely check that out.

I think it’ll be very helpful. How is Theresa managing at work?

Well, I mean, it’s been a challenge. But, you know, she’s a smart girl, as you know. She’s determined. So I think she’ll meet that challenge. And she has my support, of course.

I’m sure she does. I know we talked about this at Christmas, but I think it’s time we reconsidered my stepping back in at Titan.

Well, my stance on that part hasn’t changed, Maggie. Your services at Titan are not needed.

According to you. But, you know, maybe it is something I need to bring up before the board.

Well, good luck with that. Anyway, I’m going to run. Thank you again for the advice about the support group. I’m definitely going to check it out. But as far as the whole “you coming back to Titan” thing– it’s not going to happen. Not on my watch.

So how did you communicate with Harris?

I had a standing call with my doctor, you know. And we had to vary our methods of communication to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. But I guess it didn’t work because the next thing I know, I got my brains beat out.

And during the beating, did– did the attacker say anything? Did he give you any clues as to his identity?

Look, I’m sure they did, but I didn’t catch any of it, all right? There were a lot of them. I couldn’t see anything. And next thing I knew, I was in a lot of pain and I was in the infirmary.



[dramatic music]

What the hell is going on here?

I’m counting the days until we can see our son, you know. Our precious son.

I have kind of obsessively been looking at old photos on my phone.

You too?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, baby pictures, preschool pictures. That video you sent me years ago of him singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.”

Oh, I love that video so much. Or what about the one where he’s– he’s trying to eat the cookies through his Spider-Man mask?

The Spider-Man? I saw that one too. Yeah. Because he has the cookie and he can’t find the hole in the mouth, so he’s putting it all over his face.

I love it so much. It’s so cute.

I don’t even know if he ate any of the cookie because–

No. I don’t think he did.

It was in the mask.



[both laugh]

What’s funny? What’s funny?

Hey, Alex. Nothing. We’re just laughing because we were talking about old videos that we’ve been looking at of Tate when he was a little boy.

Right. Okay, well, I’m going to get going. You’re good. Okay? All right.



Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Any time.



[tense music]

So did Brady solve all your problems?

Yes. We solved them.

And Alex… we need to talk.

Yeah, to wait for Nicole to come back from Italy. That’s okay by me. I mean, there’s no reason to rush to schedule a christening.

Thank you. Thank you for understanding. Leo, let’s go check out your photos.

That is why I’m here. Hoping we can airbrush out some of these tiny little lines around my eyes, maybe puff up my lips a little bit, maybe extend my eyelashes.

Sure, whatever you’d like.



[tense music]

What the hell is Leo doing here?

What do you think? He’s here to torture me, of course. Oh, my God. Between him and the baby–

What? Between him and the baby what?

Look, I can only admit this to you, but I just don’t think I’m cut out to be a mother. No, it’s like every time that Eric and I start to have sex, the kid starts crying.

You’re not getting any sympathy here from me.

And let’s not even talk about the constant diaper changes, the spit up, the waking up in the middle of the night to feed him, the sleep deprivation.

Wait, wait, what? You didn’t think this was– you didn’t know what it was going to be like? Did you never babysit or have a friend with a child? Did you ever read what to expect in the first year?

Actually, no. Literally none of the above.

Oh, my God. If we could just have a nanny.

Then get one.

Eric doesn’t want one. He thinks that we should do all the work for Jude because it’s going to be better for him. God only knows how. And anyways, we can’t even afford a nanny. I mean, Leo is sucking up half my income. And Eric, you know, he’s just starting out with his photography business.

I get that you’re stressed, okay? But you need to focus, all right? And just stick to the plan. All of this will get easier.

Yeah. It’s going to get easier in years. I don’t know if I can make it another months.

Well, you better make it, Sloan. Because if you give in to your princessy need to not be woken up or spat up upon, and give Jude back to Nicole, you will be trading years of raising a child with prison, for you and for me and for Leo, for ruining your life and ours. Is that what you want?

Thank you, Henry. I appreciate the board’s support. Okay. I’ll– I’ll be in touch.

Hey there.


Hi, Maggie. How’s it going?

Oh, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

I’m just trying to stay focused on the positive. Oh, and speaking of which, I got an email from Nicole. And apparently the therapies for Holly are very promising.

That is so good. Oh, good, good. I will–I’ll relay that to Justin, so he can let my son, Tate, know.

Right. How are you doing, Brady?

I’m treading water, Maggie, with everything that’s happened with Tate and Theresa.

Yeah. Well, this is a challenging time for you, Brady. And I’m hoping that maybe I can help.



[gentle music]

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Trying to do the opposite.

What, by going after Weston in the press? You don’t think that’s going to provoke him? And did it not occur to you that you’re putting your loved ones in danger, Lucas? Come on, man. Use your head. And what’s the guarantee that these two won’t reveal your location?

Okay, first of all, that’s not going to happen, all right? Lucas is family. And Clyde Weston– he murdered my wife. So I want that son of a bitch to rot in hell.

Look. People have a right to know what’s going on, okay? Uncovering the network behind this drug crisis and publishing it could absolutely save lives.

No. No. If you publish this, you jeopardize all the work that we’ve done!

So what, you want us not to run it?

No, I just want you to wait. Can you wait? Please. Because thanks to Lucas, we got a big drug bust going down soon.



[suspenseful music] Wait a minute. What if I give you… the exclusive on the bust if you hold the story?


Whenever a conversation starts with “we need to talk,” I get a bad feeling.

Well, don’t. Because it’s nothing bad. I just know that you weren’t that happy before when Brady saved the day for me.

Actually, I’m glad he was here. He helped you. That’s all that matters. And I also have been thinking about joining this addict support group meeting, just so I have a better understanding of everything you’re kind of going through. I’m trying to be a little bit more supportive.



[tender music]

You would do that for me?

I’d do anything for you.

Wow. How did I get so lucky?

I’m the lucky one.

Maybe if I shut that door… I can get even luckier.


I think if you shut that door, you’re definitely going to get luckier.

You want back in at Titan.

Well, for many reasons. The most important being that I could be there to be in a more supportive role for Theresa. And I could take some of the burden off of you.

That’s very kind of you. Did you talk to Alex about this?

Oh, Alex thinks he can manage it all. But no, he rejected the idea of my coming back.

Uh-huh. Well, that’s a big mistake. Because you are a terrific businesswoman, and Titan is better when you are a part of it. So I’m going to talk to the board and I’m going to gauge their feelings, okay?

Please do, Brady. Because I just want to make sure that I’m doing what’s best for all of us to thrive, be it in business or in life in general.

I know. God bless you for that.




[gentle music]

So are you happy now?

What do you mean happy now? I got to shack up with a guy I don’t even know. And I’m worried that some other guy is going to bump me off.

You should be even more worried now. Why would you talk to journalists unless you want Weston to find you? I’m trying to keep you alive, Lucas.

Where were you when I got jumped, huh? Were you trying to keep me alive then? And where’s Clyde getting his information from anyway?

We can’t be sure.

I’m sure. Because I know exactly how he operates. He’s got guys embedded inside the Salem PD. That’s why I did what I did today. I’m trying to end his reign of terror, all right? I’m trying to– I’m trying to save lives, including my own!



[tense music]

I’m going to clean this later.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, you will. Right now I have something else in mind.

Oh, yeah? What?



[knocking on door]

Oh, no. Just please don’t let it be Leo.

I’ll get it. Who is it?

It’s your mom.

Hi, Mom.

Hi, darling. I hope I’m not intruding, but I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d catch a peek at my grandbaby.




[low notes]

The story is going to go viral for sure. And when it does, we’re not going to have to worry about subscription numbers for a long time.

I know. And if we’re going to do it right, we have one more person to interview.

Yeah. Clyde Weston.

[dramatic music]

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Days Transcript Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[sighs, chuckles] Mm. Oh, my! Oh, my! Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away! Oh, oh. So much to do, so little time. OK, OK. I made a spreadsheet of everything we still need to accomplish for your wedding. So let’s get started. Where’s Johnny? I thought he was coming.

Oh, he said he would catch up with us later, that he had something to take care of.

Oh, hmm.

Come on, guys! Let’s go! We’re running late! Get dressed! Brush your teeth! Thomas, don’t forget your rain forest diorama!


[knock at door] And wear matching socks, please! Hey, Uncle Chad, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

No, just, you know, trying to get the Buttons and Bows out the door for school.

Buttons and Bows?

That’s what Abby used to call the kids.


[sharp thud, kids screaming]

Was that Buttons or Bows?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll be right back.


Hey, what’s going on up here?


[dramatic music]




Hey, Alex.


Hey, how you doing? How’s Theresa?

She’s hanging in. She was actually gonna leave town, but I talked her into staying.

Good. I’m glad you got through to her. Sometimes Theresa has a mind of her own. Theresa knows best, you know?

Yeah. Well, she decided to stay in Salem with me.


And she sure as hell regrets that kiss with you.

Yeah? Yeah, that’s what she said. That’s what she said. Why would you bring that up, man?

Well, you didn’t really apologize, if my memory serves me correctly, for your part in it, you know.

My part in it? Alex, Alex, she kissed me. I didn’t kiss her. We made that pretty– she made that clear, right? I didn’t apologize ’cause I didn’t feel there was a reason to. But I also don’t take advantage of anyone who’s in pain like that.

Oh, so you’re telling me you didn’t want anything to do with that kiss?

Oh, that felt good!

Oh, sure did! Real good.

Man, I needed that bust to pay off after that disaster at the Bistro.

