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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth gives Finn a pep talk because he is worried that he will lose the malpractice suit because he won’t be able to make the jury like him. Elizabeth assures Finn they will find a way to prove to the jury that he did his best when he treated Mr. Muldoon.

Brook Lynn apologizes to Chase for all the pressure that her mother Lois and grandmother Gloria were putting on him. Chase assures Brook Lynn that he thinks Lois and Gloria are wonderful women and he didn’t feel any pressure at all. Chase then gets down on one knee and proposes to Brook Lynn.

Ava opens up to Nina and shows her the picture of Austin’s dead body that she got in the mail with the note that says “you’re welcome.” Ava tells Nina how Austin helped her hide Nikolas’ body when they thought Nikolas was dead. Ava tells Nina that she is a suspect in Austin’s murder and she doesn’t have a way to prove she didn’t do it. Nina tells Ava to turn the pictures and the note to the police but Ava decides to burn the pictures and the note in the fireplace.

Sonny tells the man from Pikeman that he is out and he won’t move anymore product for them. A new man, who is staying at the Metro Court, goes to Kelly’s to have a burger. The man is impressed when Carly gives a homeless man who is outside of Kelly’s some food. The man, who Carly later calls Mr. Brennan, gives Carly some money to give to the homeless man.

The man from Pikeman, who talked to Sonny, later meets with Mr. Brennan outside Kelly’s and tells him Sonny refuses to move anymore of their product.

Kristina takes Molly to her apartment and lets her vent about how badly she feels about the surrogate losing her baby. Kristina realizes how much Molly wants a baby. Kristina offers, once again, to be Molly’s surrogate. Molly agrees but she wants to talk with TJ because they both have to agree to it.

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