Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Abby demands answers from Tucker about why Ashley is in Paris and why she didn’t come home with him. Tucker tells Abby Ashley is thinking some things over about whether she wants to go into business with him. Tucker also tells Abby that he underestimated the hold the Abbot family had over Ashley. Tucker also tells Abby that she and the Abbotts better stay away from him.

Sharon invites Chance to go with her on a business trip to the west coast, but he turns her down because he has to wait to hear if he is going to be police chief. Summer sees Chance and Sharon talking at the park and she looks jealous as she watches them. Summer walks over to ask Sharon if Phyllis still has a job at her company. Summer also says hello to Chance and tell her about her liberating ride on a roller coaster.

Audra advises Tucker not to go after Jabot to get revenge on the Abbotts. Audra later arrives at Tucker’s hotel room and they kiss.

Victoria is very angry with Victor when he tells her that he is going to run Newman Enterprises again and she will be Co-CEO. Victoria later tells Nate she will find a way to prove Victor isn’t capable of running the company anymore.

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