Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 9, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nick falls into Cameron’s trap when Cameron calls the police and files a complaint against Nick for battery. Nick tells Chance he punched the wall and never punched Cameron but since Cameron’s face is bruised and Nick’s knuckles, are bruised, and Cameron’s face is bruised Chance has to arrest Nick.

Diane persuades Jack to promote her to chief talent officer at Jabot.

Kyle tells Jack everything Summer has done to help Phyllis and Diane tries to persuade Kyle that Summer was trying to protect her mother and she can’t be blamed for what she has done. Kyle tells Jack and Diane he isn’t sure he can forgive Summer.

Ashley and Tucker tell Devon and Abby they are getting married to protect Jabot from Diane and that they plan to oust Jack from his job.

Summer tells Chance Phyllis went on the run and she doesn’t know her whereabouts.

Summer tells Daniel she plans to pay someone to say that they saw Phyllis kill Jeremy Stark and that she did it in self-defense.

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