Days Short Recap Thursday, April 20, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Anna about the drugged biscuits and how she made love to Eric. Anna asked if there was a chance that she and Eric will get back together. Nicole said it was a one-time thing. EJ went in the living room and took Tony’s drink. He told Tony that Nicole was keeping a secret from him. Tony said she could be planning a surprise for him. EJ said he wanted to confront her. Tony told him to relax. He said keeping some things secret was good for a relationship. He said all he wanted to know from Anna is that she is happy. He said what mattered was he and Nicole wanted to be together and enjoyed each other’s company. He said the rest could be thrown away. Anna asked Nicole about her feelings for EJ. Nicole said after all the scheming he was doing she felt more like a co-conspirator than a lover. She said he was trying to fix things, but she didn’t want Eric to ruin it. She asked if Anna would keep what she said between them. Anna said she would. She said Nicole was right for EJ. Nicole asked if she should tell EJ the truth. Anna told her not to do it. She said what their men didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. EJ came in to get Nicole so they could have dinner. Eric and Sloan went to the pub. He said he was hoping they could pick up where they left off. She said hot sex with no strings. She said it didn’t work for her anymore. She said he hurt her when he was with Nicole. She said he was the only one who trusted and believed her. She said she didn’t want to be his booty call anymore. She said she wanted to be his girlfriend. Before he could say anything, Paulina showed up. Sloan reminded her about the restraining order. Paulina said her husband stopped the restraining order. Paulina accused her of drugging the biscuits. Eric tried to fix the situation. Paulina warned him Sloan was going to take him down with her. Eric defended Sloan. Paulina walked away from them.

Gabi went to the hospital to check on Stefan. She said it took long for him to check on Melinda. He thought she was jealous. She tried to deny it, but she ended up admitting to it. She said she knew how Melinda felt about him. He said his heart belonged to her. She told him Li let her out of the agreement. She said she was free to be with him. They kissed him. She told him she wanted more. She said EJ stole the company from them. She said they were going to team up and get it back. He said he was all in, but he wanted to be alone with her. She said she would love that, but they didn’t have a place to live. He told her she could live with him. Sloan asked Eric if Paulina changed his mind about her. He said listening to her made him realize what they were doing needed to end. He said he wanted more too. He said he would love for her to be his girlfriend. Nicole told EJ that she was proud of the effort he was making to make her a priority. Nicole, EJ, Tony and Anna wanted to make a toast when Stefan and Gabi walked in the living room. EJ wanted to know what they were doing there. Stefan said he and Gabi were staying at the mansion.

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