Days Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack was hoping to talk some sense into Gwen about turning on Xander. She defends Xander to him and she knew she disappointed him. He told her that he was disgusted now, but she could change that by doing the right thing. She couldn’t do that to Xander. She was afraid she would lose him. Jack wondered if she would rather lose him than Xander. He said that Abby’s death changed everything for him. He couldn’t deal with the drama her actions brings. He told her that she would lose him, her job and her living arrangements if she didn’t tell Rafe what he wanted to know about Xander. Leo went to see Xander. He let him know that he was going to testify against him. Leo told him that he nothing else to lose by testifying against him. Xander was willing to do whatever it took so he would keep his mouth shut. Xander started to seduce him and Leo wanted him to take him. He walked Leo to the bed and he fell on it. Xander grabbed his throat. He choked him for a while until he let him go. Xander warned him that he would die if he testified against him. Leo understood his threat and got out of Xander’s room. Stefan was tied to a chair in the wine cellar. He tried to get out of the restraints. He tried to reach for his phone, but it fell to the floor. He took his foot out of his shoe and used it to answer a call from Statesville. The call was from Vivian. He begged his mother to send him help. She called him out for not visiting her since he was reincarnated. He groveled and she agreed to consider helping him. Li came out of the shower and noticed that Gabi was trying to leave his room. She told him that she changed her mind about sleeping with him. He realized she never had any intention of getting back together with him. He wanted to know why she was really there. He grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed. He showed her the burner phone and wanted to know if that’s why she was there. She lied and said she never saw it before. He saw a call that was made while he was in the shower.

Gabi admitted that she called Rolf. She told him that he was going to deprogram Stefan. Li reminded her that Stefan didn’t want to go through that. She said she wasn’t giving Stefan a choice. She refused to give up on Stefan. She walked out of the room. Li called someone and told the person to make sure Rolf stayed away from Salem permanently. Sarah told Justin and Maggie that she wasn’t giving Xander another chance because she found him with Gwen. Maggie tried to defend Xander, but it didn’t work. Sarah said she wouldn’t be able to trust him again. Justin said she made Xander a better man the same way Maggie makes Victor a better man. She felt like Victor wouldn’t do the types of things that Xander does. Justin said that Xander isn’t a bad person. She wanted him to draw up the paperwork for the divorce. Maggie started crying. Justin agreed to do the paperwork. Xander was drinking when Sarah arrived at the door. She walked in the room and let him know that their marriage was done. Leo ran into Gwen. He told her that he decided not to turn on Xander. She let him know that she chose Xander over her father. She told him that Jack kicked her out, fired her and she didn’t have a father anymore. Jack threw Gwen’s picture into the garbage. Gabi went to the wine cellar and heard Stefan begging Vivian for help. Gabi took the phone and told Vivian that he had no time to visit her, but he had time to take Chloe to Miami. She assured her that she will have him visit her once as week as soon as he’s deprogrammed. She told him that Vivian wanted them to get back together. Rolf knocked on the door. Gabi was happy when she realized that Rolf was there for the deprogramming.

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