Well, it more than paid off. We nearly got , opioid pills, / kilo of powder, some coke, some meth, and now two dirtbags in custody. Phillips, let’s get our new friends processed. And, Goldman, if you can get the evidence logged in and squared away.

You got it.

Hey, you got a minute?

Sure, what’s up?



[clears throat] Rafe told me what happened after the interrogation, how you kissed Ava and she slapped you. I mean, what were you thinking?

Clearly, I wasn’t.

Listen, Harris, please don’t resent me for saying this. I like you. It’s just that, you know, I’m getting a little worried that you can’t seem to get Ava out of your head. I mean, you got it bad for a woman who’s, well, bad news.


[doorbell rings]

Xander, what are you doing here? What the hell are you wearing?

Looking for EJ.

What is this, your new business attire?

Where is he?

I have no idea. Probably left for the courthouse. Have you tried calling him?

No, I need to meet with him in person.

What about, exactly?



[sighs] A very mysterious phone call. * *


[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Come on. Are you kidding me? I thought we were past this. Look, I have no interest in getting back together with Theresa, trust me. She’s all yours.

Oh, thank you. So you just expect me to, what, dismiss the fact that I saw the two of you kissing?



[sighs] Alex, all right, I’m gonna try this another way ’cause it’s not sticking. The kiss meant nothing. As far as I’m concerned, I just want Theresa to be healthy and strong and good for our son. That’s all I want ’cause we need to be united right now ’cause my boy is going through probably the worst thing you could possibly go through in his life. So please, I think you need to get over this jealousy thing because if you’re gonna be with Theresa and, by extension, my son, I’m gonna be around. You better get used to that.


[dramatic music]




Crisis averted?

Yeah, they were, you know, fighting over a hairbrush, knocked something over. Thomas thinks it’s his. She thinks it’s hers.

You know, color coding used to work for Allie and me. My stuff was always brown or blue. Her stuff was always green or red.



That’s a good idea. I’ll give it a shot. So what’s up? You want to talk?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.


[clears throat] Chanel and I are engaged.


Yeah. Thank you.


Thank you. We’re getting married on Valentine’s Day.

That’s two weeks away. That’s very–very fast.



[chuckles] Yeah. No, believe me, I know. Chanel and Paulina are madly planning.

OK, good. Well, yeah, I’ll mark it on my calendar, and the kids are gonna be really excited. I mean, they can– can they come?

Yeah. Yeah. No, absolutely, the kids can come. But I was hoping that maybe you would attend as more than just a guest. I was hoping you’d stand up there with me, be my best man.

OK, that’s not– that’s not the face I was expecting.

Look, you know, it’s one thing to just attend and I can keep my mouth shut. It’s another thing to be a part of it.

Keep your mouth shut? About what? Come on, Uncle Chad, spill.

All right, look, if I’m standing up there with you, it’s like I’m giving you my blessing to bring some innocent woman into the DiMera family.

What are you talking about? You just married my dad and Nicole, like, what, November?

Exactly, and look how that turned out. They just lost a child, Holly OD’d on drugs, and now EJ’s, you know, running around trying to make the whole town pay. And look at Stefan–Gabi’s in prison for murdering Li. And if that’s not miserable enough, she just got her leg broken.



[sighs] Look, I get it, OK? I get it. That’s terrible, all of it. But I’m still failing to see the DiMera connection here.

That’s ’cause you’re not– you don’t get it, Johnny.

Look, when people marry into this family, you at best end up hurt and, at worst, dead. Look what happened to Abby.

Mysterious phone call, huh? Let me guess, it was a scary robo voice hawking energy-saving solar paneling.

This isn’t a joke.

I have no idea where EJ is. So if you want to share this information with me about your mysterious phone call, if I can help you, great. If not, I’ll pass the information along to EJ, or if you don’t want to share, so be it.

Well, I’d rather not run all over town trying to find EJ. So yeah, you can relay the message.


The call I got last night was from a blocked number. When I answered, the person on the other end, they– they asked me to kill somebody.

How do you think this is gonna end?

Well, I don’t really have an answer for that. But truthfully, I’m hoping that Ava and me can, I don’t know, be together. I don’t even know if that’s a possibility, but–

I mean, what, you guys dated for, like, what, like, five minutes. I mean, is this something really worth fighting over, let alone jeopardizing your career for?

It’s just– it’s complicated, OK?


I just–I hate to see you go through this, Harris, as a partner and as a friend. I mean, especially, you just got your life back on track after that whole Megan DiMera psycho brainwasher nightmare. I mean, you are a kick-ass cop. You have so much potential. And I would just hate for you to throw all that away on a woman whose rap sheet is a mile long, you know?

Hey, you two. I was just talking to Detective Hunter here and suggested that we all go to breakfast to celebrate this victory. It’s on me. What do you guys say?

Sounds good.

I’m in.


[dramatic music]



[clears throat]




Mama, are you sure that you’re OK to be out and about worrying about my wedding plans? I mean, you were just in the hospital this morning.

I am fine, darling. I told you. And I am not worrying over your wedding plans. I’m excited about them and, oh, loving every minute of helping you with them. Oh, and did I tell you the dress consultant called? She’s located the dress we want. It’s on its way. I’m just worried we won’t have enough time for the alterations.



OK, Mama, just breathe, OK? Did you take your antianxiety pills this morning?

Yes, yes, I took my happy pill. Thank you very much. I just want my baby girl’s wedding to be beautiful, especially since I missed the last one.

OK. And it will be. Don’t worry. OK, so what is next on your spreadsheet?

Ah, guest list. I know, I know you two want a small service. Oh, I just wish– I just wish that Eli and Lani could be there.

Yeah. Me too, with little Jules and Carver.

But with Lani’s release moving at a snail’s pace and Eli swamped with some new FBI case…

OK, well, they’ll be there in spirit. OK, so let’s move on for now.

So this– this is my favorite option for your veil. Oh, isn’t it stunning?


[chuckles] What do you think?


Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.



And we cannot have you making your own wedding cake. So I thought– I thought we could order this, with that beautiful latticework.


Oh, and these cascading centerpieces, oh, they would be beautiful.

Wow. They’re…big.


I love them.

And, you know, I thought we should include a little nod to you being a baker.


A bridal bouquet… made out of pastries. See? See? All stuffed inside a giant waffle cone. Uh-huh.


Pastry bouquet.

A pastry bouquet. Oh, boy.

I think you’re missing your wife this morning.

Yeah, I miss my wife every morning, every single minute of every single day.

OK, and I understand, Uncle Chad, but with all due respect, I still don’t see the DiMera connection. Clyde Weston said Aunt Belle was his target that night, not Abigail. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeah, exactly, she was in the exact wrong place. All right, she was at the DiMera mansion. And if she wasn’t at DiMera, she’d still be alive right now, Johnny.

OK, that’s a stretch.

Really, it’s a stretch?

It’s a stretch.

It’s a stretch?


What happened in your first wedding?

Oh, come on. What happened to me had nothing to do with me being a DiMera. If anything, it had to do with my connection to my Grandma Marlena. Besides, I’m not even a part of the DiMera family business. I never have been. I’m a filmmaker. I’m an aspiring filmmaker, anyway, OK? And look, I do, I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to be helpful here. But honestly, I got to say I think you’re overreacting.

Overreacting? You want to be like me, Johnny, huh? You want to be putting flowers on your wife’s grave ’cause she was murdered in her own bed? Listen, becoming a DiMera is a dangerous thing, all right? We are a spiteful, vindictive, mean group of people. And we were raised by an unscrupulous man. Or not raised. I mean, I wasn’t even– I wasn’t even brought up as a DiMera, and somehow I still got sucked into the web. You, you were born into it. And I think you’re a hell of a lot more of a DiMera than you let on. So if you really love Chanel, then you will keep her as far away from you as possible.

Huh, so what’s next? You moving in with me and Theresa?



[laughs] That’s funny.


No, you’re definitely gonna have your space, and I’m gonna have mine, but… Alex, I got to check up on her a lot ’cause she’s the mother of my kid and she had a big slip. And the stressors that caused that slip are still there, you know? She could easily have another one.

You really think so, like– ’cause I’ve been watching her, man. I mean, she started meetings. She’s focused on working at “Bella.” It looks like she’s on the road to recovery.

That’s great. But it’s a process. There is never gonna be a magical day where Theresa is “cured.” But it’s good that she’s busy in more ways than one. You know, she’s going to meetings, that’s– that’s good. And now that Tate is actually safe, it’s gonna be good to have a little normalcy back in our lives.

Yeah, there’s definitely been a whole lot of drama.

Yeah, too much for my blood.


Anyway, I’m gonna finish my run and get to work, so I’ll catch you later.

Hey, Brady. Before you go… I’ve been meaning to ask you something.



[sighs] Who do they want you to kill?

I have no idea. They didn’t say.

Was the voice male or female?

Well, it sounded male, but it was distorted. So it could have been anyone. They told me that they had a job for me. When I asked what it was, they said that they wanted me to eliminate someone. And before I could say anything else, they said they’d be in touch soon and hung up.

Hmm, and they haven’t called you back yet?

No, I wish they would. If I had the chance, I would have told them no straight out. I mean, look, yeah, I may have spent most of my life on the wrong side of the law, but I’m not an assassin for hire.

OK, for hire, maybe not, but… as I’ve heard, you did try to kill Nicole and Eric by locking them in the furnace room of Titan Industries.

That was a long time ago, and I deeply regret it. And more recently, when Ava Vitali was trying to pressure me into killing EJ’s mom, Susan, I refused, flat out. So look, I’ve never actually killed anyone in cold blood, and I’m not about to start now.

