GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Willow is rushed to the hospital by ambulance as her condition gets worse. Nina admits to Ava that she feels guilty for turning Drew in to the SEC when he is trying to rescue Liesl so she can give Willow a bone marrow transplant.

Spencer gets knocked out helping Curtis and when he awakens they go get baby Ace. Curtis tells Trina to go get on the plane with the baby and he will follow them once he rescues Drew, Laura, and Valentin. Robert is in Anna’s hospital room being stopped from leaving by a WSB agent. Felicia is outside in the hallway and Robert screams to tell her to tell Frisco not to follow WSB protocol because he has a team on Victor’s island rescuing the hostages. Felicia gets the message to Frisco and he tries to stop the WSB from blowing up the island but he is immediately replaced as director of the WSB and the new director gave the order to blow up the island.

Valentin’s condition worsens as the pathogen gets further into his body. Drew and Laura arrive at Victor’s compound and Victor tells them his plan to save the world. Valentin hallucinates that Helena is in the room with him and she has arrived to take him to hell. Victor gets distracted and Laura grabs a needle with the pathogen and threatens to inject Victor with it.

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