Days Short Recap Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa looked through the briefcase when Brady and Alex arrived. She hid the case so they wouldn’t see it. She asked them if they out about Victor’s will. They told her about the meeting with Konstantin, but they didn’t get any information about the letters. She got the briefcase and thought something might be in there. Brady wondered how she got the briefcase and she told him that Shane dropped it off. Brady wanted to open it to look for the letters, but she told him that Shane said Maggie should get it and be the one to open it. Brady agreed and wanted to go home. Alex reminded him that there were no flights back to Salem until morning. They ended up arguing when Theresa went in the room with him. He thought she wanted to sleep with him, but she didn’t. Alex broke up the fight and tried to comfort her. Things got heated between Alex and Theresa. Vivian ran into Chad and let him know that her divorce from Victor wasn’t finalized so she was the sole heir. She let him know that she was his new boss. She wondered if she was going to fire him like she did Maggie or was he willing to work with her. Chad called Maggie and she confirmed Vivian’s claim. Maggie didn’t expect him to quit his job out of loyalty to her. She thought he could find out about Vivian’s plan if he stayed there. He agreed to do that so he went to talk to Vivian. He told her about his plans for the company, but she wanted to company to go back to the way it was before. She wanted to sell illegal drugs again. He didn’t want to do that. He told her that he quit.

John and Steve were talking about Brady and Alex being in Greece. Steve wondered why he didn’t with them, but he said they had it covered. They talked about Vivian being there and destroying Victor’s will. Vivian arrived while they were talking about her. Steve left to have dinner with his family. John and Vivian hugged each other. She wondered if he was surprised to see her, and he told her that he knew she was in town. They talked about Victor’s will and she told him that she wanted him to work for Titan. He was happy at his job and didn’t want to work for the company. she wondered if she could change his mind. He wanted her to give Maggie back her house. She couldn’t do that because it would give Maggie a claim to Victor’s estate. She wondered who else would work for her. Maggie thanked Julie for letting her stay with her. She saw the letter that Vivian sent her. She found out that she fired her as CEO of Titan. Julie wanted to talk to Justin about it, but Maggie told her that Victor didn’t have a will so she couldn’t do anything about it. Julie wanted to fight Vivian. Maggie wanted to find her own place to live.

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