OK, so maybe it was a wrong number.

A murder for hire wrong number. Come on, no. They asked for me by name. Whoever it was, they know who I am.

Welcome, Officers. What brings you here at this hour?

Mm, well, we just pulled an all-nighter, and we’re just here reaping the spoils.

Another drug bust?


That’s right. And we are about hours overdue for a hot meal.

OK, well, nothing would please me more than to serve a hearty breakfast to my brothers and sisters in blue, on me.




Thank you.



[chuckles] Chanel and I already lost each other once, OK? There is no way in hell that I’m gonna lose her again, ever. OK? So we’re getting married on Valentine’s Day with or without your blessing. And we couldn’t be happier about it, so… sorry. Sorry to have come here and waste your time. Say hi to Buttons and Bows for me.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, wait. Look. When I have a tough day, you know, tough morning, like today, it does– it hits me all over again, OK, of just how much I miss Abby. You know, and then for the kids, you know, they don’t talk to me about how much they miss her. You know, not anymore, at least. You know, so when they act up, I know it’s really because that she’s not here to guide them. And they’re angry that they don’t have Mom. OK? And for me…


[dramatic music] Man, some days, I’m fine. And then other days, it just– it hits me like a tidal wave…

That she’s gone for good.

And it rips my heart out all over again.


[clears throat]



[clears throat]


[sighs] Aunt Abigail was–


[clears throat] She was a special person.




[chuckles] We all miss her so much.

And I am so sorry for what… has happened to you. I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through. I’m sorry for Thomas and Charlotte. So sorry.

Yeah, and honestly, I–


[clears throat] I don’t mean this to come off as callous.

I was kind of hoping, you know, that you were getting to a more solid place with Stephanie.

No, that’s not callous. And… yeah, I was hoping the same thing, but… just wasn’t the right time. My heart still belongs to Abigail.

I still do believe in true love, though. And if you have that with Chanel, then you hold on to it. You keep it safe, ’cause it’s a very hard thing to do as a DiMera.

You really do believe that our whole family is cursed, don’t you?

Whatever it is, Johnny, you should run. Take Chanel. Go back to Italy. You know, get married. Stay there. Be happy.




Look at me. You should stay as far away from the DiMera family as you possibly can for your safety and for Chanel’s.

I don’t know what to say. And I don’t understand why you would think EJ is behind that crazy call that you got.

What’s to understand? Just think about it. Just a while back, EJ hired a hit woman to take out Ava Vitali, did he not? And I’m sure that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the hit man, or should I say hit people, that EJ has hired over the years. So I thought I’d come down here and see what he had to say for himself.

OK, so you think EJ is the only person you know to have ever hired a hit person. Xander, think. Think a little closer to home, will you? The Kiriakises have done just as many nefarious things as the DiMeras, have they not? And I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t appreciate you coming after my family.



[sighs] What’s on your mind?

OK, since you swear that you, you know– I was just wondering if maybe you could give me some advice on how to, you know–

How to complete a sentence?

Smart-ass. No.



[laughs] Theresa and I have only been together a short time. We’re living together, and… it’s still all very new. And look, man, I’m just trying to figure out if there’s anything else I need to know about this girl, you know, other than what I already do know and what smacked me between the eyes when she relapsed.

Yeah. I hear you. It’s just–Alex, it’s been a long time since we’ve lived together, Theresa and I, and even– even a longer time since we’ve been able to be in a room comfortably with one another.

No, no, I know. But I’m talking about, like, in the past when you were together. What was it like being married to her?



[chuckles] You know, for those couple months…


Alex, you got to understand, I don’t– I don’t even remember marrying her.




I was wasted in Las Vegas when we got hitched and we–

Wait, hold on. Are you thinking about marrying Theresa?

Now, let’s talk color schemes.


[chuckles] Now, my favorite option for you is… seafoam. Oh! I just love seafoam, don’t you?

Yeah. Yeah, seafoam, love it.

No, you don’t. You hate seafoam. I put you in a seafoam dress when you were nine years old. You spit venom and swore you’d never wear seafoam again if you lived to be .

OK, OK. I don’t like seafoam.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And don’t think I don’t know how much you hate that pastry bouquet.

Fine. I just–I just want you to be happy, Mama.

But pretending to like stuff you hate?

Yes, I’m just trying to be nice because it’s like you said before. You missed our first wedding.

Mm-mm. Uh-uh. Nope. Nope. That is not it. Uh-uh. We both know why you’re humoring me, Chanel. It begins with a C. Now, baby girl, I– I don’t want you treating me any differently because I have cancer. I can take anything you dish out. I won’t break. So come on, now. If you see something you don’t like, speak up. Come on. Well, let’s have it.

Fine. Those hideous centerpieces look like a giant bouquet of whale spouts shooting over the table. And I don’t want lattice on my wedding cake. No offense, Mama, but I’m nowhere near joining AARP.

Oh, oh!

And as far as that veil goes–




Oh. Mama, Mama, Mama, are you OK? Mama.




Oh, that is so mean. Why would you do that to me?

Oh, because I really love that wedding veil. Oh. So, you know, maybe you could just take another little peek. It might grow on you.



Can’t stand you.


[dramatic music]

We’re not gonna run, Uncle Chad. Chanel and I are getting married here. And as messed up as we all are, family’s important to me. Family’s important to Chanel. And I can’t just ask her to leave her mother when she’s just been diagnosed with cancer. I’m not a kid anymore. I can’t just run from every problem. All right, I’m committed to Chanel. I’m committed to marrying her on Valentine’s Day. I’m committed to starting a new life with her here in Salem.

Yeah, you really grew up, didn’t you?



[scoffs] Not much of a choice.

OK. If you’ll have me still, I’d be honored to be your best man.

I’ll have you. Yes. Thank you. Seriously?

Yeah. Come here.

Thank you. Thank you. It means a lot to me.




Hey, let me ask you a question. If you knew what you know now, if you knew everything that was gonna happen, would you still have married Abigail?

If I– if I had known then what I know now…

Yeah, I would have– I would have taken her by the hand and… went running for the hills.

I’d have done anything in my power to save her, have her here with me right now.


Marriage? No, no, no, no, definitely not. We are not even close to being there yet.

All right, all right, well, you’re living together.

As roommates.

Yeah, roommates with benefits.

Roommates with benefits and separate bedrooms. Regardless, everything that has happened, Brady, I’m telling you, it just made things feel a lot more serious. And we’re in a good place. At least, I think we are.


[chuckles] I just–I need to, like, know more about her. I want to know many more levels to Theresa before marriage is even close to being on my radar.

I hear you. That’s smart. If you’re serious about her, you should take it slow.

To be honest, man, that whole relapse situation really was a shock to me. Now I’m just worried that, you know, that could happen again or what else is gonna come down that could possibly throw me off.

You asked for my advice. I’m gonna give it to you, OK? Here’s the deal. Theresa can be wonderful. She can be fun and loving. She’s got another side to her, very wicked, very wild side that can be unleashed at any moment. I am living proof that it’s real hard not to follow her down a destructive path and get sucked right into it. Alex, I think you’ve only started to scratch the surface of who Theresa really is.

Xander, let’s just stop and think about this for a second, OK? You don’t have a reputation for– how do I put this nicely– thoroughness, reliability, being a game player and not completely falling apart in the face of pressure and humiliating himself.

But tell me what you really think about me, Stefan.

I’m just saying, Xander, why would EJ hire you, of all people, to kill someone?

I have absolutely no idea. I’ve worked for you DiMeras before, much to my eternal regret. I was employed by your sister for a while, Kristen, as you may or may not know.


And I helped your brother EJ through his recovery at the DiMera Nashville labs before the fire, as you also may or may not know. So your insulting and disparaging assessment of my character notwithstanding, maybe EJ sees me as a competent person with an impressive work ethic, which I damn well am.

Sorry. You’re right.

No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I started this conversation. But I’m gonna end it now by saying that I do believe it was the dishonorable DA DiMera that was behind that phone call, or he put somebody else up to it. And if that’s the case, then he’s out of luck because I’m walking the straight and narrow now. I have a beautiful daughter that I’m father to, and I’m half owner of a respectable newspaper. So you tell your brother that he’s gonna have to find somebody else to be Salem’s neighborhood hit man ’cause I’m not interested.

This was a couple decades ago. This woman called me. She’s in hysterics, swears there’s this weird guy watching her from a window in the building across the street. I investigate. Turns out to be a cardboard cutout of… Jack Nicholson.


[laughter] Yeah. Well, that was a few years ago. But if you’re lucky like me, you’ll wind up happily married, running your parents’ pub. But I guarantee you this. You will never forget your time on the force.



[chuckles] Well, that calls for a toast.


To Roman, for your decades of service to the Salem PD, thank you, and for paving the way for the next generation.

Yes. To Roman.

To Roman. both: To Roman.

To Roman.

See, Mama, I like this one with the square tiers. And then each layer has a ribbon on the bottom.

It is beautiful. I agree. We can order the ribbon in seafoam.



[laughter] No seafoam, OK? No seafoam.

OK. Oh, here’s our groom-to-be.

Hello, hello, hello.

Hey, Johnny, we were just going over the wedding cake.


Oh, wedding cake. Yeah, terrific, great.

Mm-hmm. Well, I have mayoral duties to attend to. Johnny, here, take my seat. Oh, yeah, Chanel, she can show you everything that we’ve landed on so far.

I can’t wait to see. All right.

Ta-ta, lovebirds.

Bye, Mama.


OK, so what do you want to see first, the wedding cake or the centerpiece?

Whatever you want to show me is good.

