Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria has a talk with Kyle to find out if he trusts Audra. Victoria tells Kyle the details of the scandal Audra covered up for Tucker. Victoria thinks she has an ally in Kyle, but he later tells Audra Victoria doesn’t trust her and she needs to
find a way to gain her trust. Nate tells Audra not to count on him if she ever gets in trouble.

Victoria agrees to go away with Nate for the weekend.

Victor calls Nate to hear his thoughts on the McCall Kirsten merger. Nikki warns Victor not to use Nate as a threat to keep Adam in line because it will only make things worse with Adam, but Victor insists that he knows what he is doing.

Adam and Sharon insist that they must do something to get SNA Media out from under Victoria’s thumb because Victor wants them to fail. Nick disagrees and later tells Sally he is worried if they take on Victor it will not end well.

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