Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 2, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Audra tells Elena that Nate and Victoria have a special connection and Victoria has big plans for Nate at Newman Enterprises. Nate tells Victoria that he is attracted to her but he is in love with Elena and he doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with her..

Devon and Lily have a long and hurtful argument at Society. Devon is upset that Amanda is representing Chancellor Winters in the lawsuit. Lily tells Devon she will do whatever it takes to win the lawsuit because Chancellor Winters is all she has left. Devon tells Lily that if Neil were alive, he would be ashamed of the person she has become.

Tucker tells Audra he wants to sell McCall Unlimited. Audra tells Victoria and Nate the news and Victoria wants Nate to persuade Devon not to buy McCall Unlimited even though Nate doesn’t want to do it.

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