Uh-oh. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Hey, I know that there’s only two weeks until the wedding, but Mama is helping a ton. And I think we’ll be fine.

Overwhelmed is part of it. I don’t know, I’m thinking maybe we should postpone the wedding.


[dramatic music]

Get a grip, Xander. EJ is the new DA, so I seriously doubt he is your mystery caller.

Hmm, or maybe you’re involved somehow and you’re just covering for him.

Xander, I know nothing about this. I think you’ve cooked this whole thing up in your head. I think you’re losing it. Then again, that would imply that you would have had to have had it in the first place. So you know what? I am needed elsewhere. So if you don’t mind.

Oh, I’m leaving but not until we get one thing straight in case this ever comes up again.

OK, so Chad told you that we shouldn’t get married here in Salem and that you should grab me and run for the hills.



And he just seemed super intense about it too. He said being connected to the DiMeras is basically hell on Earth and that… you and I should stay as far away from the family as possible.

Mm. And what do you think?

Mm. I think that he’s still grieving the loss of his wife. I think the pain comes and goes in waves. That’s what he said. Honestly, it’s more about what you think. I mean, you’re the one who is apparently risking your life just by marrying me, so…

Mm, well, I think that it’s all a bunch of hooey. And even if it wasn’t, I would risk my life a thousand times over to be with you.

I feel the same way.


[dramatic music]

So are you sure that you still want Chad standing up for you?

Yeah, I do. I do. It’ll be good for him, I think.

Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure it will be.


And, Johnny, you are not your father or your uncles, and you’re sure as hell not Stefano. And I know that you love them. But you’re your own man. And their issues have nothing to do with us.

Thank you. Thank you for being the voice of reason.


I think I needed to hear that.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

Come here.

Well, you gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for giving me the advice, though– or that warning, rather.

Yeah. Well, we’re family. You ask me for advice, I’m gonna give it to you straight. All right?

I appreciate it.

At the same time, look, I know you’re your own man and you’re gonna make the decisions that are best for you. But I hope– I really hope that it turns out the way you want it to.

Thank you, man.

Thank you for keeping me posted on Theresa. And if you need help, just give me a call, all right?

All right. Yeah. I think I got it from here on out. But I’ll see you at the office.

All right, man.


[sighs] She kissed me. I didn’t kiss her. We made that pretty– she made that clear, right? I didn’t apologize ’cause I didn’t feel there was a reason to. But I also don’t take advantage of anyone who’s in pain like that.

Oh. So you’re telling me you didn’t want anything to do with that kiss?




I told you, your money’s no good here.

Just take it; I told them I’d buy them breakfast.

Yeah, and I told them it was on me.

Well, thank you.

My pleasure. I enjoyed the conversation.

Yeah, me too. So how’s our mutual acquaintance doing?

Well, he’s thrilled to be out of the joint and up in your room. Kate’s up there with him now. She took him breakfast and some necessities.

OK, what about his injuries?

Healing slowly but surely. The beating was pretty rough. By the way, I’m sorry the cot’s not more comfortable. It was the best I could do on short notice.

Ah, it’s no worries. I’ve slept on worse.

How long are you planning on keeping Lucas here?

As long as it takes… or until we know for sure that nobody’s watching.



There was a time, Stefan, where… I might have been desperate enough to become a murderer for hire. If I kept walking the path I was on and the money was good enough, yeah, maybe I would have stooped that low. But as I said before, and I think it bears repeating, I am a changed man. I have a wonderful daughter in my life now, and she means the world to me. I’m not just gonna throw my life away. My time as a criminal, that’s over. Victoria deserves the best dad in the world, like, somebody she can look up to. So I’m not gonna put myself in a position where she might be looking at me behind bars or, worse yet, in a casket. So I need you to understand that, mate. And I need you to make your brother understand it too.

Mm. Oh, I understand that loud and clear, mate.

But now you listen to me. Whatever’s going on here, the DiMeras have nothing to do with it.

Well, I’m not convinced of that.


So give your brother a message for me, yeah? You tell EJ to go to hell. Oh, and you can go there too. Although I guess it’s kind of redundant telling DiMeras to go to hell since that’s where you’re all headed anyway, in due time.

[door slams]

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Days Transcript Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[suspenseful music]

My, my. Girl, you do get around.

Leo, what are you doing here?

I live in this building, remember? And according to the guest registry, which I may or may not take a peek at two times a day, you do not.

Ha. This is not what you think.

[gasps] So it’s even better? Oh, my imagination is on fire.

Well, hose it off. It’s a false alarm.

Oh, that’s what they all say, cookie.

Leo, where I spend the night is my business.

And maybe Lady Whistleblower’s.

Hi, my love.

Nope, not your love.

Hi, I– I’m sorry. I thought I heard Tripp come back home.

No, sorry to disappoint. Seems like his -hour shift has turned into overtime.

OK, um, well, then, I’m just going to go back in my room and meditate.

You know, Wendy, you could meditate later, right?


Great, great, you know what? I’m going to make us a cup of coffee and then you and I, we can have a woman-to-woman chat.

[playful suspenseful music]

[inhales deeply] One year ago today, you made me remember my love for you. And boy, did I remember.

[soft dramatic music] We made up for lost time.

[sighing] Oh, my God.

[door opens] How did we end up here?

[door closes]


Morning. Any coffee left for me?

You know where the pot is.

Right. Hey, do you know if my dad’s up?

Well, Johnny… since I am my brother’s keeper, I happen to have his minute-by-minute schedule in my phone. Let me check it for you.

Jeez, Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Uncle Stefan, come on, the sky is clear. The grass is green. It’s a beautiful day. And I’ve got some big news.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Chanel and I are getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Good for you, Johnny.


“Good for you, Johnny”? You’re not even going to congratulate me?

Sorry, kid, it’s kind of hard for me to get excited about somebody getting married. You see, I got married six months ago, and right now, my wife’s in federal prison.

Yeah, I know. And–and that sucks, but… don’t you have a thing with Ava Vitali?

That is none of your damn business.

[tense music]

[indistinct chatter]

Hi, Kayla.


Happy crack of dawn.

Oh, yeah. Same to you. You know, sorry, I just got off of a long shift. And I know you’re probably not open, but I ordered online some of your fabulous mini banana muffins. I wanted to surprise Steve and Stephanie. Any chance they’re done?

Oh, well, they will be out of the oven in a couple of minutes and then they still need a few more to cool down. But if you want to wait, then it gives you just enough time to admire my engagement ring.

[Chanel laughs]

Oh, look at you. Congratulations. Wow, that Johnny DiMera is a lucky man.

Yeah, I’m the lucky one. We’re actually getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Ah, that’s what Steve and I did.

Oh, my God. Well then, hey, it worked out for you too.

Yeah, we’re pretty crazy about each other still. That’s a plus.


Yes, definitely, definitely.

Boy, your mom must be so thrilled.

She is, and it’s giving her something to focus on other than her illness.

Good morning.

Good morning, Dr. Horton. You have a patient waiting in the exam room.

Really? This early? Who is it?

Oh, it’s listed as confidential.

[suspenseful music]

That’s strange. OK. Thank you.


[door opens]

Oh, you’rethe mystery patient.

[sighs] I guess it helps being mayor.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, Lady W, I’m so sorry to deprive you of what would surely be titillating, if not perhaps mind-blowing gossip, but Everett and I are colleagues, just like you and me.

Hmm. Colleagues with benefits?

No, just friends.

Mm, but Harry and Sally clearly taught us that men and women cannot just be friends because the sex part gets in the way.

Yeah, well that movie came out decades ago, maybe early ‘s, I believe. So it’s quite dated, in my opinion.

Oh, it is not dated. It’s a classic. And do not slander the genius that is the late, great Nora Ephron.

Leo, my purpose for being with Everett last night is, as I think I’ve already mentioned, none of your business. And speaking of business…

[suspenseful music] You do want to keep your job, don’t you, Lady Blowhard?

I sense a threat coming.

Not only am I tight with Everett, I’m also close to his boss, who also happens to be your boss.

There’s the setup.

And as your boss’s PR consultant, I would hate to tell him that Lady Whistleblower’s column is a detriment to his newspaper.

And there’s the threat. I’ll see ya.





Any chest pain?


Numbness or vision changes?


All right, well, let’s look at your neck. It feels like the same size to me. But why don’t we do an ultrasound just to be safe?

Mm. Oh, can we do it now?

Of course. Have you had anything to drink in the last few hours?

No, no, I just woke up kind of panicky, hard breathing. And I just came right over here.

I’m very glad you did. We’re going to make sure that you feel much calmer before you leave because you are in excellent hands, and you are going to get the best care possible.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, Sarah.

I know that the radiology schedule is pretty tight today, but I will get you in as fast as I can.

Oh, oh, thank you, but, Sarah, please don’t hold someone else back on my account. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that the mayor interfered with their health care.

That’s very thoughtful of you, but don’t worry. We will make it all work.

Oh, thank you.

Paulina, would you like me to call Chanel?

Absolutely not!

[tense notes]

[soft tense music]

Oh, oh, oh, oh.




No, no, no, no.

[shushes] Sorry, go back to sleep.



Go back to sleep.

Pretty rough night, baby. I was out late with John.

Out late? I talked to you after : PM, and you said you were on your way to bed.

Marlena texted me, and she wanted me to meet him. She’s worried about him. So am I.

Is this work-related?

No. No, listen, just never mind. It’s really not a big deal.

[clears throat]

Marlena calls you after : p.m. and it’s not a big deal?

