GH Short Recap Monday, November 27, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

The Thanksgiving episodes continue. The smoke alarm has gone off at the Quartermaine mansion because Lois’ mother forgot to turn the stove down on the onions, so they caught fire and the sprinklers went off. Their turkey and kitchen is too wet to eat or use. Lois pries the truth out of her mother: she accidentally pissed off a woman that is married to a Russian mobster. Yuri offers to help.

Nina drops a Thanksgiving basket off at Michael and Willow’s house and leaves, with a note that she has to work (as per Michael’s blackmail instructions). The Quartermaines phone Nina to get replacement food for their ruined dinner, but the Metro Court turkey dinners are all spoken for, so she brings them pizzas and dessert instead. Michael isn’t happy to see Nina there and warns her to stay away. Ned also lets her know that he remembers her but promises not to say anything for now. The Quartermaines all sing their traditional “We Gather Together,” led by Ned and his guitar.

Robert has surprised Anna by bringing their granddaughter Emma in to share Thanksgiving with them. They meet Diane at the Metro Court for dinner. Anna sees Nina there and confronts her about deleting the security footage of Charlotte breaking into her suite. She blames Nina for Charlotte’s shooting. When Nina tries to deny it, Anna wonders what Sonny would think of it. Later, Anna fills Sonny in about the dead body that was found of the WSB agent.

Carly and Drew host Thanksgiving with the kids. Sonny arrives, with Dex. Sonny suggests that Dex stay with Josslyn. Ava also arrives, invited by Carly and Joss, so she can spend time with Avery. Dex and Joss kiss. Later, Carly and Drew talk about how fragile life is.

Curtis intends to spend his Thanksgiving doing PI work (he’s investigation his shooting). Marshall is there, but the woman are gone. Portia is at the hospital but hopes that Spencer and Trina have broken up for good. Spencer and Trina have been busy in bed making up. Portia goes home, and so does Trina (with Spencer), so they all have Thanksgiving together after all. They all join hands and Curtis says Grace.

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