Days Short Recap Monday, August 7, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah was surprised to see Maggie in her apartment. Maggie told Sarah that she knew what she was hiding. Sarah was scared until Maggie told her she knew that she was dating Rex and was keeping it from her. Sarah tried to go with Maggie’s theory so she wouldn’t lie to her. Maggie told her to put the grocery bag down so they could talk. When Sarah put the bag down, Maggie found out Sarah was pregnant. Maggie thought the baby was Rex’s until she realized it could be Xander’s. Maggie noticed the look on Sarah’s face. Maggie thought it was Xander’s baby and Sarah knows that it’s his. Sarah tried to tell her why she was keeping the baby a secret from Xander, but Maggie said it wasn’t a good idea. Sarah said he couldn’t know the truth. She asked Maggie not to tell him. Maggie agreed to keep the secret. She told Sarah that he has moved on with Chloe. Gwen knocked on Leo’s door. She wanted to come inside. Leo and Dimitri panicked. Gwen kept knocking on the door. Leo answered the door in a towel. He told her he was busy but she came in the room. She was surprised to see his bed being messy. He said that was why he didn’t want to let her in the room. She told him she wanted to tell him goodbye. They said they were going to miss each other. Gwen heard a noise in the bathroom and realized Leo wasn’t alone. She thought the man he was texting was in the bathroom. She said she wanted to meet him, but Leo didn’t want her to. He said the guy is married. He said he didn’t want his lover’s wife to find out. He told her he felt guilty. She comforted him and told him he deserved happiness. She said she hoped he would find someone like Dimitri.

Chloe was shocked that Xander was proposing to her. She thought it had something to do with Gwen getting married. He said it didn’t. He said he saw Gwen and told her he was happy for her. He said he told Maggie that he has moved on when she told him Sarah was with Rex. Chloe told him she couldn’t marry him. She said it was too soon. She thought he was being reactionary. He tried to convince her to marry him. He said he was proposing to her because he loved her and wanted to have a life with her. She said she needed to think about it. Eric asked Sloan and Melinda what secret they were keeping from him. Melinda told him Sloan talked to the judge in Colin’s case without her present which wasn’t allowed, but Melinda wasn’t going to say anything. He thanked Melinda for her discretion. Sloan walked Melinda out. Sloan told her she wouldn’t say anything. When Sloan went back in the apartment, she saw Eric on his knees. He asked her to marry him. She accepted his proposal. Nicole told EJ that Eric was going to propose to Sloan. EJ proposed to Nicole. She thought he was proposing because Eric was proposing to Sloan. EJ pulled a ring out of the drawer. He said he was waiting for the right moment to propose to her. She accepted his proposal.


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