[somber suspenseful music]

OK. It’s about Constantine. John and I don’t trust him, and we don’t think Maggie should either.

Well, I’ve heard this before. Do you have something– something new?

Well maybe just a new take on it, on him, his history with Victor.

Something’s not right.

Well, does Maggie agree with you now? I mean, she was– she was pretty taken with him, I mean, at least at first.

Well, unfortunately, she’s still taken with him. Every time John and I try to warn her about him, she shuts us down.

[ominous music]

Well, do you or John have any proof that Maggie’s in real danger?

No, nothing tangible. But I’m telling you, Kayla, the man is dangerous. I mean, his ties to the Greek mafia, that baby kidnapping, not to mention his monumental debts.

Well, you know, Maggie is a strong woman. She clearly trusts that he has changed and that he is a good man at heart.

Well, I’m afraid that if she trusts that he’s anything but a con man and a liar, she’ll regret it.

Well, if he is all that, apparently she is going to have to figure out for herself, OK? So why don’t you try to shake it off and go to sleep, OK?


[sighs] I can’t go back to sleep now. I smell–


Banana muffins.



[tender music]

I made yours with almond milk. You know, might as well use it up since you love it so much. Tripp absolutely hates it.


Oh, come on. Sit, sit, sit.

Oh, listen, Wendy. I understand how awkward it can be, you know, having your boyfriend’s mother living with you.

No, Tripp and I are fine with it, really.

Really? I mean, come on. It’s got to be tough, though, right? I mean, you want to let your hair down and you want to be able to just really be who you are.

OK, Ava, I’m sorry that I called you my love. That was really embarrassing, and I should look before I speak.


[laughing] No, don’t worry about that. Look, I am saying this because it seems like you and Tripp, that you two have gotten close. I get the impression you’re really into him.

Well, I am.

Yeah? Good. But you know, so here’s the thing. Tripp has been hurt, a lot. Oh, God, by first there was, well, I don’t know, Allie and Haley and Ciara and oh, God knows how many others. But, um… women tend to take advantage of Tripp. You know? They string him along for a while, and they just cast him away. All right, look. I have a reputation of being very direct when I want to be, so I’m just going to come right out and ask you. You for real?

[tense music]

Um, am I for real? OK, I’m not even sure what that means.

What it means, are you interested in my son in a serious way? Because, you know, if you aren’t and you’re just going to kick him to the curb as soon as the next guy comes along, then I’d just rather you bow out now.


[scoffs] I must say, Ava, that I do resent you implying that I’m a fickle, insubstantial person. So I’m reluctant to even dignify that with a response.

Look, I’m just concerned about my son, all right? And since you just lost your brother, I’m just wondering if maybe, I don’t know, you’re looking at Tripp as a nice, safe place to land. You know, like a security blanket that’s warm. And if that’s all that he is, then–

No. That is not all he is, Ava. And with all due respect, you are really crossing the line.

Yeah, I may be. But you’ll understand one day when you’re a mother. I’m just looking out for my son’s best interests.

[tense music]

[knock at door]


[German accent] Room service!

I didn’t order any– Leo, what–


[gasps softly] Are you all right? You look like the before photo in a makeover show.

Um, it was a long night.

Oh, yeah, I know. I just saw Sally leave.


She had the nerve to insult Nora Ephron. Can you believe that? Well, she didn’t actually insult her, but close enough. She said that Nora’s most wonderful movie of all time, that would be “When Harry Met Sally,” IMHO, is dated. Can you even?

Leo, what–what–what are you talking about?

Our PR guru? I saw her leaving your room. You two spent the night together.

Wow, OK, you are so out of line, Leo, jeez.

Oh, did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed with Ms. Johnson on the other side, AKA the right side?

OK, Leo, we need to talk.

Great! Let’s–

No, no, not here. Stay.


[suspenseful jazz music]


Let’s go.


Here, it’s fresh. I haven’t touched it yet, and you look like you could use it more than me.

Mm, thanks.

Mm-hmm. So are you headed home? You just missed your mom. She was on her way home from the hospital. She left that way, so she didn’t see you.

Wow, thanks.


You’re probably wondering why I’m leaving the Salem Inn at this hour.

Nope, I wasn’t wondering. You know why? Because you’re a grown woman. Whatever you do is your business and no one else’s.

[tender music]

Well, good news. radiology can get you in for that ultrasound now.

Oh, well, that’s great. Oh! But did someone else get pushed back?

No, no, no. There was a cancellation. So no strings pulled, just pure luck. And how are you feeling now?

Well, I’m feeling a whole lot calmer now, thanks to you.

Well, good, I’m glad. So all right, jewelry off. I know you’ve had this procedure done before. So you know how simple it is. The technician is just going to put a little bit of gel on your neck, place the probe, and start scanning. You’ll be done in about minutes.

Oh, OK. Um, Paulina…

[tender music] I know if it were my mom that was being admitted to the hospital, I would want to be here to support her and hold her hand. You sure that I can’t call Chanel for you?

Thank you, Chanel.


I wish the rest of this town didn’t feel so free to nose around in other people’s business.

Yeah, I wish that too.

And for some reason, people are so fixated on my love life, which is not that interesting.

[Chanel laughs] Believe me. Wait, is that what I think it is?

Oh, yeah, Johnny and I are engaged.

Oh, my God! Congratulations.

Thank you.

And this ring is beautiful.

I know, right? We are actually getting married on Valentine’s Day, which, I heard, is when your parents tied the knot.

They did.


Best news is you’ll never forget your anniversary.

Oh, my God. Johnny said the exact same thing.

Oh, this is so wonderful, Chanel.

Thank you.

It lifts my spirits to know that there are people out there who are happy and in love.

You know what? I am both of those things.

[phone rings] Ooh.

[sighs] Oh, you know what? I am so sorry. I have to take this.

Oh, God. Go ahead, go ahead. Congrats again.

Thank you.

Look, I know you said you wanted to chat, but I cannot talk on an empty stomach.

Oh, good, because I’d rather you listen.

[tense music]

Well, I listen much better when I have a mouth full of pastries. And since this was your idea, breakfast is on you.


Sorry, Uncle Stefan, I had no idea bringing up Ava was going to set you off like that.

You have no right sticking your nose in my personal life. You got that, Johnny? Whatever you were implying is completely untrue. I love my wife.

Right, right, you’re madly in love with your wife. But she’s in prison. You planted a kiss on Ava right here in this living room in front of Chad.

[somber tense music]



[sighs] Things in this life aren’t always black and white.

You’ll understand a little better when you grow up a little bit.


Oh, right, right, I’m sure that’s it. So about what age would you say I need to be before I get the memo that you can always find a way to justify cheating on your wife? Hey, boys will be boys, right?

[sighing and laughter]

Mm, mm, really hitting the spot, sweetness.


It’s the best way to wake up.


Well, second best way.

[laughter and sighs] Mm.

Mm, I’m glad. Ooh, you taste good.


You know what? I really– I just really need to go to sleep. I am beat.

Mm-hmm. OK, you go to sleepy. Are there any more muffins out there?

Yes, but they’re for Stephanie. I’m sure she’s going to want one when she wakes up.


[door opens]

Oh, that might be her now. Did you hear that?

I did. Somebody opened the front door.



[knock at door]



Did I wake you guys?

No, I worked all night. Listen, there’s some banana muffins in the kitchen if you want.

Ooh, yum. Yes, I will grab them.

[soft dramatic music]

She just getting home?


[scoffs] That’s your excuse for insulting me this way? Looking out for your son’s best interests?

Look, I don’t need an excuse to be protective over the most important person in my life. And I’m not insulting you, Wendy.

Mm. I’m just trying to establish that you treat my son with the respect that he deserves.

OK, you are completely off-base. So let me try to make this clear for you. I love Tripp, Tripp loves me, and we want to be together. And I’m not going to suffer the third degree from you or anyone else about our relationship. That is nobody’s business but his and mine.

[phone rings] Harris Michaels.

Let it ring. If it’s important, he’ll call back.

[suspenseful music]

So where were we?

We were both being direct.


So in keeping with that, let me ask you a question. Are you in love with Harris Michaels or Stefan DiMera, or both?

Listen to me, you little pissant. You have no right to judge me.

Mm, pissant, that’s a–

[inhales deeply] That’s a funny name to call someone. Look, I’m not judging you, OK? I’m not judging you. I’m just telling you what I’ve observed. You’re so madly in love with your wife, but you’re sneaking around. I mean, you’re not even sneaking around. You openly kissed Ava in front of your family members. And I’m just saying I don’t get it. You love Gabi so much. You two waited so long to finally be together again. Then why are you doing this to her?

[somber reflective music]


[sighs] Look… I have screwed up a lot of relationships in my life. And Gabi is the one woman that I vowed to be faithful to, and I meant it. And I think about her every minute of every day. And it makes me sick not knowing when or how she’s going to get out of Statesville.

Then why are you doing this?

Because, Johnny, Ava is… a beautiful and fascinating woman, and I am alone.


[sighs] You know what? Dude… you don’t have to explain yourself to me, OK? I just hope you can live with wherever this is going.

Me too.

[ominous music]


Uh-oh, come on in. Here, here’s a spot for you right here.

Here you go.

Well, don’t you want them?

No, no, I already had two. I’m good.


No, oh, God. No, I just couldn’t. I’m so tired.

Oh, all for me.


[chuckles] So how was your night, baby?

Oh, it was fine.

Oh, Stephanie… if you’re going to stay out all night again, just please let us know. Your mom and I worry about you.

I will let you know next time.

So you think there’ll be a next time soon?


OK, OK, you’re right. It’s none of my business. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Don’t worry. I will be out of your hair soon.


Hey, you are not in our hair at all. Nobody’s pressuring you to leave.

Thanks, Dad. You know what? Maybe I will have one more of those.

Oh, you’re lucky it’s not too late. So just out of curiosity, where were you last night?

[soft dramatic music]

I spent the night at a friend’s.

[suspenseful music]

Creampuff, my favorite. Ah, fruit tart! My favorite!

[gasps] Chocolate-filled croissant, my favorite.

Why do I feel like I’m having breakfast with a toddler?

[quirky tense music]

Everett, do you smash beehives in your free time? Because you are an absolute buzzkill.

Well, it’s not the only thing I’m going to kill, Leo. I better not see a story in Lady Whistleblower’s column about me and Stephanie.

Oh, come on. You telling me the two of you were up all night working on a PR plan for “The Spectator”?

We were just talking.


Yeah, and you know, we fell asleep. We’re friends, all right? We’re just friends. There was no hanky-panky.

Well, that’s too bad, because I would certainly hanky your panky. But only if you wanted to hanky mine. It would have to be reciprocal, of course.

Wow, wow, wow.


Um… why do you do that?

Why do I do what?

That. Like, hit on or sort of fake hit on every guy you come across?

Not every guy. Only the hot ones that make my heart go pitter-patter. Besides, a fisherman needs to cast a wide net, you know?

Well, forgive me if I’m treading too deep here. But it just–it sort of feels like you’re compensating, like you’re using humor to hide, um… deep-rooted pain.

Isn’t that how everybody uses humor, Mr. Smarty Pants? Ever heard the expression comedy equals tragedy plus time?

I have heard that. Do you have a therapist, Leo?

Not at the moment. But I do read a lot of self-help books, most of which encourage me to live out loud. Hence, my admitting I would hanky your panky. Also, there is take a small step, change your mental maps, remember the end of your life, and perfection equals procrastination.

They all sound, uh, super fascinating. All I’m saying is that self-help books can be great, but talking to somebody might be helpful.

[soft upbeat music]

Well then, I’m glad you’re here.

You weren’t going to call me?

I didn’t want to drag you away from something important, but Sarah insisted.

And I’m glad she did.

Mm. I just don’t want to be a bother to anyone. I hate it.


[knock at door] Oh, come in. Oh, you called him too?

Of course, I did.

You’re going to be my mama too in a couple of weeks.


[chuckling] Oh, two sons-in-law, both sweet and handsome.

[laughter] I am a very lucky lady.

How are you feeling?

Oh, well, all right, I guess. My blood pressure went back down. I’m breathing better.

Yeah, and we will have the results of that ultrasound in the next few days.


[sighs] And thanks again, Sarah, for getting me in there so fast. I’m–I’m relieved.

[all chuckle] And starving. Oh, well, who wants breakfast? On me?

That sounds good to me, yeah.

Oh, yeah, that’s why you came, huh?

[laughter] Well, I’m just going to go get dressed. And then I can go, right?

You may, indeed.

OK, I will wait outside. And I’m glad you’re feeling better, Paulina.


[soft dramatic music] Oh, oh, baby girl.

[laughs] You are one lucky lady too.

And don’t I know it, Mama.


Well, are you in love with Harris Michaels?

You know, it turns out I’m not a fan of being interrogated either. So I’m not going to dignify that with a response.

[Wendy chuckles softly]

[suspenseful music] We good?

Sure. I have to go meditate now.

Talking to me can do that to a person.

[phone rings] Ugh, not again.

[Ava sputters]

[phone rings] Oh, Harris! Just give it a rest, will you?

Uh, it’s not Harris, Ava. It’s me.

[ominous music]

Ava, are you still talking to that cop after what he pulled on you at the station? Ava, it is not safe. That hotshot is hell-bent on blowing Clyde’s operation sky-high. Remember the operation where he has us laundering money and drugs through the bistro?

Oh, I sure as hell hope you are somewhere private, dumbass!

Nuh-uh, uh-uh! Don’t, don’t. I know you. I know how you work. I know your game. You start calling me names to get me all riled up so you can dodge the subject when the fact of the matter is, Ava, that cop is dangerous. And what the hell is he doing calling you anyway?

I don’t know. I don’t have any freaking idea.

Then why did you even answer?

I shouldn’t have, OK? I won’t do it anymore.


Good! Let it go.


[suspenseful music]

[scoffs] Wait a minute, you’re not– are you with him right now? Where are you right now? What are you doing?

Wait a minute. I got one day off and what? You miss me already?


[laughing] Oh, please.


[chuckles] Listen, I– I’m at home. I just finished giving my son’s girlfriend the third degree. And don’t worry, everything’s good. They are genuinely happy and in love. At least somebody is, right?

Well, we’re happy and in love too, remember?

No, we are happy and in lust. And frankly, I’m glad to have the day off. It’ll be a nice break from faking it.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, is playing hot for me such a chore for you?

You know, it actually is. You know, you’re not as attractive as you think you are, right? I mean, you’re actually kind of creepy. I mean, really, I don’t get what women see in you. I mean, you know what? You are–you’re like– you are like a sloppy AI rendering of Popeye and Bluto.


[chuckling] Oh, yeah, yeah? Well, well, you, OK, you– I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman with as little sex appeal as you, Olive Oyl. That’s right! I can’t even look at you sometimes!

Oh, well, it must be a chore for you too, having to fake it.

Yeah, it is, all right? And kissing you is downright taxing. That’s right. I said it. When I have to hold you close, when I feel your lips on mine, I’d rather make out with a toilet seat!

Yeah, well, you know what? I can relate because you smell like a toilet seat. Every time that I have to come near you, I cringe. Yeah, yeah, that’s the right word.

Yeah, I get it.

Yeah, me too. And you know what? Since I am so vile, I think I’m going to go and take a nice hot bubble bath. Yeah, that’s right, Bluto. I’m lying here naked in my room. Mm. It’s a little chilly. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to rub some hot oil all over my body.

You still there?


[sigh] Still here.

Good. Sleep well.



All right, got to get to work.

I’ve got to get to bed.

You know, someday, Leo, when you grow up, you might try working for a living, like the rest of us mortals.

What? I amworking! I troll the streets at night looking for gossip. With an occasional stop at the all-night dance club strictly for exercise.


Well, as long as you keep delivering brilliant columns on time, who am I to complain about the hours you keep?

Thank you, boss.

[inhales deeply] And if you say nothing happened between you and Stephanie, who am I to doubt you?


[chuckles] I knew there was a grown-up in there somewhere.

And look, anything that you shared tonight will be strictly classified. Pinky swear.

[suspenseful music]



Now, your mom’s out cold.

Mm. I remember when I was a kid, she’d come home exhausted after a late night at the hospital, and she’d find me waiting for her in her big bed.

[chuckles] I think she liked me being there. She’d wrap her arms around me and we’d fall asleep just the two of us.

Yeah, just the two of you.

[soft dramatic music] I wish I hadn’t missed so many years with you, baby girl. I would do anything to get those years back again, to be your Papa, watch you grow up. But I want you to know as soon as I was able, I made it right back here to you and your mom.

It was hard not having you here. But having you here now makes me appreciate you so much more.

I hope you know how much I’ve always loved you.

I love you too.

And I worry about you.



I think I know where this is going, so I’m just going to cut right to it. Yes, I was with Everett last night. No, nothing happened. Maybe I still have feelings for him, but no, I’m not going to rush back into a relationship with him. Does that answer all your questions?

It does, and thanks. And I’m glad that you’re taking it slow. And listen. If you want something and it feels right to you, don’t let what anyone says keep you from going for it, OK?

Got it.

[both chuckle and sigh]

[phone rings] Oh.

[phone rings] Oh, speaking of. Hey, Everett, Thanks for last night. Yeah, no, it was like old times.


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Days Transcript Monday, January 29, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


John. John, are you home? [mysterious music]

[phone beeps] [phone rings] [phone beeps]

Hey, Doc. Where are you?

I’m home. Where are you?

I’m down at the square. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d take a walk.

Are you on your way back?

Not yet. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was so late.

Yeah. Darling, are you OK? Shall I pick you up?

No, no, no, no. You’ve had a long day. Why don’t you go to bed? I’ll be home soon, honey. I love you.

I love you. [phone beeps]

[phone beeps]

[door clicks open]

[sighs] Hey.



Did you not take the shortcut?

Well, I got caught at the light at the corner. I didn’t know we were in a race to get home.

No race. It’s just that you drive a lot faster than me, and I was just wondering where you were.

Oh. [dramatic music]

I was also wondering what you were doing at the hospital. You seemed kind of mysterious when we ran into each other.



I didn’t mean to be. I was actually just seeing my therapist.

At this hour?

Yeah. Dr. Evans. She’s just really good about accommodating my schedule.

Marlena is your shrink?

I see her from time to time, yeah. What were you doing at the hospital?

[clears throat] My mom sent me over to go talk to Aunt Kayla. Actually, now that I think about it, it was kind of like a therapy session, too, but free.

Nice. What’d you talk to Auntie about?

What’d you talk to Dr. Evans about?

I asked you first.

So you have a confession. Does it have anything to do with you being a no-show at the pub tonight?

Well, actually, I did go to the pub tonight. I saw you there with your friends.

Why didn’t you come in?

[chuckles] Because I guess I realized… [clears throat] What I needed to say to you, I need to say it privately.

How the hell does a prison lose a prisoner?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna find out. I’ll make some calls, get some coffee started.

I’m going to need something a lot stronger than coffee. What the hell?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

OK, you stay right here. I’m gonna go around back, surprise whoever the hell broke in.

No, you can’t do that. What if they have a weapon? Absolutely not. I’m just gonna– I’m gonna call the police. [dramatic music] What the hell? That’s Harris.

What is going on? Lucas is missing. And if you don’t know where he is, you better find him.

You know what?


I’m all talked out. So why don’t we call a moratorium on talking about all the feelings and the goals and the regrets and all that heavy stuff, you know, and why don’t we– why don’t we do something really mindless and distracting?

I’m all for mindless and distracting. What’d you have in mind? You want to watch a movie?

Yeah, unless it’s on the big screen and I have a giant tub of popcorn, no, I’m not really in the mood.

Mm. How about a game?

I got “Monopoly” and “Scrabble” and “Cards of Humanity” in the closet, if you want.

OK. I have a better idea.


And I dare you not to like it.


So what do you want to tell me, Everett?

[sighs] This– this is harder than I thought it was gonna be, I guess because–


It just feels like a big risk.

You’re starting to scare me.


I’m scaring myself a little bit. But I have to do it.


Look, working with you has been amazing, right? Amazing. You’re so gifted at what you do, you know? And we’re obviously– we’re compatible as coworkers.

I agree.

And I totally respect the boundaries that you set with me from the beginning.


But I can’t stand it.

Can’t stand what?

This friend-zone thing.

It’s not working for me anymore.

John. Hey, John!

What are you doing, man? You out for a late-night stroll?

Something like that. What are you doing here?

Well, Kayla is working the late shift. I got restless. I thought some night air would do me some good.

No, I don’t think so. Marlena told you to come looking for me, didn’t she?

[sighs] Busted. She’s worried about you, man. And so am I.

You know, in our previous lives, when we used to meet in the shadows, we were usually on assignment and not always on the same side. [dramatic music]

So I’ve been told.

I think the right side prevailed on most of those missions, thankfully.

Again, so I’ve been told.

And you’re telling me that you still don’t remember anything from that time? You have no memories at all?

Come on, partner. Why do you keep asking me that? You know as well as I do, those memories have been wiped. [both sigh] Listen, I really try not to make myself crazy struggling to get them back or trying to fill in those blanks.

I know. I know that must be frustrating as hell. But I got to say, I envy you.

And why would that be?

I wish I could forget.

OK. So truth or dare, you know, the rules are really simple. We ask each other questions, and we have to answer honestly.


But… if somebody decides they don’t want to tell the truth, they have to say…

Dare, yeah.

Dare, yes. And then that person is given a task or an action to which they must comply. And if we play the game properly, that task should be a little bit embarrassing, you know, to make the person squirm and blush and feel like a total idiot.

OK, I got it I. I–actually, making people squirm or feel idiotic is very high on my list of worthwhile activities, so…

Oh-ho. Me too.

I know.

That’s why I think this is gonna be a really good game for us. And plus, it can lead to some really enlightening conversation.

Oh, see, I’m also all for lightning– lightning? Enlightening conversations. So who’s going first?

I will.



All right. [sighs] [both chuckle]

Alex Kiriakis…


Who was your first celebrity crush?

Easy. Lindsay Lohan. I watched “Mean Girls,” like, , times. I would literally delude myself to think that I would actually, like, get a date with her and then eventually marry her and have, like, a family.



Wow, that is some crush.



Pretty painful crush, to be honest, because eventually I realized that Lindsay is just unattainable.

Uh-huh. Right, I can imagine that was really painful. I’m so sorry. You see, this is where it gets enlightening, because now I know that you liked “Mean Girls” right from the start.


I mean, what are you doing here anyway? Because Lucas is missing. He’s missing from prison. And if anything has happened to him, that’s on you. Do you understand me? Where is my son?

Harris, you owe my wife an explanation. If you don’t have one, you better damn well have a plan to find Lucas now.

If you just give me a minute, I will provide you with more than an explanation.


It’s a relief. I’ve been having this running monologue in my head for so long that getting it out there feels– But judging from your face– are you upset?

Not upset. I just–I don’t know what to say.

Yeah. Well, at the risk of making an even bigger fool of myself than I already have, I will just say that… Steph, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And when you’re near me, my world feels right. I came to Salem to find you because… I can’t live without you. And I would give anything, anything, to get back to what we had.

Still don’t know what to say?

I just– well, I’m sure you can understand that I wasn’t expecting this. [dramatic music]

Really? Not at all?

I just feel like… [chuckles] I’ve been so obvious about my feelings for you.

Yeah. And I think I’ve been clear about mine.

Yeah. You have been. Sort of. I mean, you have, and you haven’t. Like, I totally understand that you want to stay friends right now because you’re still recovering from your breakup with Chad, but at the same time, it seems like you like spending time with me. I mean, you asked me to meet your parents. You just tonight asked me to come meet you and your friends at the Brady Pub.

Yeah, yeah, I did, because I wanted them to meet you. And I’ve been talking about you mostly in the context of us working together, but… Everett, my feelings for you are complicated.


When you disappeared– and, yes, I know now that you were in an accident, but I didn’t know it then. And so I was heartbroken. Shattered, really. And when I was able to heal at least somewhat from that hurt, I was determined to move on with my life, to get over you.

And did you? Did you… stop loving me? And now that I’m back and you know that I never left you by choice, are those feelings just gone?

I was gonna ask you to marry me, Steph.

You were everything to me. You still are. Some people wait their entire lives to find what we had. And now we’ve been given a second chance.

I’m begging you not to throw it away.

OK. My turn.


What would be…


The worst thing you could possibly do if you would never get caught? No consequences whatsoever.

I would break Tate out of that awful rehab juvie place and I would bring him home immediately.

Yeah. OK, yeah. I should have guessed that’s what you’d answer.



God, how I wish I could really do that and there would be no consequences.

I know.



OK. It’s OK. [clears throat] All right, moving on. Let’s see. My turn.

Your turn.

OK. Who is… the most… beautiful, interesting, witty, charming, sexy woman that you have ever kissed?

Ah. [smacks lips] Dare.



OK. All right, but you’re gonna be sorry. Because I dare you to kiss that beautiful, interesting, witty, sexy, charming woman who’s staring at you right now.

I’m not sorry at all.


What are you talking about? What do you wish that you could forget?

I think the same things that everyone wishes they could wipe from their memories, the bad stuff.

For me? About working for Victor back in the day.

And those memories, they just won’t let go, especially lately, when I’m anywhere in the vicinity of one Konstantin Meleounis.

Why, because of his association with Victor?

Yeah. And maybe because he reminds me of Victor…at times.

Me too. At times.

Yeah? So I guess this is bringing back stuff for both of us now.

You know, I think about Abe and how he’s lost his memory of the past. And I know that’s obviously really tough. But I don’t know if it’s worse not being able to remember or not being able to forget.

I think this will answer all of your questions.

Hey, Ma.

Oh, my God. Lucas.

Oh. Easy, easy, easy.

Oh, I’m sorry.

Not so hard.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m just so happy. I am so happy to see you alive and well.

Well, I’m alive and healing.


Harris, what happened? How did you manage this?

Well, under the cover of night and the laundry service, I was able to roll Lucas out of the infirmary in a linen basket. And when we got out of Statesville, we drove around for a couple hours, made multiple stops to make sure we weren’t followed. Now, look, nobody knows about this. Not even the commissioner knows that Lucas is here. So this has to stay between us. No one can find out.

Of course.

Sorry it went down this way. I’m sorry that you have to harbor the man who kidnapped your daughter.

Lucas, I’m harboring my stepson, and I know my wife is very happy and relieved to have you here, OK, safe, protected. And that means I’m happy, too, for her and for you. You are welcome here anytime, Lucas. Anytime. [dramatic music]

Everett, maybe you don’t understand what it was like for me when you walked out of my life.

I mean… I think I have some idea.

I’m not sure you do.

You see, once I got over the shock of your disappearance, I tormented myself for months, trying to figure out what I did to make you leave. I blamed myself, thought it had to be because I got on your nerves or because I wasn’t enough for you, not smart enough, not witty enough, not charming enough, not good enough in bed.

Oh, my god, Steph–

No, no, no, no, no. Don’t try to reassure me. I’m only trying to explain to you that… [sighs] I obviously know now that your leaving had nothing to do with me. I just–I’m only trying to explain that… [sighs] When I thought you’d ghosted me, I wasn’t just hurt. I fell apart. And I didn’t recover for a long time.

I don’t know why it was so…shattering. Maybe I’m just… not a resilient person. Maybe I’m constitutionally lacking in self-confidence. [sniffles] Prone to feeling like I– like I never measure up, like– like I’m always to blame when things go wrong.

I’m so glad… you’re finally opening up about all this, because it helps me understand, you know, the depth of the pain that you went through when I disappeared that day, albeit not by choice. But still, I need to say to you, I am so sorry that I hurt you, so sorry I hurt the most important person in my life, who I loved with all my heart, more than anything, and still do. All I want–all I want is to make it up to you. That’s all I want. Will you let me do that? Please?

All right. What aren’t you telling me? Oh, come on, man, you’re talking around in circles here. What is really going on with you? I’m assuming it’s got something to do with Konstantin.

It does. I’m becoming more and more certain that somehow… I don’t know how, but somehow he knows about The Pawn.

What? No, no. No. How is that even possible?

That’s what we need to find out.

Oh, The Pawn. My God, partner, I haven’t even heard anybody speak those words for years here.

I know.

How could he even know that? How much does he know, then?

I have no idea.

What did he say to you that led you to believe that?

He asked me what I knew about The Pawn. But he had this look on his face like he was an expert on the subject. He was taunting me, John.

Oh, my God. All right, all right, all right. All right. We’re just gonna have to– we’re just gonna have to figure out how much he knows and exactly what his MO is here.

Yes. That’s what we need to do, and we will. But, buddy, we have to be strategic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We have to be very careful. Now, listen. Hey. I can see this really upset you, understandably. So you need to go home to Marlena and rest. Hey, we’ll sleep on this, OK?

Yeah, right, we’re gonna sleep. [inhales deeply] But thanks for coming here. I am going home to Doc ’cause I know she’s worried about this.

I want you to take care of yourself.

Yeah. You too, partner. Thanks.



Mm, mm, mm. Nice distraction. Mm. But it’s my turn.


OK? And I’m gonna step my game up. This is gonna be a tough question, OK?

Ooh, you’re scaring me.

Well that’s the point, isn’t it? We already established that.

OK. Go on, then. Hit me with your really scary question.

Theresa Donovan, what is the biggest lie you have ever told?

Wow, you’re giving this one a lot of thought. [chuckles]


OK, that is a hell of a lie if you’re not even gonna tell me about it.


Oh, my God.

It’s just that, you know, I’ve told a lot of lies, even white ones. So I’d really just rather not get into it. [clears throat]

OK. All right. I’ll let it slide. Fine. So dare, huh? I dare you… to sing… your favorite childhood song at the top of your damn lungs right now.

Oh. I can do that. You ready?


[clears throat]

Am I gonna need earplugs?

Oh, I don’t know. I think you can handle it.

All right.

OK, here goes. [clears throat] [laughs]

I’m sorry.

OK, ready?

I’m ready.

* Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream * * Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily * * Life is but a dream *

OK, we’re turning the volume up right now. It’s a duet. Let’s go.

Oh, really? What a gentleman.


OK, ready? One, two, three. both: * Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream * * Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily * * Life is but a dream * [banging on wall]


Oh, no. Oh, God.

That is Mrs. Campbell. That is the grumpiest lady alive next door.

Sorry, Mrs. Campbell.

OK, all right. OK. Yeah, that might be enough singing for tonight.

Maybe at least just not on the top of our lungs, at least.

Yeah, I think that’s our cue. I think that’s the end. Maybe we should just, like, call it a night, go to bed. [dramatic music]

Everett, before we talk about the future and since we’re both opening up about what it was like for us after your accident, in the time that we were apart, what I don’t understand is why nobody went looking for you, why your family and colleagues didn’t send out a search party when you went missing.

Yeah. I mean, I didn’t understand that either… at first. But from what I was able to understand once I was mostly recovered, I wasn’t on any assignments at the time, so… when I didn’t respond to emails or phone calls, I think– I think my boss just must have figured I’d– I’d moved on.

OK, but what about your family? They didn’t try to find you?

Well… I lost my mom when I was a kid, as you know, and… my dad is my dad. He’s a–he’s a drunk, you know.

Yeah. No, yeah, I know. I understand why your family didn’t try to find you. I shouldn’t have asked.

No, it’s–it’s a reasonable question, you know. And family could mean cousins, aunts, uncles, you know, but I’m– I’m not that close with them. You know, they’re on the East Coast and…

Right. Well, it all makes sense.

Another thing I was wondering is, when you finally woke up from that coma, were you as lucid as you are now?

No. I wasn’t. I mean, my first diagnosis was retrograde amnesia, which is… inability to access memories or information from before an accident or an injury or a disease.

So, you know, all they could tell me was to– to give it time. Give it time.

I was really lucky, you know? Eventually my memories did start to come back.

Gradually? All at once?


The first thing that I remember with any clarity… was you.

And when that happened, when I saw you in my mind’s eye…

my whole world got brighter, warmer, and I felt stronger, more resilient because… I had purpose. And that was to get back to you. That was my goal. My only goal was to get back to you and tell you that you’re everything to me, everything.

You still are.

[sighs] [keys jingling]

Hey, Doc. What are you doing up?

Waiting for you.


Did you think I could go to sleep knowing that my husband was out there late at night, alone?

Well, Doc, I wasn’t alone.

You know I wasn’t.

You know, when Harris told me that he couldn’t make the deal to get you out of prison, I mean, I really panicked. Now you’re here. You’re here, safe and sound.

I thought transport was part of the deal. Was it some kind of ruse? Did you–what, did you kidnap me, Detective Michaels?

No, but I would have if I had to.

Well, what exactly did you do?

I called in every favor that I had. I kept pressuring the state attorney general. I kept reminding him how important it was to have our main witness alive if we were ever gonna bring a case against Clyde Weston. And then finally, the AG saw the light, signed off on the order to have Lucas in a safe-house situation. But when the threat’s eliminated, Lucas will have to return to Statesville to serve the rest of his sentence.

OK, then. I guess we’ll just be happy with what we have now, then.

Yeah, I guess we have to be happy. We have no choice, do we?

I’ll leave you guys alone.

Thank you for the game. That was fun. [laughs]

Yeah, it was fun.


OK, well, I’ll see you in the morning, then.

You’ll see me in the morning? [dramatic music]

I just think that maybe we should get a good night’s sleep.

OK. Yeah. If that’s what you want to do.



Sweet dreams.

Good night.




God, who am I kidding?


There you go.

Ow, ow, ow.

Oh. You comfortable? Can I get you anything else?

No. No, I’m fine. Thank you.


Feels so good to be here. Even though I know it’s just temporary, I really appreciate it, so– I know it’s not easy for you, Roman.

Lucas, come on. I told you before. You are my wife’s son, all right? So you’re family, all right? And I want what’s best for you. And what you did to help end this drug epidemic in Salem is honorable and brave. You put your life on the line, Lucas. I admire you for that.


OK. Look, it’s been a long night, and you should get some sleep, OK?


All right. I love you.

I love you. Good night.

Good night, honey.

[grunts] [exhales sharply]

Thank you.

Hey, Harris.

Steve, what are you doing out here so late?

Kayla’s on the late shift, and I got restless.

Yeah. Same. I’ve been pretty restless lately too.

Yeah, well, we both have jobs that can weigh heavily on the mind sometimes.

Ain’t that the truth?

Do you want to unburden?

You know, thanks, but not now. Maybe some other time.

All right. Good night.

Good night.

So you’re not upset that I sent Steve to find you?

No, not at all. In fact, he and I, we– we had a good talk.

I’m glad. I know that we can talk about anything at all, but I’m especially glad that you have someone with whom you can share your concerns, someone with whom you’ve been in the trenches.

That is true. And you know what else is true?


You always seem to know exactly what I need, and that makes me a very lucky man.

I just love you.

I love you.

Come on. Let’s hit the sack.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed us.

Me too.

Stay. Stay here tonight.

I can’t. Everett, I– I’m not ready.

I understand. I just– I just want to hold you in my arms.

I just want to sleep with you in my arms tonight, that’s all.

That would be nice.

[both chuckle]


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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Opinions For The Week Of January 22, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl


Eric from Days

This week’s episodes had us scratching our heads. We had some questions about the things that happened this week.

When did Eric get a photo studio? We remember him talking about getting the studio, but he never mentioned anything else about it again. Out of the blue, he suddenly had a photo studio. Clearly the writers did this so the audience wouldn’t wonder what he was doing for money when Sloan said she didn’t have any money.

Speaking of Eric’s photo studio, what were the odds Leo was his first client? Of all the people in Salem, Leo happened to want to get his pictures taken. Eric never said he advertised the studio so how did Leo know to schedule an appointment with him? Also, what were the odds the studio happened to be at Eric and Sloan’s apartment? It was an excuse to have Leo and Sloan run into each other.

Where did Sloan get her confidence to threaten Leo not to tell Eric the truth? If she was so tough, she never had to let him blackmail her. He could have told Eric the truth about the baby. She took a risk threatening him because he could have let the truth slip out easily. Sloan would have been sick if Leo had told Eric the truth.

Why was Brady offended that Rachel didn’t want him and Kristen to get back together? Brady made it painfully obvious he had no interest in reuniting with her so why did it matter that Rachel didn’t want them together? What would he have done if Rachel wanted them together? He wouldn’t have gotten back together with Kristen so what difference did it make if Rachel wanted them together?

Why did Alex have to convince Theresa not to leave town? Theresa was the one who kissed another man in front of him, but he had to talk her into staying in town. She was clearly manipulating him to make up for the fact that she kissed Brady. Leaving town doesn’t change the fact that she kissed another man. Alex must not have any pride left that he would beg her not to leave town. It’s funny that he would beg her not to leave him, but he wouldn’t beg Justin to forgive him for the way he was treating him.

Speaking of Theresa, why would she stay in town when her son is in rehab? We know she can’t see him right away, but she could have stayed in the same city. If she did, it would make it easier for her to see him. All she thought about was having sex with Alex. You would think sex would be the last thing on her mind when her son was “suffering” in a rehab center.

Why would Maggie take Konstanin’s side when Steve tried to warn her about him? She had known Steve for years but wasn’t willing to side with him over Konstantin. Maggie took a stranger’s word over her good friend. Personally, we can’t wait to see Maggie’s face when she finds out Konstantin was after her money. It would serve her right if he took her money. What is she going to say when she finds out Steve was right about him?

Why would Everett threaten to quit the paper over one story? He basically had a temper tantrum because he couldn’t put a story in the paper. If he was going to quit, he could have stayed gone when Chad fired him. Is Everett the only good reporter in town? We find it hard to believe Everett is the only one who could run the paper.


Maggie from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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